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  1. If you are really committed to DIY...
  2. Congrats Samuel Groner - JAES
  3. Looking for Thomas Possche
  4. Crazy 3 wheeler
  5. I wanna be green like everyone else...
  6. Vinyl & Streaming Survey (including Raffle)
  7. a modular diy speaker company ... is there a market for it?
  8. Music heals the brain
  9. One stop shopping alternative to Parts Express?
  10. What genres and recording techniques can be expected to display a soundstage?
  11. Repurposed Vinyl
  12. real time talk
  13. Weed and music
  14. The Joe`s capacitor...
  15. Macro pic.."Endless BNC"
  16. Let's ... go ... fly ... a kite, ... up ...
  17. DNA...
  18. wireless power transmission
  19. May we feel fears about Deviallet Phantom speakers ?
  20. Anyone tried brainwave recordings ?
  21. Why people do not like standards ?
  22. OT (sort of) Bob Widlar
  23. Real "blind testing"?
  24. A Public Apology to member 'pnix'
  25. Speaker Cable lifters or stands?
  26. Audiocase - Revitalized version of the 80s boombox
  27. video (games) killed the movie star
  28. Hi Res Audio Listening Test.
  29. Dress Color Craze, Applicable to Measurements vs Subjective Debate?
  30. Goodbye Mr Spock
  31. Ceres
  32. advice please on contacting DANTIMAX.
  33. Tektronix Model 31 scientific calculator.
  34. Cable TV's version of "the loudness wars"
  35. Interesting Stereophile article
  36. plug ID (similar to RJ???) not audio.
  37. Shannon ad fc/2 tricks
  38. Best sound and system to get the neighbor's dog to shut up...
  39. DAC measurements... truth be told?
  40. Crystal Resin..
  41. Entitled... Just For Fun so 'Get Your Ears On' and listen. Comments welcomed.
  42. Tidal: Is anybody using it?
  43. re-coil or otherwise fix a rattling subwoofer driver
  44. quadral qlx 210 speakers
  45. So does this bitrate/format stuff matter. If it does, then can you tell ?
  46. Have you discovered a digital source, that satisfies you, as much as your Turntable?
  47. Another reason to visit Lille?
  48. The Sound of Stradivarius Accidental?
  49. Aging mono's need refreshing in San Diego
  50. Glass CD
  51. Joe Grado RIP
  52. A Solid State and a Tube amplifier playing the same music video
  53. light and sound on radiogram
  54. Radio Shack - RIP, or "meh"
  55. Smoking, Tattoos and Fashion Trends
  56. Old Electronics Magazines On Line
  57. Stop me if you've heard this one -
  58. What About Couples Who Dress Alike?
  59. SB XLIX WTF?
  60. Tuning the mind- or audio placebos
  61. Charles Townes, RIP
  62. Do I Really NEED Java?
  63. The Art of Electronics 3rd Ed. April 2015
  64. Whose been in jail?
  65. compressit - RIP, mon ami...
  66. Fan causing line noise at turn on
  67. 'Standing waves' on guitar strings video
  68. Metropolitan Opera seats
  69. selling records to fund upgrades?
  70. Arbitrary Authoritarianism LOL
  71. Planet Pluto probe, nearing Pluto Jan 2015
  72. (War of Currents) Who to thank?
  73. Eboink Venting!
  74. Who wants a DAC test, with comparison of 'bargain' options
  75. Harry Shearer - Le Show
  76. Capacitor Ratings and breakdown voltage
  77. Upgrading laptop to SSD
  78. 3 Free Album Covers
  79. Infineon acquires International Rectifier
  80. A complete idiot.
  81. Audiophile Angst Anonymous anyone?
  82. Majorana..
  83. What do you mean by "critical listening"?
  84. Does anyone else ever feel overwhelmed by this hobby?
  85. I need to start making money, finding a job is too difficult.
  86. How To Lose $50,000,000 Selling Loudspeakers
  87. 3-axis speaker?
  88. Any expert(s) on surround receivers on here?
  89. Antikythera Mechanism: ancient astro computer
  90. 3 phase output stage?
  91. Re-bottling the Digital Genie?
  92. About the importance of good connections.
  93. Happ new year all you happy people..
  94. Nominations for DIYAUDIO DIYR of the year!
  95. Just playing with pendrive linux..
  96. A thank you, A wish, & Happy New Year Greetings!
  97. Chicago Lunch Suggestions
  98. Your Favourite National Lampoons Vacation Movie?
  99. Magnetic lines of force
  100. Ultra-mega music vid for holiday viewing
  101. Youtube vids not downloadable -- or is it just me ?
  102. Farewell to a magic man of music, Joe Cocker ...
  103. summer is comming
  104. Actual rainbow clouds!
  105. Happy Christmas..
  106. Merry Christmas! Watch this.
  107. Adding media appearances to the forum ?
  108. Can we have a discussion on the 'ideal' loudspeaker?
  109. Help with aquarium fish
  110. Gratitude.
  111. And now, a word from the Grammar Police...
  112. Can you have zero THD and nonzero IMD?
  113. Accurate VS Pleasantness
  114. Friendly WWII forum that also permits item value queries ?
  115. I've lost my little buddy
  116. Visualising music (art from vibrating objects)
  117. Amplifier measurement that determine amplifier quality
  118. Is single ended worth it?
  119. Momentarily here again
  120. Skin allergy to plywood dust
  121. State of the Hi Fi scene..
  122. Is there some collective knowledge about the sound of potentiometers?
  123. Magnets..for fun
  124. Hello from Woodbridge VA
  125. Best fly-fishing rod : bamboo or graphite ?
  126. Happy Birthday to me!
  127. Simplest electric train
  128. The joys of package delivery
  129. Cloning the mammoth..
  130. Are you going to be living forever?
  131. RIP: Ken Lewis (klewis)
  132. SS vs tube power amp.
  133. Looking for Austin area review of Aikido wiring and chassis.
  134. What age do you think children should leave home?
  135. Need suggestion of a good tube book.
  136. Simaudio is in need of a low level programmer
  137. Child-free Couple Life
  138. Has anyone used classic shell with windows 8 or 8.1?
  139. Around the House (& Gardening)
  140. Ignore this its a moment of stupidity!
  141. Everyone will love this advertisement!
  142. Lightning in your area?
  143. Mystery Transformer
  144. Knock your self out !!!
  145. Rosetta Comet landing
  146. I hate Linux
  147. rememberance day
  148. The 1990s Thread.
  149. When and where did the usage of 'My bad !" start
  150. Capacitors can you hear the difference
  151. Richard Schram & John Curl Discuss Amplifiers
  152. RIP Harry Pearson
  153. Why Tube OTL Amplifier?
  154. Click (or is it Clack) of the Tappett Brothers has died
  155. "blameless" standard for tube amplifiers?
  156. What really grinds your gears?
  157. Happy Halloween...
  158. A question to older guys from Europe / Russia
  159. High quality statistics
  160. Does SS power amp have advantage over tubes?
  161. An Urgent Appeal
  162. who can name this speaker cable?
  163. What brands are consider high end tube amps?
  164. someone from Washington here?
  165. How cable rating really works
  166. Possible Dark Matter Detection
  167. Audio in the Tesla "S"
  168. How do we hear?
  169. Separating distortion sources
  170. Cheesy Album Covers
  171. snake vendor
  172. If you're a parent of boys, show this to your wife:
  173. Water thermodynamics
  174. How important is a stereo image?
  175. Tube Make/Brand vs Sound Quality
  176. Help With Capacitor Values
  177. Crown macro and studio reference amps: what's the secret of their slam ?
  178. Seeking an electrical engineer.
  179. Fixing swimming pool light
  180. Surprising Fiona Apple Cover Of Pure Imagination
  181. On growing old (and keeping it up)
  182. Queens/NYC Flea
  183. Rod Elliott interview
  184. What else are we building
  185. You want bling? Well, get bling ... in a car!
  186. For interest
  187. 1986 Sony CFS-280 Mini Boombox (pics)
  188. stereo stands
  189. Stupidest thing you have ever done.
  190. Car Stereo's -- almost 50 years on
  191. RIP: Joe Sample
  192. Help from the Finns, Chydenius?
  193. My dad has SCLC Lung cancer.
  194. Chinese Motorcycle shims breaking
  195. Organo Marino
  196. Yet another "Vinyl Records sound better than CDs" story
  197. Ordinary WATER as a medicine.
  198. She flew in to check out my cd player
  199. Can I sell amplifier modules which were designed by someone else ?
  200. Wanna Feel Like A Frisky Dog For 35 Seconds?
  201. Strange effect of my laptop
  202. I need help in Reno, Nevada
  203. The return of Technics
  204. Had a good walk in the forest today!
  205. subliminal audio processing
  206. Great Ideas That Almost Worked Dep't
  207. Funniest DIY Disasters
  208. Good morning San Fran -- how ya doin?
  209. Audio PCM to 5.1 Surround Sound
  210. Voicing an amplifier: general discussion
  211. Windows 7 HDD fault
  212. Denuding electrolytic caps
  213. Lauren Bacall RIP
  214. Score Polling for Famous DIY Amplifiers
  215. BBC: Physicists make 'tractor beam' in water
  216. Robin Williams
  217. Rundmaus proudly presents...
  218. One Man's Obsession - The World's Largest Record Collection
  219. Nothing to do? Do this ...
  220. 1914-1918
  221. How to make a few projects EMP proof?
  222. Trip to Seoul,South Korea
  223. Apple store includes Beats section
  224. Tube Amp Coupling Caps.
  225. The Theremon: history of Leo Thermen
  226. Amazing Stash Found in Father's Garage
  227. Cal, you out there?
  228. Power conditioner or not?
  229. OMG!
  230. Say it ain't so!
  231. The cheapest audio updgrade
  232. I'm new and need capacitor help
  233. best interconnect cable?
  234. What is a resistor ?
  235. Highest resolution without quantization noise
  236. Tube not full seated
  237. I'm in the middle of a Divorce, any advice?
  238. If mosfets sound good when operated in class A ...
  239. Some help needed...
  240. Electronic jokes
  241. Playing Music Outdoors - Caveats?
  242. needle doctor?
  243. When was the first time you heard stereo?
  244. A curiosity about high end analog Tape recorder - out transformers
  245. Free Intel Galileo
  246. Anyone else watching "Tour de France" 2014
  247. About the quality of connectors in audio equipment
  248. Tool Box talk For safety measures
  249. mimic a battery?
  250. What would you think of living in Luxembourg

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