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  1. Would like some help with a "Crossover Isolator"
  2. Correct way to split line level inside dual headphone amp
  3. How can this work?
  4. Balanced input
  5. crossover / summer for "2.1" active or passive
  6. Need Advice for Bi-amping
  7. Too much DC at buffer's output
  8. passive pre-amp ?
  9. Salvaged Phono Preamp - Begginner Help
  10. Tape head amplification circuit
  11. Laptop to Guitar Amp cable. . . Resistor values?
  12. Hifi from german studio modules - help wanted
  13. Guard rings for op amps
  14. Tone control for Low bass selector and boost circuit
  15. "Lehmann" Buffer Output Transistors.
  16. Minuature Low Pass Filter
  17. Easy High-Pass Filter
  18. Analog signal control
  19. Buffer Stage
  20. Critique my first drawing / possible build [Active DI]
  21. Low pass filter for Bitstream DAC.
  22. Looking for 0-10V Analog Volume Control Circuit
  23. AVC
  24. looking for programmable eq chip / pcba module ??
  25. Another Modified PGA2311 kit with Arduino for volume control and input selection
  26. Kudies to/for the Tortuga Audio LDR3X.V2
  27. Parasound P/HP 850
  28. LECUA 1000 attenuator from Luxman ?
  29. Line Level Output to Guitar Amplifier Input
  30. is there an off the shelf preamp module that works with the apple remote?
  31. How about this sub crossover filter?
  32. help with 2 pole low pass filter/attenuator
  33. Zobel at the srpp input
  34. Preamp noise after PSU update
  35. Low level interconnect (RCA) measurements
  36. what are the blocks generally found in a pre-amp board?
  37. Carver ct-3 preamp
  38. Advice on a preamp/external volume control for use with active monitors
  39. Audiophile quality preamp
  40. Building a Line Level Mixer, Transformer advice needed
  41. Sowter type 3232
  42. Super tone controls-I need PCB
  43. L-pad attenuator on preamp output
  44. DI output protection from phantom power
  45. Getting Started on Preamp Design
  46. Balanced to unbalanced.
  47. Input device protection
  48. WTB LDR volume control PCB ?
  49. Adding Input Gain +/-
  50. Room correction using a modified Linkwitz Transform Circuit
  51. How to change active xover frecuencies
  52. non inverting opamp with gain
  53. Digital volume control for 7.1 preamp
  54. Current options for a budget active LLXO?
  55. low impedance high-pass filter
  56. AKG Perception 100 mic repair
  57. How do I configure a simple logic control
  58. PCB, Tone Control with Transistors and dual supply
  59. very very simple DJ mixer aka summing amp?
  60. Passive low pass filter for subwoofer
  61. Linn Exotik/S non DA version lock up problem
  62. Shine7 12au7 preamp builds?
  63. non-DSP delay - is it possible?
  64. Stevens & Billington TX102 Passive preamp Built
  65. Loading considerations in Filter design
  66. TEAD (Tom Evans Audio Design) Groove RIAA MC Phono Preamp - want simplified Schematic
  67. Diodes instead of input selector (insane newbie question)?
  68. Experience with anti-parallel electrolytic capacitors?
  69. Best wire for passive pre?
  70. Which Op Amp Supply Bypass Technique for Low Noise?
  71. Add MONO/DIM to DAC/Preamp
  72. Crackling from input cable (even when there is no input)
  73. Best sounding signal level relay?
  74. Mic preamp around transformer
  75. Questions on op amp settling time and quiescent current.
  76. question on crossover board layout
  77. Bugle 2 problem
  78. Rca Passive Summing Box
  79. RC Chain in a 3 Band Baxandall EQ Circuit?
  80. Parallel transformer output
  81. Modding Marantz PM-15S1
  82. Sony TA4300F Crossover
  83. Upgrading a commercial phono stage
  84. New Bonsai Preamp
  85. Help with line input switch
  86. Remember the thermal noise....
  87. Help with passive attenuator for headphone amp
  88. Do amp inputs interact with each other?
  89. 6n11 preamp hum
  90. need help with boombox pre-amp/tone control design
  91. Muses01 op amp mod for Rotel RSP-1098(+\-18v)?
  92. low pass filter for DAC output
  93. Driving headphone from speaker output - filtering layout
  94. Highpass mic filter
  95. suitable power supply for dozen opamps?
  96. Little sub preamp/phase circuit
  97. RCA Mixer/Combiner
  98. Offset Problem with Borbely JFET-Buffers
  99. op amp class a bias
  100. Effects of Opamp Loading?
  101. Alps RK27 Motorized Pot - Teardown
  102. TDA7439 tone control IC any good?
  103. 100HZ PLLXO
  104. Bourns PTD90 Series Potentiometer
  105. lowest load for line level equipment to not harm the output stage?
  106. Most important opamp?
  107. 5.1 decode in preamp?
  108. Preamp Recommendation For Millett "Engineer's Amplifier"
  109. Tone feedback loop- can you spot the problem?
  110. DIY turnable amplifier aka RIAA - newbie questions!
  111. Great Deal on RCA Interconnects (Canada)
  112. preamp for hlly tamp-90
  113. AD815ARB-24 availability in any online stores? couldnt find
  114. Super Chip Preamp v1.2 (LT1363)
  115. Opinion on differential low pass filter
  116. Active Low Pass
  117. Differential preamplifier
  118. trouble with varimu compressor design
  119. PGA2311 volume control.
  120. Active Crossover frequency response - help needed HH X300
  121. Suggestion For CFA Op-amp
  122. preamp/mixer combo
  123. 12 channel volume control unit?
  124. Documentation on designing preamps
  125. Clean Line Output? OPA627
  126. Active crossover with AD815?
  127. Carlos AD815 pre voltage supply recommendations
  128. Help with Sowter 1990 SUT wiring
  129. Line level rc lowpass clicking
  130. Attenuator for Passive pre amp, best sounding solution
  131. Source for custom-terminated interconnects ?
  132. Onboard JFET Instrument Low-Z Preamp Help?
  133. Why white noise is always present?
  134. How to implement a pop free/low distortion muting circuit?
  135. Suggestions Requested for Mini Buffer Preamp
  136. Mini-Me second edition tube phono preamp
  137. Balanced fixed H attenuator for line level
  138. impedance symptom
  139. How to link two cores with TRS connector?
  140. Turntable earthing woes
  141. tuac weight and tops preamp
  142. Suggestions for single bipolar input op amp?
  143. Pop/click free HW-based relay attenuator
  144. THAT 1646 PCB - help me review please
  145. new line-preamp
  146. Question on Rod Elliott's P088 op-amp based preamp
  147. Pot hum/external speakers
  148. Will this circuit work?
  149. wiring sub to tube stereo
  150. TI on Filter Noise
  151. Compressor design - Sedra/Smith book
  152. ultra low dist pre Sandman distortion null
  153. Grounding question in phono preamp with battery supply
  154. LME49990 in gain buffer - help please
  155. Khozomo MKII Attenuator review
  156. Which MM Phono Amp ?
  157. Transistors in Buffer Circuit Running Too Hot
  158. Building a complete Preamp with an Arduino, remote, volume and input control
  159. MOSFET's Rds in the signal path, when?
  160. Preferences for setting up an EQ
  161. One more volume control
  162. Shedding 2 awful junctions in the signal path
  163. Line level distribution
  164. INA217 gain calculation
  165. Does this circuit have gain?
  166. An interesting JFET-based active XO circuit from TNT Audio
  167. Peak detector reference voltage level
  168. Goldmund Mimesis 27 Preamp clone
  169. AKAI S3200XL unbal to balanced outputs with VT24499
  170. MooseFET preamplifier?
  171. 6ch(12ch) Volume Control for DSP/DAC/BUFFER/POWERAMP
  172. Parametric EQ after pre-amp
  173. TL072 VS NE5532
  174. Grounding question
  175. Need best tone control
  176. How to switch 2 Sources and 2 Amps
  177. Mic Preamp limitor/Automatic level controller
  178. Douglas Self PreAmp 2012
  179. Is this layout OK? Advice please :)
  180. Microphone Preamp balanced voltage levels
  182. active bass boost
  183. SSM2019 single chip preamplifier?
  184. Rane AC23B active crossover
  185. XD3 crossover?
  186. Muting Circuit
  187. Noticeable difference in low freqs between two channels on a Drawmer DL221 compressor
  188. The precise audio signal level control 5.1
  189. Yamaha a-320
  190. Why not Wye?
  191. Help with high DC at output of Forte clone
  192. Humming DRV134 balanced output.
  193. Problem with parametric equalizer
  194. HLLY AMK-II First (and last) Impressions
  195. Salas hotrodded DCB1 resistor tryouts
  196. NE5532 in quad TSSOP package or similar?
  197. Another low distortion buffer
  198. DBX-122 schematic
  199. Audible Illusions L1 background noise
  200. TDA1524A IC Pre-Amp
  201. Please confirm something basic for me
  202. Parasound P/PH-100 hum
  203. Sonographe SC22 schematics
  204. What makes Reference Line Preeminence so good?
  205. push switch pinout
  206. What is 'Good' Common Mode Rejection?
  207. mf x-p100 power supply
  208. Opamp Having Oscillation
  209. Yamaha MSP7 − 22pF between Op Amp inputs? Why?
  210. How to reduce measured noise floor in my DAC/opamp circuit
  211. Switch Types
  212. Simple MOSFET preamp
  213. The Kuartlotron - keantoken's simple error-correction superbuffer
  214. how much gain do i get on this preamp(ad797)?
  215. how to implement line level bsc on a full balanced setup?
  216. 3 channel quad mixer with front to rear pan
  217. Meridian 502 balanced output circuit
  218. kmtech 2 way, active x over, is it elliptical?
  219. Attenuator kit suggestions sought
  220. How do you create a low shelf with passives?
  221. harman opamp advice
  222. Help needed with a transamp mic preamp circuit.
  223. Kleos 2 Way JFET Crossover with EQ
  224. see this preamp circuit diagram
  225. pre-amp tune up
  226. Preamplifier with aux and mic inputs
  227. Schematic wanted for portable SONY Monaural Receiver ICF-6000L
  228. Need a high quality SS mic preamp kit
  229. Marantz 2270 Preamp
  230. Source selector without mechanical switch
  231. Imaging skewed to the left
  232. THD calc from spectrum analyzer help
  233. A question regarding "loudness"
  234. Did I put these back in the correct spots?
  235. Lookin for nice simple XLR out preamp?
  236. Boz preamp and PLLXO
  237. Sound City studios/Neve etc Documentary
  238. Adding a tube preamp to a solid state combo amp
  239. BAT VK-32SE
  240. The Heavy Cross - ideas about a transconductance phase-splitting amp
  241. Tip on high amplification, low distortion, single-ended, no feedback circuitry?
  242. PC900 tube as a preamp...pictures
  243. Input transformer for summing amp
  244. Stereo to mono summing, which end to sum?
  245. Bass distortion when using digital pot
  246. need help with mute circuit for preamp
  247. JC2 v1.6 preamplifier build
  248. 3-pin balanced XLR - gender conventions
  249. help getting to 47kohm impedance
  250. Volume Control and Sound Quality

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