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  1. Opinion on speaker cable
  2. Escapexit : How to leave from a village ?
  3. Biggest obstacle to portable electronics: battery
  4. OCD Germanium off topic
  5. Power supplies ripple _ does it must be really low ?
  6. interesting data histogram - statistics experts?
  7. anyone buit a 100% counterfit parts amp?
  8. A "nixie" clock for the 21st century
  9. How to sell amplifiers (cheat the sound)
  10. threads using simulators only
  11. Man Cave. Let's see yours.
  12. Cable cooker
  13. Dac setup
  14. Best cheap preamp second Hand or DIY avaliable ?
  15. How do you correspond with a member if there mailbox is full
  16. best amps ever produced?
  17. Vacuum tube technology rescues silicon
  18. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali passes away
  19. "audiophile grade" fuse holder??
  20. DIY Silver interconnects and RCAs???
  21. :headbash: So I suck at toner transfer pcbs
  22. My DIY site is back up on the web.
  23. What engineer said vs what they actually mean.
  24. 4000watts, 18" woofer system $1400
  25. Human body field correction device
  26. Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip Diagnosed with Brain Cancer
  27. another fun hobby (car guys check this out)
  28. Stanley Krause, Jersey City vinyl mogul, RIP
  29. Where to find tube output transformer in Canada?
  30. EMI and RFI _ a very basic question.
  31. Is there a cure for speakeritus ?
  32. Image Processing Challenge
  33. A question about Technicolor
  34. Yes, your R-Pi can NOW have That Sound!
  35. Bay Area, California Get Together?
  36. Negotiation strategy if selling something ?
  37. What will the next breakthrough in Audio be?
  38. Why do you do this diy audio stuff?
  39. And a thanks to all here :)
  40. Thank you
  41. Treatments for reversing hearing loss ?
  42. I was on a reality TV show (tech related)
  43. Electrolytic upgrade problems - Sounds worse :(
  44. Vasculitis
  45. old habits
  46. Simple Ohms law question
  47. RIP Prince
  48. Vapor wire interconnect
  49. speaker placement - is it really important? and why away from walls?
  50. does anyone collect coleman gear?
  51. Old Weston Voltmeter
  52. Happy Record Store Day !!!!
  53. What is your high frequency hearing cutoff?
  54. stereo chipamp channel separation
  55. Congrats Sheffield England - Danny Willett
  56. Are you a male or female audiophile?
  57. My ears or speakers have high intermodulation
  58. minimum spend for high end sound
  59. D-Dalus
  60. Why are there so few women audiophiles
  61. Windows 7 & 8 App to Block W10 Update
  62. Ossic X
  63. Length of Probation?
  64. April 1 Bybees !
  65. Patty Duke RIP
  66. New Poll: How many hours do you listen to music each week
  67. Poll: Time spent music listening per week
  68. "Where’s My Petabyte Disk Drive?" blogpost
  69. Concert halls with strong and lateral sound increase the emotional impact of orchestr
  70. what's wrong
  71. Royal Albert Hall London
  72. Lowther America?
  73. How to post a pic that looks small until clicked
  74. Motorised Knife Switch.
  75. Totally stupid!!
  76. Please Help - Where to sell vinatage??
  77. Funny Audio Related Pics.
  78. R.I.P Keith Emerson
  79. Solid state vs tube amp
  80. R.I.P. Sir George Martin
  81. Freebie (ish) - real wood venner in stratford/london UK
  82. RIP Fr. Jack Hackett (Craggy Isle)
  83. how legal is to sell something
  84. High quality recordings with smartphones
  85. Server horrors
  86. Need a new big suitcase...suggestions?
  87. Makes Me SMILE
  88. Valves as an investment?
  89. Hummm? How come guitar center looks so empty now?
  90. In Praise Of TME.EU
  91. Real time low frequency over Whatsapp
  92. MASSIVE FRUSTRATIONS with AliExpress orders
  93. Quite addicting!!
  94. unknown box design
  95. Schumann Resonances
  96. Circuits for noobs
  97. The pinna (outer ear) Listening to music laying down vs the head straight.
  98. Giving blood
  99. Einstein still wrong
  100. Testing AA, AAA, 9V batteries, etc.
  101. Across the USA in 4 minutes
  102. Family planning
  103. R.I.P. Maurice White Of E.W.F.
  104. Audio Quest possibly caught in scam
  105. any diy stores near Daytona Beach Fl
  106. Abc's Of What Is In Your Home
  107. Quick Simple Capacitor Advice Please
  108. Now this is fun
  109. Again ... about capacitance in PS and Noise+THD
  110. What books are you reading?
  111. The Audio Infidel thread Audiophile Components For Pennies
  112. Interesting Pinknoise Magazine Article
  113. The Audio Infidel Presents: Return of HiFi For the Masses.
  114. origin of the accents
  115. Is there a 9th Planet?
  116. Don't kill the messenger!
  117. RIP Glenn Frey
  118. Anyone swallowed poison? Need to get it out?
  119. DIY podcasting
  120. Electronics On Line Dictionary, recomendations
  121. Half a Billion Powerball
  122. Which is a safe float charge current for a standard lead acid car battery?
  123. Star Wars Technology
  124. Visiting Zurich
  125. Future Gen Audio Standard.
  126. Who here actually understands and respects science?
  127. Ciare speakers closes down
  128. Vintage Gold Colored Faceplate Receiver Identify?
  129. Tube vs other
  130. Power cord lilly gilding.
  131. Treckie technology
  132. Whats your favourite thing you got for christmas?
  133. Tektronix Document Dump
  134. 55% of Americans Prefer Their Music through Computer Speakers
  135. Devialet Phantom?
  136. Oh No ! Another Death Star yet....
  137. New Years Eve in Paris
  138. Dynamic range
  139. My Dad
  140. Now it makes sense.
  141. distortion in headphone amplifier
  142. love and respect for all of the great minds here.
  143. Stop Your PC updating to W10
  144. postman's holiday
  145. Facebook page for HAL
  146. What are the great 'audio capacitors' and where do I get a good price on them?
  147. Holiday feel-good story about fakes and China
  148. ufo
  149. quick ,dirty voltage lowering with light bulb
  150. About doubling power supply.
  151. Travel to the US and tipping
  152. Quantum entanglement?
  153. The end of the 1/8" phone jack?
  154. Master thesis project in Mechatronics
  155. The silicon chip inside her head had switched to overload..BTR
  156. An Early Phonograph
  157. Junkbox Jambox
  158. Freescale Makes LP Record on Silicon Wafer
  159. Cross-Over Distortion
  160. Most embarassing moment.
  161. Aliexpress
  162. Cardas solder.
  163. I feel like this hobby has to stop!
  164. RIP Ron Hynes
  165. Rodeo Fun
  166. face plate color
  167. circles oOOOooOO
  168. Check your driving........
  169. Music - Everywhere,ALL the time!
  170. League For High Efficiency Loudspeakers
  171. Engineering a goosebump machine
  172. Who needs Electricity?
  173. Which Components has the most impact in the audible Result ?
  174. The computer and the brain..
  175. Telepathy
  176. Using the [table] tag on here
  177. Knobs and Cases made with a laser cutter
  178. Moving day
  179. Universe vs Solar System
  180. My Holy Grail of amplification found: Non-Polar electrolytic caps across power supply
  181. Help: Final Year Uni Project - A few quick questions
  182. Neolithic items for sale: genuine fair price sources ?
  183. I think I've ruined my acoustics
  184. need help with audio output transformers
  185. Contact info for Siegfried Linkwitz?
  186. Placebo effect increasing in US
  187. AC line nois harvester
  188. Five Best "Record Players"
  189. Dance?
  190. Selenium / JBL
  191. Join the resistance
  192. Free Tickets Boston Comedy
  193. Scottish crocodiles struggle with maths
  194. Recommendation for good sounding 47mF/100v
  195. Are we retarding?
  196. Frys Hakko FX-888D - $69.99 in-store
  197. World's Best DAC's
  198. Australia PL premium spare
  199. Nose blowing while holding it
  200. TCJ workround
  201. The only ''definitive'' answer in this Subjective world is...
  202. King of snake Oil
  203. Volkswagen Pollution Controls
  204. 2015 financial crisis
  205. The Kids Clock
  206. Saxophones and clarinets
  207. California fires
  208. Space whisky
  209. Best SET amp design (>4 Watts)?
  210. From which side does the subway train arrive at the station?
  211. Failed as a Parent
  212. onkyo tx nr636
  213. Failed login attempts
  214. Which company has the best looking volume knob on their amps?
  215. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  216. Returning to the States after 10 yrs, advice?
  217. Windows 7/8/8.1 can Spy on you too !
  218. Doubtful or false statements from outside diy audio.
  219. Linux Mint 17.2
  220. Yvonne Craig RIP
  221. R.I.P Dieter Burmester
  222. Please help me create a wider than average pdf
  223. Music from our modern youth.
  224. Issues with Windows 10 browser "Edge"
  225. Is bat echolocation commonly audible for humans?
  226. Happy friday! lets talk loudspeakers...
  227. [Video] Beautiful Garden Railroad!
  228. Strangest Cable you are unlikely to ever use
  229. humming sound
  230. Denon Overengineering? DRA-825
  231. Unbelievable Technology Invented By MIT
  232. Going Loco
  233. Buzzy Bees and Allergies
  234. Looking for amplifier assembler (no soldering) in London
  235. unbalanced, balanced preamp
  236. calibration of measurement microphones in UK
  237. The dangers of ebay.
  238. Old Slogans You Remember
  239. Windows 10
  240. What makes you angry..
  241. What is this radio?
  242. The Anatomy of a Scream
  243. leaving
  244. Le Tour
  245. I would be broke if I lived within driving distance of both digikey and parts express
  246. YouTube HD audio quality .
  247. Liquid nitrogen and components.
  248. New Horizons
  249. How to set a price when selling a no longer needed diy project?
  250. "Octave overtones" in car exhausts - how? Why?

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