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  1. ATTN: Beyerdynamic owners
  2. new opamps break in
  3. 32 Ohm- actual impedance at diff. frequencies?
  4. Gilberd headphone amplifier
  5. Acoustics in closed vs. open design confusing - help needed!
  6. O2 amp troubleshooting - help a newbie!
  7. Headphones for music production
  8. Headphone Data Sheet Table with power, voltage & current
  9. Headphone amp also used as preamp for long cable
  10. ground question
  11. Adventures in Headamp Country
  13. Grado SR60 and a near field sub
  14. SCHURTER - 4802.2330 - SOCKET, 3.5MM JACK, PCB, 3POLE
  15. Receiver Headphone output - modifications?
  16. Headphone amplifier that runs on 5V?
  17. Headphones that pick up FM transmitted stations?
  18. Components for KA2209 headphone amplifier?
  19. stereo jacks look dangerous!
  20. Minimal headphone circuit.
  21. +/- 8/10V from 5V USB power converter
  22. Help choosing replacement headphones
  23. Bluetooth Headphones - Bluedio's "R+"
  24. Need help understanding current loops...
  25. Little-Bear B1 modding..
  26. Headphone amplifier using SJ2520
  27. Wich Over-Ear Headphones and a Soundcard or DAC/AMP Combo?
  28. How to DIY headphones?
  29. 19J6 Millett amp
  30. Valuable dual opa for headphones amp
  31. Need travel headphones < 300 dollars
  32. Objective + ODAC modifications
  33. Help my cmoy is popping caps
  34. SOHA II amp tripping
  35. cisco power supply, grounding and the Millett starving student
  36. cisco power supply, grounding and the Millett starving student
  37. Help Summing Two Headphone Outputs
  38. question re crossfeed for low imped phones
  39. 6DJ8 headphone amp
  40. THD vs bias voltage for ESL headphones
  41. Just for fun
  42. Creek OBH-21 SE problem
  43. Current source in diamond buffer
  44. Where do I start? (re: need a DIY amp project)
  45. 6N OCC 24awg single strand for headphones ?
  46. From amp w/ "bare wire" output to headphones...
  47. My new headphone amp
  48. Why are external amplifiers superior?
  49. Headphones and Hearing aids
  50. Reacheargeable CMoy Amp??
  51. Testing headphones
  52. Discrete op amp headphone amplifier module, based on Marantz
  53. Koss ESP9 Headphones Low Volume Fixed!
  54. Please help with DIY headphone amp.
  55. Huginn, High performance, Class A, Lateral FET headphone amplifier
  56. MAT12 / MAT14 based headphone amp
  57. DC servo for Sijosae Buffer
  58. connect two inverting op amps together
  59. Yet Another Cmoy - PCB layout with Eagle and making PCB
  60. How to prevent unwanted volume adjustments on volume knob of a portable amp
  61. Project Ember ?
  62. O2 and power questions...
  63. Beyerdynamic A1 clone gold, opamp rolling
  64. Is there a better way to implement buf634 other than place in a a loop?
  65. An early look at my new HPA design
  66. O2 XLR, St/Mono swtich, etc Mod. ?'s
  67. A question regarding bass boost and output buffers
  68. O2 headamp output booster PCB
  69. cMoybb op amp rolling with AD797BRZ
  70. Millett Hybrid Starving Student (12AU7)
  71. Good capacitors for cmoy
  72. mysterious headphones
  73. New 4 layer LME49610 Headphone Amplifier D1
  74. Simple Headphone's Amp for beginner
  75. upgrading x-can V1? anyone?
  76. Headphone Amps DIY for beginners
  77. some question about headphone amp (possibly the o2)
  78. Unknown Stax Headphones for SRD-7
  79. Moskido Hybrid headphone amplifier! Help needed
  80. Lowest capacitance hum-rejecting 4-wire headphone cable configuration
  81. Best amp possible for the hd-650
  82. Looking for a Headphone Amplifier
  83. Shure Earphones SE846
  84. Headphone equalization hardware and software
  86. pcb layout for grado ra1 ?
  87. grado ra1 clone
  88. Szekeres vs. PRR-SOL amplifier
  89. Optimal grounding
  90. 4 channel stereo mixer
  91. New PC setup.
  92. Class A Heaphone Amp
  93. DIY Headphone Tap + Passive Mixer
  94. Beats by Dr Dre headphones or alternative models/brands?
  95. In line sound limiter for headphones
  96. Adjustable Ear phone volume limiter
  97. MOSFET follower to my phone
  98. Crazy CMOY board
  99. starving student vs jonokuchi or hybrid vs tubes for hd600 and sr80i ?
  100. Tube/SS OTL single tube recommendations
  101. Pseudo Bravo headphone amplifier
  103. Single valve amp
  104. My desktop Objective2 amp
  105. O2 loud turn on transient fix help...
  106. Help wanted to find an old schematic
  107. Dual TPA6120A2 headphone design to eliminate crosstalk
  108. Need an AMP recommendation, and have a couple questions.
  109. Pot value in cmoy
  110. YAHA HELP
  111. OPA827 + Diamond Buffer
  112. newbie qustion
  113. Advice on USB Soundcard / USB DAC + Amplifier
  114. 6n2 + fu32 vacuum tube tube headphone amplifier
  115. Headphone amp recommendation required?
  116. Tube Headphone amplifier suggestions 2x(1:40) transformers
  117. Different grounding, different sound quality or what can be the problem?
  118. Radio Shack Digital to Analog Converter
  119. 2SC1815 alternative for Mini Zen
  120. Two-Way Headset Wiring
  121. whats worng with this circut
  122. Phono amp top slot board for O2 amplfier in B3 case
  123. Szekeres VE protection diodes?
  124. Headphone Amp Feels 'Electrified'
  125. Design Issue: Cascaded passive filer stages
  126. Headphone amp between source & amplifier - how to passthrough?
  127. Open Source Headphone Amplifier
  128. OPA2132/4 for headphones
  129. O2 LiPo Daughterboard
  130. Class AB with op-amp input, audible noise
  131. PCB check for a simple amp
  132. Home meade design AMP prob's
  133. Noise - how much is too much?
  134. Massively parallel LME49990 headamp
  135. Building the O2 - A novices build experience
  136. A Through-hole "Wire" Amp
  137. Adding a headphone output to CD PLAYER?
  138. Rod Elliot 113 - Headphone amp TOO MUCH GAIN
  139. Dual O2-Inspired, SMD Headphone Amp
  140. Low impedance phones, Please suggest amp design?
  141. Huge change in audio quality simply by changing the pads on headphones?
  142. what next, help please
  143. DIY isodynamic headphones?
  144. DIY replace jack plug: strange colors
  145. Canjam 2013 ?
  146. Can you disable DAC on O2 ODAC?
  147. Can i connect my sony pulse wireless heaset to a TV ?
  148. Audio controlled voltage mod.
  149. AKG K518
  150. Composite amplifier in class A
  151. A great Fostex T50RP amp?
  152. helmet speakers
  153. Ambisonics, and listening to binaural via speakers
  154. Cheap but linear headamp
  155. Thin Durable Flexible Wire to Fix Headphones
  156. If headphones are out-of-phase, can you hear it?
  157. Oatley K272 DC power options.
  158. A curious Inquiry involving internal headphone amp/powering multiple earbuds?
  159. recommend me a valve headphone amp - Beyer T1 & AKG Q701 etc
  160. HP amp out impedance vs. HP impedance
  161. O2 help with bass boost and 1/4 jack mods
  162. Anyone ever used LM4780 for headphones?
  163. Stax Type 1 headphone, anyone know what these are?
  164. DIY balanced headphone amp?
  165. Simple headphone amp from spare parts
  166. SENNHEISER HD800 Source Impedance
  167. TDA1308 - changing gain resistors
  168. Headphone Amp Selection?
  169. Classic v1 headphone amplifier
  170. RFI problems on diy headphone amp.
  171. power flickering on tube cmoy amp
  172. question about a circuit
  173. hello all is a dac worth buying
  174. Passive bell shaped EQ for headphones
  176. HD650 can I fix this?
  177. Headphones Amplifier HIFI
  178. An "O3" - 35% smaller SMD RS O2 headphone amp version
  179. need help with headphones
  180. Moe'stevens O2
  181. Need help - using J A Burgess 45 SE amp for headphones
  182. Akai EIE Pro or Lexicon I-O|22 for AKGQ 701 [Specs inside]
  183. Power switch driver board(Momentary switch) + output relay board(delayed ON/fast OFF)
  184. OpAmps to drive HD650 from AK4399 Vout DAC
  185. Where to place current limit output resistor?
  186. Headphone amp noise. Help!
  187. USB DAC & headphone Amp with 3D Printed Enclosure
  188. DIY amp/DAC with better measurements than O2/ODAC?
  189. Battery powered 4W amp
  190. stuffing cotton balls in headphones?
  191. Measuring headphone FR?
  192. LM1875 based amp by Sijose
  193. A version of an O2 Desktop Amp (ODA)
  194. ESP P113 voltage gain of 1, will it work?
  195. The No Headphone Amp!
  196. Help Needed - Push Pull Transformer replacement
  197. Improving Bass Response On A Popular Hybrid Design
  198. Koss Esp-9 to ESP-9b Conversion... Help needed with grounding scheme
  199. High power headphone amp
  200. New Modular Headphone Amplifier
  201. full range planar headphones using neodynium magnets
  202. JLH Chiarra or Hifisonix Class A buffer?
  203. Sennhesier HD424
  204. 2-channel regular ground, dual mono or "balanced"/bridged?
  205. Jack Plug Wiring Help
  206. New Portable Amplifier Project started
  207. Pimeta V2 or O2?
  208. JLH Class A headphone amp from ETI not WW
  209. Left/Right Channel balancer
  210. Choosing a DC storage/rail cap for cmoy like amp
  211. Feedback resistor size - opamps
  212. Can I add a Potentiometer to these Headphones?
  213. Headphone distribution schematics
  214. Stax upgrade recomendations please.
  215. tube amp designs for low impedance headphones?
  216. headphone buffer/output for usb/dac
  217. Personal EQ & AMP for Hearing loss
  218. Grado RS1 headphones
  219. MOSFET Headphone Amplifier
  220. Lehmann clones
  221. which amplifier kit on ebay?
  222. Koss HV/1LC - specifications
  223. Headphone maximum power
  224. Output device for SE Hybrid Headphone Amp
  225. Output impedance as compensation?
  226. New Headphone Amp kit supplier in OZ
  227. suggestion for a 200$ headamp
  228. Replace Blackbox m10 3-prong jack
  229. Sony MDR-V6 changed?
  230. New portable amplifier
  231. New portable amplifier
  232. Stax SRM-212 repair?
  233. Audiophile Gear vs. ODAC/O2 (DAC’s and Amp’s)
  234. Sennheiser HD650 vs AKG Q701 QJ
  235. Split-supply portable headphone amp / DAC
  236. A47 / Crystal CMoy
  237. Electrostatic Headphones
  238. akg k140 earpads
  239. Which design is better for portable linear amplification?
  240. Midgård, compact, low distortion, high quality, Class A Lateral FET headamp
  241. Copper for Headphone Amp Chassis
  242. The DAO SE all-FET Class-A ZGF Headphone Amplifier
  243. What is this?!
  244. Background noise - tube amp
  245. Am the only one who's not deaf....?
  246. Grado GS1000 died
  247. lme49600 buffering the output of a generic soundcard
  248. LMH6643 amplifier
  249. Balanced input headphone amp
  250. Rigs test

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