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  1. Detuned Demystified
  2. layout: room between OT and EL34
  3. DC offset problem with TALMUS amplifier
  4. Vintage Amfiton-002 Hi-Fi amplifier for acoustic guitar
  5. help! Variable Frequency/Varible Q Boost/Cut tone circuit for tube bass amp.
  6. Ground loop hum and audio isolation trasformers
  8. PI introducing funny problems.
  9. Hum from guitar amp
  11. I designed an amp- would anyone like to build it for me?
  12. High Gain Tube Preamp Hiss
  13. Introductions/18 Watt Clone
  14. Hot Cathode Follower Resistor
  15. Made Guitar preamp, suggestions on schematic
  16. Need help ID'ing my Champ PT
  17. Fishman SA220 Schematic needed...
  18. Fender Frontman 212
  19. EL84 Tone Stack
  20. Hammond PR-40 Conversion to guitar amp
  21. Gibson GA-8T tremolo fault
  22. Acoustic guitar 2-channel preamplifier schematic
  23. rauland 3075 info needed
  24. Bias Switch w/ Heater Elevation
  25. The Alesis SR16 warning
  26. Guitar Speaker Cab/ PA Mixer Amp
  27. Ukulele pickup system of piezo SBT & ECM mic
  28. Fishman Rare Earth Blend replica
  29. 6L6GC Tube Orientation
  30. do I need a cathode follower?
  31. Hammond 307A Audio Transformer
  32. Passive Guitar Output Splitter WITHOUT Transformer
  33. Reverb gain on Fender Princeton 112+
  34. More power out of bass combo
  35. what happens to voltage when I add a good choke
  36. Variable feedback vs. input attenuation
  37. choosing new output tubes for mongrel amp
  38. Harsh 12AT7 PI. Brand or model?
  39. Help wanted. A very strange error.
  40. Guitar Tube Preamp
  41. Fixing a Peavey Transtube Amp
  42. Issues with model T (ish) Clone
  43. Boss BD-2 No Suund
  44. Gretsch6151 preamp fun project - Goes silent when tremolo tube is put in
  45. champ hop-up vs. new Angela super-single-ended build
  46. Peavey Triumph 60
  47. Hey Everybody (DIY Acoustic Amplifier)
  48. EF86 with EL84 pushpull
  49. Valve amp rebuild help
  50. OPT impedances
  51. crest fa2401 lose connection trace
  53. BJT/tube hybrid power amp with adjustable distortion
  54. Sag resistor
  56. Double amplification
  57. Blue label jensen stock in champs?
  58. questions on Svetlana/Tube Town EF86 mic stage
  59. Tremolo Circuit Design Beating
  60. old penncrest stereo amp to basic tube amp
  61. gibson L6s guitar tone control inductor
  62. carlsbro cobra 90 twin gone wrong
  63. Marshall Plexi Clone
  64. How to add volume to TDA8541 circuit?
  65. looking for Guitar amp
  66. Guitar piezo preamp
  67. effects powersupply
  68. Introduction and survey for gear junkies!
  69. Technical help with screen grid voltages
  70. tube amp no sound only buzz
  71. Critique my preamp design
  72. How is an acoustic amp different from a regular amp?
  73. el34 output transformer, 3 or 5 wire ~?
  74. Designing a Tube Line Driver / Pre-amp
  75. KT88 Tube Guitar Power Amp
  76. Guitar preamp with EQ and blend
  77. Building drum machine modules
  78. AB International 400 Power Amplifier Repair
  79. **** me, I bought the wrong box.
  80. Fender Frontman 212R - Extremely Loud Popping Noises..
  81. AC30 problem
  82. Damn, what chord is that?
  83. 20Segi tube amp
  84. Pedalboard Mounted Power Amp
  85. Homemade Leslie cabinet
  86. Tube ID needed
  87. Simple shematics for line level distorsion
  88. Fender pro reverb AA1069 nasty noise on normal channel
  89. Bias voltage problem
  90. Need help starting keyboard mod project
  91. Bright Cap, Yes or No or Maybe
  92. Gibson L6S guitar wiring
  93. Hex sustainer thingy
  94. Marshall B65 Schematic
  95. Golden Age Pre 73
  96. Piezo sensor - mounting woes
  97. Looking for high-fi condenser capsule
  98. I bought a box of old valves, some new in box and I want to build some projects
  99. 6550s
  100. Marshall VS 8080 IC1 Blowing.
  101. strange preamp
  102. Marshall 1960 Celestion G12t-75 ohm?
  103. 72 Twin reverb
  104. 6v6 Pushpull question
  105. Single-ended 6v6 diy; over-conducting
  106. Advice for first DIY project (MIDI sample playing instrument)
  107. Bass pre-amp DI output
  108. O/P Transformer DC Resistance Check
  109. HI-FI amplifier for bass guitar
  110. preamp for guitar
  111. Amp enclosure help
  112. Digning intro old organ
  113. SONIC MA-1 Tino Zottola
  114. Compressor design
  115. Possible intermittent Micalex tube socket?
  116. Mic as filter
  117. Fender rhodes peterson vibrato preamp
  118. Biasing for single supply to op amp
  119. Hammond Converion amps
  120. SAP 15
  121. The Right Tube For The Job
  122. Fishman Loudbox
  123. My bass amp is too loud!
  124. DIY AMI DD. Need some advice.
  125. Amplification breaks up after some time
  126. Polytone 215-700 Custom Bass Amp SCHEMATIC NEEDED please
  127. calculating signal current for power dissipation
  128. Getting a little help building an audio amplifier
  129. Screen Taps on Sunn Model T
  130. Mesa Boogie MkII
  131. Amp for electric violin / cello.
  132. Valve amp - placement of dual chokes
  133. voltage to sound
  134. stupidly simple LED dimming from DC heater supply?
  135. running a preamp tube in class B!
  136. Echo Amb Bias Confusion
  137. Capacitor ID
  138. Modified Alembic F2-B
  139. Tonemaster 214 Clone harsh increasing buzzing sound- no signal
  140. Hammond Type G Amp
  141. Improving a Marshall MG30DFX
  142. 6J51P mic amp - comments
  143. Attenuation pedal
  144. What all is included in the DC load current a transformer sees?
  145. DIY 25v power supply
  146. Ampeg SVT CL fault
  147. DIY Trace Elliot V8 w/ 8 KT120
  148. RCA Loudspeaker 106 and what is it?
  149. adding series resistance to transformer primary
  150. Guitar Preamplifier with ECC85.
  151. Wiring guitars: which features are important
  152. single-coil / humbucker hybrid wiring
  153. SE 6550 Guitar amp
  154. Humbucker question
  155. Bias vary tremelo help needed
  156. suzuki omnichord om-27 issue
  157. Fender reverb circuit diagnostics/repair
  158. Multiple Amp Stacks for live event
  159. Elgen Bass amp fault diagnosis
  160. Ibanez TB100h information?
  161. Fortin NATAS tubes?
  162. Tube Arcing?
  163. signal processing question
  164. Garnet stencil (Granada) with no AC isolation transformer
  165. LM3886 By General Guitar Gadget
  166. 100w Guitar Amp based on 2SC3280 (2SC5200)
  167. Hybrid "Marshall" Amp
  168. Mojo fix
  169. tube interstage impedance bridging for frequency response shaping
  170. Check This out!
  171. 120W PPP ULL Bass amp, first desgin, please shoot
  172. 6v6 fixed bias
  173. Bass amp; everybodies favorite 4x K88 driver tube
  174. Overdriving one channel with another
  175. VERY LOUD cracks/pops but no sound !?
  176. larger AC motors and shielding issues? Animated cabinet
  177. Mesa Boogie Road King - strange fault - help?
  178. KT120 Bass Amp
  179. rectifier tube recommendation for champ clone
  180. Modding a cheap practice amp (aka polishing turds)
  181. Distortion mod issue (help pls)
  182. Favorite Coupling caps in Preamp?
  183. Suzuki Omnichord
  184. Boss Super Shifter Help
  185. BASS AMP: KT88 PP (or PPP) 6SN7 CF vs CC driver
  186. Ashdown Electric BLue 180 crossover distortion
  187. I have no idea where to even start
  188. Crate GX1600 blowing fuses (and general SS help)
  189. boost idea
  190. on/off switch pop when turned off
  191. Sony stereophonic amp (60's tube)
  192. Transformer from Marshall 3530
  193. baldwin model 45 c-2 amp
  194. Single tube guitar amp, adding a transformer to a formerly transformer-less design
  195. More Peavey Classic amps
  196. Echoplex restoration
  197. Background noise on guitar amp TD35
  198. SVT project
  199. Gibson amp project
  200. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - Cracking noise when adjusting nobs
  201. ISO Traynor YBA2 schematic, 5Y3 rectifier
  202. high gain vacuum tubes
  203. Bell tube PA amp giving really low output.
  204. 12at7 transformed amp
  205. Low wattage power amp for preamp.
  206. my first valve amp build,
  207. 45hz bass boost on amp sounds gummed up?
  208. Fender Champ 5f1 clone squeal
  209. need help in guitar amp modification!!!!
  210. power resister problem
  211. Peavey Renown 400 Issues
  212. Connection for 4 booster circuits?
  213. "sloclone" HT PS filtering mod question
  214. How to replace horn in yorkville 300k?
  215. Bass/guitar tube preamp with small power stage
  216. Splitting and attenuating a balanced signal
  217. Guitar tube amp self-made
  218. Roland PA410 Powered Mixer
  219. Negative Feedback in Two Stage Preamp
  220. uStack Desktop Amp.
  221. crate_technical_support_abandonment
  222. voicing for push-pull amp without tone controls
  223. Rangemaster clone filter caps
  224. channel input resistor value straight from humbuckers?
  225. FX loop volume control
  226. Piezo stereo preamp
  227. el84 same with el84(6n14n)??????
  228. long tailed power amp class a
  229. Is it safe to change Reverb Impedances?
  230. Negative feed back squealing
  231. Humming V1 in Fender Pro Junior
  232. How to add an additional pre-amp stage to 5A3 design
  233. Head cabinet as bench chassis stand
  234. Crate TD35 fixing
  235. Crate Stealth 50 MONSTER!!!!!
  236. Fender Pro Junior Tube Set Up...
  237. speaker wiring
  238. Help with PSU for guitar amp!
  239. Improving upon the Alembic preamp
  240. OC44 Yellow Jacket Pinout
  241. single-ended parafeed guitar amp
  242. Switchable Cathode Bypass Capacitor for a Tube amp
  243. SWR Workingman's Bass
  244. Finished AX84 Hi-Octane
  245. Blencowe's bootstrapped DCCF cap value.
  246. swr headhead amp fan always on
  247. Rack preamplifier for acoustic guitar
  248. Cleaning carbon deposits from PCB
  249. ENGL Classic 50 2x12 spkr jack part number
  250. Anyone opened a Tom Scholz Power Soak before?

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