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  1. Help with Shunt attenuator selection
  2. How to use digital controlled volume ICs? (PGA4311)
  3. Questions about i2c volume control SQ for opamp 3/4 way 8channel xover + linedriver
  4. Opamp Output Stage Schematic - Is it class-A ?
  5. preamplifier Relay issue.
  6. Lookking for a BJT or JFET single supply inverting buffer
  7. Phase change/ stage smearing.
  8. Audio Design Model 1 Volume Pot Replacement
  9. What's a good Baxandall tone control implementation?
  10. JBL L300 - Crossover repair
  11. Sleep In Peace>>>>>>>>>
  12. help troubleshoot weak channel on preamp please
  13. Help understanding preamp designing
  14. How does an 11200 Reite preamp sound?
  15. Best shielded wire for preamp?
  16. LDR Attenuator Impressions
  17. KRK VTX4 - Replacing filter caps, still noisy
  18. SONY TA-E1 preamplifier clone
  19. Voltage Divider for Op Amp
  20. Any opinions or improvements suggestions about this balanced inout line amp circuit ?
  21. Phono preamp buzz
  22. Inverse Notch Filter Function to compensate narrowband Minimum at Speakers
  23. Long cable run question
  24. Picked up Reite line and power supply
  25. Output /input signal strength pad for live sound
  26. composite opamp benefit (audible)
  27. Blending Two Independent Preamps
  28. Mic preamp based on Cohen Double Balanced Microphone Amplifier
  29. Curcio PAS 3 vibration
  30. Stepped Attenuator Clarification
  31. Driving VU Meters
  32. KMTech Active Crossover + Burson SS V5 Discrete
  33. behringer/dbx 2 way crossovers battery power supply
  34. Multichannel remote volume control
  35. Noise even if the signal doesn't pass through a component?
  36. Substituting Toshiba Op-Amp Into Circuit
  37. Khozmo Passive Pre Remote Issues
  38. A quick question reguarding audio Amplifiers
  39. Tape Head Pre Amp
  40. Designing simple, educational DAC
  41. Attaching preamp in/out signal grounds at chassis vs. on PCB
  42. Building A Monitor Controller
  43. Classe Thirty Upgrades?
  44. Modified Baxandall Pivot Frequency
  45. stereo graphic equallizer for TDA7297
  46. Upgrade NE5532
  47. I have a luxman c-02 with weak channel.
  48. Sony TA-E7B pre-amp switch problem
  49. Active crossover + EQ solution?
  50. Active Crossover(s) for MJK OB H frame + FR
  51. Power supply to make rails for a linkwitz transform.
  52. B&K CS-117 Preamp HELP!
  53. Bargain, Great pre for class D amps
  54. Mark Levinson PLS228 Question
  55. PGA2310 PreAmp for TA2024 board
  56. LME49710 vs OPA134 for a unit gain buffer
  57. Power supply for amplifier and active crossover network
  58. Passive Pre XLR Volume Control (Poor Man's Goldpoint SA1X)
  59. linuxworks Sercona Audio Controller 3 preamp
  60. linuxworks alternate a10 preamp
  61. Active notch filter analysis help
  62. help identifying traces on pcb for attenuator
  63. Linux-friendly active filter simulator?
  64. Monster M1 - using non even length of speaker cables
  65. Explain circuit Balanced to unbalanced circuit
  66. Soundcraftsmen TG-3044-r equalizer, Ready for the scrap heap?
  67. low voltage jfet buffer
  68. Jbl corssover question
  69. tl062 in place of 072
  70. Analog Matrix-mixer with MIDI remote Audio Volume Control/mute
  71. recommendations for room eq parametric etc
  72. Simple tone control
  73. High-fidelity 0.5W speaker driver
  74. DS1267 and tone control
  75. Behringer CX2310 crossover connection question
  76. Need help with input selector
  77. Line Level Splitter Differences
  78. Balanced preamp with OPA2134 and DRV134
  79. audio splitter
  80. Help me fix line-level out of Audiolab MDAC
  81. Electret capsule connestion to WL beltpack
  82. 50Hz noise when in mute
  83. Reccomnended preamp kit up to 100$
  84. High Offset with AD8065/66.
  85. Preamp schema modification
  86. SSR switching between input/output
  87. Balanced stereo to mono summing box, with PAD and phase. Help needed
  88. Tortuga LDR Preamp Build
  89. Need Help for Symmetric JC-2 PREAMP
  90. Deciding on a Phono-Preamp
  91. Best small size potentiometer for volume control
  92. CS3310 help
  93. help explaining active filters
  94. potentiometer
  95. Passive summing of L&R for subwoofer signal using resistors...
  96. wiring and shielding a potentiometer
  97. Any harm subbing a bigger cap in this output stage?
  98. Can R-2R attenuator act as a pot for tone controls
  99. Where to put ps and audio grounds?
  100. Just made DIY RCA's. Music suddenly brighter?
  101. MC Cartridge Output Voltage : P-P or RMS ?
  102. FM Audio Frequency Response
  103. Electret mic pre-amp with AGC
  104. phase shift after low pass filter
  105. how do i troubleshoot an LDR?
  106. salas DCB1 level 0 quiescent current and does it require heatsink?
  107. Can i use capacitors in parallel for a 1st order crossover
  108. "JimsAudio"
  109. Bad Design
  110. LDR's
  111. Ladder type attenuator wiring
  112. Sescom MI-52 Transformer
  113. Signetics Analog Applications Manual
  114. NE5532..AN/AFE/N/D????
  115. Help needed - repair of line stage with super reg
  116. BHL "Le Pacific" phono amp new build problem
  117. need help with vero/strip board
  118. Lundahl LL1545A and 50Hz hum
  119. THAT DRIVER preamp power supply
  120. source of audio signal relays
  121. Hum when pot is in center position
  122. single supply Linkwitz Riley 3 way crossover
  123. Doug Self Preamp from Linear Audio #5
  124. Cary SLP70 Preamp Schematic / Info Anyone?
  125. DIY 2.1 Channel Stereo Pre-Amp Question
  126. Signal FET
  127. My active xover for biamp schematic
  128. Why 2.1Vrms?
  129. Looking for Opamp numbers...
  130. PRE-Amplifier Grounding Question
  131. slowest opamp
  132. Sallen-Key Active Crossover - Is amplifier input impedance a factor?
  133. Which is low noise preamp?
  134. Dyna PAS-3 ...Repair?
  135. Kuartlotron Preamp Implementation, SMD Heavy.
  136. Aline Audio pre-amp board
  137. pga2310 PCB input and output buffer
  138. How to add dB curves
  139. My B1 Buffer Build
  140. 2sk170 GR or BL?
  141. bipolar op amp supplies
  142. BPPBP - Bruno Putzey's Purist Balanced Preamp (well a balanced volume control really)
  143. Grounding Rca's ?
  144. The Kuartlotron - All in one layout conception
  145. Is it okay to split the output signal in a passive preamp?
  146. Polarity dependant EQing?
  147. Transistor mic preamp
  148. Use an active analog crossover or a DSP?
  149. Kenwood ka7300 power in input resistance?
  150. OP Amp basics, need help...
  151. PGA2311 PCB
  152. LT1567 for ES9018K2M SE conversion?
  153. Shunt Potentiometer Calculator Excel-sheet
  154. Volume divider with summed subwoofer out?
  155. Preamp kit suitable for meridian 205 mono blocks
  156. A high-pass PLLX to feed active 'satellite' speakers?
  157. Example of op amp oscillation with pics...
  158. Arduino based LDR volume and source selection controller
  159. DBX noise reduction for tape recorder
  160. Nested opamp circuit... does it really works
  161. audio splitter with tl074 to sub
  162. Home Theater Passive-AVC? TVC?
  163. Aikido dual mono octal
  164. The Wire Balanced Phono Preamp
  165. How to design a passive pre: TDA1543 I/V driving bi-amp Gainclones
  166. Tube preamp?
  167. Custom Preamp for 3.1 Channels with Bypass Switch
  168. Ladder stepped attenuator downsides please
  169. Reel to reel (tape) preamplifier
  170. Hafler DH-110 problem
  171. Line level buffer: discrete or ICs based?
  172. V72 siemens klangfilm
  173. noisy pre amp, audio transformer noisy?
  174. What's up with these messed up square waves?
  175. Remote-controlled tube preamp
  176. Technical advice needed
  177. Marantz HDAM SA 2 buffer vs B1 buffer
  178. Audio limiter
  179. Parasound Halo JC 2 Circuit.
  180. low pass filter active adjustable
  181. Can anyone help me diagnose my IRIS problem?
  182. McIntosh Preamp pre c34 remote? thru loop?
  183. McIntosh C2300 modification
  184. Cx-1000 needs bass
  185. REQ pream mic/instrumen for recording
  186. Stereo to Mono with Dual Voltage Transformer
  187. Looking to create a PEQ. Cant begin.
  188. analog vs digital controled potentiometers
  189. preamp buffer tl074
  190. Annoyingly new at crossovers, can someone help with some fairly easy question?
  191. External compensation capacitor value for NE5534 op amp...
  192. PGA2311 kit issue
  193. INA217 mic preamp for computer
  194. Converting JBL 5600-2B mixer for direct outs
  195. Sherbourn 7020
  196. A Targeted Preamp for Unbalancing and Phantom Powering
  197. Volume control - can someone explain for me please?
  198. Analog audio effects and synths
  199. android arduino digital pot
  200. Parasound hca-1000a preamp needed?
  201. Grounding Issue DAC Preamp
  202. Pre-amp - output caps swap
  203. An honest opinion over this dyn. mic. preamp Please
  204. Upcoming Volume/Selector w/Ground Isolation
  205. Failure or not?
  206. Trouble driving line level with That 1512/1646 combo
  207. V-Cap OIMP Who was listening ?
  208. TDA 1524 tone control
  209. Art project needs help! Line-level splitting...
  210. Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube Equaliser
  211. TKD 2P-2511S - 21 steps replacement AN Kit One
  212. Adding a DAC to tube mixer
  213. Need advice choosing a pre-out voltage booster, mixer, etc.
  214. Opamp input buffer choices
  215. diy custom remote for my preamp
  216. Stereo to Mono Converter
  217. Tone control TL074
  218. VU meter indicator signal levels
  219. How to Null the output of a diff amp please?
  220. Passive Preamp: Arduino based, remote control, Relay R2R, input selection
  221. Great American Sound MM Phono
  222. Modded Kawai mixer
  223. XLR to RCA adapter causes gross amounts of distortion...
  224. Hypex UcD400 OEM unbuffered input?
  225. Great American Sound Head Amp
  226. My active crossover filter project.
  227. Vicol Audio R2R Volume controller Builds
  228. Looking for tone Control using 4558 opamp
  229. Audiolab 8000C - modify or start again?
  230. Pre-amp mods - new opamp caps position?
  231. 3rdOrderAllpass_HowTo: calculate delay
  232. Help with Jung AD744/811 PCB Layout
  233. determine element value for the pre-amp package I am working on
  234. need help with car ampifier preamp section
  235. Thoughts on reduction of 2nd order harmonic distortion
  236. HK citation 17- new output relay switch
  237. Not Equal Slope of Active Crossover at Same Cut Of Frequency
  238. Soundcard buffer critique, please?
  239. A little advice regarding boosted op amp
  240. preamp/buffer for TA2020/2024
  241. Building a decent input switcher
  242. crossover: series vs paraller effect on load impedance
  243. "NOOB" needs help with tube preamp build
  244. SSL xlogic alpha vhd pre phantom problem
  245. "All at once" IC Phono Stage circuit
  246. Phono stage on ebay (stolen trademark)
  247. INA217 preamp OPA question
  248. PGA 2310 kit
  249. FM Reception Trouble
  250. Help with older Claricon mixer

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