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  1. Simple adjustable boost not working.
  2. output power resistors
  3. First ChipAmp Attempt (TDA2050)
  4. Lm1875, what's the purpose of the output RC network?
  5. chip amp for positive only voltage
  6. LM4780 PCB Layout
  7. Is a buffer needed?
  8. LM3886 PA150 single sided layout request
  9. First attempt, which chip amplifier kit?
  10. Thoughts on this Chinese LM3886 circuit schematic?
  11. HELP Need suggestions on an amp for a portable boombox. 120AC(plugged)12VDCUnplugged
  12. New Bluetooth Chip
  13. diy repair newb from florida, need help with a boston hps 10se
  14. LM1876 with LM1036 preamp
  15. The XY TDA2030A DIY Board and Aiwa Speakers
  16. Best capacitance for Gainclone
  17. RAM Bux-6.0-II help required
  18. 4 channel
  19. What needs grounding on LM3886, and what voltage bridge rectifier for ground loop
  20. LM4780 parallel for vifa basis
  21. Dual Mono fnshed, but what to do about CHG, and DC offset
  22. Disconnecting unused modules in a multi-channel amp?
  23. daunting task
  24. Help with LM4766
  25. Ebays TDA2822M BTL to amplify guitar signal
  26. TDA7293 parallel chip questions
  27. high pass filter in non inverting op-amp circuit
  28. DIY Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier Board Amp 2 Channel TDA7294 BTL + Speaker Protection
  29. Rectifier and Capacitor Orientation
  30. beating a dead horse even more..
  31. National Semiconductor LM series & Ti LM series differences that affect circuit funct
  32. Some Basic Advice Please
  33. Please help with Stereo LM3886 Amplifier
  34. similar amp and transistors
  35. HELP!!! New amp not working.
  36. Yet another LM project (lme49810 + par CFP)
  37. REALLY extended low frequency response?
  38. Technics SU V660 Distortioning
  39. New to 3886. Two extra grounds.
  40. TLO82 chip good drop in for LF353?
  41. Improving the LM3886 amplifier
  42. TDA1562SD question
  43. Anyone heard of M5216 Op Amp?
  44. Simple portable amp?
  45. Low bass and distortion at center
  46. Minimalist Approach?
  47. PAM8403 Double Track Power Amplifier Module Volume Adjustment
  48. LM4780 Chip Amp Hum
  49. Speaker/chip amp 'compatibility?
  50. LM3886 Problems
  51. Student's guide to myref
  52. STK465 - in which Amplifier models in use?
  53. lf353 same as lm353 opamp?
  54. Dual mono LM3886 wiring up final connections
  55. Chip Amp comparisons?
  56. 4 TDA2050 in parallel array ? 120w mono ?
  57. LM4780 parallel bad distorsion
  58. cable sizes and types for input and PSU on LM3886 chipamp
  59. Humming problem with my LM3886 build.
  60. Quick Question re: LM3876/86 etc
  61. Audio Consulting MIPA Chip
  62. Why +/-15v for preamp opamps?
  63. the choice: preamplifier & amplifier
  64. Direct attachment of 3886 to Heatsink.
  65. Power on delay AND quick power off
  66. Lm3886 with electrostatic speakers
  67. Volume wiring lm3875
  68. Building Dual Mono Brian Gt Chipamp, newb needs photos
  69. Definitive Technology BP2004 humming
  70. Rolling opamps: DIY DIP-14 to two DIP-8 socket converter for quad opamp to dual opamp
  71. [Z680] Fix 'right front' channel
  72. stereo or dual mono?
  73. My first project on diyAudio (TDA7396)
  74. LM3875 beginners advice?
  75. Volume Control
  76. lm3875 chip amp advice
  77. SSI Powerflex
  78. AMP6 always unmuted, with or without jumper
  79. Y148 has noise (beginner)
  80. DC on tda7293 output
  81. Dual LM386 Not Working
  82. Would this PSU work?
  83. TDA7297 Board Layout
  84. Toroidal transformer question [Gain Clone]
  85. LM4766 Strange Sound
  86. Pga2311 pic16f877 spi interface code
  87. Can PGA2311 Report Back Wiper Positions?
  88. 3*LM3886 Adjust DC offset
  89. Help choosing a high quality amplifier for my speakers
  90. Chip for First Project
  91. My New Chip Amp
  92. Low noise Preamp design advice for complete noob
  93. PAM8403 Amp
  94. MJH11018... are they useful for anything?
  95. Best way to achieve balanced input lm3884 chipamp gainclone
  96. LM3886 Chip Amp Getting VERY HOt
  97. LM4780 Mini amp - Completely DIY
  98. Logitech Z-623 control wiring
  99. Grounding and Earthing- What and where?
  100. LM338 power supply pcb, I want to make on for personal use
  101. No sound output Peavey Rage
  102. 800 VAC toriod for LM4780 Amplifier Kit from Daniel
  103. LM1875 on TDA2030 pcb /w single rail PSU
  104. Sony CFS-1000 Boombox / TA7282AP
  105. TDA2030A Point to Point
  106. TDA7293 in LM3886 circuit
  107. 5 Channel Volume Control Using a Single Potentiometer
  108. audio sector GC noise issue
  109. Audio signals crash course
  110. LM3886 kit from AM
  111. Chip Amp Build, Heat Sink and Power Calculations
  112. An oversight on a TDA1554q pcb layout
  113. Help With Grounding for JFET Buffer with LM3875
  114. Recommendation for amp chip to use for centre and sub-woofer channels
  115. Transformer with 4 Outputs
  116. TDA797 for DIY Bluetooth Speaker
  117. A cicuit diagram for 5.1 speakers using tda8947j
  118. first time chipamp for a discerning listener
  119. ID this chip-amp please
  120. Hybrid low-voltage tube pre-amp to TDA2030 Poewr amp
  121. Modified $5 Microphone Preamp (Advice Needed)
  122. TDA7294 problem
  123. diy naim140
  124. LM3875 Audio sector ChipAmp Insight (and other useful info)
  125. Power board resistor jumpers ?
  126. LM3886 or this discrete design?
  127. Is this any good?
  128. Crossover distortion and op-amp slew rate
  129. Regulated Power Supply using Rectifier from Audiosector kit?
  130. lm 1875 quicent current too high
  131. tda7293 power supply voltage
  132. What does 1 Watt amplifier power mean?
  133. Best off the shelf amp
  134. LM1875
  135. LM3886 Chipamp Project
  136. Is the STK4171V a drop-in replacment for STK4172II ?
  137. first DIY chip Amp
  138. LM386, not what I expected.
  139. Top Mount Heatsink
  140. help me for PA3002b pioneer IC
  141. home made subwoofer
  142. A tale of three t-amps....
  143. I need lm3886 ares circut
  144. have i knacked it?!
  145. Let's put those speakers to use (a.k.a. my first chip amp)
  146. BEGINNER question about guitar amp issue
  147. Necessary to use speaker protection in LM3886 gainclone?
  148. Objective 2 DIY project
  149. tk2050 and meanwell psu in same cabinet?
  150. Mono LM3886 'proven' layout?
  151. Replacement for OPA2134 at DC Servo
  152. Question Re Best cable For 100' Microphone Run
  153. Chipamps lm 3886 mono
  154. DC Protection on chip amps
  155. lm3886, advice before soldering
  156. opamp plus driver stage and output stage with its own supply, what could happen?
  157. bridging pots
  158. 4 x LM4780 mono, OR 2 x LM4780 stereo: Will I notice the difference?
  159. Rise time and slew rate
  160. Heat sink big enough for LM4780?
  161. Circuits to assess the performance of single vs. Dual power supply in an OP- Amp
  162. Gainclone radio pickup
  163. Questions about a TDA2040 based amp
  164. Technics SE-CA 1060 / 1080 look alikes
  165. Opamp or Diode to block signal?
  166. Need help with my LME 48930 amp
  167. Problem with Lepai Amp
  168. LM3886 Input Resistor Position
  169. Chip amp on the way
  170. HELP: Sonodyne SM100AK Power amp upgrade
  171. tda2616 mute
  172. You care about sound quality and still adding the relays in your system? Why?
  173. Best LM1875 Circuit?
  174. Please help me debug my DIY boombox noise (various opamps)
  175. Gainclone kit advice
  176. DIY amplifier kit
  177. A snubber for my Akitika GT-101 (2 x LM3886)
  178. All you need to know on how to select the right heatsink for your chipamp!
  179. TDA7388, TDA7379 running very hot. (?)
  180. Any suggestions on a DIY amp to put together.
  181. Bass-Boost combined with DC-servo problem
  182. Help in choosing an amplifier
  183. Help with power supply scheme required
  184. Lm3886 oscillations
  185. Power consumption of computer speakers
  186. preamp into pot
  187. Adding a sub output to a chip amp
  188. TDA2050 3 way Active Amplifier: My Last TDA2050 Build
  189. cheap Kinter amps at micmc.com?
  190. OPA541\OPA547\OPA2541\OPA2544 are they any good?
  191. Moving up the chipamp ladder
  192. BA3121 the denoiser..
  193. A little help with a 2.1 tds7379 + Ne5532 Ebay amp.
  194. Noisy Cricket Problem
  195. How to keep fans running after power-off ?
  196. A very strange TDA8560q problem
  197. Help Needed on DIY LM 3886 based 5.1 Channel AMP for PC Home Theater
  198. Where can I buy the TDA8920C?
  199. What is a good IC to drive a 100 watt rms, 4 ohm coax speaker?
  200. DIY audio amp with tda8571j
  201. How many watts can the STK4221II IC output at 4 ohms?
  202. Will a tda7294 still work with a 100 watt rms, 4 ohm coax speaker?
  203. A very Clean and great sounding 12V Battery Powered Mini Boombox
  204. My gainclone issue with no input
  205. Musical Fidelity NuVista 300 Opamp
  206. 2.1 channel Amplifier build.
  207. Musica ibuki
  208. 7.1 amplifier design help
  209. What is BTL?
  210. advice needed RE reducing amplifier noise and hum
  211. Insert a Volume Pot
  212. Anyone brought amp from Micmc.com
  213. xlr to phono
  214. lm3886 + DAC
  215. Amp for a subwoofer
  216. Audiosector LM4780 ground question
  217. ~50 Watt Amp for a Beginner
  218. Lm4780 Startup Questions
  219. Starting my LM4780 today... Some Q's.
  220. Hifi Amplifier TDA2030 Pcb
  221. Hot electrolytic capacitors
  222. opa627 Spice Model vs Ideal Opamp Model
  223. need advice on this project
  224. A sad day for 5 pin chip amps
  225. op amp crossover stage to non inverted gainclone.
  226. Need a budget but good power amp.
  227. Vishay foil for R1 in Chipamp LM3886?
  228. Looking for/researching amp ideas
  229. Power supply for TL072 and TL074
  230. TDA7297 Board Layout Suggestions
  231. TA7136AP SIL-7 mixing console.
  232. TDA2030a/LM1875 amp kit retrofit (PC 2.1 speakers)
  233. Elektor Q-Watt project
  234. regulated psu for chip amps
  235. Split Supply Vs Single Supply - Is there difference in sound quality?
  236. TI chips as good as the BB versions?
  237. Oscillations at the input?
  238. Made a 2 speaker shoebox "boombox" want to amplify
  239. Looking for a diyaudio-community recommended 'reference' lm3886 pcb
  240. Amplifier noise - wind blowing sound on one channel only (sample inside)
  241. Technics SA310
  242. do i need to use the amps input sensitivity if im using headunit filters?
  243. Simple tone control question
  244. ad8641/8642/8643 for preamp ?
  245. Yamaha A-960 transplant
  246. sos magic smoke ..... help please!
  247. Tripath power amp
  248. LA4450 and TDA2822M interfering
  249. LM3875 (Audio sector) + Aikido 12VAC or Aikido ACF-2?
  250. chipamp PSU LED value

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