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  1. lm 3915 vu meter problem.
  2. Bose AW-1 complete cassette deletion modifications
  3. Automatic switch for 3,5mm jack
  4. Interesting Workbench
  5. McAfee Siteadvisor blocking content from DIYAudio ?
  6. fm loop antennas
  7. Computer speakers for the human voice.
  8. bypassing DIN-9pin on a Sanyo DWM-3500 noob help
  9. Making PCBs
  10. Circuit to make Christmas lights dance to music
  12. Section for tone control?
  13. What is the difference between drivers and speakers?
  14. Need some help repairing speakers
  15. Looking for DC motor replacement
  16. Live chat room with audio/video messages, any ideas?
  17. vinyl
  18. Scratching sound without connecting
  19. Idea for a smart AV Receiver
  20. Help needed with Balanced CKIII
  21. Is timing important for crossover distortion?
  22. I need help..... I'm new to audio engineering.
  23. ecg1102,nte1102 Traffo output value?
  24. Hard-Wiring Cables
  25. 12V ion generator
  26. wiring color code rant
  27. Problem with Cambridge Audio Azur740a
  28. Dell Harmon/Kardon 1D430 active speaker
  29. Home wiring issues
  30. cheated by the power company.
  31. Based on listening, which do you prefer ?
  32. Singapore Concert Hall System
  33. 3D printing for diy-ing
  34. Consumer grade JBL's + 300 w/ch amp = Disaster?
  35. New full range system in a box
  36. Help with a mixing console. Please..
  37. Christmas came early!!!
  38. No Sound
  39. How do I get balanced audio out of a standard XLR mic?
  40. Time travel made possible
  41. Ends up used/useful for something else (other than intended use). . .
  42. Analog Audio over Fiber Optic Cable Schematic
  43. RIP Graham Maynard
  44. LASER mic question. Shortest range?
  45. Powering non-speaker appliances with an amp
  46. New Atomic Clock is so precise it depends on where you put it.
  47. How can this happen to a RCA cable?
  48. Crossover Question
  49. Losing picture on TV
  50. Happy halloween!
  51. Value of antique amp&tuner
  52. Good resources to learn about audio electronics?
  53. Is phase shift audible?
  54. Blind listening tests - Axiom Audio video
  55. Gaming Setup Problem
  56. The technical reason speakers sound different from live instruments?
  57. Listening Test. Opamp driving a low impedance load.
  58. Jack Bruce- Cream Bassist has died RIP
  59. Tips for improving your 'Listening Room Acoustics'
  60. AC filter strip for modest current demands?
  61. Mono / Stereo Switch
  62. Left Channel doesn't start at Zero
  63. MeWe - Better alternative to Facebook etc
  64. Nice pickup today
  65. simple portable stereo
  66. Dual Gang Potentiometer Rewire to a Single Gang
  67. Kenwood kr-a70
  68. LED Adaptation to Amp
  69. Antique radio with Bluetooth internals?
  70. Issues with 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers
  71. Balanced signal and the needs of Ground potential
  72. Need to dissolve epoxy potting in ignition coil.
  73. Strange similarities. Mixing engineering, Speaker design & Amp design ?
  74. Lithium battery pack wiring with BMS
  75. Small 2x3w Amp Connection to Bluetooth Receiver
  76. Please help me to identify this component
  77. Convert Rechargeable Battery Radio to AC/USB Wall Powered
  78. Volt Ohm Amp
  79. I just don't understand the toggle switches rating.
  80. The SONOS Investment Yay or Nay?
  81. How to kill audio
  82. Amplifier driven LEDs
  83. What brand, type resistor
  84. When is a 3k9 not a 3k9 ?
  85. Building a Home Theater & Listening Room
  86. Diy microphone blimp question
  87. Capacitor to Psu?
  88. Vintage Bluetooth Radio Easy Conversion - Noob
  89. Anyone using W8.1 and IE11 and found this months updates altered zoom settings ?
  90. old radio cabinet antirestoration - old empty box new insides
  91. How to take apart PQ Ferite
  92. Anyone here do electronics testing that could help me out?
  93. AC electrical leakage from Surface Pro 3!
  94. About Patent Searches and Application?
  95. Hi-Fi, Stereo, DIY and WAF in 1957. A Video
  96. Audio problem with new mic/recorder setup
  97. Problem with Hifiwov
  98. down the memory hole?
  99. What's the Difference?
  100. amp killing battery
  101. diya thread ratings explained?
  102. Ukraine troubles affecting prices of tubes ?
  103. Brokerage fees
  104. Rotel 840bx recap
  105. Walt's New Blog at waltjung.org
  106. DIY budget Class T/D & tube pre-amp thoughts and recommendations?
  107. £10K Atomic clock:Rubidium atomic reference generator
  108. Hitachi TRK8290E Stereo Cassette Recorder
  109. MOTU 828mk3 wont turn on
  110. Budget Pre-built tube amp recommendations?
  111. Dog chewed through Subwoofer power cable.
  112. Antique Fan - Too Hot????
  113. Help needed - searching for an apartment in Berlin, Germany
  114. The Most Interesting Audiophile in the World
  115. connecting headphones to speakers cables inside laptop
  116. Inductors in speaker cable???
  117. Old '80s Hill console
  118. chip23
  119. Hi Fi System. RCA Surround Output Slots vs Bi Wiring?
  120. Tiniest possible DIY Bluetooth + Mic + 1W Amp + Rechargable Battery
  121. Ohms law
  122. Trying to make a multiple station intercom
  123. How to measure one is getting too old for this?
  124. Gaming Laptop
  125. resistor?
  126. LCD display
  127. How to polish/clean faded perspex?
  128. Sharp pain affect hearing?
  129. Zero Negative Feedback Amplifier?
  130. Amp / synthesizer and speakers for radio controlled cars/planes/..
  131. Tacima IRF123 Mains Conditioner
  132. how to educate oneself to distortion?
  133. Battery-mods for commercial equipment
  134. Arduino Uno Basic Question
  135. Bluetooth Beer Koozie
  136. Documentation
  137. HELP
  138. Underloading switchers.
  139. Speaker magnet recharger
  140. DPDT On/ON?
  141. Samsung Galaxy S5
  142. TCA 965 battery charger I think designed by Mark Kelly can't figure it out.
  143. Kyoto
  144. Bose Wave Radio Problems
  145. Capacitor Trouble??
  146. Kenwood A-47 AMP Transformer
  147. DIY Projector triplets
  148. will music be "rented" in the future?
  149. Suitable antenna for Kenwood KT-57?
  150. good choice for cheap heat gun?
  151. Bybee, another look etc
  152. Are this drivers OK?
  153. Broken headphone output iPhone 4S
  154. DIY audio cable! Is it possible?
  155. Rowe AMI 100 CD jukebox. Why would my internal speakers fail and the external work?
  156. Sony STR-DE597 Receiver Fix
  157. Hacking a cheap ($4) constant-voltage step-up-converter in constant current mode
  158. bluray freezing problems old and newer models
  159. Mundorf ZN vs Audyn plus
  160. Stereo to mono circut?
  161. Unusual gate fold vinyl cover.........
  162. Condenser Microphone Circuit..??
  163. DJ Licence Questions
  164. sonarquest cheap alternative to furutech?
  165. oscillators
  166. 31in Silva/Schneider LCD TV stopped working on VGA port over night
  168. How to detect/identify mobile phone if it is switched off?
  169. lg tv controler on laptop screen problem
  170. Can anyone identify these speakers?
  171. Opamp to control FET resistance -stability issue
  172. help with sutibale replacement resistors
  173. Laptop Battery I.D. Mystery Part and Questions.
  174. Help a amateur!
  175. Speaker Sensitivity dropping like a rock
  176. Bose PS321 II powered subwoofer - acoustimass connector pinout
  177. Windows XP Pro_Service Pack 3
  178. Help needed identifying crystal frequency
  179. Speaker Delay/Protect with Shunt Relay
  180. Which frequencies drill my ears (when dynamic amplitude move a cone)
  181. Speakon connectors, audiophile approvable?
  182. My sound room
  183. Hey everyone! Quick audio interface question?
  184. Rewinding radio tuner string?
  185. Dang! No Rochester, NY hamfest for 2014
  186. any UK based member want to make my pcb?
  187. diode clippers
  188. The Secret Art Of Chip Graffiti
  189. Cherry, Hooper - Amplifying devices and low-pass amplifier design
  190. Integrating Automotive Audio into Music Amps?!
  191. Why is Yamaha Volume displayed in minus digits?
  192. Is rock & roll its own worst ememy?
  193. Remote Status LED
  194. Simple driver amplifier with very high gain
  195. Honey, The Maid Dissolved My Amps Again!
  196. Help with a DIY leslie Speaker...
  197. R.F. Noise Issue?
  198. Audiolab 8200CD impedance question??
  199. A few questions regarding DIY Binaural Earbud Microphones
  200. R.U. looking old stuff...?
  201. led light question
  202. Tubes/Valves Photo Gallery
  203. calcul des paramétres d'un Haut-Parleur
  204. Low levels /quiet/ lost
  205. HV Logic Control Approach
  206. Noise generators circuits
  207. A little help.
  208. I2S Trying to learn
  209. Taco Bell Radio
  210. Elektor General Coverage 1999
  211. Robot Heart
  212. Source, Pre-amp, and Amp for ZRT 2 way
  213. Signal generator test illustrations
  214. lower intercom speaker volume
  215. This is totally hysterical
  216. on/off switching pot
  217. Antique Radio -> Jukebox?
  218. news from www.pcb-audio.com
  219. Yamaha RX-V361 receiver damaged after overheating
  220. THX certification
  221. proaudiodesignforum.com?
  222. Can you help me? This should be simple (iPad mic) ...
  223. The postman broght me audio goodies today....
  224. Rowe Ami Cd 100 problem
  225. hiss from cable, only in this particular area
  226. Do you have Golden Ears? Take the test and find out
  227. AWA closing
  228. Strange horn-loaded TV loudspeakers.
  229. How to clean a dirty selector
  230. Highly recommended isolation pads for £1!
  231. Need help with a problem I'm having.
  232. Listening Test... A Practical Demonstration That Amplifiers Have Their Own Sound.
  233. Anechoic Chamber..
  234. Double momo/"Fake stereo" audio on single channel device phases itself out??
  235. Non audio triac question
  236. The Aldebaran Mystery
  237. Where should I upgrade next
  238. audio output too hot!
  239. Crossover Tannoy mashup
  240. Orphans, widows, oddballs and audio bits and pieces
  241. 555 Timer Controlling a 24-volt Relay?
  242. belden wire 8770-60-u1000 what's it worth?
  243. Best way to clean a female RCA jack?
  244. Ken Shindo has passed away
  245. Listening test on math added harmonic distortion
  246. Best forum for RF and microwave ?
  247. Finding the right tuner for my Rotel Ra-1412
  248. New theory to explain electricty
  249. Component audibility. Fact or fiction ?
  250. Jneutron influence΄ consequences:

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