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  1. low pass filter active adjustable
  2. Can anyone help me diagnose my IRIS problem?
  3. McIntosh Preamp pre c34 remote? thru loop?
  4. McIntosh C2300 modification
  5. Cx-1000 needs bass
  6. REQ pream mic/instrumen for recording
  7. Stereo to Mono with Dual Voltage Transformer
  8. Looking to create a PEQ. Cant begin.
  9. analog vs digital controled potentiometers
  10. preamp buffer tl074
  11. Annoyingly new at crossovers, can someone help with some fairly easy question?
  12. External compensation capacitor value for NE5534 op amp...
  13. PGA2311 kit issue
  14. INA217 mic preamp for computer
  15. Converting JBL 5600-2B mixer for direct outs
  16. Sherbourn 7020
  17. A Targeted Preamp for Unbalancing and Phantom Powering
  18. Volume control - can someone explain for me please?
  19. Analog audio effects and synths
  20. android arduino digital pot
  21. Parasound hca-1000a preamp needed?
  22. Grounding Issue DAC Preamp
  23. Pre-amp - output caps swap
  24. An honest opinion over this dyn. mic. preamp Please
  25. Upcoming Volume/Selector w/Ground Isolation
  26. Failure or not?
  27. Trouble driving line level with That 1512/1646 combo
  28. V-Cap OIMP Who was listening ?
  29. TDA 1524 tone control
  30. Art project needs help! Line-level splitting...
  31. Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube Equaliser
  32. TKD 2P-2511S - 21 steps replacement AN Kit One
  33. Adding a DAC to tube mixer
  34. Need advice choosing a pre-out voltage booster, mixer, etc.
  35. Opamp input buffer choices
  36. diy custom remote for my preamp
  37. Stereo to Mono Converter
  38. Tone control TL074
  39. VU meter indicator signal levels
  40. How to Null the output of a diff amp please?
  41. Passive Preamp: Arduino based, remote control, Relay R2R, input selection
  42. Great American Sound MM Phono
  43. Modded Kawai mixer
  44. XLR to RCA adapter causes gross amounts of distortion...
  45. Hypex UcD400 OEM unbuffered input?
  46. Great American Sound Head Amp
  47. My active crossover filter project.
  48. Vicol Audio R2R Volume controller Builds
  49. Looking for tone Control using 4558 opamp
  50. Audiolab 8000C - modify or start again?
  51. Pre-amp mods - new opamp caps position?
  52. 3rdOrderAllpass_HowTo: calculate delay
  53. Help with Jung AD744/811 PCB Layout
  54. determine element value for the pre-amp package I am working on
  55. need help with car ampifier preamp section
  56. Thoughts on reduction of 2nd order harmonic distortion
  57. HK citation 17- new output relay switch
  58. Not Equal Slope of Active Crossover at Same Cut Of Frequency
  59. Soundcard buffer critique, please?
  60. A little advice regarding boosted op amp
  61. preamp/buffer for TA2020/2024
  62. Building a decent input switcher
  63. crossover: series vs paraller effect on load impedance
  64. "NOOB" needs help with tube preamp build
  65. SSL xlogic alpha vhd pre phantom problem
  66. "All at once" IC Phono Stage circuit
  67. Phono stage on ebay EAR834
  68. AK phonostage
  69. INA217 preamp OPA question
  70. PGA 2310 kit
  71. FM Reception Trouble
  72. Help with older Claricon mixer
  73. Single-supply buffer help
  74. minimum preamp output impedance
  75. MXL V69 doesn't work
  76. speaker setup xo help
  77. LCDuino (arduino) R2R relay preamp
  78. My PGA2310 Box
  79. Recommend a Tube buffer for use in product
  80. Spice transistor parameters?
  81. Pre-amp for electret mic capsule->PC input
  82. Good audio with LDR's
  83. Balanced Preamp for bi-amping
  84. dynamic mic to electret input, with splitter
  85. 'slow down' ad797
  86. Linear DAC power supply
  87. VC23 PGAVOL using PGA2310
  88. Help needed designing signal switching circuit
  89. VU Meter XXL with LED Stripe
  90. DC offset from the line level stage.
  91. Anyone have information about Da Vinci Transformer Passive Preamp?
  92. Preamp needed?
  93. DAC to AMP clipping vs noise
  94. Input Select \ Fader IC
  95. Noisy trough
  96. Matching Pre & Power amp.
  97. mic mixer with echo/delay feature connection
  98. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NE5532-volume-control-board-10-times-pre-amp-ASSEMBLED
  99. Phase Inversion
  100. One pair of coupling caps on the input of my XO?
  101. Paralleling transistors for noise
  102. Op Amp rolling OPA627 unstable.
  103. Pitchfork pre-amplifier
  104. 34mm Large Mylar Capsule Diaphragm mic project
  105. XLR to RCA cable wiring
  106. Crown SL-2 Project
  107. Behringer CX2300 replace caps (values change)
  108. Potentiometer wattage
  109. Quick Question about "Grounds".
  110. Mic Preamp which should I make ?
  111. Summing Audio - is it really THAT easy? featuring: MIDIman
  112. 6 channel mini mixer
  113. McIntosh C504
  114. Cambridge 640
  115. Commercial crossover or DIY?
  116. MAX9632???
  117. please help me to calculate/guess Vrms input?
  118. Before you mock me....
  119. New Dual Mono Super BA-3
  120. Two balanced line receivers (switched) at one balanced input
  121. Walt Jung circuit
  122. Unbalancer - user experience
  123. Help, I need to build a signal pad, I want it to be perfect, looking for advice.
  124. Amp Selector Switch - multiple amps, rotary switch
  125. Open Source Remote Control
  126. Another B1 buffer PCB design question
  127. Quad, DIP op amp selection
  128. Input selector provokes oscillation
  129. Aikido Tube buffer stage cathode follower
  130. Doing an analog linear phase crossover
  131. L-C-R RIAA, replacing the L with a gyrator?
  132. LR4 SMD filter project
  133. Linn Kairn schematic?
  134. Volume control for Modulus86
  135. EMU 1616m preamp squealing
  136. Phono stage recommendation
  137. Capacitor on "ground" interconnection to block "ground" DC voltage
  138. tda7052 as volume controll/preamp ?
  139. Help to build a Passive Balanced Preamplifier (Volume control)
  140. Optimal Volume Pot Resistance Question.
  141. How to reduce a preamp output voltage?
  142. Radio Tuner Phono Switcher Box
  143. Linkwitz-Riley 24 dB/Octave pcb
  144. Low pass filter circuit design
  145. Preamp input diagnosis
  146. Modifying a Class A preamplifier design for more gain
  147. PRO 2 or 3 way 4th order crossover.
  148. Those tiresome RCA/chinch
  149. Simple mic preamp
  150. Power supply dilemma for 8-channel mic pre
  151. NAD 1020 replace potentiometers tones!!
  152. Mic cable as single ended interconnects
  153. Layman's question for the pros
  154. Active volume control with balanced output using 2 op-amps
  155. Great American Sound Thalia 1 Service Info
  156. Too much signal voltage...
  157. Impedance matching - Source / Attenuator / Amp
  158. DIY Sine Wave Oscillator Trouble
  159. What is the maximum gain for 1 op amp stage?
  160. What is the consequence of this wiring scheme? (With tangential "extra trace"?)
  161. preamp relay driver needed
  162. Buffer output for PCM1794A
  163. Lemonstre at linelevel
  164. Large band para eq - optimisations and smd pcb ?
  165. Passive line level crossover, different impedance amps
  166. TI Active volume control board...tipd136
  167. carlos Jfet pre voltage questions
  168. Looking for basic source mixer for home system
  169. Help needed for calaculate cutoff frequency ?
  170. Critique this noninverting opamp buffer/amplifier please? Almost time to build...
  171. the "JB" 3-stage Phono Preamp
  172. Preamp does not mute.
  173. 9 Pin1/4" inputjack for Soho tube Preamp
  174. Great American Sound Thaila 2 Setup Procedure
  175. Need a simple pre-amp, quick!
  176. Adding a (variable) gain boost to this non-inverting opamp buffer circuit?
  177. Klotz IC cables - opinions on specific types
  178. Matching I/O Impedance - How to?
  179. Equalizer and tone control circuit used in Dj mixer
  180. High performance subwoofer filter circuit(low pass) to your audio amp
  181. Unity gain opamp circuit
  182. Looking for a Cheap, simple Opamp gain stage
  183. Phantom Powered Stereo DI
  184. Why so difficult; It's just a switch
  185. Buzzing passive pre-amp
  186. do i need a preamp for a passive mixer?
  187. Wire gauge for amplifier's signal level input.
  188. CD Line out - PC sound
  189. Phono pre with Jfet and then ad815 at the second stage..
  190. Replacement for Monacor's RCA Connector T-724G wanted
  191. synare clone kit
  192. Full-Analog Arduino(or embedded)-CTRL 2wayCrossover
  193. Line Level Transformer Impedance
  194. Need help with schematics
  195. Luminous Axiom Passive Pre with 2 Outputs - Dumb Question
  196. how to remote control a rotary switch
  197. NE5532 preamp questions
  198. Using O2 as preamp
  199. 0.005% Distortion Tone Control Preamp, NJW1119A Chipset
  200. Low pass filter for subwoofer.
  201. Getting 10-15 dB gain from an opamp buffer circuit?
  202. Simple Volume Knob&Limiter?
  203. Phono card as standalone unit
  204. Passive Preamp schematic for multiple inputs and 2 outputs - help?
  205. 3-way input audio input switching board (ebay)
  206. mixer line in gain control
  207. Single ended Baxandall control - offset on pots
  208. HK825 replace Balance Pot
  209. Simple attenuation needed
  210. Looking for circuit improvement advice(Precision Fidelity C8)
  211. pre-amp with 2 stages adjustable gain
  212. portable discrete mic preamp
  213. Preventing source selector 'thump' using transformer?
  214. Bass loss after static shock - HELP
  215. First post
  216. R-2R attenuator PCB layout question
  217. Using 2SK170/J74BL in Ebay JC-2 "Clone"
  218. Is this signal path correct?
  219. Op amp band pass filter connection problems
  220. lpf calculator
  221. impedance matching question
  222. Custom 6H30 linestage
  223. DIY microphone preamp for Monacor MCE-404U capsule
  224. AD815 or THS6012 pros and cons
  225. What is the impedance out of a voltage divider?
  226. Phono Preamp Question...
  227. Analogue Parametric EQ - Calrec Polar...
  228. Sony pcm 7010 - XLR to RCA input
  229. TDA1524A preamp
  230. Wishlist: Op Amp Characterization Curves in Datasheets
  231. Parametric Mid EQ Pot Wiring
  232. Need PS Audio PS IV schematic
  233. Adding Balanced Outputs Psuedo or Real?
  234. Sending an A/V multi channel pre out into another A/V line in?
  235. Copper purity of Cat-5e cable ?
  236. Balance control?
  237. Input/output transformer question
  238. Equalizing the midrange out of a small Radio Shack driver
  239. what ohmage potentiometer for line out volume control?
  240. preamp signal powered down amp
  241. Passive Balanced Attenuator (between Pre & Power)
  242. Best way to add stereo subwoofer pre-outs to existing DAC/preamp?
  243. iPhone Line Out to Car Amp
  244. Is LR4 phase shift audible
  245. line preamp /buffer /module
  246. Please evaluate this RIAA schematic (njm4580)
  247. Praamp crackling
  248. Buffer Jfet
  249. Onkyo SC-901 crossover rebuild(upgrade)
  250. Art Tube MP Help!

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