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  1. Class D Amplifier with HIP4080A
  2. Underwater Communication
  3. Mmats class d
  4. GK MB2-500 Repair: Preliminary Q's
  5. Nuforce Icon Amp Dissassembly
  6. Audiolab 8000a vs Class D
  7. Which Hifimediy Board for these speakers?
  8. ICEPower 125ASX2 Measurements and Mods
  9. ta2020 anti "pop noise" relay - really needed?
  10. irs2092 schematic confirmation
  11. First Self Build - Found the Amp, PSU & Case - What Else Do I Need?
  12. Which T-Amp? SMSL SA-S3 or Topping TP21?
  13. New and improved version of my Backpack-Boombox
  14. Need help with TAS56**
  15. Volume control wiring
  16. JL E1400D Repair or Trouble shooting
  17. Topping TP20 mk2 5v
  18. Interfacing Class-D Output w/ Hi-Z Recording Equipment
  19. 8 Channel Class D Project TPA3122
  20. Power Supply for Class D Amplifiers
  21. Need help designing preamp + amplifier
  22. Class D for ultrasonic!
  23. Class D and low impedance load
  24. How do D amps compare?
  25. IRS2092 CSH
  27. Class D in an active 3 way system
  28. Using one channel only
  29. Connecting B & O Icepower 1000ASP with two 500A MKII
  30. Crunch BLX-1000D reanimation with IRS20955 gate driver trouble.
  31. I know this is DIY but where can I buy a Power Supply for my Kingrex?
  32. UPWM
  33. Supply for Class D amplifier not split?
  34. DIY Tripath TA3020 power amplifier
  35. Where can I get a Kingrex PSU in the US?
  36. About TA2022 design designers LJM
  37. My design L20D IRS2092+IRFI4020H 200W8R
  38. powerphysics
  39. Matching pre-out Pioneer
  40. Creating a Sub Signal out
  41. Hypex vs. ICEPower vs. Tripath Compare and Contrast
  42. HiFiMeDIY T3 or T4 for Klipschorn & LaScala Woofers?
  43. newbe want to learn
  44. Minimizing distortion in self-oscillating switching amplifiers - some thoughts...
  45. A supersonic problem
  46. Separate Power Supply Case
  47. I blew my amp9.
  48. Alpine MRP-M1000 no sound
  49. rockford fosgate bd1500.1
  50. problem with hip4082
  51. Hifimediy T4 Gain adjustment
  52. simple question about sure 2x2w board
  53. Suggestions for a build.
  54. Triac Before Transformer?
  55. Best way to power a 5.1 system
  56. What Amp Tp Choose for theese Speakers
  57. sweet 40mm² 10+10W Amp :D
  58. Schematic Check Please: TPA3016D1
  59. Volume control for class D audio TI-600 amp
  60. 200w class d
  61. TPA3106D1 Class D Small board: 56x34mm
  62. 200 Watt RMS Class D
  63. ICEPower 250A PS
  64. ebay TA2022 amp board w/tube pre ..opinions?
  65. Cheap simple class d amp
  66. Input rail voltage for Class D amp?
  67. 2x 12v T-Amps on 1x 24v supply?
  68. First-timer: advice needed!
  69. Choice of caps for Class-D output filter ?
  70. Purpose-built Boominator PCB project
  71. JLHD750/1 sounds growls very loud!!!
  72. "Gold pin" Texas Instr. tripath TA2020 chips?
  73. Hypex Ncore
  74. Thinking about a wireless digital amp
  75. ICEpower 50asx2 modules
  76. Building the ultra light boombox
  77. Veldyne class D amp consumption?
  78. Problem Osc. Frequency - IRS2092 and IRFB4227
  79. Questions about Arjen's MKII-2020 - What D I Need?
  80. Abletec ALC1000 any experience?
  81. Whats the best budget T Amp?
  82. new MosFETs on the block...
  83. ta2020 power supply?
  84. Searching for producer of completed ,tested boards in China
  85. kicker kx1200.1
  86. Subamp 1000w
  87. Hifimediy T1, T2 or both to drive NHT SB-3's
  88. mtx 4250d powers on but lights out when sub hooked up
  89. No sound from Lepai / TA2020
  90. Cheap T-amp with DAC
  91. A discrete class D with HIP4082
  92. TK2050 with sub?
  93. 41Hz AMP10 input pot?
  94. TPA3122 power and output filter
  95. TK2050 Phono Trouble
  96. Yet another IRS2092 problem
  97. Truepath fets - What are they
  98. Various questions about Class Damplifier feedback
  99. First(ish) Amplifier project
  100. DTA-1 "losing volume"
  101. T106-2 VS T80-2 ?
  102. Fullbridge vs. not
  103. Hifonics BXi2006d not coming out of protect. Any advice?
  104. Class D SDS-254 Break In Period?
  105. Adding a 12volt trigger to B&O ICEPower modules
  106. best class d amp for subwoofer
  107. What about the performance of the IRAUDAMP7S?
  108. One speaker off the both stereo channels possible?
  109. Recommendation for mono boombox?
  110. JBL SF22SP Manual for the final stage 110V (have the one for 220V bt is different)
  111. High power Class D chip solution.
  112. STA350BW - Quite interesting
  113. Input buffers for Class D amp
  114. Chinese TDA8920BTH bridge wiring
  115. 5day summer course in Class-D amplifiers
  116. Simple SLA charging
  117. Class-D Discrete vs Chips?
  118. HELP: Budget sub amp
  119. Help a newbie build his first amp (powercaps for a 2024)
  120. Question about IRAUDAMP1 comparator
  121. Rega/classdaudio/hifimediy?
  122. Frequenct failure of HIP4080 Class D H bridge
  123. MRD-M1005 fried
  124. China FP10000Q need service manual
  125. Suggestions and tech help for bicycle boombox.
  126. Fried PPI, need part numbers.
  127. sure 2024 power supply
  128. pg 10 ms series
  129. Powersoft DIGAM 7000
  130. Enclosure for Hypex amp.
  131. Basic class D amp questions
  132. Is there any standard about test condition of amp's output power?
  133. trouble after adding pot/RCA selector, help
  134. Input DC offset? (TA2020)
  135. Boombox Battery
  136. Need help with zx750.1 with no sound
  137. Need help with no sound from kicker zx750.1 amp
  138. Another (small) Boombox Build
  139. MTX 250x service manual
  140. what kind of caps/inductors?
  141. 4ohm vs 8 ohm
  142. Zener in power stage
  143. Maximum Voltage of Tripath TPA2020 (Lepai)
  144. How to connect Hypex Molex to XLR?
  145. Line level vs headphone level
  146. Power R-2R ladder DAC?
  147. Merge two non-function sub amps in one?
  148. which amp to build?
  149. Hypex Ucd400 repair - where to start?
  150. Class D - needs SMD?
  151. How much power is Needed? Multi Channel vs Pro Amps
  152. PCB for TAS5630 Should be ok for hand soldering
  153. Help with Class D amplifier design
  154. stereo inputs to mono output on sure ta2024?
  156. Need Lepai TRIPATH TA2020 or amp6-basic assembled in Denmark
  157. Multiple Class-D amplifiers
  158. Level shift
  159. Roskilde 2011 soundbox
  160. Review of Connexelectronic TA-3020 v3b audio amplifier #2
  161. Where too start
  162. Discrete 50-100W amp
  163. TPA3122 doesn't work
  164. Can this amplifier be bridged?
  165. JL Audio Amp Defective (Touching Gains Increase volume)?
  166. Class D step-up possible?
  168. 4 ohm amplifier with subwoofer
  169. Please post your discrete gate driver
  170. DIY boombox
  171. Home brew polyphase amp
  172. My Topping TP20 MKII upgrade plan...
  173. Sure 4x100 as 2.1 setup
  174. TDA8924 filter inductor
  175. Tripath repair required
  176. Class X
  177. Matching a TK2050 to Tony Gee LBS
  178. Retro-look ipod speakers
  179. Lepai T2020A+ Repair/Upgrade
  180. Power Supply for Helder Monoblocks
  182. Need help, gate driver!
  183. Help with Sundown SAE-1200d
  184. A-B Testing
  185. What do you think about this AMP???
  186. Sure 4x100 as 2.1 setup
  187. Topping TP30 -- Add Subwoofer?
  188. Hifimediy T4 board
  189. Mackie SRM450v2 schematic?
  190. Tripath Single-Ended ?
  191. Phase modulated switcher
  192. Best transformer size for Class D amps? (non-switch mode PS)
  193. TDA8950 - Could use some design guidance
  194. Class D power supply (and other) questions
  195. Audiobahn amp 'pwrs' Up no Sound
  196. IRS2092 High Power mosfet heat question
  197. Looking into DIY Amps
  198. TPA3122
  199. flea powered Class D
  200. Hypex PSU HG and T-Net Caps
  201. Sure TK2050 - enhancing the bass output
  202. longboard boombox
  203. Sure TA2024 - Metal Chassis - Speaker Pop Issue
  204. irs2092 osc freq prob
  205. SI 5066 pulse in L channel then failure
  206. B&O ICE200ASC
  207. What DIY-amp for a pair of Proson Reality Pro 66?
  208. SMD better?
  209. Arjen Helder amp for TV
  210. Alternatives to Zetex DDFA
  211. I got my Topping TP30 today...
  212. TPA3122 - not working. Nothing
  213. Problem with fan controller Sure 2*100W TK2050
  214. PWM amplification with I2S input?
  215. T-AMP: with 88dB of sensitivity?
  216. Powering an IRS2092 amp
  217. VARDUS VR 300 and T-AMP? (TA2024/TA2020/TA2021B)
  218. Sure TK2050 4x100 PLLXO & volume?
  219. How to avoid TAS5630 CHIP BUG!
  220. IRSAUDAMP4 - IRS20957S Problem
  221. HIP4081A Circuit design
  222. Difference between boot strap and level shift
  223. Active speakers with UCD180HG's
  224. Need help choosing level shift and inverter
  225. TDA8920BJ schematic, pcb and opinions needed
  226. Project issue: output power of a Class-D 2*100W
  227. Bridging a HLLY Tamp-90
  228. Enquiry about DIY Class D power amplifier
  229. UCD vs NCC200
  230. Class D Full Bridge Simulation Problems because of models
  231. What TK2050 amp?
  232. new 600W and 300Wx2 at sure electronics
  233. Tripath Recommendations for Start-up
  234. Help in HIP4081A bootstrap circuit
  235. I haven't played with class D in a while, are we at PASS level yet?
  236. Guide to build Hypex Modules
  237. Boombox no.2! :D
  238. Does anyone have experience with this part -Texas Instruments TPA3106D1
  239. Abletec Class D modules sold by Profusion?
  240. Class D Audio CDA-258
  241. cirrus CS3511 – current production Tripath
  242. My Topping TP20 has arrived... What´s next?
  243. BTL + PCB Wiring and schematics help
  244. What does the y-axis of soundfile represent wrt to a loudspeaker driver?
  245. Hypex ucd 400hg vs 400hg hxr.
  246. GZPA Class D 4000W with IRFP264
  247. Any critical listening reviews of pre-built 1000W+ modules?
  248. Kharma MP 1000
  249. TK2050 and wire
  250. ma audio hk-4000 ,no sound to subs ?MA AUDIO HK-4000,NO OUTPUT TO SUBS

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