View Full Version : In Memoriam

  1. R.I.P. Peter Belt
  2. diyAudio members, mods, and other audio personalities no longer with us....
  3. RIP: Nick McKinney, Founder Lambda Acoustics
  4. RIP: Sreten
  5. Chris Strahm of LinearX has Passed Away
  6. Jay Forrester, MIT "servo" and "systems" expert RIP
  7. AJ Conti of Basis RIP
  8. John Bedini
  9. Peter Traynor RIP
  10. RIP Rudy Van Gelder
  11. Dr. Matti Otala, RIP
  12. RIP Doug Sax, direct-to-disc pioneer
  13. Joe Grado RIP
  14. compressit - RIP, mon ami...
  15. John Hall - Linear Systems RIP
  16. RIP: Ken Lewis (klewis)
  17. RIP Harry Pearson
  18. Tom Nousaine RIP
  19. R.I.P. Lars
  20. Ken Shindo has passed away
  21. RIP Jean Michel LeCleac'h
  22. Amar Bose, Dead.
  23. Ed Dell RIP
  24. Another great inventor and enginner, Nagra founder, Mr. Stefan Kudelski, passed away.
  25. James Bongiorno RIP
  26. RIP Dr Jim Marshall
  27. Edgar Villchur RIP
  28. Bob Pease RIP
  29. Allen Wright has passed away
  30. Allen Wright, 1947-2011
  31. Zilch has passed on
  32. W. M. Leach passed?
  33. RIP Ted Weber
  34. J Gordon Holt RIP
  35. Mioljub Nestorovic RIP
  36. Henry Kloss passed away

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