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  1. Help to create Amplifier in Class-D.
  2. Hook-up Wire Advice please! - Amp4
  3. Best module for mobile audio?
  4. Portable sound system gallery...
  5. Any consensus on implementing a battery PS for a Tripath amp?
  6. Autocostuire AD-CT100
  7. freedos... Error in the Circuit Designer D-Amp 2000
  8. THe conclusion about the output coils
  9. Low power UcD?
  10. simply amplifier
  11. What difference does solder type have? (41Hz Amp4)
  12. What wire to wind toroidal core inductors? (41hz Amp4)
  13. Trends TA-10 problem
  14. driving two class D buffers with same source.
  15. before I buy a red wine signature 30...
  16. Instruction manual
  17. why is my amp protecting?
  18. a very simple speaker protect just for class-d
  19. Sonic Impact Power Supply-Newbie
  20. mini boom box
  21. DQBC - digital quality booster correction
  22. Ignoring power output: UcD700 vs. UcD400 vs. UcD180
  23. Zetex Class Z
  24. amp6 bass improvement help!
  25. T amp not working, Help please
  26. Redesign Crown K2/1 BCA amplifier (with schematic) pls help with the feedback
  27. UCD400 Power supply question...
  28. 53v limit due to caps ?
  29. teac AL700p center card
  30. class D amp (specifically SI T-Amp) with a powered sub woofer
  31. ucd 180 psu help
  32. Portable PA requirement - need input please.
  33. interesting reading -T.A.S. class D group review
  34. Power Sup recommend?
  35. using below 1hz?
  36. my smd ucd:) stero,up to 1.2MHz pwm
  37. IR2113 blowing ! help needed...
  38. Class D amps using TI chips?
  39. newbie,Where to start?
  40. TI tas5112 EVM - output filter mod?
  41. paradigm atom and t-amps
  42. What case is this?
  43. Proposition: Class D and ESLs are a perfect match
  44. classd4sure?
  45. Trimming The Output Offset Voltage Of TA2020
  46. Tripath patents list
  47. Mean Well SMPS with Amp9?
  48. Familiar Sonic Impact Failure Mode?
  49. "boom box" AMP 12 Volt
  50. Can Class D be built on a single side PCB???
  51. paralell connection of transformer ofr ucd180
  52. Question On V5A & V5D Of TA2020
  53. what preamp for hypex UcD180? DIY or used?
  54. AMP6 in twin cases
  55. The End For Tripath??? Say It Ain't So!
  56. TDA8920 based amp module
  57. UcD180 module choice
  58. Speakers to partner with Trends Audio TA-10
  59. experimental class D
  60. What toroid for a 41Hz AMP9??
  61. T-Amp Volume Control
  62. Where to buy ICEpower amps?
  63. differential amp - pnp or npn
  64. The best sound on the class D
  65. 41hz.com photo gallery, win an amp!
  66. Current drawn from each supply rail
  67. A cheap 12v SMPS for class D
  68. how to build a 12 volt dc power supply?
  69. Best buy class D amplifier
  70. Dead Autocostruire amp?
  71. Hypex SMPS - When Is It Coming? Alternatives?
  72. ringing of mosfets in UcD simulation
  73. Input buffer for UcD: LM4562 better than AD8620?
  74. UcD180 modules placement
  75. T-amp PSU cap wiring
  76. input sensitity
  77. Full Bridge Class D
  78. Cheap SMPS PSUs for class D modules.
  79. Tripath and stats
  80. Need Suggestions for Class D Inductors
  81. I need help with a pot problem.
  82. rook question class D
  83. lossless overcurrent protection in UcD scheme
  84. Record efficiency?
  85. Super T amps are on sale
  86. Tube Output Full digital Amplifier
  87. Audio Precision System 1 users?
  88. Versions of the TA2024 Chip
  89. My first ever DIY Amp up and Running !
  90. TAA4100A - Bridging or Parallel?
  91. Plate amp?
  92. What waveform to use for testing?
  93. is 4.2 amps too much for a t-amp?
  94. What's a chap power supply for the Sonic Impact 5066?
  95. My UcD400 jukebox amp
  96. help to mod
  97. Shorting amplifier inputs?
  98. T-Amp output biasing for better sound?
  99. Hope you guys can help me out a little with this project
  100. more powerful Charlize equivalent
  101. Pictures and circuits of my DIY class D and other projects.
  102. Building Charlize, two questions
  103. Underwhelming Charlize sound
  104. Babysteps of 1kW Class D Rookie Amp
  105. Bought the kit, now I need parts
  106. Please help me assemble my UcD180 stereo-amp
  107. UcD400, in summary.
  108. Class D and Magnepans?
  109. DIY Fidelity attenuator wiring - help please
  110. Super-T amp - NOT IMPRESSED!
  111. 12 volt subwoofer amp?
  112. Sonic Impact 5066 availability
  113. T-amp back in at Thinkgeek.com
  114. One bridge ok for stereo UCD400 amp?
  115. repair t20001bd rockford
  116. Class D Design Issues
  117. Idea for faster switching in half-bridge
  118. Where can I purchase a Hypex kit?
  119. Pulse width modulator
  120. TAS "Class D issue" -opinions.
  121. Full Digital / CrossOver / Multi Amplifier integrated
  122. Feeding a lowdspeaker with a SI Tamp?
  123. SI T-amp - bad hiss in one channel
  124. Re-Rectify DC?
  125. Sonic T-Amp Modifications Help Req.
  126. Quickie question about Amp3 - this is really stupidly simple.
  127. Quick question - possible to build high-power current-source Class D amp?
  128. UcD400 listening vs. Halcro & Gamut
  129. Alternate FET's for 41Hz AMP2
  130. UcD400 mods
  131. I found a Texas Inst. TAS5122, class D cheap!!! (DVD/Stereo combo unit)
  132. SMPS for AMP32-PS
  133. completed 5-channel UCD-180 (pics)
  134. nearly complete stereo UCD400AD's (pics)
  135. Super T-Amp Power Supply
  136. GK 150 Tripath
  137. Amp32 won't work...
  138. My DIY site and new Gallery
  139. What is the function of the V5A and V5D of TA2020 ?
  140. Reccomendation for easy, high-power, and somewhat crappy Class D amplifier for a sub.
  141. broken UCD400AD :(
  142. Need help with D-amp
  143. Help me Build a Class D
  144. Need transformer size recomendation
  145. Just Received Trends TA-10
  146. UcD 400 repair??
  147. Preamps in Class D amps.
  148. Lepai T-Amp with TA2020
  149. Schematic for Zetex "ZXCD500MOEVAL" - Class D Eval Board ?
  150. Help with Super T Mod.
  151. Forum for issues related to the design of Class D amplifiers
  152. Hysteretic self-oscillating amplifier with constant switching frequency
  153. Small-signal modeling of self-oscillating amplifiers
  154. Fiber optic (toslink) input?
  155. My first Class D Amp6
  156. Tripath TAA4100 Users - Hiss
  157. Using Clas D amplifiers for Home Cinema Project ?
  158. 5 channels class-T amp Power Supply
  159. Too light power supply /UCD180?
  160. UCD180 with chipamp PS?
  161. UcD project questions (newbie)
  162. DIY Powersupply for UCD
  163. Q: Class-D Amp Kits, All, Turn-on Thumps
  164. Charlize regulated PS
  165. Multi Channel T-Amp Input considerations
  166. DIY class D or vintage? - bit confused
  167. iraudamp1 problem
  168. AMP4 not working, HELP!
  169. Question about the feedback
  170. Which T-Amp kit for a comlete newby in DIY ?
  171. amp32-ps.. smd...is singing!!!
  172. I hope nobody takes this the wrong way...
  173. protecting mosfets in UcD
  174. Simple preamp and PSU for Amp3?
  175. TDA1545A Source
  176. Trends TA-10 vs. Super T
  177. Looking for a thread about the explaination of COM and UcD
  178. Problems with LM319
  179. PCM & Clock for Digital Receivers?
  180. Schematics for SI SUPER T-Amp
  181. LM4651 Boomer
  182. Amp 32 Pics + Review
  183. What's the theory of self-oscillating modulator?
  184. Do you think amp6 plus toroid will fit into this case?
  185. looking for a single channel class D amp module
  186. Where can I get a detailed descriptiong of PWM in Class D
  187. T-Amp problem: one channel buzzing
  188. UcD400 opamp buffer
  189. How many modulation methods in Class D amplifier ?
  190. Looking for TAS5100
  191. UCD400 and speaker fried - why??
  192. UcD volume control?
  193. Where to buy a T-amp?
  194. UcD output stage current sensing
  195. noisy m-cap supreme silver oil
  196. A new (Stupid?) class d idea
  197. UCD as power conditioner
  198. High power guidlines
  199. Build a Hypex, SMPS or trafo?
  200. Altering an AMP4 Kit - PIO Caps, Coils, Attenuators and SLA Batts.
  201. Discrete Class-D anno 1986
  202. Big-t
  203. Ucd180 ampli: initial questions
  204. Does (primary) transformer AC polarity matter...?
  205. Features in Class-D modulator
  206. Adding a pot to an amp6
  207. UCD400 input question...
  208. First time Class D-IYer
  209. speaker cables for outdoor use
  210. Bryston's interpretation of a Bruno Putzeys article
  211. T-amp, too loud, too soon
  212. higher power class T for outdoor home theatre
  213. EEEngine
  214. 41hz Amp 4
  215. ICE popping up all over!
  216. 1kW Class D
  217. Charlize and high capacitance speaker cables
  218. Sonic Impact amp... Audio Input damaged...
  219. USB PCM to PWM?
  220. Chassis ground
  221. Discover something????
  222. Ucd or chip amp?
  223. testing of SPS80 SMPS
  224. Where to get Teac A-L700P???
  225. Where to buy TriPath ICs?
  226. voltage regulation for input buffer in UcD
  227. New D-Amp Web Site!
  228. Amp4
  229. UCD700 Layout and Wiring
  230. 1R capable D amp
  231. Newbie to Class D
  232. NCD questions
  233. possible "seismic" sensor
  234. UcD modules - can the modules work without the input op-amp?
  235. "True" digital amp as 2nd amp project?
  236. Ultimate T_amp!!!!!!!!!!
  237. Ucd180 and volumecontrol?
  238. Amp6 -Basic with an extra power cap?
  239. Class D Amp Photo Gallery
  240. TA2020 vs TA2022, Amp5 vs Amp6
  241. Advice on Bicycle Mounted System
  242. Portable Speaker System "Zen Visionary" with Sonic T Amp
  243. 5.1 tripath amplifier project
  244. Info kindly requested on the UcD 400 schematic.
  245. Design of output inductor for class D amplifier
  246. Interested in discussing the sound quality of NewClassD (and other class d amps)?
  247. Sub-ranging PWM
  248. T-amp 25W or more (prebuilt) suggestions
  249. Any news on Hypex SMPS ?
  250. strange effect in mosfet (h-bridge)

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