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  1. Switching Noise Between Preamps
  2. Bluetooth Lightspeed attenuator
  3. Help getting 5.1 preamp from Ebay repaired please!
  4. Should using balanced cables to amplified monitors improve sound ?
  5. Apox Audio preamp reborn with the power of Arduino
  6. Does an Op Amp Voltage Follower Operate in Class A?
  7. My boozehound phono stage build
  8. Pre amp kit
  9. balanced preamplifier based on LME49990
  10. Merging two channels with passive low passes
  11. Old Colony Sound Lab T-2D Line Amp - Any Info?
  12. Impedance Bridging and Isolation Tranformer
  13. TDA7315 chip parameters interpretation
  14. MFP-102 N fet compatibility
  15. What is the effect of a 22K res in series with a 25K volume pot?
  16. Senior Project: Bandpass Equalizer pedal
  17. [WANTED] Mark Levinson No 26S Service Manual/Schematic
  18. ORTF is best for stereo recording
  19. A zero impedance preamp and CMRR
  20. good preamp
  21. calculate crossover with Re or impedance ?
  22. Op-Amp Preamp Circuit for Electret Mic
  23. Simple Router (then bass management)
  24. Second order shelving filter
  25. Help with component selection.
  26. passive to tame 8khz peak
  27. Hafler SE100 Preamplifier / Symmetric B1 buffer hybrid
  28. Adcom GFP-750 -Needs Repair
  29. Variable gain op-amp for volume control (vs normal voltage divider pot)
  30. Germanium Transistor and FET opamp
  31. 5 zone preamp based on Arduino controlled optocoupler
  32. How to select the right impedance for volume control
  33. In vehicle Pre-amp for mic (12+ VDC)
  34. Resistor-Diode-Relay Logic Source Selector
  35. 3 into 1 input the other way round
  36. Nagging Ground Issue
  37. Looking for Princeton Applied Research 115 MANUAL
  38. Active Band Pass Filter with +/- Gain
  39. Components source
  40. Guitar ABY or Headphone Amplifier?
  41. rod elliot p88 preamp knob arrangment
  42. C-Mos opamps in audio preamplifiers
  43. Cheap, balanced XLR passive pre?
  44. DIY crossover - Sallen-Key?
  45. Hafler 915 preamp cap question
  46. analog 3.5mm to digital usb possible?
  47. Mixer Pre-amp
  48. DIY tube preamp - help with choosing the right kit
  49. opamp channels mysteriously mixing ¿quantum thing or me too dumb?
  50. MC-22 schematic question
  51. unbalanced/balanced to balanced converter
  52. My line buffer preamp
  53. Attenuating Preamp Filter Question
  54. biamping with one DAC
  55. Audiophile active crossover
  56. adding EQ without screwing up sound; few questions...
  57. SSTART Pcb and power supply project
  58. Help with a simple envelop detector filter. (averaging the signal)
  59. audio output switch? Monitor Controller
  60. Very simple volume control with IR remote
  61. JFETs and MOSFETs biasing questions
  62. I need advise on audio mixing boards?
  63. pre amp output
  64. OPA134 Amp Help
  65. OPA134
  66. Capacitors voltage rating
  67. Capacitors voltage rating
  68. attenuation on dac output with U-pad
  69. passive preamp
  70. preamp necessary?
  71. Will phono pre > passive pre > amp work well enough?
  72. 60Hz hum problem, please help
  73. distortion cancellation for diode limiter
  74. electret mic preamp for micro ADC
  75. Understanding "Voltage - Input Offset" Parameter
  76. Schade MOSFET + Feedback Line Amp
  77. Preamp or receiver?
  78. Sony BX-270 Datasheet Wanted
  79. Classe Audio DR6 Bias
  80. Dual gang potentiometer for 'mixer'
  81. Aikido Preamp Bass & Treble Controls
  82. Tried active crossover, mean hum...
  83. How to use TDA7439 for center and subwoofer
  84. Active notch filter
  85. simple pre amp volume control with seperate mono out
  86. Help me wire up my SUT correctly (Tamura TKS-27)
  87. How can I split a mixer bus?
  88. Beau's Bias Circuit Schematic
  89. What should be included in a subwoofer lowpass filter?
  90. Potentiometer volume control treble loss bleed
  91. Adcom GFP 815 Pre Amp-Any users?
  92. speaker out to preamp out while driving speaker
  93. 6dB Active crossover
  94. Replacing volume pot from 100K to 50K reduces gain?
  95. Dual Ganged Stereo Volume Control
  96. McIntosh/Conrad Johnson pairing
  97. Input Impedance Question
  98. Active studio monitors/ crossovers
  99. new discrete opamp for line preamplifier
  100. Music Angel Pre Amp
  101. Tilt Equalizer Filter
  102. Parametric EQ based bass boost circuit
  103. Power On Delay/Loss of AC Detector Relay
  104. Balanced Line Driver with DRV134
  105. PGA3211 6.1 assembling
  106. PGA2311 code
  107. SMD High-Voltage Discrete Diamond Buffer
  108. How best to implement image mode controls
  109. Preamp has unwanted delay (and hum)
  110. Pot values in LM1036 preamp circuit
  111. simple three steps attenuator
  112. Behringer Eurorack UB1622fx PRO schematic
  113. Need help with Coustic XM-5e Crossover
  114. Small Fader + Volume control for Car
  115. PGA2311 Evaluation
  116. Are these pots what I need for my preamp?
  117. IR Remote Control
  118. That Corporation 1200 , 1203 , 1206 circuits
  119. portable set field mixer/ mic pre
  120. Compact simple EQ
  121. Digitally controlled pot distortion?
  122. Help me Choose Between A and B
  123. Quad Eight Electronics EQ712
  124. Adding a line level output to PGA2311 preamp
  125. Using Joachim Gerhard Filter Buffers as balanced crossover
  126. Impedance measuring jig and iSEMcon kit
  127. LM1036N Potentiometer Type
  128. 4558d
  129. 10M45 as simple preamp...
  130. Kenwood c-2 balance pot
  131. Attenuator Impedance for Adcom GFA-535?
  132. McIntosh C712 Preamplifier - Schematic wanted
  133. Speaker Combination in Custom Installation, please help
  134. 5 band equalizer, need help!!
  135. Parasound P/HP-850 Preamp Problem
  136. Crossover between pre and power amp for sub
  137. miniDSP pre-amp & volume control idea
  138. Klark Teknik Upgrae for 2ch
  139. signal level
  140. THAT 1200 Balaced Receiver IC?
  141. Patch Bay With Buffered Splitter/Channel Inputs Ideas
  142. Can't seem to get OpAmps to work
  143. Yamaha Equalizer 1027 service manual wanted
  144. Yamaha RX-V480 Tuner / FM Bands Wacky
  145. Discrete MOSFET 12db High Pass Filter
  146. ESP Proyect97 PCB
  147. Christmas Project - Audio Analyser
  148. HELP : what wattage for resistor ?
  149. x'over for a sub?
  150. Overlay stereo with mono, without losing stereo?
  151. Hi Level Amp output connect to RCA input
  152. Uneven Hafler 110 output
  153. Preamp-Buffers - simple idea
  154. OPA1612 compared to OPA2228(and a lil question about caps)
  155. How to wire up Audio Matching Transformer?
  156. VU meter arduino project help
  157. 8ch ADC
  158. Passive mixing network -- calculating total loss?
  159. DIY 3 way active crossover: as Christmas Holiday Project
  160. Upgrading the SM Pro AUDIO DI 4V
  161. fully balanced line with THAT 1206 plus 1646
  162. GHOST in 3 band graphic equalizer!! SOS!
  163. Weak bass problem...
  164. Please help me to debug the Lighter Note Attenuator
  165. Yet another remote volume control
  166. Questions about AC coupling and opamp biasing
  167. Request for Guides/Explanation Regarding Audio Mixer Circuits
  168. Preamp mod with a low cut shelf filter
  169. Linn Kairn repair
  170. Filter Bass and treble to the input of a microprocessor
  171. unbalanced to balanced 4 ch kit
  172. I need a super bass tone control
  173. Active Crossover for Open Baffle 2-way
  174. Simplist and tiniest PGA2320 kit out there?
  175. Impedance matching and 30dB drop
  176. Are there many people using BNC out there? or RG6 Quad Shield?
  177. output level of dvd playre?
  178. Suggestions for dual PS
  179. Yet Another IR Remote Volume Controller? No, I want one WITHOUT uC
  180. best balanced volume control solution ?
  181. help with muting relay
  182. Need help: Input selector control for 6 channels
  183. Opamp rollers and fiddlers this is for you.
  184. Good quality active preamp
  185. Convert mini Pre-amp from AC to DC power
  186. Volume control, Evil Mad Scientist style
  187. McIntosh C28 With Bad Transformer
  188. analogue active filter: MFB or Sallen Key?
  189. Help with 6-Bit R-2R Relay Attenuator
  190. Current conveyor as a voltage amplifier
  191. DIY monitor controller modules order…
  192. Active crossover component suggestions?
  193. can a preamp be used directly for headphone?
  194. Sharing a Single Inductor for Multiple Passive LR Filters?
  195. Audio Research LS-3 power transformer
  196. Lil Pre Amp
  197. Preamp OP-AMP...help.
  198. looking to try to split 80hz from an active stereo 3 way
  199. PGA2311 LCD Volume Remote Control+GOLD RCA Jeff Rowland
  200. A new fully analog FM modulated wideband optical transport Open Standard.
  201. wiring schematic for DPDT on-on-on toggle selector
  202. Mods for Denon AVR receiver or pre-amp?
  203. Mods for Denon AVR receiver or pre-amp?
  204. A question of volume control
  205. Cable Questions
  206. Interconnect cable Recommendations
  207. Another simple project I can't do. Using DAC from CDP
  208. Can i make a balanced preamp only using OPA2134 ?
  209. When is the Aikido going to be on sale again? is there a group buy I can get in on?
  210. Swapping potentiometer
  211. What should I be searching for
  212. Signal booster for cd player
  213. Preamp output relay - or other device
  214. Matching my silonex LDR
  215. Ballanced Unballanced what does it mean??
  216. LP/HP crossover for 2.1 DIY preamp?
  217. Biamp EQ-210 as a "Studio" EQ?
  218. Current noise between DC coupled op amps?
  219. Soft Clipper Central Station?
  220. Request active sub xo schematic
  221. Multichannel splitter and gain structure control box
  222. compact stackable relay attenuator - something new
  223. DIY Crossover/Filter: Power Handling
  224. Getting to know the DOODs ...
  225. LED battery indicator
  226. LME49713
  227. Tube preamp kit from ebay - worth my time?
  228. small pre-amp control board design help, I will pay :-)
  229. Value of Stepped Attenuator for Passive Amp.
  230. Differential Line Driver - Impedance Questions
  231. opa 2889 buffer circuit
  232. Help needed with diy outpout switcher relay based
  233. How to make a volume control 50cm from pre-amp?
  234. MAT02 transistors on eBay, are they genuine?
  235. Newb interested in DIY preamp
  236. Help hooking up a car VU meter unit to a home AV reciever
  237. Modular Preamplifier with IC Class A (SAM Electronic Circuits)
  238. Discrete opamp vs regular op amps
  239. Bob Cordell's VinylTrak
  240. NE5532 Tone Control
  241. Muting arrangements for ESP kits: P05B and P09B
  242. Schematics for c3m based preamp
  243. TA 377A preamp
  244. preamp and active filter for class AB amp
  245. Getting a PGA2310 to be silent
  246. SPL EQ Magix studio mic preamp
  247. What's wrong with this typicial preamp circuit?
  248. How Many Line-Level Components?
  249. Need to make a simple balance control
  250. DRV134 and protection diodes

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