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  1. Help with grounding (connect the black dots)
  2. What modules from Twisted Pear will satisfy my needs?
  3. Need Serious Help
  4. The sound of Crystal 4328 Dac
  5. AK4396 output impedance
  6. Lampizator dac from China
  7. Equalizer 31Band for Windows
  8. Behringer DCX2496 NEW MODEL, Any difference ???
  9. Do I need a DAC and how much should I spend?
  10. W4S Dac 2
  11. 7.1 Digital to Analog convertor for Home Theater
  12. PCM1794a I/V and MFB LPF
  13. DAC output attenuation advice
  14. spread trace in TDA1543
  15. Oscillator for Hifimediy ES9023 I2S DAC
  16. Power Supply for PGA2310 project
  17. If you use the SPDIF/coax output of your DAC, and plug into the SPDIF/coax input of
  18. Swap opamps in TDA1541 output stage?
  19. Ordering an ESS9018 fully assembled & ready to use dac . . . from taobao
  20. anyone tried to tweak the Schiit Loki DAC?
  21. If a DAC asks for a 7v - 9V power supply, should I used a 9v 2000 mA power supply, or
  22. Building USB I2S Converter For TDA1541 DAC
  23. Just purchased a DIY DAC from China, can you please link me to the drivers?
  24. Help with DAC mods request
  25. 1543 8x
  26. Yamaha D1030 150 ohm question
  27. USB isolator with shunt regulator
  28. Multitrack Live Recorder "Project"
  29. Adding Pre/In Out Section to DFA888
  30. Multi channel wireless transfer
  31. DIY DAC better than the Profire 2626?
  32. Need advice on a small DSD DAC experimentation platform.
  33. Jitter
  34. Current state of wireless audio
  35. Any experience with this ebay DAC kit?
  36. My DSP/DAC Build
  37. Which $100 ES9023 ready made DAC with Optical Input?
  38. Anyone tried this...
  39. Need your help with a DAC decision!
  40. SOS help DAC and AUDIO circuit
  41. how many 16 bit R2R ladder dacs needed to make 24 bit?
  42. DAC with pre-amp + Remote
  43. HDCD: Does anyone know how to decode it
  44. config DAC PCM56P with AVR
  45. Can an 1 bit ADC can mask a DAC sound signature ?
  46. For DACs testing and developing
  47. PCM2705C Serial programming interface
  48. CS4398 and DSD format
  49. Why use a DAC
  50. Six channel digital preamp and crossover choices
  51. MF V-DACII S/PDIF Stuttering
  52. MF V-DACII S/PDIF Stuttering
  53. Connecting WM8804 SPDIF to I2S convertor to miniDSP
  54. Dac output impedance?
  55. AK4396 pcb layout check / question on PDN
  56. USB Input Switch
  57. Music & Speech into headphones
  58. Digital or analog signal path for DSP?
  59. 166 VDC on a LF353N Dual JFET?
  60. Woofer signal sampler
  61. Help asked for setting up a "Dual Wire" DAC
  62. Where is beginning the Jitter with a NAS-streamer-DAC System
  63. Heads-up: Fianl Edel Q5 production run this week.
  64. tascam UH-7000 or diy dac
  65. Audio master clock distribution for a modular DSP board design
  66. Hifimediy DDX320 opinions: Pure Digital Amps
  67. Where to put attenuator in AN DAC?
  68. upgrading my (cheap) DAC
  69. has anyone heard of this Silhouette DAC and PSU
  70. New DCX ADC
  71. Very high I/V resistor in Sony dataprocessing IC.
  72. Diy DAC for home theatre.
  73. Dual mono DAC and splitting DOR and DOL
  74. Lowering feedback resistor for opamp I/V in ES9018?
  75. CS4328
  76. effect of HF/VHF noise on DAC output
  77. anyone did modification to the HRT musicstreamer 2?
  78. John Kenny's Ciuna charging method
  79. DAC with SPDIF in and SPDIF Out/Passthrough?
  80. Is measuring square wave on spdif cable possible?
  81. Ultra Analog AES-21 Upgrade / Replacement Project
  82. Dac power supply question
  83. Searching for Help regarding multi channel I2S/DAC for 12V
  84. Newbie question
  85. Burn me at the stake! A simple, low-end DAC solution...
  86. DAC parts selection - Do I consider analog as anlaog in the broadest sense?
  87. PCM56P Dac chip question
  88. jitter possible problem?
  89. ISO DAC project since there will be no i2s Subbu v3
  90. PIC32 Audio Equalizer (EQ) Filter Library
  91. Headphone/Line out Selector
  92. Simple DSP X-Over
  93. BUFFALO III for 50% price
  94. PCM1704 - pin10 - Inverted Data
  95. 500 DAC, in search of suggestions
  96. Making a Ac3 converter
  97. Full active home cinema needs DSP
  98. New ES9018 DAC ?
  99. USB to OPTICAL?
  100. ES9018 I2C simple volume control
  101. 2.1 System Integration.....Again
  102. ADC for vinyl
  103. ES9018 outputs digital signal, what wrong ?
  104. DAC vs Analog
  105. Digital Pot
  106. Trinity DAC discussion
  107. A PCM1704 DAC with Xmos USB interface
  108. Simple optical in/out preamp with volume control?
  109. SPDIF DAC
  110. Rotel Rcd 955 digital out can be a digital input ?
  111. ES9023 master clock and related
  112. decide between two DAC. PCM2706 VS SA9023
  113. need advice of TDA1545A DAC
  114. TDA1541+SAA7220+CS8412+NE5534 schematic/circuit anyone ?
  115. DAC/ADC w/ Heaphone amp + Mic Pre-Amp
  116. tda1541 pssr
  117. PCM4309E
  118. Grounding Issue? Not sure
  119. My attempt to Lampization , need some help :)
  120. transformer for full passive 1541 output
  121. SMD PCB design - When to use vias and both sides?
  122. Advice about clock division
  123. Strange DAC spidf effect
  124. HDMI Audio format
  125. SqueezeBox Duett : a sympatic caps tip
  126. MiniDSP 2x8 w/phono pre build pls offer suggestions
  127. DIY volume control open-source project
  128. Sony DWZ-B30GB
  129. SPID/F input bare pcb ?
  130. Looking for advice on DSPs
  131. DEQ2496 problem
  132. DAC driving headphones directly from I/V opamp?
  133. DSP/DAC 2 Channel analog in-out with MCU and LCD Display - any solution
  134. New to stand alone DAC
  135. Hacking digital audio from car stereo
  136. Looking for ADC design with AD1871
  137. How to run DIYINHK DXIO @384K in win7?
  138. OPPO`s HA-1 Headphone amplifier - discussions, upgrading, mods...
  139. So many DAC projects - which to choose for 2014?
  140. USB isolator for asyncron USB to I2S converters
  141. First Project Tried and True Tutorial?
  142. Ultimate multi-channel DAC
  143. CS8412 to EIAJ or I2S
  144. discrete DAC chip versus PWM to generate audio signal
  145. PWM versus DAC chip
  146. ebay XMOS ES9023 DAC Driver
  147. building a Y USB cable - quick question
  148. ad797 vs ? for i/v?
  149. Help with A/D input circuit
  150. 24-bit ADC to 16-bit soundcard input, SB Live 5.1 with PCM1804.
  151. Low-Pass filter on ESS9018 in v-out mode - help needed
  152. Kinergetics Research KCD55 Ultra DAC
  153. Using diamond transistors for balanced > se conversion
  154. about DoP and SR conversion
  155. Dragonfly upgrade or modifications
  156. Behringer USB powered DACs
  157. New DAC-Kit
  158. TDA 1541 Kit
  159. Open-source Audio DSP shield
  160. Passive IV PCM1794A gain & bal to se circuit help needed
  161. WM8741 opus dac to BA/SE LTR110Transformer Output Stage
  162. Android Digital Music Output?
  163. What is the most transparent EQ I can build?
  164. Multiple parrallel PCM1704 per channel
  165. Using boost DCDC in DACs
  166. Modifying the Subbu V3 DAC
  167. Tda1541 single chip dac
  168. Delivery Source wanted for this Cinch female Connectors in special Outline
  169. HTPC HDMI Multichannel LPCM -> Digital XO
  170. My second try on digital side
  171. Connecting two I2S sources to one DAC - How to switch, what to do with the MCK lines?
  172. IIR cascaded with pseudo-inverse IIR, is phase also restored?
  173. Best active crossover - 2 in 4 out?
  174. I2S with Behringer Ultramatch SRC2496
  175. I2S - sources and sinks
  176. SPDIF 5.1 compatible transmitter
  177. IIR_Lab mini : a design help for digital audio filters
  178. DSP for the Raspberry Pi
  179. Build thread - building the Subbu DAC V3 SE
  180. What is the best complete DAC with TOSLINK for <$200?
  181. USB I2S 384khz E9023
  182. can schiit modi be forced in usb audio class2
  183. I2S line termination on dual mono DAC - 4 or 8 resistors?
  184. Transformer-coupled differential JFet I/V circuit
  185. ad1955 vs wm8740
  186. Using a phono preamp instead of an op-amp
  187. es9023 differential/parallel
  188. Using Microcontroller to control sections in amp
  189. Project: Universal multichannel USB Audio 2.0
  190. USB > i2s for use with a mini-dsp
  191. Dual WM8741 DAC with bluetooth from China
  192. Looking for a new dac+preamp
  193. Looking for a inexpensive async USB to SPDIF converter
  194. Audison Bit Ten Phone issues
  195. EEPROM equivalent for DCX2496
  196. Which USB to I2S XMOS interface?
  197. Different Dac chips sound characteristics - consensus?
  198. USB Audio on a PIC32 processor and a PCM1796
  199. Newclassd Dac
  200. Best approach
  201. Russ andrews dac 1 vs Headroom Portable Desktop amp
  202. pcm1704 wiring to Lundahl1674
  203. DRC & Active Xover with non calibrated ECM-8000 ?
  204. Dacmagic Clarification
  205. CS8416 - pin 20 issue
  206. New Hifimediy ES9023 DAC with I2S board
  207. Home theater digital source with Multiple I2S outs from tweaked integrated amplifier
  208. Decompensated opamp oscillating? Fried opamps? PCM1794 IV Stage
  209. TDA 1543 x 4 schematic question
  210. looking for usb to I2S INPUT solution
  211. Help modding the Xiang Sheng DAC-01A
  212. Looking for a Realtek board or kit
  213. Xover with software : Async DSP or Sync PC ?
  214. Starting for soldering my DAC 24bit 96kHz PCM 1704 K
  215. Sony DAS-702ES DAC repair
  216. miniDSP/miniDIGI/miniAMP noise problem
  217. professional converter for 4-way speakers
  218. Multibit DAC core boards coupled with I2S-PCM driver board
  219. Mhdt Havana DAC equipment platform upgrade
  220. Car Audio, USB DAC recommendation <$150
  221. Transformer selection for DAC
  222. The best conditions for TP Buffalo IIISE
  223. Recommendations For 75 Ohm Digital Wire
  224. audioengine d1 dac
  225. Recommend cost effective DAC with 3 inputs
  226. My new Buffalo IIISE dac needs the best!
  227. DSP Xover Najda Panels
  228. miniDSP 4x10 Hd - Should I be looking at anything else?
  229. MAMBO DAC
  230. Help with converting Micromega T-Dac from 220V to 110V
  231. TE7022l vs CM6631a
  232. Would this crossover scheme work?
  233. DIY USB audio interface!
  234. PCM2707 to Pavouk AD1865 I2S DAC ...it will work?
  235. Best DAC for the price?
  236. DCX2496 Fried circuit board?
  237. Modding a modi... Oh Schiit..
  238. Budget USB DAC for 40 / $60
  239. CS8412 Input Signal Level
  241. TDA1543 issue, hi-freq hum, lots of heat no sound
  242. Group Delay in Sample Rate Converters
  243. Nice little opamp circuit for I/V stage
  244. hi
  245. threshold dac1 e modded battery?
  246. Simple dac kit to assemble
  247. Home made DSP / FPGA digital audio mixer
  248. DAC to use for 24/96 at most
  249. Audio Note Dac 4.1 Kit
  250. my DAC PCM1794

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