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  1. Bass Guitar Amplifier
  2. fuzz face help
  3. current measuring
  4. looking for a good/great guitar speaker.
  5. Tube amp, small hiss then dead
  6. Weird issue with piezo microphone
  7. Is Blackstaramps owned by Marshall?
  8. iPod guitar dock
  9. Using a 15" Pro Studio speaker for bass
  10. Violin Signal Processing
  11. Fender solid state amplifier bias
  12. West Mini IR rebuild
  13. What is happening to my signal?
  14. Onboard Bass compressor?
  15. Details on the ID series programable amps?
  16. Is this a class D amplifier?
  17. Speaker impedance for polytone
  18. Recording into a macbook (distortion but no peaking)
  19. How to use 1 Bass Amp and 2 Cabinets
  20. Horn loaded reflex guitar speaker box
  21. Knight KM-15 As Guitar Amp??
  22. Removing gain channel preamp tube(s) Palomino V50 for better clean channel tone?
  23. Guitar amp power-supply question
  24. Behringer K3000fx troubleshooting
  25. Fender Acoustasonic needs help
  26. Silvertone 1482(x2) project
  27. Capacitor to reduce switch off bang
  28. A tone control that works!!
  29. guitarix and ubuntu
  30. Magnatone #210 Power Stage
  31. Fender TR SF. Humming like crazy only with the outer tubes in place.
  32. Home Made Effect Pedals (+video)
  34. 10 best valve guitar/bass amps
  35. Cabs for a Trinity Triwatt and Tone Tubby's
  36. 6L6 / EL34s Orange
  37. Brass instrument amplifier
  38. power supply? running off a generator
  39. Marshall Valvestate mods
  40. Odd transformer wiring
  41. Preamp for cello piezo pickup
  42. Help with an LED puzzle...
  43. 5e9 tremolux cutting off when switching tremolo off
  44. EH Dirt Road Special
  45. I need help with my tone cabinet
  46. A quick question for the bass head guru's
  47. soft clipping from current limited power supply
  48. Question about Marshall 9100
  49. teisco checkmate 15 no sound
  50. teisco checkmate 15 no sound
  51. Guitar Amp: Shuguang Treasure
  52. Iso Cab Dimensions
  53. Bugera 1990 Help
  54. Tapco 4400 reverb problems
  55. digitech whammy iv preset hacking made easy
  56. Marshall Super Lead Project -Any Help Appreciated-
  57. fixed bias with low plate voltage
  58. Broken Mesa Dual Rectifier
  59. loud gunshot sound from Egnater Rebel 30 Amp
  60. Bass cab configuration
  61. Mesa dc10 making phase shifting noise
  62. 10 Band EQ
  63. fixed bias capacitors
  64. 1970s fender champ givin me problems
  65. Alamo Electra OT question
  66. Oh no! Portable Amp Revamped!
  67. Dean Markley T120-R fixer-upper project.
  68. Violin amplifier questions
  69. Strange problem with a Fender Blues Junior
  70. Hammond Organ A0-43 to Guitar Amp
  71. tube voltages
  72. unusual noise on AB763 Super reverb clone
  73. Tube Amp (Rivera guitar amp) repair gone wrong
  74. Impedance matching for DI to Mic Pre
  75. Guitar Amp EQ Control Problems
  76. Pine model 203 Tube Amp - hot chassis grounding question
  77. Question about a resistor in my amp.
  78. 18-Watter with EF86
  79. Roland FA-76 Problem!!
  80. Old guitar amp question
  81. Amps... where to start?
  82. Guitar amp first stage voltage 100 or 250 volts
  83. OT Master volume
  84. Pickup wiring/inductance/output questions
  85. Small change in pitch
  86. Help needed with direct output (DI) for bass amp
  87. 12DW7/7247 wired parallel
  88. Rat Problem tonepad
  89. Simple Idea of "Fully" Digital Microphone and Guitar
  90. JCM 800 2204 PT issue
  91. Record Amp High Level out to Computer
  92. 4x10 cabinet - ported or sealed?
  95. Peavey Renown Solo Series?
  96. Historic Harmonica Amplifier
  97. diy amp + iphone = Ultimate amp!
  98. Van Halen brown sound
  99. power transformer specs
  100. Please help me wire my guitar cab. (stereo/mono)
  101. Guitar preamp / external pickup selector
  102. Bass Amp Help (Carvin MB10)
  103. Blackheart BH1 SCHEMATIC.
  104. Does anybody have a buffered magnetic pickup blend schematic?
  105. Fender FM 212 popping sound when switching off
  106. lm386 as preamp.
  107. Isolation Cabinet for guitar
  108. an effects loop instead the spring reverb ?
  109. bass guitar long term power spectra for setting biamp xover
  110. whats the trick to a great sounding bass guitar speaker?
  111. Issue w/ DIY tube amp build
  112. Lambda TD15H for bass guitar speaker
  113. Amp sounds better at 45 degree angle ...
  114. Fender low voltage power supply
  115. Stradivarius: in blind testing, virtuoso violin players can't pick them out
  116. GU50 Prototypes
  117. GK 800RB Schematics for initial plus 2 redesigns
  118. 12" feild coil speaker "WOW"
  119. Charge Amplifier Guitar Preamp questions
  120. speaker ideas for FRFR rigs?
  121. gallien krueger 800rb - confusion over replacement pots
  122. fx loop on 5E3 clone
  123. help with oscillation problem - bass amp
  124. interface for hifi amp ?
  125. DIY Champ amp oscillation problem
  126. Big Champ head
  127. im new to repairing guitar amps
  128. Ampro
  129. Rewiring a Leslie 125 amp into what?
  130. Synthesizer ribbon cable
  131. Guitar amp
  132. Gibson guitar amp tremolo oscillator - nada
  133. Is a Fuzz Face a common-emitter or common-collector circuit?
  134. Identifying Microphone
  135. marshall 9200
  136. pevey basic 60 bass amp
  137. Guitar preamp for LM3886
  138. SE 50c5 amp for guitar
  139. Fuzz Face
  140. Ampeg B500DR bass head solid state
  141. Problem with amp hum/buzz
  142. LINE OUT 5e3 clone help please
  143. David Gilmour Guitar Sound
  144. David Gilmour Guitar Sound
  145. Help with guitar tube preamp/DI
  146. Driver for chip guitar amp
  147. Does this amp contain passive PFC?
  148. Tube FX loop?
  149. Tuner out and mute help/tips
  150. JEI V30 amp
  151. DIY MIDI Keyboard (Remodeling!)
  152. Can someone explain to me this? Please Help
  153. grit and buttery sounds in speaker
  154. Update on my Violater design
  155. Guitar with built in amp and speaker
  156. New Problem with Fender Frontman 212R
  157. Guitar Speaker Project: Eminence Texas Patriot 12" speakers great deal
  158. Class AB Push-Pull
  159. Guitar SE Amplifier with 6H
  160. First amp build filter cap qustion...
  161. Small and loud guitar amp?
  162. OTL guitar amp...
  163. Recomended power amplifier module
  164. One off guitar amp 2
  165. 12AX7 cathode resistor values
  166. 59 Fender Bassman
  167. harmonica amp feedback
  168. Distortion pedal build
  169. 6L6GB Load Line
  170. Open backed (dipole) cabinet for bass guitar
  171. Blackheart BH5H rebuild
  172. Framus Cobra PCB
  173. Minibrute IV - Pot meters
  174. AX84 kits
  175. Here's a one in a lifetime chance for a bargain!
  176. Hall VVR in an AC4TV
  177. is this schematic ok? :D Lee Jackson content
  178. Marshall JCM900 2500 preamp
  179. Tube Guitar amp, dummy load - Advice needed!
  180. Does this amp consume >75W of real power?
  181. Piezo preamp for piezo bridge
  182. Class D amps vs Valve amps?
  183. Does this amp use a switch mode power supply?
  184. Real bass amps have tubes semiconductors are musical director trainees
  185. belcat tube h50r mods
  186. A Pair of Peavey Perplixities
  187. Guitar Spring Reverb Driver
  188. wicker grill material?
  189. gibson ga79rtv
  190. line level tube overdrive ?
  191. Guitar amp loudspeaker(s) enclosure
  192. Spring Reverb driver mod. required
  193. Humming from Amp with/without input
  194. DIY guitar to iPad/iPhone adapter
  195. hifi speakers for a tiny guitar cab?
  196. Dalek voice ring mod anyone?
  197. Reverb springs
  198. Good starting gain for an instrument preamp input stage--do I have this right?
  199. 60 watt 6l6 tube amp, too muddy...why?
  200. peavey 5150/6505/6505+ HT
  201. Best tube combo for an electric bass..
  202. Upside Down Tube Amp
  203. Guitar speaker cabinet plans?
  204. Failing Marshall 8080
  205. Reduced Output Level from a Dynamic Mic
  206. I need an explanation.
  207. RCA 6L6GB in Fender Vibro King
  208. Looking for very small and simple variable bass boost
  209. Weird sounds coming from bass guitar
  210. Webcor conversion, odd distortion
  211. fat/boost switch
  212. Novice needs advice: building a suitcase amp
  213. my 'Bass guitar amp'
  214. 4x6 guitar speakers
  215. Music man transformer
  216. Clone a Fender Vibrolux Reverb?
  217. Triode Emulator: calculations
  218. Speaker Size
  219. Yamaha SK10 schematic request please
  220. Need to modify this low impedance input to allow guitar pickups in?
  221. Watery sound in a guitar amp
  222. a Fender bassman amp question
  223. Traynor YCV15Blue - adding bias adjustment
  224. How do I make a dual supply op amp circuit run on 9V battery?
  225. Footswitch for Ibanez Promethean
  226. Keyboard output circuit - stereo/mono
  227. Vox AC15 project
  228. negative feedback
  229. solid state amp project on trademark 30-please help
  230. Modifying in-built distortion: transistors in an op-amp feedback loop?
  231. Suggestions on driver stages for big tube MI amps.
  232. Switchable Hi-Z input impedance, how ?
  233. EV 1.5kW Amp Not Powering Up
  234. Dynamix mixing desk PSU missing
  235. Scratchy sound
  236. Scratchy sound
  237. Guitar amp loadline - check my work?
  238. DIY Boss DS-1 Mod
  239. GK 200RCB Schematics
  240. rotary switch for different cathode resistors
  241. Want less distortion in guitar amp- 12au7?
  242. (DIY) 3.5mm jack adapter to 2.5mm output
  243. DIY microphone project
  244. speaker recommedations
  245. Problem with high voltage in 5e3 build
  246. take apart marshall guv'nor +
  247. what part of this schedule is bypass related and can be removed?
  248. BOSS ML-2 CLONE???
  249. Piezo Pickup Experiment
  250. Wish to buy Guitar Amplifier

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