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  1. Remote optical input switcher
  2. unity gain stable single channel DIP opamp
  3. Tube push-pull for the ES9018 DAC
  4. Proper load resistor for I/V secondary?
  5. tapping differential outputs
  6. I need Service Manual Mark Levinson n 36
  7. Need help with DAC project - almost Lampucera
  8. PCM1704 Preferences
  9. Need to source Mu-metal cans
  10. PCM1794-->Resistor I/V-->LL1571...
  11. Supplier for Poppulse PCM1796?
  12. Newbie query - Lampucera DAC tweak
  13. Digital XO software running on a mini-notebook?
  14. I/V opamps: selecting/tweaking feedback caps + resistors
  15. Help needed on Gigawork DAC !!!
  16. Old CD player mod to vacuum tube output?
  17. Seperate DAC and Output module?
  18. Maximum cable length for I2s?
  19. Schema for benchmark DAC 1?
  20. problematic dac damages the cable and the power amp?
  21. Faulty TDA1541A?
  22. 'Hot' signal input to DCX2496 problem
  23. Controlling audio processor
  24. How to convert optical to coaxial digital output?
  25. Roland/Edirol UA-25
  26. Optical out from PC to Amp RCA
  27. Digital Guru's -- Please suggest a DAC
  28. Behringer Ultragraph Digital DEQ1024 schematic ?
  29. Krell's discrete I/U (I/V) converter for PCM1702 (Model KAV-250CD) - Schematic wanted
  30. PSU design/upgrade for a Cambridge Audio S700 Isomagic DAC
  31. SAA7210 instead of SAA7010
  32. Building a high-quality headphone system
  33. snow48 cheap gigawork "clones" - anybody tried?
  34. Linestage design for an Opus (newb alert!!)
  35. TDA1541A - DIR9001 DAC reclock
  36. Auto switching 2 s/pdif inputs?
  37. Yet another I/V Stage & LPF for DACs
  38. SONY Optical To RCA Stereo DAC PCM1728
  39. TDA1541A clocking scheme
  40. Really!? - no decent diy DAC with basic 5.1/PCM functionality as well?
  41. Genuine TDA 1541A ?
  42. Best and final TDA1541A output stage
  43. DIR9001 o CS8414
  44. Need DAC paper!
  45. Great...another USB/DAC project (PCM2707+AD1896+AD1955)
  46. Linear Supply for DCX2496 issue
  47. DAC DIR9001+TDA1541A / Gigaworks Crystal DAC
  48. PCM1798 - looking for advice on cheap and simple I/U
  49. Upgrading a "mocha JY-M2" multi channel DAC?
  50. diy DAC END 2 project
  51. Distortion with Buffalo dac please heelp.
  52. DSP Xover project
  53. Weird Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter Behavior
  54. Balanced AES/EBU (SPDIF) input circuit (to DIR9001)
  55. SPDIF splitter, two HiFaces or other options?
  56. Is this cristal clock schematic would have a low jitter ?
  57. Behringer dcx2496 tutorial?
  58. Building DAC with CS4397 and FETishizator
  59. Audionite DAC-ZERO transformer
  60. Basics on transformer-coupling dacs ?
  61. Looking for output stage for Opus DAC
  62. Classic Philips CDPs with newer DAC and SRC ICs
  63. Ciuffoli's Dac End 2 comparison and sound quality
  64. Suggest an active crossover for me please.
  65. Yet Another Crystal DAC with Lundahl Outputs
  66. Weak Output
  67. Jukka Tolonen JT DAC 3
  68. DAC gallery
  69. Confusion on home made buffer, one channel clear, two channel not?
  70. looking for a SM5872BS
  71. Inquiring about ready-made dac minus the input part
  72. looking for a Digital Attenuation for I2S
  73. Native 24bit 96k USB to Spdif I2S Converter Module DAC
  74. Old (2004) ,defunct diyaudiocraft 6C45/6Dj8 output stage schematic needed
  75. Which oversampling digital filters chips do work with the CS8414 and TDA1541A ?
  76. External clock but no sound improvement :(
  77. About an TDA1541A oversampling dac schematic.
  78. Valab external dac will work with my nos dac?
  79. CS8412 reclocking - no sound
  80. Enthusiast PCM2902
  81. Multi-DAC: Lynx AES16 -> DIR9001/SRC4392 (-> SRC4192) -> PCM1794A
  82. Analogue output sustituted by transformer
  83. MiniDSP, MiniDIGI, MiniAMP 2.1 Setup
  84. Gigaworks DAC R-core Wiring?
  85. Pink Triangle Ordinal repair
  86. DCX2496 "extra" settings to improve XO designed with it?
  87. 1204USB as front end to DCX2496 (+ double duty for speaker measurement preamp)?
  88. Expensive USB cable worth it?
  89. Swissonic EASY firewire
  90. xbox 360 compatible diy DAC?
  91. PC input on my old 4xtda1541
  92. 2x TDA1541. noise quesion
  93. Buffalo II audio dropouts SPDIF/I2S noise ground problem
  94. I just received my Wolfson 4.0 BIY DAC :)
  95. Tweaking a DAC with CS8420 and CS4397
  96. Sample rate display
  97. S/PDIF input transformer
  98. Proceed DAP replace caps?
  99. SPDIF interface
  100. Sources for 3.5 mm (1/8 in) TRS jack with optical S/PDIF output
  101. Opinions on DIY DAC vs outdated high-end DD/DTS processor
  102. Need ground advice on a DAC with tube output
  103. Volume control using PCM1792A (digital) or WM8816 (analog)?
  104. cs8416 + pcm56p
  105. birthday DAC...
  106. New USB 2.0 192 Khz 24 bit controller chip....
  107. Should I Consider an Outboard DAC?
  108. Capture 3x (6 ch) I2S or S/PDIF
  109. CS8420 SPDIF grounding question
  110. Capacitorless PSU
  111. Help me decide which of these 2 TDA1541 based DAC kits to buy.
  112. 4 x TDA1543 parallel dac schematic
  113. Theory about DACs
  114. How can we connect the CS8414 to the CXD1244
  115. Why does this DAC have 2 crystals?
  116. KingRex UD-01 USB DAC - Anyone?
  117. Digital Audio Signal Generator
  118. Fitting CS4398 board with AK4396 chip
  119. Muting transistors and dc-coupling
  120. Please help with I2S
  121. Gigawork Upsampling DAC w USB
  122. Best DIY preamp
  123. Help! Need Circuit details of TEAC/ESOTERIC DAC D-500
  124. Newb DIY DAC kit questions
  125. Differences between old Audio Note DAC1 and DAC3
  126. My MiniDSP setup
  127. diy tacT ambiophonic processor on the cheap. Can it be done?
  128. Problem with LM3916 dotmode..
  129. diy tascam TDIF to AES/EBU conventer?
  130. IO Expander for TP Metronome
  131. Parallel TDA1541 bit error reducing formula
  132. I2S standards from PS Audio
  133. New Small DIY Gigawork Dac?
  134. SAA7220 + TDA1541A to Kenwood DP-5090, can somebody help?
  135. SAA7220 + TDA1541A to Kenwood DP-5090, can somebody help?
  136. Hypex DSP module(s)
  137. "Piggybacked" PCM1704
  138. Volumite for Buffalo II?
  139. Firewire module receiver for DAC
  140. Whats the purpose of Rfb here ?
  141. USB power
  142. LC vs RC filter on DAC output
  143. blown cs4397, next step?
  144. Question - DCX crossover alignment
  145. Hi-jack surround receiver DSP
  146. Wolfson WM8741 Evaluation Board
  147. Got a prepro receiver you like?
  148. Dcx2496 & bsc
  149. XO analysis
  150. Another go @ choosing the right DIY DAC
  151. F'd up my DCX2496
  152. DCX2496 digital input pins?
  153. Please help DIR9001 and AD1866
  154. help with M-audio Fastrack USB
  155. Tas3108
  156. TDA1543 power consumption
  157. AD1865-based dac schematic
  158. PCM1791A - what OpAmp's?
  159. op-amps
  160. Oscillators- help
  161. How to get the I2S Signals from Chaintech/ AV710 Revolution / M Audio / iPod?
  162. A musical DAC please!!!
  163. Question for any digital experts about my DVD player and its PMD-100
  164. newbie question-external clock input...
  165. DCX2496 2channel output possible?
  166. Assemblage DAC3.1 Manual
  167. DAC Using DSD-1794A
  168. Two Busted Rotel RCD-855s to Become One Working Player
  169. How to read J-test measurements
  170. Yet Another - I want To Make a DAC
  171. Please advise: Behringer DEQ2496 with microphone hum
  172. PSU for diy DAC...
  173. My Complete Solution DAC, RFC
  174. List of DACs Under $450
  175. Anyone tried this 8xTDA1543 tube DAC on eBay?
  176. Hdmi to rca
  177. iTunes/computer feeding an external DAC: The Equalizer
  178. Connecting Mac G4 laptop to Theta DSPro GEN III DAC
  179. USB-S/PDIF converter and DAC
  180. Best known configuration with berhinger DCX2496
  181. spdif digital out
  182. Output level of TDA1545
  183. The CYP AU-D3 Digital to Analogue Converter
  184. Bang & Olufson CD 7000 TDA1541A - NOS mod help
  185. dual ISOMAGIC - how is it possible
  186. Is this a silly question?
  187. STA-310 Home Theater Surround Sound System
  188. Non powered mics > soundcard for FR testing?
  189. Schematics for Apogee DA-1000-20
  190. Open Source DAC R&D Project
  191. LF - CS3310 Digital Volume Control
  192. IsoMagic fault - distortion
  193. AK4358 alternative? Need an 8ch USB or firewire DAC
  194. Good mic for DCX2496 autothingy?
  195. Q about Signal Processing
  196. DCX2496 PSU mod.
  197. Diy modifications Oppo 83SE Blu Ray player
  198. New??? Dac NOS X8 with Tube output
  199. Equalizer center bins & delivering digital signals
  200. Behringer DCX 24/96 Input Transformer
  201. Anybody tried this DAC? TDA1543 x 4 4.0
  202. Spdif > aes
  203. DCX2496 TL-0137 X1 transformer? (SPDIF IN)
  204. Netbook input levels (for EKG)
  205. DD/DTS Decoding
  206. AKM 4393 vs. AKM 4396 why bother?
  207. Selecting a DC blocking capacitor
  208. REQ: DCX2496 firmware dump
  209. Copper tape atop IC's?
  210. Replacment for CS8420 in DCX?
  211. has anyone experience using one of those Chinese DAC kits from Ebay?
  212. DAC that will drive headphones directly
  213. USB sample rate limitations
  214. Designing an External DAC
  215. Problem with WM8501 datasheet
  216. My take to the "Reference" TDA1541A DAC with I2S-BUS architecture
  217. USB input for DAC
  218. Recommend a portable USB DAC?
  219. Preamp & DAC project
  220. USB & Metronome PS up-grade
  221. Parallel TDA1543 + DIR9001 DACs
  222. HOWTO multiple SPDIF to single dac..
  223. 33 ohms series termination
  224. USB Async chip?
  225. Very much the Schematic on LITE DAC-60-60 is required
  226. 2xTDA1541A + DIR9001 best dac
  227. NOS Nakamichi DAC-101 2X TDA1541A-S1
  228. Chinese DAC-AH new modifications
  229. Best I/V for multiple tda1541a, no tube no transformer
  230. CS4398 gives squarewave only
  231. Any experience on Piggyback TDA1541A I/V dac's ?
  232. My PCM17024 DAC
  233. I2S ADC interfacing with DSP Processor
  234. Help with controling a PCM1792
  235. Connecting a DIR9001 or a CS8414 to the MN6618A
  236. Two lines out implemention question.
  237. TI's TAS3208EVM-LC using external ps?
  238. (need a DAC)..macbook user taking the first step into Hi-Rez
  239. help w/ transformer I/V
  240. Tubed CCDA I/V Amp for TDA1541(A)
  241. i2s from parport and/or PCI
  242. WM8740 expert? (e.g. Russ W?)
  243. Book on digital front end
  244. Optical splitter... used as a combiner :)
  245. Why everybody in digtal line level is building dacs
  246. Noise in ADC
  247. Any experience with this ebay-dac-kit?(searching a diy-dac)
  248. Digital source switching
  249. DAC approaches for high-res
  250. Gamma-1 DAC build thread

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