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  1. Off the shelf regulated supplies of reasonable quality
  2. Common choke in full bridge class D
  3. New one on class D
  4. Using a single channel on a t-amp
  5. Disabling MOSFET body diode...
  6. design gate drive power mosfet in class d
  7. A couple beginner questions about amps
  8. Bridged ClassD 800W in 4 ohms - oscillation problem
  9. Class D amplifier
  10. Pre-clipping as a method of power regulation
  11. Trends Audio TA-10.1 Modification Options?
  12. Scythe Kama Bay amp
  13. Need AMP8 assembly instructions
  14. UcD400HG amp finished
  15. MOSFET heating problem
  16. How to Upgrad SI Gen 2 T-amp?
  17. Strange IRAUDAMP1 problem
  18. What is SI T-Amp DF (damping factor)?
  19. Huygens MCD 1202 - Class D amp finally arrived
  20. Amp9 with SMPS (my first class-d)
  21. Sonic impact T-amp gen2 problem
  22. New to Class D
  23. MHz amplifier
  24. class D/B hybrid?
  25. Really high speed gate drivers?
  26. First Class D amplifier
  27. Measure the output of a bridged class D
  28. Hypex UcD questions.
  29. UcD - correlation between phase lead network and propagation delay
  30. German Class D
  31. Please critique my PCB design
  32. how ir2110 drives the high side mosfet in h bridge
  33. Ucd180 Help needed!
  34. PTC instead of Fuse?
  35. Velodyne DD12 : change to 220V
  36. schematic for IRS20955
  37. T-amp mod service
  38. T-AMP Mod problem noobie Q's
  39. trends audio TA 10.1 audiomagus mod or Kingrex T20 Tripath amp
  40. Chipamp vs. Class D - greenhorns stupid question
  41. tas5414???
  42. taking a dive into DIY Amps
  43. D amps than accept Digital In?
  44. 12vdc gain stage or preamp
  45. MOSFET heating on my amp...
  46. 41Hz.com AMP8 - Output power when bridged
  47. Power outlets on Pre-amp
  48. IRS2092 customizable
  49. TAS5706 simple full digital stereo amplifier
  50. post your tripath enclosure
  51. IR21864 600V 4A Half-Bridge Driver
  52. PopPulse T-amp with Remote - modding
  53. ucd 2kw?
  54. UcD Amp Design Paper
  55. TDA8920 NXP/Philips Though Hole Package
  56. Need Help: Class D Cross Over
  57. Need Tripath TA0104A chip
  58. Need Tripath TA0104A chip
  59. 41hz Amp10 Basic Setup Issues
  60. Reactance
  61. Cheap, high power SMPS
  62. Digam power amp schematics
  63. Comparator Output with HIP4080
  64. Interesting schematic
  65. 41Hz AMP2 upgrade?
  66. Question: SMPS switching frequency with 41Hz Amp4
  67. Montreal FSI show. Anyone?
  68. USA supplier for 41Hz?
  69. ClassA, how does it work?
  70. Grounding Qs
  71. PSU in a seperate enclosure?
  72. Complete noob needs help
  73. +-12V to UCD
  74. I finally modded my T-amp.
  75. Digital amp
  76. Class D Booster Amp?
  77. 41Hz AMP2 upgrade... What parts to upgrade?
  78. Tri-Path equivalent?
  79. SLA battery power for Trends TA10.1
  80. Improved class BD
  81. Please help, I attempted to mod a TAmp and the fuse blew.
  82. Will this be the breakthrough on the consumer market?
  83. IR2011 Gate Driver
  84. TA10 and car battery - crackling sound
  85. Newbie need help
  86. Tripath high power eval boards
  87. Subwoofer amplifier please
  88. RJH3047 (IGBT) datasheet wanted
  89. Bruno Putzeys in IEEE Spectrum
  90. ICE vs UCD vs TriPath
  91. Stupid Class D Questions
  92. CCRT– Cross Conduction Reduction Topology
  93. UcD400hg monoblocks done
  94. Super Tamp now has board Version B
  95. Zetex DDFA
  96. BCA filter
  97. T-Amp and Pre Amp shared power problem
  98. My first Class D from scratch...
  99. simple class d sub amp
  100. are there any prebuilt 30w-50w modules to be found?
  101. Slobodan Cuk classD
  102. Subwoofer amplifier
  103. PLaying with ClassD again
  104. UCD400 Amp Project
  105. UcD400 Driving A 1/2 Ohm Ribbon?
  106. Tripath TA2022 with single supply
  107. 12VDC Class-D Chips
  108. Which 12V DC SMPS for amps?
  109. optocoupling power stage - hiss with 6N137
  110. Ice amplifier repair parts
  111. DC on output
  112. Bulding My first class D amp.
  113. Real opinions on Coldamp
  114. Output Inductors
  115. 6 Channel Class D?
  116. Single 300volt rail Class D amplifier?
  117. Charlize 2, no input caps, HISS
  118. UcD like topology amp.
  119. Class D input LM311 Inverting input
  120. combining class A and class D
  121. Input Comparator VS.OpAmp and FB type
  122. JBL On Stage Mirco Class D amplifier
  123. Where I Can Buy TA2024C
  124. Hypex FAQ website is up and running!
  125. LED not working on UCD180
  126. IRF6645 and IRS2011SPBF based amplifier
  127. Tripath TAA4100A issues
  128. Class-D Amp with IRS2092
  129. MCD-255 amp
  130. icepower 1000asp module modify?
  131. Maxim MAX9704 - anybody built one?
  132. Two identical Trends TA10.1, left channel of one hisses.
  133. 400HG LED out...
  134. UcD400HG MonoBlocks project... help please
  135. UCD400s shut-off (or clip?) intermittently when the iron is in use at home
  136. Any Super -T amp modders?
  137. Powering 2 UCD400s
  138. "Music centre" featuring Charlize2 amp
  139. Calling any UK SMD soldering experts!
  140. amp10b 2,7Vdc on outputs
  141. Kingrex volume pot mod?
  142. Clipping
  143. Sonic T 5066 (Stealth Mod)
  144. Alpine PDX class D for home audio use?
  145. Dead bel canto channel
  146. White Noise, Protruding woofer
  147. Silverstone EB02
  148. Hybrid Hypex UCD
  149. QSC PL380 amp
  150. AMP4/ Tripath distortion
  151. Panasonic class D amps
  152. class-d
  153. Air Core inductor: Hole Size ! (waveforms shown)
  154. Ebay HI-END TA2024 DIY KIT,ASSEMBLED MODULE, anybody tried it?
  155. T106-2 core vs.??? core Amplifier problem
  156. typical unwanted amp byproducts
  157. Building First Amp, Need Help/Suggestions
  158. Tripath Coupling Bypass Cap Test Bed Query
  159. Cross Conduction
  160. looking for pmh3000 behringer power mixer schematics
  161. How to do measurement on Class-D amplifier
  162. Amps for Whole House Audio : Multi-Room : Muilt-Zone
  163. T Amp problem, please help
  164. MHz Class-D MCD-255 building question
  165. Adding a Tube Pre-Amp Stage to T-Amp
  166. Class-d for a 1kw PA amp
  167. Interesting IGBT for class d...
  168. A late Christmas gift: NFB topology
  169. Good alternative to the SI T-Amp?
  170. IRF540Z-class D power
  171. Turepath & Amp 2
  172. Coil question for TA2020, 2021(to Jan Peter?)
  173. Trends Audio TA-10 Questions
  174. hypex ucd 700 low impedance handle?
  175. ucd400: Hypex HXR12 Regulators vs. Input buffer auxiliary supply
  176. charlize t2020 mod-topic
  177. 41hz Amp 4 Output Problems
  178. Light .asc viewer?
  179. Any new commercial Class-D amps available?
  180. Using an SMPS with Amp10 Basic?
  181. UCD180 balanced via soundcard
  182. Yulong T-amp modification
  183. Calling all T-AMP knowledge Gods... I need your help..
  184. IR2110 output problems
  185. Building AMP2 from 41Hz
  186. DIY Class D topology Question
  187. mhz switching frequency
  188. Unshure of class, but its the ultimate xmas amp
  189. How to minimise crossconduction
  190. DIY UcD400HG Monoblocks that can do Stairway to Heaven
  191. Simulation Tool?
  192. Soldering TP2350B chip to the board on AMP2
  193. Exploding TA2022 Tripath Chips!!!
  194. Half Bridge Reference
  195. Relay for soft start
  196. boombox re-build
  197. Problem with reboxing t-amp
  198. AMP6 Voltage problem (TA2020chip)
  199. DC bias (AMP6,41hz)
  200. what do you think?
  201. Noise troubleshooting Class D
  202. IR2110(what's wrong)
  203. Ditch the inductors?
  204. PSU for Hypex Amp? Switching or Transforner???
  205. STK428-610 STK428-640 Reference design ?
  206. elan d1200
  207. Trends TA-10 Power
  208. IR2010 amplifier-New Project
  209. Charlize PS ripple
  210. simple heat sink, how to make?
  211. Help on T100 HCL-m cap/mod
  212. NEW class D amp project started today
  213. help with gate drivers(IR2110)
  214. help with an amp for FR125Sr drivers
  215. Interesting...
  216. Potentiometer Puzzle A20k, B50k, T-amp?
  217. Carrier frequency remains after the output filter
  218. how to get silky and soft treble
  219. 2 quick SI questions
  220. Philips Patented UCD "My 6Ch Car Amp"
  221. Class D Delta-Sigma Amplifier
  222. sureelectronics Tripath boards?
  223. UCD700 and SPS80 HV - noise problem
  224. Duty cycle limiting on a self oscillating amp
  225. Ir2104+ Irf540
  226. Most cost effective active set up ?
  227. Power supplies examples
  228. Pierre / ssanmor one and the same posters?
  229. Krell KSA change
  230. Nice MOSFETs for class D from IR (or how they try to impose us the DirectFet thrash)
  231. got some more class d toys
  232. Hypex transformers - OK with USA voltages?
  233. PCB and Schematic of tested D Class
  234. Hypex ST, HG & HxR in 7 channel amp
  235. Sigma Delta Bandwidth
  236. Cheap TI Chip in UK, Last Few.
  237. Need service manual or schematics of behringer PMH1000 mixer
  238. fullbridge carrier class d ideas
  239. Burned T-amp fixable?
  240. Cool and small 2x150W class D full-range car amplifier
  241. New coldamp toy
  242. Level Shifter
  243. Recommend a nice tube pre-amp for the TA-10.1?
  244. My Class D Schematic... Will it work?
  245. What is the "State of the Art" today?
  246. New class d project
  247. SI T-amp different layout?
  248. What frequency do that ones run at Yorkville NX55P?
  249. Advice sought on voltage change to a PS Audio Trio A-100 (Icepower 200ASC)
  250. Sure-Electronics.com class d amps

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