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  1. Is distortion really a problem for music reproduction ?
  2. CD Player troubleshooting
  3. Capacitor Values
  4. Beware cheap imports
  5. Electric eel, Stingray - Why is it only ocean creatures have this high Voltage gift?
  6. Eli Wallach RIP
  7. days are getting shorter
  8. NPN versus PNP
  9. On Ears, hearing, perception and eq's
  10. Favourite T-Shirt slogans
  11. Will DIY audio go the way of the dodo?
  12. What is the Universe expanding into..
  13. how you like my bird feeder
  14. How do you design your audio amplifiers ?
  15. funny typos
  16. Do Beats by Dr. Dre Really Suck?
  17. Tom Nousaine RIP
  18. Whats up with the listing of gear in signatures?
  19. The right to be forgotten
  20. Artist Copyrights π
  21. Peones
  22. Employee titles
  23. LED Gardening
  24. Open access machine shops in the UK
  25. How fast is your broadband.
  26. Use of terms in audio fidelity discussions
  27. About freq response test on preamps
  28. Brain's visual system also processes sound
  29. Not fairy dust, Space Dust
  30. testing the post
  31. DIY Capacitor Burner.
  32. Looking to identify some Klipsch Cornwalls
  33. Demand for import loudspeakers and parts in US and Canada
  34. -15VDC on mains?!?
  35. Just heard an electrical eel powered amp, sounded amazing
  36. Resistors...
  37. The Kludge
  38. Has anyone gone from loving tube sound, to "what was I thinking?"
  39. Osho-only for above 18's !
  40. These Infinity and the rest F5 build worthy?
  41. Nobel peace prize...
  42. What would happen if you were to use a negative resistance element for feedback?
  43. whats on saturday nights menu?
  44. Al Feldstein RIP ("What me worry?")
  45. Scramble an egg inside the shell
  46. Back when I was able to do impossible things...
  47. Measurements of box vibrations on Stereophile magazine
  48. Building an Amp?
  49. Breakfast...then why fast
  50. Cirrus Logic Agrees to Acquire Wolfson Microelectronics
  51. What's your hobby, really?
  52. need rocket glue suggestion
  53. What happened to Norton Ghost ?
  54. Tubes and Solar panels
  55. A couple quick notes from Axpona
  56. Sick to death of IP...
  57. Discontinued foods YOU LOVE AND MI$$ LIKE CRAZY
  58. Square wave test on speakers - what does it tell ?
  59. Resistor vs Capacitor placement in a Zobel network
  60. Texas Instrusments chip price huge increase!! or only digikey? TPS7A4700 LME49610 etc
  61. Space - X
  62. unplanned rebuild
  63. I'm throwing in the towel
  64. Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies
  65. Show us the most beautiful speakers you've ever seen... I'll start
  66. Which is your candidate to champion in FIFA 2014?
  67. "Mr. Wizard" TV show : sound location episode
  68. 70's Digi-Key Catalog
  69. If the price is too good to be true ... (high quality fakes of OPA627)
  70. Trying to return a LED flood-lamp!
  71. Jiffy a multi purpose word
  72. Not so good
  73. Site that shows what your broswer tells them
  74. American Pizza !!!
  75. A curiosity - what cables do you use ?
  76. Do we need a newbie forum?
  77. Also Known As The Fast Fourier Transformation
  78. Live to be 100? Go to Ikaria
  79. Pingping's amplifier inquiries
  80. Legacy test equipment floppy -- help the XYL
  81. Time machine back to the web's earliest days
  82. Montreal: Son et Image 2014 Audio Show
  83. MCM speaker data
  84. While in Berlin
  85. Favourite movie from each decade?
  86. Your funniest win or fail involving a high school GF ??
  87. What's your fave gun-related movie line ?
  88. Distortion Analyzer Test Setup in D/FW Area?
  89. Snake oil viscosity index measured by women & cats
  90. The Quantum Energy Generator
  91. H1N1 flu
  92. How much parts selection can impact the sound ?
  93. My subwoofer is also a rat trap.
  94. NwAvGuy: The Audio Genius Who Vanished
  95. Bizarre use of resistors
  96. Slow down...a poem
  97. Russian tubes bye bye?
  98. Design of transformers for valve amplifiers
  99. Quartz Watches. Power Consumption vs Internal Friction.
  100. Think you're having a bad day?
  101. Porsche would have entered F1 if Audi had blocked its Le Mans program
  102. Do you have Golden Ears?
  103. Help me choose a woman that my speakers will approve of.
  104. Tubes vs Transistors (Dynamic Power)
  105. All Russia in miniature Grand Maket Museum in St. Petersburg - fr
  106. Transformers sublime or snakeoil?
  107. Most awesome video EVER
  108. Not a fun DIY weekend
  109. While I am at it John,
  110. A curiosity about drivers datasheets.
  111. pure crystal oxygen free copper cables vs just oxygen free copper cables?
  112. Psvane Replica WE845 Tube
  113. Could an acoustic cloak improve a sound system
  114. Honor is not dead...
  115. Speaker cables and Interconnects - Length Dependency
  116. Reflection on life..
  117. Monarch "Hi-Fi Master" Plastic AA5 Tube Midget AM Radio
  118. Jamie's Fusion Project
  119. How many angels needed for good sound?
  120. Slow Internet Explorer Fixed.
  121. A very badly made CPU?
  122. 4 engine drone what could it be?
  123. How to shop for Auto Batteries
  124. Just for fun Platos cave
  125. Paco de Lucia dies at 66
  126. Inmates on Death Row;last meals
  127. D.Self's latest edition
  128. Tek 2230 display problem
  129. Shoot skeet?
  130. Anechoic chambers may be the ideal listening room.
  131. DIYAUDIO on mobile
  132. Do you want fries with that??
  133. Do you prefer the bass from closed or vented speakers ?
  134. Gary Lyon Otto
  135. A spreading affliction, Simulatoritis!
  136. Do you know who I am??
  137. What is an audiophile CD player?
  138. Sid Caesar and "Your Show of Shows"
  139. Shirley Temple RIP
  140. Test your browser....
  141. Anyone Familiar with Geometrically Coded Magnets?
  142. Does anyone else hate the term "soundstage" ?
  143. I want to build a large scale plane,advise needed.
  144. Product launch in the UK
  145. Kharma, Raidho, Magico
  146. 154dB horns :)
  147. Black Discus Tweak
  148. Thoughts on "Goldie Blox" Super Bowl Ad
  149. Learning curve of electronics is steeper than I expected
  150. Is "Efteling" better than "Disney"
  151. What is the ideal way to record audio?
  152. Jurassic Park cage prop on ebay
  153. Happy Chinese New Year!
  154. Pete Seeger, RIP
  155. The world's coolest server hall - in Sweden
  156. Ten favourite movies
  157. Audio Research should just go all solid state!!
  158. Memories from the 80s
  159. Don't miss Anna Netrebko
  160. How come !
  161. Ignorance ?
  162. Why does glue stick?
  163. Mr & Mrs Apple, it's a MAC
  164. Quality Input Cap
  165. how many audiophiles does it take to change a lightbulb?
  166. My 1980 Pioneer Syscom component stereo
  167. What causes an asymmetric waveform in an audio recording?
  168. Mae Young, RIP
  169. DAC Filtering - the "Rasmussen Effect"
  170. Remove mold from leather speakers
  171. A new website for showing your projects
  172. HDTracks
  173. thread Cats and speakers
  174. Conflicts in science shows
  175. For you Fluke fans
  176. Good CES 2014 coverage ....
  177. "Froth"
  178. Space Heater Project, Heat Transfer Questions
  179. Sound vs. Music
  180. Live Vs. High-end Sound
  182. dinner with faital
  183. help
  185. Schumacher accident
  186. This is very..........
  187. Man leaves judge speechless
  188. You Say You Want Some Ice Cream?
  189. What one does with autistic, gifted children
  190. Checkers anyone??
  191. 2 vs 1 monitors
  192. Interesting observations of YouTube recordings.
  193. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus
  194. Cartoons anyone?
  195. Grandpa's dilemma -- wait time at Macy's for Santa
  196. Model-dependant realism
  197. happy christmas www.pcb-audio.com
  198. "The World's Fastest Indian"
  199. Looking for a microphone for traveling
  200. Who am I, who are you?
  201. Wow what do you think of this?
  202. Volume of streams online
  203. Merry Christmas
  204. Credit card data breach at Target
  205. RIP Ray Price
  206. Astoria/Pink Floyd
  207. You can now 3D print a speaker
  208. Can the human ear really localize bass?
  209. Peter O'Toole RIP
  210. Replacing stereo receiver - Where to start?
  211. Test your microphone and/or camera access
  212. Jade Rabbit
  213. Detailed Log: Capacitor & Resistor Break-in Time
  214. Man-a-stration
  215. Power cords and plugs (split from Beyond Ariel)
  216. Audiophiles, Philosophers, I need your help.
  217. Nelson Mandela RIP
  218. Frank Zappa RIP +20
  219. Part 2 of how to measure a 0.001 Ohm shunt using an HP/Agilent 3457A has been releas
  220. Help! Computer Problem I Can Only Bring Here
  221. Amp help
  222. The unparticle
  223. His Master's Mouse
  224. Newbie Asks "Which Forum Do You Recommend"
  225. Mark
  226. New Youtube video tutorial: measuring a 0.001 Ohm shunt
  227. A little computer prayer...
  228. Haut-parleur voies multiples la Parisienne
  229. Boy some people will pay ALOT FOR A MOVIE!!
  230. Wrong Paypal sent fund
  231. Secondary Use Engineering and Marketing
  232. Happy halloween
  233. Non-audio DIY
  234. EU Directive coming on Class-A Amplifiers?
  235. Mrs. Krabappel is dead, requiescat
  236. Someone want to recommend a vineyard near Cahors?
  237. Amplifier Design Work Needed
  238. L.E.D. Zeppelin
  239. Good Moderators = Good Site
  240. "Crazy Eddie"
  241. Garmin Express software causing windows busy and error above windows start button.
  242. Wifey talk
  243. smokin' Sydney
  244. Delft -- "Post.NL" bicycle -- 83.1mph?
  245. Looking for valve based headphone amp advice
  246. why cant we agree?
  247. Voyager.
  248. Hong Kong/Sydney
  249. question about computer screen
  250. Fortune Cookie Fortunes

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