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  1. Ebay HI-END TA2024 DIY KIT,ASSEMBLED MODULE, anybody tried it?
  2. T106-2 core vs.??? core Amplifier problem
  3. typical unwanted amp byproducts
  4. Building First Amp, Need Help/Suggestions
  5. Tripath Coupling Bypass Cap Test Bed Query
  6. Cross Conduction
  7. looking for pmh3000 behringer power mixer schematics
  8. How to do measurement on Class-D amplifier
  9. Amps for Whole House Audio : Multi-Room : Muilt-Zone
  10. T Amp problem, please help
  11. MHz Class-D MCD-255 building question
  12. Adding a Tube Pre-Amp Stage to T-Amp
  13. Class-d for a 1kw PA amp
  14. Interesting IGBT for class d...
  15. A late Christmas gift: NFB topology
  16. Good alternative to the SI T-Amp?
  17. IRF540Z-class D power
  18. Turepath & Amp 2
  19. Coil question for TA2020, 2021(to Jan Peter?)
  20. Trends Audio TA-10 Questions
  21. hypex ucd 700 low impedance handle?
  22. ucd400: Hypex HXR12 Regulators vs. Input buffer auxiliary supply
  23. charlize t2020 mod-topic
  24. 41hz Amp 4 Output Problems
  25. Light .asc viewer?
  26. Any new commercial Class-D amps available?
  27. Using an SMPS with Amp10 Basic?
  28. UCD180 balanced via soundcard
  29. Yulong T-amp modification
  30. Calling all T-AMP knowledge Gods... I need your help..
  31. IR2110 output problems
  32. Building AMP2 from 41Hz
  33. DIY Class D topology Question
  34. mhz switching frequency
  35. Unshure of class, but its the ultimate xmas amp
  36. How to minimise crossconduction
  37. DIY UcD400HG Monoblocks that can do Stairway to Heaven
  38. Simulation Tool?
  39. Soldering TP2350B chip to the board on AMP2
  40. Exploding TA2022 Tripath Chips!!!
  41. Half Bridge Reference
  42. Relay for soft start
  43. boombox re-build
  44. Problem with reboxing t-amp
  45. AMP6 Voltage problem (TA2020chip)
  46. DC bias (AMP6,41hz)
  47. what do you think?
  48. Noise troubleshooting Class D
  49. IR2110(what's wrong)
  50. Ditch the inductors?
  51. PSU for Hypex Amp? Switching or Transforner???
  52. STK428-610 STK428-640 Reference design ?
  53. elan d1200
  54. Trends TA-10 Power
  55. IR2010 amplifier-New Project
  56. Charlize PS ripple
  57. simple heat sink, how to make?
  58. Help on T100 HCL-m cap/mod
  59. NEW class D amp project started today
  60. help with gate drivers(IR2110)
  61. help with an amp for FR125Sr drivers
  62. Interesting...
  63. Potentiometer Puzzle A20k, B50k, T-amp?
  64. Carrier frequency remains after the output filter
  65. how to get silky and soft treble
  66. 2 quick SI questions
  67. Philips Patented UCD "My 6Ch Car Amp"
  68. Class D Delta-Sigma Amplifier
  69. sureelectronics Tripath boards?
  70. UCD700 and SPS80 HV - noise problem
  71. Duty cycle limiting on a self oscillating amp
  72. Ir2104+ Irf540
  73. Most cost effective active set up ?
  74. Power supplies examples
  75. Pierre / ssanmor one and the same posters?
  76. Krell KSA change
  77. Nice MOSFETs for class D from IR (or how they try to impose us the DirectFet thrash)
  78. got some more class d toys
  79. Hypex transformers - OK with USA voltages?
  80. PCB and Schematic of tested D Class
  81. Hypex ST, HG & HxR in 7 channel amp
  82. Sigma Delta Bandwidth
  83. Cheap TI Chip in UK, Last Few.
  84. Need service manual or schematics of behringer PMH1000 mixer
  85. fullbridge carrier class d ideas
  86. Burned T-amp fixable?
  87. Cool and small 2x150W class D full-range car amplifier
  88. New coldamp toy
  89. Level Shifter
  90. Recommend a nice tube pre-amp for the TA-10.1?
  91. My Class D Schematic... Will it work?
  92. What is the "State of the Art" today?
  93. New class d project
  94. SI T-amp different layout?
  95. What frequency do that ones run at Yorkville NX55P?
  96. Advice sought on voltage change to a PS Audio Trio A-100 (Icepower 200ASC)
  97. Sure-Electronics.com class d amps
  98. usb powered class d
  99. Winsome Labs Review
  100. Full Digital Speaker
  101. Sigma Delta ICs
  102. Repacing TA2024 with a TA2021B
  103. i want to make an amplifier to support 1800 watts max
  104. TI class d eval kits
  105. 3 Level PWM
  106. New amp for Oris/Lowther
  107. full bridge selfosc class d amp
  108. extra transistor in level shifter
  109. p-channel fets
  110. Help with an art project
  111. Where do I get Tripath Chips???
  112. UCD "dc" & "on"
  113. fets to class d
  114. Class-D at Sharper Image
  115. Audiosource Amp 7 Tripath
  116. Introduction and Thanks
  117. LC Audio is not responding with support
  118. ColdAmp, UCD700, and NCD - Listeners only
  119. 41hz needing id and password??
  120. Latest Class-D atricle @ Electronic Design mag.
  121. class d on ebay
  122. Using UCD with half bridge power supply
  123. Shielding air core inductors (T-Amp)
  124. My DIY UcD amp from the junk box
  125. Where to get transformers for 41hz amp designs?
  126. Tripath Crackles caused by a pot problem?
  127. OT - customs on importing modules to U.S.?
  128. Another classd from Tekko Audio Labs
  129. files of classd.fromru?
  130. Control 2 T Amps with one pot
  131. T amps vs. gainclones
  132. Just finished my first SI t-amp mods.. (no pics)
  133. How 'Green' is Class D compared to other amplifier classes?
  134. New Class D design
  135. PowerFul schematics On This Forum
  136. Sonic Impact Gen 2 T-Amp
  137. Recommended suppliers of kits, modules or parts for Class D
  138. Dual Operational Amplifier Question?
  139. Iraudamp5
  140. Class C PCB Layout and design software
  141. 1000 Watt with usb input !
  142. Class D PWM chips
  143. Ad1994
  144. I've got a D-AMP, how to build my inductor ?
  145. Cad audio DK amps???
  146. Help me to solve my UcD400s Problem
  147. sonis impact mod
  148. using T-amp to powered up active Jordans
  149. new case for my amp32, let's see your pics!
  150. Global NFB with muitiple pole output filter
  151. Ta2020
  152. help with mod on sonic t-amp
  153. Delemma of the Sonic
  154. Sonic T v Amp6
  155. Regulated powersupply for UCD modules??
  156. Power for 3 Trends Amps
  157. Discrete input modulator
  158. Sonic T-amp, no sound on left channel on low volume
  159. using 110v site transformers as power supply
  160. Sonic Impact Gen 2 T-Amp ?
  161. class D using 24v supply.. which ic's?
  162. 100W @ 8 Ohms amp suggestion
  163. Help... Meassure Signal perfect points to classd
  164. Is this the t-amp killer?
  165. 25 W Amplifier for Senior Project, due Friday
  166. UCD 400 and Coldamp SPS80 SMPS
  167. Has anybody else had trouble contacting Coldamp...?
  168. Sonic Impact Please Help!!
  169. Sonic Impact balance problem?
  170. Gate driver simulation
  171. how to resolder tripath chip in T-amp?
  172. U.K Modders missing a trick ?!
  173. Trends Audio TA-10 - right channel crackles. It's rare, but annoying.
  174. Power DAC (like Wadia) full digital amp
  175. t-amp + one speaker , can i get full potential?
  176. Hypex UCD400HG Comments
  177. Panasonic connector # needed for hack.
  178. Class D
  179. Bryston first digital amp
  180. class-d behavior at clipping
  181. truepath my new baby
  182. class d usb powered amp?
  183. Details about Channel Island mods
  184. New 3rd Generation ICEpower modules....
  185. Output filter
  186. Class D project
  187. Active XO Bi-amping with Trends TA10.1
  188. Rb3020
  189. 100k freqency responce
  190. T-amp with remote preamp: same power supply?
  191. Not quite Class D but many ideas taken from
  192. Switching amp without any active components
  193. DC coupling circuit for Tripath amps
  194. Hypex or NewclassD? Which is the Best Class D Amp there is????
  195. 12-15V DC class D amp ..what is available?
  196. cheap usb oscilloscope for measuring amplifiers
  197. ClassD using LM311
  198. Descrete input amp and UCD output; Trichord
  199. Pulse width Modulator..
  200. UCD700 noise
  201. My DIY Tripath amplifier
  202. Amp6 problem
  203. which class D amp to run bass driver
  204. So, I bought the SMPS from BG Micro
  205. need advise: 3-channel tripath with 12V power supply
  206. ucd180 based amp (low budget)
  207. Bittonic?
  208. Sonic Impact T-amp Rev D Board HELP!!
  209. Charlize 2
  210. ''special'' mosfet driver...
  211. Hypex Softstart
  212. Noob question about output MOSFETS
  213. T-amp for Center Channel?
  214. this work for original SI?
  215. class d tas5261
  216. Class D good for Subs
  217. ProfusionPLC has Tripath again....
  218. Choice: two Trends T-10.1s or one Kingrex T20 w/PSU
  219. Who´s benifitting from Class D mods?
  220. Fenice 20 - TA2024 - Improvements Advices!
  221. Sonic Impact bi-amping
  222. WIll an X-PSU v1 power an SI T-amp &/or TC754 pre-amp?
  223. d2audio Full digital audio
  224. Whistling Coldamp
  225. Powering three Chalize amps - Invisus
  226. T-preamp
  227. New Sonic Impact T Amp board
  228. class d tas5261
  229. DAFPS amplifier
  230. Commercial (Alpine PDX) Class D Failure Pics and Question about IR2010s
  231. ecler APA1000
  232. schematic needed: '04 Kicker kx600.1
  233. My Charlize (with pics)
  234. PCB standoffs
  235. most powerful class D for car without inverter
  236. Class D amp design
  237. 5ch UCD400 build help in Denver, CO
  238. Passive Preamp With Class-D
  239. Class D/T DIY power amp on a budget!
  240. Modding my TEAC - Help Needed
  241. Ddx-8001
  242. DCX2496 to TVA to 3 Charlize Amps
  243. Favorite Threads and Posts in "Class D" Forum
  244. Blown t-amp?
  245. another input cap question for SI t-amp
  246. Patent issue
  247. Hypex/Coldamp vs. TAG McLaren Power Amp
  248. Using SI T-amp with a single speaker?
  249. car amplifier class d
  250. Max PSU voltage with SI T-amp

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