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  1. LND150 effects loop not working properly, need help.
  2. AX84 - Cathode resistor replacment
  3. Onboard bass preamp, please help with schematic
  4. Princeton tremolo + bias setting question
  5. 2880 EHX trig out from leds
  6. Good reasonable cost mikes for live recording?
  7. Small 10k:10k Input transformers for Pultec
  8. Phonic PWA-2400, protection circuit malfunction.
  9. FRFR stage monitor for guitar modeling
  10. Home-made tube amp ghost notes?
  11. Bass tube preamp (Alembic F2-B + full EQ + XLR + tuner)
  12. volume and tone for low Z pickup .....
  13. o.c. elect. cascade reverb tank.
  14. Amp Conversion .
  15. schematic daisy rock girl guitar scamp
  16. First Tube amp build, Need a little help
  17. phase splitter for KT88
  18. 1967 blackface bandmaster output transformer fire
  19. Thomas organ guts for amp build?
  20. Troubleshooting Marshall VS100 without powering up?
  21. Old Tube Intercom Amp
  22. Opinion on preamp design channel switching from Marshall to Fender Tonestack
  23. How do you get the values? Basic design questions.
  24. Super Squirrel Monkey - First from-scratch tube amp build, first guitar amp build
  25. Tube stage assignments on my Princeton AA964 clone
  26. Mysterious (haunted?) screeching amp, Marshall, maybe?
  27. DC Coupled Cathode Follower Questions
  28. Issue with Laney GH100L
  29. Disadvantages !
  30. Bassman Hum Help
  31. Smoking bridge rectifier in Valve Jr filament PS (link to schematic)
  32. guitar -> SS line in
  33. Shielded Wire for Outboard Inputs?
  34. 2 sets of wires going into speaker
  35. B-15 build
  36. output transformer Math "a little help with ma homework plz"
  37. Hohner Concertophon IV and Hum
  38. D I Y .
  39. Amp trouble
  40. Critique of Phonograph Conversion Amp Plans
  41. Schematic for my ridiculous amp is partly complete.
  42. Hiwatt custom tranformer 70v bias question
  43. Guitar amp/cab build questions
  44. Leslie horn on top a lowrey organ mod.
  45. 6n7 dual triode output
  46. Accuracy in building an electric guitar?
  47. ~150w Marshall build questions
  48. How to include a feedback control knob in this spring reverb system?
  49. which one? accutronics or bitcom digital reverb
  50. A 6L6 Champ with 6C8 preamp
  51. fender mustang 2
  52. Euphoric valve distortion for synths!
  53. Dual Jack Inputs without the HI-LO effect? Fender / Marshall
  54. Rivera M60
  55. Built a reverb tank drive/recovery circuit - dry sound leakage
  56. Class A SE Guitar Amp Design
  57. Fender amp head cabinet question
  58. Vox AC4C1-BL amp.
  59. Ground problem! Noise disappear when i touch the chassis
  60. embedded amp simulator/fx processor
  61. Peavey Classic 30 problems
  62. single ended output, no gain?
  63. Gm-5 amp harness
  64. Yamaha GA-15 ground noise even with 0 volume
  65. Neo drivers for lightweight 8X10 bass bottom
  66. 6V6 and 6F6 fixed bias grid No1
  67. Crosstalk between gain stages of Mesa Road King II guitar amplifier
  68. Randall RG1003H troubleshooting
  69. Self split cascode?
  70. Added Ground - Now Get Major "Hum"
  71. Attenuator shortening tube amp output?
  72. Fingerboard Cello schematics
  73. Output Impedance Effect On Tone Stack
  74. Acoustic Piezo Tube Preamp
  75. Neodymium speakers for silverface Twin Reverb
  76. Aguilar DB359 schematic
  77. Marshall AVT 20 Loud Humming
  78. Max grid values
  79. Ampeg Reverberocket vs hum
  80. Need Help w/XFMR's
  81. advice troubleshooting?
  82. Increased hum from changing 1st condenser vc508 schematic
  83. Stereo Valve Guitar Amp build
  84. [Guitar Amp] Preamp Output - In phase or not?
  85. Replace 1/4" Inout Jack that is mounted to circuit board
  86. Fender Inspired Versatile Tone Homebrew Amp
  87. Fender 5F6-A + PL36. OK?
  88. i try to build this tube pre amp,
  89. tube mic heater wiring
  90. A pair of identical 10w combos - perceived volume?
  91. 6l6 vs el34 in bandmaster clone
  92. Mystery components on Traynor Bassmaster Mark II YBA-1A?
  93. Traynor Signature YGA-1A
  94. primary Z for L101
  95. Crossover in a stompbox
  96. Transformer ratings Comparison for 5e3
  97. ac30 by pcl86
  98. Marshall 3315 missing parts???
  99. Transformerless reverb tank for tube amps
  100. s11e12 bass amp
  101. Converting an Echolette M40 for bass use
  102. Checking 6v6 tubes for damage?
  103. Burning Power Resistor in Organ PS
  104. Gibson Skylark GA-5
  105. Can you get fender mustang amp and ftsw circuit replacements anywhere?
  106. Multi-track guitar amp?
  107. Volume pot in a stompbox
  108. SWR Workingpro 10 tranformer kaboom and a dumb question.
  109. Marshall JCM 2000 401 combo (Kaput)
  110. Vox OS/117 Preamp transistors
  111. 2 different pt wiring diagrams for 5E3?
  112. Replacement power supply (transformer) for guitar amp, HELP!
  113. Boxing in my EL34s
  114. B+ issue in tube amp
  115. AC30CC2X
  116. Laney LC30R generation 3 service manual needed.
  117. 5f2-a guitar amp sounds dull and muddy
  118. Bassman AB165 output sockets
  119. Phase inverter bias question and also an impedance question
  120. fender wiring diagrams
  121. Tube preamp Design for Guitar
  122. Tremolo Pedal troubleshooting (no output)
  123. retrofitting tele pots, size constraints
  124. Little Big Muff (op-amp) rebuild, insanely loud
  125. High frequency Oscillation in 5f2a guitar amplifier
  126. Ampeg B-15 or Fender Bassman clone rebuild?
  127. Hifi Output transformer used in guitar SE 5W???
  128. Silvertone Amp + Isolating Transformer
  129. 5e3 Deluxe - first build
  130. DIY Instrument Cable - Advice/Input
  131. Need Schematic for Gretsch Artist Model
  132. Squier Strat (Japan) schematic...
  133. 1 watt amp with too much hum
  134. What resistors are used in 65 amps?
  135. Multi-stage buffer
  136. Effects loops:For pedals or only rack line-level gear?
  137. hammond 1650h for trainwreck express
  138. Yamaha DX7s Reload
  139. Laney L20H - I'm looking for the schematic
  140. Troubleshooting Ampeg SS-140C
  141. 5 watt SE guitar amp. First build
  142. Advice about custom Diy amp build?
  143. Mixing speakers: no way to get good results?
  144. Gorgeous, 3 Tube, Low Power Audio Amp for Guitar
  145. "the howler"
  146. Issues with Single ended guitar amp build
  147. Dynacord s62 components...?
  148. Firefly Rev. 5 Questions - Low output, high distortion
  149. unhealthy idling pt load with only htrs
  150. QSC vs JBL
  151. VVR-Your experiences and recommendations, please.
  152. Tube amp with SS phase inverter
  153. Scope distortion pattern- diagnose problem?
  154. Wurlitzer electric piano interference
  155. Craaft Model "Bassic" (Solton Music) Schematic wanted
  156. Help Troubleshooting/Debugging my Laney TI-15
  157. Tube triode preamp design, a quest for Headroom....
  158. Power Transformer HV 830volts, Match to Valve amp project?
  159. Binson Echorec Tape Heads
  160. THOMAS ORGAN CO. AMPLIFIER from TL-1 , need schematic
  161. B1ues boy amp questions
  162. No Bias Votage on 12AX7
  163. Fender Blues Deluxe Power Transformer Specs?
  164. mismatched tubes
  165. Wurlitzer 4500 amp conversion
  166. Conversion of a hammond PR40 amp
  167. Loud buzz or clean but quiet.
  168. Split loading plate on 12AX7
  169. TDA2040 vs LM1875T for guitar amp
  170. Problem with 'Bassman Micro' 5F6A build -Help!
  171. HH 100l help
  172. Sound to light converter.
  173. OPT winding impedances question
  174. Weber 6M18 TMB amp questions
  175. Determining Current Requirements
  176. SWR redhead preamp issue
  177. Dim Bulb Tester
  178. Echocord S65 tubes tape delay needs repair
  179. Providing 6.3 VAC to EZ81 rectifier tube
  180. Salvaged Hammond AO-68-1a
  181. Orange TH30 amp: weird components ?
  182. line-6 Spider III Speaker upgrade?
  183. Help with Fender Blues Deville
  184. Reverb recovery stage with AC125 transistor in Philicorda GM751 organ - problems
  185. Marshall valvestate 8080 buzz
  186. Stereo Pre Amp conversion
  187. BF Fender Bassman AA864 Mojotone build noise problems!
  188. Putting two tube amp OPTs in series??
  189. Bogen PA B+ Voltage
  190. Marshall 18watt amp circuit - sure ain't a Fender!
  191. Transformer ID
  192. Marshall JCM 2000 - DSL401
  193. Harmony H303A
  194. Hammond 1750E instead 1750H
  195. Help with guitar pickups wiring highly wanted!
  196. single channel 12ax7 , F-2B, cathode follower using 5670
  197. Help with 2 pickups loose wire!
  198. SR 100 marantz parts
  199. tel ray ad n echo
  200. Determine the impedance & winding ratio of a bad output transformer - Help Request
  201. Help with 1x15 build
  202. Power supply - Voltage drop
  203. Octal Madness rebuild. Thoughts, questions.
  204. "Best" Champ / Princeton schematic?
  205. Will effect pedal design deliver any volume using speaker?
  206. I can't seem to access ssguitar.com???
  207. Behringer PMP-1000 Mixer Pow.er Supply info
  208. Log potentiometer action, and making your own.
  209. AC Voltmeter - what's possible?
  210. Single pot tone stack on Fender 5C3 Deluxe
  211. Tweeter recommendation for acoustic guitar amp
  212. Tweeter recommendation for acoustic guitar amp
  213. An obscure question about triodes, impedance, clipping, and gain
  214. 6.5V on the heaters?
  215. Sound Barrier PCS-2500
  216. Audition/Teisco schematic
  217. Shielded cable for piezo pick-up...
  218. Guitar Pickup Wiring
  219. Allen S-100 Amp 1979
  220. Help - valve won't fire
  221. amplifier transistor problem
  222. Reverb tank question
  223. vox amplug2
  224. Lab gruppen
  225. Gallien-Krueger Power Issue
  226. Xfmr problem - quick question
  227. Tone stack for Champ 5F1
  228. Behringer Amp Clipping, want advice.
  229. DRRI Volume Pot
  230. Need a good 8" guitar amp speaker
  231. How much Capacitance/Filtering is too much?
  232. help with my new Lowrey MX-1
  233. Epiphone Electar 75th Ann
  234. New build troubleshooting
  235. Reverb Tank Between Pre and Power Tube
  236. Bernie amp blind diagnosis
  237. Twin Reverb AA769 notAB768
  238. 5F1 Circuit Alteration
  239. Values for resistors in schematic
  240. Build report: Tube preamp for bass (or guitar)
  241. Tube Amp Distortion
  242. Bassman clone NFB wiring for multi-tap OT
  243. voicing your guitar
  244. Latest project, guitar amp with clean/distorted channels.
  245. Trying to design Marshall JTM50
  246. Premier 90 Buzz
  247. AC30 output stage
  248. FET wierd unharmonic distortion
  249. HF distortion ... Guitar amp problem
  250. Subwoofer Bass Amp?

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