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  1. Epcos B32674 (MKP) 4.7uF as input caps for Headamp
  2. Portable headphone compensation?
  3. tube headphone amp
  4. cmoy sijosae rail splitter
  5. Headphone output is not working?
  6. Pass me some HP amp gerbers pwease
  7. Need Help with Earbud repair
  8. using an impedance adapter to make an external DAC drive 32Ω headphones?
  9. Earphone component help
  10. Able Planet Headphones?
  11. Building balanced headphone cables?
  12. 12Volt tube based Headphone amp
  13. Looking for a Simplistic Headphone Amp design
  14. Small and portable headphone amp Crisis
  15. The Tringlinator: a MOS-based Tringlotron amplifier
  16. how do you think about sounds of szekeres?
  17. DHT amplifier for orthodynamic headphones
  18. earbuds that wont break in 3 months
  19. Have you seen this?
  20. Need help with this!!!
  21. Simple Op-amp/MOSFET Amplifier (SOMA) 2
  22. What I've been working on for the past week...
  23. Simple Class A Headphone Amp Using THAT1646
  24. sub micro tubes for a portable headphone amp
  25. I don't know what I am doing. Please help.
  26. Terminator:amp for ath/w1000,w5000
  27. Maximum allowable headphone amp output impedance.
  28. Very cheap but still ok amp
  29. Beyer ET1000 / N1000
  30. Rebuilding Koss "High velocity" HPs'
  31. my take on the szekeres
  32. CMOY shootout!
  33. Feedback on simple amp design
  34. Headphone Amp Design Suggestions
  35. GERMANIUM Single ended Class A Headphone Amp.
  36. Why are headphone cables shielded?
  37. Capacitor on Opamp Power Pins in Gwado CMoy
  38. Sonion drivers in many high-end earphones
  39. hd-555 vs akg 701(2) ?
  40. Single stator electrostatic headphone.
  41. DIY headphone amp for beginner on a budget
  42. Rush Cascode Headphone Amp + JLH Output Stage
  43. JLH Headphone Amp
  44. LM4780 chipamp with headphone section
  45. orthos!!!
  46. Wharfedale ID1: Isodynamic
  47. Easy class A 0dB amplifier for Headphone
  48. uPower Class D headphone Amp
  49. Ciclotron Headphone Class A Amplifier
  50. Zero feedback JFET SRPP Headphone AMP
  51. Headphone output
  52. lehmann headphone amplifier clone
  53. Noise in a valve headphone amp kit
  54. Cmoy headphone amp?
  55. Headphone as Nakamichi
  56. Cavalli-Kan-Kumisa III headphone amp kit
  57. any advice on how to match a headphone level output to valve amp input levels?
  58. headphone amp
  59. Help with Morgan Jones headphone amp
  60. EC900 for Headphone amplifiers
  61. Output capasitor-less "Bijow" headphone amp
  62. FS: Woo Audio WA5-LE Custom Build Headphone Amp
  63. Why does my headphone amp distort?
  64. Silicon Chip July06 / EPE Feb08 Studio Series Pre-Amp with remote and Headphone Amp
  65. DAO Follower vs F3 Headphone Amp
  66. Modify KT88 SE for headphone use
  67. Headphone drivers 0.5mw 32ohm 35mm diameter
  68. Headphone attenuator
  69. Simple Headphone Output to tube Preamp - ideas?
  70. Revised Headphone Amp...I'm back!
  71. Using resistor at output to reduce volume of headphone
  72. Koss Portapro headphone mod...
  73. Zero Feedback Headphone Gain Question
  74. 12AL8 for headphone amp?
  75. Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphone woes
  76. Headphone amp
  77. Need A Schematic For A BJT Headphone Amp
  78. My Portable Wireless Headphone Amplifier & DAC
  79. Vintage Saba opt in SE-headphone amp
  80. How to build a TPA6120 based headphone amplifier?
  81. Improvments to "Tube Headphone Amplifier/Preamp with Relay-Based Input and Power Swi"
  82. HA-2 Wheatfield headphone amp query
  83. Headwise OTL headphone rectifier question
  84. Headwise headphone amp - help needed
  85. Class A headphone amp Gain Question
  86. Need help with headphone jack
  87. High linearty low-power BJTs and Class A headphone amp
  88. Pete Millet HA-2 headphone amp
  89. 5ch headphone amp for home studio
  90. JLH Headphone amp
  91. John Broskie's headphone design using pentodes
  92. Interesting: P-amp Headphone amp from Grey Rollins
  93. Class A, DHT driven, headphone amp
  94. Headphone amps: How much "headroom" is enough?
  95. An idea for a 6N7 headphone amp
  96. My first Headphone amp build
  97. Sennheiser Headphone Connector Specs
  98. Cheap Hybrid-Headphone Amplifier
  99. Line and Headphone Preamplifier/Amplifier
  100. NE5532 as a pre amp for a Szekeres headphone amp
  101. Building a 'Wachara' headphone
  102. USB-Powered Headphone Amplifier
  103. NAD 302 - Headphone jack issue
  104. Cmoy headphone amp
  105. IFR513 headphone amp channel mismatch
  106. Tube headphone amp designs?
  107. TDA 2030 as headphone amp
  108. Cmoy Headphone amp
  109. Class A Headphone Amp
  110. 5v SMPS for headphone amp
  111. Some questions on the Gilmore headphone amp.
  112. Klare headphone amp I found and bought today
  113. Simple Headphone Distribution Amplifier
  114. Headphone amp circuit question.
  115. Debugging a PIMETA headphone amp
  116. Wireless IR (Infrared) Headphone Teardown?
  117. Sony MDR-XD300 headphone modification
  118. Balanced Reference Headphone Amplifier in
  119. Bass amp for Headphone ideas?
  120. Which Headphone Amp to ?
  121. headphone amplifier = tube + mosfet
  122. Can I build a headphone amp with NE5532 or TL047CN
  123. Headphone out schematic
  124. 4 Pin Amp output to 3 Pin headphone jack?
  125. Moskido Headphone Amplifier
  126. Replacing A 1/4" Headphone Jack On A Mixer
  127. headphone bypass jack
  128. TSHA.. A very simple Headphone Amp idea..
  129. Aikido headphone amp startup noise
  130. Headphone amp issues again
  131. My headphone amp project
  132. F4 balanced mono headphone amp
  133. Latest guitar headphone amp...slight problem
  134. Headphone amp circuits
  135. Guitar Headphone amp with distortion schematics
  136. Single ended headphone amplifier
  137. lm4780 Class A headphone amp
  138. Which First Watt Amp for Electrostatic Headphone with step-up Tr?
  139. Bass Guitar Headphone Amp?
  140. breadboard headphone jack
  141. F1 Headphone amp fo HD650
  142. Has anybody made an ELS headphone?
  143. CMoy Headphone Amp ... I'm Back!
  144. mos/bjt buffer in class A for headphone amp
  145. simplest LED circuit driven by mp3 player headphone amp
  146. Headphone Amp:njm4556s Op Amp For Rs1 And Others
  147. Fault with MOSFET based headphone amp
  148. Mbox 2 headphone section
  149. Another Class A headphone amplifier project.
  150. Ribbon or planar headphones
  151. headphone distribution amplifier
  152. hybrid vfb-cfb headphone amp/driver
  153. TPS65310 for headphone amplifier?
  154. A Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier
  155. Recommendations for portable headphone amp?
  156. Regulated PSU for MOSFET headphone amp
  157. JLH headphone amp with FET's and servo
  158. OP Amp based headphone amplifier.
  159. F5 Headphone Amp
  160. Five-BJT low power headphone amp
  161. info about powering a headphone amplifier
  162. Headphone amplifier with buffer
  163. 12 Volt MOSFET SE Class A Hi-Fi HeadPhone Amp
  164. Modifying a fenice into a headphone amp?
  165. Options on Great Sounding DIY Tube Headphone Amp
  166. Portable headphone amplifier project!
  167. Portable Tube/Hybrid Headphone Amp
  168. Dual mono PSU for headphone amp ?
  169. Submini Headphone Amp Help
  170. Search good performance HEADPHONE TRANSFORMER
  171. Smallest Class A Preamp/Headphone Amp Design?
  172. A large box of valves wants to be turned into a headphone amplifier...
  173. Folded cascode headphone amp
  174. low voltage headphone amp
  175. Cheap, 2 conductor, headphone wire
  176. 1/4 Headphone Jack Wiring
  177. Chu Moy Headphone amp troubles
  178. Headphone Line-Out Voltages - (Newbie DMM AC Voltage Reading)
  179. Aikidos Headphone with Output Transformers?
  180. headphone amp with lm4562 opamp
  181. opinions on a 12at6 headphone amp
  182. Powering LM 3886 from Headphone Output, MAC. problem
  183. Project No. 1: Beta22 Headphone Amplifier
  184. Custom Headphone OPT ordered for the TubelabSE
  185. Headphone out from chip amp ?
  186. headphone adapter for my first loudspeaker
  187. Zhaolu DAC headphone amp tweaks
  188. Q: headphone amp with variable distortion
  189. fancy Headphone amp
  190. 12AU7/EL84 Headphone Amp
  191. Headphone amp help
  192. Another headphone amplifier... Advices pls.
  193. Add headphone output to preamp
  194. PP headphone amp
  195. ameliorate the headphone amp base on Harmon Kardon C17
  196. Need Help eliminating hum on a Aikido headphone amp
  197. Headphone amplifier related help please
  198. Choosing components for DIY Headphone Amp
  199. Output transformer for a 6EM7 headphone amp
  200. Need help with my first project; 7x6 headphone/monitor/matrix mixer
  201. Help me with headphone "le Classe A"
  202. Pocket headphone amplifier advice ??
  203. Mylar for ES headphone project
  204. My Headphone Design
  205. pocket headphone amp
  206. Zen headphone amp problem
  207. DIY headphone amp on the airplane
  208. THAT transistor headphone amp (250ma discrete opamp) design sanity check.
  209. Please simulate my headphone amp
  210. I'm looking for a LM3875 headphone circuit
  211. Headphone on cambridge a3i
  212. CK2III headphone amp problem
  213. Simple Headphone Amp
  214. TPA6120 headphone amp with servo
  215. Tube Headphone Amp?
  216. Aleph X as headphone amplifier
  217. headphone amplifier
  218. Help me choose headphone amp design
  219. Headphone amp check, or better suggestions?
  220. Headphone amp
  221. My A.N.T. "Amber" headphone amplifier
  222. Headphone distortion
  223. CMOY headphone amp, can it be used as a mic preamp?
  224. Headphone amp design
  225. Just finished a new PP headphone amp - and it works !!
  226. Suggestion for Headphone AMP with MUTE
  227. Discrete simple headphone amp
  228. Beyerdynamic's Headzone headphone promise "perfect spatial impression"
  229. Headphone amp chips
  230. Headphone amp based on 45?
  231. Building a headphone amp from parts
  232. Please help me debug my Headphone Amplifier
  233. Headphone Amp Redesign?
  234. DC Offset on Class A headphone amp.
  235. Zen-like headphone amp trouble
  236. A simple Headphone amplifier.
  237. 2x Gain pure op-amp headphone amp idea
  238. TPA6120A2 Headphone Amp Offset Problems
  239. Koss ESP/9 electroststic headphone repair
  240. headphone question
  241. Aikido Headphone Amp
  242. How to connect 62 ohm headphone to 8 ohm output
  243. headphone amp circuit diagram usinga 300b tube
  244. Headphone Hub??
  245. Bada Ph12 headphone amp rebuild idea
  246. Idea for an ECL82 PP headphone amp.
  247. Headphone Amplifier ( Circuit needed)
  248. my aikido headphone amp - almost there
  249. Headphone amp
  250. which is which in a headphone jack?

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