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  1. AX84 is about to close
  2. 6v6gt output transformer question, help please
  3. Behringer EP 4000
  4. Is this parasitic oscillation (and what do I do about it?)
  5. Limiting inrush current
  6. New small amplifier build
  7. Issue with a home built amp
  8. Troubleshooting the dB Technologies Basic 200 Active Speaker
  9. Clamping pre-amp voltage output
  10. Repairing Samson Servo 300
  11. Please help how to measure/guage output of guitar preamp
  12. "Active" Marshall tone control
  13. Post PI Master or Tone with feedback
  14. Repairing a hissing microphone preamplifier
  15. preamp with 5 or 7 band tone control.
  16. Please help, inductors keep dying
  17. Safer VVR circuit?
  18. Rivera R30-112 repair
  19. 220 to 110 conversion Peavey Bandit 112
  20. Pignose 7-100 repair
  21. Add more gain to Home built Guitar Amp
  22. Weird tube Bass Preamp
  23. Joe Meek Racal Equaliser Help
  24. Simple guitar preamp with 1 transistor
  25. Schematics needed! Randall Warhead G2 Preamp.
  26. Mixer Repair Warning!!!
  27. Who can design and help build a fine studio mixer?
  28. Bass amp diy
  29. EL 84 voltage
  30. Can I use two reverb tanks?
  31. circuit modification, help Please
  32. big sound from many small amps?
  33. A master volume control capacitor question
  34. phono amp to guitar amp pp EL84
  35. Look over my mic preamp schematic please?
  36. Distortion (2th order) get smoother with more stages?
  37. Newbie Pedal Board PSU Question
  38. Yamaha keyboard one channel feint to dead
  39. Broken input jack?
  40. Sound without tone stack?!
  41. mono amp ideas please
  42. adjusting mic circuit for guitar help please
  43. DIY Effects units/pedals where to start
  44. Calculating Plate current
  45. Deluxe Reverb Kits
  46. Cascode "screen" dissipation
  47. peavy capcitor identification help please
  48. simple amp building question help please
  49. Crate GX65
  50. Power Amp - Problem with DC levels
  51. Head build styles
  52. Vox AD120VT
  53. Lackluster Bass Amp Volume from Class D Build
  54. help with voltage figure for mic pre-amp circuit
  55. Webcor 4903 Amp Conversion
  56. Need help with noise troubleshooting
  57. Scaling the Melodier
  58. 12ax7 output issue on old sunn scepter (similar to dynaco MKIII)
  59. peavey TKO 115
  60. Need Help Deciphering Peavey 5150 Mod
  61. Predicting high frequency cutoff of low cost guitar pickups
  62. Deluxe Reverb AB763 OT selection help
  63. Latest project usb and mic valve mixer for a mobile disco.
  64. Leslie combo amp: Loud mains hum right out of the box
  65. Carlsbro Scorpion 30w combo
  66. Still confused about speakers
  67. 5e3 low sound.
  68. Best Sounding FET for preamp input stage
  69. Acoustic guitar preamp build....hopefully!!
  70. Fender Frontman 212R distorting even on clean channel.
  71. Im looking for some help with channel switching
  72. Pin 4 Screen connection on 6L6GC PP Guitar amp drops B+
  73. Fender 5F1 champ build.
  74. Build advice, JTM45 or Fender Deluxe
  75. Overheated tube socket?
  76. Suggestions for preamp ........
  77. Tube Guitar Amp Building Classes
  78. Ampage.org
  79. Champ 5F1 buzz/hum problem.
  80. JTM45 Metro Amp Mod Question
  81. Transforming 4 track Minidisc recorder to preamp/mixer for studio recording
  82. Clipping Diodes TS9
  83. Mesa Boogie Mark II c+ schematic & experience
  84. Bass Amp Idea
  85. Line out to instrument input level attenuation
  86. Problem with my ampeg portaflex pf-350
  87. Vintage Elka Reverb III
  88. Will these replacements work (OPAMPS)?
  89. JTM45 Metro amp problem
  90. can my amp cope?
  91. Electret Microphone Circuit for Accordion
  92. anyone tryed 6V6 pp ultra linear
  93. Quilter Amps
  94. Taming highs with a capacitor?
  95. 1963 Moody Tube Amp
  96. Could I get a bit of QC on my amp design?
  97. Fender early 1960s Bandmaster Recap
  98. Modular Tube Preamps/Power Amps/Cabinets
  99. largest plate voltage on a 12AX7 question
  100. tube amp direct line out
  101. Clean and Dirty switch in Single Channel Amp?
  102. Marshall bass 100 solid state transmitter
  103. Designing a battery guitar amplifier
  104. EL84 driver stage
  105. New amp build grounding question
  106. Basic question about electron flow to tube grid
  107. Guitar Grounding (Metal Control Plate)
  108. SS Bass Preamp Pedal - Some Questions
  109. Has anyone used London Power scaling
  110. Dynacord MV120 advice?
  111. Advice on < 30 watt EL84 new build
  112. Rack Compressor LED Bar Display Troubleshooting
  113. DC Cathode Follower Mixer
  114. battery amplifier, searching an IC
  115. Silvertone 1482 Capacitor replacement
  116. WEM Dominator MK3 amplifier. Lamp and Transistor Enquiry
  117. 12au7 driver
  118. Hammond AO-39 info needed
  119. Chinese Iron
  120. Klark Teknik DN22 EQ
  121. what amps do i need for this speaker config?!?
  122. line out controller
  123. Old Japanese Tube Amp Ground Wiring Woes
  124. Transformer for guitar pre balanced output
  125. Quick Channel Switch Design Question
  126. Replace EL34 in the powersection with MOSFET?
  127. 5F1 First Build Issues, need guidance
  128. solid state amplifier making noise!
  129. Single 2n3904 Channel Switching Guitar Preamps, 5 circuit ideas shown, please comment
  130. Roland JC120 Distortion
  131. Field test a S.S. rectifier
  132. hybrid output
  133. Is this design ok? Switch from distorted to clean channel on Electra Type Distortion
  134. Traynor YBA-1a Bias issue
  135. Is asymmetric clipping in distortion ok for your amp?
  136. Advice on Guitar Amp, should I get rid of it
  137. Stand-by Switch reduce their useful life
  138. Ibanez TSA-15H Power cuts out
  139. loud hum from amp
  140. Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 tube amp repair question
  141. Oscillation in Tube Guitar Amps
  142. Point-to-point wiring vs. PCBs
  143. Help! Bass amp making airplane noise. Unresponsive otherwise
  144. NOT the best distortion, but perhaps the simplest.
  145. Roland Jazz Chorus 120
  146. does anyone know of a el86/6cw5 quad amp ?
  147. SE10 by ORGASM MACHINES (single ended el34 guitar tube amp)
  148. Marshall 3520 Bass Amp -- Capacitor Question
  149. Earphones
  150. How to build a simple, low power guitar amp
  151. Dynacord Echocord S61, S62 and S65
  152. peculiar PA tube amp conversion
  153. Dynamic Clipping Using a Transistor for Guitar Distortion
  154. Conceptual question about switching tonestacks in circuit. Channel switching amp
  155. Sovtek EL84M
  156. Marshall Ministack great with stock speaks rubbish with anything else! Why?
  157. Puzzled about input impedance of this guitar distortion circuit
  158. LND150 effects loop not working properly, need help.
  159. AX84 - Cathode resistor replacment
  160. Onboard bass preamp, please help with schematic
  161. Princeton tremolo + bias setting question
  162. 2880 EHX trig out from leds
  163. Good reasonable cost mikes for live recording?
  164. Small 10k:10k Input transformers for Pultec
  165. Phonic PWA-2400, protection circuit malfunction.
  166. FRFR stage monitor for guitar modeling
  167. Home-made tube amp ghost notes?
  168. Bass tube preamp (Alembic F2-B + full EQ + XLR + tuner)
  169. Peavey CS 800 heating
  170. volume and tone for low Z pickup .....
  171. o.c. elect. cascade reverb tank.
  172. Amp Conversion .
  173. schematic daisy rock girl guitar scamp
  174. First Tube amp build, Need a little help
  175. phase splitter for KT88
  176. 1967 blackface bandmaster output transformer fire
  177. Thomas organ guts for amp build?
  178. Troubleshooting Marshall VS100 without powering up?
  179. Old Tube Intercom Amp
  180. Microphone pre amp
  181. Opinion on preamp design channel switching from Marshall to Fender Tonestack
  182. How do you get the values? Basic design questions.
  183. Super Squirrel Monkey - First from-scratch tube amp build, first guitar amp build
  184. Tube stage assignments on my Princeton AA964 clone
  185. Mysterious (haunted?) screeching amp, Marshall, maybe?
  186. DC Coupled Cathode Follower Questions
  187. Issue with Laney GH100L
  188. Disadvantages !
  189. Bassman Hum Help
  190. Smoking bridge rectifier in Valve Jr filament PS (link to schematic)
  191. guitar -> SS line in
  192. Shielded Wire for Outboard Inputs?
  193. 2 sets of wires going into speaker
  194. B-15 build
  195. output transformer Math "a little help with ma homework plz"
  196. Repairing Peavey PV-8.5c - Transistor substitute
  197. Tube recommendations for bass amp
  198. Hohner Concertophon IV and Hum
  199. D I Y .
  200. Amp trouble
  201. Critique of Phonograph Conversion Amp Plans
  202. Schematic for my ridiculous amp is partly complete.
  203. Behringer Guitar Amp
  204. Hiwatt custom tranformer 70v bias question
  205. Guitar amp/cab build questions
  206. Leslie horn on top a lowrey organ mod.
  207. How much current gain do I need for a guitar amp build?
  208. Reverb drive ckt using STF3NK80Z
  209. 6n7 dual triode output
  210. Accuracy in building an electric guitar?
  211. ~150w Marshall build questions
  212. How to include a feedback control knob in this spring reverb system?
  213. which one? accutronics or bitcom digital reverb
  214. A 6L6 Champ with 6C8 preamp
  215. fender mustang 2
  216. Euphoric valve distortion for synths!
  217. Dual Jack Inputs without the HI-LO effect? Fender / Marshall
  218. Rivera M60
  219. Built a reverb tank drive/recovery circuit - dry sound leakage
  220. Class A SE Guitar Amp Design
  221. Fender amp head cabinet question
  222. Vox AC4C1-BL amp.
  223. Ground problem! Noise disappear when i touch the chassis
  224. Fender Passport Amp - Pong sound
  225. embedded amp simulator/fx processor
  226. Trying to turn Maggie 68 solid state into guitar amp!?
  227. Peavey Classic 30 problems
  228. single ended output, no gain?
  229. Gm-5 amp harness
  230. Yamaha GA-15 ground noise even with 0 volume
  231. Neo drivers for lightweight 8X10 bass bottom
  232. 6V6 and 6F6 fixed bias grid No1
  233. Crosstalk between gain stages of Mesa Road King II guitar amplifier
  234. Randall RG1003H troubleshooting
  235. Self split cascode?
  236. Added Ground - Now Get Major "Hum"
  237. Attenuator shortening tube amp output?
  238. Fingerboard Cello schematics
  239. Output Impedance Effect On Tone Stack
  240. Acoustic Piezo Tube Preamp
  241. Neodymium speakers for silverface Twin Reverb
  242. Aguilar DB359 schematic
  243. Marshall AVT 20 Loud Humming
  244. Max grid values
  245. Ampeg Reverberocket vs hum
  246. Need Help w/XFMR's
  247. advice troubleshooting?
  248. Increased hum from changing 1st condenser vc508 schematic
  249. Stereo Valve Guitar Amp build
  250. [Guitar Amp] Preamp Output - In phase or not?

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