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  1. Looking into a DAC
  2. WM8741 Eval Board
  3. DSP Board Completed (DSP56371)
  4. Passive preamp, multiple inputs?
  5. Zobel compensation for XLR and RCA (AES/EBU and SPDIF)
  6. I2S from a PC, Firewire or ethernet?
  7. Harsh noise generated by Buffalo32s DAC
  8. Tripath DC coupling via Transformer
  9. Isomagic clock link
  10. have i lost it? cryotronics and dacs...
  11. USB receiver for at least 96Khz 24 bit
  12. WM8804 with external clock?
  13. HDMI DAC - HDCP, licences...?
  14. Broskie tda1543
  15. DAC output filters need explanations
  16. Digitally controlled relay volume regulator
  17. Anybody using the new ESS Vout DAC (ES9022)?
  18. Dac Behringuer DEQ2496 problem
  19. Cd transport suggestions please.
  20. Build my own DAC
  21. Best Way to cut Supply to USB Socket
  22. Silicon Chip DAC kit
  23. DAD ax24: anybody tried it? :)
  24. TOSLINK to Balanced
  25. A few questions on a PCM1793-based USB DAC
  26. DCX2496 buzz
  27. Cap recommendation for DAC Vref, Vcom pin
  28. DAC ouput using Transformer
  29. For open baffle
  30. S4580P replacement
  31. Good 80MHz XO
  32. Digital source selector?
  33. DCX2496 issue
  34. Need new XO module for Cambridge 640C V2
  35. CS4398 analog filter
  36. SDIF-3 , SDIF-2 and DSD input of ESS Dac
  37. Descrete Differential Current to Voltage Converter
  38. NOS and sampling theory
  39. TDA1545A and Vref
  40. S/PDIF passthrough in USB sound devices
  41. DAC output voltage
  42. How good is the Buffalo Dac?
  43. AES3 and SPDIF
  44. AES3 and SPDIF sampling rate
  45. PCM1793 DAC - a bargain?
  46. "Apodizing" dacs: Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic vs Meridian 808.2
  47. Volume control of a differential signal
  48. Opamp for Vref on TDA1543, TDA1545A
  49. What is signal level/type at the USB connection?
  50. Need DAC Recommendations
  51. IEC Inlet with or without line filter for CD transport?
  52. Cold solder joint?
  53. Buffalo DAC vs Benchmark DAC1?
  54. Spdif Input to USB 24 bit
  55. FLAC to CD player internal DAC
  56. TDA1543 DC connect to TA2024 amp
  57. Opus Dac Input Selector & Metronome
  58. I/V => Differential.
  59. 8xTDA1541A battery powered nos dac project was completed
  60. Is this DAC any good
  61. DAC Kit
  62. Digital Display
  63. Recommend a DIY tda1541a dac kit?
  64. dac chips
  65. Jitter - converting ps to db ?
  66. TAS3208 DSP test board
  67. ESS Sabre ES9022 announced
  68. Anyone know these chips " PD00601" and "DF66U"
  69. Where to buy Toshiba TMP47C212AN3312
  70. Warning for DacMagic owners (PSU related)
  71. OPA1632, I/V and VOCM
  72. Mods for DCX 2496,digitalinput/clock
  73. USB DAC for headphone amp
  74. Zapfilter 2 schematic... DIY interest?
  75. cs8414 & wm8740 dac (one dac chip)
  76. Wav -- Flac decoder IC ?
  77. Where to begin a DAC
  78. USB to analog
  79. Nos Usb Das
  80. Switcher/Selector for jumpers
  81. software noise cancellation / antisound
  82. ADAT receiver
  83. SRC4192 module addon for AD1955
  84. Where to get PurePath Studio
  85. Ultraanalog D20400 app. note ?
  86. fm radio chip
  87. ackoDAC based on ES9018
  88. Simulation of I/U (I/V) converter versions for TI PCM R2R DAC's (e.g. PCM1704) ?"
  89. Digital
  90. Cooledit/Audition 32 bit not IEEE-754?
  91. SPDIF and 74hc00a: help!
  92. A SD/USB/Ethernet transport
  93. Optimizing interface between decoders, dig. filters & DAC IC's
  94. One more SPDIF thread
  95. Adding balanced XLR digital output...
  96. NOS DAC with oversampling - anybody done it?
  97. Looking for DAC kit or prebuilt PCB for US$300
  98. PC Dac Measurement
  99. About discrete I/V stage circuits for a TDA1541A dac
  100. Reverb by 3 PT2399's??? yes...
  101. Digital PC test measurement
  102. Distortion-overtone generator wanted
  103. Philips TDA 1544
  104. About a I/V tube ouput for a Nos TDA1541A dac
  105. What are the differences in DACs (IC)
  106. pulse transformer spdif input how?
  107. lynx/allocator/cPlay -alternative ASIO connections
  108. digital home theater setup
  109. DIR9001 layout in Eagle
  110. Tda1545 d1 i/v stage
  111. Capacitors for PCM1716 DAC chip
  112. Op-Amps advice
  113. I want to try and build my own DAC
  114. Need Help on DAC, anybody
  115. Setting compressor in DBX 260
  116. Tentlabs/Guido
  117. Sabre DAC Tweakers Board
  118. 4xtda1541a Nos Dac Project
  119. Help with identifying this DIY custom tube DAC
  120. Mac mini S/PDIF with coaxial
  121. help to choose a good osilloscope
  122. DIY firewire lightpipe
  123. combine SPDIF and DVI to HDMI output
  124. tda 1543 noise in one channel
  125. USB to SPDIF that does 24/96 and works in linux
  126. Custom Tube DAC
  127. Looking for help with Tube Output stage on ezDAC
  128. HELP! Quartet spdif output
  129. Digital Room Correction and Foobar2000 Convolve
  130. DIY DAC recommendation
  131. Upgrade TDA1543 tube output
  132. Tentlabs XO3: careful!
  133. Why does upsampling use 192kHz instead of 176kHz?
  134. How to conect Mackie CFX16 MKII to my tube preamp???
  135. Which DAC/ADC in M-Audio Transit?
  136. Best HighEnd USB DAC schematic/DYI project.. which one?
  137. Using a microcontroller to monitor VU levels
  138. TDA1541A - Double Crown - Myth or Fact - How to Test
  139. sample-hold circuit_Sony 557ESD
  140. PCM 1702 I/V Stage
  141. Unable to get foo_dsp_xover working
  142. Can you run a computer on a linear power supply?
  143. Blown fuse when power on without connections internally
  144. cant find it help DAC attached to hard drive
  145. Buffalo DAC on a Sony SCD-1/SCD-777?
  146. PCM1793 DAC chip
  147. I2S vs SPDIF NOS TDA154X dac question.
  148. Swapping oscillator on a Tentlabs XO Clock3
  149. CS 4328 Dac Advice
  150. S/PDIF Lock Noise
  151. TDA1541A S2 Upgrade Makes No Difference
  152. Best looking amplifier, post pic please
  153. Experience with programmable clock?
  154. ready-to-use Ebay Chinese DACs
  155. Look For A 16.9344 Mhz Xo
  156. Dac cipsets
  157. PC as source and SPDIF connection to the external DAC
  158. low jitter clock help needed
  159. NOS Dac stacking
  160. USB to SPDIF converter
  161. $40 USB to I2S converter
  162. Newbie question: How to battery power my cs4397 dac kit
  163. I2S conversion for SB Device
  164. digital interface transformer,help
  165. Hijacking I2S _ What CDP or DVD?
  166. TDA1315 and TDA1543?
  167. Wolfson WM8741
  168. IC m74hc6004
  169. first diy dac recomendations?
  170. parasound 1500 DAC
  171. PCM2707 + dev board recommendations
  172. Cheap Asynchronous USB
  173. How to add AT&T optical reveiver and sensor in the cd player and DAC?
  174. Noisy ADC
  175. Sony CDP-R1 clock ?
  176. PCM2706 schematic check
  177. ESS Sabre Reference DAC VS Prism sound ADA-8XR, DAD AX24 and weiss DAC?
  178. adding a digital coax to a dmp35 to link with an external dac
  179. USB/Firewire to ADAT dongle
  180. usb audio host-to-host
  181. Crackling Noise in Tube Amp (only) & PC Sound Card
  182. Can 44.1 be modded to 192kHz
  183. obtain best s/n for soundcard Inputs at PC
  184. 24 bit DAC and ADC questions - What are you using and liking?
  185. AK4396: best solution for output stage
  186. WTF is it with the loud cd recordings of today?
  187. Tri Vista 21 word clock
  188. ADC with S/PDIF output
  189. IRF610 I/V convertion from Pass Labs D1 dac - single ended
  190. clock question?
  191. Icepower 200ASC Pin Schematic
  192. Issues Of Asus Xonar Essence Stx
  194. CS4303 eval board datasheet: CDB4303
  195. Musiland Monitor 01 USD 24/192 USB to SPDIF
  196. TI's OMAP3530 for Digital Crossover?
  197. Audio Synthesis DAX 2 at 24/96
  198. check layout CS8416 and 8xTDA1543
  199. Jula@ vs Audiophile-192 Soundcards
  200. No one build with TDA1545?
  201. Guitar->ADC->process->amp
  202. On the proper way to power a firewire device
  203. The other way of IV converting with opamps.
  204. DAC problem... cracking on speaker...
  205. How to reclock CDPro2?
  206. Digital Linkwitz transform?
  207. show my TDA1541A DAC
  208. AES E-Library: "An 18-Bit Delta-Sigma D/A Processor System..."
  209. How to build a tubed I to V converter ?
  210. tap digital signal on Denon AVR2809 receiver' CPLD for external DAC
  211. ASIO support (driver) for Labview
  212. Small computer for live use
  213. Need help to indentify zener diode c3v0ph
  214. DacMagic output stage
  215. Sony "digital media port"
  216. Good tutorials on analog to digital conversion ?
  217. Diy-dac 1543
  218. AES-21 UltraAnalog receiver
  219. CS4397 I2C Mode
  220. Help needed for compiling the complete TDA1541(A) list
  221. USB DAC isolation ?
  222. NONOS DAC with TDA1541A or AD1865N-K or something better
  223. PCM63 stepping up
  224. Electronic rotary switch
  225. I want a bigger S/PDIF !
  226. Any ideas for a digital/analog 6-channel pre-amp switcher/mixer?
  227. Capacitor on the DCX2496 relays control
  228. Zapfilter2 and current-output dacs
  229. Thorsten Loesch ADAGIO DAC..Help.!!
  230. Need help to make Magic Dac2 work!!
  231. Delta-sigma A/D converter expert here?
  232. bitperfect windows drivers?
  233. Why no THD measurements for SM5847 ?
  234. Asus Xonar Essence STX analog input?
  235. Analogue output stage
  236. PCM56K iv resistor value?
  237. Buffalo Tweaking
  238. Reconstruction filter design criteria.
  239. Clock Lock between Cambridge Audio DiscMagic 1 and DacMagic 2Mk2
  240. AD1955 internal attenuator
  241. Netjack2 - Foobar2000 (or any other win32 player) and jackrouter asio driver
  242. mosfet i/v conversion from D1 with pcm1704
  243. Cello / Apogee DAC series 8.1
  244. Opening the new DacMagic????
  245. M-Audio Audiophile 192 or ESI Juli ?
  246. Where to buy downloadable bit perfect software ?
  247. Opening an Ipod to get the I2S signal for a digital output
  248. deq2496 with tda1543
  249. I need a hand - Rally the scientists
  250. What would be a sensible set of filter characteristics for DAC

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