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  1. How microphonic are various types of components?
  2. Calculator power supply question. Too off topic?
  3. What's The Difference Between A Musician And An Audiophile?
  4. Cryogenics.
  5. Audition Gear On Youtube-Is It Impossible?
  6. Need help understanding transistors saturation.
  7. Very early digital computers
  8. Help with placement of 7.1 surround back speakers
  9. Modern usability for Logitech Z5300 ?
  10. Moto Guzzi / Benelli Electronic Ignition Module Problem
  11. PayPlay.FM
  12. Onkyo tx-nr808 resistor
  13. Sennheiser DECT headset at home
  14. Electric Cars!
  15. UHF Crystal Radio
  16. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!
  17. Happy Christmas everyone.
  18. make movie sound more even
  19. Baby crying monitor
  20. How to listen
  21. Which forum for mini bluetooth speakers
  22. 8051 MCU help needed
  23. christmas help for speakers - receiver
  24. Unexpected behaviour of linear regulator
  25. How to put together a system, by, a cheapskate.
  26. Library or Reference Section
  27. Home security light problem
  28. Bose repair AWR1-2W
  29. Group Study: Amplifier and Cable Differential Tests
  30. Measurable influence of speaker cable to freq response and distortion
  31. Please check this wiring diagram for me. Is it okay to leave as is? Portable project
  32. Real Harmonic Distortion
  33. Having some problems deciding on christmas lights circuit.
  34. Making an Ammo Box speaker. Wiring, power, etc. Help please before I spend money
  35. Series-tuned, Shunt-fed Crystal Radio with Air-core Coil
  36. Oscilloscope X-Y Drift
  37. Do input signals need to be blocked?
  38. Book for newbie
  39. audiolab set - up
  40. Burned plastic mixed with solder a problem ?
  41. Please Explain
  42. Using handphone to check speakers?
  43. Power factor, watts, and VI - I think I get it
  44. Assembling my own monitor speakers
  45. Loop Antenna Crystal Radio
  47. Audibility of nonlinear distortion - new listening test
  48. Crystal Radio Circuits - Alternative Concepts
  49. Sony Muteki STR-KM3 (HT-M3) troubleshooting
  50. realistic am/fm stereo
  51. Channel switch/Ground loop isolator combo
  52. Parts-Express Using Pitney Bowes for Economy Shipping
  53. Non-working Bose Lifestyle Tuner/CD player
  54. Need help deciding 3,5mm jack pins!
  55. On the limits of "Hi-Fi" intent
  56. DIY home theatre, where to start?
  57. Is there a difference between Wonder Ultraclear and Signature solder
  58. DIY Synergistic Research FEQ
  59. Linn Series 5
  60. root-sounds releases The Wreck
  61. Safety compliance when building stuff for others
  62. LED failure sense circuit
  63. heybrook speakers , a blast from the past needs help
  64. my first SEAS DIY project
  65. Anybody read EULAs?
  66. Windows10 : If we don't install it -- how long until total misery on our PCs ?
  67. How to build a simple (but pretty cool!) light sensitive oscillator!
  68. Halloween RGB L.E.D light
  69. new memory for PC
  70. How to DIY a super capacitor/battery.
  71. Permeability-tuned Crystal Radio
  72. Alternative to Winzip?
  73. FM antenna: rabbit-ear or dipole type?
  74. Using an audio interface as a turntable amp?
  75. Website development forum that does not mind newbies?
  76. PC becomes very slow to respond
  77. Lightning LED flasher
  78. DIY XLRW cables (for UniPak wireless)?
  79. Constructing manual relay switch-recomendations?
  80. audiophonics.fr
  81. Another Series-tuned, Shunt-fed Crystal Radio
  82. Jukeboxes and Wall Boxes
  83. Sound bar build
  84. Help needed, want to re-cycle speakers
  85. Another Crystal Radio Variant
  86. Best movie to test your surround system
  87. Anybody want to give me a hand designing a circuit?
  88. 11.5 Kwatt diy motor, amazing power from wood.
  89. Circuitscribe
  90. Unusual VCO circuit
  91. Loudspeaking Crystal Radio
  92. microphone noise canceling
  93. Recently acquired Power Supply
  94. Who's Horns
  95. NHS says earphones can damage hearing
  96. need help on options
  97. DIY Shop in London
  98. Design
  99. Do you Worship the Big Names ?
  100. Two way lighting using single pole switches
  101. Isolating sound in apartment reverse phase noise cancelling
  102. What speakers (that go low) for boombox?
  103. notch filter circuit help
  104. Outboard power supply for active bass guitar pickups and LED's
  105. Old Yamaha AMp and EQ av-34 and EQ -32
  106. Skunkworks
  107. A Makeshift Crystal Radio Output Transformer
  108. When you have a chance...
  109. A Portable Medium To Record Those "Vinyls" On [Cassette Tape manufacturing plant]
  110. Crystal Radio Output Transformer
  111. Ground loop
  112. The Audiophilia Nervosa Test
  113. Opinions sought from Parasound A23 users
  114. Valve testing service UK/North
  115. Earthing - help a rookie please
  116. I just had to ask.....
  117. I hate wiring amps!
  118. Vertical turntable [record player] on Kickstarter
  119. Temeisheng PMPO1500W - 1 speaker not working ! HELP !
  120. how befuddled can one's brain be when one is recovering from a "bug"/virus?
  121. Media PC - as fileserver or with separate NAS?
  122. 2 and 3 pin crystals
  123. Old vs New AMD Processors
  124. Cable Shoot Out
  125. Garrard 1025 help
  126. Horn for a Tablet
  127. PC recording : Choosing cable
  128. OOPS!!
  129. Off-topic -- High power Led blinking circuit
  130. Power Transformer question (Airport)
  131. What is the point of SACD?
  132. For The Good or For The Bad?
  133. Batteriser
  134. 15.7KHz RGBS / RGBHV -> SDI, single chip solution?
  135. Does there exist a video capture card that can capture rgb 240p non-interlaced video?
  136. Motor Question
  137. Sound from biassed square wave
  138. Portable Boombox Questions
  139. use power tube signal for solid state amp
  140. Windows 10
  141. Buyer Beware - Connexelectronic
  142. Simplest substitution for/in the removal of muting transistors?
  143. repair NAVMAN USB socket?
  144. acer H6510BD lamp or ballast?
  145. 2n3055 pass transistors keep blowing in power supply
  146. Listening Test. Trying to understand what we think we hear.
  147. Capacitor/resistor value suggestions for dc blocking/high pass filter
  148. Uk ?
  149. Nothing to do with HiFi but audio non the less
  150. Best $30 I've spent on audio gear
  151. Getting one channel output on a stereo cable
  152. snake oil?
  153. Vintage Hi Fi refurb
  154. Commodore 64 bass help
  155. headphones advice
  156. DIY EPIRB is it possible?
  157. looking for John Bedini contacts
  158. hifi manuals dot com
  159. tricky tweeter addition
  160. Reference designs for DIYers in a singular forum
  161. Learning thru experimenting
  162. THD is meaningless, the harmonic data is what matters
  163. One more face of fraud.
  164. AUS - beware Photonage
  165. Rigging Logitech z-5500 to run on 12VDC
  166. I bet this club actually sounds decent
  167. How warm/hot do our mains cables get?
  168. Li-Ion 3S3P charging
  169. which gu10 led spot bulbs to buy?
  170. Need help adding aux input to hifi system
  171. Looking for Mr Goodwatt
  172. Class A amps and dishwashers
  173. Infra-red LED Lighting
  174. Listening Test Of A Different Kind.
  175. Wardsweb's main 2-channel system
  176. Listening test - do you prefer CD or vinyl version
  177. "Russian" Surplus wire, Tubes, caps ?
  178. The making of a vinyl record - video
  179. Question on frequency response and resonances
  180. TOSLINK cable became longer
  181. Globalization sucks
  182. Help finding good Coax for RCA cables
  183. Parasound Zamp 120Hz hum
  184. 110 V and 12 V houseboat audio system
  185. Channel duplicating splitter?
  186. Multiroom audio from bluetooth source - is it possible?
  187. Alternative to Mail.com
  188. Going back to DIY after 5 years
  189. I don't think this will catch on
  190. A lesson 4 me on current and small motors
  191. Price of the amp inside studio monitors
  192. Can you not hear distortion if it the volume is too low?
  193. NwAvGuy O2 and ODAC: measurements versus listening
  194. CA3240 based precision rectifier
  195. Sound Level Meters
  196. Multiple FM antennas?
  197. My Journey to Great Sound
  198. Craziest electronics collection I have ever seen
  199. Need to get files from totally unresponsive 64 gig flash drive
  200. Listening Test. Adventures trying some modifications to a budget player.
  201. Resources to repair equipment
  202. New system help please
  203. Hypex site has been hacked
  204. Link cables ABX listening test
  205. unknown old component
  206. Looking for DTA 120 Modifications
  207. Yamaha RX-V371
  208. Suggestions for 7.1 HT on the cheap
  209. The Hafler circuit aka Poor man's Surround Sound
  210. Subjective listening test
  211. noise canceling electret microphones
  212. root-sounds releases Union Grand piano sample library
  213. Msc Electroacoustics student looking for internship
  214. Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
  215. KSS152A to TOPH7833
  216. PDF query -- Possible to put 10 images in one PDF ?
  217. Charging issues with Samsung tablet
  218. Can anyone fix this up for me please?
  219. Whistler Receivers (VLF)
  220. Where to get audio gear?
  221. Bi-wiring with a 2-channel amp vs bi-amping with a 6-channel receiver
  222. eBay banana connectors, what the item description doesn't tell you
  223. Using DC motors with AC
  224. Low Level Detail: An experimental search and test.
  225. root-sounds releases Concert Marimba sample library
  226. speaker cable trellis
  227. Dayton AF-612
  228. Quick-charging hybrid supercapacitors
  229. Simple 192kHz soundcard?
  230. Nad T743
  231. 25Hz hum... from cable issue?
  232. ultrasonic record cleaner help
  233. 1N746 Zener replacement/close equivalent??
  234. Katy Perry - Prism (owners only please)
  235. Are These All That?
  236. BSR MCD8000 LCD backlight replacement
  237. Found at a consignment store...
  238. Amp selection
  239. Good test files!
  240. Great crossover calculator site!
  241. Need selector for 4 pin input.
  242. Analog RGB Video black level and constrast
  243. whats best SBC with 8ch I2S plus possibly 6ch DSD for media playback + sil9135 info
  244. Unique problem!
  245. security system
  246. It just keeps getting better for Solar Cells
  247. Current ratings on power connector parts
  248. Electronic experts or simply someone who know how to do this!
  249. Left diy-ed audio, returned to audio, need amp recommendation
  250. The History of NATO,SHAPE and AFCENT,etc.

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