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  1. Can I add a Potentiometer to these Headphones?
  2. Headphone distribution schematics
  3. Stax upgrade recomendations please.
  4. tube amp designs for low impedance headphones?
  5. headphone buffer/output for usb/dac
  6. Personal EQ & AMP for Hearing loss
  7. Grado RS1 headphones
  8. MOSFET Headphone Amplifier
  9. Lehmann clones
  10. which amplifier kit on ebay?
  11. Koss HV/1LC - specifications
  12. Headphone maximum power
  13. Output device for SE Hybrid Headphone Amp
  14. Output impedance as compensation?
  15. New Headphone Amp kit supplier in OZ
  16. suggestion for a 200$ headamp
  17. Replace Blackbox m10 3-prong jack
  18. Sony MDR-V6 changed?
  19. New portable amplifier
  20. New portable amplifier
  21. Stax SRM-212 repair?
  22. Audiophile Gear vs. ODAC/O2 (DAC’s and Amp’s)
  23. Sennheiser HD650 vs AKG Q701 QJ
  24. Split-supply portable headphone amp / DAC
  25. A47 / Crystal CMoy
  26. Electrostatic Headphones
  27. akg k140 earpads
  28. Which design is better for portable linear amplification?
  29. Midgård, compact, low distortion, high quality, Class A Lateral FET headamp
  30. Copper for Headphone Amp Chassis
  31. The DAO SE all-FET Class-A ZGF Headphone Amplifier
  32. What is this?!
  33. Background noise - tube amp
  34. Am the only one who's not deaf....?
  35. Grado GS1000 died
  36. lme49600 buffering the output of a generic soundcard
  37. LMH6643 amplifier
  38. Balanced input headphone amp
  39. Rigs test
  40. Kevin Gilmore KGSSHV boards
  41. Universal Headphone Amp - fits different headphones
  42. Headphone distribution block (passive)
  43. Calculating audio transformer losses?
  44. O2 headphone amp with 4x 8.4V cells
  45. how to mix sound from notebook and external sound card and get headphones output
  46. Koss HV/1LC foam Ear Pads
  47. Any DIY/Upgrade Components Ideas for Bravo Audio V2 12AU7 HeadAmp?
  48. Class A mosfet headphone amplifier. How does it look?
  49. Headphone Connections
  50. Headphones
  51. my new MING DA MC300-EAR headphone. Would like your suggestions.
  52. Best Sounding AMP for IMOD ( Modded ipod ) LOD
  53. Any point in adding a audio transformer for more power?
  54. Convert Low V Aikido line stage to headphone use?
  55. Balder, OPA2134+BUF634 Headphone Amplifier
  56. A good Headphone Amp for AKG K240DF anybody? It's 88dB and 600ohm, Thank you.
  57. Converting an Amp to Balanced XLR
  58. Calculating output impedance of Morgan-Jones headphone amp?
  59. norrisr
  60. modulation-like distortion of music at low volumes
  61. My E5 Class A hifi headphone amp
  62. Midgard, a low distortion Lateral FET output Headphone Amplifier
  63. can someone look this over?
  64. STAX Earspeaker part
  65. noise cancelation
  66. Best headamp for Hifiman planars?
  67. Headphone Passthrough Techniques
  68. I need Amplifier.
  69. Tone Stack with 2 knobs and switches
  70. Another 6922/6AS7 OTL Project
  71. Can anyone help me, repairing my DACPort
  72. Upgrading ICs in headphone amps
  73. Creating headphone jack from speaker out
  74. resistors in cmoy
  75. Electret Mic -> Headphones
  76. akg 240M ear pads
  77. "Balanced" vs single ended headphone drive
  78. Source for these Aluminum headphone cases/chassis?
  79. How do I Improve bass handling in a headphone amp?
  80. Little help please
  81. Objective2 as preamp (Help Needed)
  82. Best Earbud (not earplug) headphones to buy?
  83. help with caps and resisters
  84. A small, low-voltage, battery operated amplifier
  85. O2 Headphone amp gerber files problem
  86. Audez'e LCD-2 - help needed for a DIY cable build
  87. My Objective 2 having weird issues
  88. Beyerdynamic A1 kit
  89. M-stage Op amp replacement (for the better)
  90. First amp build; need help choosing and understanding amps
  91. Want to build Unusual high powered battery powered headphone amp (and equalizer)
  92. Single Stator Electrostatic Headphone - issues?
  93. Just made o2 amps, now what? :)
  94. Pioneer SE-50 worth saving?
  95. Measuring and Correction of Frequency Response for Head-Phones
  96. MiniDSP for headphone EQ & crosstalk?
  97. Impedance balancing of headphones + pot
  98. TPA6120A2 with balanced crossfeed?
  99. NOOB DIY need some help.
  100. Building the O2 Headphone Amp
  101. Diamond buffer headphone amp- can I parallel outputs?
  102. B-Board Boxer Prototype Build Thread
  103. headphone amps vs headphone inputs?
  104. Amp between Xonar D1 and Audio Technica ATH-M50
  105. Quick CMOY Question
  106. Bias and stability
  107. Help with new DIY amp decision (5th Gen iPod, LOD, and 250ohm DT770 Pro)
  108. Wow daughter asks dad for help
  109. How many different versions of "The Wire" are there?
  110. Headset goes to surgery :)
  111. What is a portable headphone amplifier?
  112. A bit of DIY advice required
  113. $6 headphone amplifier from ebay
  114. Headphone cable wiring
  115. OPA AMP
  116. Single ended DAC + TPA6120, where to put the pot?
  117. Mjølner, another all discrete Lateral FET Headphone Amplifier
  118. Newb Going Down CMOY Blvd Hits Big Roadblock
  119. Matrix M-Stage Amp blew out gasket!
  120. CMoy Ahoy! Help!
  121. a portable headphone amp with bass and treble tone controls
  122. First build, CMOY
  123. Simplistic Class A MOSFET Headphone w Feedback: have I got my values right?
  124. Diy new headphone band.
  125. HA-PRO2
  126. Jecklin Float Model One
  127. β18 Stereo Headphone Amplifier
  128. High end Ortho Amp on a basic Russian Tube DHT SET DIY design
  129. boraomega´s STACATO HeadPhoneAmplifier
  130. Beware of Fake Beats Mixr Headphone
  131. DIY headpone amp with ~300mA output
  132. JDS Labs Charity Raffle - Prizes include 0DAC, 02, c412 and cMoy BB
  133. Balanced OTL headphone amp
  134. ODAC + PGA2320 + The Wire = The ultimate budget headphone system
  135. Modified CMOY amp sounds to low with certain head phones...
  136. Which to buy
  137. I'm designing a TPA6120 based headphone amp, is there anyone can give me some advice
  138. Cmoy BB linear PSU enclosure
  139. Use +12V PC molex connector to power headphone amp?
  140. DIY 7.1 Sorround Headphones ala the Razer Tiamat
  141. Split-supply 3.7v to +/-~7v IC for pocket amp
  142. Any good DIY amps for low impedence/high sensitivity headphones?
  143. Tube headphone amp kit up to 300USD
  144. Show my best headphone to you? Believe or not??
  145. shooting earmuff headphones
  146. my gilmore class A amp
  147. O2 enclosures. Something less clunky?
  148. TPA6120 power supply?
  149. KonoAudio Retro Headphone Mod
  150. Marsh headphone amp from Linear Audio
  151. Distributor/buffer for 4 headphone amps ???
  152. THE PIPE
  153. Cayin HA-1A Help
  154. First Amp, Class A
  155. Little BTL Amplifier - ZIPPO BTL
  156. Op. Amp + MOSFET Follower
  157. Troubles with E3 Headphone Amp kit
  158. Fostex TH series - thoughts?
  159. What would happen with capacitors on headphones?
  160. Oriel Z1, my headphone amp, or...
  161. What is the opinion here of the Fostex T50RP + damping
  162. Decent sounding mp3 player that plays FLAC and WMAL?
  163. USB DAC/Amp Suggestions.
  164. Looking for a new project. Anything similar to the Schiit Lyr?
  165. USB powered DAC + Amp Recommendations
  166. Starting a headphone amp project, need general help.
  167. Volume regulation on PA6120
  168. X Cans V2 as buffer amp
  169. Spud amps
  170. Sennheiser beyerdynamic driver upgrade
  171. EAMP08 RC headphone amplifier. TPA6120 based.
  172. subjective headphone EQ for best sound
  173. Headphone amp 12AU7 art PCB Design
  174. Kind of F5 for my head
  175. Using HA-5002 instead of LME49600 on THE WIRE
  176. Sennheiser HD650 stock cable
  177. how to store headphone cables?
  178. Limiter circuit for Headphone amplifier wanted
  179. O2 amp. Need enclosure suggestions
  180. My first Headphone amp need expert advice
  181. Suggestions, Opinions needed
  182. Adding Volume Control
  183. Thor, an all discrete Lateral FET Headphone Amplifier.
  184. Balanced Drive sounds better? How?!
  185. Surface Mount Headphone Amp
  186. Jvc harx700 alternative drivers?
  187. how to select portable headphone amp kit/diy?
  188. Help with Gamma y1 and y2
  189. Discrete, Class A Lateral MosFET Headphone amp (not another follower buffer!)
  190. Designing a "hearing assistant". Questions
  191. headphone pcb
  192. Objective 2 Amp 1/4" Jack Output
  193. Tubes: parafeed vs singlefeed
  194. LM4562 based headphone amp
  195. My funny looking headphone amp
  196. THE WIRE conglomerate build thread, impressions and gallery
  197. "The Wire" Remaining Headphone Amp Boards and Kits
  198. J-Mo Mk II headphone amplifier
  199. Hybird Headphone Amp: Help with Valves!
  200. My Head Phone Amp Project
  201. Is Objective 2 a step up from cMoyBB
  202. Objective 2 Amp Popping Noise
  203. STAX Anyone?
  204. Help with amplifier circuit
  205. DIY HQ Headphone question
  206. A headphone Transconductance Amp for a change!
  207. Ultra portable IPOD headphone amp..
  208. Upgrade Pro-Ject Head Box II headphone amp
  209. 16 or 33ohm for dummy load?
  210. (another) Discrete BJT buffer
  211. How to make an Headphone amp on breadboard...?
  212. Bass Boost for Objective 2 Amp?
  213. Remote Mounting stuff on Objective 2
  214. Good capacitors for opamp power rails?
  215. Two Objective 2's Work on Batteries, not AC Power
  216. Headphone jack in front panel
  217. Reference Headphones
  218. My Objective 2 Will Not Turn On
  219. PGA2310 Headamp
  220. CMOY newb
  221. Preamp and Headamp 2 in 1?
  222. In GENERAL, is it a good idea to use a LM4562 as a current->voltage opamp?
  223. DAC xlr output to headphones?
  224. Does anyone make their own headphones?
  225. Help with BantamDAC and O2 Amp
  226. How to connect headphones to old system?
  227. Headphone Cable
  228. First amp project
  229. Musical Fidelity X-Can v3 PS pinout needed
  230. My first and simple headphone amplifier - class a
  231. Bass booster add-on
  232. Newbie 3.5mm TRS Voltage Question
  233. A "Vintage" Integrated Amp Inspired Hybrid
  234. Help with pcb CK2III <give me gerber file>
  235. These are very good in-earphones!
  236. Kumisa III Amp
  237. my ck2iii
  238. Grado SR125 recable
  239. Bass Boost Channel Imbalance Fiio E10 Help
  240. Help with first DIY Amp Objective 2
  241. Will HD580 headband cushion fit HD650?
  242. Help with first DIY-AMP
  243. Cmoy distortion after 3sec
  244. Designed a JLH headphone amplifier
  245. help needed with micro amp project for 16ohm earphones
  246. how to combine 2 amps' outputs correctly?
  247. PTT (Push to talk) Help
  248. Dual star ground wiring in mono power supply
  249. Cheap TI PCB suitable for "CMOY"
  250. Source for tiny connectors?

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