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  1. Ti - PCM3070 - Stereo Audio Codec With Embedded miniDSP
  2. nanoDIGI 2-Way System
  3. My project- I'm new to this.... HELP!
  4. notch filter
  5. Active 2-way speakers (miniDSP)+4inputs+Bluethooth+Remote control
  6. Minisharc I2S out
  7. Tripod for UMIK?
  8. Minidsp 2x4 vs MiniDSP 2x8
  9. minisharc/digi-fp spdif question
  10. MiniStreamer to MiniDSP possible without miniDIGI? Software/driver solution?
  11. analog input limiter and input clipping indicator for miniDSP 2x4
  12. Minidsp Bal kit with SigmaStudio
  13. miniSHARC 2nd I2S Port
  14. nanoAVR HDA looks interesting!
  15. U-DAC8
  16. Fried "Q4" and "Q6" - Please help
  17. Need Help 2x4 Balanced very very low output
  18. Lots of dumb questions ... Sorry in advance
  19. need help with nanodigi
  20. USBStreamer and 192kHz SPDIF sync???
  21. miniDSP & Headphone Jack
  22. What pin has I2S MCLK output on mini2x4
  23. Mini DSP 4x10 works great!
  24. Ministreamer?
  25. DSP vs no DSP ?
  26. Many inputs to minisharc
  27. ministreamer -> minidsp 2x4?
  28. mini dsp 2x8+digi fp ver. 1.3
  29. 24 channel minidsp help.
  30. nanoAVR HDMI issues
  31. Switching crossover settings
  32. PEQ over both sides of the frequency of a crossover
  33. miniDSP/minDIGI combo kit
  34. USB to i2s options for minisharc
  35. Need enclosure for a 2 x 4 balanced minidsp
  36. Need more gain from your MiniDSP?
  37. miniDIGI still not in stock?
  38. miniDC
  39. Daphile > SPDIF > Splitter > L&R miniDIGI/miniDSP
  40. Some nanoDIGI questions
  41. USING 2 2x4minidsp is possible in a 3 way system?
  42. What DAC do you use with your minisharc?
  43. Help with miniDSP 2x4 I2S input
  44. Has anyone tried the Curryman DAC?
  45. simple question box or kit
  46. miniAMP and raspberry pi
  47. MiniDSP (or other module) between pre and poweramp
  48. Minidsp 2x4 noise floor
  49. Is is possible to use digital and analog outputs simultaneously in 2.1 setup?
  50. make gain >1
  51. New nanoAVR HDMI DSP processor from miniDSP
  52. Measurements and/or experience with icepower built in amps
  53. Stereo SPDIF > MiniDigi > (2) MiniDSP > (2)Hifimediy DDX 320 amps?
  54. best way to do two way audio in car using minidsp products?
  55. Using MiniDSP with Capacitor for Tweeter Protection
  56. 2x4 output impedance, DC filter help?
  57. 2x4 "hack" to get mono XLR balanced outputs
  58. OpenDRC vs DEQX for phase, group delay and FR correction
  59. how to order miniDSP ?
  60. Is this the setup I want?
  61. External laptop battery as a power supply for Minidsp 4x10 hd
  62. Car-fi miniDSP's (PPI DEQ.8/Soundstream Synthesis) - turn on/off thump?
  63. 2x8+digi fp
  64. Nanodigi power supply
  65. USBStreamer>MiniDSP>Curryman DAC
  66. USBStreamer USB to ADAT firmware
  67. Why doen't miniDSP respond to emails?
  68. miniDSP miniDIGI pinout on expansion connector J16
  69. MiniDIGI not responding?
  70. MiniAmp on top of MiniDSP 2x8
  71. Linkwitz transform on the base of miniDSP
  72. PC to miniDSP
  73. Would you trust it in an install?
  74. MiniDSP 2x8, I think unblanced channels 1&2 just blew :(
  75. Two questions - Digital output and Thump protection
  76. 9ms time delay not enough
  77. My stack
  78. Minidsp 4x10HD - USB sleepmode => ON!
  79. Minidsp 2X8 Unity Gain.
  80. Has anybody had contact with Devteam lately?
  81. miniDSP for true active bi-amp system?
  82. 4-channel gain stage with DC-servo for MiniDSP
  83. Restore factory default settings?
  84. DigiFP wont fit in 8x8 case
  85. Tutorial: 2x4 as Bose 901 EQ + room corr.
  86. Recommendations for DSP
  87. Question re: DC on balanced in/out on 2x8
  88. mini dsp as high end dac
  89. PROPOSAL: wireless digital loudspeaker with remote volume and on/off control
  90. Inputing biquad for LT
  91. Which plug-in for two speakers + two subs?
  92. Amplifier for miniDSP 2.1 setup
  93. MiniDSP 2X8 Help
  94. NEED ADVICE: controlling Mini2x4 volume when using digital inputs
  95. Mini dsp 2x4 output buffer
  96. Some questions about MiniDSP and MiniDIGI
  97. miniDSP 2x8/8x8 Box
  98. Downloading a plug in again.
  99. MiniDSP and LinkwitzLab
  100. 4 I2S input support on miniShark
  101. MiniDSP 2x8 as pro audio "driverack"
  102. Upsample Doubt
  103. Psychoacoustic bass enhancement
  104. miniDSP and miniAMBIO
  105. Need 2 Subwoofers in, 4 subwoofers out
  106. MiniDSP direct to Apple TV by I2S?
  107. minidigi 4 way stereo
  108. Solution for Three-Way Active Xover
  109. Signal Level in miniDSP x-over
  110. Help me spec miniDSP system
  111. miniDSP with subs but no preamp?
  112. Realtime Control?
  113. DAC before miniDSP
  114. Is this a bug? Connection to board lost after a while.
  115. DIGI-FP with I2S input?
  116. BUG REPORT: errors pasting into advanced biquads using a Macintosh
  117. Question on Balanced minidsp 2x4
  118. New MiniDSP UMIK-1
  119. Signal levels shown in MiniDSP software look too low - is it working?
  120. 8x8 turn-off thump
  121. minidsp ADC
  122. which plugin for F.A.S.T.?
  123. Free 133rd AES convention Pass!
  124. how to time align drivers (with minidsp) ?
  125. Minidsp/MiniDigi/Miniamp + MiniDsp/MiniAmp
  126. Once I buy the miniDSP
  127. So how do I buy miniDSP?
  128. Have a balanced 2x4... where to go from here
  129. 4x10 volume control - how is it done internally?
  130. MiniDSP programming
  131. How is everyone powering their MiniDSP?
  132. Is there one board for 3 way???
  133. minDSP 4x10Hd questions
  134. USB Streamer - MultiChannel connectivity
  135. remote for minidsp i can buy in Portugal or abroad ?
  136. My setup with minidsp
  137. use as a subwoofer processor
  138. MiniDC but no 3 sec Delay
  139. Items needed
  140. Bought a 2x8, can I just buy the new rack mount case for it?
  141. Auto-EQ tuning with REW
  142. BBM Rotary MiniDIGI/DSP Input Selector Switch
  143. DAC output filter...passive or active?
  144. USBStreamer multichannel USB audio interface
  145. miniDSP 12V trigger (miniDC, "x8" boards) and home audio gear
  146. Minidsp with high efficiency speakers; noise?
  147. now available: crossover design software for the MiniDSP / advanced biquads
  148. Discreet DAC
  149. multi channel digital input
  150. Measurement data
  151. Signal leads for balanced miniDSP - 3-wire vs. 2-wire+outer braid
  152. 2x8 board questions
  153. iPad as remote?
  154. 2-way-advanced = 20 PEQs per channel
  155. Stereo 3-way with minidigi/minidsp 2x8...minidigi jumper/4x10 routing configuration?
  156. MiniDigi and MiniDSP combo
  157. DIGI-FP
  158. I already have a very good DAC, how do I use this with the MiniDSP?
  159. How to program on a embedded DSP
  160. room eq wizard for minidsp with 2x8 board
  161. Basic miniDSP volume control question for a miniDSP n00b
  162. MiniDIGI Troubles
  163. MiniDSP controls Ground-Effect Omni speaker system
  164. minidsp or dcx2496? First time user
  165. Introducing OpenDRC, Open Digital Room Correction engine
  166. miniDGI with miniDSP 2x4
  167. MiniAMP voltage input
  168. Absolute phase
  169. MiniDSP 2x8 in a box?
  170. Loaded .xml file for different miniDSP plugin and now the plugin doesn't work anymore
  171. Which Opamps ?
  172. MiniDSP 2x8 as I2S crossover & DSP?
  173. audiophile sound from miniDSP
  174. BSC with 2 way advanced PI?
  175. Does the 2x4 kit need a plug-in?
  176. advanced biquad programming: how to set gain for each biquad?
  177. Stacking two minidsp's for 2-way plus sub.
  178. I think my minidsp sounds plastic
  179. Free Exhibit Pass for 131st AES convention!
  180. MiniDSP/miniDIGI/miniAMP article
  181. Unbalanced miniDSP as 2ch digital preamplifier?
  182. Any way to implement Parametric attenuator?
  183. Line driver
  184. Optimal voltage for 2x4?
  185. MiniDSP DIGI and two AMPs cable problem
  186. which one is right for me
  187. MiniDSP-based system GALLERY
  188. MiniDSP + REW
  189. miniDSP releases 1kW & 2kW plate amplifiers
  190. New miniDSP 8x8 kit now shipping
  191. miniDSP and OSX Lion
  192. 2x4 in Box with 24/96 or 24/196
  193. Refurb/decorrelation plugin
  194. NaO II and miniDSP
  195. 2x8's digital inputs.
  196. miniDSP in a box - running change to the RCA's
  197. Output level is for sine wave?
  198. Enclosure Recommendations for 2x8
  199. New miniDSP 2x8 kit review
  200. FIR linear phase plugin for MiniDSP?
  201. MiniDSP after active pre
  202. miniDSP configuration
  203. New miniDSP 2x8 kit
  204. MiniDSP Long Term Reliability. Any experience?
  205. 2x8 kit
  206. 5 subs, which plugin?
  207. Ready to buy
  208. level meters working now
  209. Followup article on 4-way open-baffle with miniDSP
  210. Difference between the "2-way" plugin and the "2-way+sub" (2.1)
  211. USB connection when finished configuring
  212. miniDSP setup with apple TV
  213. New miniDSP Plug-in Released!
  214. Minidsp sampling frequency.
  215. Dumbass question about which version to buy
  216. Hi res photos?
  217. MiniDSP config from touch screen or phone?
  218. Better miniDSP
  219. Open-baffle with the miniDSP
  220. Volume control, digital input and output
  221. miniDSP Kit and Crossover Configuration Software
  222. Equal Loudness Contour filter with MiniDSP. Can be done?
  223. Suggestion for plug-in enhancement or new plug-in
  224. MiniDSP vs DCX2496 vs DCX2496-Modded vs DEQX
  225. miniDSP & REW partner to release new plug-ins
  226. Any measurements on the MiniDSP
  227. My miniDSP project/suggestions
  228. miniAMP sound quality
  229. miniDSP in a BOX
  230. Introducing Ambio4YOU: A pocket size Ambiophonics processor
  231. SPDIF --> I2S what part do I need?
  232. Is there any way to boost the Vout to 4V?
  233. Introducing miniDSP Balanced Kit
  234. MiniDSP as Linkwitz Orion ASP
  235. More Delay?
  236. Introducing miniStreamer: Native 24/96 USB to I2S / SPDIF interface
  237. Stereo Image
  238. DSP and amplifier integrated
  239. miniDSP 2x4, a new home for miniDSP
  240. A few questions
  241. miniDSP now officially available on Mac Os X
  242. Interfacing with +4 dBu gear
  243. Question: Kits for 4-way system
  244. miniDSP New Plug-ins
  245. Plug-in Updates
  246. Question: schematics of the analogue output circuit available?
  247. miniDIGI + miniAMP: An SPDIF amplifier
  248. miniAMP - Digital Audio Power for your miniDSP kits!
  249. miniDSP Xover with PEQ
  250. miniDigital Spdif/Toslink + SRC I/O card

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