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  1. Super T Amp
  2. SLA Questions
  3. PCI card power amplifier
  4. smps with UCD180
  5. WIKI pages
  6. digital PWM??
  7. Adding Subwoofer output to Sonic T-Amp
  8. Modded AMP3 output filter
  9. Best t-amp capacitors?
  10. Final Stage of Building UcD400
  11. how to model fast high frequency op-amps
  12. sub-woofer ampliverter
  13. Power
  14. A new breed of MOSFET
  15. The real difference between Class T and Class D?
  16. High idle current on crown-BCA output? hjelp!
  17. UCD180AD input volumn pot???
  18. How do I box a Skynet 8080 SMPS
  19. Paralleling Class-D modules
  20. yet another UcD
  21. TDA7294 in self- oscillating class-D
  22. A fish named Wanda
  23. hlpe ! Turn on get big current
  24. Email Notification default
  25. Sonic Impact mod question
  26. Help Wiring a Replacement Potentiometer for Sonic T
  27. Portable Class D Power! Choices?
  28. working schematics for class d amps
  29. Anyone build a lm4651/52 yet
  30. My 13x discrete class-D
  31. The Future of Class D.
  32. switching class d amp
  33. link to class d amp kit built 20 yrs ago
  34. newbie mod questions
  35. Anyone compared Tripath DIY amp to First Watt F1/F2/F3?
  36. Class D amp kit
  37. Sonic T wall wart
  38. class d amp kit
  39. Dual differential mode inductors in a bridged output lowpass filter
  40. Found some inexpensive & compact, regulated 12vdc psu's (for T-amp's etc)
  41. Anyone heard of Jam-Tech True Fidelity Amplifier?
  42. Minimum gain for 2020?
  43. are batteries a long term solution???
  44. I'm an input cap!
  45. UCD180 & electrostatic speakers
  46. Hooking up Charlize to the PC power supply, with some weird results
  47. Sonic T-Amp Rehoused but pulsatin sound. Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks
  48. Finding L & R channel on Sonic T-amp
  49. Tuff little amp (SI T-amp)
  50. Modded Sonic Impact vs my SET monoblocks
  51. Why so much difference in LC values?
  52. Equilog PWM amplifier module?
  53. Sonic impact t-amp cutting out after mods
  54. probability of success with ucd180+diy power supply
  55. Badly in need of help on output inductor design for ZXCD1000 based 500 watts amp
  56. 0.0004% THD Class D Module
  57. Small class D amp with 555
  58. UCD180/400 vs. Charlize and co?
  59. Class D amp using TL494
  60. 41 Hz Amp 6?
  61. I let the smoke out.
  62. The New Sonic Amp is coming
  63. output FET overcurrent limiting
  64. Turn-off Pop in class-d amps
  65. Tripath TA2024/20 Bridge/Parallel Config
  66. Small case for small boards
  67. tda8924 power supply
  68. Sonic impact, which power lead is +ve?
  69. 1st ever project finished 2 mins ago - IT PLAYS!!
  70. Help with Pyramid PB2400 D amplifier repair
  71. Filterless Class D
  72. UCD180 short circuited with bad Loudpseaker
  73. Class D, Which speakers ?
  74. n-mos half-bridge class D amp, how to drive high side n-mos?
  75. Bridge with two self-osc ClassD amps?
  76. help cleaning up switching signals please
  77. amp5?
  78. rockford t10001bd class d
  79. My LM386 Speaks "D" ?
  80. picture of Sonic T PCB
  81. Experience with HIP2101 GateDriver in half-bridge design wanted!!
  82. question regarding SMPS and UCD
  83. Switchable law fake passive for Class-t
  84. Amp Turns on and off whats wrong??
  85. Is this transformer suitable for a sonic t amplifier ?
  86. valv pre??
  87. output caps as dc stopper in ucd180
  88. What is the difference between d-class and t-class?
  89. A serious comparison between UcD180 and UcD400
  90. The cheap simple ClassD
  91. Aircore, Toroid or Bobin?
  92. Switching regulators as amplifiers
  93. Models for IRF gate drivers
  94. AMP5 Available on 41Hz
  95. IRAudAmp2
  96. pabo's 0.0008% dist class D module
  97. is it best to have an outbaord pre with t-amp
  98. tripath 2020 with low efficiency speakers
  99. A question for JohnW
  100. Nuuk's active pre for Si T-amp...
  101. UCD180AD missing transistor?????
  102. Charlize, my thoughts
  103. 41Hz Amp6
  104. How to fix this sch?
  105. what to get
  106. Sonic Mods update & UK users
  107. thinking about the UCD modules.
  108. new class T chip amp
  109. Class D from Philips
  110. T-amps and Electrostatics
  111. Turn on/off transients
  112. recommend discrete Class D
  113. Can the 5V in the T-amp be tweak?
  114. Sonic Impact Significant Tweak
  115. Hypex has a new web page.............!
  116. Making of Lightforce 1 Class D Powerbriefcase
  117. Just playing with my Charlize
  118. looking for classD follower
  119. good class d chips
  120. t-amp vu meter and volt meter question....
  121. Nuuks T-amp article on TNT out now
  122. Is it wise?
  123. UK Power Supply for T Amp
  124. T-Amp hiss/crackle in channel
  125. How to correctly connect 24vdc battery power to Teac A-L700P??? HELP!!!
  126. Sonic 5066 T-amp Hmmm Problem
  127. SI T-Amp: getting rid of PSU hisses and hums
  128. t-amp and Loth-X BS1 speakers?
  129. SIs Son of T-Amp reviewed in 6moons
  130. 6 channel class-d amp for car, need guidance...
  131. anybody using slimdevices squeezebox2 with UCD amp
  132. PSU for UCD180 stereo box
  133. techniques to preventing interferences
  134. Yes - but can you hear it?
  135. My implementation of the Audidigit T-amp
  136. Tripath in Malaysia
  137. New 2024 amp and mod site
  138. Sonic Impact T-Amp where to by a Mod or tweaked version?
  139. David and Goliath
  140. UCD input configuration
  141. Help me decide, CSD180 or ESP Project 101?
  142. Amp2 from 41Hz with +/-60V supplies
  143. examples of crown BCA topology
  144. T-Amp versus Gainclone
  145. DC wallwart recommended for Si t-amp? risks?
  146. UcD400 Problem
  147. Class-D poweramp hooked on a guitar tube preamp, questions
  148. Autocostruire t-amp hiss ?
  149. Single supply class D modules?
  150. coding your own PCM to PWM converter?
  151. Few questions about T-Amp. (mainly tweaks & transfo)
  152. Back to basics - some wire discussion
  153. Couple newbie questions about T-amp
  154. Tripath sleep/mute start up delay
  155. The Sound and Testing of Class D
  156. SLA battery on sale at Radio Shack
  157. panny sa-xr55
  158. Looking for a CLASS D amplifier design .
  159. Newbie need help
  160. Aw ****. SI + Fostex FE167E
  161. Breadboard Class D!!
  162. Sousmielie Class D amp
  163. Tripath TA2020-20 6 Channel Amp Board
  164. Magic around TDA8939 input bias
  165. Class D mic pre is it possible?
  166. New Chip From IR, IRS20124S.
  167. SI beats my AMP1-B's
  168. After all's been said and done... Did the Sonic Impact T-amp live up to the hype?
  169. Amp1-B Terrible Bass Performance
  170. Summing two channels to one (line level signals)
  171. Want to re-box several si t amps in one box. How do I hook up to one power supply?
  172. Subwoofer Powerd by Tripath - Pictures
  173. Tripath AMP1-B noise disappears after 5 minutes problem
  174. UCD snubberizing, already done?
  175. Ucd160ad Vs El34 Pushpul Tube
  176. legalities of posting schematics from a defunct magazine
  177. How to build a very simple class D amplifier!!!For a newbie.
  178. output inductor in ta2020
  179. Setting up TA2020 kit for use with Valve pre-amp
  180. RMAA and T-amp: anyone?
  181. How to coil a transformer
  182. What Input cap for amp3
  183. Any news on UCD700?
  184. Noise om my modified SI T-amp
  185. Sonic Impact Output Filtering Mods???
  186. Share my Soft Start Module for large Transformers
  187. How low can T go?
  188. Autocostuire Fenice 20a & hiss problems
  189. Ordering from Hypex?
  190. Zap Pulse or UcD
  191. Where to buy tripath chips?
  192. A Simple car audio amp
  193. Tripath-Amp 1-B gain problem
  194. Basic 5066 Diagram for the Novice!
  195. Current source inverter
  196. generating PWM
  197. DIY Class D Amp using TDA8939 or similar
  198. Pin polarity for T-amp AC adapter?
  199. Help! SI mod prob. Chip ticking? Please Help.
  200. Nuuk, What is your Favorite T-amp?
  201. need help ! ucd 400 turn off and on
  202. If you think Class D is not HiFi...you are fool
  203. Digital amplification
  204. Howdo these new class D amps compare?
  205. An almost fully modded Autocontruire TA2020
  206. Hypex HG power supply
  207. Autocostuire Fenice 20a
  208. Capacitor choice
  209. request high power amplifier
  210. Need help to analyzing this 'ucd' simulation
  211. Mueta - Welcome back
  212. AMP1-B: why only 25 watts @8ohms?
  213. Anybody tried this amp
  214. Class T(ea) with AMP-3
  215. About Crest amps
  216. Class D and speaker wire
  217. seme lab sdv 1005 - 600p
  218. Comparison of Tripath Kit Amps???
  219. AMP3 schematics/assembly instructions?
  220. How much capacitance do I really need?
  221. How to mod my Autocontruire TA2020?
  222. UCD: connecting case or not?
  223. UCD Setup
  224. PSU in same cabinet (T-amp)?
  225. panasonic SA-XR10 vs Tripath amps
  226. UcD ampliverter
  227. Amp3 capacitance
  228. New case for class D amps
  229. New icepower amp
  230. kappa 255a
  231. Class D handle the impedance swings of ESL57s?
  232. converting a computer smps to a class d amp
  233. Purchase of Tripath chips/group buy?
  234. Problem with T-amp Mods
  235. Dr. Amp Tripath based amplifier
  236. SMPS and AMP1
  237. IRAUDAMP boosted to 1KW in 8 Ohms
  238. AMP-3 DC offset (high)
  239. Class-D
  240. Securing SLA Battery in Chassis???
  241. RF interferences?
  242. Teac A-L700p vs Autoconstruire Class-t-amp-2020-m
  243. PC Soundcard experiences with Tripath amp
  244. Basic questions for the power supply
  245. ZAPpulse 2.3SE vs. 700XE
  246. Help with Pan XR45 / DCX2496 configuration
  247. class t driving esl's
  248. Need AMP3 assembly instructions
  249. Sonic Impact T-Amp - Is bi-amping better?
  250. UcD180

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