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  1. Ipod Stereo to mono summing
  2. DIY preamp component choice
  3. Velleman K8084 Earthing / Grounding
  4. Active Tone Control and preamp. Need help urgent!
  5. Repairing my balanced inputs
  6. Help with preamp build
  7. Tape out of passive preamp into passive preamp/remove resistors?
  8. SE-ONE Spatial Enhancer
  9. Potmeter to balanced amp= Hum; Help!
  10. LEDs as references in current sources
  11. Looking for inkel pp 821 pre amp service manual
  12. Original Mezmerize thread?
  13. Active xover help.
  14. The Effects Of High Resistance Interconnects
  15. dual balanced ne5534 schematic
  16. JA Pre and MyRef - FE Integration
  17. RFI filter and DC blocking cap
  18. Dyanmic mic to electret type input
  19. Help with audio test equipment design
  20. Simple precision constant current LDR controller
  21. How to control 10 pots in active cross?
  22. HF to LF shelving filter
  23. Lawo W990VS/9 - Connection Question
  24. GlassWare Audio
  25. Source select and passive volume for microcontroller-based preamp?
  26. Microcontroller stepped LDR
  27. Newbie question - PCB mounting
  28. PGA2310 based preamp+ remote
  29. Summing Amp Transformers
  30. Krell KSL AC Conversion 110 -> 240
  31. Insert-send to balanced converter
  32. That 1512 fixed gain follow by a second stage
  33. "Tape Out" on DIY Passive Pre
  34. Help to make a pcb for portable stereo preamp ?
  35. Modifying Maplin preamp kit
  36. Help choosing opamp for this circuit
  37. Help! Microphone impedance matching?
  38. adding opamp filter stage
  39. parametric filter to shelving
  40. opamps - fakes?
  41. combine active xo and parametric eq
  42. Discussion of CCS control for LED/LDR volume adjustment
  43. Small Signal Transistor and Diode Models from NXP
  44. Output Transformer Waveform- Is it good or not?
  45. TL082 Preamp Instability
  46. HELP! line-level crossover design for solar-powered biamped soundsystem
  47. How to integrate Baffle Step Compensation into existing discrete linestage?
  48. Fundamental Oscilliscope Usage
  49. Balanced buffers - analogue volume control
  50. A second order active filter with single supply - Zin ?
  51. Tamradio 600:600 Transformers
  52. Input bias current and impedance of an op amp?
  53. Otari MX7000
  54. Vca's
  55. Optimum value for R(s) in a JFET follower?
  56. Active preamp gain
  57. complementary jfet input trimmer
  58. Looking for a PGA2320 PCB
  59. Looking for discrete high performance linestage design with 12v rails
  60. Which power transformer for low hum?
  61. 2SA1015 SRPP follower bridge mode
  62. H/K 595 subwoofer connect to Aiwa reciever.
  63. Aragon 47k Schematics?
  64. Best OP-amp for EQ circuit?
  65. Broskie
  66. Active Stereo Preamp , OPAMP VS TRANSISTORS , which on would you prefer ?
  67. XLR jacks
  68. Which Aikido?
  69. Electret Mic Power Circuit for PC Input
  70. Soundcraft B100 (TL072...again)
  71. XLR, RCA and CMRR - a few questions
  72. Help Designing Preamp Schematic
  73. Here's a weird enquiry
  74. C1583 & A798
  75. Volume Control with symmetrical out and in
  76. Building a Tee attenuator
  77. Noise in balanced outputs - Parasound
  78. Need some advice on a level booster...
  79. INA134-DRV134 balanced preamp
  80. how to add protection circuits (swith circuit)
  81. resistor(s) in ground paths to reduce hum, etc.
  82. My (quick and dirty) take at a PLLXO for OB, help is welcome
  83. Lundahl LL1530 - audio application?
  84. SP-6 Light with ECC801S
  85. Active crossover help
  86. Line Level Preamp, Using JFETs, in a can.
  87. Replacement push buttons for hafler?
  88. My fuzz pedal project is behaving badly
  89. My fuzz pedal project is behaving badly
  90. Op-amp Upgrade
  91. Output transformers for Line-level signal.
  92. PGA2310 control module
  93. Shields in internally balanced equipment
  94. First effort: MM/MC phono preamp with DC servo
  95. How to figure gyrator treble boost gain
  96. AirTight ATC-2 Preamp Pictures
  97. Need help with the NE5543N opamp
  98. help building a crossover/lowpass filter
  99. Poles and throws?
  100. DC buildup in Linkwitz Transform
  101. BOZ (bride of Zen) advices asked - things to do/avoid
  103. Adjustable Linkwitz-Riley filter: Help needed with SPICE
  104. Variable active high pass filter .
  105. What advantage to use OP to summing signal ?
  106. Transformer malfunction??'
  107. Fader Penny Giles and Active Level control
  108. Is this filtering really needed ?
  110. Balanced vs Unbalanced -Basics
  111. Humorous mistake in Douglas Self Active Crossovers book
  112. preamp and tone control circuit with pcb
  113. Noisy 'clickless' analogue switches
  114. Preamp needed, or am I missing something?
  115. Volume Control Clicks
  116. Audio Research SP-10 Clone HELP please
  117. Selector switch
  118. repairing/recycling RCA cable
  119. Klimo Merlin rebuilding
  120. Analog Signal to fire Contact Closure
  121. Cello Palette Style EQ Design (was High End Tone Control)...
  122. LDR attenuators - Better balance with DC bias
  123. Acoustic Guitar Pre/Comp/EQ/Blender/DI
  124. Where is the point of diminishing returns with caps in passive crossovers?
  125. Preamp output protection
  126. Lexicon Master Re-boot?
  127. Grounding in balanced passive pre?
  128. Preamp knob where to buy...
  129. Transcendent Sound GG help
  130. Signal level
  131. Advice on a simple preamp
  132. Balanced and Unbalanced signals in a Control Room Monitor
  133. Audio Delay Circuit
  134. Shielded Umbilical Question
  135. TEAC 80-8 head spec
  136. DC on Lightspeed-attenuator possible
  137. DC on Lightspeed-attenuator possible
  138. Light Dependant Resistor Current Control
  139. Broskie Unbalancer - manual query?
  140. Op-amp Guilt feel.
  141. simple active crossover
  142. Attenuation Versus Gain
  143. fake signal to bypassed inserts
  144. How to Mult (aka split) a line signal into 8 identical buffered outputs... properly!
  145. Mic preamp
  146. Silicon Chip Pre-amp not switching inputs
  147. Making a very simple volume control
  148. consumer --- > commercial
  149. Need advice isolating subwoofer channel from main L/R channels.
  150. What type of diode should i use in this circuit?
  151. Plz advise on balanced pot wiring
  152. Protecting my amp during circuit tests
  153. Pre amp output shorted?
  154. 4 channel mixer circuit?
  155. Wiring a Pot
  156. How to make a phase inverter?
  157. line level volume control
  158. Equalizer
  159. RL passive high pass line level filter
  160. Denon D-75 & diy plinth
  161. Many questions on mhennessy's Hi-Fi preamp (mainly about power-fail detect circuit)
  162. LF03 discrete opamp
  163. passive line level filter question
  164. DIC Integrated amplifier - seventies
  165. Sound Quality on Unity gain opamp
  166. PGA2310 Line Preamplifier + Free Software
  167. Remotely Controlled Motorized Volume Pot.
  168. Preamp Kit - New DIY'er
  169. Pre-Amp Mods - Suggestions
  170. why not use quarter inch stereo jacks for connecting hifi
  171. BSG Technologies QOL "Signal Completion Stage"
  172. What is the best use of 12AT7?
  173. Popping noise on input selector switch
  174. 3 TRS in, 3 TRS out, 1 knob volume.
  175. Fostex Volume Control "PC1EX" - Schematic wanted
  176. Schematic Focusrite Octopre??
  177. multichannel volume control
  178. JC-80 eBay PCBs & Power Train
  179. Parametric EQ values?
  180. Recommend a first diy phono pre-amp?
  181. Phono problems one side working
  182. TL071 question
  183. Forte F44 preamp, DC Voltage leak
  184. To build a high pass RL line level filter
  185. If You Don't Have a SIT, Fake It...
  186. 3 core audio cable
  187. Another Remote Alps
  188. matching sine wave wave file / expert opinion
  189. Can a delay circuit be beneficial between bass and mids?
  190. Exponential programmable resistor
  191. Balanced interconnect with 2 x 75 ohm coax cables?
  192. Volume Control Kit/Controller to work with WMCE-remotes
  193. cs3318 and arduino
  194. Anyone knows if Khozmo guy is still around
  195. What kind of connector is this and how can it be fixed?
  196. "8 ohm 3 way x-over" mod for 4ohm woofer ?
  197. 6SN7 Tube pre
  198. 2 channel to 7.1
  199. Pass Aleph L1.2
  200. Chinese mini VU Meters
  201. Three opamp 24db/oct crossover?
  202. Parametric EQ for subwoofer?
  203. Kit or Behringer ?
  204. Redesigning a cheap obsolete 8-track pre-amp.
  205. Help with circuit for preamp with eq and balanced output powered by phantom power
  206. Inexspensive volume control chips
  207. Linkwitz ASP Custom Build
  208. Shielded cable or faraday cage or both?
  209. Upgraded opamp in preamp and now there is a hum/buzz
  210. GFP-555
  211. mic tube preamp as line stage
  212. AV / HT Preamp
  213. audio matrix
  214. mic pre application buffer op-amp question
  215. Does this preamp look any good?
  216. Replacement for LM833 in active crossover
  217. Not another project yet
  218. RJM Audio B-Board Project
  219. Cause of weak Preamp channel
  220. Schematic Boston PV700
  221. discrete op amp
  222. Resistor between line out and GND: what for?
  223. Recap Rotel RC1070
  224. Speaker selector / level equalizer?
  225. Voltage Readings Following Soldering Error
  226. Selector switch - replacement - shielded wire?
  227. Frequency Response of WW Pots?
  228. Passive pre, adding buffers
  229. AI Modulus preamp...heat damage?
  230. auto level control for input
  231. Which opamp in this preamp circuit?
  232. Audio Pre Amplifier
  233. Cotton OCC 5N Silver Interconnect Cables
  234. Mic Preamp output protection
  235. Krell KAV-250cd Output stage drawn
  236. Stereo to Mono Circuit: need help with capacitor
  237. AD797 Preamp based on stolen trademark
  238. Solderless RCA plugs for DIY interconnects
  239. options for source selector/volume control <100/$150
  240. Pre Amp with pre-out for Arjen Helder Ta2020
  241. Cables: different YES - better ???
  242. Arcam AV9 processor
  243. Looking for unbalanced to balanced transformer
  244. Frequency cut out switches. Graphic EQ.
  245. Stepped attenuator ?
  246. active tri line splitter using BJT transistor
  247. Neotech UPOCC Silver vs HGA Silver
  248. All In One Mixer/PC Project
  249. Sweep Eq
  250. Methods of Handling Various Devices and Grounding - Ground Loop Issues

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