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  1. amplifier transistor problem
  2. Reverb tank question
  3. vox amplug2
  4. Lab gruppen
  5. Gallien-Krueger Power Issue
  6. Xfmr problem - quick question
  7. Tone stack for Champ 5F1
  8. Behringer Amp Clipping, want advice.
  9. DRRI Volume Pot
  10. Need a good 8" guitar amp speaker
  11. How much Capacitance/Filtering is too much?
  12. help with my new Lowrey MX-1
  13. Epiphone Electar 75th Ann
  14. New build troubleshooting
  15. Reverb Tank Between Pre and Power Tube
  16. Bernie amp blind diagnosis
  17. Twin Reverb AA769 notAB768
  18. 5F1 Circuit Alteration
  19. Values for resistors in schematic
  20. Build report: Tube preamp for bass (or guitar)
  21. Tube Amp Distortion
  22. Bassman clone NFB wiring for multi-tap OT
  23. voicing your guitar
  24. Latest project, guitar amp with clean/distorted channels.
  25. Trying to design Marshall JTM50
  26. Premier 90 Buzz
  27. AC30 output stage
  28. FET wierd unharmonic distortion
  29. HF distortion ... Guitar amp problem
  30. Subwoofer Bass Amp?
  31. TV Tube Amp?
  32. Guitar Tube Amp - Double Checking Choice of Power Transformer
  33. 100w + amp project
  34. Old 45 Jukebox parts
  35. Leslie Speaker spin speed ?
  36. The COMET
  37. Can this ProX One Power Inverter work as an amp?
  38. Repurpose SS stereo transformer/power supply in a guitar amp
  39. Gain Staging Ideas
  40. Recommendations on MIDI interface for Android?
  41. Please Help With Leslie Guitar Crossover
  42. All tube amp from Peavey Vypyr Tube 120W
  43. 1982 Fender Concert II - low volume?
  44. Fender Pro Series Twin Amp impedance question
  45. Need ideas for Leslie replace amp
  46. Fender Deluxe Reverb AA763 vs AB763
  47. Crackle and static on warm up
  48. Latest project 100 watt quad el34 guitar amplifier.
  49. line input for Yamaha P95
  50. Hammon AO-43 Conversion
  51. Humbucker with piezo preamp .....
  52. TL072 2ch booster
  53. Biyang WANG AMPS VT-1H mini guitar amp
  54. ENGL Fireball 100 no sound
  55. 50C5 for a Newbee.
  56. Determining amp rating of transformer from Crate GFX-15 transformer
  57. Deluxe Reverb Silverface crackles and pops
  58. Extension Speakers
  59. Raven Guitar Amp
  60. Silvertone 1392 Tremolo ???
  61. haha
  62. my new amp build
  63. Advice on matching transformer design needed
  64. Amp with Speakers Match
  65. Peavy Classic 30 mods
  66. Peavey Classi 30 cuts out
  67. Overdriving the phase splitter
  68. Amp finally done -- Time to Share
  69. Epiphone EA-72 What Is 2 On Positions??
  70. questions about Fender Musicmaster Bass amp schematic
  71. The DuKane Medallion 1A831 300 watt Monster
  72. Realistically starting a tube amplifier company in 2015?
  73. Re-biasing mic input for bass guitar
  74. make an active subwoofer with seas l22?
  75. Need a bit of help, Tube based piezo preamp for guitar
  76. Help please! 5f1 champ build with No sound!
  77. Small tube amps
  78. Fender Deville 2x12 making extreme noises.
  79. RQ: Dynacord EMINENT 1040 M Service Manual
  80. My diy stuff over the years
  81. Matchless Chieftain
  82. preamp power supply question
  83. Hughes and Keittner Attax 100 blowing fuse
  84. Guitar amplifier project.
  85. Music Man GP-3 Bias
  86. Can you tell the difference?
  87. Converting CB Tube to guitar Tube Amp
  88. 1936 Mills jukebox
  89. Post repair power-up questions
  90. Grid stoppers - Oscillation fix?
  91. Anyone familiar with AB 600LX?
  92. Gretsch G5222-VCM Vintage Custom Modified
  93. Strangely modded Carlsbro 50 TOP
  94. Very old Valve amp
  95. Amp Xfmr Chassis Orientation
  96. Montgomery Wards Model 62-9033
  97. Latest pruchase Marshall 100HDFX
  98. Suitcase Amp Volume Pot
  99. EQ vs Tone Stack
  100. Dynacord DA15/V Schmatic wanted
  101. Marshall 200 Watt "PIG" Build
  102. Where to put the tone stack?
  103. DIY AC15 AC50 normal and top boost channels Tremolo not working
  104. Pignose 7-100 Mods
  105. solid state and tube in parallel (like a bizarro roland jazz chorus)?
  106. What does that resistor do..?
  107. Orange and Other Amp Design Features
  108. GE 5 Star and Other High Reliability Tubes
  109. Cobalt Twin Amp Design
  110. Calculating plate load impedance with a mixing resistor
  111. 12AX7 Switched Listening Test
  112. Remove Silicon Clippers, Start stacking opamps/only LED clippers are accetable.
  113. ecc83 vs 6sl7 any old tricks?
  114. Fender Hot Rod Deville 410 Reissue Clean Up
  115. Piezo Pick Up and Pre Amp Project...
  116. Faylon P200 rebuild
  117. webcor 2611 morph into practice amp
  118. Fender FM212 - Deluxe 90 PowerAmp problems
  119. Troubleshooting Power Amp/Output of a Fender Deluxe 90
  120. EVH 5150 III
  121. mod for microphone input ?
  122. Philco Tube Radio Guitar Amp Project
  123. 90's Ampeg Reverberocket Reissue Speakers
  124. Converting a vintage electret condenser to phantom power
  125. You'll likely learn something watching this....
  126. Troubleshooting my Ashdown head
  127. Newcomb pathfinder PA into guitar amp
  128. 6X4 or EZ81 rectifiers in a guitar amp
  129. Ampeg B15 preamp: Drive balanced transformer from PI?
  130. Need assistance with a bad Sunn Beta Lead
  131. Viking RP61 tube preamp into Mic preamp?
  132. Latest purchase
  133. A transformer as an effect
  134. Connecting Guitar Tube Amp to External Line Match Audio Step Up Transformer
  135. New amp build, initial thoughts?
  136. Beginner Load Line Question
  137. Headphones on 18W Marshall
  138. Keyer Chip issues
  139. sd convertible 100w head diy preamp modules
  140. Acetone organ distorted output
  141. Tonal effect of fluctuation in 12ax7 supply voltage?
  142. Reverb replacement
  143. Guitar headphone amp with cab sim
  144. Resistors Chained up/Parallel with OPT Primaries
  145. help improving cheap QFX wireless mic
  146. 1961 Silvertone Model 4722 Organ Guitar amp conversion questions
  147. Modding an old practice amp - switches, pots etc
  148. Stumped! 5F11 circuit owning me.
  149. Need a catch-all pin 1 solution
  150. Vermona Synthesizer troubleshooting
  151. 12AX7 Distortion - high grid voltage?
  152. Peavey XD234 Required
  153. Replacing 3 Pin Rhodes Capacitors
  154. 6080 DC coupled guitar amp
  155. Need Help with a SWR Workingman's 12 Combo Amp
  156. Removing a humbucker increases noise?
  157. Guitar Speaker Chat
  158. I Warped Back to the 80s' hahaha
  159. Amplifying an electro acoustic guitar
  160. 6080 cascade guitar amp
  161. Blues Jr. Mods
  162. Hum immediate when powering on
  163. stomp box with low impedance output
  164. BBE 362 NR Sonic Maximizer
  165. How do I limit tube supply voltage in the event B+ rises a little?
  166. Power output from a quad of 6V6?
  167. Missing reverb tank
  168. Preamp stage is going very asymmetrical. Why?
  169. Using mic pre for bass?
  170. Marshall 2210 amp repair
  171. High voltage Ultra-Linear
  172. non-electronic question about stiffening an SG clone
  173. DIY Spring Reverb circuit for old mixer setup
  174. Preparing my first low power guitar amp build.
  175. Hypex ucd2k and smps3k input level control
  176. Non-electronic question about guitar nut
  177. Matchless Lightning inspired build
  178. Tube guitar amp w/ mosfet CCS's, or class 2 operation, etc?
  179. Cheap Chinese amp modules any good?
  180. Wanted PT2395 delay PCB, and 2395 bits
  181. Help me choose a layout
  182. noisy foot switch; is there a fix?
  183. Simmons DA200S: Power Amp PCB
  184. DIY bass cabinet with 12" driver
  185. Push-Pull fixed bias and output power question
  186. Concerns about a 54 yr old Wurlitzer vacuum tube organ & safety of old electronics
  187. Alesis Ra-100 repair help
  188. Series 6N2P-EV don't lit, no sound.
  189. Guitar electronics question
  190. Advice needed on 100 watt Plexi clone build
  191. Buffer/Splitter Input Resistors Value?
  192. Input capacitors on guitar amps?
  193. Upright electric bass with amp and speakers built in.
  194. Micro bass amps, ToneHammer, littleMark, Shuttle, etc.
  195. DIY power amp suitable for bass.
  196. Anyone have experience with Delta 10's for bass speakers?
  197. Recommend me a tube pre amp for guitar
  198. add an XLR out to an amp that doesn't have it?
  199. Help Wirring Bass Guitar on board preamp
  200. Preamp Build Questions
  201. Guitar Bass Preamp Project
  202. SM Pro Audio V-Machine fan noise
  203. Build a Sunn Model T clone. Some questions. (EU)
  204. DIY preamp for amp head - general guidelines?
  205. Carvin legacy guitar amp build oscillation trouble
  206. 1954 BOGEN Bass Control
  207. HF Oscillations- How Do I Scope?
  208. Should (can) I go pentode instead of UL
  209. hiss/noise from jcm clone
  210. Guitar power amplifier MOSFET SE 5W
  212. Help with a vibe amp design
  213. Hammond AO-39 and AO-35 organ to guitar power amp conversion
  214. 1955 Gibson GA-20 should replace speaker; How?
  215. Quad of EL84 Screen Resistors
  216. Phantom power preamp for microphone
  217. Help choose tone stack
  218. Strat Squire pickup wiring questions
  219. Where can i find a replacement rocker switch for this guitar pedal?
  220. Behringer BX3000T Bass Head
  221. Ground currents
  222. Mann 100 PAR into guitar amp
  223. Happy so far on amp build project
  224. Click/pop with digitally switched effects loop
  225. Using Sweep Tubes for an Amp Build
  226. Does Plate Voltage Matter?
  227. Another Layout Proof Request - Marshall JCM800
  228. ax84 P1 Extreme Based 2 Channel Amp
  229. Classic 30 ohm load
  230. Tube amp chassis layout proposal
  231. DIY Vocal Compressor. Need Help !!!
  232. going solid?
  233. Add magnetic pickup to piezo pickup and preamp.
  234. Turning my Reel-to-reel into guitar amp.
  235. Instrument amp design goals
  236. Why did Fender do this ?
  237. Guitar preamp grid bias problem
  238. Help: MG100RCD Squeels (even with no input)
  239. Breadboard Bassman with runaway bias!
  240. 70V Line Matching Transformer - Good OT substitute?
  241. 420 Watts Speaker Not Really 420 Watts?
  242. What does this triode do in circuit?
  243. Guitar Amp Design
  244. Craig Anderton Buffer Board mods
  245. Build Ideas, Suggestions
  246. 18W homemade tube amp - Need advise
  247. compression/expansion control in guitar preamp
  248. 6gk5/6fq5 as input/preamp stage tube ?
  249. Isolation transformer question
  250. Couple Questions - Grid Stoppers and High Cut

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