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  1. ClearPath: another ESS DAC project
  2. 6x TDA543 DAC USB Parallel Fever audio decoder
  3. Drop-in USB-to-I2S for classic CD players
  4. HiFiBerry balanced
  5. New larger minidsp in the pipeline?
  6. Delta Sigma Modulator to convert vinyl to DSD
  7. Equipotential - Real World Explanation / Implementation
  8. Powering the Singxer F-1
  9. CS8416 loose the signal after several seconds
  10. USB Audio
  11. How to design a dac?
  12. Different DSP tuning for left right OB project
  13. How can I build an external word clock?
  14. OpAmp I/V output stage design opinion
  15. SA9023 ES9018 USB DAC
  16. Cheap DAC
  17. Schematics for +5V, -5V, and -15V series regulator (TDA1541A)
  18. CS43130 - I'm actually tempted to try my hand at a DAC
  19. DSP crossovers?
  20. Whazon, a S/PDIF switch built around WM8805
  21. Digital Audio Mixer Project
  22. how connect the ak4113 to saa7220
  23. DSD adc
  24. DAC for Raspberry Pi
  25. DIY Audio CS8416 + CS4398 DAC Kit Support USB + Coaxial input Hifi DAC kit
  26. over sized caps?
  27. WM8741, VMIDL/VMIDR (Mid-rail decoupling). What to use?
  28. please help me find a Clock replacement
  29. variable loudness
  30. Drive NOS PCM63 with I2S from Raspberry pi
  31. Cambridge audio Isomagic S700 DAC PSU
  32. Piano 2.1 DAC crossover
  33. ***Finished*** ES9018S Dac from scratch
  34. ***Finished*** ES9018S Dac from scratch
  35. noUSB and noDAC - ultimate DSD player
  36. DigiOne RCA/BNC output for RPI
  37. Amanero help
  38. Asus Xonar Essence STU
  39. DEQ2496 V2.5(!) (2017) Recap and Opamp Upgrade
  40. What is lowest group delay or latency for high pass, 100 Hz, 48 dB/oct filter?
  41. Is TDA1541A Taiwan 1998 chip good ?
  42. An idea for iPad Pro space edition
  43. Behringer DCX2496 versus DCX2496LE
  44. 8 channel USB sound card/DAC?
  45. Looking for help - need Sigma Studio Programmer
  46. Volume control: where to apply
  47. Question about the AUDIOPHONICS I-Sabre V3 DAC ES9023 TCXO
  48. Found on ebay: 1796 USB DSD DAC. Any good?
  49. Wiring diagram needed for Audio Note DAC 4 balanced input tx
  50. clock frequency change on dsp
  51. Mark Levinson No. 39 DAC repair
  52. Using Existing XMOS Controller with added AK ADC
  53. Pass Labs D1 DAC VCO Module U3
  54. 10 x units of mini DSP 2x4 (repair needed) $100
  55. BluWave USB-to-SPDIF bridge, "a miniature beauty"
  56. Which Chinese ES9018 DAC?
  57. USB interfaces and linux support
  58. usb to i2s interface in full duplex?
  59. I2S Frame size?
  60. AK4490 DAC For Headphone Amp Use
  61. ES9008 in current output mode
  62. Phase inversion using biquad filter?
  63. Low noise regulator for DAC & clock
  64. Any decent DIY (USB) DAC kit ~40USD which is "better" than my Xonar DX
  65. My new Boss - another PI-HAT
  66. Need pointers on hackable Bluetooth Audio Module
  67. Schematic, stuffing guide?
  68. Breeze Audio SU4 Xmos + AK4490EQ questions
  69. Cheapie DAC Ess9018 mods ?
  70. DIT4192, some help for the pins settings ?
  71. GPL-licensed / OSHWA digital-to-analog converter?
  72. Mu Metal Sheets
  73. Differential DAC (ADAU1962A) output level
  74. Help with AK4490 volume control resetting
  75. pcm1796 i2c arduino uno wireing configuration
  76. Digital Pot Voltage limitations
  77. BB PCM63 DAC only for CD transport
  78. MAX294 DAC Filter
  79. Transformer Coupled PCM1794
  80. DAC TDA1541a noise problem
  81. TDA1541A DAC noise problem
  82. Najda - problems with popping noise
  83. DAC Output Filters
  84. PCM1704 Diy dac+ discrete i/v+ valve buffer
  85. My first DAC !
  86. Cirrus CS4396 direct out...
  87. AK4458 multichannel DAC with I2S input
  88. multichannel USB XMOS with multiple stereo DACs
  89. SRC4192 Sample Rate Converter BYPAS
  90. My new JLsounds AK4490 USB DAC
  91. XMOS XU208 + ESS9108K2M modue
  92. ML 36S dac problem
  93. Audio-Next : True 768Khz 32 bits of USB audio
  94. Balanced or unbalanced circuit ?
  95. CS8421 ASRC configuration?
  96. Is this do-able ??
  97. TDA 1547 discrete output stage
  98. Multi channel and multibit DAC
  99. PCM1794/DIR9001 problems
  100. Audio GD DA-M1 R2R Dac Module
  101. Spdif usb converter
  102. Need help to make gain control using microcontroller
  103. Old but gold: Making a chinese DAC better
  104. Finally started my FETAudio FDA-1
  105. Max fS of a TDA1541A
  106. bi amping yamaha reciever
  107. Ebay USB DAC board
  108. Philips DAC960
  109. Dump code onto DSP ADAU1701 microprocessor
  110. DIY DAC without soldering?
  111. Scope capture of rs485 signal
  112. DAC for DIY linestage?
  113. Rpi 3 and Hifiberry DAC + problems
  114. Active cross over with Najda and Minidsp HD
  115. NOS DAC for 44.1K Redbook playback
  116. Parallel TDA1541a DEM clock
  117. How to switch DAC Low Pass filter
  118. DAC balanced discrete output stage
  119. Metrum DAC enquiry
  120. Oppo Sonica DAC
  121. Paralleling sigma delta Vout DACs
  122. Best Value DAC Clock?
  123. balanced digital output from professional sound card to the DAC
  124. Simplistic & inexpensive ADC in the spirit of ODAC
  125. DSP, or Receiver? Both?
  126. PCM1794 Mono mode
  127. Recommendations for DIY DAC up to 1500 USD
  128. Lowest Cost DSP kit/finished product on the market?
  129. Digging out the DIY EZ-DAC
  130. Dacmagic Plus schematic
  131. PCM1796 internal bias decoupling cap type?
  132. TDA1541A re-clock
  133. M-Audio M-Track 2x2M for measurement purposes.
  134. S/PDIF and PLL
  135. Non-oversampling delta-sigma DAC?
  136. New DAC - Is bit perfect audio always "needed"?
  137. Need guidance to replace low values ceramic caps in XTA446
  138. Mini shark on steroids ?
  139. DSD to PCM in Octave, then DAC firmware
  140. Can my Geek Out V2+ be saved?
  141. XMOS loud thump at playback startup
  142. PCM 1794 with tube output problem
  143. RMAF16: The Challenges of Designing a World-Class DAC
  144. AK4137 configuration
  145. DSD1794 + i2c
  146. !!! Xmos Problem !!! Dual AK4495S AK4495SEQ AK4118 DAC decoder XMOS USB w/LME49990
  147. What makes a DAC silent (and good) ?
  148. LED light on SURE bluetooth module
  149. ES9016 multichannel DAC with I2S input
  150. SA9023+ES9023 USB decoder 24bit/96KHz USB DAC WLX
  151. Best caps for PSU DDDac: BHC or ...?
  152. General Guidance on S/PDIF to audio decoder
  153. Replacing caps in a mini USB DAC
  154. Hearing strange distortions
  155. Parallel TDA1541a DAC using SuperTeddyRegs
  156. Fulla 2 has an AKM4490, but doesn't support past 24/96?
  157. What is the best way to feed PCM1702?
  158. Digital crossover
  159. Another one XMOS USB->I2S board
  160. Where is the datasheet of ES9028PRO/ES9038PRO?
  161. How difficult is it to make a USB DAC/Amp?
  162. Looking for a simple ADC -> I2S chip or ready board
  163. Digital NR device for eliminating system background noise?
  164. Frustrating experience (so far) with a PCM1804
  165. LKS Audio ES9018 DAC Kit build
  166. nanoSHARC kit from minidsp
  167. Multi channel DAC
  168. Small question about the usablity of my DAC's design
  169. Need Musical Fidelity M1 DAC Service Manual.
  170. Any specialist of SPDIF channel status and SPDIF decoders?
  171. Bridging output of Raspberry Pi DAC PiCobber?
  172. Electro Voice DC-One - opinions
  173. ReplacingMy Benchmark DAC2 HGC
  174. Dacmagic plus does not pass bootup light
  175. Battery supplied DAC
  176. I/V and analog output stage for AD1862
  177. Rane RPM 26z - Upgrade?
  178. Tiny M7+ music streamer
  179. Question regarding the 2 Allo Reclocker versions
  180. Driving ESS9018 DAC from Raspberry Pi using I2S - BCLK problems
  181. XDA-2 w/ DDRC22D "effects loop" mod
  182. Easy to buy 24bit USB-I2S interface IC?
  183. es9018k2m power switch, trafo connection
  184. New to all this, how to make my DAC's (WM8741) output useable?
  185. Simple USB DAC (PCM2707+PCM1793+OPA2134+LMH6643)
  186. First DAC purchase help
  187. Mini DSP PWR-ICE plate amp question
  188. Troubleshooting RPi/Moode -> Buffalo II I2S: only distorted sound on one channel
  189. Suggestion for easy to use audio filter chip?
  190. ES9018 with Zapfilter 2 distorted output help please.
  191. tda 1541 mosfet buffer with tda 1543.
  192. Benchmark DAC2 and switching power supply
  193. Can anyone design the code part for the R2R signed Magnitude DAC just like Soekris?
  194. What are the options for 90.3168/98.304 Mhz low jitter clock ?
  195. Mixing bluetooth audio with line in
  196. Cheapest option for great sounding 4 channel DAC
  197. Help needed with minidsp driver problem
  198. Off The Shelf DSP for an Old School System
  199. Balanced XLR -> Unbalanced RCA Transformer..
  200. I-sabre v2 audiophonics question
  201. any (other ) recommendations for a DSP?
  202. Ultimate Open-Source USB DAC/Headphone AMP
  203. Improve DAC TDA1543
  204. Hifiberry DAC+ Pro - basecamp?
  205. PCM1793 reference circuit gain
  206. Can AD1862 dac chip can be faked?
  207. Stupid question about an active crossover
  208. Chinese ES9018K2M I2S DAC
  209. iFi SPDIF iPurifier - substance or hype?
  210. ES9018K2M + SA9023 + dual AD823 USB interface - help me mod it
  211. Chokes in DAC PS
  212. Improving on DAC output chips
  213. Phone signal interference with USB soundcard
  214. Digital input selector for MiniDSP boards
  215. NOS dac, 15KHz wave test Strange results
  216. Xmos 10 pin Card
  217. New DAC based on AK4497EQ
  218. Decware Source "Pill"- Passive Post DAC Waveform filter
  219. DEQX Thread
  220. Upgrading USB to I2S card with Singxer C-1
  221. DIYINHK ES9016 board IV opamps
  222. Is PCM2706 internal DAC so bad?
  223. newbie`s first project
  224. Best cap for D/A chips
  225. pcb rca connectors
  226. 6 x tda1543 dac
  227. cs8412 and DF1704
  228. Ultra Analog AES21 and DF1704
  229. PIC32 bare metal Audio DSP with Serial Console
  230. WM8741 Power Supplies
  231. TDA1541a Beaglebone Dual Mono / Simultaneous Mode
  232. DF1704 replacing PMD100 in Adcom GDA-700
  233. ES9018K2M datasheet needed
  234. Accuphase MDS (Multiple Delta Sigma), and MMB (Multiple Multi-Bit) D/A conversion
  235. AK4490 sings,but gain is a little high..
  236. Home made Amanero + PCM1794A DAC (opinion needed)
  237. 5 band eq using lm3915
  238. Lush and Warm NOS DAC passive I/U
  239. cascading two lm3915
  240. ES9018k2m Build Completed
  241. MamboBerry LS - my new PI-HAT
  242. Hifiberry/Pi case/PSU design questions
  243. new NXP TDA1543
  244. My new DAC7 <WM8804+SA7220+SA7350+TDA1547>
  245. High power DDDAC power supply
  246. DAC8043 as volume control
  247. Problem with Objective 2 Dac
  248. External 50ppm Crystal Clock good enough to drive STM32's SAI for SPDIF TX mode?
  249. My new minisharc dsp audio preamplifier/crossover project
  250. i2s to spdif/toslink project

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