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  1. NOTSOBAD: new Tripath kids on the block
  2. 6000W By IRS2092
  3. Bi-Fillar solenoidal air core output coils for bridged class D amps?
  4. Recomendation Please-100W Wide-Bandwidth Amp
  5. What is the gain of the UcD400?
  6. UcD400 & SMPS400/67 voltage mismatch?
  7. LAB.Gruppen Fp9000
  8. problem with hypes ucd400 and Smps400
  9. Class D car Amp and Computer Powersupply?
  10. Teac AL-700P
  11. Class D amplifier Power Output
  12. Class D output low pass filter EMI suppressor
  13. upgrading the sonic impact t amp
  14. Rockford Fosgate T20001bd
  15. Sanyo/B&O Icepower 200AC Rev.D, schematic about rev. engin., not complete finished
  16. omitting lowpass using tripath TA 2024
  17. Class d amp kits
  18. UcD need help for more gain
  19. Back to the Future - repurposing old amps for Class D
  20. Spare TA2020 chips
  21. Upper Gate Driver, discrete
  22. New NCDX(i) module from Lars Clausen
  23. OEG SDT-S-109LMR relay help me power my amp
  24. ucd700hg +15v
  25. Mean hissing (and static) in 2 Watt Class-D
  26. TIGHTpak toroid winding technology
  27. Audiumsemi AS1001 - 100W peak power by 1V5 batteries? 20x more eff. than Class D
  28. Are these two Lepai amps actually the same?
  29. Ever tried the type 0 toroids?
  30. MOSFET gate capcity for IS2010
  31. Hypex DS1.2 ruined
  32. What's so special about the UcD180 implementation in the Genesis GR180 amp
  33. what do you think about these gate drivers??
  34. Active filter to Class-D amp.
  35. Hifonics 1606D & 1608D mosfets?
  36. IRS2092 help!
  37. New toys TA2020
  38. speakon in DIY amp?
  39. Building a 1000W @ 8ohms class D amplifier from zero
  40. FYI- Tripath Modules
  41. 200W in 8 Ohms Class D amp wanted
  42. sony dav s-300
  43. 150rms tp amp
  44. Good Experience with Arjen Helder
  45. Added inductance of even a tweeter changes amp response?
  46. Audiom | 100-W audio amp is 20 times more efficient than Class D chips
  47. Class D Audio, Who are these guys?
  48. CIAudio D-500 MKII
  49. 4 ohm or 8 ohm better for SPL from panasonic receiver ?
  50. copper pipe for air core shields?
  51. Amps for a 12v battery based sound system
  52. schematic request
  53. D2Audio Inductor Values
  54. Velodyne SPL II Series amp repair
  55. 12V Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries
  56. Preamp -> Class-D = Noise
  57. look at low power amp for 4x SqueezeBox Duet
  58. What type of Class D??
  59. dead mixer
  60. UcD 400 Project
  61. Looking for MTX 421D info
  62. TA2020 PS mods
  63. Best 12uH output inductor for Tripath from Mouser?
  64. simple triangle generator driving me mad!!!
  65. UCD180HG with HxR based Amp to sell
  66. Hypex switching power supply
  67. SPL Dynamics D6 Schematic Wanted
  68. MTX 6500D with problems
  69. TPA3122 Groundings
  70. Troubleshooting TI Class D EVM amp?
  71. Class D amplifier needed
  72. New input for UCD400 ?
  73. ICEpower preamp?
  74. Why Is No-One Making Equibit Amps?
  75. Input trasformer for ICEPOWER based amp
  76. Irs2092
  77. Power MOSFET Transistors replacement need help
  78. Need some input on my class d
  79. fancy style but picking up hum...
  80. Transisor for drive gate mosfets
  81. Class AB and Class D market share?
  82. High efficiency 5 1/4" sub for T-Class amp
  83. ice power 1000 asp
  84. Difference between self oscillating and non-self oscillating D-amp.
  85. Hypex UcD - what do I need, premade amp or DIY?
  86. New at this, would like some comments/input.
  87. Producing Triangle Waves
  88. class d with multiple rails
  89. Hlly TA2020 Tweaks
  90. Parallled tk2050/st505
  91. IRS2092 AMP help
  92. Care and feeding of my Parts Express DTA-1
  93. TRIPATH EB-TA0104 revisited
  94. Hifonics BXi2006D Brutus!
  95. Manual needed!
  96. Which class D amp for a 100W +/-28VDC power supply ?
  97. AUDIOMAGUS is back, and good
  98. Sure electronics 4*100 watt @ 4ohm, TK2050 D-class Audio Amplifier Board
  99. Snubberized PSU for Hypex UcD amp - god or bad idea?
  100. Want to build a Class D monoblock Car amp
  101. Jada: Just another discrete amp:
  102. YART - Yet another recommendation thread
  103. Audioque 1200d?
  104. JBL On Tour Class D amplifier
  105. set volume level
  106. Sure Electronics New Tripath Board 4*100W class-D Amplifier Board
  107. Tiny 6x300W amp(repost)
  108. Tpa 3122 help
  109. hlly t-90 amp review
  110. Tiny 6x300W amp
  111. HELP!!! Trouble Shooting ICEPOWER 1000ASP
  112. Why am I blowing IRS20955's?
  113. T-Amp as FIRST soldering project?!
  114. Inductors in series/parallel?
  115. A nice and helpful web for ampilifier.
  116. Which amp?
  117. Pot for T2024
  118. Paralleled Class A with Class D
  119. ucd700 rf radiation
  120. some simple quetions
  121. Doing a class D Amp project using TL494
  122. AMP7 start to finish
  123. which volume-pot for amp D?
  124. Schematic for a Lab Gruppen Lab2000
  125. Anyone tried this tube buffer/preamp for Tripath amps?
  126. Connexelectronic TA2022 amplifier with FE167E (94dB/w/m) opinion?
  127. Crown XTI2000 headers..
  128. Hifonics Bxi 1606d Please Help
  129. Yuanjing? Tripath 2024 board mod potential?
  130. New to Class D
  131. Design Stable @ 1 Ohm Nominal?
  132. Iwannebuy TA2024 mod potential?
  133. Amp for IB with low idle consume
  134. TAS5630 D-Class build
  135. Trends Ta- 10 blues...
  136. Max 9744 - anyone tried it?
  137. FYI: Hybrid MOSFET/Driver for Ultra-Fast Switching
  138. topology similar to BCA
  139. Built a Cheap Class D amp
  140. Boombox on wheels needs an experts trouble shooting skills!
  141. 5.1 amplifier for computer audio
  142. residual cancellation in output filter
  143. Caps for Li-Ion battery?
  144. ICEPower vs SET
  145. Role of 10K Resistor on input?
  146. TDA8920BJ noise issues
  147. First attempt, basics doubts
  148. Class D amplifier help
  149. connecting AC-DC power supply
  150. TDA8920 complete amp...Cheap!
  151. How to do a volume control for UCD400 Module?
  152. On-off LED turns off when I turn the Power on!
  153. TPA3122D2 based amp just clicking and hissing along
  154. Just ordered parts for UCD400 amp, what enclosure should I get?
  155. bridged UcD-like hybride
  156. Best place to buy hypex stuff in US?
  157. IRFP240 are they useful for class D amplifier circuit?
  158. Volume control on TA2024
  159. Tl494
  160. Amp6-BASIC kit and 12v lead battery
  161. Tpa3122d2 Class D Audio Power
  162. Class D amplifier with tube preamp on input any ideas
  163. Hypex UCD180ST vs UCD180HG
  164. Has anyone modded the onkyo a9555?
  165. Class D schematic - help needed!!
  166. Sonic Impact
  167. How to connect power on switch and LED on TA2024?
  168. hifonics BXi 1606D burnt resistors???
  169. HLLY TAMP-20 with TA 2020 CHIP!
  170. SMPS Requeriment for Class-D
  171. New ClassD project Starting from 0
  172. Long run times with SLA?
  173. Help: blown plate amp module
  174. Looking to put together a 500W class D, what should I get?
  175. What does this do?
  176. International Rectifier class D
  177. No love for Tripath amps in the audiophile community
  178. Worthwhile to make my own tactile transducer amplifier?
  179. B&O 1000ASP Module - Adding supply capacitors
  180. IRAUDENSTEIN: A parts bin monster
  181. UM10155 from NXP
  182. diy Jeff Rowland Concerto PC-1
  183. Class D Amplifier
  184. Car Truepath and AMP15 finally finished!!
  185. Zobel networks
  186. Class-D lack of sustained bass Myth
  187. imPULSE D200 class D amp.
  188. Tripath RB-TA2024 Board Q's
  189. Unbalanced to balanced transformer before UCD?
  190. Help needed - Connecting Aux Voltage (HG Supply) to UCD400AD Ver 6.1ş
  191. TPA3122d2 Amplifier Problem
  192. Class D TAS 5261/TPA3122
  193. So, I've got this effing AMP 10 "Basic"
  194. Panasonic SA-XR55 multiplying the channels
  195. FYI: Class D amp modules from Prism audio
  196. Choosing from the current crop of t-amps on ebay?
  197. vestax vda-1000
  198. TA2020 on IEEE "top" 25 list
  199. amplifier protected mode
  200. Why Tripath?
  201. Class D Amp Kit or/and Car Amp?
  202. Please give me some suggestions
  203. How good a decent built UCD400 amp could be£¿Thanks.
  204. Zero T-amp TA2020 (eBay)
  205. Hypex UcD AS2.100
  206. What amp module is this?
  207. Tripath chips shootout
  208. Reverse polarity protection, better way without diode.
  209. sheilding tripath amps to prevent RFI
  210. anybody hacked insignia ns-bt400 amped speaker yet?
  211. the boombox on steroids thread
  212. Jam Audio JM2020
  213. New Sure electronics TK2050 T-amp
  214. Sure Electronics New Tripath Board tc2000+tp2050
  215. 10,000 watt class D amp
  216. Seek help, the TA2022 /
  217. UcD400HG Layout Feasible?
  218. Hypex UCD400 poweramp (with tube preamp)
  219. problem with IR2113
  220. simple, hybrid Class D/G/H idea
  221. Hissy Tripath amps?
  222. Ripple steering?
  223. Slightly modded TA2024 PCB
  224. Latest photo of X-model of Class D Delta-Sigma amplifier
  225. power supply for 41hz amp6 basic
  226. PowerSoft Q3002
  227. trends TA-10 ideal power requirements
  228. Any digital modules that can use +/- 74 volts
  229. help me with my ruined mono amp :(
  230. Ecotec Class D amplifier
  231. IcePower slew rate
  232. P14nf12fp
  233. Help selecting DIY amp for...
  234. Hybrid Output Inductor
  235. LANEY B1 Amp - Blown outputs
  236. No sound from reboxed t-amp
  237. 2x D200 + 12V SMPS amp ;)
  238. UAM2 amp or better?
  239. TA2020 or TA2024?
  240. N-Champ, discreet component class D
  241. Qualified technician for hissy HLLY tripath amps
  242. Hypex and AC Coupling - newbie question
  243. output LPF
  244. New IR amp
  245. Unhappy Ice amp eAR Acoustic Reality service problems
  246. Salvage value?
  247. integrated amp idea
  248. how many MOSFET can I connect to IRS20124
  249. My revised UCD180 integrated amp
  250. 8 Channel Class D Based on TAS5706A

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