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  1. PCM2706 schematic check
  2. ESS Sabre Reference DAC VS Prism sound ADA-8XR, DAD AX24 and weiss DAC?
  3. adding a digital coax to a dmp35 to link with an external dac
  4. USB/Firewire to ADAT dongle
  5. usb audio host-to-host
  6. Crackling Noise in Tube Amp (only) & PC Sound Card
  7. Can 44.1 be modded to 192kHz
  8. obtain best s/n for soundcard Inputs at PC
  9. 24 bit DAC and ADC questions - What are you using and liking?
  10. AK4396: best solution for output stage
  11. WTF is it with the loud cd recordings of today?
  12. Tri Vista 21 word clock
  13. ADC with S/PDIF output
  14. IRF610 I/V convertion from Pass Labs D1 dac - single ended
  15. clock question?
  16. Icepower 200ASC Pin Schematic
  17. Issues Of Asus Xonar Essence Stx
  19. CS4303 eval board datasheet: CDB4303
  20. Musiland Monitor 01 USD 24/192 USB to SPDIF
  21. TI's OMAP3530 for Digital Crossover?
  22. Audio Synthesis DAX 2 at 24/96
  23. check layout CS8416 and 8xTDA1543
  24. Jula@ vs Audiophile-192 Soundcards
  25. No one build with TDA1545?
  26. Guitar->ADC->process->amp
  27. On the proper way to power a firewire device
  28. The other way of IV converting with opamps.
  29. DAC problem... cracking on speaker...
  30. How to reclock CDPro2?
  31. Digital Linkwitz transform?
  32. show my TDA1541A DAC
  33. AES E-Library: "An 18-Bit Delta-Sigma D/A Processor System..."
  34. How to build a tubed I to V converter ?
  35. tap digital signal on Denon AVR2809 receiver' CPLD for external DAC
  36. ASIO support (driver) for Labview
  37. Small computer for live use
  38. Need help to indentify zener diode c3v0ph
  39. DacMagic output stage
  40. Sony "digital media port"
  41. Good tutorials on analog to digital conversion ?
  42. Diy-dac 1543
  43. AES-21 UltraAnalog receiver
  44. CS4397 I2C Mode
  45. Help needed for compiling the complete TDA1541(A) list
  46. USB DAC isolation ?
  47. NONOS DAC with TDA1541A or AD1865N-K or something better
  48. PCM63 stepping up
  49. Electronic rotary switch
  50. I want a bigger S/PDIF !
  51. Any ideas for a digital/analog 6-channel pre-amp switcher/mixer?
  52. Capacitor on the DCX2496 relays control
  53. Zapfilter2 and current-output dacs
  54. Thorsten Loesch ADAGIO DAC..Help.!!
  55. Need help to make Magic Dac2 work!!
  56. Delta-sigma A/D converter expert here?
  57. bitperfect windows drivers?
  58. Why no THD measurements for SM5847 ?
  59. Asus Xonar Essence STX analog input?
  60. Analogue output stage
  61. PCM56K iv resistor value?
  62. Buffalo Tweaking
  63. Reconstruction filter design criteria.
  64. Clock Lock between Cambridge Audio DiscMagic 1 and DacMagic 2Mk2
  65. AD1955 internal attenuator
  66. Netjack2 - Foobar2000 (or any other win32 player) and jackrouter asio driver
  67. mosfet i/v conversion from D1 with pcm1704
  68. Cello / Apogee DAC series 8.1
  69. Opening the new DacMagic????
  70. M-Audio Audiophile 192 or ESI Juli ?
  71. Where to buy downloadable bit perfect software ?
  72. Opening an Ipod to get the I2S signal for a digital output
  73. deq2496 with tda1543
  74. I need a hand - Rally the scientists
  75. What would be a sensible set of filter characteristics for DAC
  76. What's the best method to rip CD to HDD?
  77. HDD Ultimate Wave Source
  78. Differential TDA1543 based NOS DAC
  79. Opinion - M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 and 192
  80. calling Wadia's experts
  81. SPDIF circuit for review
  82. Intermodulation test signal
  83. paralleling the pcm1794s
  84. Any DAC DIY Deisgn with AK4396?
  85. some help on dac grounding, please
  86. External power for sound card in PCI slot?
  87. Clean Master Clock distribution
  88. upsampling before non-oversampling dac
  89. usb to digital (spdif/xlr) coverter
  90. Zero Dac Problem
  91. Coaxial Digital Audio to 5.1 analog outputs?
  92. Audionote DAC or RAKK DAC
  93. confuse about DAC ???
  94. resistors in I2S lines
  95. I2S from USB receiver to dac
  96. Help needed with digital pots
  97. CS8416 in sw slave mode with external clock
  98. Mac Mini
  99. Channel Switching Noise with Dish 612 DVR
  100. Behringer DCX2496 -vs- BSS Omnidrive 366
  101. PCM1794 and other tipps/things to build a good DAC
  102. Vrds 10, direct EIAJ anyone?
  103. troubleshoot: how do I spec a resistor to test as proxy load?
  104. heard that there is a 192K/24bit HDD HI-END player
  105. DCX2496 for Dummies
  106. How to specify a transformer for dac output?
  107. M-Audio AP192 soundcard
  108. Full wave or half wave rectification help!
  109. i2s connection question
  110. Jitter measurement
  111. high sample rate sound cards?
  112. Thule Audio PR-250B Service Manual wanted
  113. AD1860 Experts - Anyone ???
  114. Valab nos dac mods?
  115. AV-reciever doesn't work with DIT4096
  116. Analog output stage for DAC (AK4584)
  117. take digital signal from cd player
  118. Advice, How to: Multichannel to Stereo
  119. ZAPFilter power supply Q
  120. AK4393 Serial Configuration Problem
  121. HDMI and DCX2496
  122. Preamp with dsp eq/xo
  123. Phonopreamp and A/D converting
  124. Best place to put clock on Arcam 5+ please.
  125. ATNGW100 board
  126. Behringer DEQ2496 Firmware update
  127. Audio Server Touch screen control - heads up programmers!
  128. Computer Programmable Custom Band EQ
  129. ezDAC v.1.5 Builders Thread
  130. Fibre optic - AT&T style (HP, Optek,...)
  131. Any DIY 5.1 DAC?
  132. Jitter in Yamaha AV amp
  133. Sound card in media PC for surround processing?
  134. Pulse transformers
  135. Slaving audio board with MCK on the DAC via SPDIF
  136. Digidesign 888 | 24 interface DIY mod
  137. oversample or NOS DAC ??
  138. basic questions about using FIR filters
  139. I2S from old laptop?
  140. help understanding different clocking for tda1541
  141. AES over Cat5e?
  142. PCM2707 voltage problem
  143. Using a computer for DSP audio goodness???
  144. ac3 and ADAT?
  145. Hi end DAC kit ebay
  146. buffalo and pass d1 i/v
  147. Premium Clocks
  148. DAC - TI parts
  149. Another PCM2702 DAC project.
  150. How do you connect a PLL "Lock" LED to the CS8416?
  151. Pink Triangle Da Capo input cards
  152. Optical ST-Connection (AT&T)
  153. any opinion about those two ebay dacs?
  154. Modding Xbox360 for better sound.
  155. I really interested to buy Super DAC 2496
  156. Rectifier diodes upgrade
  157. What brand of solder paste?
  158. I ned a 6ch digitally-controlled attenuator. Anyone know of a design?
  159. JRC 4556AD opamp Replacement?
  160. NON-OS DAC 8xTDA1543
  161. 16 channel Audio Playback
  162. 12x TDA1543 at 6V, output and Vref Resistor values
  163. Pulse transformers SPDIF/AES-EBU
  164. TDA1541 problem, CDP M75 service man.
  165. Current draw of Squeezebox 2 while using digital out?
  166. My ESS Sabre Buffalo DAC
  167. eee pc audio?
  168. Problem DIY DAC / WM8740
  169. Please help with DIT4096 mode configuration
  170. the clock of CEC 891R 16.9344MHz ?
  171. Input/Output Stages for Blackfin DSP
  172. SPDIF - Is it always the same?
  173. SPDIF Output
  174. pcm1794 Iref and cap questions
  175. PMD200 for DACdigital filter
  176. Latest USB converters or music server?
  177. 555 Timer Triggering Problem
  178. ASRC and Oversampling Filters
  179. Synchronuous reclocking (ddac) - no clicks ?
  180. Micromega Stage 2 modification - and incorrect info...
  181. DAC project completed
  182. Sound card for computer audio/testing
  183. jack detection signal?
  184. 8v single supply, OPA2132 or LME49720 ?
  185. SATA CD drive for digital audio
  186. Transformer Isolated USB?
  187. Experience with this DIY DAC ?
  188. DIR9001 - 50ps jitter, but at what frequency ?
  189. Anybody know how to connect the DIR9001 with a TDA1541A in a non-os dac ?
  190. behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496 MAX MOD opinion needed
  191. Budget electrolytic cap for signal coupling
  192. 24 bit ADC interfacing with ARM using I2S
  193. Has anybody put a SRC in a DEQ2496?
  194. Wolfson's Elastic Buffer SPDIF receiver ?
  195. Bluray HTPC audiophile thread
  196. Usb Memory Stick/flash Card
  197. Synchronizaton with World Clock or I2S input ?
  198. mother board!!!!
  199. from wich brand is this motherboard
  200. Does USB->I2S make sense ?
  201. AK4395/4396 ultrasonic noise spectrum graphic
  202. Toslink to S/PDIF
  203. DIY ADC/DAC with ADAT
  204. PCM1704 or newer chips?
  205. PC for a source. Help lowering PS noise.
  206. Behringer DEQ2496 Schematic
  207. Differences between Digital Filter of AK4395 and AK4390/99
  208. My "homemade" wifi music system. Cheap!
  209. How can I convert SPDIF to EFM (RF) signal, to use a cd player as a DAC ?
  210. Easy TTL to S/PDIF coax converter
  211. DIT4192 DIT4096 consumer mode pin settings
  212. EAD DSP7000 any info or schematics?
  213. Hissing DCX2496
  214. AK4395 vs. AK4396 listening comparisons
  215. Interesting PC Sound Chipset Asus AV100
  216. 16.9344MHz LOW JITTER CLOCK KIT...
  217. TXCO pins connection
  218. Kit surround
  219. Do I need a Timer Circuit?
  220. Music Server with Improved Apple Airport Express
  221. Weird problem with DIT4192 SPDI/AES/EBU Transmitter
  222. NeoY2k's ESS Sabre DAC platform
  223. Oettle clock boards for DCX in US?
  224. Bitperfect foobar2000 w/ WAS (for Vista)
  225. 8 pin dip extensions????
  226. DIY DAC with input switchingon a budget?
  227. opamp package converter question
  228. Mac Mini dual DAC crossover
  229. Marantz SR9000G digital receiver
  230. i2s out of a fireface or similar fireware interfaces?
  231. Assistance in diagnosing Hum/Buzz/Noise
  232. Help removing opamps!!
  233. Vista Media Center wifi Remote control
  234. CS8416 vs CS8414
  235. hdmi to analog? 8 CH USB DAC?
  236. I need 2496 AES EBU PC source
  237. tube clock
  238. op/amp orientation question
  239. Jitter - gone for good?
  240. Understanding DC power requirement for amplifier board
  241. I2S48 for SM5847
  242. AD1955 Evaluation board schematics
  243. MF XDAC V3 connected to a pc motherboard
  244. Convert 110v to 230v input ?
  245. Toslink transmitter ID help
  246. Technics SL-PG400A - SPDIF ?
  247. Audio Amplifier Design
  248. Volume control in the dac output stage
  249. Oversampling - where does it take place?
  250. Toroid transformer, shield or not to shield?

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