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  1. Puzzled about driving a tone stack, any help appreciated.
  2. Webcor 4901 issue.
  3. Homemade Orange Tiny Terror clone
  4. Princeton AA1164 with 5 Watt EL91
  5. Amp Footswitch Advice Needed
  6. Bass combo line out level to low for altec power amp.
  7. 5F6a Bassman hum issue.
  8. Dynacord Echocord Super 65
  9. Original Irig
  10. Convert a 15watt Amp to Battery powered
  11. EQ, phase, and distortion
  12. Yamaha G100
  13. My soviet drum machine isn't working properly
  14. Help me sort out this 72-76 Telecaster Custom
  15. Choosing an op-amp for a guitar to line-level preamp
  16. 1979 Bassman 10 mod suggestions?
  17. Seeking schematics or info on Davoli Krundaal Model 7092 K
  18. 12AX7 Headroom Question
  19. twin reverb 65 help needed.
  20. Opto-Compressor
  21. Phantom powered mic preamp
  22. need help with diagnosing organ power amp problem
  23. Reverb Tanks
  24. Electret condenser mics
  25. Where do i put effects loop in guitar preamp circuit?
  26. Best bang for the buck microphone for recording music
  27. Request for comments on a low-voltage hybrid preamp/amp
  28. CCS preamp in my DIY guitar amp
  29. DI transformer Cap value
  30. Power Tube Attenuation
  31. Short Neck Bass
  32. question for a 4xKT88 PP amp
  33. S.S. guitar amp output stage
  34. Extra Sunn 190L Tubes?
  35. Help needed determining which reverb tank for an amp.
  36. Onboard rechargeable power supply for electric guitar/bass
  37. Can someone help me with a part number?
  38. Chip Amp with FX Loop
  39. Yamaha MS40DR Electronic Drums Monitor
  40. UK Vox night train eco mode
  41. Chip amp with FX send/return
  42. Digital Delay construction and study material
  43. Mixing Console - Acceptable Ripple Spec
  44. New York Dave's Passive Summing Mixer - Mute Switch
  45. Peavey Studio Pro 112
  46. Thomas organ amp with vibrato
  47. Anyone Build Rod Elliot's Bass Guitar Amp (Project 152)?
  48. Switching in a 2 x 12 guitar cab - help?
  49. LINE 6 AX2 amp has bad channel
  50. Red-Plating Amp
  51. Carlsbro GLX100 Schematic
  52. Limiter release in dB/s
  53. can somebody explain whats going on here? vintage amp boards?
  54. Help with X100b
  55. Dynacord Eminent 2T manual
  56. Need a help with OM-27 Omnichord
  57. High gain amplifier trouble with positive feedback
  58. High gain amplifier trouble with positive feedback
  59. 5F1 Build- Noob Questions
  60. El34 Single Ended Opt (Fender Champ)
  61. Need advice on channel switching issue
  62. Advice on Speaker for 15W Tube Amp
  63. Need a little help with a sticker
  64. Korg nutube 6p1 tube buffer/harmonizer
  65. Pet Peeve Peavey (GPS 3500)
  66. One-Hundred-Fifty Watts from Korgs New Triode?!
  67. Guitar mod
  68. one valve unity or so balanced cable driver?
  69. Bass tube preamp Project.-
  70. help in installing a preamp in my diy mixer
  71. ADA flanger not working properly
  72. reverb for a 5F1
  73. repairing broken gallien kreuger - help!
  74. Tube combo amp for nylon electric
  75. Fender Sunn SR-30a - Noise Issue.
  76. Cause of soft clipping in the germanium Fuzz Face?
  77. Fender Blues Jr. Oscillation Coming out of Standby
  78. Flapping and Buzzing Woofer
  79. Mesa Mark II footswitch circuit draws from heaters, unbalanced and noisy results
  80. Sarco V18-22 tube amplifier
  81. How to test germanium output transistors
  82. 5C1 Scatch build (voltages ?)
  83. ELK VIKING 103 Guitar amplifier
  84. OTL amps for guitar duty
  85. New guitar amp build and schematic help
  86. Choke current at startup exceeds rating? :(
  87. Mixing Console - Coupling Cap Values
  88. Tube amp blaring noise when i turn the stand by switch on!!!
  89. PT, OT, Choke Placement
  90. Project27 adding reverb and overdrive
  91. Are there any low-power class D amplifiers that are not crap for guitar amplification
  92. signal split
  93. Question re Guitar Amp Power Supply
  94. Guitar preamp
  95. I need suggestions for a guitar amp kit
  96. Bendix 6384 Fender Showman Mod
  97. Adding an FX loop to an acoustic amp
  98. Cascode LTP mic preamp
  99. Acoustic guitar preamp based on Fender
  100. Help needed on DIY TL074 mixer
  101. Hammond H-100 FX loop best location
  102. Suggested Mods for Peavey Butcher - Negative Feedback Loop Tone control?
  103. Vox AC 30SS Vibrato problem
  104. Hammond Organ 7591 Bias Adjustment
  105. Improvisation on five handmade synthesizers.
  106. Edcor XPP for EL84 amp
  107. Magnetic Pickup for Cello - Idea/Question
  108. Looking for rack gear
  109. Egnator Renegade 65
  110. Crate XT120R Issue
  111. Input transformer for Shure M63
  112. need help with passive volume and tone
  113. Bass amp with Audiopower DPA-600/F (sad story)
  114. Phonic PWA 2400 (manual, experience?)
  115. Mod TDA7429P Amp Board
  116. Marshall VS30R
  117. Tesseract Guitar Practice Amp
  118. Preamp for Triaxial Piezo Soundboard Transducer
  119. Need a new output transformer, checkmate 50!
  120. Laney Supergroup MK1 restoration
  121. Solid State version of a VOX AC-30 Guitar Amp
  122. Output Tube Into Op Amp
  123. Standby switch buzz?
  124. Peculiar balanced output connection?
  125. I need help understanding what I really need in a Tube Amp
  126. Marshall JCM800 2204 clone, need help
  127. Line Level Splitter for Amp FX Loop
  128. Beginner questions
  129. tube tremolo schematic for SE
  130. Hartke LH500
  131. Asym oscillation BEFORE modified Phase Inverter in Mesa Mark II
  132. Question on replacing faulty amp.
  133. PV Nashville 400 'Metzger' Reverb Mod
  134. using darlington configuration for increase gain in guitar distortion circuit
  135. Ovation K-6427 PVMS PA Amplifier
  136. Egnater Rebel 20 MKII - 'classic/high gain' switch - how does it work?
  137. Passive Low Cut, High Cut, Bandpass Filter
  138. I've seen two factory guitar amps asking to place 8ohm speaker on 4ohm tap
  139. help with limiter suitable for guitar amp.
  140. Klemt echollette m40 hum and feedback
  141. Hi All, Newbie at Audio, I am so desperate
  142. Mid Scoop suggestions ?
  143. Need help with tube reverb circuit noise
  144. Guitar Help needed.
  145. Solo schematics for DIY mixer
  146. Peavey PV1200 amp
  147. Maestro Rhythm King - Schematic?
  148. DIY 15/30W Amplifier
  149. Practice amp modification (Dean Markley k-15x)
  150. Identfying old RCA tubes
  151. REQ: Bogen HTA125A Schematic
  152. Soul Food Preamp into Mullard 3-3 power - good idea?
  153. Converting Hammond LR A (ex HR-40) to Hifi Mono Amp
  154. Webcor 166-1
  155. Weak Reverb in a Gibson Scout GA 17 RVT
  156. AKG C414B-ULS with low output
  157. ART DR-X Distortion Help with Diagnosis
  158. Vintage style Tube mic pre want to build help
  159. trainwreck express master volume
  160. Hiwatt Maxwatt B60/12
  161. Conn541 amplifier schematic needed
  162. Grid or cathode bias 5C1
  163. Anyone have a Fishman Loudbox schematic to share?
  164. Extract Preamp Section from Fender Frontman 212R
  165. weird R-C coupling
  166. Amp Maker WF-55 -- Have you built it? Did you like it?
  167. what are good AC values for B+ ripple at 480VDC
  168. Baldwin Panoramic Tone Converter
  169. How support Noval Socket for Pedal
  170. Less than 1w practice guitar amp Tube Valve
  171. Cannibal guitar amp project...
  172. Ibanez AEQ SS Repair
  173. 1979 Pro Reverb problem
  174. Oscillation Mystery Solved!
  175. anyone has a DBX 223XS can help me?
  176. Marshall AVT20 footswitch?
  177. behringer Inuke 3000 failure
  178. 60's JMI VOX AC15 tremolo
  179. Suzuki Omnichord Om-27: only makes a low hum-noise
  180. Badcat Guitar Amp schematic needed
  181. Peavey TNT 150
  182. Ampeg J12T isuues
  183. EL84 puzzle
  184. Build Troubleshooting
  185. DC Cathode Follower Mixer
  186. Sub miniature pentode push pull design help
  187. Class A question
  188. Modelling Two Amps in One - Tone Switching
  189. Marshall JMP 77 MV 100W amplifier HT issues
  190. Getting more crunch out of 5F1 clone.
  191. Hey Enzo!!
  192. buzzing in peavey tko 115 help please
  193. Budget Bud?
  194. Space Charge tubes - and uses
  195. Obsessive-Compulsive Purchase
  196. Troubleshooting a 6v6 plexi
  197. Marshall Lead and Bass SS JMP 2195 issues
  198. basic potentiometer help please
  199. Volume Pedal + Amp Board = ?
  200. AB Systems 410C amp mysteries
  201. Can I use 1 op amp with channel switching preamp
  202. Trying To Understand This Power Supply Design
  203. Master Volume stuck on full Marshall 101cfx
  204. Amplee Thunder vintage 35, guitar amp
  205. Dynacord Echocord Mini, no echo!
  206. Impedance Mismatch BurnUp Danger Question
  207. Help with modification on sound effects board
  208. about V73 Maihak amp
  209. Building a crossover for a acoustic mic/pickup
  210. Help with a tube guitar amp for my father, schematic sanity check
  211. Low tech Bass guitar amp/speaker
  212. Splitting an electro-acoustic guitar signal
  213. Help with identification
  214. Need help to design new amp, payed $$$
  215. Mono/Stereo lines and adapters - a few questions...
  216. Peavey 8.5 power amp.
  217. Minimalistic Bare Bones 2 Transistor Guitar Preamp
  218. DIY guitar amp
  219. Idea Shaping and Guidance Needed
  220. Grid voltage Pultec 1A
  221. tube amp capacitor voltage ratings help please
  222. Omnichord Repair
  223. Pultec low freq pops
  224. SM57 to 100K input tube premap impedance
  225. Input Jack = ground loop??
  226. Heeeelp:( 70's plexi build
  227. Need some amp help please! No sound!
  228. SilverTone 1474 First stage lots of Hissss?
  229. Studer Console Output Transformer
  230. Farfisa Compact Deluxe
  231. Yet another valve USB/MIC/LINE mixer/preamp.
  232. EL84 as a mic preamp
  233. Building a Faraday Cage - which frequencies do I want to block?
  234. 6x9 instrument speakers almost extinct
  235. 6l6GB not finding alot of guitar amps that run these..
  236. Blue Robbie heater problems
  237. AC15 EL84 output transformer replacement or DIY
  238. Phase inverter distortion
  239. IGOR Red board Sontec Clone - need Schematics please
  240. LM7809 voltage regulator quick question
  241. New Member looking for opinions on my design
  242. Crossover for Fane PRO 18-800P replaced in Martin S18+
  243. Poor little GZ34 F32 B6H4
  244. Lee Jackson xla-1000 squealing
  245. High voltages on Fender 5E5 home brew
  246. AX84 is about to close
  247. 6v6gt output transformer question, help please
  248. Behringer EP 4000
  249. Is this parasitic oscillation (and what do I do about it?)
  250. Limiting inrush current

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