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  1. Based on sonics... which do you prefer ?
  2. Does it matter how/where an EQ is connected?
  3. Pre-amp/amp jumpers.........?
  4. how sacred is the audo path?
  5. Moon Audio..... Defying Logic for HiFi!!
  6. $1,200 Denon Receiver in $18,000 Sim Audio Clothing? Article.
  7. Work in the car audio field, is it worth it?
  8. Where can I get HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) boards / sheets ? locally or online
  9. Ultimate listening test ... test your ears and audio chain
  10. Headphone testing in swedish
  11. Anyone been able to reset their password on the Audiokarma site?
  12. 741 vs OPA134 Poll
  13. Cameras - Fuji FinePix 9600
  14. Vote for the worst sounding opamp.
  15. Rock/Pop Music Enhances Solar Cell Energy Production
  16. ULTIMATE OPAMP SHOOTOUT... Where you get to decide.
  17. 3 Million Years Prehuman Evolution Compressed Into Analog Record!
  18. Man makes very special purchase
  19. Red spot spreading out on 3 lcd projection
  20. new member want to build complete 2.1 system
  21. Bluetooth Speaker (Build Log)
  22. Kofi Annan in: "Kofi's New Direction"
  23. Warning: Fake dashcams
  24. Audio is a professional terminology
  25. Different components of a loudspeaker circuit.
  26. A question about AA powered LED projector
  27. Pin configurations of transistors 8050 and 8550!
  28. Adjusting Sennheiser Receiver Frequency Bands
  29. Random Motor run Capacitor Question
  30. Question about shiping to Canada
  31. ALTEC fans to repor
  32. Yamaha RX-V361 receiver shutting off few seconds after powering on.
  33. VGA splitter... basic question
  34. ScribeOn - opinions?
  35. I want to learn about micro-controllers, kindly help me.
  36. transister
  37. TV
  38. What value resistor is this?
  39. New JBL Monitor, M2 ...why so many Watts required?
  40. Panasonic Mini Hi Fi SC-PM19
  41. Casio FX7700-GE manual in Portuguese or Spanish/castelhano ?
  42. Learned something about home electricals and high draw appliances...
  43. How to block nonsense
  44. RCA Switch that can output two inputs simultaneously? Does it exist?
  45. Why do we need analog line until now?
  46. Stepper motor drive question
  47. twisted pear audio?
  48. Rebuild of Home Audio
  49. Pure music recordings
  50. I have a feeling my first active loudspeaker will mean the last time I build passive
  51. FM receiver TDA7088 question?
  52. What do I do with old speakers?
  54. Electrical engineering courses related to audio?
  55. quarterwave kickstarter project
  56. Loudspeaker Design Competition
  57. I thought this was interesting.
  58. Kenwood Dnx9260bt navigation bricked
  60. New "Transparent" speaker
  61. Forced to ask a video question here
  62. richard allan minnette 2
  63. 10 biggest lies / Audio
  64. Power conditioners, UPS's? my lights dim when the system is up
  65. Circuit Help needed for graphic equalizer using LM3915
  66. BK Precision 2120
  67. What's in your basement? (AUDIO ONLY!!!!)
  68. The end for conventional loudspeakers?
  69. DIY Sony surround amplifier as simple amplifier
  70. Have an old manual would like to donate
  71. Richard Allan surround speaker set
  72. Possibly blown Logitech X540s?
  73. wiring replacement headphone jack for KH71
  74. Golden Ears - a blessing or a curse
  75. HIFI news test disk 3
  76. Beach Audio
  77. Vintage Sony 8FC-69WA AM/FM Digimatic Flip Clock Radio
  78. Good guitar tuners for stratocaster
  79. surround placement
  80. Audiophonics
  81. Mu Metal
  82. Speakers for Dolphins
  83. Problems with 12V Li-ion battery from Ebay
  84. durabrand dur-10 dvd player
  85. Advice for the Blind, Unsteady, Middle-Aged, Fat Fingered and Detail Challenged...
  86. What happened to tubecad.com ??
  87. High visiablity buttons
  88. RFI and speaker cables?
  89. How old are your ears?
  90. Headset wiring adaption circuitry
  91. Stereo + Quadraphonic vinyl recording techniques
  92. Panasonic System
  93. how to value home theatre components?
  94. Goss band fitted around mains Tx laminations?
  95. Hobbyist wanted - Northern NJ asap!
  96. Convert Sony ghettoblaster to recieve aux input
  97. Cannot get in AVForums South Africa
  98. Are pre-amps becoming obsolete?
  99. Modem connection problems
  100. Need help to purchase some resistor from Mouser...
  101. Experience with RCA Splitters for signal input?
  102. Value-added, Japanese Strategies for Serving Overseas Markets: The Case for Electroni
  103. wi fi extender diy antenna
  104. "Free" hosting blocked - http://hiend-audio.com - new hosting service urgently needed
  105. Flood damaged electronics
  106. DUAL Turntable Steuerpimpel Sub
  107. Tachometer with air core gauge
  108. Anyone built a Unistrut equipment rack?
  109. don't buy from analogmetric before reading this.
  110. To members from Germany: Elektor mag. question.
  111. Need Help.... HOA6299-003 to drive relay
  112. Multi-Room Audio help
  113. What is a formula for magnetic conductivity
  114. Class D amps....
  115. The Guitar AMP Handbook: Understanding Amplifiers and Getting Great Sounds - By Dave
  116. Blown or leaky electrolytic capacitor?
  117. Spare parts wanted for old AWA Audio Test Equeipment
  118. First build for the summer
  119. Computer Security 4 U
  120. Reading material for the weekend?
  121. OCOS connectors?
  122. Machinist type question
  123. Eq'ing tracks with nero waveditor
  124. Mask for Health
  125. Who's built or heard a DIY or cloneable hi-fi cabinet?
  126. PC software
  127. Opinions on Web Design Wanted
  128. inaudible voice on home theatre system
  129. Melbourne based electronic guru needed
  130. Turntable types
  131. Formatting an external hard drive - some help wanted
  132. My Latest Build Schematic
  133. Math check?
  134. Google Translate Webpage Problems ?
  135. How To Build Passive Filter
  136. Cable compensation
  137. Best way to remove flux and melted plastic off PCB?
  138. How to set up a radio station?
  139. M3900 Multimeter Malfunction, can it be fixed?
  140. cell phone thru washing machine
  141. Sustainability in Audio ...
  142. Is my Home Ohm free ??
  143. Linkwitzlab Website down?
  144. Boombox help please!
  145. Kriesler 11.88 Stereogram refurb help
  146. Accurate scaling in a flatbed scanner ?
  147. Your listening space and time
  148. Replace old Bose Wave speaker
  149. Amplifier distortion with music signal (measurements inside)
  150. Good AND cheap commercial interconnects?
  151. Do lubricants of different types react?
  152. Why does my booxbox not save my radio presets?
  153. OWL programmable fx pedal
  154. DIY audio women?
  155. vacuum tubes on Revolution
  156. inserting audio silence into a track
  157. Canada-USA shipping : custom
  158. resource of audio articles
  159. Transient Peaks - Compressor Test (Speed Rate) For Outboard or Plugins
  160. Windows back up eating hard drive space..
  161. YADAT: Yet Another Distortion Audibility Test
  162. how do you "listening test"?
  163. Fancy Interconnects? How about a potato, or even mud?
  164. Anyone recognise these speakers?
  165. What usually fries when electronics are supplied with reverse voltage?
  166. Zararadio
  167. What Philly audio/geek/surplus cool stuff to check out?
  168. Speaker cable diying?
  169. Has anybody experienced this AV installation ?
  170. Anyone know why Audiogon Site is dead?
  171. Lurking in Europe
  172. Boombox open close switch.
  173. Value of modifications shunned by those who don't
  174. Something to smile about - really nice video
  175. The New Member Noob Newbie Questions Thread
  176. My luck!
  177. I NEED your help! (mic for PC)
  178. Newbe - problem with Series Reg Tip 3055 + Z-Diode***HELP**
  179. Trying to design a simple sound system for a pool room
  180. Hilarious DIY iPhone speaker
  181. Load on an AC circuit
  182. New proposed system feedback
  183. Spintronics? Control Electron Spin Electrically
  184. Is there a way
  185. Easy question? Why is voltage drop proportional to current in a resistor?
  186. Need a 4 Pin Power cord for vintage TV
  187. New vinyl
  188. Emergency!! Sneaky new internet sales tax going through fast, Call your Representativ
  189. DIY Vegas Bling!
  191. 100th Ann Issue of Wireless World
  192. no center output on Sony STR-K502P
  193. 100V line test amp
  194. Testing a transformer without a data sheet
  195. Is my transformer damaged?
  196. Shipping Magnets by Air
  197. test
  198. staging impedance ratio
  199. 93 Sony Receiver & tape deck, Fischer CD player, what's the worth?
  200. Equalizer?
  201. To put things into perspective - the BEST website ever!
  202. Detecting Voltage Drop
  203. Would a piezo disk from a Motorola tweeter make a good strain guage?
  204. I'd like to improve my electronics skills....any suggestions??
  205. 2.4Ghz pc spectrum analyser
  206. Tube or solid state?
  207. amp power indicator
  208. olive 1
  209. [SIMPLE] Average DC current meter
  210. I am fedŽup MkII!
  211. Is TV creativity extinguished?
  212. Sound quality of old/aged speakers
  213. Mosfet Interchangability
  214. Why no serious technical reviews of DJ/PA speakers?
  215. Old Sony MHC 1600 display problems
  216. Aluminium is not magnetic
  217. Smallest, usable microphone
  218. Possibly the stupidest question ever but...
  219. Your chance to help build the ultimate home theatre / listening room
  220. AXPONA 2013
  221. crate glx1200h buzzes all the time
  222. Any structural engineer in the forum? Questions about a frame on a inwall closet
  223. Looking for someone to service an amp?
  224. Anyone collect vintage Portable CRT TV's ?
  225. Ed Dell RIP
  226. Stereo with 3 speakers, is there such a thing?
  227. Hearing versus physics and modern compression
  228. I need some help , not audio related, component related?
  229. Infos about 2 old records
  230. Adapt 14 pins into 8 pins
  231. PetruV's corner of the forum
  232. The Art of Linear Electronics
  233. A message from Antek/Par-metal Status update
  234. German and Japanese Hi-Fi Mags
  235. You've finally gone off the deep end when...
  236. Electronics problem
  237. English language book on electronics for trainees
  238. Condenser Microphone Circuit Help!
  239. eHam disappeared?
  240. What is the difference between a solid state hard drive and a regular hard drive?
  241. Portable stereo battery help
  242. IBM SyNAPSE...
  243. Restoring Nakamichi 480
  244. Psychokinesis believers please raise your hand
  245. Recommend video editing software
  246. Pendulum - call for a reality check !
  247. electronic bikes
  248. Expert Opinions Please!
  249. DIY printed acoustic panel in picture frame
  250. Drums in super slow motion

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