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  1. Preamplifier
  2. My pre-amp/DAC/Phono/Headphone build
  3. not balance sound on tube pre-amp
  4. passing audio through unused telephone connection
  5. help designing RC level isolation transformer
  6. Selector switch questions
  7. dual ganged pot
  8. Phono Preamp for Creamic Cartridge
  9. What type of wire for signal in?
  10. Need help with single supply conversion
  11. Shunted pot?
  12. New to this so be gentle: Want to mod a Audio Control EQX
  13. XLR Selector Box
  14. Opamp for Mic preamp
  15. xlr to pc-soundcard
  16. Wiring unbalanced with XLR instead of RCA
  17. Electronic volume control idea
  18. Trying to separate signal and voltage ground: Am I thinking it right?
  19. Trying to separate signal and voltage ground: Am I thinking it right?
  20. High voltage mosfet buffer
  21. unbalanced to balanced conversion
  22. High End Tone Control
  23. DVD/CD Audio Out Control ?
  24. Stepped-Attenuators = Thin Lower-Mids?
  25. ANN: LF01 Discrete/Hybrid Opamp Module
  26. transformer coupled output= dc block?
  27. searching for amplifier distributer with more than 20 db bass mid treble tone control
  28. Does anyone use a MiniDSP 2x8 as a preamplifier?
  30. "Reverse" Linkwitz Transform
  31. Active crossover for subwoofer
  32. 2 way crossover build (diy first timer)
  33. The joys of Transformer Volume Control maintenance - 23 pole switch replacement
  34. Current feedback composite amplifiers
  35. Ovation Line Pre-Amp
  36. Amplifier XO simulation in WinISD
  37. Phase inverting / not inverting preamplifier
  38. Help a Newb add preamps to his receiver.
  39. DS1802 and CD4052 mux problems
  40. Preamp kit $150-$300
  41. help modifying my Phono-stage
  42. what are you thoughts on zstage from decware?
  43. Help needed with Paul Hynes VCCS
  44. Diy line mixer
  45. help pls...about crossover watts
  46. Problem with DS1802 digital volume control IC
  47. How much overhead is required
  48. multiple feedback low pass filter question
  49. Pre-amp transistor based for dynamic mic
  50. Basic pre-amp for DMX controller
  51. Recapping Linn Linto
  52. Lightspeed Attenuator needs a buffer??? Try these.
  53. anyone modded their musical fidelity V-LPS?
  54. Low audio frequency cutoff filter
  55. Not thrilled with sound of 4562 in active xovers
  56. Tube preamp diy kit
  57. Can somebody please check over my crossover
  58. No Name Pre
  59. Can I do that subs 12ax7 with 12at7
  60. Notch Filter
  61. Swapping Op-Amps... you have checked to see it's stable haven't you ?
  62. wiring input for 4 ch 41hz amp9b
  63. Q_Dispre
  64. Volume & selector controller with 5x7 dotmatrix display for tube/transistor amplifier
  65. why would +ve regulator output -ve voltage? ?
  66. suhr preamp
  67. DIY mixer first project
  68. what is R and C in series to ground?
  69. E.C Audio Finestra Preamp
  70. converting passive xo to line level passive OR salen key? any advice?
  71. Slow ramp up/fast ramp down 48V phantom power (circuit design)
  72. Mic Preamp Buffer
  73. Rotel RC 970 BX MK II - Service Manual
  74. Help needed for tone control circuit
  75. Descrete jFET versus IC op-amp quality
  76. A New approach of Volume Control: AAVA (Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplifier)
  77. 8-way (remote) volume control
  78. Remote Controlled (RC) Volume Control Kits - Overview wanted
  79. what causes a big soundstage (audio research)
  80. Passive low-pass passive for line input - 2nd part
  81. Alpine ERE-G180 and G190 schematics
  82. Riaa capacitor voltage ratings
  83. THAT 1510/1512 op-amps
  84. Quality line attenuator?
  85. Passive low-pass passive for line input
  86. Yamaha C-65
  87. Preamp A - 15 : Mark Levinson No. 20.5 Derived
  88. 12az7a phono stage-12ay7a line stage
  89. Relays for ESP P125 (4-way LR crossover board)
  90. 3 band eq with paramertic
  91. tetra phono stage values
  92. Preamp improvements/suggestions
  93. Cascaded Notch filters
  94. Please help: building a notch filter
  95. Help me replacing a (they dont have that) op ic
  96. Improved LDR Volume Control
  97. Mods Xiang Sheng 728A
  98. Ultra-fine level setting
  99. line volume knob
  100. Behringer CX2310 Toroid wiring
  101. Richard Fordham 5.1 Volume Control
  102. INA217 mic preamp critique and questions
  103. Modular Balanced Preamp
  104. Primare i21 broken, no sound
  105. Jfet Preamp Calculator
  106. Use of ferrite beads / core on screened cables
  107. Tube Nube! Where to start,,
  108. [Help] Vintage preamp worth to buy ?
  109. HI-FI Magazine Pre-amp
  110. Basic attenuator question
  111. Jfet folded cascode with diamond buffer opamp
  112. Impedance matching LoZ source HiZ inputs
  113. Gain stage for SS phono
  114. Measuring platter speed.
  115. Budget "passive preamp"
  116. Sansui SP-220 Tube Preamp
  117. Preamp for Piezo cello bridge
  118. Mixer Section explanation help needed.
  119. What is a good 1st order Good Band pass?
  120. Preamp: Comparing LDR and buffered LDR
  121. BTL to Balanced Conversion
  123. Questios about designing with opamps
  124. Preamp from Velodyne HGS line
  125. Using PGA23XX with dac with dc offset
  126. Instrumentation Amp: Input Resistors?
  127. Mic pre amp Problem
  128. please help me
  129. Output transformer in reverse to drive a piezo disk
  130. add a volume control to a dac with dc offset
  131. How to switch phantom power?
  132. zoe tsang simple opamp preamp/buffer kit on ebay
  133. Impedance of parallel transformers
  134. External tunable X-Over
  135. sound of discrete opamps
  136. Big Dumb Input Selector
  137. DIY Line preamp sugestions, 10meter cables
  138. which tube preamp kit for newbie
  139. EQ Circuit before or after crossover circuit ??
  140. Schematic needed panasonic RX-1230 schematic
  141. Passive 16 channel summing mixer
  142. schematic needed: 3 band equaliser + gain stage
  143. Quick question on pots for guitar pre
  144. Counterpoint SA5 Phono Channel Out... Help!
  145. Help with Op Amp outamp
  146. Discrete dual-opamp DIP08 module (jcx topology)
  147. Preamp disappointment and passive mod???
  148. Need help with volume control
  149. Solid State Pre Amp with Tube Amp - Pointless?
  150. Touch-sense/remote active/passive preamp
  151. Summing Mixer and Headphone amp...
  152. Linkwitz-Riley low pass, strange distortion?
  153. Cauer / Elliptic Filter design program
  154. do I need vintage preamp?
  155. Optical Attenuator on the Cheap
  156. CDP output enough for line-level active crossover?
  157. Replacing Samson S 3-way Xover Op amps
  158. Any Semi Manufacturers Better Than Others?
  159. Help me to Build Tube Preamp with Phono
  160. Need audio input indicator
  161. Where do I put the subwoofer volume control potentiometer?
  162. XLR to RCA I/O with Aleph Pre, Acurs Amp, X-OVR and Nak Dragon
  163. microphone echo & delay fx circuit
  164. 3 band eq using jfet transistors
  165. compenstation cap for 2nd order allpass delay circuit
  166. Recommend a DIY pre-amp for use with Hypex UCD modules
  167. Just passing my PLXXO and trafo design by the experts :)
  168. Line stage cap recommendations
  169. AGC automatic gain controler
  170. High quality capacitors for crossovers?
  171. Organizing Components for Low Noise?
  172. fender tmb circuit
  173. 3 band eq
  174. Is This Preamp Okay?
  175. Need a preamp for my sub
  176. Cello Audio Palette
  177. Questions on xover and preamps.
  178. INA134, balanced an unbalanced, normal phase and inverted phase
  179. Help! needed a mic preamp for amplifier
  180. Passive Preamp - Grounding plan
  181. +/- 0.3V bumps on my ground
  182. Yet another preamp...
  183. Active Filter, Delay, and LT circuit board
  184. does anyone have a schematic and pcb layout for 3 band bass onboard eq?
  185. Carver C-1 Preamp Output Voltage Issue
  186. Adding bands to an equalizer circuit?
  187. transformer attenuator directly from v-out dac
  188. Looking for a better OP-Amp to replace a UTC TDA2822L
  189. Hafler DH-101 Pre-Amp
  190. Moog parametric EQ - proper pots?
  191. pga2310 output resistors
  192. HELP with Kaneda line stage PSU
  193. source/ speaker selector
  194. Stepped attenuator - getting the impedance right
  195. Volume control bent(slight) parasound PHP-850
  196. connect IR receiver
  197. High cap ceramic capacitors.... how they "sound"
  198. LED peak level indicator
  199. Balanced Matrix Mixer Question!
  200. Where shall I place the potentiometer?
  201. Preamp to go with an Arcam Delta290 power - do i need active, or will passive be ok?
  202. Is This Possible? Am I Crazy?
  203. Sony TA-E88b ?????
  204. coda pre-01 help fix?
  205. Need a 1 meg input pre stage-?!
  206. Balanced Line driver help.. noisy
  207. 6-band graphic eq project component substitutions / improvements
  208. 1176 compressor output transformer alternative
  209. Help-AC input connected directly to case!
  210. different gain levels and a PLLXO´s impedance
  211. Thorens restec V1 preamplifier
  212. Signal-Powered Compressor?
  213. simplest, purest mixer
  214. Ideas to improve this microphone preamp?
  215. Preamplifier from Lineup & Fotios for fun
  216. MM cartridge capacitance loading
  217. Volume Equilizer
  218. Wanted: Melos 110B schematics
  219. Can 555 circuit supply enough neg voltage
  220. amplifier works connected to PC .. but not when connected to car radio
  221. DIY a preamp
  222. Dynaco PAS Preamp - Complete Rebuild
  223. Subwoofer filter problem - Please help me
  224. Remote control receiver - help
  225. High end preamp kit
  226. Output tranny for 6080 tube
  227. Need to convert a Linar preamp from 220V to 120V
  228. help with interfacing microcontroller to pga volume chip
  229. Carbon pot vs digital pot
  230. Amplitude Errors in the Summed Response of Audio Crossover Filters
  231. Mixer/Amplifier
  232. Help upgrading opamps!
  233. EAD theatermaster 8800 problem
  234. Arduino controled PGA2310 Preamp
  235. Lightspeed clone, BOM
  236. Passive Line Splitter
  237. Resistor wattage for stepped attenuator
  238. Emitter bypass caps in a CE stage
  239. Wanted: Zero feedback 2-10x gain line stage...prefer symmetrical
  240. Cheap Valve Kits (such as this one)... Are they worth the effort?
  241. Need help with Adcom gcd-575
  242. Subwoofer channel mix + crossover
  243. Digital volume control from audiomodule
  244. audio mono preamplifier schematic needed
  245. 8 channel touch sense/remote volume controll
  246. Help with Hum - Hum Help - Aikido
  247. Denon 3808 Schematic
  248. 24 input/24 output mixer
  249. new idea (for me): dual first order building block PCB
  250. Op amps help! 3x3 12v matrix mixer

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