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  1. Happy St Patrick's day for all.
  2. Psychoacoustics of the Ohum
  3. I'd also like to get serviced and look like new...
  4. Do YOU know digital??
  5. Robert Osborne RIP
  6. One of the reasons we hear differently
  7. Book on Einstein
  8. Capacitors
  9. RIP Bill Paxton
  10. Has anyone tried a vacuum loudspeaker environment
  11. Need a helping hand with soldering, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  12. Tattoo You?
  13. Italy post and customs sucks!Finally i blocked Italy from my Ebay countries!
  14. ?
  15. Welcome to the (virtual) listening room.
  16. "Smart" Meters
  17. Creating reference 0V ground
  18. UK electronics magazine
  19. Sound of Power Transformer / Rectifier.
  20. Breaking in tubes
  21. David Bowie Stamps
  22. Where is Mr. SY ?
  23. Unfortunate Choice of Words
  24. A joke: difference between a mathematician, physicist, and engineer
  25. could you use some of this for your next speaker cables ?
  26. McDonalds has two new types of Big Macs that will make your mouth water?
  27. 211 tubes rolling
  28. Feeler: crowdfunding a CNC router (panels or guitar cabs as gifts)
  29. Shouldn't they all sound the same?
  31. everyone is welcome to chime in
  32. The Golden age of HiFi
  33. Show off your audiophile cat
  34. New Woofer!
  35. What the?
  36. 2017 POLL: Your own DIY speakers better than commercial ones?
  37. Octopus
  38. No more analog FM in Norway?
  39. western electric returning to business?
  40. Members in bangkok
  41. Whats the LAST thing you downloaded?
  42. 32 year old looking for Mentor in New England Area (I'm Serious)
  43. Moving to North Carolina, any audiophiles out there?
  44. Best DIY Audio homepages
  45. Tube amplification with compressed digital audio sources
  46. Visual Snow
  47. RIP Alphonse Mouzon
  48. Carrie Fisher r.i.p
  49. 2017
  50. George Michael, RIP
  51. Merry Christmas
  52. Rick Parfitt RIP
  53. ultimate speaker cable design diy
  54. Cheesy stuff from the audio world
  55. Battery + resistors + diodes: cut blue wire, current *increases*
  56. Whats the LAST movie you have watched?
  57. Sound of Rectifiers/Caps..share your listening experience
  58. What do you do for the Holidays?
  59. Rubber bands + string hoist a weight. Cut a string, the weight *rises* (!!)
  60. ...a useful guide for tube lovers audio nirvana....
  61. Hybrid-GZ34-FWB: What changes in specs ?
  62. The Grey Rollins tribute thread
  63. Samsung Electronics to Acquire HARMAN
  64. Printed/Newspaper Sudoku
  65. The Lounge A place to talk about almost anything but politics and religion.
  66. By FAR the coolest Audio thing I've EVER Seen!
  67. Model Airplanes
  68. Happiness is:....
  69. We (Americans) owe our Thanksgiving Feast to the Dutch
  70. Steorn shuts down
  71. Any Luxembourgers want this 1935 Guide
  72. Dunno how this was done but..... guitar strings
  73. Replacing dead li-ion battery...
  74. What 11.11 deals have you spotted
  75. Zoltán Kocsis died.
  76. Some of my observations on speaker cables affecting the sound
  77. Finally got something in a Manhattan gallery
  78. $2000 and a Dream. Any advice?
  79. KWh vs $
  80. The latest Inventory sale
  81. new macbook / no usb
  82. Need help to buy a system -- Portland, Oregon
  83. Scaler MP3 antenna
  84. Qualcomm buys out NXP for 39B
  85. Off topic, anyone in Idaho???
  86. Psychoacoustics
  87. M-Caps
  88. Talk about a "tree" house! Imagine growing your own house!
  89. The new £5-Record-Player....
  90. Anyone here with a blog?
  91. DIY electronics before the internet.
  92. Actual hearing examination results of your hearing.
  93. Separating moderation posts from normal posts for moderators
  94. Funny images thread
  95. Heads up re Amazon Echo
  96. Which Tube amplifier has got jewels and gems on it? I saw on net couldnt recollect it
  97. Vacuum Tube Death Ray
  98. I hate building amps
  99. Ebay insanity
  100. Trying to find the name and examples of an optical illusion.
  101. satnav screens at not needed
  102. Good resources for starting on audio amplifiers
  103. Looks like I'll be in Amberg and Graz next month
  104. Off Topic Optics Question... Buying a Spotting Scope
  105. Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence
  106. Top 100 films of the 21st century
  107. no home for hybrids
  108. Diy Audio Magazine?
  109. Best place to pist a technical question?
  110. Ridiculous parts in your part collection
  111. D-Class blood pressure
  112. Are DIY:ers not worth taking care of???
  113. Earthquake in Italy
  114. Ping: John Curl. CDT/CDP transports
  115. The order you build and the enthusiasm for the process
  116. Music in a Bar
  117. Best audio input impedance
  118. Link: Audiophiles in Japan Are Installing Their Own Power Poles To Improve S
  119. Really ?
  120. your favorite caps for charge-coupled networks in horn systems?
  121. Have a far-out scientific idea? Now you can talk to a real physicist!
  122. CF Equalizer Review
  123. Spdif coaxial, toslink or aes/ebu ?
  124. Booth help wanted at RMAF
  125. D-class has changed my life...
  126. Please Support Music Education
  127. What is the real reason to avoid class A power amps?
  128. diyaudio Commercial Sector Ethics
  129. Analog Devices to buy Linear Tech
  130. How many engineers . . . . . . . . .
  131. another proof that time travel indeed exist
  132. Making a usb cable _ data only
  133. Does power cable cause sound difference at different part of AC cycle?
  134. StayCity Booking Service
  135. The story of the digital morse-code keyer
  136. Windows Internet Explorer 11 Slowww. Help!
  137. cell phone gurus
  138. Another way to view cone breakup
  139. Time for Merlin Blencowe to publish again
  140. Loss
  141. Olympics 2016 -- here's who I am rooting for:
  142. REV33: Here's some snake oil for you to sink your teeth into
  143. interesting reading
  144. where is that tea biscuit
  145. Parts quality and measurable performance
  146. Escapexit : How to leave from a village ?
  147. Biggest obstacle to portable electronics: battery
  148. OCD Germanium off topic
  149. interesting data histogram - statistics experts?
  150. anyone buit a 100% counterfit parts amp?
  151. A "nixie" clock for the 21st century
  152. How to sell amplifiers (cheat the sound)
  153. threads using simulators only
  154. Man Cave. Let's see yours.
  155. Cable cooker
  156. Dac setup
  157. Best cheap preamp second Hand or DIY avaliable ?
  158. How do you correspond with a member if there mailbox is full
  159. best amps ever produced?
  160. Vacuum tube technology rescues silicon
  161. Digital audio and stress
  162. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali passes away
  163. "audiophile grade" fuse holder??
  164. DIY Silver interconnects and RCAs???
  165. :headbash: So I suck at toner transfer pcbs
  166. My DIY site is back up on the web.
  167. Music & Harmonics
  168. What engineer said vs what they actually mean.
  169. 4000watts, 18" woofer system $1400
  170. Human body field correction device
  171. Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip Diagnosed with Brain Cancer
  172. another fun hobby (car guys check this out)
  173. Stanley Krause, Jersey City vinyl mogul, RIP
  174. Where to find tube output transformer in Canada?
  175. EMI and RFI _ a very basic question.
  176. Is there a cure for speakeritus ?
  177. Image Processing Challenge
  178. A question about Technicolor
  179. Yes, your R-Pi can NOW have That Sound!
  180. Bay Area, California Get Together?
  181. Negotiation strategy if selling something ?
  182. What will the next breakthrough in Audio be?
  183. Why do you do this diy audio stuff?
  184. And a thanks to all here :)
  185. Thank you
  186. Treatments for reversing hearing loss ?
  187. I was on a reality TV show (tech related)
  188. Electrolytic upgrade problems - Sounds worse :(
  189. Vasculitis
  190. old habits
  191. Simple Ohms law question
  192. RIP Prince
  193. Vapor wire interconnect
  194. speaker placement - is it really important? and why away from walls?
  195. does anyone collect coleman gear?
  196. Old Weston Voltmeter
  197. Happy Record Store Day !!!!
  198. What is your high frequency hearing cutoff?
  199. stereo chipamp channel separation
  200. Congrats Sheffield England - Danny Willett
  201. Are you a male or female audiophile?
  202. My ears or speakers have high intermodulation
  203. minimum spend for high end sound
  204. D-Dalus
  205. Why are there so few women audiophiles
  206. Windows 7 & 8 App to Block W10 Update
  207. Ossic X
  208. Length of Probation?
  209. April 1 Bybees !
  210. Patty Duke RIP
  211. New Poll: How many hours do you listen to music each week
  212. Poll: Time spent music listening per week
  213. "Where’s My Petabyte Disk Drive?" blogpost
  214. Concert halls with strong and lateral sound increase the emotional impact of orchestr
  215. what's wrong
  216. Royal Albert Hall London
  217. Lowther America?
  218. How to post a pic that looks small until clicked
  219. Motorised Knife Switch.
  220. Totally stupid!!
  221. Please Help - Where to sell vinatage??
  222. Funny Audio Related Pics.
  223. R.I.P Keith Emerson
  224. Solid state vs tube amp
  225. R.I.P. Sir George Martin
  226. Freebie (ish) - real wood venner in stratford/london UK
  227. RIP Fr. Jack Hackett (Craggy Isle)
  228. how legal is to sell something
  229. High quality recordings with smartphones
  230. Server horrors
  231. Need a new big suitcase...suggestions?
  232. Makes Me SMILE
  233. Valves as an investment?
  234. Hummm? How come guitar center looks so empty now?
  235. In Praise Of TME.EU
  236. Real time low frequency over Whatsapp
  237. MASSIVE FRUSTRATIONS with AliExpress orders
  238. Quite addicting!!
  239. unknown box design
  240. Schumann Resonances
  241. Circuits for noobs
  242. The pinna (outer ear) Listening to music laying down vs the head straight.
  243. Giving blood
  244. Einstein still wrong
  245. Testing AA, AAA, 9V batteries, etc.
  246. Across the USA in 4 minutes
  247. Family planning
  248. R.I.P. Maurice White Of E.W.F.
  249. Audio Quest possibly caught in scam
  250. any diy stores near Daytona Beach Fl

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