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  1. Boombox help please!
  2. Kriesler 11.88 Stereogram refurb help
  3. Accurate scaling in a flatbed scanner ?
  4. Your listening space and time
  5. Replace old Bose Wave speaker
  6. Amplifier distortion with music signal (measurements inside)
  7. Good AND cheap commercial interconnects?
  8. Do lubricants of different types react?
  9. Why does my booxbox not save my radio presets?
  10. OWL programmable fx pedal
  11. DIY audio women?
  12. vacuum tubes on Revolution
  13. inserting audio silence into a track
  14. Canada-USA shipping : custom
  15. resource of audio articles
  16. Transient Peaks - Compressor Test (Speed Rate) For Outboard or Plugins
  17. Windows back up eating hard drive space..
  18. YADAT: Yet Another Distortion Audibility Test
  19. how do you "listening test"?
  20. Fancy Interconnects? How about a potato, or even mud?
  21. Anyone recognise these speakers?
  22. What usually fries when electronics are supplied with reverse voltage?
  23. Zararadio
  24. What Philly audio/geek/surplus cool stuff to check out?
  25. Speaker cable diying?
  26. Has anybody experienced this AV installation ?
  27. Anyone know why Audiogon Site is dead?
  28. Lurking in Europe
  29. Boombox open close switch.
  30. Value of modifications shunned by those who don't
  31. Something to smile about - really nice video
  32. The New Member Noob Newbie Questions Thread
  33. My luck!
  34. I NEED your help! (mic for PC)
  35. Newbe - problem with Series Reg Tip 3055 + Z-Diode***HELP**
  36. Trying to design a simple sound system for a pool room
  37. Hilarious DIY iPhone speaker
  38. Load on an AC circuit
  39. New proposed system feedback
  40. Spintronics? Control Electron Spin Electrically
  41. Is there a way
  42. Easy question? Why is voltage drop proportional to current in a resistor?
  43. Need a 4 Pin Power cord for vintage TV
  44. New vinyl
  45. Emergency!! Sneaky new internet sales tax going through fast, Call your Representativ
  46. DIY Vegas Bling!
  48. 100th Ann Issue of Wireless World
  49. no center output on Sony STR-K502P
  50. 100V line test amp
  51. Testing a transformer without a data sheet
  52. Is my transformer damaged?
  53. Shipping Magnets by Air
  54. test
  55. staging impedance ratio
  56. 93 Sony Receiver & tape deck, Fischer CD player, what's the worth?
  57. Equalizer?
  58. To put things into perspective - the BEST website ever!
  59. Detecting Voltage Drop
  60. Would a piezo disk from a Motorola tweeter make a good strain guage?
  61. I'd like to improve my electronics skills....any suggestions??
  62. 2.4Ghz pc spectrum analyser
  63. Tube or solid state?
  64. amp power indicator
  65. olive 1
  66. [SIMPLE] Average DC current meter
  67. I am fedŽup MkII!
  68. Is TV creativity extinguished?
  69. Sound quality of old/aged speakers
  70. Mosfet Interchangability
  71. Why no serious technical reviews of DJ/PA speakers?
  72. Old Sony MHC 1600 display problems
  73. Aluminium is not magnetic
  74. Smallest, usable microphone
  75. Possibly the stupidest question ever but...
  76. Your chance to help build the ultimate home theatre / listening room
  77. AXPONA 2013
  78. crate glx1200h buzzes all the time
  79. Any structural engineer in the forum? Questions about a frame on a inwall closet
  80. Looking for someone to service an amp?
  81. Anyone collect vintage Portable CRT TV's ?
  82. Ed Dell RIP
  83. Stereo with 3 speakers, is there such a thing?
  84. Hearing versus physics and modern compression
  85. I need some help , not audio related, component related?
  86. Infos about 2 old records
  87. Adapt 14 pins into 8 pins
  88. PetruV's corner of the forum
  89. The Art of Linear Electronics
  90. A message from Antek/Par-metal Status update
  91. German and Japanese Hi-Fi Mags
  92. You've finally gone off the deep end when...
  93. Electronics problem
  94. English language book on electronics for trainees
  95. Condenser Microphone Circuit Help!
  96. eHam disappeared?
  97. What is the difference between a solid state hard drive and a regular hard drive?
  98. Portable stereo battery help
  99. IBM SyNAPSE...
  100. Restoring Nakamichi 480
  101. Psychokinesis believers please raise your hand
  102. Recommend video editing software
  103. Pendulum - call for a reality check !
  104. electronic bikes
  105. Expert Opinions Please!
  106. DIY printed acoustic panel in picture frame
  107. Drums in super slow motion
  108. Driver chip for Trailer CAN ISO 11992
  109. Quick question about multiple sources for one amp
  110. How Do I Look Up These 3 US Patent Applications?
  111. invention
  112. Panasonic APV1122 Opto-Coupler
  113. Naming your own link?
  114. 240V mains measuring and sampling.
  115. FM antenna help
  116. A little bit of nostalgia....
  117. AJ-1510 Display
  118. QRD Question
  119. Vacuum tube for HO scale building
  120. Reliable vendor offering good service
  121. DIY media picture frame wall shelf
  122. Mod's: I want to know ...
  123. ICL7136 thermometer, LED display
  124. Need 3 phase Squral cauge induction moter soft starter
  125. Connecting MP3 Player to Amp not enough - help
  126. Any video player with predefined seek playlist
  127. BENQ W5000 projector lens unscrewing question
  128. Dog Repellers are here
  129. Furniture grade HT rack / entertainment center?
  130. Soundwave theory question: reflection
  131. Please make ship go ...
  132. posting questions
  133. Bridge Rectifier ID
  134. Delete
  135. end of thermodynamic law worship
  136. 6ohm amp + 4ohm speakers
  137. LED lighting Wire/ Powersupply size questions??????????
  138. CnC routing
  139. UK - Cabinet Maker quote for speaker enclosures
  140. Pin out for BEOLAB12 RCA male to RJ45 male
  141. Anvendt Elektronik 1-2, Jan Soelberg
  142. J-pole phenomena
  143. Old breadboard from a college program???
  144. bass trap design for music room
  145. Orbit turntable on Kickstarter
  146. Opinions on Qi, wireless charging of mobile phones etc.
  147. Partying and after effects...a poem
  148. Google / StopBadWare Malware warning system
  149. Moral dilemma.....
  150. Is it possible to make a speaker as good as Polk for Home Theater?
  151. Where is the catch here ?
  152. What is this ??
  153. Happy New Year!
  154. will a Yaqin CD2 tube buffer lower the treble on my speakers
  155. can i ask for help on upgrades on hifi.
  156. Other Applications of Vacuum Tubes
  157. How far do you drive to buy parts?
  158. No more Batteries ! You won't need them anymore.
  159. Self-taught African Teen Wows M.I.T
  160. how do i make a simple delay on one audio channel?
  161. Looking for advice: HT amplifier + XBMC embedded PC
  162. Finishing my Audio Rack. Many Pix
  163. Sony DMPort iPhone dock hack
  164. Audioxpress Oct.2005
  165. FM signal boost
  166. The extremely low energy consumption hints/tips/projects thread.
  167. Separating rooms with a sheet to lower sound level?
  168. Free online courses
  169. Variable load device
  170. On the lam for an Operator/installation manual
  171. 220 VAC Color Organ?
  172. Connectors - male, female, and mating
  173. Cat's away, mice will play 1:43 diorama challenge
  174. Bybee Quantum Purifier Measurements and Double Blind Test
  175. Paint/finishing shop in Metro DC?
  176. line frequency conversion
  177. Read this one weird trick for great sound
  178. spy tv
  179. Tunes After Death
  180. Norfolk Police promotes destroying PA equipment in Youtube as a method to stop raves
  181. BAV99 SOT23 marking
  182. Forensic Hum
  183. A serious question about sizing Metal Oxide Varistors.
  184. Christmas tree positively effect room acoustics?
  185. Don't buy a PC with Windows 8 installed! Until you read this.
  186. Anyone know where the find the list of default ringtones for this phone?
  187. Vintage equipment you wished you owned.
  188. Help me please
  189. Best place to get new ideas n concepts
  190. Are you interested in VR Goggles?
  191. Tantalum capacitor scrap
  192. Anyone skilled in computer boot up process?
  193. How to measure frequency response of a 1:1 transformer
  194. Hi end radio
  195. What was the very first thread that was made on diyaudio?
  196. HiFi Fanatic - Uncommon
  197. Advice for posting schematics
  198. Help our son 13 wants to build an Ipod dock
  199. Advice on buying first system.
  200. Free HD tracks that can be used for reviewing audio equipment?
  201. rdesktop, a killer application for raspberry pi
  202. Time domain distortion
  203. Audibility of noise
  204. Short wave Valve transmittor :) what valve is best?
  205. Anyone get distortion sounds in their ears?
  206. A low cost DIY chip based active filter + Amp circuit needed
  207. pioneer sx-1280
  208. thermostat for gas heater!
  210. 29 years old and hearing myself for the 1st time!
  211. Nikko Popping
  212. A Voice Over Circuitry
  213. Dead Realistic STA-2100D
  214. An Amazing Instrument
  215. Expensive speakers with dirt cheap DIY-available drivers?
  216. Rick's creations
  217. Going to Dusseldorf. Anything Audio-Related Worth Checking Out?
  218. Generator question
  219. Low Voltage Strike Lamp Sub in High Voltage Strike?
  220. LaserBoy!
  221. Repairing Small 34cm Panasonic TV, blown cap? I think in PSU, Identify please!
  222. extremely high frequency hiss sound?
  223. Stereo Times reviewer holding my $80k power cables for ransom
  224. Cell phone interference w/ car computer?
  225. Amplifiers in 1836?
  226. Dartzeel mono blocks.
  227. Minimum opamp specs for video?
  228. Audio-related questions
  229. MOTU 828 mk1 (original) inputs and output dead
  230. Ti Blogs
  231. Recording?
  232. Kenwood UD90 crakle & pop!
  233. cheap cables
  234. Circuits: Commercial arrangements
  235. DIY Single-Tube Directional surveillance device
  236. VHF crystal-controlled "surveillance" transmitter
  237. Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity
  238. Where has DIY on HT Guide gone?
  239. Television question...
  240. Battery Corrosion
  241. 92" TVs
  242. Setting speakers for a showroom
  243. Tx FM with 6bq5
  244. USB turuntable skips on new vinyl (2000+), but plays vintage records fine
  245. Anyone an amateur/ham operator?
  246. sun distroying lasers
  247. Looking for drivers
  248. Are you interested in LED light?
  249. Faital Pro in Audio Show
  250. Casio ca-110

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