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  1. Stage Line PMX-700DSP Schematic Wanted
  2. Audio coaxial cable for guitar
  3. Bass guitar amp
  4. First guitar amp build power supply question.
  5. Reverb tank hum
  6. Fender Blender volume mod
  7. Never done this before: Guitar Amp!
  8. Anyone got a decent schem for the Shin-Ei RT18 (Resly Tone)?
  9. Guitar Pre Revisions?
  10. Wireless Guitar Transmitter/Receiver
  11. Passive 2 band tone stack for guitar
  12. What polarity is the plugpack on Boss pedals?
  13. EVENT PRECISION 8 Monitors click'n at heatn up
  14. Diode questiong on pedal
  15. Digital Echo M50195p
  16. Electro-Harmonix Freedom Amp schematic.
  17. A guitar (and more) amp for my son
  18. Anyone heard of Fisfar organs?
  19. Report from the Organ Historical Society Convention
  20. diy Singing - acoustic combo
  21. Custom Flying V
  22. 1 Input/2outputs Guitar Amp Switch
  23. Cajon Box
  24. Power Supply Classic30
  25. Need Source for Behringer Parts
  26. Sustainer guitar pickup
  27. Behringer PMP Schematics
  28. Pro Co Rat Schematics
  29. Help Please with tube amps!!!!!
  30. cabin for celestion vintage 30
  31. Setar Amp
  32. Fender Jazz Bass Mexico made
  33. looking for a diy guitar amp.
  34. Behringer GMX microphonic inputs
  35. DAW MIDI Bar Counter
  36. bass speaker help
  37. Piezo Disc Preamp
  38. Rock Amp (70's SS guitar amp)
  39. Can someone explain Ohms when buying an amp?
  40. edward van halen set up diagram
  41. Feedback problem with Guitar amp ....
  42. Quick question for the electronic wizards
  43. OLC "Slow Century" Anyone build?
  44. DIY Wireless Guitar Pedal - Help.......
  45. Head to cab connection??
  46. Best Part Supplier?
  47. diy piezo for acoustic guitar
  48. Yamaha EM-300 mixer troubleshooting
  49. Recording vocals on Behringer UCG102
  50. Speaker wiring help please
  51. Peavey Valveking 112 Combo SCHEMATIC
  52. Not satisfied with your guitar amp? LEGO!
  53. Jfet piezo preamp for acoustic guitar
  54. Help with preamp
  55. Sam's Photofacts Question (Guitar Amp)
  56. marshall valvestate 8080 hiss raw/growl
  57. solid-state Bass amp
  58. Solid state guitar amp
  59. guitar tone I can't find....
  60. LME49810 for guitar
  61. Phonic helix board 18 firewire mk2
  62. XLR audio pad attenuator
  63. Variable High pass filter?
  64. Guitar amp
  65. Input/output switcher
  66. Please give me a review on mi DIY SS guitar amp
  67. BP vs. NP capacitors - newbie
  68. Low Voltage Tube Solidstate Guitar preamp design ...
  69. STK Professional V-6 Amp--need schematics
  70. The secrets of guitar amplifiers
  71. SE 7868 Guitar Amp - some issues...
  72. Tube amp designe for Mic/Acoustic guitar
  73. Magnetic contact microphone from Radio Shack audio transformer
  74. could my boss gt6 blow up a 1200w beringer PA head????
  75. 4x12 Guitar cab using guitar and bass speakers help
  76. Looking for service manual for Alpha Juno 2
  77. how to reduce humming in guitar amplifier
  78. Anyone got a schematic for a ring modulator that DIVIDES?
  79. Alembic F2-B project gone cookoo
  80. Older polytone 104 schematic
  81. midifying a pedalboard
  82. Balanced Wet/Dry control
  83. Hybrid Guitar Power Amp 45W
  84. +4 dBu to -3dBv conversion
  85. Mogami on a budget..
  86. How to make guitar effects processors?
  87. I need a bass amp schematic
  88. Infinity: an universal guitar preamp
  89. Paia stack in a box
  90. Guitar amp effects loop finally done.
  91. Guitar Amp Advice
  92. Fender Bassman Ten
  93. Grounding for Mixer and Bipolar Power Supply
  94. material to cover guitar amplifier cabinet
  95. Finished Bass Guitar Amp
  96. bass pre - interface
  97. Info on guitar amplifiers
  98. bass amp problems
  99. troubleshooting Harvard amp
  100. Phonic mixer preamp mods.
  101. Piezo switch to trigger drum lights
  102. HELP speaker wiring conundrum
  103. Line-level Volume Control Possibilities
  104. Help me out with my organ to guitar amp conversion, please.
  105. Need help with guitar tube pedal schematic.
  106. I have a 120v/50hz guitar amp and I need to know...
  107. whu 6800ohms for mic phantom pwr?
  108. What makes the good guitar pickup sound so good?
  109. Behringer PMH300 noisy phantom
  110. vintage AD9 output very quiet
  111. nonpolar capacitors
  112. ART Tube MP mods?
  113. Dean markley DR-80 Pre Need help
  114. guitar amp question
  115. best opamp replacement for TL07x?
  116. White Horse PB80 Bass Amp
  117. Guitar effects - where to start?
  118. Marshall VS100 mods???
  119. DIY Bass Practice Amp Out of Household Items
  120. Modifying Preamp Frequency Response - Eden WT-800 to WT-400
  121. 555 Keyboard
  122. Looking for a 1970"s Marshall Mark II schematic..
  123. Supro S6616 Trojan Tremolo Help 1965
  124. Circuit before a recording head
  125. Coverting guitar amp to bass
  126. What do I need to run a signal from guitar into a Windows PC Line In
  127. DAT Simulator
  128. jumpering fet switching
  129. Stage Piano Internal Speakers
  130. Guitar amp question
  131. Old baldwin orgasonic organ, what to do, help me!
  132. Annoying 50 hz hum
  133. Analog tape compression circuit
  134. Build speakers with low sensitivity
  135. DI Box?
  136. how would you handle this a/b switching?
  137. Ribbon Controller
  138. DD-5 mod questions from a semi-noob
  139. anyone with a low noise preamplifier circuit for guitar?
  140. Mesa Boogie Road King
  141. Adding volume pedal to umx61 midi keyboard
  142. how to make a low noise guitar preamp?
  143. FET based Acoustic preamp help
  144. Shruti box or tune box: How to start
  145. Conn ST-11 Strobotuner Mod Help
  146. Help to understand this schem please!
  147. Would Like To Restore My DX-7
  148. all possible permutations of series parallel and phasing
  149. Effects mixer for pedals etc? Help needed!
  150. Stompbox problem
  151. Frontman 65R /Bandit 112 schematics
  152. Preamp design schematics done
  153. Stomp Box Problems
  154. Tuning a guitar by comparing harmonics on adjacent strings
  155. Amp for a POD XT?
  156. Schematic for SoundTech Unity PA needed
  157. Suggestions for Guitar amp speaker ?
  158. intermittent hum
  159. Audio Delay 0-20 millisec DIY?Matching miked and line signal
  160. Tube PA to Guitar Amp Conversion Help
  161. Bass guitar amp design guidelines
  162. Looking for a good humbucker
  163. 2a3 Triode Guitar Amplifier
  164. DIY Fuzz Factory in Arion enclosure- with a difference
  165. Help on guitar jack soldering?
  166. Schematic for Marshall AVT20 Needed
  167. Need help selecting and LOCATING the best op-amp for guitar audio
  168. Left Handed Les Paul 500K Pots?????
  169. Crate V212B rattling
  170. Crate Taxi 30e buzz crackle
  171. Laney Pro-Bass 100W
  172. Guitar amp conversion
  173. Fender Champion 110
  174. Handling stereo output from keyboard
  175. Crate GX-80 Bad Input
  176. Hexaphonic guitar pickup experiment
  177. Dummy load for unknown output impedence
  178. Need help with a Gilmore Jr. build
  179. Gallien-Krueger 200MB Schematic
  180. Frequency respond of guitar/bassamp's OPT?
  181. My Latest DIY (Mostly) guitar Amp/Head!!!
  182. Guitar amp problem (marshall 8080 valvestate)
  183. Tube buffer before pre-amp/amp?
  184. Advice for Jazz amp.
  185. Is it normal to think this way?
  186. volume pot in balanced line
  187. Help with filter design
  188. Oberheim OB-8 restoration
  189. tapping into keyboard of Korg Polysix
  190. Analysis on semi parametric eq's
  191. Studiomaster Pro2163 service manual.
  192. Fuzz Face DIY: need more fuzz
  193. Modifying Blackheart BH5H for more gain
  194. Tube Distortion/overdrive preamp circuit needed
  195. Passive mixing problems - guitar pedal
  196. electronic project
  197. electronic project
  198. Need Behringer PMX-2000 Schematics
  199. Need advice replacing caps in Harmony H400a guitar amp
  200. Car Battery Amp for gigs
  201. Schematic request - Crate TD-70 Guitar Amp
  202. Roland Space Echo
  203. Pressure sensor to control amplitude
  204. Samick digital piano schematic wanted
  205. Event TR6 monitor noise
  206. Akai MPC500 experiences digital noise
  207. Evolution MK-7 midi keyboard
  208. DIY Andy Summers Telecaster - help needed!
  209. Randall RG50TC schematics
  210. Orange Tiny Terror with Kenwood 15" speaker
  211. Refinishing a burned cabinet
  212. why do want a match pair of germanium transistors for a fuzz circuit??
  213. Optical Pickups
  214. Resources for PA - Guitar amp conversion
  215. 1x10" Guitar cabinet advice
  216. Master Room XL-305
  217. Preamp with limiter schematic, need some hints
  218. what are the best germanium transistor npn and pnp ??
  219. What to build - Electric Violin Combo Amp?
  220. Practice amp/parts bin special
  221. Wurlitzer A206 EP Amplifier Schematic
  222. New (?) Distortion Circuit
  223. Beginners Guitar amp project, any suggestions?
  224. Guitar Cab - Need help with Ohms
  225. Guitar pickup balanced preamp
  226. Guitar amp, push pull
  227. Practice Amplifier
  228. Need Hammond/Everett drawings.
  229. TL062 replacement recommendation
  230. RealMcTube as bass booster
  231. Grounding - multiple units (guitar) - head hurts
  232. Hammond or Everett AO-48 chassis
  233. Behringer ACX900 series
  234. Making Of Double D ..
  235. Swich audio fet (HELP)
  236. Cheap guitar amp kits?
  237. SWR Redhead speakers
  238. Blue Voodoo Tube amp issue
  239. Keil guitar amps
  240. what is the best overdrive schematic????
  241. Schematic for Roland PM-30
  242. QProx QTouch volume control
  243. Electronic guitar pickup selector
  244. Peavey Roadmaster help
  245. transistor sockets
  246. Teac Tascam 5
  247. Any Guitarists Here or WannaBes like me?
  248. Tone circuit blues
  249. Guitar amp recommendation
  250. Fender twin reverb farts out after switching to standby

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