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  1. RCA input Headphone Amp, Any Exist?
  2. Simply direct coupled class a headphone amp
  3. Beyerdynamic A1 clone, need some help
  4. Looking for Bluetooth, synchronous headphone/mic transmitter
  5. Need help pre CMOY build
  6. Help choose between two kits
  7. the amplifier on the tantalic triode 3C24 for all types of earphones and acoustics.
  8. Preparing for first opamp build
  9. Dual mono LME49600
  10. How to wire up a mic for an iphone
  11. Indeed G2 12AU7 Amp - circuit repair help
  12. Crossfeed for HD600
  13. [Headamp] upgrading a Lehmann BCL clone
  14. Class-A Mosfet Headphone Amplifier
  15. Case Layout for Headphone Amp and RPi
  16. Pioneer SE-M290 headphone broken headband repair
  17. Objective 2 amp issues
  18. Yet another headamp..a few questions
  19. Headphones unbalanced after driver replacment
  20. hifisonix small signal class a?
  21. Upgrading the Aune X1 SE/Pro HeadAmp/DAC/Pre-amp
  22. I/V stage running hot
  23. bandpass filter
  24. "My" first design headamp, DC-servo question
  25. Recommend a kit for newbie
  26. My Headphone AMP w. OPA134 & BUF634
  27. $500+/- headphone for movies/casual gaming
  28. Walker Amp Wireless World 1971
  29. ATH-M40x
  30. mains hum
  31. QRV04 Headphone Amp. + Red Baron v5 DAC
  32. Southwest Technical Products Corp. (SWTPC) Headphone Amp 202-C
  33. Adapting my Cmoy to TRRS headphones
  34. Cmoy input resistor value?
  35. Toxic Fraud
  36. BUF634 Open Loop with Single Supply
  37. what is standart smartphone headphone audio output power (mW) at 32 ohms?
  38. Amp for connecting ATH-R70X to PC
  39. Starving Student (20EZ7)
  40. Ebay amp..
  41. Stereo passive somation
  42. Focal Spirit One mod
  43. This is what happens...
  44. Stax pro SRD-7 hum
  45. Cmoy, Charge Pump Inverter, Regulated
  46. TPA6120 Output Impedace
  47. Opa2134 + Buf634 output impedance
  48. 8-pin 6.5mm headphone connector pinouts are needed
  49. TPA6120 Single Supply
  50. Biasing OPAMP to class A [Hi Current type]
  51. cmoy with a 2 x 12v psu
  52. DIY Headphone Amp - Comments and advice appreciated
  53. HRTFs and the AES69-2015
  54. Terry Gesualdo Headphone Adapter
  55. About HA5000 Design
  56. Chassis mount jack socket help
  57. Simple Diy headphone amp
  58. Headphone amp with 2SK1058
  59. Headphone output on push-pull amplifier?
  60. Since the njm4556 are so cheap... class a biasing
  61. An inverting version of the NwAvGuy O2 headphone amp vs. the original: THD+N
  62. How to add Headphone amplifier to Silicon Chip 2009 DAC?
  63. Hissing problem of a hybrid amp
  64. Amp matching to headphones
  65. I need new headphones
  66. my great sounding tube hpa
  67. Sennheiser headband repair
  68. Help with bass amp for headphones for study purposes
  69. cmoy op amp virtual ground question
  70. parallel opamp amplifier
  71. Isolate 2 headphone amps with one source - HELP!
  72. TPA6120 Breakout - Free Design Files
  73. PCM2707 and TPA6120 Amp - Boards and Design Files
  74. Recommendations for Closed-Back Headphones
  75. Headphones with dual jack, reduced volume
  76. Fault finding, BCL Clone, help needed.
  77. Low Impedance Headphone/Earphone Amp
  78. Do you use your O2 as desktop, portable, or both?
  79. Passive Bass Boost circuit?
  80. Looking for a schematic..
  81. Noise, too much noise.
  82. Pono in Balanced Mode
  83. Gaming Headphones mod ideas
  84. Material for Headphone cushion and fabric?
  85. Good low impedance headphone amp project
  86. Suggestion for headphone
  87. Anyone ID these headphones?
  88. My first headamp project
  89. Xfeed network
  90. Amp suggestion
  91. single-ended (hope:) ) headphone amplifier with minimal NFB and low THD
  92. Cavalli's EHHA r1 kit question
  93. Headphone amp series current limiter resistor
  94. HD600 recabling
  95. Tube amp with usb
  96. A little compilation Erwin's Amp
  97. Help with faulty Pioneer Headphones please?
  98. Sound Magic Hp200 Premium Audiophile headphones!
  99. Using sApii Pro TPA6120a2 at lower voltage?
  100. Grasshopper
  101. My mobile Headphone AMP w. OPA134 & BUF634
  102. Trying to convert a pre amp to an headphone amp I could use some help..
  103. what's up with Headwize website ?
  104. Digital potentiometer. Distortion and line level
  105. MOSFET amp instability
  106. Is the O2/ODAC combo right for me? Are there better alternatives for me?
  107. limited soundstage with headphones
  108. headset to microphone
  109. Does anyone know how to use the digital potentiometer DS1882
  110. High Fidelity Ear Protection: "Protect your ears from bad sounding HiFi systems!"
  111. Need Help With DIY Switch Box
  112. Looking for a simple high quality amp to drive 600 ohm load
  113. Load output resistors in parallel opamps amplifier
  114. Bone conduction headphones
  115. headphone cable choice
  116. Headphones on TA2024 Single powered D Class amp
  117. Help with volume control on a headphone amplifier?
  118. SIT Headphone amplifier (VFET S.F. buffer)
  119. Headphone impedance matching with tube head amp
  120. My O2 & Subbu DAC build
  121. Monster headphone rebuild - need help please
  122. Amplifier for akg k340 (400ohms)
  123. Single NE5532 driving 38ohms?
  124. class A Buffer
  125. Headphones invention challenge with Harman Audio
  126. DIY 12AU7 Hybrid Amp voltage variances
  127. O2 amp only playing sound through one channel
  128. Tone control
  129. Another site noob needing help with his O2!!
  130. Portable LME49720 Headphone Amp
  131. schematic request for tpa6120/ne5534 ebay amp
  132. Cable Dongle ? What is it?
  133. Are these ICs legitimate?
  134. single NE5532P headphone amp ?!
  135. How does op amp introduce power supply noise to output?
  136. CFA Headphones amplifier
  137. Which resistor value for Gain
  138. lme49600 pcb for discrete jensen 918
  139. Headphone Buffer With Power Supply
  140. How to calculate Zobel/Boucherot Circuit
  141. MSA 30X Sound Amplifier
  142. Headphone Power Buffer
  143. 100Hz Hum in Lehmann Linear clone
  144. What you guys think of this Headphone amp?
  145. Personal Monitor System
  146. OBH-11 passive preamp mod
  147. "The Crocodile"
  148. PCM2407 DAC click & pop issue.
  149. Balanced Headphone amplifier for HiRes Bluray
  150. Shorted Channels w/o apparent effect on SQ
  151. ESL headphones and amp.
  152. Which Amp best suited for Earphone
  153. OUTONE Pseudobridge system
  154. Which amplifier for Sennheiser HD 598?
  155. Headphone Amp IC
  156. HIGH performance HeadPhone amplifier OUTONE
  157. Another take on the Diamond Buffer
  158. First Headphone Amp Build
  159. Another implementation of Class A buffer for headphone
  160. Schematic help for wierd problem.
  161. CMoy with other Chips
  162. HiFi Headphone Amp for Recording Studio
  163. special tool for 3.5mm strain relief?
  164. IEM Amp Design Help
  165. Converting the Bugle2 to a headphone amp?
  166. A High-Quality, High-Power Headphone Amplifier
  167. Stereo intercom for my experimental airplane
  168. [ask] Is there a way to mod a CMOY amp to have more power?
  169. Opa551 getting very hot in inverting configuration
  170. low impedence buffer
  171. A simple 2-Ch mixer, suggestions, ideas?
  172. O2 Amp Build - Resistor Question
  173. How to bypass volume potentiometer Sennheiser PC360
  174. DC protection for headphones
  175. Should replacement headphone cable telescope the shield?
  176. Headphone Attenuator, Or do I need an amp
  177. starting diy with a cmoy
  178. Neodymium Magnets - Strength/Weight
  179. Which Class-A Build?
  180. Headphone Mic Wiring
  181. Portabel Headphone Amplifier
  182. Precission EQ of Headphones
  183. Ribbon Microphones for Noise Canceling
  184. adding 18 watt valve amp on pc
  185. 5x5 Headphone amplifier/Preamplifer
  186. Headphone amp?
  187. Isodynamic Planar Magnetic Headphones
  188. ATH-DN1000USB Audio Technica DNote Digital USB Headphone
  189. Simple SE buffer, any better idea ?
  190. Ribbon Drivers in Headphones
  191. 600 Ohm headphones that are not Beyerdynamic
  192. First time building CMOY - Need some help
  193. specification of headphone
  194. Differences in headphones and speaker amps
  195. Head 'n' HiFi - Walter: O2 Headphone Amp Kit
  196. head amp for AKG K-2xx serie(600 Ohm)
  197. High Performance Class A Current Feeback Headphone Amplifier
  198. Inverting CMOY with inverting DC servo for 5V USB
  199. Output Resistor on Bravo V2
  200. First build, needing a little direction
  201. cmoy tube amp... mic amp?
  202. Headphone insert
  203. Two stage opamp amplifier PCB 5x5cm
  204. Classic-50mW
  205. OPA2134 headphone amplifier or recommend something better
  206. Replacing power MOSFETs in SDS Labs headphone amplifier
  207. Headphone amplifier (Lavardin Follower)
  208. One Ohm Resistor Separating Grounds?
  209. Power handling value of headphone drivers?
  210. Turning stereo signal to two mono signals
  211. Hybrid Headphone Amplifier
  212. problem with my first lme49723 amp
  213. Theoretical Full Range Ribbon Headphones
  214. TPA6120 Resistor Question
  215. Cmoy voltage fluctuation problem
  216. High-voltage hybrid headphone amp
  217. Why such a large input series resistor?
  218. inductor+resistor network for headphone amp output?
  219. My Own Headphone Amp
  220. Diy headphone options for AKG k701's
  221. OPA2134 Input Stage...
  222. OPA2134+LM6172 composite amp ?
  223. dual purpose amp question.
  224. importance of output impedance for headphones?
  225. AKG 601 cable really BI-WIRE?
  226. OP-amp getting hot
  227. Headphone Amplifier project
  228. Modifying the SMSL SAP VI for low impedance headphones
  229. artwork on cans?
  230. My first Desktop HPA
  231. Volume control
  232. Best way to implement a voltage gain stage with opamp?
  234. Audeze LCD poor comfort – any mods?
  235. Headphone capsules: OEM stuff
  236. OPA2134/IRF510 Schematic...
  237. Need Headphone Amp Schematic for NJM4556
  238. Headphones for me, speakers for wife
  239. Headphone amp level = line level? (Maybe obvious question)
  240. My first HPA design...comments please!
  241. Transparent & Objective: My Objective 2 build
  242. My O2 Portable Amp
  243. O2 Front Panel
  244. My LM5532 Headphone Amplifier project
  245. CMOY with Common Collector Buffer
  246. CMoy Desktop with Buffers
  247. Objective o2 diy no sound
  248. Cmoy help please!
  249. µCmoy - My take on the portable CMoy amp
  250. My Headphone amp. Very diy...

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