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  1. thermal pad on Eagle
  2. speaker measurement kit
  3. Problem with LT Spice
  4. New Release: Woofer Box Model and Circuit Designer 5.0
  5. Problem with simulation Load Sensing Circuit
  6. DAAS32 on winxp?
  7. Atarado's online schematic and layout editor - netlist
  8. Proteus-format schematics ?
  9. Dayton omnimic and minidsp Setup and measurements
  10. Win 8 first look
  11. HOLMImpulse - Automated measurements
  12. Sprint PCB Layout 6.0 on Sale
  13. Speaker box calculator under Linux Ubuntu
  14. Spectraplus vs. Sia Smaart live
  15. National Instruments AudioMaster? (vs ARTA, HolmImpulse)
  16. or
  17. stacking focusrite saphire?
  18. How can I modify this Ltspice 2SK170 model to lower the IDSS to 5 ma ?
  19. A heatsink performance calculator
  20. How to plot Impedance graph by Thiele-Small parameters ?
  21. speaker measurement android app
  22. Generate a 44 KHz sine wave
  23. Wave control in Win7 mixer
  24. Transmission Line Modelling Software
  25. speaker box volume calculator rec.?
  26. Linux speaker design software?
  27. ARTA Download - Norton Antivirus
  28. How would YOU measure depth, soundstage, clarity, dynamics, organic
  29. ARTA help please (voltage probe)
  30. Multisim 4 Free !
  31. Simple PCB design software
  32. Low-mid horn construction.Need help
  33. Any PicoScope Users
  34. help with winisd before i buy speakers
  35. help with winisd before i buy speakers
  36. Rectifier ideas
  38. Does one exist?
  39. Triacs in LTspice. Where can I get a model.
  40. Sine Wave Question
  41. LTSpice and Logic
  42. best freeware equaliser?
  43. 3 Band Equalizer for Amp
  44. Help to build an equalizer type with a light circuit
  45. Subsonic filter via software for Windows 7
  46. LTSpice .step and raw files
  47. Dayton Audio WT3 accuracy issues
  48. how to simulate an audio amplifier using ltspice
  49. Numerical Optimizers for LTSpice
  50. Heads up, The Edge
  51. Importing Transistors into Tina
  52. BJT Spice Curve Tracer
  53. Usage of osciloscope to measure speaker spl
  54. PC Down-sampling / Up-sampling / Asiodrivers / Asynchronous streaming Explained
  55. Spice JFET and MOSFET´s .model
  56. How to make pcb layout
  57. T.I. LM1875 Pspice model
  58. CAD software for reverberation time
  59. Help with Arta- HOLMImpulse
  60. Spice problem or Design issue with differential Amplifier
  61. BBE DS48
  62. Help interpreting speaker data
  63. LT Spice new user.
  64. LTSPICE FFT from transient analysis and input sinewave
  65. Measuring loudspeaker impedance with HolmImpulse - possible?
  66. LND150 Depletion MOSFET model
  67. importing component footprints in multisim 11.0.1
  68. Help !! LTspice and W7 x64 Professional won't run.
  69. Simulation after board Layout.
  70. Opamps and ground
  71. Windows 8 and Metro.
  72. Audiotester, now what?
  73. Simulating multiple drivers in one horn (hornresp)
  74. Exploring Visual Analyser (VA)
  75. iPhone/iPad audio App: SPLnFFT: some free promotional codes
  76. Does Praxis and Windows 7 work
  77. best prototyping program for beginners
  78. INA217 spice model
  79. Impedance measurement for T/S params and passive xo design
  80. EagleCAD Library MAX1333x
  81. Symbol for tube diode in LTspice
  82. EAGLE library help ? such as NJL, etc
  83. LT Spice ASC into PCB layout ?
  84. Updated OB design software.
  85. Spice oddity. Is it me or a glitch ?
  86. LIMP:"The specified format is not supported or cannot be traslated
  87. Passive to active conversion software
  88. New FEM software for acoustics - please try it out
  89. Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM)
  90. Importing frd and zma curves
  91. RIAA Network Transfer Function
  92. Impedances in LT-spice
  93. PSUDII adding your own bridge values
  94. CFP MSA compatible PHY with MDIO
  95. spice distortion dynamics of tube power amps
  96. Hornresp - Youtube
  97. Driver Simulation Software (actual driver, not box)
  98. tone generator software
  99. How to evaluate precision of measurements ?
  100. Circuitlab.com launched - Great & Free
  101. BoxBuilder v1.0 and BoxBuilder Lite
  102. Measuring THD+N
  103. Auto Design and Simulation Software
  104. Incorporating Spice model to LTSPICE ?
  105. Loudspeaker measure and crossover design
  106. ATB PC PRO or Dayton Omni Mic
  107. A board layout design contest in Eagle.
  108. LTSpice FFT simulation settings and inconsistent results.
  109. Help adding part to LTspice library.
  110. Looking for reasonable $$ SCAD/PC-layout/SPICE tool
  111. HornResp
  113. SW tools without bowing down to Microsoft
  114. CAD for Tube circuits
  115. Ipad2
  116. DAZ $800. Free 3D Software
  117. Crossover Modelling Program
  118. how to convert my itune files (alac 16bit) to 48khz or higher
  119. WinISD alpha +/- Xmax
  120. sweep test - op filter
  121. Software to analyze and equalize frequency response of entire sound system?
  123. Multichannel sweep tones
  124. MICROCAP 4 for DOS
  125. Arta Setup / Calibration Help
  126. ARTA Question - Gate Tapering
  128. Altium Designer 10 and TAS5630 (HSSOP)
  129. TruRTa set up
  130. Enclosure simulation on Ipad?
  131. Multi track software
  132. Excel Workbook Electronics Calculators
  133. Speaker Workshop simulation problem?
  134. Your favourite Android apps for diyaudio or audio in general.
  135. Box and Circuit Woofer Designer frd help needed
  137. Mac software
  138. Software to simulate That1510/1512 ICs
  139. New Eurequa (formulizer) available
  140. LTSPICE THD Analyzer
  141. Eagle 6 now available!!!
  142. Anyone use orcad for your projects?
  143. Help with Gerber, XYRS and BOM for PCB
  144. Aaaaaarrrggghh !
  145. Modeling analog circuits in DSP?
  146. Excel for Behringer DCX Info
  147. DVD-A authoring/writing tool for Vista?
  148. What alternatives to oscilloscope?
  149. LTSpice how to measure THD+N ?
  150. Whats the best way to show output impedance with LTSpice?
  151. designspark PCB software free downloads
  152. OpenFOAM – computational fluid dynamics
  153. soundeasy laptop input
  154. A comprehensive "woofer tester" ???.
  155. Will this mic be any good for measuring?
  156. Stepped Sine or Pink PN in LIMP?
  157. THD & IM Software Suggestions
  158. Google Sketchup library of drawings/components
  159. need help choosing sound card to use with truerta
  160. ? on software
  161. A/V receiver automatic speaker config systems
  162. Downsample .WAV Batch Processing
  163. What is the best/easiest freeware speaker and filter modelling program?
  164. SPL Copy newbie problems
  165. I2C with Squeezeslave - ALSA on Debian Linux
  166. Audio Analyzer for iOS and Android
  167. Omnimic from Parts Express question
  168. New to LTspice, need help, please.
  169. Fuzzmeasure advice
  170. Very basic Zener Diode/LTSpice simulation question
  171. fully loaded spice
  172. measurement systems
  173. Could you tell me which software is that ?
  174. Which microphone to use for speaker analysis?
  175. not-so-newbie Eagle question : metric or imperial?
  176. In praise of: Cordell SPICE models of BJTs
  177. Software for Acoustic Simulation
  178. Does anybody have correct AD797A spice model ?
  179. Can't import files into SpeakerWorkshop
  180. A spreadsheet that can do spectral magnitude and phase
  181. Eagle Lateral FET models.
  182. Need help drawing 12ax7 in Eagle
  183. How to calculate intermodulation distortion ratio ?
  184. FFT question with audiotester
  185. newbie eagle problem
  186. LTSpice, Closed loop gain?
  187. How can I do a 10 khz square wave with LtSpice ?
  188. My app: free Audio Signal Generator for iPhone, next features?
  189. Drawing Sofware
  190. Opinions on Praxis
  192. frd files with Omnimic tool
  193. 3D CAD software for speaker plans?
  194. First time with ARTA - am I set up correctly for amp measurment?
  195. EQpos loudspeaker correction software
  196. Best free schematic/pcb software?
  197. Simetrix 6.1
  198. Please help me to find software that is used to draw the PCB layout of this picture?
  199. Amp attenuation scheme discussion
  200. Eagle PCB free won't show ground plane
  201. Question about Speaker Workshop.
  202. Software for noobs
  203. "how to change output pdf's dpi" in EAGLE ?
  204. Best Free Audio Software
  205. Problem with calculation of phase response (time zero)
  206. REW5
  207. Free Software designed to run on old PC's
  208. pcb layout for-
  209. LIMP measurements WAYYY too high
  210. Need CAD guy for speaker cabinets -- recommendations?
  211. DC offset LTSpice
  212. Using PC Oscilloscope freeware as a distortion analyzer
  213. Expresspcb -cannot see ratsnets or parts
  214. LTSpice way too high input sine wave THD
  215. Excursion simulation in WinISD
  216. Low frequency spectrum analysis, S.A. software, recommendations? Newbie here.
  217. Appeal to John Broskie ... for Mac support
  218. ARTA analysis SW and LTspice under OSX on a hackintosh
  219. Looking for a good quality used LMS4.6
  220. Akabak and Hornresp
  221. uccx895 simulation error
  222. Zetex ZVN3310A + ZVP3310A LT Spice models
  223. Tape head spice model
  224. How do I post Images of LTSpice circuits and plots.
  225. PWB Layout Practices for DIP-8/SO-8 Compatibility
  226. Anyone tried iCircuit for the ipad?
  227. LTspice .Param command
  228. Questions about SoundEasy
  229. LT Spice design
  230. "Piecewise" waveform arithmetics in ltspice?
  231. op-amp with virtual ground in SPICE
  232. Trimming polygon pours in Eagle, help needed
  234. Electric Guitar Pickup w/Signal Generator SPICE
  235. Electric Guitar Pickup SPICE Model (w/Sig. Gen.)
  236. Need help determining MU and KG1
  237. Eagle3D model for a Silver Mica cap
  238. 6S4/6S4A TINA-TI/SPICE model?
  239. Driver Impedance Compensation Calculator
  240. tina-ti (footprint of ina103 has 10 node instead of 16 (dip))
  241. Loudspeaker CAE: Anyone have a comprehensive list?
  242. New Spice simulation community
  243. MJL21193/4 for eagle
  244. PSpice library
  245. diptrace PCB dimensions problem
  246. NI Multisim custom transformer
  247. HELP - need to make TINA NETLIST/MACRO for VTL5C3 "Vactrol"
  248. FRC frequency response combiner
  249. Eagle drill file error
  250. Measuring Response: Checking my understanding and asking for help based on specifics

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