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  1. line transformer matching impedance Icepower 50ASX2
  2. Hot Rodding the Musical Fidelity X-Pre
  3. Any experience with Elliott Sound VCA Pre-Amp
  4. Humm noise on pre McIntosh MX136
  5. Stupid Q ... what determines "signal ground" on a unity gain buffer?
  6. carver C-2 pre hum?
  7. LME49720 preamp for F5
  8. Audio Research LS-1 Schematic & Parts List?
  9. Help for MUSES 72320 DIY kit
  10. Middle Controls
  11. Dual Regulated Bugle Phono Preamp?
  12. How to run line level output to ground
  13. SSM2019BNZ for 'gainy' pre-amp?
  14. DBX Active Crossover
  15. Luxman C1000 preamp starts clicking on and off rapidly after 20 min
  16. Stereo + LFE (2.1)?
  17. Cat5 Audio Line Noise
  18. STP analog audio interconnect ex-Firewire
  19. Octal ccda inclosure build (lots of pics!)
  20. Question about speaker protection kit circuit
  21. Simple Question about Speaker Protection
  22. low pass filter
  23. Checking needed: 2way active crossover
  24. Cermet or conductive plastic
  25. any one have schematic of this cross over?
  26. Forte F-44
  27. multiple devices feeding a single line input
  28. op amp selection?
  29. Sound-card info needed?
  30. Reducing effects of floor vibrations
  31. Preamp kit recommendations
  32. Signal LED causing distortion
  33. Should I be worried about gain structure?
  34. Soundcard input protection circuit
  35. Balanced line receiver (INA134) - RFI caps - compromise between CMRR/RFI filtering
  36. simple questions: integrating pre and power amp
  37. Need help with subwoofer integration with ZAPH AUDIO SR71
  38. ss chinese preamplifiers?
  39. Help with Passive Summing Theory
  40. Exploring possibilities new downward expander design
  41. mark levinson jc2 defect
  42. PreAmp Voltage/Impedance
  43. LOC Vs. Amps High Level Inputs
  44. Preamp design, include gain bypass?
  45. Thoughts on this input selector PCB? How can I add volume control?
  46. Pot imbalance
  47. Power Supply Upgrade - Request Sanity Check
  48. ADC0804 Relay Attenuator
  49. Experience with edcor xsm2.4k-600 as preamp/dac output ?
  50. Baxandall tone topologies
  51. Volume (level) ... the bottom line
  52. Marchand XM-1 mystery parts
  53. Simaudio CP-8 Owners: Did you know that it was a Denon?
  54. Supply voltage vs performance
  55. 10 band equalizer based on LM833
  56. What kind of filter is this
  57. PS III Linear Control Center
  58. How loud?
  59. comparison idea concerning the villex passive booster jack
  60. Finally! the high gain I needed...
  61. John Curl's Blowtorch preamplifier part III
  62. SAE P101 cap replacement-help wanted
  63. Tracing Hum in Passive Line Level Filter
  64. Troubleshooting a preamp - sources of buzz/humm/hiss
  65. High Dc offset voltage on the input line
  66. Potentiometer selection for my diy project
  67. Pre-amp to power amp problem
  68. Op-amp for Single-Rail Supply
  69. what is the best route for a 2.5 system?
  70. Counterpoint SA-3 rebuild
  71. ground "loop" type issue with Android phones into class D amps
  72. Single ended to balanced conversion
  73. Leveling line signals to power amp
  74. OPA2134 Tilt Equalizer
  75. Removing a Crossover from a poweramp
  76. ls404 based active crossover try
  77. Equalizer
  78. Bose 901 Series IV ActiVe EQ schematic
  79. help with diy phono preamp
  80. PGA2310 preamplifier
  81. Opamp Line Attenuator and Buffer Question
  82. Tube Preamp with HT Bypass...
  83. 4 chanel Stereo Input Selector
  84. Bose 901 series I active equalizer DIY
  85. 110db SNR discrete buffered preamplifier with Vclip indicator
  86. 512-MPSA92 Replacement in MOX
  87. Help with "IPOD" in car audio application
  88. Transistor Preamplifier -part values for higher voltage rail.
  89. P37 pre from Elliot --lowering gain
  90. How to buffer the analog out put of a DAC chip
  91. 7.1 Switcher
  92. How to check circuit for oscillation?
  93. How to "Sum" L+R signals for a mono sub output?
  94. need btl schematic using op-amp
  95. 600:10k line stage transformers any use?
  96. JC-2 Clone Build
  97. Carver C1 preamp loud static "pop"
  98. Understanding and optimizing Ashly xover help?
  99. Current Feedback Opamps in simulation and practice.
  100. fluorescent peak meter
  101. DIY Preamp recommendations
  102. Active Crossover Design: How the drivers influence filter type/topology/slope?
  103. Sumo Athena II balanced?
  104. help me, please find a service manual for dbx386 for repair
  105. PGA2310 impedance questions
  106. Remote control kaput?
  107. Pre amplifier or not?
  108. line level strength - big boost required
  109. input selector, to use resistors at the inputs or not
  110. AH Pre line stage
  111. internal cable recommendation
  112. want to make a splitter box for use with mixer inserts
  113. Modding Ecler AC-6 talkover release
  114. ADC Sound Shaper 3 EQ
  115. Schematic wanted for parametric Equalizers from Behringer and IBANEZ
  116. What else? A PGA-preamplifier...
  117. Modding My ADC SS100-SL Equalizer
  118. Preamp Gain for NE5532
  119. Gain regulation on Counterpoint SA3000
  120. Any analog xovers as good as Ashly XR series?
  121. THAT 5171 Controlled By Arduino?
  122. Ground Loop in UREI 1176 compressor
  123. Handling inactive inputs in source selector
  124. How to split output from phono stage
  125. low pass and subsonic filter
  126. BEQ circuit
  127. Adding in RCA Outputs
  128. Wanted: 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley 24hz/octive low-pass filter
  129. Jumper wires & RFI in preamp
  130. Help with component selection for filter
  131. INKEL MX991
  132. Active Crossover Adjustment
  133. CS3318 based preamp - layout
  134. EAD Theatermaster Classic won't operate
  135. filter Q Question
  136. Buffering two signals together
  137. How to bias 2SK170BL in Boozehound Labs phono pre?
  138. Can I make a really simplistic line-level signal go mono one way, stereo in parallel?
  139. Aikido - approximate input impedance
  140. Ultimate analogue tone control or an audiophool overkill? :)
  141. A remote control preamp in the works
  142. Custom Equalizer Design needed
  143. Multichannel preamp
  144. Hafler Iris Preamp balance issue - fixed
  145. Acurus L10 Preamp Mods & Schematic
  146. Home made DSP / FPGA digital audio mixer
  147. Soundcraft LX7 Replacement parts
  148. Bonsai's practical buffer
  149. Help needed with an audio signal splitter solution
  150. Crosstalk?
  151. i want to throw something
  152. Optimizing resistor placement Vishay TX2575
  153. Input impedance of PRE vs sensitivity to disturbance
  154. PIC Controlled PGA 2320 8 Channel Preamp
  155. How to change a degree of volume pot rotation by remote control?
  156. tamura input transformer shield
  157. Need a help: Mark Levinson No26.
  158. LME49720 Pre amp PCB/Kit
  159. Faulty mixer inputs
  160. Basic home cinema wiring advice
  161. Diamond Cascode, a Diamond-like buffer/current booster
  162. Unusual high-pitched whistle caused by my Audio Pre-AMP
  163. Looking to build stereo mixer but can't find many schematics!
  164. Aureus preAmplifier
  165. strange! LM-4562 question
  166. Tube Preamp hummmmmm
  167. LCDuino-1 Processor, using non-latching relays help
  168. CS3318 PCB Layout
  169. Levels in an active three-way system
  170. Source selector using Analog switches or multiplexers - opinions?
  171. Yet another PGA23xx board...
  172. Concentric shaft Alps "Blue" pot
  173. Cleaning dusty printed circuit boards
  174. ad797 plus buf634
  175. Bypass - ceramic or film?
  176. tweeter crossover
  177. This pre-amp good?
  178. Remote Control Pot
  179. VU Meter ballistics
  180. The "AmpDuino" project
  181. Capacitors at 50v vs 25v on replacement in preamp power supply?
  182. Knocking sound coming from PCB
  183. Versatile quad-amp card
  184. 4-channel 20dB gain stage with unbal inputs and unbal+bal outputs: Any Interest?
  185. Just built a Hagerman Cornet 2 phono pre
  186. ad797 questions
  187. [Newbie]Audio bandpass filter design
  188. Wideband DCA preamp with shunt PS
  189. 3-way input selector + Attenuator + Balanced outputs?
  190. subwoofer circuit
  191. Motorised Volume Pot - Controller isolation
  192. Audio compressor to lower TV commercials-help needed
  193. AUS: Alpha 20/10 Preamp & Sigma 22 Builder Required
  194. 2ch passive stereo summing circuit?
  195. designing a 1-Hz lowpass with no DC error
  196. What is a preamp actually doing?
  197. Choosing attenuator for MF X-10D Clone
  198. some questions about DC servo mic pre's
  199. Need hekp with how to select a preamp
  200. Weird problem with a preamp with 3 band EQ module
  201. TEAC VU Meter Hookup
  202. input transformer frequency response?
  203. Help wanted checking vero layout for active 4 channel mixer
  204. Simple non-digital input selector
  205. dc on only one primary of the line trafo
  206. Volume potmeter Technics Su 8600
  207. Servo on non-inverting opamp ?
  208. Any suggestions to improve these output and input filters?
  209. simple solution for VU-Meter
  210. Combined Speaker-Amplifier Project
  211. Teac AN-60 Alignment
  212. 2.5v achieves lower distortion on LDR NSL32SR2
  213. Help Gain clone supply PCB design
  214. HOW TO MEASURE interference between e.g. 20kHz and 21kHz tones?
  215. 3-way signal splitter
  216. implimenting linkwitz's notch/dip filter for room eq
  217. Anyone seen this EQ before?
  218. ReCapping marantz av-9000 16v 13000uf
  219. Audio Processing
  220. Anyone know what these caps are for?
  221. Is coax needed to wire a microphone?
  222. How do I choose a preamplifier that would be compatible with this microphone?
  223. W06M Bridge Rectifier, equivalent substitute
  224. Preamplifier kit information
  225. Handling +4dBu/-10dBv and un/balanced
  226. Line receiver and driver pcb?
  227. 2 conductor shielded cable
  229. 20hz high pass on Ashly XR2000 - removable?
  230. Transformer Based Balanced Output & Impedance
  231. Poll for the participants of "John Curl's Blowtorch preamplifier part II"
  232. John Bowers Active Control Unit preamp: Info sought
  233. Looking for pointers on first DIY preamp please.
  234. Simple analog vu-meter driver ?
  235. Please pardon the noob question. need guidance
  236. Build a high pass filter for amplifier
  237. Critique on success of this subwoofer cutoff project?
  238. Need gain AMOUNT for mobile phone/pc sources
  239. re-replacing 2sk213/j76 transistors help
  240. Preventing crossover between mixers
  241. RCA LMI- 32215 A - for recording studio.
  242. Rane pot help please...
  243. Simple low voltage tube preamp stage
  244. HELP me design a discrete current sinking positive V regulator
  245. True Biamping and Active crossovers info request
  246. Question about hypex balanced vs unbalanced
  247. Soundcraftsmen
  248. very small noob question project 88
  249. Help with cable conundrum!
  250. P7 Pre amp Trouble

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