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  1. Floor sound *Transmission* Deadening??
  2. Laser Engraving & CNC Milling Hammond boxes
  3. microphone cable for diy rca Interconnects
  4. simple inductors
  5. What transformer amp rating for power supply?
  6. Finding specs for drivers
  7. Speaker panel deadening mix of particles + hardener ?
  8. Cuts and holes on ebay aluminium chassis
  9. UK Veneer supplies, and a few questions
  10. Cutting tools for Aluminum?
  11. My new thaughts on interconnects and connectors
  12. Help with choosing speakers for floorstanders
  13. 3.5mm to RJ9 basic connection
  14. PVC cables
  15. Boombox, your thoughts
  16. Creating Vu Meter in Eagle Cad
  17. How to turn Sony Stereo System into Portable Boombox?
  18. what solder to use? tin with lead or no lead??
  19. Tapping 4-40 holes
  20. Vortexion Power Transformers
  21. Projecto! - Paso DMS3260B 7ch Integrated Digital Media Amp
  22. Convert 16V DC trigger out to 12V DC trigger in
  23. How to solder RCA connectors to RG59 cable?
  24. Painting wood veneer speakers
  25. Text on a front panel.
  26. removing amp boards
  27. Custom Experimental Box Design, Passive Radiator
  28. How to replicate odd shaped cutout in plastic
  29. Is this Locktite? What is it?
  30. My joruney too great sound!
  31. Bluetooth module help
  32. enclosure needed
  33. Completing enclosure
  34. 4mm Bitumen Pads
  35. A/B/C switch for a TRRS Headset?
  36. Solar garden light mystery
  37. Taking advanteage of both sides of the speaker
  38. Woodware
  39. Wiring the speakers
  40. Veneer: What is the easiest way to finish it???
  41. Restoring Carver Amazing Platinums
  42. Why having via holes in mounting holes
  43. Speaker encolure - I'm I correct?
  44. How to start?
  45. RF Isolation in Preamp
  46. Reverse speaker selection switch.
  47. Ordering Parts for Multiple Projects
  48. DIY Hexaphonic pickups with inverted polarities
  49. choosing wire gauges for LM3886 amp
  50. Multiple Headphones as output for one source
  51. Output and input Capacitors value
  52. Lepai Tripath TA2020 - Best Speaker Combination?
  53. How do I interpret a temperature coefficient?
  54. compressor/limiter input transformer air gap
  55. PDF layouts: copy/paste, multiple on a single page
  56. Speaker to 3.5mm?
  57. alternative to deoxit gold
  58. Transformer for Apex ba1200
  59. Advice needed: using server rackmount chassis for amp case
  60. Determining Acoustic Source Impedance of a Compression Driver for Proper Horn Loading
  61. help. mounting amp for boombox.
  62. Newbie 2.1 system questions.
  63. Speaker Stands
  64. PCB Routing Advice Needed: How to Handle Input/GND
  65. A DIY audio switch with volume control for PC
  66. Conencting power supplies, amplifiers and loudspeakers
  67. How to save prototype board
  68. What is the best PVC port to solid wood glue?
  69. Vibration Resistant Filler?
  70. Building a boombox, whats the best and most cost effective way to go about it.
  71. Help Regarding Transformer Design
  72. Grounding a chassis with anodized aluminum coating
  73. 3D printed casing for Dynavox DA-30
  74. Earth Bond
  75. Need help making a schematic of the TP4056 chip.
  76. Modern parts in old Zenith Console
  77. Custom Circle Jig for Dewalt Compact Router
  78. Build a solar radio
  79. Speaker wiring...
  80. Stacked sheets enclosure technique
  81. Help With Wiring Question:
  82. Mounting drivers on 1/4'' plywood
  83. Building Subwoofer Enclosure Help
  84. Odd speaker project questions for you guys
  85. Will baffle size affect sealed enclosure size?
  86. Glass Screen Protector As PCB Substrate
  87. Where to put Speakon Connectors
  88. Fixed resistor
  89. soldering flush components on a 2 layer toner transfer board
  90. Installation of On/Off illuminated switches
  91. Powering speakers
  92. Turntable pop, headshell/cartridge grounding
  93. Presentation of project, Wiring help/advise needed
  94. Amp PS question
  95. Small cylinder speaker enclosure
  96. subwoofer surround adhesive
  97. Vintage Style Turntable/Stereo Console Build
  98. Amp Enclosure Screws
  99. Boombox question.
  100. Tips on making cables
  101. Worth REUSING?
  102. Making CD player using EMU1212m
  103. Connecting MonoSocket to breadboard
  104. New Sansui 9090/8080/990 Real wood case
  105. Multi-channel power amp build thread
  106. Help with my protection circuit?
  107. Cleaning Circuit Boards
  108. frequency resonance box
  109. Thermal compound recommendations
  110. my first project
  111. Audio output fix?
  112. reduce current to speaker
  113. Building speaker switch for 5.1 system, wiring question
  114. Spare parts portable bluetooth speaker
  115. fan cooling
  116. Cat 5 speaker cable thoughts
  117. PVA glue and Evo-Stik Wood Adhesive - what is the difference?
  118. Speaker cabinet build
  119. First time subwoofer build
  120. Help Rewiring 70s Turntable & Converting XLR > RCA + Preamp
  121. Adding bluetooth to my console player
  122. Adding AUX input to the CD input of a Sony PMC - 202
  123. Speakers lying around - can I put them to use?
  124. how to get a mirror shine?
  125. Using headlight bulbs for loading
  126. fibreglass line array
  127. Golden Age Pre-73 PSU
  128. Newcastle Mini Keg - Party Rocker
  129. Deciding on an output power
  130. Component Footprint Question
  131. Piano like high gloss black finish how to video?
  132. Wood veneer advice please?
  133. OPAMP - Short Circuit Protection
  134. Preamplifier Construction Help
  135. Beginner building a PA speaker for the first time
  136. Audio amplifier to drive LED
  137. Output Inductor Construction
  138. Battery charging idea...
  139. Novice asks about joinery / routing / finishes
  140. Linn Kaber Jumper Cable
  141. Surround to Stereo
  142. Custom project help
  143. Curved (Lute shaped) Loudspeakers
  144. Best Way To Cut Out A Rectangular Vent (Port) ?
  145. Glueing together my first set of MDF cabinets
  146. First Speaker Build! Wireless Mono Speaker!
  147. PCB etching -> The foto method -> Riscs involved
  148. dim bulb tester question
  149. optimal rate of turns for twisted pair AC and other
  150. removing flux from boards
  151. Question on splicing multiple wires
  152. Considering a different approcah to protruding LEDs
  153. How do you ventilate your custom aluminum chassis?
  154. Point to Point Construction Thread
  155. USB speakers
  156. Room setup/speaker placement
  157. advice on building AD and DA convertors
  158. Furman Power Conditioner LED conversion??
  159. Crossover help
  160. Ground lift for audio issue?
  161. Diy project help
  162. Advise on NEATLY adding LEDs
  163. building wooden chassis for tube amp, how to do it right?
  164. Left and Right Common ground?
  165. Pot before or after converting to mono?
  166. Suitcase Boombox - 1 channel wiring or mono amp
  167. not sure how to solder/attach these terminals, but they're obviously fairly common...
  168. Little powered speaker wiring help
  169. IDSS test for Jfets
  170. Manual Transistor Switching
  171. MLCC vs Silver Mica
  172. Soldering from *both* sides of a PCB
  173. How to achieve a good finish on speakers
  174. Finishing and flared port
  175. Translam Questions
  176. A good find on audio opto isolators
  177. Grille cloth recommendations and fitting instructions?
  178. Issue combining virtual Grounds
  179. capacitor upgrade issue
  180. op-amp based inductor
  181. ESP Project 3A Amp Enclosure
  182. Small Capsule for Amp with Aux and another for USB/DC Input
  183. Cabinet error tolerances?
  184. drill a hole on 8mm aluminium
  185. 2-way speaker, 2 long port
  186. Help with ground loop? and "distant" highs.
  187. Constructing a dB meter
  188. Inverting Amplifier LM358AP: Distorted Output
  189. Text Markings on Aluminum Cabinets
  190. White glue?
  191. Can I duplicate textured paint at home?
  192. Nichicon Snap Cap PCB hole sizing and spacing
  193. Help with installation of Heil AMT
  194. components arrangement in cabinet
  195. PCB Connectors
  196. why do you leave your plywood edges exposed
  197. Printing PCB film on a laserprinter.
  198. Materials for sound improvement - question
  199. How to switch between 2 x audio inputs with a snazzy status LED?
  200. Hints for plexi-glass window in frontpanel
  201. Coil selection question
  202. amp in metal case, 2 questions
  203. Capacitor wrap cutting brief tutorial
  204. Best way to charge 12v boombox?
  205. Shielding DACs : any tips about materials?
  206. Sewer Pipe Speaker
  207. How to install heat sink?
  208. Looking for some expert speaker builder wisdom!
  209. Wiring help
  210. Replacing old nutone intercom system
  211. Mosfets for amplifier
  212. 9023 dac help
  213. Motor to drive platter in DIY Record Cleaning Machine
  214. better than MDF?
  215. Pro-Driver gaskets?
  216. 4 pins Mini XLR to dual 3 pins XLR adapter.
  217. Dc voltage regulator
  218. Tilting Midrange and Tweeter toward axis
  219. Simple easy finish for poplar?
  220. A Noobs Adventure..
  221. Current limiting "bulb" tester for battery powered preamp
  222. Dac inputs: tip needed how to place receptacles on panel.
  223. Acrylic cases for electronics - any experience ?
  224. sneak-peak: turquoise-inlayed mesquite speakers
  225. saw blade question
  226. solder to gold or copper ??
  227. Aluminium bending..
  228. Anyone making their own PC boards?
  229. Connecting an equipment to the mains
  230. idea for phase switching without very many parts?
  231. Gluing MDF together
  232. Dim bulb tester wiring for SP switch
  233. Internal Area of a Cylinder
  234. Getting started - I have a couple of questions.
  235. Canare Star Quad RCA construciton methods?
  236. New home audio system project - please advise
  237. Damping mats for sheet metal cabinet
  238. Super Noob looking for guidance with a 3116
  239. What to use instead of Sn62Pb36Ag2 ?
  240. T-amp + vu meter driver dont work
  241. Best way to connect XLR and RCA together?
  242. Help with DIY boombox (newbie)
  243. Application of equilizer on small monitor speakers?
  244. Can a XLR to RCA adapter ruin an equipment ?
  245. First PCB: 2.1 Active Filter OPAMP and Design Advice
  246. Source for article by James Moriyasu (Feb 2003 aXp)??
  247. PCB substrate question (Teflon Luxman & Accuphase oriented)
  248. Replacing Audio transformer on a circuit
  249. D.A.S
  250. Newbie help - Best solder for caps?

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