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  1. TPA3116D2 Breeze audio 2.1 amp intermittent hum
  2. Need some advices for my first project
  3. full differential UcD modulator with extra integrator
  4. A masterpiece A-brick
  5. TDA7492 External Bluetooth Antenna
  6. Good DIY 2.1 amp for Music/HT (70% music)
  7. High Efficiency Current Mode Class D amp
  8. TDA2030A Tiny Board
  9. Cheap and capable chineese amp board?
  11. Amp module smoke and noise.
  12. TPA3118 home stereo amplifier with high WAF
  13. "Semi" paralleling Class D?
  14. Car amp vs tpa3116
  15. Are ClassDAudio Amps Optimized For 8 Ohms?
  16. build ICEPOWER
  17. Need power supply help: TPA3116 amp
  18. 8 channels Class D amplifier for active speakers
  19. Hypex Supercap PSU
  20. Amp cut only in cold temp but load is the same
  21. portable speaker problem (tpa3118 pbtl)
  22. DS-15 Class-D Modul with much Trouble and used in a lot of Models from Harman//JBL
  23. Yuanjing Tripath TA2020 channel failure :(
  24. Help needed to fix PPI 900.4 Wont turn on
  25. Help needed to fix PPI 900.4 Wont turn on
  26. self-oscillating hysteresis-based class D using LM319, seeking advice/critique
  27. ZapPulse 2.2 SE noise/intereference issue
  28. IRAUDAMP7D with IRFB4127
  29. TA2022 Availability
  30. Big bro, the TDA8950
  31. ClassD fail when start up
  32. Help with YJ IRS2092 200W Class D Amp (long)
  33. Looking for a ~50$ 2.0 amp for the garage...
  34. amplifier design
  35. amp design with gain 12
  36. Want to build Class D Amp, some advice needed.
  37. Class-d with external mosfet output devices
  38. class-d choosing capacitance questions
  39. IceEdge from IcePower. What d you think of them
  40. ICEPower Voltage Selection Jumpers
  41. totem pole substitution
  42. 5.1 channel lineup which is best
  43. Class D BTL noob question
  44. TPA3116 5.1 Channel HIFI Amplifier reviews?
  45. tpa3255
  46. Class D modules
  47. Icepower differences ASP, ASC, ASX2?
  48. L-25D ver3
  49. First DIY amp on the lesser expensive side
  50. New multi-channel Hypex build for LX521
  51. Another TPA3118 board
  52. Dual Input TPA3116
  53. Where to buy an Anaview AMS1000?
  54. Newbie building an Anaview AMS1000 amp to clone the Amphion Amp500.
  55. unbalaced load on tda7492
  56. Shielding for ICEpower modules necessary? Differences between ASP/ASC/ASX2?
  57. after add other 80000uF CAP
  58. Little help building Class D amplifier
  59. Sure High Power T-Amps
  60. TPA3116 troubleshooting help wanted
  61. IcePower 250 ASP - First stereo review
  62. Sure TPA3118
  63. Anyone notice ICEpower 250ASP on sale for $98 at Partsexpress?
  64. class d vs class ab
  65. Just bought PartsExpress DTA3116! Impressions Soon 😁
  66. TDA7492 with no decoupling capacitor
  67. adding a powered sub to 2.1 board
  68. amplfier input problem
  69. Ghent Audio - 250ASP Build - Need Help!
  70. Have transformer, will travel
  71. What's happened to the sa-36a pro - not tpa3118?
  72. Problems with Ta2022 Module
  73. Bottom of ICEPower 250 ASP?
  74. SURE TA2024 only ever draws 2.5W
  75. bought tda8950 and trying to get it to work
  76. TDA8922C asymmetrical power supply?
  77. eBay 7492 Bluetooth amp question
  78. Anyone repurposed an old amp and added Class D Modules?
  79. UCD amp oscillation troubleshooting
  80. Help needed in amp troubleshooting.
  81. Oh~~~! My dear UCD 400 have a beautiful house.
  82. PA Discrete Class D Amplifier Schematic
  83. Quick questions for wiring mono mini speaker
  84. ICEPower 250ASP - For cheaps, nCore Kit
  85. HiFiMeDIY T2 with iPhone as source
  86. Noise at SMSL SA-50 (TDA7492) by low level
  87. Lepai LP-168HA schematic
  88. Help me with this UCD 180 OEM
  89. Please advise on my set up.
  90. 50ASX2BTL Balanced Ground Loop
  91. Spl Dynamics D5s big current problem and blow
  92. What connector type?
  93. 1st Project - PAM8403
  94. Suggest a preassembled amp board for cheap cheap computer speaker build?
  95. help identifying mosfets and suitable replacements
  96. Question on replacing coupling caps in Hypex UCD400 OEM
  97. State-of-the-Art for Module Amps
  98. Memphis 16-MC1.4000 having trouble with output section
  99. Class D amp inspired by YES
  100. Which modules for multichannel amp?
  101. 12v mono 20 watts
  102. Hypes SMPS 400a180 mod question
  103. Tips and suggestions on IRS2092 implementation?
  104. 1000W subwoofer Design/Module? What's recommended.
  105. icepower 500A Project
  106. Cheap pre built four channel amp kit and power supply
  107. What role does a capacitor array play in a T AMP?
  108. iraud200 short story
  109. Hypex DSP Design software and data files
  110. Anecdotally: Tripath Vs TPA3116
  111. Class D/T in the wild
  112. Highest quality assembled board?
  113. ICEPower 500A Evaluation Module Question
  114. kicker zx750.1
  115. Hypex UcD400OEM wiring problem
  116. cheap TPA3116 2.1 amplifier with bluetooth
  117. hypex PSC2.400 just don't play
  118. JL Audio Slash 1000/1
  119. Lundahl 7902 as impedance adapter for Icepower
  120. Behringer Europower PMP 530M
  121. 41Hz?????
  122. Self oscilating Class D synchronization
  123. My new DIY home made stereo class D amp...
  124. Speakers make crackling and popping sounds
  125. Tools when designing an Amplifier
  126. Assembled L25D Power Amplifier board IRS2092 IRFB4020PBF
  127. TDA7492 _ heatsink is mandatory ?
  128. Electronic noise between BTM98 and TDA3116
  129. Great speakers on ebay for cheap!!!
  130. jl 1000/1 v1 screeching on bench no input
  131. TPA3116 Bluetooth 4.0 2x50W Amp
  132. Converting Class-D amp out to line audio
  133. Need help choosing modules for multi channel amp on the cheap.
  134. Opa1632 gain in 5630evm circuit
  135. Need help to build power amplifier
  136. YjHifi 2x250w chip amp with bluetooth, gain?
  137. Mono amp, class d, 12v
  138. Class D Amplifier Feedback
  139. TDA7498 vs TDA 8920B KIT, need to make a decision now !
  140. Using bluetooth
  141. Behringer Sub TDA8954 repair
  142. Newbie alert. Home made speaker box. need help
  143. Any Switching supplies for Class D Amps?
  144. IRAUDAMP17
  145. UcD400 dual Mono Build: done right?
  146. H-bridge IC for digital class D
  147. ~50W Class-T Amp with tone control?
  148. Why so few direct digital amps?
  149. UCD400ST DC during power down
  150. Cheap 4 channels of class d power?
  151. Single Power SupplyDC48V 400-Watts ClassD
  152. Which MOSFET?
  153. UCD180 grounding, earthing, and the like...
  154. Another TPA3116 amp
  155. Help in repairing of Nova IN 15 SUB (IRS2092 + IRFB4020PBF)
  156. TDA7498 100W+100W Class D Amplifier
  157. I need 50W Class D amplifier schematic
  158. UCDXXXOEM adapter PCB
  159. Test data graphs consolidated for 12 popular power amps (class D, AB, H and AAA)
  160. What amp schold I choose?
  161. Class D BTL LP filter (inductor saturation)
  162. TPA3123D2 project
  163. Sony sa-wx700 Sub dual 12" died
  164. Screwed up a TPA3116 YJ blue board! Please help!!!
  165. Help repairing jbl sub 12 plate amp
  166. Help with my TPA3122D2 amp circuit
  167. Your favorite cheap class D amp board - and why?
  168. Low vs. high side switching for an amp
  169. Problems with B&O icepower 1000ASP. Please help ASAP!
  170. MINI speakers class D
  171. TDA8932 How to set the gain lower?
  172. Input buffer for class D amps
  173. Suitable Class-T Amps
  174. ICEPower 50ASX2 BTL
  175. Inductors too hot to touch on YJ 3116
  176. Low power consumption reference amp
  177. Speakers pop when encased in metal enclosure
  178. Possible grounding issue
  179. Audica Microplus
  180. icepower 125asx2,
  181. Building 2x400W UcD400 based hybrid amplifier
  182. In Phase - IPA2001D in protection, Help!!
  183. Troubleshoot TPA3116 Board
  184. Abletec 53v Dual Rail 450W Supply for $20
  185. Best ebay modules for minidsp ?
  186. 2 way module DSP who knows it
  187. Help with Hypex SMPS1200A400
  188. Cullen Modified PSAudio Trio C-100 Amplifier Overview Part1
  189. Audio Bricks 400 W matchbox size
  190. Reading datasheets, output power limit, THD, gain..
  191. How does the music signal get amplifying current in Class-D ?
  192. Need Over Current Protection Circuit for Class D
  193. SLA battery powered bike stereo problems
  194. PSAudio Trio C100 with IcePower 300ASC 300W modules
  195. Help to Bridge a TS-50WGF-A
  196. Linear vs Smps supply for Hypex Modules
  197. Help, distortion!!
  198. TDA7492P - Loud thumps when turning on/off
  199. IRS20957 based selfoscilating class D
  200. Sharring SMPS between 3116 and Dual rail opamp filter
  201. DC or +/- DC Battery Powered Amplifer?
  202. Simplest preamp for class D - special application
  203. Icepower Output Question
  204. Need a good amp board for 6-8V battery
  205. Sure Electronics TPA3116 boards.
  206. IR2110 Simulation problem
  207. Home theater amplifier / IRS2092
  208. Amplifier - sub match up.
  209. In BTL, Is Inverter Required?
  210. Seeking TPA3123 Not-Assembled Kit
  211. Hifonics Hifi 1500D Amp Repair. ineed of some help
  212. ICEpower 200ASC ground connection
  213. soundstream xxx6500d no relay
  214. Qustion about Hypex OEM input impedance
  215. Defective TPA3116 with bluetooth
  216. Sure TPA3116 wiring - mute stby vcc and gnd
  217. TPA3116 Upgrades
  218. kicker zx750.1 overheating
  219. Power supply
  220. Question: STA508 vs. TPA3116D2
  221. Maybe time to split the TPA3116.
  222. L30D IRS2092 IRFB 4227 IRAUDAMP9 MYDIY
  223. Clueless: Choosing a cheap bluetooth TPA3116 board from Aliexpress
  224. Picking up too much digital noise with TPA3116
  225. Tannoy TS10, Bash 300, Indigo 600109 Schematic or Service Manual?
  226. P1000-1BD help
  227. Memphis sts500d please help repair
  228. Careful attention to Digital power amplifier of electromagnetic waves.
  229. TPA3116 2.1 + Little Bear P5 + noise
  230. TPA3116 gain dropping under load?
  231. I AM D v200, Fx Audio d802, optimisation and TPA3116
  232. yuan jing tpa3116d2 gain control
  233. Wiring up an ALPS RK27 50K Potentiometer
  234. Avant 12A
  235. Recommend a small amp for extreme efficiency horns
  236. TPA3110 Cap Upgrade
  237. B&O IcePower website down?
  238. Battery Supply for multiple Amps
  239. ElectroVoice CPS8.5 8-channel Class 'D' amplifier
  240. mini speaker with D-class ampli
  241. Gryphon Diablo 300 (Class D)
  242. connecting headphones to a small Tripath amp?
  243. voltage / supply question
  244. D1820_v51
  245. balanced input chip ebay board
  246. Amp boards with onboard Bluetooth and control buttons.
  247. Very simple Yuan Jing build (noob questions)
  248. Crown K2 Schematic
  249. What class D for 400VA 2x22VAC?
  250. spacers to enclosure gluing

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