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  1. 47 Laboratory started selling kits
  2. Douglas Self's Active Crossovers book
  3. New Line Pre-Amp taking Shape
  4. Managing multiple inputs & master level...
  5. AR-XA woes...
  6. Help!! LM317T Filament Heater Problem
  7. Fully Balanced Input/Output
  8. mccormack micro phono drive
  9. Differential buffer without feedback?
  10. Does the intrinsic low-end roll-off of a mid driver change the phase error?
  11. Accuphase C-200 Stereo Control Preamp...
  12. DIY 4 Channel Stereo Mixer
  13. preamp
  14. no output on skytec pro 240 amp
  15. pro-ject phonobox se opamp substitution
  16. Trying to find a spectrum analyser...
  17. Transfer LP TO CD
  18. Bi-amp crossover design
  19. active crossover board capabilities - I want your input
  20. DIY BJT buffer design
  21. Another easy to answer question that is above me. XLR vs Ground loop
  22. Crossovers question - car audio
  23. Using a Precision Current Source to drive an LDR attenuator
  24. Crossfeed problem (Jan Meier's design)
  25. Help me understand the "pre" stage levels.
  26. Instrumentation op-amps for audio
  27. Audio Buffer 8 years after
  28. Subwoofer filter with sensing LFE switch
  29. JFET based audio source selector
  30. 5-BAND EQ: Constant Q or conventional topology?
  31. Discrete line amplifier question
  32. How to calculate capacitor values for fully parametric EQ?
  33. DIY stepped attenuator using C7D0423N rotary switch.
  34. Inverting op amp out of phase?
  35. diy dj mixer
  36. Comparison of Light Dependent Resistors
  37. Cab/Mic simulator
  38. Jolida JD9 Upgrade/Mods Clarification.
  39. Rejuvenating an old DM-602.
  40. Eliminating series resistor at line output?
  41. Low-distortion Class-A line/headphone buffer
  42. Open to suggestions!
  43. Stereo bandpass filter
  44. SSM2019 with unbalanced input
  45. Studer A-779 caps?
  46. LM4562 Spice model
  47. Adding balancing transformer to preamp, signal loss
  48. Balance pot not working the way it should
  49. Potentiometer Resistance ???
  50. A better formula for Silonex LDR's
  51. Pre-amp output level question
  52. DC blocking caps ?
  53. Anyone have a good design for a 3-band isolator or EQ?
  54. question about this schematic ?
  55. Yamaha R-5 Receiver
  56. How to mix few balanced output?
  57. Can I Add a Balance Pot?
  58. How to apply right way the pot for balanced output?
  59. Preamp booster ?
  60. polarity with a balanced pllxo filter
  61. Microphone level balanced XLR mixer outputs?
  62. Preamp problem
  63. stereo 6G15 fender reverb with balanced in and out?
  64. behringer cx2310
  65. Need circuit, 6,12,18,24db attenuator
  66. Tube line level?
  67. Calculating gain of loudness control
  68. compressor diy
  69. Resistors valus for shunt stepped attenuator?
  70. QUAD 44 Pooge
  71. ARC LS25 mkII noise level
  72. EML 20A or 30A transformer coupled preamp
  73. X-Altra Mini One
  74. Passive mixer for two CD changers
  75. ARC LS25 mkII tube change
  76. Overvoltage protection
  77. condenser microphone question
  78. Simple preamp with baxandall
  79. Schematic/Service Manual DOD SR-835
  80. How to buffer a sallen-key circuit
  81. Connecting NVA P50 to DC I/P
  82. Multi-Channel Preamp for Stereo Output instruments
  83. Digital attenuator without PIC
  84. High Quality POT Recommendation
  85. Changing filter Arcam Black Box 3
  86. Attenuator for Rod Elliott's Bi-amped projects
  87. Low pass filters for removing ultrasonic noise?
  88. Aircraft Intercom
  89. Fet nine, 10 differences?
  90. Do all OPA2134PA's sound the same?
  91. discrete balanced to unbalanced conveter?
  92. XO3: The 1/2/3-way Active Crossover/filter PCB. Design suggestions welcome!
  93. THAT1512 (INA217) based preamp and input transformer
  94. electronic crossovers which to buy
  95. Probably a simple question, regarding volume control
  96. active crossover advice?
  97. Marantz 7C Kit
  98. Anyone tried this kit?
  99. Microphone Level Mixer
  100. Newbie audio chain question
  101. Need pre-amp with LM358
  102. 3 way sound desk split
  103. Tone Control Question
  104. Help newbie please - Basic data on interconnects
  105. Problem with ultra-graph pro GEQ 3102 - Behringer
  106. CS3310 remote volume and source select
  107. passive treble attenuation
  108. Are tube preamps always grounded now?
  109. Hello need help...
  110. Modify MTX crossover ? ?
  111. Replace / remove couple capacitors in Teufel decoderstation 3
  112. Phono Switching Unit
  113. AD797 in preamp: need help
  114. My Preamp Project: Arduino, I2C, relay selector+attenuator, tube stage
  115. NEEDED diy low cut filter
  116. subwoofer management system
  117. Help Please for simple active Xover project
  118. More about LDR attenuators
  119. Low noise transistors for electret mic
  120. balanced line level baffle step circuit
  121. 12 dB enough for subwoofer lowpass filter?
  122. bi-amping, passive, active or analog crossover?
  123. Ashly SC-40 Input Noisy
  124. pre amp balance
  125. Buffer pre-amp
  126. Preamp Build
  127. BCY89 Dual Transistor
  128. Polystyrene Caps For Filters
  129. Stereo to Mono Converter
  130. Remote control help - Philips RC5 compat with 7805?
  131. gain block pcb's
  132. Passive preamp done right
  133. BUF634P - pinout
  134. Need help merging circuits
  135. Salas hotrodded blue DCB1 build
  136. DIY One fader mixer with Filter Low Pass, Hi Pass, Notch Pass Filter PGM
  137. I bought a little mixer today - Velleman Promix 50S
  138. need hints for narrow band pass filter
  139. Newbie trying to layout a crossover (Overnight Sensations)
  140. trigger output on preamp
  141. BorbelyAudio Closing
  142. SoundCraftsmen Manual/Schematic needed!!!!
  143. Audio Research LS 1 schematic
  144. "A Continuous-Time Active Filter", AudioXpress Magazine, Aug 2010
  145. First tube mic preamp?
  146. Noise while switching selector switch
  147. Need Assisted Listening circuit for hard of hearing
  148. How to check the behaviour of my PLLXO (passive filter)
  149. How to change crossover freq in Naim Naxo
  150. cap coupled output combined with cap coupled input?
  151. Bass Tone Control
  152. Denon 4306 pre-out modding
  153. Active balanced line output
  154. Okay to leave phono stage powered all the time?
  155. OEM Boards?
  156. A precision LED/LDR-based Attenuator
  157. signal splitter buffer
  158. Chassis Ground question (provided schematic)
  159. Dual 5534 vs. single 5532 to drive balanced line output
  160. buffer/pre ideas for PSU up to 13V DC and 1A
  161. high quality bass treble circuit for any amp.
  162. Why is this switch clicking/poping HELP please
  163. 6 channel pre amp?
  164. Harmon Kardon Citation Seventeen Repair
  165. dialectics and shield of an umbilical cord?
  166. Nuts Audio preamp/volume kit
  167. Equalizer as preamp
  168. Crossover problems???
  169. Audionics BT-2
  170. 185 ohms cable for speakers
  171. kicker 03kx3 crossover
  172. Dispre2 jfet - listening impressions
  173. The "Make Before Break" connection for audio interconnects (MBB configuration)
  174. An ultra Low Shunt Capacitance way for audio interconnections (LSC configuration)
  175. Hafler Iris preamp repair
  176. Connect Microphone to Phono
  177. JFET Active Crossover
  178. Lighternote attenuator
  179. Phono pre kit, Problem with DC in one channel
  180. Di-fet sub for J-fet?
  181. purist preamp
  182. Which preamp?
  183. Pot position in circuit?
  184. Pre-amp: INA217 reference implementation
  185. Volume / Source selector - open source project ?
  186. volume remote control module with PGA 2311
  187. op amp and cap questions
  188. Need to quiet down old mixer w/LM301s
  189. Do I need capacitors?
  190. OK to Sub 100k Pot For 150K?
  191. Why is this mic eq more cuting than boosting? help
  192. dual opamp BA4558
  193. Balanced/unbal ip/attenuator /Bal out pre
  194. Balanced Shunt Attenuator 10K
  195. Basic Mixer Design: need input
  196. Anthem Pre 2L: Potentiometer
  197. IR2110 Query
  198. Preamp building idea
  199. Ultimate Active Low Pass Filter
  200. Simple stereo gain stage
  201. Jadis JP-80MC power supply
  202. Mic, Line, EQ... Preamps
  203. Looking to build a phono stage
  204. Preamplifier Dispre 2 - JFET
  205. Active Crossover Using transistors.
  206. Op amp upgrade
  207. Phono Preamp Problem.
  208. Slight Hum From IC
  209. Lightspeed with a Tube Output Stage
  210. quick n dirty volume control
  211. passive preamp idea - will this work?
  212. 7.1 surround volume control
  213. LED VU metre - how to achieve inertia.. ?
  214. Expander
  215. Integrated Amp as a Pre-Amp
  216. Resistor mystery.
  217. PCB for source selection to go with lighter note
  218. Precision rectifier - gain ??
  219. Balanced input for JFet mic pre advice?
  220. price for opa 627. need help.
  221. DC Block for ADA
  222. hp filter ep2500
  223. Newb needs help eliminating hum/noise in simple mixer
  224. Help for Amplifier/buffer circuit design
  225. Mixing Centre channel into L & R
  226. using RG6QS cable for subwoofer line in
  227. Anyone running his ALeph P on battery power ?
  228. The Burr-Brown sound?
  229. My new Diy preamp, finally done.
  230. Newbie Preamp Question
  231. mono/stereo switch?
  232. Very long line level cables, what to use?
  233. First try on Preamp / NE5532
  234. The Synergy "Active" Crossover
  235. Constant Q parametric equalizers (SVF topology)
  236. Millet max as a preamp? schematics disclosed
  237. Building my own 10 Channel Preamp
  238. DIY Dodd Audio Buffer Kit
  239. SAE MK1B schematics??? anyone have them
  240. Simple and inexpensive Passive Balanced Attenuator possible?
  241. TEAC rx-9 dbx Unit
  242. problems with building a piezo preamp for undewater mic
  243. NJM4558L replacement
  244. Buffers in active xovers: opamps or tubes?
  245. ADI AD5292 as a log volume potentiometer
  246. Pre-Amp Fixed, Yet Not Sure Why
  247. Improving a "Disco mixer" to mid-fi performance
  248. Old analog desk EQ mod
  249. Wanted: Vestax PMC-17A Schematic
  250. Noise on unconnected preamp input

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