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  1. Power Transistor placement on twin heatsinks per side
  2. Mirror image before toner process
  3. Essential Speaker Building Tools
  4. the 2U chasis
  5. First amp build ready for power switch
  6. Need your opinion/help
  7. Magnavox tube amp 3-screw speaker input update
  8. First ever build.... caught fire!
  9. Building a Jukebox
  10. Touching audio source makes it louder
  11. Fixing pcb through-hole solder area
  12. Can I encase stereo in aluminum mount?
  13. How to inscribe the wooden front of my pre amp?
  14. How to repair speaker and what glue to use?
  15. soldering technique question
  16. New to this site.
  17. Newbie building Horns from wood
  18. Copper plating with acid copper sulfate.
  19. Question on PCB planes.
  20. Hard or soft face
  21. Clamp bar
  22. Surface mounted PCB services
  23. Speaker cable build with Paracord 550
  24. How many clamps do I need to assemble my sub enclosure?
  25. Need volume control design recommend.
  26. diffuser build #2 with cutting question
  27. B327 is not etching small spaces between tracks
  28. Control Panel Design
  29. Constrained layer construction
  30. Will this Ground Loop Become an Issue?
  31. Making an amp using TPA3116 - help with pots
  32. Flexible Chromecast Speaker Idea
  33. Method and materials to solder silver SUT wire
  34. No screws on MDF enclosures, but treated area contact ang good glue?
  35. Rebuild of Boombox - Looking for tips
  36. Instant Portable Tunes
  37. Blanda matt inlay speaker
  38. Shaft Extensions
  39. Toroid transformer placement
  40. Help for PCB developing
  41. Help Planning Whole home audio
  42. Push Button On/Off LED Advice
  43. Philips Discoteak rebuild
  44. How to drill this hole and make it black
  45. 3M dinoc, i love this now
  46. Could I knock up an alright box with spare car bits?
  47. Need Perfect Measurement For 10" Sub Woofer bass reflex enclosure design
  48. Sealing Speakers
  49. Repurpose Old Bakelite Valve Radio Unit
  50. Wiring a tape monitor led
  51. A safe flux
  52. silver epoxy question
  53. PCB with laser printer
  54. DAC/Amp feedback?
  55. Head Up DNM interconnect cable - great Buy
  56. Why you should use a lightbulb tester
  57. Need help in wiring boombox!!!!
  58. Halfinator Build help!! (Newb)
  59. Shortest distance
  60. is this a solution for a pcb ground loop??
  61. AQ DBS like silver-cotton-carbon diy speaker cables
  62. Sexy speaker cables
  63. searching for Seas P21 surrounds
  64. Dual power source boombox
  65. Refinishing Hammond Walnut Chassis
  66. Tiny ported box
  67. Noob...Boxes for built-ins?
  68. Advice for building a box for a newb help please!!
  69. DIY Speaker Case issues
  70. Board-to-board pin headers? Y- or T- jumper cables?
  71. MDF vs Birch Plywood for 3 way tower
  72. Carpet tiles for lining box & volume
  73. screwed up my DAC?
  74. Danish oil plus a clear?
  75. cable sleeve size
  76. Power Transformers for Different Circuits
  77. Portable XM Radio Unit
  78. Question & advise for building a powered speaker
  79. New DIY-er needs "sound" power and build advice. (get it?)
  80. Recommend a good UK speaker cabinet maker
  81. Table of Current Capacity
  82. Use old enclosure for new speaker
  83. Advice for a new "audio pod"
  84. Is this a safe/reliable solution for fuse holder?
  85. Power-supply and DAC : 2 cabinets ?
  86. Lesson learned
  87. Epoxy Resin Finish on Speaker Enclosures
  88. Question about adding volume control to DAC and reducing output voltage
  89. Medium size bluetooth speaker box
  90. amplifier / battery enclosure
  91. US-C-POL SMD 6032 wrong way round in Eagle
  92. newbie making an Input/Output switch
  93. Problem with Solder Paste for DIY Reflow
  94. Newbie tip to bypass onboard buttons on tda 7492p for diy project
  95. DIY boombox (newbie alert) tips needed
  96. MDF sunken joints
  97. Stripping paint off a Dynaco ST-70 nichel
  98. DIY battery operated stereo
  99. Soldering Help - Odd Issue
  100. Hagerman bugel 2 powered by esp p05 power supply
  101. Quad 22 EF86 RIAA front end
  102. Help with a DIY Boom Box
  103. Speaker grilles and baffle finishing....
  104. PCB tips and tricks - Part 4
  105. Power Surges - ?
  106. PCB layout - tips & tricks part III
  107. Electronics Design Blog
  108. Need some help to assemble a all-in-one music center
  109. PCB layout - tips & tricks part II
  110. Woden Redeye build.
  111. Toroid Transformer
  112. op amp distorted
  113. PCB layout - tips & tricks for beginners to experts
  114. What is the best front panel fonts that I should consider
  115. Basic question - input selector switch
  116. How to include a feedback control knob in this spring reverb system?
  117. Adding AUX input to an old hifi system.
  118. DIY Mono speaker
  119. Using a lower voltage indicator light than supply voltage - Safe/acceptable method?
  120. Help making DIY stereo speakers
  121. Faceplate lettering
  122. Transistor matching
  123. Will large cap not square on PCB cause problems?
  124. Cnc Portable Fullrange Speaker
  125. Daz skyline diffuser - made in Israel
  126. clamp together amp and effect rack
  127. Removing adhesive lined heat shrink tubing
  128. Portable Speaker, need guidance on design
  129. Help me pin down what to research for new project
  130. Built a reverb tank drive/recovery circuit - dry sound leakage problem
  131. Inexpensive HDMI 2 channel receiver design discussion
  132. Portable stereo design help
  133. Plans for a sub-woofer cabinet using Lansing 515c?
  134. Help with gain tone control
  135. Choosing a Bluetooth module
  136. my diy ikea bamboo racks
  137. LP volume control + source switch
  138. Portable Speaker Build
  139. Fixing slit between panels
  140. Wiring power supply, charger and battery.
  141. Good way to cut a slot in aluminum?
  142. Help with circuit
  143. two in one week!
  144. Adding rca out to balanced tube buffer
  145. 4kHz notch filter parts values
  146. Mini speaker for backpacking
  147. Power Relationship to Frequency band?
  148. Help Wiring C.A. Sub to Philips AD340 Speaker Set
  149. Crossover behind dirvers ?
  150. My Diy speaker bluetooth project, help me :)
  151. DIY Audio Spectrum Analyzer with LED panel
  152. 2nd in a Series - Re-ribbon, new transformer and 3D printed parts for MXL R144
  153. How to vacum press the veneer on the corners?
  154. Where can you get advice about wiring up speakers?
  155. DIY Ribbon upgrade for MXL 990 Microphone
  156. Reducing tweeter cutout
  157. Homemade Minimus-7 cabinets?
  158. Installing 4 polarized capacitors in Hafler DH 500
  159. How to add a "Tone defeat" switch in preamp ?
  160. Phonostage
  161. Basic soldering of components ?
  162. Sealed or ported mtm when crossed to a sub?
  163. Hardening cotton for cables?
  164. diy box construction: input rca L+R / output rca L+R+SUB
  165. ideas for heavy duty shipping cardboard tube
  166. Electrostatic Speakers- Mod Acoustat 1+1s
  167. modern "radiogram" design
  168. Small PCB preamp - how to adjust gain?
  169. Basic question re wiring switches
  170. Atmos speakers build ideas
  171. Where to put the crossover in cabinets ?
  172. Quick verification on first 230V fused and switched inlet
  173. First Rack.
  174. Using ARM board with OTG cable to build a USB DAC
  175. Aleph J or Jean Hiraga 20W or Ovation SX?
  176. Foam core..then Truck Bed Liner, That's All.
  177. Driving LEDs by digital outs
  178. Salvaging Shelf System
  179. First Audio Project. Is my amp and speaker choice good?
  180. First Build
  181. Cabinet inside finish
  182. need help with port!
  183. Transformer Matching
  184. Alternatives to IEC Power Jacks
  185. Introduction
  186. Twist B+ and B- wires ?
  187. epoxy for bonding sheet metal to plywood?
  188. Isolating indicator light from audio
  189. Could this project work? I bet you can help!
  190. ATH Build/Project, help me!
  191. DIY boombox. F3 of a DIY enclosure? Vent sizing? HPF to protect woofer?
  192. external dimensions of 3 cu ft vented box
  193. Chassis layout
  194. Help with ER Acorn ESL kit
  195. Question regarding Fender Rhodes style pickup setup
  196. bonding soft and hard woods together
  197. Crazy cool stomp box build questions
  198. Epoxy resin in cabinet making
  199. Charger IC
  200. Implementing ESS 9018 chip
  201. Material and thickness for top-plate
  202. DIY console modification help
  203. uFonken Rebate
  204. Switch Circuit Advice Needed
  205. Modify a Mixing console
  206. DRV134 power draw
  207. Whats the purpose of these diodes
  208. filtered db25 connectors and gnd fill
  209. opamp power traces routing
  210. Switch between two speaker sets
  211. Help with 5.1 diy setup
  212. Panasonic P50GT30B TV
  213. The ultimate DIY PCB guide
  214. Home-made Portable Stereo (I outdid myself)
  215. Chassis drilling techniques
  216. Which aluminum alloy
  217. how to mod sustain pedal for non-latch FX triggering (Rane TTM57SL)
  218. Metal box apertures sizing and RFI
  219. Some newb questions...
  220. Led wiring (newbie)
  221. Electronic Audio Fundamental PDF Collection N 1
  222. AT transformer wire gauge?
  223. Speaker enclosure size for 2x 6.5"?
  224. Positioning Cubietruck-raspberry
  225. 3.5mm to rca PTFE cable build
  226. Cutting neat holes in anodized aluminum
  227. re-painting speaker box
  228. New Amp case?
  229. ground loop isolator with analog optocoupler
  230. Attaching a battery pack to a chassis?
  231. Bitsbox and Tagboardeffects
  232. Microphone, PCB, Sound Guide and Enclosure placement
  233. Design and building a Turntable
  234. LCD Screen Plexiglass insert
  235. Building a HiFi 2000 5U Monster Housing
  236. Speaker ABX amp switch passive/analogue.
  237. Veneering help please!
  238. driver cutouts 12", jigsaw or router
  239. need help baffle cut out
  240. Advice required for Naim Amplifier face plate
  241. Best driver placement for box
  242. il HELP, Impedance missmatch Boston SUBs
  243. AUX Audio Imput into Switched Circuit
  244. Multing balanced line outputs RFI protection
  245. What amp do I need?
  246. Metal plinth for record player???
  247. "portable" speaker build, what's missing?
  248. Enclosure building materials
  249. Ronseal floor-paint or other robust finish?
  250. New to the forum wanted to say hello..

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