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  1. Hypex UcD180HG HxR or 400HG HxR ?
  2. TK2050 Amp
  3. Linear vs SMPS
  4. D Class Module for 3 way
  5. Multi-gapped ferrite
  6. Noise issues with power switching amps?
  7. TA30320 & SMPS500R - help needed
  8. Topping TP21 - 15v PSU too much?
  9. 2*100x2 or 4*100x1 ? Which would be the better route?
  10. Advice for/questions from a complete noob to amplifier DIY.
  12. What preamp do you use?
  13. My discrete class d project
  14. Recommended Speaker Amp Designs?
  15. landscape powered speakers?
  16. Class D amplifier for a guitar sustainer - eh?
  17. Sure amplifier opinions
  18. T-AMP for 12V 2A Lineear PSU
  19. PowerPhysics Amps as from Burning Amp
  20. MKII TA2020
  21. amps for a 3-way open baffle system
  22. Looking for advice with D class amplifier choice
  23. Help! Just finished my Helder TA2020 MKIII and I'm getting buzzing
  24. problem with Bryston amplifier 9bst
  25. help with small amp choice
  26. Parallel diode vs antiparallel diode
  27. Clipping Distortion in Class-D Amplifier
  28. Hypex, or Autocostruire?
  29. Hypex UCD400 - how many will fit?
  30. PAL Q900 Amplifier
  31. Infinity 475a water damage
  32. How could I remote turn on a sure 4x100W amp in a car setup?
  33. recommend high power project?
  34. 100W,200W CLass D amp for CAR audio
  35. rockford fosgate t40001bd
  36. Need big help with repair of class D sub amp. have schematic
  37. Suggestions needed for Amplifier - Dance Team
  38. My class d IRS2092 project
  39. Ready to use Tk-2050
  40. Affordable high power class D for current chassis?
  41. little bedroom/desk amp?
  42. prebuild (denon, marantz) vs DIY T amp
  43. Ferrite Bead vs. LC output filter
  44. Ucd for s/woofer appln
  45. Subwoofer with IRS2092
  46. Building a Hypex amp ... I am sooo lost !
  47. TPA3110D2 Auto-reset at normal volume
  48. aliexpress class d amp
  49. Guitar amp any differences to a regular one?
  50. lepai ta2020 mod
  51. Burning in class-D/T amps
  52. Hypex
  53. school project about class D Amp
  54. IcePower 200ASC
  55. Where is Arjen Helder
  56. Digital Designs Z2
  57. recomendations for Newbie
  58. Converting a TA2024 amp into a preamplifier
  59. Discussion thread for Sure 2x100W TK2050 Amplifier wiki page
  60. Biamp TK2050 with tube amp - any benefit ?
  61. Best choice of current Class D offerings for me?
  62. Help with Amplifier and speaker
  63. Non working Velodyne SPL-800i
  64. possibility of signal lossing
  65. Soundtech PS802 Amp.. Need help
  66. DPS-500 Innovative Power supply for Audio
  67. Hook Up Wire, What should be used?
  68. Anyone here an Amp Mechanic? ;)
  69. Small case stereo UCD400 project - heat issue
  70. helder mk3 ta2024
  71. Sub amp modules?
  72. DLogixs DLM4500
  73. Arjen Helders TA2020 with horrible base line
  74. is THD+N in class D amps HD or noise limited?
  75. Circuit questions
  76. Killing HLLY TAMP 20
  77. Need help fixing a flying mole APS-M160 III
  78. need help identifying a part on kac-9104d
  79. Arjen TA2020 MkIII kit wiring
  80. Does Arjen TA2020 accept 220v AC?
  81. tripath noise floor.
  82. Delta sigma modulator help
  83. HElP!!!!
  84. D-amp with MAX15018 Half-bridge mosfet driver?
  85. Power supply for muse m20
  86. +/-12V 5A, 100W filterless class D
  87. Hypex SMPS1200 A700
  88. Hi Fi Class D
  89. Need help for Portable Guitar Amp Class D 5 Watt
  90. TDA8920 stability problems w. boost circuit
  91. P channel class d anyone ?
  92. Lepai LP2020 dead on arival
  93. connex TA3020 psu/rectifier bridge question
  94. MTX 500D Burned!
  95. MA Audio
  96. Help .. Driver board of Starsound 15K (similar 3S-tech of Zenon, DD, GZ10000, etc.)
  97. What is the best SMPS for a TA2024 amp?
  98. Newbie Queries on TK2050
  99. Hifonics zues series 1 power supply
  100. Batteries in case of Topping TP20 or HLLY T-Amp 20
  101. Class D power physıcs
  102. studieomaster p 2.0 nd 3.0 repayer
  103. Giving class D a try
  104. Faulty amplifier
  105. High bias class D
  106. Ta2022 amp5 or auspicious.e boards
  107. tas5630 pcb for verification
  108. Simple little Class-D modules (V-MODULE VMA2015)
  109. New to this -- recommend a good ~50Wpc board?
  110. Arjen´s TA2020 board: 1 channel into amp 2 channels on spekaers - WHY ?
  111. Any difference between these AMPS
  112. Mods for Helder's TA2020 MKIII Amp Module
  113. Audio Quality between the two Texas Instrument Chips?
  114. Arjen Helder's 2050 boards
  115. connex TA3020 v3c
  116. Which Kit ?
  117. Itu-r 468
  118. Components/Links for PC-Speaker System?
  119. If bandwidth and gain are inverly proportional then could i?.........................
  120. amplify low frequency signal
  121. Coldamp cracks after turned off
  122. Problem with a 300.2 Audio Research
  123. Case for Helder's TA2020 MKIII Amp Module
  124. Pascal Audio
  125. Anyone one tried AudioPower.it yet?
  126. New TPA3106D1 with XLR and RCA inputs for use in a very small speaker cabinet
  127. Alpine PDX 1.600 Amp, is it good?
  128. Does anybody know of a UcD power amp with onboard DSP?
  129. cross post: T-amp & T-preamp power source
  130. Need help on dc offset of t-amps
  131. Problems with TAS5615
  132. Budget Boominator "lite".
  133. Tas5261 amp+ analog to pwm controller
  134. Problem with Kingrex T-amp
  135. TAS5630 damaged when touch the balance input op amp
  136. The simple way to improve the IRS2092 amp performance
  137. Class-D Amp LC-Filter: Coil heating
  138. Sure Electronics TA2024 questions...
  139. SA-15 S.M.S.I. Mini class d 12v amp, need more input sensitivity...
  140. Advice sought on Class.T Amp for HTPC
  141. Sure TK2050 and Phono Stage
  142. 3 Chanel analogue input class d chip
  143. Hypex PSC2.400 - PEQ and shelving filters
  144. Screaming amp6 basic?!
  145. Issues with AV123 X-amps
  146. class d output inductors, toroid or gapped ferrite ?
  147. Crown BCA as half bridge?
  148. Class G - newbie opinion
  149. Class D Non-SMT Designs!!!
  150. Sure Electronics TAS5615 amp?
  151. Newb in search of some T-Amp wisdom
  152. 2*100w amplifier board with external extensible interface
  153. What is the purpose of opamp ST 333079, 33078, and 324 in icepower 1000asp?
  154. chip burn-out when plug-in or plug-out DVD signal lines
  155. How to diy wyred sound direct coupled dual balance fet input buffer?
  156. High Powered classdaudio.com amp?
  157. Any input buffer schematic for icepower 1000asp?
  158. Tekko plans UcD
  159. Fullbridge DIY High power Sub amp?
  160. Hypex UCD400 OVP problem
  161. El Cheapo class d ??
  162. ice power ac or dc coupled?
  163. Home Theater or Products which uses TAS5630
  164. Class D output filter design
  165. Considering Building A 5.1 T-Amp, just a few questions
  166. Paralleling class d channels
  167. av800 problems
  168. class D driving a hearing aid speaker !!
  169. New MKIII Tripath TA2020 PCB 25watt Class-T amplifier
  170. TA2020 noob questions :(
  171. I need service manual or schematic of dynacord H5000
  172. Outdoor project
  173. inexpensive YuanJing TDA8920 board from ebay
  174. KFC-W254MRW Sub Install
  175. Which Class-D amp? (No kits)
  176. TAS5613 design help
  177. amps not working
  178. choose the scheme
  179. PMH 1000 Fuse blowing - Bang
  180. Need advise about China AMP
  181. 5khz noise from smps
  182. Class D/T amp comparison - your recommendation
  183. JBL BP1200.1 blown capacitors, why?
  184. Curing Arjen helder amp power off pop !!!
  185. RODEK r 1900 N D class monoblock
  186. What speakers have you liked using with Tripath boards?
  187. klipsch promedia ultra 5.1 BASH amp
  188. Help, improvement class D
  189. Scythe Kama Bay SD-1100 input section opamp replacement or bypassing?
  190. English class D pro audio amp
  191. Arcam A85 + P85 combo versus 2 x HifimedyTK2050 board based amps for bi-amp?
  192. IR2113 - good driver IC for a first project?
  193. Hypex AS2.100 digital - wireless??
  194. Orion 2500D only putting out 300 watts
  195. Measuring ClassD with Audigy 2 Value
  196. Amplifier recommendation...
  197. ice power 1000 asp stand by.
  198. HLLY TAMP 90 white noise / hiss issue
  199. TA2022 amp module by Auspicious.e impressions???
  200. Computer Power Supply?
  201. Another Ebay Tamp Thread
  202. Battry powered skateboard mounted speaker box - charger and preamp questions
  203. Hypex plate amps
  204. Using EI-Transformers instead of SMPS in Class D Chip amp PSUs.
  205. Modding a Silverstone EB 02 - caps and psu (T-amp mods)
  206. Help me my TAS5615 is working with very low volume output
  207. 15w amplifier with housing
  208. Modding a TAS5613 amp
  209. Will this mosfetdriver work?
  210. high res PWM module for HI-FI amplifiers (DIY)
  211. Muse M20 ex
  212. hotrodding a Dayton DTA-2 (sonic impact) amp
  213. Project: Building a portable outdoor-stereo
  214. Coupled output inductor in BTL?
  215. Redesign classD amp.
  216. TA202X vs TDA8920BTH
  217. Monobloc techno-lust, but is it useful?
  218. my tiny class d amp tpa3110
  219. class d amp based on a tpa 3110
  220. Another post-filter NFB topology
  221. Trend Audio TA-10.1 current issue
  222. Need Lab Gruppen FP+ 10000Q Service Manual
  223. Sony STR-DE835
  224. Tripath TA2022 amp
  225. Building a Subwoofer Amp with 3-6 Channels
  226. IR2110 Query
  227. Best sounding board ~60W/8ohm TK2050/TAS5613/ ?
  228. Ebay Tripath TA2020
  229. Class D rail voltage mod?
  230. Class D Amp TDA8920BTH
  231. Please someone verify TAS5630PHD Board
  232. Looking for a Full digital amp - anybody know of a nice kit?
  233. PQFN 5X6mm Packaged N channel Power Mosfet in ClassD ...
  234. PQFN 5X6mm Packaged N channel Power Mosfet in ClassD ...
  235. TA2020 enough for Cambridge Audio's S30 bookshelf?
  236. New DXA-400 class D Amplifier-Info
  237. LM3886 pcb on ebay.in
  238. Class A vs Class D
  239. Fried my UCD 180AD
  240. Noob here, quick question
  241. Blow Mosfet
  242. Need help, reparing amp. with unknown diode
  243. Looking for a module for Hifonics BXi2006D
  244. Is a Class D amp appropriate if you have an external feedback loop?
  245. Complete Class-D AMPLIFIER
  246. Newbie looking for help with a bottle build
  247. Help with 10-15W class d amplifier
  248. Help: Choosing an amp chip for a multichannel amp build
  249. Class D IC recommendations wanted.
  250. aibuya's TA2022 Tube Digital Amplifier

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