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  1. Chinese mini VU Meters
  2. Three opamp 24db/oct crossover?
  3. Parametric EQ for subwoofer?
  4. Kit or Behringer ?
  5. Redesigning a cheap obsolete 8-track pre-amp.
  6. Help with circuit for preamp with eq and balanced output powered by phantom power
  7. Inexspensive volume control chips
  8. Linkwitz ASP Custom Build
  9. Shielded cable or faraday cage or both?
  10. Upgraded opamp in preamp and now there is a hum/buzz
  11. GFP-555
  12. mic tube preamp as line stage
  13. AV / HT Preamp
  14. audio matrix
  15. mic pre application buffer op-amp question
  16. Does this preamp look any good?
  17. Replacement for LM833 in active crossover
  18. Not another project yet
  19. RJM Audio B-Board Project
  20. Cause of weak Preamp channel
  21. Schematic Boston PV700
  22. discrete op amp
  23. Resistor between line out and GND: what for?
  24. Recap Rotel RC1070
  25. Speaker selector / level equalizer?
  26. Voltage Readings Following Soldering Error
  27. Selector switch - replacement - shielded wire?
  28. Frequency Response of WW Pots?
  29. Passive pre, adding buffers
  30. AI Modulus preamp...heat damage?
  31. auto level control for input
  32. Which opamp in this preamp circuit?
  33. Audio Pre Amplifier
  34. Cotton OCC 5N Silver Interconnect Cables
  35. Mic Preamp output protection
  36. Krell KAV-250cd Output stage drawn
  37. Stereo to Mono Circuit: need help with capacitor
  38. AD797 Preamp based on stolen trademark
  39. Solderless RCA plugs for DIY interconnects
  40. options for source selector/volume control <100/$150
  41. Pre Amp with pre-out for Arjen Helder Ta2020
  42. Cables: different YES - better ???
  43. Arcam AV9 processor
  44. Looking for unbalanced to balanced transformer
  45. Frequency cut out switches. Graphic EQ.
  46. Stepped attenuator ?
  47. active tri line splitter using BJT transistor
  48. Neotech UPOCC Silver vs HGA Silver
  49. All In One Mixer/PC Project
  50. Sweep Eq
  51. Methods of Handling Various Devices and Grounding - Ground Loop Issues
  52. In-depth analysis of effect of high-quality interconnects
  53. Universal FET buffer / preamplifier
  54. Simple Pre-Amp with Variable High-Pass - This right?
  55. How to derermine the optimum bias resistor value ?
  56. output inductor?
  57. RGB LEDs amp audio level
  58. installing an analog audio output jack on a television?
  59. Help needed for Krell krs-1a preamp
  60. power conditioner project anyone ??
  61. DQ-LP1 Help
  62. upgrading active xover with LM4562
  63. 48VDC Phantom Power switch - seeking advice
  64. Rotel RTC-970 - Remote Controller RR970
  65. bi-amp'd, with passive mid/high ??
  66. Interesting Interconnect Cables
  67. Hum in RC cable
  68. Help for upgrading Pioneer receiver
  69. My attempt at a Monitor Volume Control with headphone outs
  70. Pumpkin Problems
  71. Rod Elliot - Audio Mixing Console (HELP!!)
  72. looking for a 3 way active crossover for diy powered speaker
  73. RFI woes
  74. need info on preamps for use on baf1
  75. Mixer Channel for observation
  76. Help With Existing Crossover Points
  77. stepped aattenuator - stop pops
  78. Adcom GFP-565 Input Selector
  79. Subsonic Filters & Film Caps
  80. DIY build of the Pioneer C-21 preamplifier
  81. Preamplifier with integrated circuits
  82. mixer circuits (looking for simple, but very high quality)...
  83. Subwoofer circuit: Going from speaker level to line level
  84. Adding Phantom Power to old board?
  85. Designing a versatile pre with balanced and unbalanced in/out
  86. Help Pls - Coupling Capacitor
  87. How to pick a good audio transistor?
  88. Volume control question
  89. Loudness stage
  90. Electret microphone Pre-amp
  91. Gold pin tube : does it really matters ?
  92. Mic preamp and high/low impedance technical question
  93. Studiomaster 16 x 4 Console
  94. Portable EQ? - Battery Power & SMALL
  95. DIY Tube Equalizer
  96. Using INA217 for Microphone Pre-amp
  97. Here's my DIY passive attenuator / pre / integrated DAC
  98. Basic questions on passive line-level XOs and with bi-amping
  99. Perreaux SM2 Custom
  100. Luxman A522 tonearm?
  101. passive switcher/splitter for monitor controller
  102. XO Components
  103. balanced to unbalanced convertor
  104. CD vs LP
  105. Stan Curtis site
  106. Counterpoint 5.1 Issue
  107. Ebay preamp FET
  108. Some help with high end input selector.
  109. Crossover help!!
  110. Help With Crossover 3-Way Seas 9.1 Home Theater
  111. Simple, good quality equalizer?
  112. Passive Balanced switching and Relay questions!!
  113. Preout mod
  114. remote control unit
  115. Schematic For Vendetta Xover
  116. One of best sounded Line Pre-/RIAA Head Amp from PureAudio-who have heard ?
  117. LDR att. L+R imbalance?
  118. Schematics needed for 3V 1KHz Sine wave generator
  119. is this a balanced input preamp? help m please?
  120. Copland CTA305 schematic
  121. just got a B&K CS-117, lets take a look inside...
  122. Diamond buffer kits any good for preamp?
  123. Analog Multichannel like ProLogic and ProLogic 2 (II) which professional Models
  124. JC-80 eBay PCBs
  125. Connecting many audio output devices to one input device
  126. BBE FJB-200X
  127. Help needed -Electrocompaniet EC4.7 preamp
  128. Improving rejection ratio of subtraction circuit
  129. Delay line for front channel
  130. Wireless analog connection TV -> amp?
  131. Op Amp Rail Splitter Question
  132. Substitution for NEC MuPC812C IC in Nakamichi CA-7A?
  133. Preamp Impedance Question
  134. tone control schematics please
  135. Avoid Potential Groundloop Problems in Headphone Amp
  136. DIY Input isolation filter
  137. Vishay/Dale RN60C or RN55E?
  138. Software for RIAA
  139. RTP3D instructions
  140. Adding an fx send/return to a mixer
  141. lme49710 preamp from china
  142. High gain pre amp noise problems.
  143. New black Jolida JD9 w pics.
  144. Math expression for parametric EQ project
  145. Passive Balanced Volume Control Questions
  146. XLR switcher
  147. Building a Stereo Equalizer
  148. Phase extraction!!!
  149. Is the blue velvet Alps still best price/performance pot?
  150. Preamp Capacitor Questions
  151. Yamaha Promix 01
  152. Q: Converting 5k pot to 20k pot
  153. Anthem D2v Mod
  154. (minimal) speaker level vs. line level high pass filter
  155. Passive Preamp?
  156. Need help troubleshooting PreAmp build
  157. prototype preamplifier
  158. voltage levels for line outs??
  159. Bottlehead Quickie
  160. NJM4580V MSOP in pre for recording?
  161. Attenuator / Pre-amp for Behringer A-500
  162. DIY-unidirectional electrect condenser microphone.
  163. Dahlquist DQ LP1
  164. 5-pin din input connector convert to rca
  165. LDR Based Input Selection
  166. Phantom Power MSOP op-amps
  167. PPS-Caps
  168. Bypassing a receiver's internal amp
  169. Ladder or Series Attenuator for volume?
  170. Active variable Low-Pass Filter 55-110 Hz
  171. Extremely Frustrated!!! Why won't my amp get loud!?!?!
  172. Parametric EQ problems
  173. radford pre Zd22
  174. how test electronic crossover without any instruments?
  175. High freq filtering of a (guitar) preamp?
  176. Floating Differential Signal
  177. 8-channel stereo line level switch
  178. Pre Amp/ line Problems... Help :/
  179. cd preamp for jlh69
  180. Two RCA Outputs into One! HOW TO!?
  181. A.C vs D.C coupling
  182. Passive Crossover for Loudspeakers? HELP!
  183. Passive Crossover for Loudspeakers? HELP!
  184. Inductor wiring for crossover
  185. Place amps next to rca inputs in enclosure?
  187. Signal Path Components
  188. Preamplifier
  189. A Different Opamp Compensation Technique.
  190. Preamp / Passive, for Biamp
  191. Pre-Amp earthing concern
  192. LDR as buffer ?
  193. Passive Line level crossover and input impedance *Help*
  194. Switchable balanced / unbalanced input buffer
  196. Dual I/V stage implementation for Buffalo II & III
  197. Problem with passive preamp HELP!!!
  198. JFET follower (Xenover) with MOX like setup?
  199. A excellent Pre-amp
  200. A little problem with Op-Amp
  201. Best volume kit on the market
  202. Best Pre amp Kit on the market
  203. ESP Project 104 muting problem
  204. How many times can you split a line level output?
  205. Can someone help me make a parallel line level buffer/head phone driver circuit
  206. Repair and Restore Phase Linear 4000 series 2
  207. RCA to XLR Converter
  208. audio reserach d100 am1 am2 modules
  209. Need help with Pass B1 Buffer
  210. frequency control of higher order filter with mono pot
  211. Mark Levinson Cables CEMAC
  212. DI Box question
  213. Help me measure line levels
  214. Pre-Amp with tone control
  215. wiring a dual gang pot
  216. Using digital interconnect as analog interconnect
  217. Help with playing analogue through computer, pls...
  218. Help needed with pcb design!
  219. Preamplifier
  220. My pre-amp/DAC/Phono/Headphone build
  221. not balance sound on tube pre-amp
  222. passing audio through unused telephone connection
  223. help designing RC level isolation transformer
  224. Selector switch questions
  225. dual ganged pot
  226. Phono Preamp for Creamic Cartridge
  227. What type of wire for signal in?
  228. Need help with single supply conversion
  229. Shunted pot?
  230. New to this so be gentle: Want to mod a Audio Control EQX
  231. XLR Selector Box
  232. Opamp for Mic preamp
  233. xlr to pc-soundcard
  234. Wiring unbalanced with XLR instead of RCA
  235. Electronic volume control idea
  236. Trying to separate signal and voltage ground: Am I thinking it right?
  237. Trying to separate signal and voltage ground: Am I thinking it right?
  238. High voltage mosfet buffer
  239. unbalanced to balanced conversion
  240. High End Tone Control
  241. DVD/CD Audio Out Control ?
  242. Stepped-Attenuators = Thin Lower-Mids?
  243. ANN: LF01 Discrete/Hybrid Opamp Module
  244. transformer coupled output= dc block?
  245. searching for amplifier distributer with more than 20 db bass mid treble tone control
  246. Does anyone use a MiniDSP 2x8 as a preamplifier?
  248. "Reverse" Linkwitz Transform
  249. Active crossover for subwoofer
  250. 2 way crossover build (diy first timer)

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