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  1. iFi SPDIF iPurifier - substance or hype?
  2. ES9018K2M + SA9023 + dual AD823 USB interface - help me mod it
  3. Chokes in DAC PS
  4. Improving on DAC output chips
  5. Phone signal interference with USB soundcard
  6. Digital input selector for MiniDSP boards
  7. NOS dac, 15KHz wave test Strange results
  8. Xmos 10 pin Card
  9. New DAC based on AK4497EQ
  10. Decware Source "Pill"- Passive Post DAC Waveform filter
  11. DEQX Thread
  12. Upgrading USB to I2S card with Singxer C-1
  13. DIYINHK ES9016 board IV opamps
  14. Is PCM2706 internal DAC so bad?
  15. newbie`s first project
  16. Best cap for D/A chips
  17. pcb rca connectors
  18. 6 x tda1543 dac
  19. cs8412 and DF1704
  20. Ultra Analog AES21 and DF1704
  21. PIC32 bare metal Audio DSP with Serial Console
  22. WM8741 Power Supplies
  23. TDA1541a Beaglebone Dual Mono / Simultaneous Mode
  24. DF1704 replacing PMD100 in Adcom GDA-700
  25. ES9018K2M datasheet needed
  26. Accuphase MDS (Multiple Delta Sigma), and MMB (Multiple Multi-Bit) D/A conversion
  27. AK4490 sings,but gain is a little high..
  28. Home made Amanero + PCM1794A DAC (opinion needed)
  29. 5 band eq using lm3915
  30. Lush and Warm NOS DAC passive I/U
  31. cascading two lm3915
  32. ES9018k2m Build Completed
  33. MamboBerry LS - my new PI-HAT
  34. Hifiberry/Pi case/PSU design questions
  35. new NXP TDA1543
  36. My new DAC7 <WM8804+SA7220+SA7350+TDA1547>
  37. High power DDDAC power supply
  38. DAC8043 as volume control
  39. Problem with Objective 2 Dac
  40. External 50ppm Crystal Clock good enough to drive STM32's SAI for SPDIF TX mode?
  41. Minisharc dsp
  42. i2s to spdif/toslink project
  43. AMB Kappa DCX2496
  44. DAC Gustard X20... my comments
  45. ALL digital DSP (in & out)... What are the options?
  46. First Project: DIYINHK AK4490?
  47. Weiliang: DAC9 vs 9018
  48. ES9018k2m Arduino IR remote issue
  49. CS4398 LRC low pass filter
  50. Clock for 44.1 and 48kHz circuit on perfboard?
  51. program the dsd1790 to mono mode ?
  52. New DAC for RPI with subwoofer out (2.1 or 2.2)
  53. Creating bluetooth input for hifi amp
  54. [FreeDSP] Raspberry Pi interface
  55. Why I feel stm32 Nucleo platform is good for DIYaudio - challenge
  56. Historic PCM56P applications: Denon DAP2500 vs. DAP5500.
  57. advice on easy to build DIY DAC kits or components, small footprint
  58. New FIFO buffer for RPI/SBCs
  59. Are all ESS dac ICs voltage out? (i.e., no need for i/v)
  60. DSD no DAC project
  61. El Cheapo XO suggestions
  62. affordable dsp
  63. DIY DAC vs Modi 2 bear for my system
  64. The connection among ES0918, ES9028 and ES9038
  65. Older Rack Mount Gear for Hifi Bass EQ
  66. DSP Wireless Stereo Active Speakers
  67. Adding 3db gain at differential opamp output?
  68. dbx DriveRack PA2 vs DCX2496
  69. Need hlep with diy dac which perform very well then oppo 105
  70. miniDSP AVR HDA
  71. SMSL M8 displays 44.1 kHz USB when playing a 24/98-kHz music file
  72. ALL-DSP Model "PLP-226" (PLP226) several Questions
  73. New? Sure Electronics ADAU1701 Module
  74. stepped digital volume dial
  75. Digital DSP or Analog Mixing for Live Pro-Audio
  76. RPI3 MQA Streamer
  77. Soekris: Sonics? Comparisons to? & Other Stuff
  78. Serious talk: No DAC chip, but a FPGA?
  79. Schematic of minidsp AN-FP
  80. What good are 266 Million Fixed-point 32-bit multiply-adds per second?
  81. Building Pavouk's Async USB to I2S
  82. Upgrade to OpenDRC-DA8?
  83. Ak4495 boards?
  84. Help with translation from Chinese to English
  85. Why the thd+n of SRC chips are so good?
  86. Nos or unfiltered DAC boards?
  87. HDMI to DSD de embedder solution?
  88. Trouble understanding i2s
  89. DAC current > difficult amp load?
  90. Trying to find a DAC w/ high Vrms output
  91. Can low jitter be achieved with STM32 microcontroller
  92. PCM5242 DAC Help
  93. Which DAC is the best for under $250USD
  94. Soekris 1021 build need help
  95. Really good ADC project recommendation sought
  96. Minidsp nanodigi 2x8 vs 4x10hd?
  97. Using the ESI Juli@'s analog section as stand alone usb dac
  98. Clock detection ?
  99. Switch between 2 i2s signals
  100. Hardware for SPDIF out of a STM32F7 soc?
  101. Need help with my PCM2704 DAC
  102. does the es9023 dac use output capacitors
  103. Connecting multiple voltage regs to DAC board?
  104. AUNE X1s question
  105. freeDSP with balanced I/Os
  106. Any news about ES9038?
  107. Switching clocks
  108. Chinese DAC 192K Problem
  109. help with Weilang power
  110. Help needed with speaker and room correction
  111. Bluetooth DAC
  112. Multichannel Sound Card using Usbstreamer & Bufalo II DAC
  113. How can I make a DAC if I only have I/V stage?
  114. DAC DIY - Beginner. Budget 500$.
  115. M-Audio Profire 610 Modifications?
  116. Solid polymer capacitors for decoupling and bypassing
  117. SMSL M8 DAC
  118. yamaha da2x complement
  119. DAC Kit recommendation please -- I need to upgrade my Fiio D3
  120. The Well Tempered Master Clock - Group buy
  121. Odroid, BBB, Raspberry Pi or MarsBoard, which platform to use for building a DYI SBT
  122. Help choosing project
  123. Level LEDs on DCX2496 AES input?
  124. How would you feed two USB devices from one USB source ?
  125. Audio over IP
  126. Dsp needs mono amp?
  127. Dual Mono wiring for a Vout DAC
  128. Building with the Soekris dam1121
  129. AD1865 DAC trouble
  130. AD1865 Board ?
  131. Fireware to I2S interface
  132. DSP with multiband compressor?
  133. Powersupply to diyinhk ak4490eq?
  134. 32bit I2S slave -> USB?
  135. Mod Aune S16
  136. Beginner: DAC+EQ/DSP setup to start tinkering with?
  137. A new multi-digital-source DSP project
  138. MiniDSP XO types
  139. Is jitter an issue with usb signals ?
  140. Behringer DCX2496 bad output -- help!
  141. ES9018 DAC on Discrete analog line
  142. Best DAC (optical input) <$100 for AEX
  143. High quality parts used delta-sigma dac vs cheap parts used r2r ladder dac
  144. Spdif Coax cable 10K parallel resistor
  145. Beringer DCX 2496. How to sum channels A and B low frequencies to sub woofer?
  146. "3x80 A/D Converter" PCIe Idea..
  147. I want to know that priority order of R2R, NOS, No Filter, Descrete for best DAC.
  148. Adventures in dddac land
  149. Mini DSP 8x8 vs Behringer DCX2496
  150. PCM2706 to PCM1794 help needed
  151. upgrading CD clock - TCXO
  152. DIY DAC
  153. Replace TL072 on my ES9023 DAC (help)
  154. New DSP board from Accuton
  155. Alternative to the SAA7220 for TDA1541 dac's
  156. Modifying a TDA1549-based CDP to act as a DAC
  157. Lower optical output from Satellite reciever?
  158. DAC Kit to Get My Feet Wet?
  159. Make an optical input?
  160. Low cost DAC with Optical input based on PCM2902 for connecting smart TV?
  161. Any suggestions for an optical DAC for Chromecast Audio
  162. Is there a diy optical input
  163. Asus Xonar Essence One PCB filters
  164. Accurate measurment of AD output?
  165. cheap active X-O from China
  166. WHY most of DACs (if not all) with USB interface have the USB-B type socket?
  167. ESS 9018s with Squeezelite built-in
  168. MediaCenterDacAmplifier
  169. 4104EVM with MiniDSP 2x4
  170. AudioEngine D1 to iPhone????
  171. ES9018 signal drops on switching home appliances On and OFF
  172. NAD M12 DAC
  173. Theta chroma 396 HDCD dac 6db bypass for redbook playback
  174. OPPO as USB DAC?
  175. DSD and PCM - your experience
  176. DAC7 extremly hot
  177. I2S RJ45 cable type
  178. XiangSheng DAC-01A USB problem
  179. Help needed with the PCM63.
  180. Delays in DEQX III
  181. Replace SPDIF with AES/SBU balanced output
  182. Multi-bit DAC with ASRC
  183. Bricasti M1 processor - modification.
  184. DIY R-2-R DAC thread.
  185. Soekris DAM1021 and Amanero I2S - No Lock
  186. Xonar U5 usb problem!!
  187. DSD1794A question
  188. Arduino-based ADAU1701
  189. Dual mono AK4495S with AK4137 and MCU/LCD DAC kit for $160
  190. USB DAC options
  191. SPDF Questions
  192. Need user opinions
  193. Modular DAC project, questions and updates
  194. help me with my dac design?
  195. ZHILAI H3
  196. 6.144 MHz low phase noise crystal available - e.g. for TDA1541, PCM1704 or ... ?
  197. [DIY] L.K.S ES9018 DAC
  198. Dac ES9018 board ...some doubts!!!
  199. Open Hardware DSP Platform
  200. MARANTZ DV12S1 start up problems ... firmware
  201. Output OP Amp for a DAC
  202. Sure Electronics DAC Help please
  203. Any suggestions for an ADC? ...
  204. USB Audio Interfacing
  205. DIY Digital Mixer
  206. Looking for ultimate DAC
  207. TDA1543 and shhhhh noise
  208. Almost Free DSP
  209. low latency for embedded processing
  210. PreSonus ACP88
  211. PCM1794A volume control
  212. Hifiberry digi (not digi+) for Raspberry Pi 2
  213. DSP question
  214. CS4398 on Asus Xonar Dx
  215. Build DAC 15141A Analogmetric
  217. Help/advice please --> Muse USB DAC modification
  218. Budget DACs for digital crossover output?
  219. PHAT DAC
  220. Dual Mono DAC AK4490/AK4497
  221. Exhange Coaxial for Optical connector possible?
  222. help formula for biquad coefficients make
  223. CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.0 AAC APT-X Module / Baseboard
  224. i need PA delay line , adjustable
  225. Hifiberry DAC+ Pro - HW mods anybody?
  226. High quality two-channel in to usb out conversion
  227. 24/192 DAC with CS8422?
  228. Cheap SA9027 + ES9023 (or PCM5102) DAC, anyone try?
  229. HFD (DLCP) filter design optimization?
  231. RME fireface 800. Need help on finding a component.
  232. freeDSP main thread
  233. Why no analog to digital converter projects?t
  234. Going 4 way active - just can't decide.
  235. DSP & XO box, where would be best to trial 2 'better' op amps?
  236. Hypex DLCP no analog audio output (help needed)
  237. DAC differential voltage output direction
  238. Mini DSPs or computer + sound card
  239. Universal Analogue & Digital ADC and Mux
  240. Auralic Aries Mini arrives today
  241. Ok Experts! How to program xmos i2s for 768k input/output?
  242. Najda quick easy get started guide
  243. TDA1305 Requirements
  244. Audio GD NFB11.32 ES9018
  245. The best OEM DAC module
  246. High quality DSP crossover (2/6) incl. preamp project.
  247. Building a digital only DSP for rephasing and FIR
  248. Anyone with DDDAC 1794 and cinemag who has gone to 2 decks?
  249. Difficult to initialize Cirrus logic codec CS4272?
  250. Have Pity On a Massive Noob

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