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  1. Need to quiet down old mixer w/LM301s
  2. Do I need capacitors?
  3. OK to Sub 100k Pot For 150K?
  4. Why is this mic eq more cuting than boosting? help
  5. dual opamp BA4558
  6. Balanced/unbal ip/attenuator /Bal out pre
  7. Balanced Shunt Attenuator 10K
  8. Basic Mixer Design: need input
  9. Anthem Pre 2L: Potentiometer
  10. IR2110 Query
  11. Preamp building idea
  12. Ultimate Active Low Pass Filter
  13. Simple stereo gain stage
  14. Jadis JP-80MC power supply
  15. Mic, Line, EQ... Preamps
  16. Looking to build a phono stage
  17. Preamplifier Dispre 2 - JFET
  18. Active Crossover Using transistors.
  19. Op amp upgrade
  20. Phono Preamp Problem.
  21. Slight Hum From IC
  22. Lightspeed with a Tube Output Stage
  23. quick n dirty volume control
  24. passive preamp idea - will this work?
  25. 7.1 surround volume control
  26. LED VU metre - how to achieve inertia.. ?
  27. Expander
  28. Integrated Amp as a Pre-Amp
  29. Resistor mystery.
  30. PCB for source selection to go with lighter note
  31. Precision rectifier - gain ??
  32. Balanced input for JFet mic pre advice?
  33. price for opa 627. need help.
  34. DC Block for ADA
  35. hp filter ep2500
  36. Newb needs help eliminating hum/noise in simple mixer
  37. Help for Amplifier/buffer circuit design
  38. Mixing Centre channel into L & R
  39. using RG6QS cable for subwoofer line in
  40. Anyone running his ALeph P on battery power ?
  41. The Burr-Brown sound?
  42. My new Diy preamp, finally done.
  43. Newbie Preamp Question
  44. mono/stereo switch?
  45. Very long line level cables, what to use?
  46. First try on Preamp / NE5532
  47. The Synergy "Active" Crossover
  48. Constant Q parametric equalizers (SVF topology)
  49. Millet max as a preamp? schematics disclosed
  50. Building my own 10 Channel Preamp
  51. DIY Dodd Audio Buffer Kit
  52. SAE MK1B schematics??? anyone have them
  53. Simple and inexpensive Passive Balanced Attenuator possible?
  54. TEAC rx-9 dbx Unit
  55. problems with building a piezo preamp for undewater mic
  56. NJM4558L replacement
  57. Buffers in active xovers: opamps or tubes?
  58. ADI AD5292 as a log volume potentiometer
  59. Pre-Amp Fixed, Yet Not Sure Why
  60. Improving a "Disco mixer" to mid-fi performance
  61. Old analog desk EQ mod
  62. Wanted: Vestax PMC-17A Schematic
  63. Noise on unconnected preamp input
  64. Audio line DC offset
  65. Proper way to get mono?
  66. Valve pre amp/phono stage
  67. simple pre with offset problem
  68. Crown IC150A board layout
  69. Burr-Brown DRV134 AUDIO BALANCED LINE Receiver schematic PCB/Kit anybody?
  70. analogue VU-meter
  71. Quad 34 preamp tilt pot resistance ?
  72. What phono preamp circuit?
  73. Balance control R Values
  74. Help designing device to drain voltage?
  75. What Volume pot and selector?
  76. Pre Fader Listen Logic Switching
  77. linkwitz-riley 3way and 2way pcb kit??
  78. Which pre pcb build will suit me?
  79. Subsonic filter options
  80. Preamp Project
  81. Arcam AVP700 - turns off at random
  82. why there is a spike sound output from the speaker when turn off?
  83. Sowter-based TVC
  84. My unbalanced line mixer design needs something...
  85. Tube or SS Preamp?
  86. Marantz Consolette Schematic
  87. Is it possible to modify this mic preamp?
  88. LDR Switch?
  89. Tube preamp hum and noise.
  90. How to modify the preamp audio circuit ??
  91. Wiring Balanced Volume Pots?
  92. INA217 DRV134 Opamp bypass caps
  93. Capacitor Across Power Switch to Control Switch On Noise?
  94. Multi input (with phono) preamp kits?
  95. DIY Dancing Needle Box
  96. Phantom power INA217
  97. AV amps for use as crossovers and amps
  98. Basic Common Emitter Amp Help
  99. Minimalist Soft Start for 2sk170 Preamp
  100. INA217 Blocking capacitors
  101. Ina217-drv134
  102. The "Sound" of Electronics vs Transducers
  103. Ina217 drv134
  104. Mark Levinson No 28 capacitors
  105. Dummy load with output to power amp
  106. SRPP+ from Glass Ware needs some help please
  107. Guitar preamp envelope follower
  108. What's the Best input volage for TA2020?
  109. NOS user would appreciate review of PLLXO plans
  110. value of capacitors in signal path
  111. 15v dual power supply problem. need help
  112. Let's talk volume control alternatives?
  113. Lightspeed name change, any suggestions
  114. RJM Audio Gainbloc Preamplifier Mk. I
  115. Passive attenuation.
  116. Audio selector switch
  117. Adcom GFP-710 volume pot motor input voltage
  118. JDI Preamp Information Anyone?
  119. Mic preamp
  120. Electrocompaniet Preampliwire 1A Schematic
  121. P88 sound leakage
  122. How to DIY Attenuated Interconnects?
  123. Parasound P/LD-1500 schematics
  124. Passive preamp signal ground
  125. KENWOOD L-07 CII preamp
  126. PS for simple fet preamp
  127. My RF controled PGA2320 MiniVol and ch selector
  128. Meridian 501 Preamp Schematic
  129. LDR photoresistor attenuator preamp, in general
  130. JFET Mic Preamp Advice
  131. ACTIVE CROSSOVER: OPAM decision!
  132. LDR attenuator questions
  133. recommendations for commercial preamp
  134. Cheap Valve Preamp power supply?
  135. Difference Direct-, Normal- polarity
  136. ESP Project 94A, What am I doing wrong? (Simple Mixer)
  137. read out position of normal potentiometer
  138. Electrocompaniet Preampliwire 1
  139. Evaluate first preamp
  140. Kit Preamp for Sophia Electric Baby
  141. Pedja Rogic JFET or Nelson Pass B1?
  142. oAudio BASH 500w high-pass/boost filter schematics/sim here
  143. Yaquin MS12-B: sending signal to two amps?
  144. Carver Sonic Holography Schematic?
  145. LM1036 vs TDA1524 vs Other
  146. Cello Master Supply Parts Question
  147. Need a Baxandall 2way tonecontroll
  148. looking help to choice a preamp to build.
  149. Need volume control on active filter
  150. Seems like nobody is modding the Outlaw 990... true? why?
  151. Balanced line driver (DRV134) and noise
  152. Tube pre-amp for a vehicle?
  153. Can Someone help (Studiomaster mod)
  154. Hum with B&K MC-101 and Spectral MCR cartridge
  155. "...the best preamplifier ever made" says Mr. David Price, Hi-Fi- World
  156. The 2 Channel Audio Preamplifier - schematic
  157. Counterpoint SA-1000 buzzing problem
  158. Lightspeed Attenuator Sam Tellig Stereophile review
  159. AKAI PR-04A schematic
  160. Crossover PCBs?
  161. Which language for control software for pre
  162. B & O Penta Crossover Differences - experts required
  163. JFET mu follower phono or mic pre
  164. What is the best transformer type for TVC?
  165. impedance bridging problems
  166. Conrad Johnson PV-1 schematics
  167. 80 Watt class-b amp 'L6' Ver 5.0
  168. Adcom GFP-565 IC Part Numbers???
  169. "The Evil Sandman" Preamp
  170. NEUMANN 3-band equalizer
  171. Court Acoustics GE60 EQ wiring question
  172. Akikido LSA/HPA 9-Pin or Akikido Octal which one?
  173. Bypassing a 100uF output electroytic - which value?
  174. Preamp Noise
  175. Class AA Opamp Schematic
  176. 3-way active XO ... can amp input coupling caps be tailored for the frequency band?
  177. sound effects(echo,bass,repeat,trible)
  178. Aux send Circuit
  179. CD-4 (Quadro) LP-decoder/RIAA
  180. [PROJECT] 4 way crossover with signal detect
  181. Nad S100 pre-amp woes
  182. 50watt class-b amp mx50v6
  183. JLH Liniac Revisited
  184. Balanced mixer output?
  185. Digital XO vs Op-amp XO, which would be best to use in active speakers?
  186. DC powered active Xover w/ balanced outputs?
  187. Smartkit Preamp+psu
  188. DCX2496 into Quest 3004
  189. First ever DIYish Preamp/Remote Volume etc...
  190. NE5534AH pin out requested
  191. Crossover help
  192. Changing the std. opamp of active x-over
  193. Ca 640p
  194. Marchand Crossover Build Help
  195. Splitting Line Level Signal
  196. Multiple inputs for single output
  197. A-weighting
  198. Reckhorn F-1 and others; suggestions.
  199. Analog audio mixer Inkel pro mx-1200
  200. Sugden T48 tuner help
  201. 6ch. volume control + attenuator for DCX2496 on the cheap
  202. Star ground goes extreme
  203. High quality preamp
  204. Input Question
  205. Need Help From The Brainiacs :)
  206. Counterpoint SA5 Preamp Problem
  207. TUBEpre and Lightspeed LDR attenuator
  208. A treble boost line amp
  209. newbe need help with project
  210. Anyone built the phono pre from LM4562/LME49720 datasheet?
  211. pre amplifier build project
  212. Guitar - iPod - Heaqdphone amp
  213. samson s-3 way xover ?Anyone used?
  214. Need to make 3 line outs from 1
  215. Arduino based Input Selector for preamp
  216. Another Wrench In the Works... Inductive RIAA
  217. DIY Mobile Line Output Converter
  218. Trouble with roland ac-60!
  219. active vs passive time delay
  220. Dead Left Channel on my Kenwood CI Pre-amp
  221. Phono stage with NJM2068DD or TL071/072
  222. Trimmer pots for onboard guitar preamp tone controls?
  223. Passive Bandpass Filter
  224. Balanced "passive" crossover
  225. MAX5486- digi pot help!
  226. gain stages in dynacord mixer
  227. DRV134 pcb
  228. quick and dirty Mono Sum circuit
  229. Anybody interested in checking my PLLXO?
  230. Yet another Volume controlers and source selections
  231. Volume control
  232. low gain 12ax7 schematic
  233. Marantz HDAM Preamp DIY Kit on Ebay
  234. "Crazy" power for preamp
  235. ImPASSe -- transformer transplant
  236. Phono to Aux Conversion
  237. Easiest and fastest way to measure a crossover's transfer function?
  238. Help needed making an RCA Y cable
  239. Anyone heard a Leak 70 ss amp ?
  240. Meaning of an output's "load impedance"?
  241. Remove mid range boost EQ circuit?
  242. Oscilloscope BK precision 1477
  243. Help whit Ebay/diy zone regulator
  244. Stereoscope Leader
  245. HELP channel select on guitar amp
  246. Looking for service manual of mixer Aeq BC-2500
  247. DAC datasheet
  248. TL072 or NE5532 (or TL074) Which is best?
  249. Ready made graphs that can import data
  250. Rotel + BHC Aerovox 10000uF 63V... worthwhile change?

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