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  1. Phono stage noise when cartridge connected
  2. balanced line out driver
  3. Schematic to pcb Simple preamp LM358
  4. HT Bypass Circuit
  5. Can I use a Darlington Pair for an Input Buffer
  6. Calculating Voltage Divider (pot) Impedance...
  7. TGMC - a modular control pre-amplifier
  8. Index for: Arduino based LDR volume and source selection controller
  9. Pass through preamp.. mod an Irig?
  10. Marantz SR5400 as preamp?
  11. Low Gain Preamp Kit
  12. Audio coupling: 100nF in parallel with 100uF
  13. Deriving subwoofer channel from Lt & Rt
  14. Baxandall gain control according TI tidu34 certified design
  15. Any Good Chinese Built 3 Way Active
  16. Choosing resistor / capacitor values
  17. Op Amp Advice
  18. Best way to split RCA
  19. In general, the audio volume can be controlled by a simple VR (Variable Resistor)?
  20. Active all-pass filter design questions
  21. adding balanced output capability to my unbalanced 4-ch gain stage circuit
  22. Strange spikes on sine, square and triangle?
  23. Audio transformers
  24. Low Pass Filter consideration
  25. OPA627 and possible ESD damage
  26. Wright WLA12 / WLA12A Line Stage Topology
  27. Remote Volume AND Balance control
  28. Very Simple Single Stage Op Amp Preamp
  29. phase correction filter
  30. Clone Note LDR Attenuator
  31. Balanced PGA2311 volume control
  32. Passive preamp introduces hum
  33. Preamp, active
  34. Passive/active preamp (transformers, resitors)
  35. Monitoring B1 volume pot value
  36. Reverse log multi-position switch with 6 dB gain steps
  37. Ferrite bead between input and circuit ground
  38. New LDR for Rapberry PI
  39. db gain vs input sensitivity
  40. Broskie Enhanced-PSRR Hybrid Phono MM Stage
  41. Which way - trimmer resistor?
  42. Adding a buffer to Self's zero-impedance balanced output
  43. RCA Attenuator
  44. Analog way to Highpass my LS3/5a
  45. tube preamp buffer with distorted sound
  46. How to get started, looking a "Bruce Moore" sound.
  47. Recommendations for volume control and source selection?
  48. Source for Reel Motors (for Rewind and Fast Forward in 2-Motor Tape Decks)
  49. Buffered Preamp or Passive Volume Control?
  50. 3.5mm jack to rca - what conductors?
  51. THD and noise in audio circuits
  52. boosting output level
  53. Type of Switch
  54. service manual for Cambridge Azur 840E preamp
  55. Transformer source and load impedance question
  56. Line-Level Cable Alternatives
  57. Pioneer C-91 Preamplifier recap
  58. What 'sounds' worse, noise or distortion?
  59. How to determine what value Pot (attenuator)???
  60. Flea Market Score: NAD 116 Preamp
  61. Confusing problem with diy phono stage. Ground loop?
  62. Z-2300 Generic Logitech Control Pod Newbie Help
  63. Active or passive subwoofers filter for vintage JBL?
  64. Preamp 240v out socket
  65. Help with converting unbalanced to balanced using transformers (1:1)
  66. Not the BPBP Phonoclone - fully balanced MC RIAA
  67. Stereo to mono with switch: Do my circuits work?
  68. Wall mount line level volume control
  69. mono summing into monitor line in
  70. isotope Preamp
  71. Digital switcher for analog audio signal (e. g. electronic input selector for an amp)
  72. RIAA Phono filter.
  73. PLLXO WiringQuestion
  74. Lundahl Transformers for balancing output
  75. Impedance matching question.
  76. SSM2019 Mic Pre Lows Rolloff at 120 Hz - Why?
  77. Subwoofer filter help?
  78. Hafler DH101 film caps
  79. Preamp with NE5532
  80. Question about using a JT11P1 to convert unbalanced to balanced.
  81. virtual earth mixer NE5534 problem
  82. NAD S100 output impedance
  83. Fully-Featured Fono Faceplate ( Phono Preamp )
  84. Correcting offset through DC servo
  85. Bluetooth noise through input
  86. miniAVC - miniaturized Analog Volume Control
  87. PGA2311 and CS3310 Performance vs Input Impedance
  88. confusing symbol in fader send diagram
  89. Best Selector Switch? ..Advice plz!
  90. *HELP* NE5532P Tone Control Circuit
  91. Running 3+ way speaker setup with only two AMPs & a multi-channel computer sound card
  92. INA217 $5 preamp questions
  93. Single Rail Active Xover
  94. Help connecting microphone to preamplifier to speaker
  95. dbx 286s with hum/hiss when turning on phantom power
  96. Line level power-GND and signal-GND?
  97. Need PreAmp to match new amp
  98. Coupling Caps at Phono Input
  99. Behringer Pot Replacement
  100. Which lm3916 circuit to build?
  101. ESI gigaport soundcard output buffer question
  102. Help with DIY pre amp recommendations
  103. Modification/upgrade posibilities RCA input board tube line stage
  104. Audiolab pre amp advice needed. Any good?
  105. Volume Potentiometer Sizing and setup
  106. Balanced Cable Capacitance -- Conductor to Conductor or shield to conductor?
  107. Crossover hints
  108. H1ot signal into mic input?
  109. DIY interconnect with LP filter built-in?
  110. Can someone help to explain this op amp balanced output?
  111. Any Interest in BJT and FET DOAs (Discrete Op Amps) in 2520 format?
  112. Euridice line preamp
  113. Simulation programs
  114. Simplest 1st order high pass and low pass filter
  115. Help with designing an active, balanced input mixer with crossfader
  116. Volume control signal level
  117. Where to adjust regulator voltage?
  118. DC blocking cap
  119. Channel unbalance in active crossover
  120. line level attenuator calculation
  121. Simplest Passive Preamp design
  122. Changing a pot's value with parallel resistors
  123. Preamplifier for Rotel RHB 10
  124. High DC offset on preamp
  125. passive line level high pass crossover
  126. High pass filter for line level info needed
  127. Problem with Opera CY222 line preamp
  128. broskie triangle buffer not working
  129. BGW model 203
  130. Phone Mic Input Bias voltage effect
  131. Apex P30+ A class PSU...questions?
  132. Circuit for subwoofer crossover 25Hz to 250Hz
  133. Cascode buffer
  134. Can Someone please verify this circuit ?
  135. Signal/power path questions
  136. Linkwitz Transform... lowpass?
  137. how to design very stable, DC accurate LP filter with lots of gain?
  138. Relays in the volume control, reed or not reed (and other things)
  139. Technical Question 420ohm output preamp to 600ohm tube amp
  140. Building a Douglas Self design preamp
  141. Crossovers for beginners
  142. Pre-amplifier for electret mic and Line-in audio sources
  143. Current feedback amplifier circuit (preamp/headphone amp)
  144. tda7439 filter design
  145. Bridging Amps using a balanced line driver
  146. OPA2134 current consumption: more advice needed
  147. Can someone help a rookie with a DIY monitor controller?
  148. alps pot for passive volume control
  149. Yamaha c2 pre transformer question
  150. Opamp buffer @ active crossover input?
  151. opamp inversion?
  152. D-12 Hybrid LV Preamp!
  153. simplest discrete really-unity gain buffer
  154. MM28 phono preamplifier
  155. 600ohm passive xover for multiamp
  156. H-bridge killing transistors
  157. DAC balanced & Unbalanced output to bridged amp input
  158. Subsonic Filter Troubleshooting
  159. Which Graphic Equalizer Circuit Topology provides best Sonic Quality ? "Constant-Q" ?
  160. Recommend me a good quad soic opamp ?
  161. The boring but essential line stage
  162. Tresham DR3 pre amp Servicing
  163. Adding Remote Volume Control
  164. Line Level Crossover needed: to DIY or not
  165. +/- DC instead of +/- AC?
  166. CFP Unity Gain Buffer
  167. Preamp recommendation for Millett DCPP amp
  168. A/D Converter Driver - Active bandpass filter
  169. How to connect 3 mixers to 1 DSP
  170. Help with Millennia PRE AMP
  171. Balanced to unbalanced wiring help
  172. Forte 2 preamplifier power supply
  173. Promitheus TVC rebuilding
  174. Tone control schematic
  175. Active (Baxandall) Volume Control for Single Supply
  176. Pin Confirmation
  177. Cut out in one channel on Yamaha preamps CX-800
  178. PS 4.5 schematic
  179. An unusual preamplifier with multiple outputs
  180. Split signal
  181. Decoupling a quad opamp
  182. Help calculating low pass filter frequency
  183. Hybrid transformer-pot volume control
  184. B1 Buffer with a bad channel - need help!
  185. My new preamp design: Arduino, 6 input selector, MDAC attenuator, IR etc
  186. pre-amp problem!
  187. Active subwoofer filter
  188. Crazy distortion problem with transformer and active filter (opamp / Sallen Key)
  189. Passive pre-amp
  190. Universal Integrated Preamplifier
  191. Does Muses 72320 have OPAMP inside chip or not?
  192. Hybrid Borbely Follower/Buffer - Please Critique
  193. Line stage chassis layout
  194. Sanity check: input grounding scheme
  195. Graphic Equaliser SUPER QUIET
  196. Passive crossover design
  197. Suggestions for remote volume control
  198. Yamaha C65 - Repair: Burnt Board
  199. Audio/MIC 3.5mm to 3.5mm TRRS (mic wiring?)
  200. solid state buffer
  201. Best DIY tube preamp question
  202. Advice On Gain/Loading Switch Implementation Phono
  203. LPF on signal path
  204. Two chases preamp configuration question
  205. Muses 72320 dual mono unbalanced configuration question
  206. OPA2134 preamp
  207. Passive Sum two signals - Resistor Value Help
  208. Subwoofer phase shift
  209. PrimaLuna; Phonologue board subst.
  210. What is equalizer in practice ?
  211. X-over help - Will this setup work?
  212. Preamp board suggestions for Hypex UCD3XMP module
  213. Jfet buffers online.
  214. Musical Fidelity "The Preamp" - any good ?
  215. 1 PRE-OUT splitter to 2 AMPS
  216. Joining RCA inputs or splitters and quality
  217. Possible tube (almost) phono preamp design
  218. Chromecast Audio + Airplay as analog source: Can I use a Y-splitter?
  219. Preamp + headphone amp total gain
  220. Help with mixer using MCP6271 op amp
  221. Opinions on this passive pre schematic
  222. How to Wire Selector Switch & Vol Control
  223. Volume control: altering gain instead of attenuator? Good or bad?
  224. My first OPamp preamp PCB - few questions.
  225. Buffer the buffered filter?
  226. Op-Amp Circuit Components: Any Ideas About This Circuit Section's Function?
  227. preamp question/buffer scematic with muses 72320
  228. Horrible Freq Resp from my MX110
  229. Input/pass-through switch
  230. Salas DCG3 preamp (line & headphone)
  231. Phase Linear 2000 Pre-amp overhaul
  232. Rotel RTC 850 Problem
  233. Cabre AS45 active crossover
  234. Preamp causing distortion
  235. discrete preamp/gain module recommendation
  236. 1 transistor 3 band tone circuit, will it work?
  237. BPBP starter help
  238. Hi Freq rolloff with ne5532 based unbalancer
  239. Crossover Rebuild Advise
  240. Perreaux SM-2 need help with output transistors
  241. Crossover conversion
  242. Need finding simple high impedance pre-amp to boost signal to Schmitt Trigger circuit
  243. remote volume control
  244. 2SK932 Buffer
  245. Please help with cap orientation.
  246. Single Supply 2-way active XO
  247. Neve 2254/E troubleshooting
  248. Need help with wiring a stepped atteunator
  249. What is the preferred MF X-10D clone?
  250. G.A.S Goliath

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