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  1. question for you geniuses about distortion
  2. Alpine MRV-F400
  3. Service Manual or Schematics for Vestax DCR 1500 needed please
  4. Roland keyboard thru audio tube amp?
  5. 3 band bass preamp
  6. Need a Piezo buffer with Balanced, mic level output
  7. need help setting my tuner for my bass
  8. Simple custom configurations, Hard to find info
  9. Piezo pickup question
  10. Need Audio Centron Eclipse ACM-16 manual
  11. What amp head
  12. Mellotron preamp schematic
  13. Orange Bass Terror 500 question..
  14. First distortion pedal issues
  15. TRace Elliot AH500-7
  16. Replacing NE5532 and TL07x in a Soundmaster 16-16-2 mixer
  17. "The Mix" Magazine DIY Series
  18. Hello People I have Pot Arcing and Soft input issues .
  19. Some head confusion
  20. design & build 300w ot & pt
  21. Cabinet Construction
  22. Modification of a combo??
  23. Head vs. Head
  24. Tube pre into a solid state
  25. Speaker Cabinet
  26. Marshall JCM 800 50W PI circuit
  27. Tube amp help!
  28. My first stomp box build
  29. Marshall 1987 Plexi HT Voltages
  30. Volume Control, ToneStacks, Potentiometers and noise
  31. Building a Guitar amp
  32. Bel BD80 Schematic request
  33. Guitar bass amplify
  34. Marshall Valvestate 8100 mods, upgrades.
  35. Comparator problem
  36. Guitar and Bass, tuning tuning tuning
  37. Fundamentals of tube distortion
  38. Current-Amp to drive bass guitar cab?
  39. anyone who can replicate a guitar effect for me?
  40. Eminence vs. Celestion Shootout
  41. Trace Elliot AH-300 repair help
  42. Vintage Epiphone Comet amp. Low Volume.
  43. Farfisa f5
  44. Alesis Multimix mixers
  45. Amp Head's for guitar or bass, general interest
  47. Which Fender Deluxe Circuit?
  48. Fender Solid state Mod; JFet drive stage
  49. Micing a ported guitar/bass cab?
  50. remains of Yamaha PSR 620 / 520
  51. Ring Modulator idea
  52. Basic tube power supply question
  53. Guitar forums
  54. electric violin - headphones amplifier
  55. Fender Frontman 212R-Clean channel sounds "dirty"
  56. help wiring a pickup to a pot.
  57. Help? Stereo to Mono Output Switch + Preamp Effect Box
  58. Guitar amp with 6P6S (6V6) and probably 12AX7
  59. "Indicated Hot"
  60. Piezoelectric Transducer Preamp
  61. line level fx - integrating them into standard fx pedal chain
  62. Acoustic pickup
  63. aria bass amp AB-30 schematic
  64. DC voltage stepdown..
  65. Oscillator organ to synthesizerómission impossible?
  66. Need a sony vintage cd player D9/90 service manual
  67. Need to find amercian audio dcd-pro600 schematics
  68. Need help with a Newcomb 12 inch Jensen C12N speaker
  69. Fender 5C1 Choke
  70. echoplex ep-4, head hook up help
  71. Uher m534 switches need replacing
  72. help for a tube distortor
  73. Portable class D Bass Guitar amp/speaker design
  74. Alpha Juno 2 VERY noisy chorus needs repair help
  75. UP approval on guitar amps.
  76. Two-channel tube/hi-fi blending preamp
  77. Marshall 8080-Channel select button problem
  78. Drum Mic'ing
  79. Help with Rocktron Hush
  80. Modding a Fender Frontman 15G?
  81. low waltage guitar power amp
  82. New to Pro Audio
  83. Is my schematic correct? (buffered filter)
  84. Washing acoustic foams???
  85. EL34 PP acoustic guitar amp
  86. Phonic - MAR 4
  87. Faulty electric organ/synth
  88. British HiGain Design (from the scratch) - need backup!
  89. Help to Mod an Old Church Organ
  90. Roland BN-60 need schematic
  91. ALs tube amp thread.
  92. Takamine TS1 Acoustic Guitar Pre Amp
  93. Advice on recapping a Digital recorder?
  94. Worth building a keyboard amp?
  95. Pedal to USB
  96. Behringer Mini MON800
  97. looking for some help for modifying a strat
  98. marshall mg100dfx footswitchable channels
  99. Guitar amp what driver to use?
  100. Pitch to Cv converter
  101. The Doors -- What amps?
  102. Marshall AVT50 Pops when Switching Channels
  103. where can i buy a replacement PSU for my Blackstar pedal?
  104. Audio signal "Flasher"
  105. Alembic SF-2 preamp schematic?
  106. microphone
  107. Rickenbacker Transonics Amp Schematics Please?
  108. Problem with diy mxr distortion pedal
  109. behringer vmx300 dj mixer no main output
  110. Where can i buy guitar spares in the UK?
  111. Guitar Cab Help
  112. Using an existing ported enclosure
  113. Guitar pedal - biasing - why?
  114. Passive radiator for bass guitar?
  115. Behringer Eurodesk MX9000 - No input/Peak LEDs stay on
  116. Studiomaster 16-16-2 schematic
  117. Behringer Eurodesk MX9000 Power Supply
  118. Electric organ volume pedal controlling tremolo... Uh, help?
  119. Astronic Equaliser type a1671
  120. amplifier
  121. Soundtracs Solitaire Console Schematics
  122. Schematic request - Crate TD-70 Guitar Amp
  123. Yamaha RA-70R Power amp schematic
  124. Looking for Novachord Service Manual
  125. Need pinions on a fullish-range bass guitar speaker
  126. Reverb Tank
  127. Build a active DI-box
  128. JFET bass preamp clipping problem
  129. 2x12" bass guitar cabinet
  130. New and need some help :)
  131. KORG AX-3g modification
  132. Help a noob to design a guitar pedal!
  133. Ampeg B-15N Tube Suggestions?
  134. Ask for help about my DAT TASCAM DA-P1
  135. Building fender 6g15 from scratch
  136. help making some cables
  137. Redeemer circuit ( for Guitars )
  138. electro voice mixer
  139. Proposed half-sonotube speakers
  140. DIY Telecaster
  141. Any Hammonds out there?
  142. IEEE Synth Article
  143. Marshall 1960B angled front?
  144. Reverb coupling transformer
  145. 5w SE guitar Amp
  146. 200- 500 watt Tube Amp project
  147. Help with power supply trafo
  148. Update me on newer speaker designs for PA use please.
  149. Stuck on a song? Chords online.
  150. Class D guitar amp?
  151. click track triggered LED
  152. Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar Left Guitar
  153. ADSR schematic
  154. X2 Mod
  155. When Is a Violin Like An Amp?
  156. Line to instrument level converter :Re-Amp circuit?
  157. 6AU6 and 6J5 for Guitar amp or pedal.
  158. Yamaha powered mixer, need help troubleshooting
  159. EL84 and 6V6 in parallel???
  160. i would like to build a really basic tube amp ideas
  161. Need advice wiring a tweeter.
  162. could anyone help with a marshall g50r cd
  163. Post your Musical Instruments here.
  164. One off guitar amp
  165. Subwoofer as Microphone - A Question
  166. Looking for a good resource for effects
  167. First little amp project
  168. 60hz hum,accoustic guitar,piezo pickup,duet>logic pro
  169. system for guitar amp modeler
  170. 2x 3-band eq pedal, any ideas?
  171. psk supermetal-2
  172. What Kills Wall-Warts?
  173. DI DC coupled outputs
  174. Let's Design "DIY AUDIO's Versatile BASS PREAMP"
  175. newbie: Piezo as Underwater Contact Mic, Z-Diode?
  176. SSGuitar
  177. Help with Tillman JFET Piezo Preamp
  178. Intuitive three-pickup all-options switching regime
  179. tone stack switchable inductor
  180. how should i power this reverb amp?
  181. Piezo pickups and onboard preamp for Piezo
  182. Cheap way of making SS sound like a tube amp...
  183. Bass amp
  184. What size power amp do I need for mythis rig?
  185. Guitar Cabinet wiring question
  186. Adsr
  187. Lowrey L-65 Debut. Need advice and/or servcice manual
  188. Wiring cabs to amp...need some urgent input on this...
  189. Speaker cab wiring...need help!
  190. Active DI circuit for low impedance?
  191. What resistor power ratings should be used in guitar effects pedals?
  192. Gibson GSS-50 speaker question
  193. JBL D130F info
  194. New for Instrumental Music
  195. Building guitar with spring reverb inside
  196. Yamaha mixer EMX312SC
  197. Design for audio level meter?
  198. Offering audio mastering services
  199. DI Boxes, active onboard preamps and mic grounding?
  200. EF184/6EJ7 in Vox AC15 circuit. Who needs EF86?
  201. 1x12" guitar speaker cabinet
  202. summing box
  203. js201 vs bf245 FET?
  204. Condenser microphone repair
  205. bass onboard preamp circuit
  206. diy delay module
  207. modding small (10-20watt) tube amp for guitar?
  208. opinions on ideal replacement for 6L6GC and 12AX7 in valve amp?
  209. Humbucker into Tele but need wireing diagram???
  210. Clipping diode modification for heavy metal distortion
  211. help designing and building guitar amp
  212. Vent on top of Guitar Head?
  213. mixer hiss
  214. Small guitar amp with 6JC5/6JB5 tube.
  215. Guitar amp on the cheap???
  216. Class D kits for bass guitar amp??
  217. EMG active pickups - simple on-off and on-off-on switches?
  218. software simulator for audio circuit design
  219. Synthesizer: active speakers midrange
  220. small preamp design for a bass guitar
  221. (Complicated) Guitar Cab Tuning Question
  222. i need help here
  223. Help with my bass guitar wiring
  224. Guitar tuner input microphone
  225. Neve vr60 vs Neve vr60 Legend
  226. Guitar Tube-Amp Entusiast Seeks A/V Advice
  227. Mesa GEQ Inductors - Gyrators
  228. Ross pc-4110 amp circuit or help
  229. Cross over distorition in guitar amp
  230. Tube overdrive for guitar/bass
  231. Groovy Guitar Amp
  232. dean markley valve head 120 watt
  233. Hammond 1609 for 15 Watts guitar amp?
  234. Samick SPG 151G service manual help ...
  235. Guitar Amp Design / Build
  236. Yet another Guitar amp project
  237. upgrades? to crate palomino v16
  238. Guitar tone control
  239. Physical guitar synth project
  240. What's a good gain range for feedback delay?
  241. Fuzz Face problem
  242. Problem with Fuzz Face
  243. schematic for marshall mg10
  244. MARSHALL Valvestate VS100r additional mods
  245. trainwreck
  246. DIY Design and Build Overvoltage Input Amplifier Protection. HElp!!!
  247. channel 2 dies after a few seconds
  248. pick up making
  249. Stage Line PMX-700DSP Schematic Wanted
  250. Audio coaxial cable for guitar

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