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  1. Super V/i converted (LL1684 )
  2. Andrea Ciuffoli - Audiodesignguide
  3. DAC-END R (ES9018) full assembled board - version 2
  4. DAC-END R (ES9018) full assembled board
  5. The best preamplifier
  6. Heater Power supply
  7. DAC-END The best DAC AD1865- UPDAT 2011
  8. The best tube pre from Vietnam - 818 Pre
  9. Kit SSHV for Phono and Tube Pre (Simplistic Mosfet HV Shunt )
  10. DAC-ASH (dac-end 2 up date)
  11. Push-Pull amplifier driver stage
  12. Kit DAC-end
  13. About the Simplistic Mosfet HV Shunt group by
  14. Pre-dac
  15. Hi-end phono preamplifier
  16. Salas low voltage shunt regulator (V 1.0 ) for DAC and more
  17. First run DAC End support
  18. OLD THREAD Salas low voltage shunt regulator (V 1.0)for DAC
  19. OLD THREAD Simplistic Mosfet HV Shunt (The Simpler Simplistic Design by Salas)
  20. OLD THREAD Hi-end phono preamplifier by Andrea Ciuffoli
  21. OLD THREAD DAC End by Andrea Ciuffoli

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