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  1. TPA3116 or what you suggest?
  2. d or t amp for vot
  3. D CLASS Amplifier Problem
  4. Noob all-in one digital audio
  5. noobie Sure TDA7498 to power supply question
  6. TA2024 bluetooth amplifier board
  8. Sure amp to run subwoofer
  9. The HeavyMAN! One big *** boombox!
  10. class d output current regulation
  11. Balance Input
  12. Tripath questions not answered by the wiki, asked by an ignorant newbie.
  13. Repair Guide
  14. Troubleshooting a grounding issue
  15. TC4428: Pulling 1 Amp of current?
  16. TPA3118 vs. tripath TK2050?
  17. Hypex Linear PSU DC-error protection
  18. Power amplifer for mobile phone ??
  19. Inductor and capacitor values for TPA3125 output
  20. check it out: my new blog about digital audio and class D amps.
  21. Class AB amplifier in LTspice
  22. The Pelibox - Build log & support thread
  23. Situations Vacant
  24. TPA3116D2 Sound Issues
  25. What's a good SMPS for Hypex UCD modules
  26. 2.1 Single supply preamp suggestions
  27. ice 50asx2, first impression and advise
  28. ice 50asx2, first impression and advise
  29. Cheap, small low-power/quality stereo amp needed.
  30. Self-oscillating amplifier with LM319 and IRS20957
  31. Need fairly cheap PA system for birthdays and other events..
  32. Rockford Fosgate t3001bd issues
  33. WIll this work?
  34. TDA8950 Questions
  35. Topping TP60 mod (new version)
  36. Vacu-Phonic TPA3116 Amp
  37. Recommend an amp for electrostatic speakers 1.2 Ohms
  38. Class D dual amp
  39. Sure TDA7498 Build Question
  40. Replacing an attached pot with a wired pot
  41. tpa3116 newbie build question(s)
  42. hifimediy t2 - Aikido 12vac
  43. Build Integrated From The Ground up or Start Out With Pioneer Unit and Upgrade?
  44. SystemD LiteAmp
  45. 41hz Amp5 Assembly instructions needed
  46. High efficiency class D @ 22V, better than TK2050?
  47. deciding on new amp
  48. 41Hz Amp4 assembly and schematics needed.
  49. Input capacitor size: what's the truth?
  50. help to buy a good cheap class d amp
  51. dB Opera 405D
  52. 41hz kits assembly instructions needed
  53. TPA3116D2 and 6N3 pre build
  54. Amp6-basic - faulty channel
  55. Simple Class D Project
  56. LF 41Hz AMP10 Basic assembly instructions
  57. Building an amp with "Class D Audio" modules.
  58. Testing a TAS5630 board purchased from TaoBao (Chian eBay)
  59. TPA3122 Class D Amp Ringing on output causing shutdown
  60. Replacing the amp in a 2.1 PC speaker set
  61. EBay TDA7492 amo, no sound
  62. TP2050 Class-D Power Amplifier Board [50W + 50W]
  63. SPL Dynamic D5s
  64. Hifonics BXI1608 driver board question
  65. Peavy PV-115D IR2092 issue
  66. what to mod ta2024
  67. powersoft Q3002
  68. Class D or T-amp
  69. DIY Yuanjing TAS5630b module fix
  70. Assembled Amps
  71. Which amp?
  72. Good Amplifier
  73. Hypex UCD400 Thermal protection
  74. Sound Quality of different DIY modules
  75. kampo sub 100A static noise problem... help appriciated!
  76. how to find RMS rating for D amps? speaker matching help
  77. Anyone had any recent contact with Hypex?
  78. linear VS switching power supply for D-Amp?
  79. Hifonics Bxi 1606D
  80. Lepai Repair Help
  81. Board with 4x TDA8920 ground problem
  82. TDA7297 and Karlsonator
  83. JL.AUDIO 1000/1 AMP
  84. Connex electronics CxD500 - sleep / mute function
  85. Class D & T Amp Building for Dummies (like me)
  86. TK2050 vs TK2020
  87. Connexelectronics TA3020 kit
  88. TPA3116 with Potentiometer and switch combined
  89. TPA3123D2 class d amp bridging
  90. Regulated power necessary, or just hook up to batteries?
  91. miller&kreisel plate amp trouble
  92. stupid question: no volume comtrol on amps= max wattage at all time?
  93. TK2050 vs TDA7492
  94. Class D IRS2092, No power up
  95. Switching Power Supply Safety & Mounting?
  96. Soft start, speaker protection: Do I need them?
  97. Jut Checking
  98. Sanyo STK428-640 Class-D chip as a voltage regulator?
  99. Suggestions - Rebuilding an expired EV P3000
  100. Upgrading a Vintage Boombox?
  101. 4th order filter using integrator
  102. Lepai LP-2020A+ amp with Anker Battery Supply
  103. Portable Boombox help
  104. Problem with Hypex
  105. dB Technologies Opera 405D
  106. TPA3122 Clicking, no noise from output
  107. 120w sub amp
  108. 41Hz amp9 nominal input level
  109. Can I wire a 24v amp and 12v blue tooth like this?
  110. Complete build parts list, suggestions/comments appreciated
  111. Vertical Biamp (passive) + Biwire using 2 Stereo T-AMPS??
  112. TA2022 vs 7498E digital T-amps
  113. 36v battery or 12v with step up?
  114. Topping TP20 mod into a power amp so I can use with preamp?
  115. Another Lepai Mod Question
  116. plate amp repair/replacement
  117. Distortion at frequencies above 500Hz???
  118. T-amp and popping speakers
  119. Who is using the Hypex SMPS1200a700?
  120. D-class project, some simple questions
  121. Portable Audio Class-D Ground Buzz Problems
  122. How to set gain of TPA 3123 chip ?
  123. NXP UM10155 (Discrete Class-D / UcD)
  124. Behringer PMH5000 power amp
  125. (Need Help) Discrete Component MOSFET Driver
  126. Step down transformers on ebay
  127. Combining and Comparing Class T
  128. Digital Amplifier Project
  129. TDA8920B experience
  130. TA3020 kit sources
  131. IRAUD7S build thread ( Class-D Virgin )
  132. Finding a suitable amplifier
  133. Mmats 3500.1 dc output
  134. TA2020 transformer
  135. Sure sta508 2 channel amp
  136. broken torroid on 41Hz Amp5
  137. Amp to use with Pioneer TS-SWX251
  138. Problems with High Side Driver
  139. Building a TPA3132 amp board
  140. Change input voltage on Bash 500W sub amp
  141. Why so many N400s for sale lately?
  142. UCD amp problem
  143. Redesigning An Input Stage On A Production Amp
  144. Part Supliers for IRS2092 and IRFI4020H-117P
  145. How to divide one stereo audio signal to 3 separate Home made Power Amplifiers
  146. Bike Trailer w/ Sure TK2050 & B212XL PA
  147. Amp-1 - 41hz assembly instructions needed
  148. 1st start of ampmodules?
  149. TDA7492 +bbe for car audio
  150. what potentiometer for my amp board
  151. Topping TP30 cutting out unexpectedly
  152. Transmitting to Multiple Bluetooth Receivers
  153. irs2092s-based 2000W Amplifier? ("iraud2000")
  154. Efficiency measurement for Switching Amplifier
  155. Lepai LP-2020 increase gain
  156. memphis mcd500...dead
  157. 41hz amp10-BASIC running in bridge mode
  158. New: constructing a class D/tube hybrid amplifier?
  159. Carvin amps us IRS2092 Chips..
  160. 12V Amp
  161. High-End Class D amplifier - 25w to 1250w with 2 N mosfets
  162. Modifying Topping TP60?
  163. TPA3123 amp and a strange problem
  164. [Q] Lepai TA-2020+ is the best sub-$30 option on Amazon Prime that comes with PSU?
  165. Behringer Inuke NU1000 not powering on.
  166. AMP9-Basic - Help! Nothing happens when powered on.
  167. 41Hz Amp9 and Amp6 suitable smps
  168. Topping TP60 ok to drive the Seas idunn kit?
  169. AMP15-PS-XP BOM (list of components)
  170. Ambitious and addicted, but haven't even started!
  171. Timed Mute after power on
  172. Hypex UcD180HG current per rail?
  173. Sure Electronics Class D Digital 250W IRS2092 Amp problem
  174. Connexelectronic - Amp pinout help? (TA2022SMPS?)
  175. One ta2020 amp as 2way mono?
  176. Are class D amplifier only good for subwoofer speakers ?
  178. BTL or not?
  179. Arc Audio KS 1000.1 shuts down when temperature is greater than 72 degrees Fahrenheit
  180. Hypex UcD100OEM power supply?
  181. No sound from left channel - TA2024
  182. Connex Electronics IRS2092K Kit no documentation
  183. TA2024 with subwoofer?
  184. Ammo Can Amp Rev1
  185. 50ASX2 and Grounding?
  186. Which UCD*HG for my KEF Reference Model 2
  187. amp9-basic and amp6-sneeky assembly instructions
  188. Help with diy amp build
  189. Hypex Amps for sale...
  190. Where to find a suitable Class D Amp?
  191. Bluetooth hum through 15W amplifier
  192. HYPEX UCD2K and SMPS3K
  193. 41Hz AMP32 help
  194. Instructions for AMP15-PS-XP kit
  195. Class D Stereo Amp in Mono?
  196. Fuse Requirement
  197. Looking for a new DIY amp for my old speakers
  198. TAS5713 Nexus Q
  199. Hypex UCD Vs Connexelectronics iraudamp7s
  200. 50-100W D Class Amplifier
  201. Repairing Orion 2500D - Need help
  202. IRS 2092 + IRFb 23n20D or?
  203. TDA8920 lowpass filter
  204. Teac A-L700P Tripath still
  205. DD Z2 problem
  206. 6W class D amp circuit?
  207. Output Filter Behavior
  208. Hifonics Atlas AX 4000D,protect mode please help
  209. Newb needs modding help for NR509
  210. Problem with board amp
  211. mosfet transistor date codes??
  212. Sure Board 5V as USB Power Supply?
  213. Adding speaker and circuit protection with OpAmps
  214. Hypex PSC 2.400
  215. DIY Passive LDR Attenuator in T Amp Case
  216. T-Amp, Pre-Amp, Speakers?
  217. Dead Lepai Tripath LP-2020A+ ?
  218. Lepai Lp-2020a+ Removing and Changing Volume Knob and Potentiometer
  219. ice power 300 e 600 asc
  220. Hypex UCD400ST fault - low volume
  221. Repacing the volume pot for lowergain for the TPA 3123 BTL board
  222. Need comments on TA2020 layout
  223. Slightly cheaper alternative to Hypex
  224. PRC-25 Boombox Potentiometer Troubleshooting
  225. Beginner project, alot of parts in one antique box!
  226. Abletec/Anaview amp modules
  227. Wiring a transformer for laptop input into Tripath 2024
  228. Pioneer SX-319V Standby circuit
  229. IR21844 based amp?
  230. Wanna build a 2x250w sub amp
  231. 4 x BTL 300W/8R - a TDA8950j based 4 channel power amplifier
  232. Class D amplifier headache
  233. Sound Stream BX-15 circuit board pictures
  234. ta2024 dual mono
  235. need help diagnosing my dead Kingrex T20U
  236. Silly question
  237. jl 1400 won't power up
  238. mtx thunder elite 4001d missing components
  239. High power (upto 1000W@8ohms) from batterys?
  240. Protection turn on and off repeatedly
  241. Behringer 1400W Class D for B1800D Repair help!!
  242. Alternative or substitute. Please help.
  243. tpa3116 class-D amp bridging
  244. Sure products
  245. Bluetooth Version questions
  246. ebay TPA3116 2.1 amplifier
  247. 2ohm Power less than 4ohm?
  248. Need suggestions to power my portable speaker!
  249. MOSFET power stage and gate driver
  250. 800w @8ohm from 240v

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