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  1. TA2020 MKIII Helder amp: increase gain how?
  2. Amp for X-LS Encore kit
  3. Anaview AMS1000-2600 project
  4. Best Class-D modules at a medium budget?
  5. troubleshooting tpa3116 amp. no sound
  6. Minimal power supply for tpa3116d2
  7. How do I know what broke so I can fix it
  8. LV1100.1 2000watt causing Subwoofer burnt
  9. ICEPower 50ASX2 plays then goes into Protection
  10. trouble shoot AMT2050 t-amp, one channel
  11. Class D output filter design
  12. digital controlled PWM amplifiers
  13. TDA74xx vs TPA31xx for single supply
  14. resistor 10 ohm for Mosfet 4227
  15. I have a question about Mosfets
  16. TAS5630 any one done listening tests? Also THD limiting techniques.
  17. sonos connect amp
  18. 200ASC Icepower Module upgrade
  19. Connexelectroic TDA89xx0SMPS - How to Bridge?
  20. Looking for +-12vdc preamp module for TPA3116
  21. Single rail splitter for preamp for TPA3116
  22. PAM8610 powered by 5V charger & LiPo batteries?
  23. Moving volume potentiometer off PCB on lepai-2020
  24. Best PNP for active turn off then BD140
  25. Seeking Crossover-advice for 3-way build
  26. Help MTX TA81001 amp repair
  27. Help!Subwoofer amp (class d)
  28. Help!Earthquake 12" Subwoofer AMP
  29. Connex Electronics Smart Start V3 Wiring Guide?
  30. Want to build a small size power amp for guitar
  31. Have some non-functioning BMW digital amps, what best to do with the parts?
  32. How to tune class D output filter by ear?
  33. Hypex UCD - buffer or not
  34. AMP6 won't sleep
  35. Take it with a grain of salt, or glass of water?
  36. TDA7498 ?
  37. How to open the Sure-hifi 2 X 50W TDA7492 Amplifier?
  38. Hypex PSC2.400(D) - Auto On, Standby Power
  39. Clipping behavior class d
  40. Why does amp distort even when fed voltage well below is range?
  41. IRS2092kit repairhelp wanted..
  42. MKIII TA2020 Help Needed
  43. Increasing gain from DSP with TL074 to UCD Class D
  44. Sure electronics TPA3116D2 amp problem
  45. Help for Class D amp issue
  46. Bang and Olufsen ICE POWER 1000ASP Service
  47. Low-cost Boom Box Retrofit Amp
  48. Interfacing Raspberry Pi and TPA3116D2 amp
  49. class d amplifier design issues
  50. Cheap boom box amp
  51. need help with iraudamp1 ref. design
  52. Need help with Hypex NC400 build
  53. Crown CE4000
  54. 2.1 Class D Amp help
  55. Hypex NC400 Dual Monoblock Build, questions...
  56. L25D vs Hifimediy for 6 channel active system
  57. 2.1 System with TAS5630B
  58. Need your help to build my first amp
  59. taramps hd2500 help please
  60. fosgate 1001bd
  61. Can I add a potentiometer to this TK2050?
  62. Boombox amp and its problems
  63. Lepai Lp-2020a+ amp no left channel
  64. Hypex Ucd400HG Amp help
  65. Suggerstions for a lo pwr class D kit?
  66. Fixing my previously shoddy repaired power transistor on RF 800A2
  67. Will these modules support this?
  68. Seeking Advice 12V 30-40w stereo amp with bluetooth built in
  69. PAscal Class D
  70. Class D Amp using Attiny45 microprocessor
  71. Why do 12V Class-D-Amps have weak Bass
  72. Connexelectronic CxD250-HP + SMPS500RxE
  73. Hifonics BXI608 in protect mode
  74. Opera 405D
  75. Class D amp with self oscillations at low frequencies?
  76. Hypex modules and manufacturing...
  77. I need a lesson please
  78. Which chip class D?
  79. How to ground the earth line and signal line for Class-D amplifier
  80. Car Audio Amp Feedback
  81. Help, please: JL Audio 500/1 resistor 613
  82. Tda8920B mode switching
  83. Need help choosing 4 channel amplifier for my project
  84. TAS5630 - Can it be bridged?
  85. Best Diy Class D amplifier
  86. FET Power Stage only circuit - Dalek Voice modulator
  87. Consensus on Yung plate amps?
  88. B&O Amplifier moduels with power supplies avaialble
  89. Relay issue with TK2050 from Hifimediy
  90. A small bass guitar amp based on a TPA3125
  91. Help with class-d amp
  92. UCD with P and N-fets?
  93. Need help with IRS2092 Subwoofer Amp
  94. irs2092 and different temperature of mosfet
  95. how to avoid bus pumping
  96. Power supply TPA3116 AMP
  97. Recommendations for a finished TPA3116/TPA3118 unit
  98. Looking for class d, single supply, 4 Ohm, max power
  99. Another Sure Board Fried?
  100. Looking for a replacement for my TA2020 based amp
  101. Mackie SRM450V2 repair
  102. ConnexElectronic CXd500 module connection question
  103. low phase delay through filterless Class D?
  104. Single chip class D 10W +12V
  105. Topping TP60 vs SMSL SA-98 - Help for a Newb?
  106. Almost no sound
  107. Version of TP60?
  108. Hypex UcD in NAD D3020
  109. Sure Class D "standby" or sleep situation
  110. ATTiny85 based class D amplifier.
  111. PE Bash 500 conversion for 230V 50Hz
  112. Should I run my SMSL AMP-03 (TA2020 based) T-amp at 14V?
  113. Mini Boombox with SP-60/4
  114. TPA3116 ebay board reverse engeneering
  115. Mono Amp Hissing Really Bad & Humming/Buzzing
  116. Ta2020 ta2024 tk2050 Hiss hissing noise hum !@solve
  117. Boominator in a bag
  118. Topping TP-60
  119. Amp6 not working.
  120. Amp repair looking for help, amp goes into protect with good fets
  121. 12v system needed in Bristol this weekend!
  122. DIY solar powered-battery powered-mp3-mini boombox thingy
  123. Why no TPA3106 Boards from China
  124. TA2020 (Arjen Helder) with Velleman K4700 questions
  125. Help with B&O IcePower 200ASC
  126. Ta2020 powered boombox
  127. Schematic NU12000
  128. SMSL TA2020 amp no sound
  129. Class 2 safety question
  130. Anaview ALC0100/0180 comment
  131. Amp for fullrange speakers - Icepower 50ASX2?
  132. help with troubleshooting my amplifier
  133. mosfet replacement with digital design
  134. Probably the most dummy load tests wanted,POWERSOFT
  135. Possibly Completely Stupid Question
  136. Triparh concerns
  137. Help me with a Hypex build
  138. Metal Case Safety Advice
  139. Subwoofer Amp Replacement Advice
  140. Sure Electronic IRS2092
  141. Multi channel confusion
  142. No-Frills 7-Channel Rack-Mount Hypex NC400 Build
  143. Nuforce DDA-100: a revolution ?
  144. Busting speakers
  145. purchase of an amplifier
  146. Cooling suggestion for compact amp
  147. lost got power green light no sound
  148. TDA3116D2 blue board input caps: 2 or 4 ?
  149. Need help with Kicker zx1500
  150. Possible? digital in -> Behringer iNuke
  151. 500w Class D amplifier
  152. Project....Modding an Ebay TK2050 board
  153. Stereo class d amp!
  154. SMSL SA-50 + Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 - good combination?
  155. Boombox build attempt from singapore
  156. AMP9-basic rev 1.20 not playing
  157. TA2024 battery and power supply
  158. A good and simple Class D board with power?
  159. Which Class-D amp for Cerwin Vega Festival boombox?
  160. wich is more suitible for a class D amp
  161. Class D; How much DIY is DIYable?
  162. 41Hz AMP9-basic troubleshooting (I have searched :) )
  163. connexelectronic irs2092 kit
  164. ta2024 pcb input
  165. alternative pcb for hlly tamp-90
  166. Hypex UCD400 mods
  167. Griffin Twenty mods?
  168. Chassis Grounding Questions
  169. TPA3116 or what you suggest?
  170. d or t amp for vot
  171. D CLASS Amplifier Problem
  172. Noob all-in one digital audio
  173. noobie Sure TDA7498 to power supply question
  174. TA2024 bluetooth amplifier board
  176. Sure amp to run subwoofer
  177. The HeavyMAN! One big *** boombox!
  178. class d output current regulation
  179. Balance Input
  180. Tripath questions not answered by the wiki, asked by an ignorant newbie.
  181. Repair Guide
  182. Troubleshooting a grounding issue
  183. TC4428: Pulling 1 Amp of current?
  184. TPA3118 vs. tripath TK2050?
  185. Hypex Linear PSU DC-error protection
  186. Power amplifer for mobile phone ??
  187. Inductor and capacitor values for TPA3125 output
  188. check it out: my new blog about digital audio and class D amps.
  189. Class AB amplifier in LTspice
  190. The Pelibox - Build log & support thread
  191. Situations Vacant
  192. TPA3116D2 Sound Issues
  193. What's a good SMPS for Hypex UCD modules
  194. 2.1 Single supply preamp suggestions
  195. ice 50asx2, first impression and advise
  196. ice 50asx2, first impression and advise
  197. Cheap, small low-power/quality stereo amp needed.
  198. Self-oscillating amplifier with LM319 and IRS20957
  199. Need fairly cheap PA system for birthdays and other events..
  200. Rockford Fosgate t3001bd issues
  201. WIll this work?
  202. TDA8950 Questions
  203. Topping TP60 mod (new version)
  204. Vacu-Phonic TPA3116 Amp
  205. Recommend an amp for electrostatic speakers 1.2 Ohms
  206. Class D dual amp
  207. Sure TDA7498 Build Question
  208. Replacing an attached pot with a wired pot
  209. tpa3116 newbie build question(s)
  210. hifimediy t2 - Aikido 12vac
  211. Build Integrated From The Ground up or Start Out With Pioneer Unit and Upgrade?
  212. SystemD LiteAmp
  213. 41hz Amp5 Assembly instructions needed
  214. High efficiency class D @ 22V, better than TK2050?
  215. deciding on new amp
  216. 41Hz Amp4 assembly and schematics needed.
  217. Input capacitor size: what's the truth?
  218. help to buy a good cheap class d amp
  219. dB Opera 405D
  220. 41hz kits assembly instructions needed
  221. TPA3116D2 and 6N3 pre build
  222. Amp6-basic - faulty channel
  223. Simple Class D Project
  224. LF 41Hz AMP10 Basic assembly instructions
  225. Building an amp with "Class D Audio" modules.
  226. Testing a TAS5630 board purchased from TaoBao (Chian eBay)
  227. TPA3122 Class D Amp Ringing on output causing shutdown
  228. Replacing the amp in a 2.1 PC speaker set
  229. EBay TDA7492 amo, no sound
  230. TP2050 Class-D Power Amplifier Board [50W + 50W]
  231. SPL Dynamic D5s
  232. Hifonics BXI1608 driver board question
  233. Peavy PV-115D IR2092 issue
  234. what to mod ta2024
  235. powersoft Q3002
  236. Class D or T-amp
  237. DIY Yuanjing TAS5630b module fix
  238. Assembled Amps
  239. Which amp?
  240. Good Amplifier
  241. Hypex UCD400 Thermal protection
  242. Sound Quality of different DIY modules
  243. kampo sub 100A static noise problem... help appriciated!
  244. how to find RMS rating for D amps? speaker matching help
  245. Anyone had any recent contact with Hypex?
  246. linear VS switching power supply for D-Amp?
  247. Hifonics Bxi 1606D
  248. Lepai Repair Help
  249. Board with 4x TDA8920 ground problem
  250. TDA7297 and Karlsonator

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