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  1. 15.7KHz RGBS / RGBHV -> SDI, single chip solution?
  2. Does there exist a video capture card that can capture rgb 240p non-interlaced video?
  3. Motor Question
  4. Sound from biassed square wave
  5. Portable Boombox Questions
  6. use power tube signal for solid state amp
  7. Buyer Beware - Connexelectronic
  8. Simplest substitution for/in the removal of muting transistors?
  9. repair NAVMAN USB socket?
  10. acer H6510BD lamp or ballast?
  11. 2n3055 pass transistors keep blowing in power supply
  12. Listening Test. Trying to understand what we think we hear.
  13. Capacitor/resistor value suggestions for dc blocking/high pass filter
  14. Uk ?
  15. Nothing to do with HiFi but audio non the less
  16. Best $30 I've spent on audio gear
  17. Getting one channel output on a stereo cable
  18. snake oil?
  19. Vintage Hi Fi refurb
  20. Commodore 64 bass help
  21. headphones advice
  22. DIY EPIRB is it possible?
  23. looking for John Bedini contacts
  24. hifi manuals dot com
  25. tricky tweeter addition
  26. Reference designs for DIYers in a singular forum
  27. Learning thru experimenting
  28. THD is meaningless, the harmonic data is what matters
  29. One more face of fraud.
  30. AUS - beware Photonage
  31. Rigging Logitech z-5500 to run on 12VDC
  32. I bet this club actually sounds decent
  33. How warm/hot do our mains cables get?
  34. Li-Ion 3S3P charging
  35. which gu10 led spot bulbs to buy?
  36. Need help adding aux input to hifi system
  37. Looking for Mr Goodwatt
  38. Class A amps and dishwashers
  39. Infra-red LED Lighting
  40. Listening Test Of A Different Kind.
  41. Wardsweb's main 2-channel system
  42. Listening test - do you prefer CD or vinyl version
  43. "Russian" Surplus wire, Tubes, caps ?
  44. What happens to WooferTester / Smith & Larson ?
  45. The making of a vinyl record - video
  46. Question on frequency response and resonances
  47. TOSLINK cable became longer
  48. Globalization sucks
  49. Help finding good Coax for RCA cables
  50. Parasound Zamp 120Hz hum
  51. 110 V and 12 V houseboat audio system
  52. Channel duplicating splitter?
  53. Multiroom audio from bluetooth source - is it possible?
  54. Alternative to Mail.com
  55. Going back to DIY after 5 years
  56. I don't think this will catch on
  57. A lesson 4 me on current and small motors
  58. Price of the amp inside studio monitors
  59. Can you not hear distortion if it the volume is too low?
  60. NwAvGuy O2 and ODAC: measurements versus listening
  61. CA3240 based precision rectifier
  62. Sound Level Meters
  63. Multiple FM antennas?
  64. My Journey to Great Sound
  65. Craziest electronics collection I have ever seen
  66. Need to get files from totally unresponsive 64 gig flash drive
  67. Listening Test. Adventures trying some modifications to a budget player.
  68. Resources to repair equipment
  69. New system help please
  70. Hypex site has been hacked
  71. Link cables ABX listening test
  72. unknown old component
  73. Looking for DTA 120 Modifications
  74. Yamaha RX-V371
  75. Suggestions for 7.1 HT on the cheap
  76. The Hafler circuit aka Poor man's Surround Sound
  77. Subjective listening test
  78. noise canceling electret microphones
  79. root-sounds releases Union Grand piano sample library
  80. Msc Electroacoustics student looking for internship
  81. Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
  82. KSS152A to TOPH7833
  83. PDF query -- Possible to put 10 images in one PDF ?
  84. Charging issues with Samsung tablet
  85. Can anyone fix this up for me please?
  86. Whistler Receivers (VLF)
  87. Where to get audio gear?
  88. Bi-wiring with a 2-channel amp vs bi-amping with a 6-channel receiver
  89. eBay banana connectors, what the item description doesn't tell you
  90. Using DC motors with AC
  91. Low Level Detail: An experimental search and test.
  92. root-sounds releases Concert Marimba sample library
  93. speaker cable trellis
  94. Dayton AF-612
  95. Quick-charging hybrid supercapacitors
  96. Simple 192kHz soundcard?
  97. Nad T743
  98. 25Hz hum... from cable issue?
  99. ultrasonic record cleaner help
  100. 1N746 Zener replacement/close equivalent??
  101. Katy Perry - Prism (owners only please)
  102. Are These All That?
  103. BSR MCD8000 LCD backlight replacement
  104. Found at a consignment store...
  105. Amp selection
  106. Good test files!
  107. Great crossover calculator site!
  108. Need selector for 4 pin input.
  109. Analog RGB Video black level and constrast
  110. whats best SBC with 8ch I2S plus possibly 6ch DSD for media playback + sil9135 info
  111. Unique problem!
  112. security system
  113. It just keeps getting better for Solar Cells
  114. Current ratings on power connector parts
  115. Electronic experts or simply someone who know how to do this!
  116. Left diy-ed audio, returned to audio, need amp recommendation
  117. The History of NATO,SHAPE and AFCENT,etc.
  118. Looking for an interesting hifi review
  119. Hi-Fi Wireless speaker Survey for University - Please give me your opinions
  120. CRT 15.625kHz driving me insane!
  121. Automate digital recording
  122. advice please on contacting DANTIMAX.
  123. The DIY Store
  124. Onkyo TX SR875 hdmi"no signal"fault,possible DIY THX I2C/DSD project if not fixable!
  125. why wire nuts for mains connection?
  126. sound distortion
  127. Cheating stories of Rediff Shop in India
  128. Voice coil polarization
  129. PW
  130. StopLight Rave Machine!
  131. Need part for medical missions
  132. 5 seconds with a 1000 fps 4K HD camera
  133. whole house audio
  134. Amplifier - Speaker testing system
  135. Bluetooth receiver not working with TDA7265 circuit!
  136. CD shelf finnished
  137. Possible to tell if email sent to my Gmail account has NOT been opened?
  138. Making easy DIY "Depot" sound Diffuser panels, step by step
  139. Breaker correct amp for kitchen!
  140. Richard A. Greiner
  141. dB to gain google image search
  142. Radio Shack going bankrupt - 25% off locally
  143. That annoying Hummmm....
  144. Creating custom pads in Eagle library
  145. DIY room treatment panels
  146. What can I do accoustically with this room?
  147. Hard time understanding the dialogue of a MASTERPIECE program
  148. John Hall RIP
  149. 440 and 50 Hz radiation in livingroom
  150. MIT MH950 Speaker cable
  151. Blazer 500/1000 watt amplifier
  152. Durability of CD-Roms - are we cheated?
  153. Sanyo C 35 Boombox Operating instructions booklet
  154. lm 3915 vu meter problem.
  155. Bose AW-1 complete cassette deletion modifications
  156. Automatic switch for 3,5mm jack
  157. Interesting Workbench
  158. McAfee Siteadvisor blocking content from DIYAudio ?
  159. fm loop antennas
  160. Computer speakers for the human voice.
  161. bypassing DIN-9pin on a Sanyo DWM-3500 noob help
  162. Making PCBs
  163. Circuit to make Christmas lights dance to music
  165. Section for tone control?
  166. What is the difference between drivers and speakers?
  167. Need some help repairing speakers
  168. Looking for DC motor replacement
  169. Live chat room with audio/video messages, any ideas?
  170. vinyl
  171. Scratching sound without connecting
  172. Idea for a smart AV Receiver
  173. Help needed with Balanced CKIII
  174. Is timing important for crossover distortion?
  175. I need help..... I'm new to audio engineering.
  176. ecg1102,nte1102 Traffo output value?
  177. Hard-Wiring Cables
  178. 12V ion generator
  179. wiring color code rant
  180. Problem with Cambridge Audio Azur740a
  181. Dell Harmon/Kardon 1D430 active speaker
  182. Home wiring issues
  183. cheated by the power company.
  184. Based on listening, which do you prefer ?
  185. Singapore Concert Hall System
  186. 3D printing for diy-ing
  187. Consumer grade JBL's + 300 w/ch amp = Disaster?
  188. New full range system in a box
  189. Help with a mixing console. Please..
  190. Christmas came early!!!
  191. No Sound
  192. How do I get balanced audio out of a standard XLR mic?
  193. Time travel made possible
  194. Ends up used/useful for something else (other than intended use). . .
  195. Analog Audio over Fiber Optic Cable Schematic
  196. RIP Graham Maynard
  197. LASER mic question. Shortest range?
  198. Powering non-speaker appliances with an amp
  199. New Atomic Clock is so precise it depends on where you put it.
  200. How can this happen to a RCA cable?
  201. Crossover Question
  202. Losing picture on TV
  203. Happy halloween!
  204. Value of antique amp&tuner
  205. Good resources to learn about audio electronics?
  206. Is phase shift audible?
  207. Blind listening tests - Axiom Audio video
  208. Gaming Setup Problem
  209. The technical reason speakers sound different from live instruments?
  210. Listening Test. Opamp driving a low impedance load.
  211. Jack Bruce- Cream Bassist has died RIP
  212. Tips for improving your 'Listening Room Acoustics'
  213. AC filter strip for modest current demands?
  214. Mono / Stereo Switch
  215. Left Channel doesn't start at Zero
  216. MeWe - Better alternative to Facebook etc
  217. Nice pickup today
  218. simple portable stereo
  219. Dual Gang Potentiometer Rewire to a Single Gang
  220. Kenwood kr-a70
  221. LED Adaptation to Amp
  222. Antique radio with Bluetooth internals?
  223. Issues with 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers
  224. Balanced signal and the needs of Ground potential
  225. Need to dissolve epoxy potting in ignition coil.
  226. Strange similarities. Mixing engineering, Speaker design & Amp design ?
  227. Lithium battery pack wiring with BMS
  228. Small 2x3w Amp Connection to Bluetooth Receiver
  229. Please help me to identify this component
  230. Convert Rechargeable Battery Radio to AC/USB Wall Powered
  231. Volt Ohm Amp
  232. I just don't understand the toggle switches rating.
  233. The SONOS Investment Yay or Nay?
  234. How to kill audio
  235. Amplifier driven LEDs
  236. What brand, type resistor
  237. When is a 3k9 not a 3k9 ?
  238. Building a Home Theater & Listening Room
  239. Diy microphone blimp question
  240. Capacitor to Psu?
  241. Vintage Bluetooth Radio Easy Conversion - Noob
  242. Anyone using W8.1 and IE11 and found this months updates altered zoom settings ?
  243. old radio cabinet antirestoration - old empty box new insides
  244. How to take apart PQ Ferite
  245. Anyone here do electronics testing that could help me out?
  246. AC electrical leakage from Surface Pro 3!
  247. About Patent Searches and Application?
  248. Hi-Fi, Stereo, DIY and WAF in 1957. A Video
  249. Audio problem with new mic/recorder setup
  250. Problem with Hifiwov

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