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  1. 4 way digital crossover with USB streaming and Analog input
  2. Ministreamer - pcm1861 (adc) - pcm5102 (dac): clocking questions
  3. HTPC DSP versus dedicated DSP platforms for loudspeakers
  4. AUDIO GD NFB1 heart transplant
  5. DAC 32
  6. DDDAC 1794??
  7. Bypass electrolytic caps in audio chain?
  8. Audio wireless adapter
  9. spdif sample rate display, OLED style
  10. CM102S vs. PCM2706
  11. UAD-2 DSP accelerators
  12. Summary of Delta 1010 PSU mods
  13. PoE WM8741 UCD
  14. Aida DSP
  15. SA9227 application notes
  16. USB DAC - need some help with grounding
  17. FS on 9023 dac chip and Master Clock
  18. Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 2 Auto On?
  19. Hypex DLCP - standby mode
  20. Any USB + TOSLINK + SPDIF module out there?
  21. different samplerate question
  22. 3 X butchered DCX-2496
  23. An open invitation
  24. Phase shift in digital crossovers.
  25. Transformer Output Dac's - Yesterdays news?
  26. most accurate R2R NOS dac
  27. MiniSharc digital preamplifier project
  28. Can this ADC/DAC combo better CD quality systems?
  29. Volume faders - solution?
  30. Ghetto SHARC DSP
  31. Mac output for 16Bit 44KHz ALAC CD Rip?
  32. TDA1541A Diy Pcb - "Distinction-1541 v2"
  33. multi-channel recording on computer
  34. i2s question
  35. Is there a better filter then DF1704
  36. DAC and starving student millet hybrid combined in one
  37. Cryo Treat Rhopoint GG102A?
  38. DAC for home
  39. DAC + I2s
  40. Digital Caveman seeking magic box for long term aural relationship
  41. Soekris DAC Asus Xonar D2X spdif output unable to signal lock
  42. New Dac ?
  43. Cost effective USB to I2S converter for use with miniDSP 2x4
  44. DAC circuit structure - what is this? (photo)
  45. WM8805 as MCLK source?
  46. Audio interface, Control interface, Codecs and MCUs
  47. Digital crosover.
  48. Any experience with batteries and digital ?
  49. Rev-engr bluetooth receiver
  50. MY NEW PCM5242 USB DAC
  51. USB streaming controller
  52. some practical advice need on FIR filtering
  53. Help decipering datasheet XCF56009J81
  54. Soekris Dam1021 R2R DAC is dead, RIP.
  55. Another cheap dac, SA9027 + ES9023 24BIT/96KHZ Asynchronous USB DAC
  56. Need source for XCF56009FJ81
  57. DAC line out too strong. how to fix it?
  58. R-2R DIY DAC on a budget(ish)
  59. Tda1541 psu design?
  60. Getting the noise out of active crossovers...
  61. Any thoughts on the Cirrus Logic CS4351?
  62. Confused: Best Approach to Cap Replacement?
  63. old DAC chip choices
  64. What are alternatives to Mini DSP on current market?
  65. The Best DAC is no DAC
  66. DAC -analoge sound
  67. External USB volume potentiometer for Android Phone or Tablet?
  68. The plots froma custom DAC
  69. RPi B+ and ES9018K2M DAC: can't get it to work!
  70. SPDIF input to USB with SM6631A
  71. Driver for 24bit192K AK4399 + SA9227 + NE5534 DAC USB decoder board
  72. My new dac
  73. Low-Z to Hi-Z Guitar Input
  74. TP BIII + LEGATO 3.1.O DSD files DC offset
  75. Diyeden svdac01 usb mod
  76. D1 clone input voltage for pcm1794/6 dac?
  77. Assembled-AK4490EQ-II2S-DAC
  78. Please forgive my ignorance but...
  79. Suggestions for a simple microcontroller
  80. passive unbalancing differential signal
  81. S/PDIF problems Muse Mini PCM 1793 DAC
  82. possible cause of this wave form?
  83. Beginners Filter brewing thread for the Soekris R2R
  84. EQ35 more
  85. Amanero or Xmos USB to I2S converter to Hypex PSC 2.400d (DSP2W)
  86. Tda1541 - volt problems
  87. how u combine bandbass with high pass or u make them separate
  88. Linux servers and Soekris DAM1021
  89. DIX9211 vs WM8804 ?
  90. Parallel DSD1794 NOS capable of DSD and PCM source
  91. Headphone DAC spdif
  92. Opus DAC with Raspberry Pi Type B
  93. Stream via bluetooth to USB DAC?
  94. Minidac8 - new minidsp AK4440 8ch i2s dac
  95. Noise measurements for LiFePo4 and supercapacitors?
  96. USB (or) SPDIF module to feed SAA7220
  97. Stereo S/PDIF I/O to USB?
  98. Burmester 870 CD processor. DAC ?
  99. NOS PCM1794
  100. miniDSP 2x4 KIT PSU problems
  101. i want to make a hi end AD convertor where do i start?
  102. Tda1541 decoupling caps
  103. LPF with differential input
  104. Onkyo EQ35 problem
  105. "Value" DAC Options
  106. Can I borrow some Rhopoint & TX2575 resistors?
  107. Sledding bias amplifier
  108. MiniDSP USBStreamer + DIYINHK AK4490 dac multichannel
  109. ES9018 Audio transformer output stage
  110. 6-output DSP with built-in amplifiers for triamplified systems
  111. toslink switch
  112. Help Using WM8805 in HW Mode
  113. Output stage for the Soekris R2R
  114. External clock for PCM2707
  115. Luckit wave io and tda1541
  116. What dac kit?
  117. Filter brewing for the Soekris R2R
  118. LM317/337 for TDA1541 and SAA7220?
  119. Upsampled music with NOS DACs?
  120. Assemblage DAC 2.6 DF1704 Upgrade
  121. CS812 and TDA1541 problems..
  122. MiniDSP DDRC-22A
  123. Tube Technology Fulcrum DAC64 EPROM?
  124. How to wire an inuke with my A/V receiver?
  125. My first DAC on PCM1794A - help needed.
  126. TDA1387 x8 DAC: let's check its design, mod it -or not-, play music -or not! :(-
  127. DIY Optical DAC??
  128. low cost USBi programmer using cypress CY7C68013A board
  129. does this dac from sonic illusions work?
  130. STA310A vs. STA310P vs. STA310?
  131. Adapting a single-ended signal to ADC.
  132. Data quality: streaming via wi-fi vs internal makes any difference?
  133. Does a Kit "Balanced DAC with TDA1541" exist?
  134. freeDSP V2.0 (ADAU1452) developement thread
  135. Analog Devices Sigma Studio SigmaDSP I2C programming
  136. Schematics needed: Sugden AU51 DAC
  137. SN74AHC595N instead of 74HCT164N
  138. Can I get 24/192 out of Oppo 970?
  139. Tda1541a dem reclock problems
  140. What about digital RIAA?
  141. DAC and External (Vintage) Preamp/Integrated Amp
  142. PCM1710U output stage
  143. Opinion on/Moding Suggestions for DAC-24192-ABR (Korean Sabre 9023 based) DAC
  144. TDA7439 sound processor not working.
  145. DLCP Opinions please
  146. DAC Master Soundcard Slave using Twisted Pear's Teleporter
  147. Soekris 's DAC implementations
  148. Recommendation for a decent low-budget DAC board
  149. I2s into old PCM63k based dac
  150. When is a Preamp Not a Preamp?
  151. Linn Numerik
  152. Aune s16 any thoughts
  153. TDA 1543 Solid state IV circuit help
  154. cs8412 24bit input?
  155. Volumio and 4 layers ES9018 board by Weiliang
  156. Does any one have useful distortion and S/N specs on Najda?
  157. Top 3 DAC's
  158. Can I build a PSU2496 power supply replacement like this?
  159. Budget FIR for PA system?
  160. Is it better to use a HDMI 2 spdif converter?
  161. XMOS USB - miniSharc - PCM5102
  162. Beginner level digital DSP IC?
  163. CS8416 Bit clock signal hanging at 3.3V
  164. cheap simple DSP crossover
  165. Help with tda1541a dac kit pcb
  166. MidSide decoding
  167. Should my TDA1541 NON-A be putting out 5v+ on Pin 1? LE/WS?
  168. WM8804, no DOUT
  169. Intercept and Redirect USB Audio Stream
  170. MF V-dac ii ruined?
  171. Balanced AD1865 DAC with SEN IV
  172. custom DAC help
  173. PCM5102 Mini USB DAC Schematic and layout critique
  174. Digital Equalizer Arm-M4
  175. Optical line supports 176.4KHz sampling rate?
  176. With S/pdif or I2S direct into PCM58P?
  177. WM8741 VMID voltage reference
  178. mating Lampizator Amber DAC kit to TDA 1541
  179. Keces DA-131 toroid (torid?) noise tamed!
  180. laptop
  181. sa9023 external regulationate?
  182. WM8741 dual differential, passive, transformer output stage
  183. DIY assembled dac's or commercial ?
  184. dsp and a sub
  185. Help diagnose psu ripple and jitter
  186. I2S connection between boards - from bad to worse or how'd you do it?
  187. ES9023 where to buy from?
  188. Ultracurve DEQ 2496 Input question
  189. D3a IV stage
  190. Can Someone Explain This Diagram to me?
  191. NAD DAC M51 vs. Philips TDA1547 DAC
  192. Want to build a streaming server / DAC / amp combo... using BBB and RuneOS
  193. DAC Alternative to CDB4398
  194. Integrated DAC-Preamplifier: WM8805+WM8741 plus PGA2310 volume control
  195. Wicked cheap and easy dac
  196. Behringer UCA202 - Any "Line Out" mods??
  197. New Guy Needs Help With Onkyo DX-C390 CD Changer
  198. broken coil
  199. Downloading and then burining a CD?
  200. audible hum.trafo or groundloop?
  201. What are You using for an I2S Connection?
  202. Upgraded Single Board PCM1794 NOS DDDAC
  203. Odd DEQ2496 behaviour
  204. Raspberry Pi DAC options recommendations??
  205. ES9018 ebay dac 2 layer BLACK - schematic need please!
  206. PCM2704 vs PCM2706 ?
  207. Digital output on Sony CDP-520ES possible?
  208. Offset in PCM1794 DAC
  209. My version of the TDA1541 Analog Metric DAC
  210. Hi-end DSP based multi-channel integrated Preamp/Crossover/DAC project
  211. In the market for new DAC
  212. DIY ES9018 DSD PCM 32bit DAC with COMBO384
  213. FPGA based FIR filter design
  214. Is this PCM1793 dac schematic correct? rail splitting LM1875?
  215. Doubtful about the stability of the TI regs TPS7A4001 4700
  216. JT-DAC No. 3 -- worth resurrecting?
  217. freeDSP - an open source 2-in 4-out digital crossover board
  218. Internal sound card, mounted externally?
  219. 'Warming up' digital radio
  220. Delta 1010 ak5383 a/d ics
  221. USB power cleanup
  222. DAC s & sound cards schematics
  223. DIYed DSD DAC based on WM8741 and COMBO384
  224. I2S input on Satch dac?
  225. looking for a "ready made" DIY DAC...
  226. True 32 bits of SPDIF interface (new IC specification) ??
  227. failed recap Arcam Black Box (help needed)
  228. TDA1541 DAC with usb? Noob need help!
  229. Intel Edison and AKM DAC via I2S?
  230. USB to spdif converter
  231. Looking for a DAC alternative
  232. usb/hdmi/optical amp with onboard dac?
  233. yet another I/V
  234. tube buffer china v musical fidelity?
  235. External clip LED w/ minidsp 2x4 + auto attenuation protection
  236. nanoDSP crossover, suggestions please
  237. Anyone have a Rotel RSP-1068?
  238. I2S to AD1865
  239. Help me find a low cost DAC for a Meridian 598 to play CD
  240. DAC Kit - Balanced XLR Output
  241. Durio Sound DAC
  242. Firewire interface repairable?
  243. Suggestions for Antelope and Chord
  244. eBay XMOS ES9023 Asynchronous USB to I2S
  245. Comparing DACs in real life - is ES9023 the new 1543?
  246. help me choose a microcontroller for audio output
  247. Can you help me identify this part
  248. Stacking NPC SM5872B - cd67
  249. DAC Asahi kasei AK4381VT (Japan) Thoughts upgrading to AK4381VT
  250. Multi-channel digital audio link, new standard?

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