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  1. X-over realized by Laptop, Open Source and 7.1 AV Receiver over Display Port / HDMI
  2. Extreme pure sine (0.0007% THD+N)
  3. ARTA + Focusrite Solo Problem
  4. Sprint macros for a small 9 pin socket.
  5. Saving MODELS
  6. Win 10 for loop back to 8ch line out? Software
  7. Lay file conversion
  8. Noise measurements with Arta _ tutorial ?
  9. ARTA vs Clio Pocket?
  10. DIY Linkwitz-Reily 4th Order high pass?
  11. Driver Database
  12. CAD Help needed
  13. Baffle compensation for nearfield measurement
  14. WARNING alps_japan_potentiometers.lbr
  15. Sending files to PCB fabricators
  16. Cool free symbolic integrating tool
  17. How to add 2 curves in ARTA
  18. Tapered Potentiometer Grapher
  19. Waveguides designs to High frequency
  20. Kicad
  21. From keyboard via Text-to-speech To Microphone Talk?
  22. Gated frequency measurment
  23. Leap 4.X DOS version
  24. video audio converter...free!!!
  25. How to print A3-sized schematics from A4 printer (Windows/OSX/Linux)
  26. reel to reel tape tranfered to CD
  27. Online Box Parameter Calculators
  28. UL-40S audio pcb drawn with Sprint Layout v6.0
  29. How to sample AC signal for RMS level calculation
  30. First Power Amplifier Build - Need some help
  31. Tube curve tracer (Website)
  32. Wanted to Hire - we need another PCB Layout Pro
  33. Box Calculation SW with Dimensions
  34. Circuit simulator and PCB design software - EasyEDA
  35. LTspice/Kicad/etc, etc
  36. Scimpy: open-source speaker design, impedance measurements, & book (Win/Mac/Linux)
  37. Help interpreting FuzzMeasure graph
  38. Vibrationdata Matlab Signal Analysis & Structural Dynamics Package
  39. The Gedlee Metric Demystified
  40. Getting the Numbers Right
  41. Use JFET SIMetrix Model in LT Spice
  42. NI- Multisim
  43. free circuit design software?
  44. Software for matching transistor pairs or quads?
  46. SEARCH TUTORIAL : sigmastudio + rew
  47. Odd results from MiniDSP sheet: All-digital-coefs v1.2.xls
  48. Crossover slope plotting software
  49. Room EQ Wizard on Ubuntu
  50. Viewmate on Windows 10 not working
  51. LIMP: Calibration for stepped sine measurements
  52. How do we measure the slew rate of a simulated circuit with LTspice ?
  53. Excel VBA advice / Comparison with VB6, can anyone help?
  54. Matching output to input of entire song
  55. looking for some eagle parts
  56. Searching for GPIB Programming Manual for Audio Precision ATS-2
  57. Should I Continue with This?
  58. Harristech Bassbox 6 pro and X-Over3 pro with Windows 10?
  59. NI Multisim
  60. Anyone wanna be my Mentor? FEMM
  61. FRD response blender spreadsheet errors
  62. Out impedance calc
  63. ARTA - dual channel measurement
  64. ARTA - FR compensation
  65. THAT4301 Ltspice RMS Circuit Problems
  66. Another Harmonic Distortion measurement/drawing tool.. for Linux & written in Perl
  67. Simulation and jfet zero tempco
  68. Measuring Output Impedance Help
  69. Microcap Matrix is singular error
  70. Merging frequency response graphs with Clio 11
  71. LTSpice Fourier viewer ( graphically )
  72. PCB layout software recommendations
  73. Recover lost MS Product Key
  74. PIC programming
  75. SPICE Transformer Calculator Excel Worksheet
  76. 1 cycle broadband pulse signal with pink spectrum audio file
  77. LEAP XO designs - baffle size?
  80. anyway to export LTspice to Altium pcb design software?
  81. Woofer Upper Frquency Charts
  82. Does discrete test tones exist?
  83. Simple Disk Speed Test
  84. the Active Crossover Designer for ecasound/LADSPA (ACD-L)
  85. LTspice reload now circuits don't work as before
  86. Recommendation for C compiler for PIC uController??
  87. Anyone know of a free simulator that can do mixed signal spice and systemverilog?
  88. Free software to sketch a speaker
  89. LTspice FFT display does not match spice error log FFT?
  90. The Impulser V 1.0
  91. rew 5.1 help
  92. Filter checking tool.
  93. Layouting for free
  94. Crossover Software Mac
  95. MultiTone Pro Real-Time
  97. PCBCAD40
  98. How many TEF users are out here?
  100. WinPCD v1.500 - Added calculations and graphs for Listening Window Averages
  101. How to add the .PARAM netlist for frequency and duty cycle?
  102. Wanted: BGW SPA-3 Power Amp
  103. Wanted: LEAP Disks or files
  104. pls help tp simulate transcond TDA2003 amp
  105. PCB Layout Software Advice
  106. Spice, trying to simulate SAP15 darlington in output stage
  107. Resistive probes SOUNDEASY and ARTA
  108. making pcb negative with inkjet.
  109. little help (export pcb)
  110. Implementing "star" grounding configuration in Eagle
  111. Implementing "star" grounding configuration in Eagle
  112. Running REW under Win7/64 (or Win8)
  113. dual driver in hornresp?
  114. LTspice problem simulating old amp with single supply
  115. Help With Frequency Response Curve
  116. Reactive test loads in LTSpice
  117. Engineering Design Utilities
  118. 3D models
  119. Transient Analysis But 0V DC .OP LTSpice
  120. New DipTrace Beta coming soon - Differential Pair routing and Customizable Hot Keys
  121. Passive filter for loudspeakers - filter simulation
  122. high frequency Hornresp simulation
  123. SketchUp changing size
  124. USB interface + Scope software
  125. PC O-scope recommendations
  126. Horn Response- Mac Yosemite- and wine (Font issue!)
  127. software for auto test of transfer function
  128. Needed : Simple Sealed Box Program ...
  129. What is wrong with my simulation please??
  130. Version release notification v1.410 - Relative Acoustic Offset
  131. Design software
  132. Please Solve! How to design Unusual Clocks with and without 50% duty cycle
  133. laptop to measure loudspeakerHi
  134. Using a Palmer "Junction" DI box and SMAART
  135. Indoor acoustic modeling
  136. How to generate gerber file from Eagle
  137. LTSpice Simulation Problem
  138. need some help with ARTA/LIMP
  139. Jal language help
  140. Which USB Sound Card to buy?
  141. Help in Acoustic Measuring
  143. Anyone use an Asus Xonar U7 with SoundEasy?
  144. PCB resizing
  145. Tian Stability Plot at multiple points across the Output Swing
  146. LTspice example files on the Mac version
  147. SPICE and FRD
  148. Phase Overlay Software
  149. SIMETRIX transformer turns ratio
  150. LTSpice variable values question
  151. yanapack: another simulation software
  152. Measuring step response
  153. LTSpice symbols for tube stuff
  154. Modeling/Simulation Software
  155. Stereo dBfs dBu Meter for the FF800 (Audio IN - realtime)
  156. Arta - LIMP ASIO crash.
  157. android app for dayton imm6 mic
  159. Precision of PSPICE VIRTUAL Transfer Function Levinson 33H, than Dublicate DSP VST
  160. start learning LTspice, and facing error
  161. Scheduled recording software project
  162. Need models for a few transistors and some question
  163. Best stripboard software
  164. I cannot get a logical simulation result on this
  165. LTSpice - Want to add Voltage to Toolbar
  166. LTSpice Error Log THD values
  167. interesting comments on LTSPICE vs PSPSICE computations
  168. LTSpice Model File node labels
  169. SATLIVE WEBINAR Montag 26.01.2015
  170. RMAA V6.4.1 update out 1/21/2015
  171. Free Unlimited Version of AutoTRAX PCB Design Software
  172. Explaining the SPI protocol to the XYL
  173. ACD Help required
  174. Simple but complete pcb program
  175. ARTA configuration
  176. Some SW for real-time crossover test (DSP)
  177. Python script for generating exponential throat adaptor
  178. LM4562
  179. board job help
  180. The DFT and very fine frequency resolution
  181. component for egle
  182. PCB layout design problem.
  183. Help with Llimp and impedance box needed!
  184. Open-source audio design software
  185. software to translate schem into diagram
  186. Odd speaker enclosure import into LEAP?
  187. Better power MOSFET models in LTSpice
  188. Help with audioTester 3.0, determining Vas
  189. Endless acsmall simulation LTSpice please help to set up
  190. Software to modify transistor spice parameters
  191. TubeCad in Wine 1.4 or software for Mac / Linux
  192. LTSpice + PP transformer + .step command
  193. Drawing tube/valves for EagleCad
  194. install protel 99SE on Win7 64 bits
  195. TINA Vs. Multisim
  196. HOLM "time lock" help needed
  197. Getting a handle on loopgain in LTspice?
  198. Simulation diode recovery etc. in LTspice
  199. 3C24 Spice model
  200. foot print
  201. DipTrace, Circuit Wizard, McCad or PCBCAD50 ?
  202. WinISD Pro program not closing on Windows 7
  203. JG Bluetooth Audio Remote
  204. Newbie Help
  205. LTspice: P3A bias
  206. software to compare audio files
  207. User driver with a QTS > 1
  208. What's LTspice doing there?
  209. Software to come from measurement to FIR filtering
  210. How to organize model files in LTSpice
  211. Windows Passive Crossover Designer (WinPCD) - v1.4 available
  212. LTSpice on iMac - sucks huge
  213. eagle ERC check
  214. Multisim Blue
  215. Need help for LME49811
  216. Sprint Layout Solder Mask Questions
  217. Is WinISDs cone excursion accurate?
  218. Move driver in Hornresp
  219. BF545 spice models
  220. More Help with Eagle
  221. Looking for MJK-Sheets
  222. Generating .frd and .zma files from REW for use with Passive Crossover Designer
  223. LTSpice and discrete regulator PSRR
  224. Need help calculating port in WinISD
  225. Advance Parameter Software 4 Drivers
  226. setting up IM test
  227. testing virtual/real designs
  228. Help with Eagle
  229. Looking for spice models... LTSpice
  230. IRF630 Spice model
  231. Documenting/drawing prototype boards
  232. Getting booted off MS "FrontPage"
  233. iPad/iPhone App: 10-Band EQ / 192KHz/24 USB ouput
  234. Newbie simple question
  235. Good oscilloscope/distortion PC software
  236. Danley Sound Labs - Direct - Free Software
  237. Installing and using LTspice. From beginner to advanced.
  238. New SoundEasy V19 user
  239. Eagle components for TO-3P MOSFETs
  240. looking for all-in-one program w/ICs library
  241. Newbie to ARTA need help
  242. PCB Manufacturer Price Comparison
  243. EasyBurst : Multi tone-bursts generator
  244. Lt-FreePcb : LTSpice and FreePcb working together
  245. Link to a free design calculator site
  246. NGSPICE
  247. WRL/VRML 3D File Previewer Question
  248. New Version of DipTrace out! Version
  249. What is a Wing 68?
  250. How to find Spice models of bjts

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