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  1. Possible tube (almost) phono preamp design
  2. Chromecast Audio + Airplay as analog source: Can I use a Y-splitter?
  3. Preamp + headphone amp total gain
  4. Help with mixer using MCP6271 op amp
  5. Opinions on this passive pre schematic
  6. How to Wire Selector Switch & Vol Control
  7. Volume control: altering gain instead of attenuator? Good or bad?
  8. My first OPamp preamp PCB - few questions.
  9. Buffer the buffered filter?
  10. Op-Amp Circuit Components: Any Ideas About This Circuit Section's Function?
  11. preamp question/buffer scematic with muses 72320
  12. Horrible Freq Resp from my MX110
  13. Input/pass-through switch
  14. Salas DCG3 preamp (line & headphone)
  15. Phase Linear 2000 Pre-amp overhaul
  16. Rotel RTC 850 Problem
  17. Cabre AS45 active crossover
  18. Preamp causing distortion
  19. discrete preamp/gain module recommendation
  20. 1 transistor 3 band tone circuit, will it work?
  21. BPBP starter help
  22. Hi Freq rolloff with ne5532 based unbalancer
  23. Crossover Rebuild Advise
  24. Perreaux SM-2 need help with output transistors
  25. Crossover conversion
  26. Need finding simple high impedance pre-amp to boost signal to Schmitt Trigger circuit
  27. remote volume control
  28. 2SK932 Buffer
  29. Please help with cap orientation.
  30. Single Supply 2-way active XO
  31. Neve 2254/E troubleshooting
  32. Need help with wiring a stepped atteunator
  33. What is the preferred MF X-10D clone?
  34. G.A.S Goliath
  35. Popping noises in Thiel CS3.5 Bass EQ??
  36. The distortion this preamp, is it fake?
  37. Volume Control use Dual 8-BIT/12-BIT DAC - I don't understand how it works
  38. DBX Driverack 4820
  39. Simple & portable mixer with 6 analog inputs
  40. Averaging PGA2320 outputs in mono configuration
  41. volume and tone control at same time
  42. AC coupling and hum question
  43. Butterworth series to Linkwitz-Riley Calculation
  44. CS4398 - Output Stage
  45. Any Discrete CFA Opamp?
  46. Pre-amplifier circuit not working despite attempts to fix it
  47. Where are the DIY cables?
  48. Opamp survey
  49. Article - 2 New and Improved AVC Topologies + Full Pre-Amplifier
  50. Passive vs Direct
  51. Active Crossover... help me wrap my head around this.
  52. Help with VU meter amplification made of an Ampere Meter
  53. Multi-purpose dual op-amp PCB design
  54. Relay volume control and input kit?
  55. Need advise about active crossover routing
  56. Pot Noise
  57. balanced vs. unbalanced
  58. Defective PGA2311 preamp display screen
  59. which preamp kit ?
  60. Volume control - Pass Camp Amp
  61. Preamp between Boozhound phono and ACA amps
  62. A hum problem
  63. Advice on preamp+tone kit or IC for use with ClassD board?
  64. Advice PreAmp <$400
  65. OPA627 Preamp Dynamic Crosstalk Issue
  66. Audio Limiter with JFET Class-A
  67. Preamp problem
  68. Cheap IC-based remote volume control kit
  69. Notch filter in balanced configuration between Amp and Pre Amp
  70. Maya R2R connection advice
  71. Following a Technics SU-9070
  72. Willow II
  73. The THD+N of passive preamps
  74. Investment volume potentiometer
  75. Active filter for fullrange: where do you need op amp buffers?
  76. Advice on Attenuators
  77. effects loop insert for mixer
  78. Battery powered active x-o. To decouple or not to decouple?
  79. Pre-amp amplifier driving capacity
  80. DIY DJ Mixer
  81. 70s Pioneer SR202 spring reverb - power issues
  82. Verify my high pass filter wiring for me?
  83. DIYINHK AD1862 I/U stage suggestions.
  84. Simple remote volume control (controlled through arduino)
  85. Does this passive preamp exist?
  86. Peak to peak
  87. Recommandations for electrolytic capacitors / preamp recap
  88. Will a capacitor high pass filter interfere with BSC circuit?
  89. Anyone know anything about Analog Devices B100?
  90. Capacitors wired in Series vs. Parallel - Please verify my understanding
  91. Signal to chassis ground query
  92. Mark Kelly DC motor controller advice required please
  93. Transformers to buffer PLLXO??
  94. triangle buffer for unbalancing?
  95. where are decoupling capacitors required
  96. Preamplifier recap: voltage values
  97. Simple mixer project (one mic, one line inputs)
  98. Analog combiner vs digital summing?
  99. Balanced or Unbalanced
  100. AK4113 automatic inputs or?
  101. Mark Levinson 380s PreAmp Schematic needed
  102. Moscode Super IT - schematics? power supply?
  103. AES article on the ultimate active crossover
  104. Attachment identification
  105. MiniDSP 4x10 HD Measurements
  106. Volume pot roughness
  107. Distortion in a Tone Control
  108. Remote Control for the BPBP
  109. Looking for standalone VU meter
  110. Logitech Ultimate One Compatible Potentiometer
  111. Ways to sum stereo to mono before the power amplifier?
  112. What's the benefit of a balanced floating line driver anyhow?
  113. Capacitor and Resistor choice for OpAmp line tap
  114. Rotel rsp 976 memory capacitor problem
  115. Triaxial interconnects
  116. 2.1 Channel Preamplifier?
  117. Opamp on battery
  118. single supply buffers
  119. 10kohm series/shunt 23 position resistor attenuator.
  120. Low cost Arduino based total amp control
  121. need advise to optimise my OPamp preamplifier
  122. Filter design
  123. Convert stereo Speaker Level to mono Speaker Level?
  124. Hovland HP100 line pre amp
  125. Neurochrome Differential preamp build
  126. Ribbon cables and audio
  127. Volume pot value
  128. Stereo Coffie 3 Input LDR preamp setting up
  129. parallel opamp?
  130. Advice on troubleshooting TK Audio The Strip - Distorts after ~100sec
  131. Question about LM4562 preamp (SC 08-07)
  132. Chinese sub filter, any good?
  133. EZ1073 build
  134. Arduino CPU for the PGA2311 preamp
  135. how to build a butterworth filter
  136. mercury switched input selector
  137. Cheap Chinese active X-O
  138. Restek Fantasy
  139. Anyone knew this pre
  140. Unusual Balanced audio distribution Question
  141. Potentiometer value
  142. Transforms using Sallen and Key topology
  143. How useful is this DSO 138 scope kit?
  144. What to do with unused opamp pins?
  145. Creating Virtual +/- PSU for Subsonic Filter
  146. Retrofitting Old Preamp with Motorized Volume Control
  147. baxandall differences
  148. LM3914 input selector idea
  149. Need help with "my" Simple LF and HF Shelving Preamp
  150. Problem with low-level hum.
  151. Simple Passive 3 Band EQ with Sweepable Midrange
  152. Personus acp 88
  153. 2 Channel Mixer Circuit
  154. Passive Line Splitter question
  155. Attenuator pad question
  156. Advice on what to use for a proper line level preamp for use with active Xover and EQ
  157. 7193->6BX7 Push-Pull Aikido Preamp
  158. Looking for a schematic for a Presonus ACP88 Compresser limiter
  159. XLR to DIN adapters grounding
  160. Tone Controls (probably unnecessary long)
  161. +4Bu to -10dBv and vice-versa
  162. Dead OCM 55...
  163. Lite Audio MV-01 / MV-06 remote controlled volume/input selector
  164. Passive tone control
  165. Concrete listening review of "his master's noise" Phono Pre?
  166. Riaa expermentation....
  167. Unbalanced RCA > Balanced XLR Pre-Amp
  168. I was Inspired By this Forum
  169. VCA That2180
  170. Belles DMC Preamp Restoration
  171. Standalone Music Streamer / Receiver
  172. NE5534N limitations for balanced input
  173. Programable Active Analogue Crossover
  174. Sony EV-310 Videocorder schematics
  175. Lpad eq
  176. Cambridge audio Azur 840E Schematic, Service Manual
  177. Trying to make a Balanced line input on LM3886 chipamp using ina134. HELPPP!!!
  178. OPA2604 - oscillation problem
  179. breadboard ESD P06 Preamp not amplifying
  180. AD 797 Preamp
  181. Preamp/input frequency response
  182. Mixer inputs
  183. My Borbely All-Fet Preamp with Subbu
  184. inductor output power amp
  185. 2 Questions, Connecting Line Level only sub to Stereo, PC Audio Analyzer Software
  186. NE5532 Harmful oscillation
  187. Instrumentation amplifier
  188. low noise 748 op amp replacement
  189. high pass filter and transformer
  190. Design for balanced tone control
  191. 2 + 1, variable state bi-amping VS steep low pass subwoofer
  192. Is 5m rca lead death
  193. Low pass filter with very less settling time
  194. 2.1 preamp (Struggling)
  195. Help choosing a preamp for a Honey Badger
  196. My Aikido All-in-One octal preamp
  197. Best preamp kit/components?
  198. Another JFET phono preamplifier
  199. Can I make a passive preamp with these?
  200. Book : Small Signal Audio Design - Douglas Self
  201. Type of mic used for IoT voice recognition
  202. Nakamichi 500 as a rec. preamp
  203. Preamp or buffer advice needed
  204. SS analog warmth / tube sound circuit wanted
  205. Line Level Comp and Preamp
  206. Preamp suggestions
  207. Attenuation T-pad after minidsp help
  208. Baby first Opamp Buffer / Preamp
  209. an active LED-LDR volume control featuring in-situ LDR monitoring
  210. Headphone Cue Insert Box
  211. Balanced connection using 3.5mm
  212. Pre amp advice
  213. O2 grounding help
  214. Bridged T filter formulas. Q and bandwidth estimates and other basic formulas
  215. Wireless line level connection
  216. Buffer after 1k pot?
  217. MM/MC Switching
  218. What's wrong w/ my breadboard high pass??
  219. Digitaly controlled input selector advice
  220. Hybrid preamp / Cordell's LSK489 app note
  221. 4-channel gain stage with power supply
  222. Need help adding wireless to my FrankenStereo
  223. Replacement for JRC 4580D
  224. SMT ceramic cap found in critical audio path in high end AV amplifier, please advise?
  225. Suggestions sought for tube preamp
  226. L Pad problems with a B1
  227. Components change to swap opamp?
  228. NE5532,OPA2134 Class A biased.Worth to try?Your experience?
  229. Question on modifying a passive pre
  230. Intelix matrix mixer schematics anywhere?
  231. Naim Nait 2 - Phone Stage is out of Balance
  232. Idiot-proofing circuits
  233. Hafler DH-110 Switches
  234. Warm up the sound of my preamp
  235. Line stage preamp tube vs solid state???
  236. 3way LR24 crossover phase issue
  237. Welborne Remote Stepped Attenuator
  238. Cirrus CS3318 with balanced signals
  239. Unbalanced in-line attenuator
  240. Can you stack power supplies? And,
  241. Preamplifier (tda7313) to amplifier impedance matching and signal attenuation.
  242. PGA4311 8 channel preamp
  243. Overhaul of a Cabasse Grand Large PST 16 from the '70
  244. Circuit Compairison
  245. Faint static on one side of system with pot around half
  246. Yamaha 550u EQ opamp questions?
  247. Preamp Design - Novel or Silly?
  248. ARC LS2B took a hit tonight
  249. 9v power supply issue with tapehead preamp circuit
  250. Sound card Pinouts

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