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  1. Choosing Op Amp Upgrade for DAC (parameters to consider)
  2. Surround sound delay line
  3. Surround sound delay line
  4. PIC Choice
  5. Bypassing opamp and using transformers...can it be easily done on this kit?
  6. Venturing into into the DAC world...
  7. DIY Digital DJ Mixer possibilities…
  8. Do I really need any DC output capacitor between a DAC chip and the low pass filter ?
  9. What transformer for Lampucera DAC?
  10. Wolfson WM8741 DIY kits/designs
  11. Anyone finished a Gigawork DAC?
  12. How to choose wima capacitors?
  13. Gigaworks Dac popping and sparking!
  14. Cirrus Logis 8416 - 4354 Question
  15. Momentum Data Systems
  16. WM8741 vs WM8742, which one sound better and are more musical ?
  17. DHT with TDA1541A in a NOS DAC?
  18. spdif switch module for LCDuino
  19. Wanted: High Quality DIY Tube DAC
  20. Anyone using ground isolation trans with bal. out dac?
  21. ROM issue Digitech DSP 256XL
  22. DAC vs DVD
  23. DIR9001 & TDA1545 -Howto?
  24. Looking to buy a hifi DAC
  25. iPod Touch 4G 30-pin Connector Schematic
  26. Optical digital input to SAA7341 decoder/DAC
  27. Blind DAC Public Listening Test Results
  28. Simple DAC with both Coaxial and Toslink input
  29. need some advise in clock dividing
  30. Bargain Modified USB Headphone DAC
  31. Need a little help/advise with EZDAC hissing
  32. Dacmagic fried HELP PLEASE!
  33. New AK4396 DAC board design support needed
  34. Pls recommend an EBay DAC <$100 for Ipad
  35. Digital crossover and room equalisation
  36. Behringer reliability
  37. ADUM4160 at a fair price in Europe ?
  38. New to world of DACs, etc...need resources to learn the basics
  39. a newbie needs help
  40. DEM reclock with TDA1540
  41. How to maximize the Zhaolu DAC
  42. line to optical ---> optical to analog
  43. dac I/V transformer
  44. Light Peak/Thunderbolt, the end of USB/Firewire/HDMi and more?
  45. op amp
  46. DCX suddenly sounds like rubbish ...
  47. Emu 1212m problems
  48. Audio Sector NOS DAC schematic?
  49. confused about -3.5db @20k on nos dac build
  50. DAC with Four PCM 1704, PMD100, CS8412
  51. I2s from asus essence stx?
  52. Some questions about the WM8804
  53. kinda OT: purchased DAC from China
  54. DSP1424P looking for Eprom Firmware (or DUMP)
  55. 7.1 receiver with preout cheap?
  56. Diy DAC - Saber - Buffalo2 dac
  57. Digital Receiver Chips
  58. DEQ 2496 Upgrade Info
  59. DIY class-d with DSP and active XO over CobraNET
  60. Can i connect PCM56 to SAA7000???
  61. Pulse transformer recommandation (PE-65507)
  62. Wyred4Sound DAC2 thd measured
  63. The other ESS DACS - ES9006 (Premier) and ES9016 (Ultra)
  65. DBX 3BX question
  66. Desperately looking for a DIR1703
  67. new gigaworks lampucera board
  68. Custom Low Jitter MCLK for DAC's
  69. miniDSP to Twister Pear Opus DAC via I2S
  70. Matrix Mini-i Balanced DAC/ Cambridge Dac
  71. a new multibit DAC chip Arda technologies AT1401
  72. Just follow FM , Cello to biuld a analog EQ Linearizer
  73. Emotiva Dac .....
  74. ESS ES9023 Sabre Premier DAC with integrated op amp
  75. Putting a fet after a tc9237 dac
  76. Any experiences with the hifidiy pcm1794 dac?
  77. Does FW Chipsets Differ betwixt Client/host?
  78. Cambridge Dac Magic fault?
  79. Which DIY is comparable to Wyred Dac2 or Zodiac+?
  80. Toy1 My first time Audio DIY ... D/A.
  81. DIY ADAT to TDIF Format Converter?
  82. Balanced versus Unbalanced Output
  83. What is killing my pcm2707
  84. Help me modify the HLLY DMK-IV
  85. Dual AD1865 balanced out DAC
  86. DFs with skills (wonderboys...)
  87. sony 5 disc DVD (NC600) for Lampization
  88. M-Audio Transit USB analog I/O impedances?
  89. Problem DIY CS4398 DAC
  90. External DACs with upscaling technology (from 16bit to 20 or 24bit)
  91. cs8416 SPDIF receiver - best input config ??
  92. Board layout
  93. Gigawork DAC problem - L/R phase shift
  94. Need advice on DIY DAC
  95. Ebay dac with: DAC TDA1541, AD1865, AD1955, PCM63, & CS4398!
  96. disable backlight in dcx/deq 2496?
  97. Adding Volume controls to DAC output?
  98. Stopping Speaker Destruction
  99. Lampizator question
  100. Piggy Backing Burr Brown PCM63PK
  101. Newbie question on DAC
  102. Bypassing volume pot
  103. Dual Wire AES/EBU Output to Single Wire AES/EBU Input
  104. DAC PCB?
  105. Danish Audio Design or?
  106. Wolfson WM8805 I2S to TDA1541A NOS
  107. Hypex mono 2 channel dsp
  108. Balanced AES/EBU to/from optical S/PDIF
  109. DAC Newbie
  110. 2 ch. 24 bit ADC USB/Firewire converter
  111. Looking for California audio Lab Sigma II DAC Schematic
  112. EMU 0404 PCI - Needs a fixin' first, but...
  113. Diyparadise Monica 3 vs current ebay offerings. Opinions please. Dec 2010
  114. I require a DAC
  115. How good are the AD825 opamp for a TDA1541 dac IV and output ?
  116. Would it be possible to build a combined AMP and DAC like this? (Please advise!)
  117. Dithering Vs digital domain crossovers?
  118. great digital filters?
  119. bypass caps for DAC power supply and reg circuts
  120. Sabre DAC implementations
  121. sony das 702es dac problems..
  122. Sharp/Slow rollof, De-emphase, PSU
  123. digital i2s interface crossover 4 way
  124. I2S isolation
  125. Digital active crossover listening tests
  126. Use DS90C032TM and DS90C031TM with I2S signals?
  127. variable resistor?
  128. DAC with digital (BNC) output
  129. Drop in replacement for CS8420 in a DCX?
  130. S/PDIF in to USB out
  131. how to detect external clock's frequency
  132. Strange Signal Drop OUT / Technics SH-AC500 Digital Processor
  133. BUILD THREAD - A New Take on the Classic Pass Labs D1 with an ESS Dac
  134. how to make a 4 channel USB to Audio sound card/dac
  135. appreciate if anyone can share circuit for akm4396?
  136. Help hooking up Audio Alchemy DTI v2.0
  137. DacMagic problem
  138. reuse cassette player equalizer
  139. sort of Ultimate dac
  140. replacing cs4814
  141. TDA1541S1 demystified?
  142. Bad AD1865 Chips?
  143. WAV to Voltage vs Time
  144. Integrating the HiFiDIY.net mini 1793 DAC into an amplifier
  145. Using MiniDSP's in a pre amp.. ideas.
  146. Measuring AD1865 DAC2
  147. 6n16 calculations
  148. discrete SE I/V for pcm1704
  149. pcm1792 volume control
  150. Philips 304 mods. Tda1540 to Tda 1541 and DEM RECLOCKING
  151. 4 spdif input adc?
  152. micromega t-dac & t-drive problems
  153. New M2tech Young 384/32 D/A converter
  154. PCM1702
  155. CS8416 on PMD100
  156. DCX2496 USB Input
  157. How to switch multiple I2S signals to DAC ?
  158. Set-up for a 3-way Active Crossover
  159. Someone explain the DAC's
  160. Is my amp damaging my preamp?
  161. Help with possible ZAPfilter related problem in Zhaolu DAC
  162. Cap choice for analog stage filters?
  163. Digital Crossover
  164. External DSP Delay
  165. Interesting DAC Kits
  166. Behringer DCX-2496 with Denon AVR-5805
  167. SPDIF waveform Analysis
  168. Wolfson DAC chips and the SPI Bus
  169. SPDIF 4 to 8 second delay
  170. DAC kit question
  171. taking DAC for Gainclone from Sony 57ES DAT recorder?
  172. I2S connection problem. Teralink X-2 and Javs Dac-2 March.
  173. Compact Parametric EQ Build
  174. VC23, my new PGA2310 project
  175. Soundcard clipping when volume control set to full
  176. Which DAC for PC Music Server ?
  177. Recapping a Fostex D1624
  178. Learning towards MINI DAC
  179. Overview about Commercial Devices wanted, where AD1955 is in use
  180. cd to dac connection ? Help pls !
  181. Stereo to mono input
  182. Clock generator for 192KHz USB DAC
  183. Help with Audio Note DAC 3
  184. Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC w/ 9018?
  185. DIY 7.1 over Spdif?
  186. PCM1793
  187. dac purchase ?
  188. Upgrading the output components in a prosumer dac
  189. UPGRADE MERIDIAN 606 DAC with buffering technique?
  190. Help with DIY DAC and m-audio delta192 SPDIF problem
  191. How do I connect a current output DAC to I/V stage single ended
  192. Recomend me a $200 dac
  193. Alpine 3362 display not working???
  194. bf245b transistor orientation/chip protection
  195. Budged DAC ( Usb or otherwise )
  196. Media players with acceptable 2 channel audio quality?
  197. Connecting tv optical digital output to an analogue line input?
  198. Frank - HK-Dac/Arcam Black box - enstein
  199. What is the tradeoff to run a DAC single ended?
  200. USb to SPDIF using PCM 2704
  201. Filtering digital noise on pin 1 of my DAC (XLR balanced)
  202. Perfecting the USB Isolator
  203. SRC4192 weird output
  204. DACEnd/DACEnd2 Results, Reviews, Comparisons
  205. Splitting AES/EBU
  206. digital output pcb mounting, is there a reason for it? wire to a chasis mount ok?
  207. New PCM1794A Kit – Balanced Mode Update – Good to Fantastic Sound!
  208. I2S data seperator as left / right channel
  209. I2S: Relationship between SCK and Fs (targeting SRC4192)
  210. Simple I2S multiplexer
  211. Diy cable for I2S protocol connection
  212. Old DAC and power supply schematics
  213. I2S query
  214. I2S: Master Clock relationship with BCLK and LRCLK
  215. Buffalo Dac original vs Buffalo II
  216. Laptop to DAC interface
  217. Arcam Black Box 500 manual
  218. Digital Potentiometers
  219. Audio Alchemy DDE v1.1 schematic
  220. DacMagic Service Manual
  221. QF1Da512 - Simple Digital Filtering
  222. help! DAC hums, amp goes into protection mode
  223. Another DIY ESS ES9018 Sabre DAC board
  224. DAC for a first time DIYer?
  225. External DAC
  226. Pure digital crossover
  227. Simple gain stage for satellite/DTV box
  228. DAC humm: suspect grounding issue
  229. Pcm1700
  230. grounding my DAC?
  231. Help needed with zero DAC problem
  232. DAC IV stage schematic
  233. Any opinions about this discrete DAC ?
  234. Quick DEQ2496 question
  235. How to cascade 2 ADC chips?
  236. S/PDIF to toslink
  237. Weird inverted output from codec....(with pics)
  238. dac board diagram
  239. ES9018 and I2S
  240. Thule Audio PR250B service manual
  241. Lite DAC-50 board. what VACs need
  242. TDA1541A clocking and control questions
  243. DAC chip selection + I2S jitter questions
  244. integrated + DAC?
  245. Help!
  246. Which dac build for a newbie
  247. I2S codec...
  248. Problem PCM 56
  249. which ebay DAC do I want?
  250. A single voltage regulator is enough to parallel?

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