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  1. Build thread for Diyinhk ES9018 DAC on Ebay
  2. Why worry about the digital source?
  3. Studio Grand DAX
  4. DAC TDA 1549
  5. Hot regulator
  6. Want to build SPDIF-to-line DAC for computer, where do I start?
  7. SPDIF receivers - internal architecture
  8. Help finding schematic for Rane 26Z and/or RPM 88
  9. How to Un-Brick a DCX2496
  10. Anywone worked with the 24LC08B eeprom?
  11. I don't feel like giving the chinese more money, can I pull the pcb out of my cd-65?
  12. Buffalo III Simple Output Stage Help?
  13. "Zen I / V Converter / buffer b1" make dac/preamp
  14. AD1865 schematic
  15. From CD Player to DAC
  16. Needing help about chineese clone DAC
  17. Cant find info on interfacing CS8412 to TDA1541 NON-A NON-S NOS
  18. Trying to understand how my DAC works. Output stage on a Schiit BiFrost
  19. miniDSP 4x10 Hd sounds really good!
  20. not typical Audio DAC-IC's for Top Class Audio Applications
  21. Help with troubleshooting this DAC
  22. My new miniDSP 2x4
  23. Connect XMOS ref. XS1-L1 to ES9018 Evaluation Board
  24. camelot arthur dac 20 years old
  25. Gain problem of DSD input to WM8741 DAC
  26. Which DAC chip is used in FiiO D03K?
  27. I would like to build a DAC
  28. I2S : FS and LR
  29. Op Amp Stacking - Sharp LA6520
  30. HiFimeDIY 9023 + CS8416 COAX and OPTICAL input
  31. IV output stage volume control
  32. MiniDSP OpenDRC
  33. SJ-588 USB audio device
  34. NOS DAC, 50hz filter and subwoofer
  35. wiring chinese r-core for mains
  36. PSU upgrade for DAC Magic Plus
  37. To DEQX HDP-3 owners: Photo of digital output board needed
  38. Recommended DIY Music Streamer
  39. Brainstorming over different methods to convert op of TDA1543's
  40. new here looking for my first dac
  41. ODAC causing iTunes to crash
  42. A NOS 192/24 DAC with the PCM1794 (and WaveIO USB input)
  43. Need a good Sound Processor.
  44. 384Khz DAC on Taobao
  45. i2s cable/wire type
  46. Help with Behringer DEQ2496
  47. TEAC P30
  48. Digital, but not by the numbers
  49. Confused noob: Need a USB DAC
  50. M-Audio Transit =>>I2S =>> PCM1794
  51. any experience with this ES9023 DAC kit?
  52. Latest and greatest SPDIF to I2S converters?
  53. DAC ES9018 Evaluation Board / No Output
  54. Hacking auto-radio spdif input (need help)
  55. AD5543 dac
  56. Music Hall 25.3 Modification Service recommendation?
  57. LPC3130 for asynchronous USB to I2S
  58. Modifying the Russian TDA1543 DAC off eBay.
  59. Behringer DEQ 2496 input gain
  60. MINI DSP Stopped working: no output who can help
  61. DAC IV and buffer, need your contribution
  62. DCX2496 locked up
  63. Any opinions about the SM5871A DAC ?
  64. Looking for I2S -> USB converter
  65. Questions about a IV amp circuit
  66. Dolby Legality
  67. active filter frequency fc and phase relationship
  68. Battery Power - USB DAC (Dragonfly)
  69. funny jitter video
  70. Help a newbie understand digital glue
  71. PLLXO input impedance when doubling amps?
  72. ES9018 I2C controller
  73. S/PDIF monitoring / display tool?
  74. Grant Fidelity Tube Dac 11 as pre amplifier
  75. 6 ch dac with remote using pt2322 pt2358
  76. $43000 "hi-end" DAC vs $50 consumer audio dac ?
  77. Feedback about DSIX SPDIF Digital Signal Isolation Exciter for DAC fron eBay?
  78. Balanced SPDIF DAC with a JFET output stage
  79. Convert HDMI audio signal to 5.1 analog audio
  80. Alternative to Ultimate Equaliser?
  81. High end all digital dsp crossover ?
  82. Analogue to Digital Conversion
  83. WM8805 doesn't work with TDA1543 in hardware mode?
  84. What best value PSU for WaveIO USB=>SPDIF board
  85. Drive NOS AD1865/62,PCM1704/02/63,TDA1541 from FIFO: Universal I2S-PCM driver board
  86. very budget USB DAC w/ line out
  87. bulding coaxial cable avice
  88. 8 channel Analog to Digital ADC converter
  89. XEN AK4430 DAC Module with I2S Input
  90. Bragi, an Asynchronous ES9023 DAC with isolated I2S Input and Alps RK27 Volume pot
  91. DCX2496 Problem: no "SUM" output to subwoofer
  92. Dac's for use with the Ncore Amps
  93. Help buying dac kit
  94. Cyrus Audio DACX + alternaives / upgrades
  95. Behringer DEQ2496 - Digital Out
  96. IR Receiver Issue
  97. Sanyo MN6474 vs PCM1798
  98. Help me pick a DAC kit
  99. AK4399 123dB 32Bit DAC
  100. DAC
  101. Hifimediy ES9023+TE7022 24/96 USB Dac
  102. Internal mains wiring for 230V of PS Audio Digital Link III
  103. Te7022 Ebay board+PCM5102+Alps RK27
  104. m2tech hiface 2 no sound help
  105. Theta Digital DSPRO Gen V?
  106. I/V Stage for Raindrop_hui's DAC
  107. I/V- stage trannies
  108. Replacement for Marantz CD-94 Remote Controller
  109. Linn Numerik Muting after playing a while
  110. E-mu 0404 problem
  111. ADC for DEQ2496 input
  112. Digital crossover for 3-way speakers
  113. Current State of Available DSD DACs
  114. opinions on m-audio fast track mkII ?
  115. How much of bottleneck is DCX2496?
  116. Aleph P clone as I/V
  117. emu 0204 with ecm8000 problem
  118. PCM1704 dirty output
  119. iDFT-based XOs (FIR)
  120. anti-sin(x)/(x) for NOS DAC via software parametric equalizer
  121. looking for USB/SPDIF DAC with volume control
  122. New DIY DAC to replace my DacMagic
  123. Variable digital delay inside DAC?
  124. DIY DAC....is this any good
  125. Re-clock application question
  126. Where to get started?
  127. getting the most of out ak4396
  128. NOS Dac filters
  129. DAC transformer hot
  130. DIY Cambrige DAC Magic
  131. Anyone with PCM61P+SM5840BP schematic?
  132. CS8406 problem
  133. I Need a digital x-over with digital i/o
  134. ES9018 - I2C interface
  135. Having a little trouble with new DAC setup
  136. Multichannel DAC
  137. Digital line level for output to amplifier
  138. Digital source, receiver and DAC for preamp
  139. DFT standards
  140. IIR-based crossover: no thanks!
  141. Is it real?
  142. BIII with Broskie Unbalancer vs. EE Minimax Plus - My experience
  143. Bare hookup wire vs insulated
  144. Powersupply Behringer DCX2496
  145. Which DAC for 1.5 to 2v into tube stage?
  146. Choosing op amps for Essence STX I/V stage
  147. 4 different ways to obtain a "pure digital DSP"
  148. Schematic for Xiang Sheng Tube DAC Model "DAC-01A" wanted
  149. WM Player doesn't play Falc after connecting FIIO DAC!!
  150. PCM1704 sidebands around harmonics
  151. Diy CD Transport + dac
  152. PWM used in NAD M51 vs. DSD?
  153. DIY work, CS8416 + WM8740 x2, Balance + single-ended
  154. wm8804 jitter
  155. Improving the ES9023 SPDIF DAC
  156. Overheated DAC from eBay
  157. Digital Pre-Amp Build Help Request
  158. Rockford 3sixty.2 help needed
  159. mod job for a emu 1212m PCI-E card
  160. conversion of usb input to spdif
  161. Audio transformer brand
  162. Adding volume control to DAC
  163. Retro fitting a USB DAC into a pre-amp
  164. Chinese with DIR9001 USB chip
  165. I don't want to bin this CD player
  166. Python Open Room Correction (PORC)
  167. Audionote DAC1 with YM3623 & PCM63
  168. DSP Xover project (part 2)
  169. Help needed building a DAC
  170. Which Musiland Dac to buy/Ease of Mods
  171. emu 0404 output gone......
  172. AudioQuest Dragonfly DAC
  173. ADA4637 Opamp IV Stage Simulation - PCM1794 (some help and wisdom needed)
  174. Musical Fidelity V-DAC2 - opamp comaptibility
  175. Stock Behringer as DAC - DCX or DEQ ?
  176. looking for DAC
  177. DSPeaker
  178. ES9023 pcb on ebay
  179. WM8761 any good?
  180. hacking a ADC: adding a digital aux input
  181. SCR2496 LOCK ERROR
  182. SPDIF/AES to USB or Firewire "unit"?
  183. OpAmps for DACs
  184. tda1543 (and similar) stacking/piggibacking and (no) power decoupling caps ?
  185. Anyone "regenerated" USB power line ?
  186. TDA1543 NOS DAC-V4.5 - 24 bits ?!
  187. True (in digital sense) 24 bit assembled USB DAC ?
  188. BEHRINGER UCA202 RCA output coupling cap mod ??
  189. Buffer board for Alien's USB DAC fits into Hammond 1455C8xx
  190. HLLY DIY DAC ... is it any good ?
  191. lack of Behringer AES8024 option
  192. XLR attenuation on SRC2496
  193. PCM2704 external ROM
  194. TDA1543 Nos dac chips - where to buy?
  195. Washburn WD-700 Digital delay
  196. Digital buffer inverted or non-inverted
  197. Inexpensive I2S adaptor anywhere?
  198. DAC With No Output Stage
  199. spdif to rca
  200. Anyone have some info on the UltraAnalog DEMO 1 Board?
  201. DIY Valve DAC Help!
  202. USB DAC advice (build into preamp)
  203. ezDAC site back up after long hiatus
  204. DIY DAC PCM1796 : Sampling frequency
  205. PCM2707 Line-Out schematic
  206. Do DAC's emit much RFI?
  207. Yet another active crossover
  208. ES9012 & ES9018 I2S input = half level analog output?
  209. Build Thread for TPA BIII + Ian Async I2S FIFO + OPC NTD1 + Salas SSLV
  210. Redbook CD/SPDIF clock tolerance spec ?
  211. Plastic Optical Fiber bandwidth spec ?
  212. 8x TDA1543 & WM8805 DAC on Taobao (on Ebay soon ? )
  213. Russian 1543 dac pcb on ebay
  214. Pass Labs XVR-1 vs. DEQX HDP-3
  215. technics sh-ac300 worth it?
  216. Muse Model 2
  217. simple discrete dac output stage anyone?
  218. Output impedance of a DAC analog stage
  219. Alpine H800 sound processor
  220. New Mac Mini's Internal DAC
  221. Buffalo DAC Building Plan
  222. I2S and digital signal path - in-line resistors?
  223. eBay DAC kit
  224. USB Converters
  225. Counting digital pulses and resetting
  226. How to break possible HDMI ground loops
  227. Calculating LPF Fc for Generic Filter
  228. Dac Help, WM8805 + CS8421 + Dual mono PCM1794
  229. convert Behringer 8024 to 9024
  230. Is this supply modulated jitter ?
  231. New or old?
  232. Twenty bucks for a complete DAC solution? How good could it sound?
  233. Adding Lip Sync to Bluray player - possible ?
  234. how to make pcm1704x4 to output balanced signal?
  235. USB Output (i2s?)
  236. Universal 1ppm CD clock + SPDIF isolator low jitter
  237. CS4398 capacitor vs. op-amp out
  238. Tell me about USB DAC's
  239. Atomic clock oscillator anyone?
  240. Is there a DIY/high end 5.1 DAC like this?
  241. DAC: CS4398 with CS8416+CM102s
  242. Is there a DIY ADC project?
  243. ESS 9023 digital inputs...
  244. Digital Audio Delay - Lip Sync Issues
  245. I need service manual for Victor XP-DA1000K2.
  246. A DAC that blows away a Rega Apollo
  247. USB to PCM1795 32bit DAC
  248. digital designs
  249. Please Help, Apogee duet, Audio Jack how to disassemble to fix
  250. PCM1794A tube-output DAC.... 4 chips detroyed

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