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  1. Low-Pass filter on ESS9018 in v-out mode - help needed
  2. Kinergetics Research KCD55 Ultra DAC
  3. Using diamond transistors for balanced > se conversion
  4. about DoP and SR conversion
  5. Dragonfly upgrade or modifications
  6. Behringer USB powered DACs
  7. New DAC-Kit
  8. TDA 1541 Kit
  9. Open-source Audio DSP shield
  10. Passive IV PCM1794A gain & bal to se circuit help needed
  11. WM8741 opus dac to BA/SE LTR110Transformer Output Stage
  12. Android Digital Music Output?
  13. What is the most transparent EQ I can build?
  14. Multiple parrallel PCM1704 per channel
  15. Using boost DCDC in DACs
  16. Tda1541 single chip dac
  17. Delivery Source wanted for this Cinch female Connectors in special Outline
  18. HTPC HDMI Multichannel LPCM -> Digital XO
  19. My second try on digital side
  20. Connecting two I2S sources to one DAC - How to switch, what to do with the MCK lines?
  21. IIR cascaded with pseudo-inverse IIR, is phase also restored?
  22. Best active crossover - 2 in 4 out?
  23. I2S with Behringer Ultramatch SRC2496
  24. I2S - sources and sinks
  25. SPDIF 5.1 compatible transmitter
  26. IIR_Lab mini : a design help for digital audio filters
  27. DSP for the Raspberry Pi
  28. Build thread - building the Subbu DAC V3 SE
  29. What is the best complete DAC with TOSLINK for <$200?
  30. USB I2S 384khz E9023
  31. can schiit modi be forced in usb audio class2
  32. I2S line termination on dual mono DAC - 4 or 8 resistors?
  33. Transformer-coupled differential JFet I/V circuit
  34. ad1955 vs wm8740
  35. Using a phono preamp instead of an op-amp
  36. es9023 differential/parallel
  37. Using Microcontroller to control sections in amp
  38. Project: Universal multichannel USB Audio 2.0
  39. USB > i2s for use with a mini-dsp
  40. Dual WM8741 DAC with bluetooth from China
  41. Looking for a new dac+preamp
  42. Looking for a inexpensive async USB to SPDIF converter
  43. Audison Bit Ten Phone issues
  44. EEPROM equivalent for DCX2496
  45. Which USB to I2S XMOS interface?
  46. Different Dac chips sound characteristics - consensus?
  47. USB Audio on a PIC32 processor and a PCM1796
  48. Newclassd Dac
  49. Best approach
  50. Russ andrews dac 1 vs Headroom Portable Desktop amp
  51. pcm1704 wiring to Lundahl1674
  52. DRC & Active Xover with non calibrated ECM-8000 ?
  53. Dacmagic Clarification
  54. CS8416 - pin 20 issue
  55. New Hifimediy ES9023 DAC with I2S board
  56. Home theater digital source with Multiple I2S outs from tweaked integrated amplifier
  57. Decompensated opamp oscillating? Fried opamps? PCM1794 IV Stage
  58. TDA 1543 x 4 schematic question
  59. looking for usb to I2S INPUT solution
  60. Help modding the Xiang Sheng DAC-01A
  61. Looking for a Realtek board or kit
  62. Xover with software : Async DSP or Sync PC ?
  63. Starting for soldering my DAC 24bit 96kHz PCM 1704 K
  64. Sony DAS-702ES DAC repair
  65. miniDSP/miniDIGI/miniAMP noise problem
  66. professional converter for 4-way speakers
  67. Multibit DAC core boards coupled with I2S-PCM driver board
  68. Mhdt Havana DAC equipment platform upgrade
  69. Car Audio, USB DAC recommendation <$150
  70. Transformer selection for DAC
  71. The best conditions for TP Buffalo IIISE
  72. Recommendations For 75 Ohm Digital Wire
  73. audioengine d1 dac
  74. Recommend cost effective DAC with 3 inputs
  75. My new Buffalo IIISE dac needs the best!
  76. DSP Xover Najda Panels
  77. miniDSP 4x10 Hd - Should I be looking at anything else?
  79. Help with converting Micromega T-Dac from 220V to 110V
  80. TE7022l vs CM6631a
  81. Would this crossover scheme work?
  82. DIY USB audio interface!
  83. PCM2707 to Pavouk AD1865 I2S DAC ...it will work?
  84. Best DAC for the price?
  85. DCX2496 Fried circuit board?
  86. Modding a modi... Oh Schiit..
  87. Budget USB DAC for £40 / $60
  88. CS8412 Input Signal Level
  90. TDA1543 issue, hi-freq hum, lots of heat no sound
  91. Group Delay in Sample Rate Converters
  92. Nice little opamp circuit for I/V stage
  93. hi
  94. threshold dac1 e modded battery?
  95. Simple dac kit to assemble
  96. Home made DSP / FPGA digital audio mixer
  97. DAC to use for 24/96 at most
  98. Audio Note Dac 4.1 Kit
  99. my DAC PCM1794
  100. please critique my pcb
  101. Help identifying source bit depth and sample rate
  102. differential i/v converter for r2r dacs?
  103. XMOS direct drive PCM1704, PCM56, PCM63 and others for NOS mode or PC oversampling
  104. I2S slave mode w/o master clock to S/PDIF
  105. PCM2902 LPF question
  106. Question regarding DAC output filter opamps
  107. TP30 DAC line out modification?
  108. Recapping the M2Tech Young dac..advice on caps please?
  109. DAC + Tube Amp kit help
  110. JEDAC - yet another take on a DIY high-end USB Audio DAC
  111. Cheapest PCM1704U-K DAC alternatives?
  112. USB 2.0 DIY cable question
  113. Simulating the PCM1794
  114. Help designing PCM1794 IV Stage
  115. PCM2707, I2S output and ALSA
  116. DAC and digital volume level mystery
  117. Diyinhk ES9023 $20 on Ebay
  118. Absolute Polarity Switch Parasound DAC 1500
  119. Absolute Polarity Switch Parasound DAC 1500
  120. digital components on solderless breadboard - possible?
  121. ODAC overdriving my O2? (6Vpp)
  122. Single supply op amp buffer - deriving bias voltage?
  123. Calculation of Digital Bi-quad Filter Coefficients
  124. Anyone modded an Arcam block box 500?
  125. Replace digital audio processors with a digital equalizer
  126. PCM1798 output voltage?
  127. ASRC with H/W control and SPDIF RX & TX: anything out there?
  128. Please help for my blowed output stage aragon d2a
  129. Dacmagic upgrades
  130. Schematic for Cambridge Audio DAC3 with TDA 1541
  131. New 3xSPDIF PC output setup required...
  132. Calculating LP filter values for TDA1541A
  133. What makes an R-2R DAC nonmonotonic?
  134. AD1862 digital supply voltage
  135. Current differential to voltage line level from PCM1794 et al
  136. DAC with De-Emphasis!
  137. Nakamichi OMS 5A mkII DAC board uses
  138. Analog solution for E-MU 1212m without its analog board
  139. Codec Clock Sync for Testing Circuits
  140. minix neo x5
  141. DAC for 2 outputs?
  142. Digital Crossover/DSP for active speaker with analog and digital input?
  143. Just wanna point out a new 6-way DSP on the market
  144. Affordable I2S DACs?
  145. Tda1541 Sony board- grounding
  146. teac ud h01
  147. Arcam CD192-like DAC - is it worth buliding it?
  148. Havana dac, is 24bit/96Kh input capacity a problem?
  149. Best setup for lower jitter?
  150. ES9018, DSD to PCM or NOT ? Why?
  151. Perpetual Technologies P-1A
  152. USB DAC project with PCM2707 and PCM1794, some feedback wanted
  153. Inexpensive DAC for Raspberry Pi streamer (Airport Express knockoff)
  154. DAC PCB layout - TI's DSD1794A
  155. Najda Vs miniDSP 2x8
  156. China ES9018 4 layer PCB kit
  157. DIY DAC Recommendations
  158. PCM5102 DAC noise issue
  159. DCX2496 Upgrade Board - Objectively Tackling the Improvement of a Stock DCX2496
  160. What logic IC series are the best for DACs
  161. Bit clock for the CS8416 in the 24 bit slave modes question
  162. DisplayPort to DAC?
  163. How can we interface the PCM4202 with a SD card to record wav file on a SD card ?
  164. Help Needed to Read Filter Chip (YM3414) Datasheet
  165. Inserting a decent DAC chip in a Sony CDP397 player
  166. Dacmagic constant loud noise
  167. Problem with WM8742 at 96khz
  168. S/PDIF to analogue
  169. Preamplifier Digital Input
  170. Please enlighten me - D/A discussion
  171. Suggestions for superb SMD decoupling capacitors?
  172. Es9023 layout/routing idea
  173. DIY ES9018 Hi-end USB DAC
  174. How do you reduce jitter with DSD?
  175. Another USB to I2S
  176. Cascade acoustic/electrical filters.
  177. I2S problems
  178. 50Mhz XO vs. 49.152Mhz XO?
  179. DCX 2496 4 way Daisy Chain and time delay settings
  180. Denon AVP-A1HDA: disappointment
  181. DCX as EQ for each driver, REW # BANDS Limited
  182. Trying to build a DAC, very very confused
  183. Unique question-Which DIY DAC to get?! LOL
  184. TXC Oscillator
  185. I need your help to build a DAC for myself - WM8804, 2*WM8741, 2*AD797
  186. Suggestions for Live Audio DAC IC
  187. 96 Khz with DCX
  188. Maximum playable analog frequency using 192 kHz DAC?
  189. NOS DAC with tube buffer output
  190. Rane RPM 44
  191. miniDSP DAC & I2S
  192. USB/SPdif/i2s receiver and DAC
  193. Too many DIY choices, advice appreciated.
  194. ADC to IP and IP to DAC
  195. Balanced from WM8741 to PP tube amp
  196. Non Linear Volume
  197. TEAC DSH01 experience?
  198. diagnosing cs8412 saa7220 combo
  199. Digital Volume Controls, Jitter
  200. Pushing the limits of TDA1543 - Shunt Regulator
  201. Filtering Specific Audio
  202. Looking for an excellent line stage for TPA Opus DAC
  203. Help needed: DAC output switch between power amp and headamp
  204. Newbie wants to build all-in-one streaming unit
  205. Problem with CS4398 in software mode
  206. ES9018 I/V + Differential
  207. ES9023 + LM4766 DAC AMP KIT
  208. DCX2496 no power up?
  209. USB to SPDIF or I2S convertor
  210. Hifimediy ES9023+TE7022 24/96 USB Dac -> I2S
  211. Minidigi vs Twisted Pear Metronome vs?
  212. low pass filter for DSD
  213. CS4398
  214. Ian I2S FIFO, QA660, Audio Widget USB, DDDAC NOS 1794 and more
  215. Budget DAC
  216. $250 DAC recommendation please
  217. I need a (cheap) digital preamp
  218. TDA 1545a confusion
  219. TeraDak v2.5 (USB DAC) started to be ver noisy - looking for rootcause
  220. low jitter crystal oscillator IC beta tester needed.
  221. Wolfson DAC kit from China ?
  222. Can anyone say what this is all about????
  223. Najda builds - resource list
  224. Cheapest top dac?
  225. Musical Fidelity X-Act fault - LC78835 - help!
  226. Sourcing Sanyo LC7881 via I2S
  227. USB A to B cable shield connection, how?
  228. pcm1794a DAC Mute function
  229. Beaglebone phone quality audio, how to?
  230. Any hifimediy UA23+ DAC mods ?
  231. cheapest es9018 kit yet?
  232. Double post - please delete
  233. Recommended WM8741 DAC?
  235. Upsampling DAC WM8741+DIR9001+CS8421
  236. WM8805 Software & S/PDIF mode - 96kHz Problems
  237. WM8741 internal analog filter order?
  238. Anyone seen this?
  239. DCX2496 XO phase response oddities
  240. Valab TDA1543 Half death....
  241. USB ADC-DAC Project wanted
  242. how does digital coax produce stereo?
  243. Modding USB cable to power DAC with external PSU
  244. R2R vs delta-sigma chips or vintage CDPs vs modern DACs
  245. DIT4192 Q-Channel Subcode
  246. Preamp DIY PGA2311
  247. PCM1795 replace PCM1704U - mißprint or not ??
  248. Feeding a nonos pcm1704 DAC
  249. DEQ
  250. Active crossovers vs. DSP

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