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  1. Enclosure for JBL speakers
  2. Suggestions Needed for New DIY'er
  3. Need some advice where to install LED, also power socket advice.
  4. Split Power with 2 7805's
  5. Best type of enclosure to use???
  6. Current ideas on panel labelling?
  7. Car stereo boombox
  8. How to use flux
  9. Physical construction of star ground
  10. Total Noob Question...Getting my Oatley K303 into an enclosure
  11. Guys...I need help with simple DC meter
  12. Overnight Sensation MTM
  13. klipsch cornerhorn plans
  14. Change my speaker
  15. alps drawings
  16. thru hole
  17. how would i make a large chamfer on already built enclosure ?
  18. best method for putting speakers on stands
  19. Differential preamp wiring
  20. TV base for center speaker
  21. Looking for DIY Keyboard tips
  22. Custom Centre Speaker Stand - A big one!
  23. Simple Power Switch Question
  24. Slightly insane micro boom box Help!! Please?
  25. Front Panel Express Files
  26. Enclosure construction technique help: horizontal or vertical x-sections.
  27. How far apart do you need to space screws after gluing?
  28. Mylar printing nt dark enough
  29. Best way to cut rectangular hole for horn tweeter?
  30. Protect aluminum face!
  31. Cutout driver frame
  32. Best way to attach socket?
  33. Noise unless I touch audio jack
  34. Cyrus 2 amp toggle version Help
  35. crossover schematics help
  36. First step into making my own boxes (HELP)
  37. Cheap tricks for construction.
  38. Splitting Audio?
  39. Ribbon Tweeter Wave Guide removal?
  40. Should I equalize before amplify?
  41. Andersonix BFF5 amplifier styling concept
  42. Using two SI T-amps for left and right channels
  43. Andersonix Timmerstuga (log cabin) chassis concept
  44. Potentiometer as a volume control
  45. pc speaker amp (kit) for a newb, not sure where to post.
  46. Is stranded steel hookup wire OK?
  47. Active filter ground pour
  48. Anyone know how to use these banana plugs?
  49. Vacuum tube horizontal
  50. help help help bare wire help im a muppet
  51. Low Cost PCB supplier?
  52. Learning the basics of speaker cabinet design
  53. Awesome soldering lessons on YouTube
  54. Removable Baffles
  55. System Build
  56. Input design turntable manual needed
  57. Mounting circuit board on heat sink?
  58. Putting veener on cabinets
  59. Unknown copper plate - too soft for making a case?
  60. Horns and Compression Drivers - Screw thread too tight
  61. There are ghosts in the Ground! More grounding advice...
  62. Aluminium flat or not in PSU?
  63. Iso Cab Dimensions
  64. VU meter tower. need advice
  65. Awesome project case idea!
  66. Earphone signal amplification
  67. DIC Integrated amplifier - seventies
  68. Simple, portable, rechargeable, Hi-Fi speaker
  69. Sound Master STIX 305 schematic request
  70. Help With Joints
  71. Repairing a speaker
  72. How to Make Concrete Horns and Enclosures
  73. Shielding a toroidal?
  74. Cutting Fluid - What do you use?
  75. Speaker binding post installation.
  76. Tweeter sub-enclosure?
  77. Scratched PCB
  78. 1st project requires assistance
  79. serialize pcb
  80. Audiolab 8000CDM Tray Drive Gear Replacement
  81. 800W Load - Rackmount
  82. Frontloading CD-Pro2
  83. Carbon Fiber boxes?
  84. Great page for learning chassis fabrication
  85. Sub Enclosure General Design Shape
  86. earthing painted metal chassis (buzz + safety)
  87. Made to Measure Audio Interconnects
  88. ultrasonic amplifier
  89. Widen hole?
  90. Speaker Enclosure Wiring Question
  91. Amazing schematics page
  92. SPL
  93. DIY SO8 to DIP8 adapter
  94. 6SL7 instead of 6N1P in this schematic?
  95. Touch interface switch and remote
  96. new and keen
  97. Rubber with bracing of cabinet?
  98. Ideas For Getting Piano Black Finish
  99. Flux Pen?
  100. RCM vacuum pump help.
  101. Removing enamel from magnet wire
  102. Drilling ~1mm thick steel case metal
  103. Update/upgrade for Craig Anderton's Electronic projects for musicians
  104. Update/upgrade for Craig Anderton's Electronic projects for musicians
  105. Enlarging driver holes?
  106. Winding transformers using a flangeless bobbin
  107. What drill bit size to use?
  108. DIY MP3 radio
  109. Modernizing an old 1940's Radio
  110. Cutting rectangular holes in enclosures -- TIPS
  111. new and not sure of upgradeing
  112. humbuster schematic
  113. heatsink
  114. Shielding metal
  115. Homebuilt speaker cables - 5th generation
  116. Finding Edge of Finished Surface
  117. Glueing t-nuts
  118. DIY Broadcast mixer based on Nagra?
  119. Using different Metals for one Case - small Currents likely to flow?
  120. Shotgun Tube Design math (and measurements of existing shotguns?)
  121. Which Canare cable for audio?
  122. My_Receiver
  123. ThewoodworkingShows.com Baltimore, MD
  124. Is it feasible to cannibalize cheap speakers for their enclosures?
  125. New Guy Alert!
  126. Clueless man replacing subwoofer
  127. First DIY: 80's Console TV Multimedia Jukebox!
  128. how do i make a ATX cable to jack in/jack out
  129. Simple first-build to power two 600w 4ohm Subwoofer
  130. Rectangular openings in plastic enclosure?
  131. Cutting 45 degree angles
  132. Newbie help - first build project underway.
  133. Speaker stands
  134. Mini ~$150 Ultimate Boom Box Lepai 2020 ++ ??
  135. To PCB or not to PCB?
  136. extension of wires on turntable
  137. toroid winding styles
  138. speaker stand
  139. PSA: Ear protection
  140. Tripath 80's-style boombox: Advice, please?
  141. First Build
  142. Inspiration for people who likes big Steroes
  143. Cutting 45's with a circular saw only ?
  144. Making holes...speaker jigs
  145. Any Heterodyne info..Learner
  146. Wood cabinet for amplifiers?
  147. Help With Piece Of Lost Solder Pad
  148. Connecting two guitar amps to one speaker
  149. Rack Mount Enclosures
  150. Solar powered (charging) circuits with LiPo/LiFe/Li-ion battery
  151. MIDI accordion?
  152. Sub and 6X9's.
  153. Design simple Stereo Audio Amplifier
  154. Not veneering a chamfer - crazy???
  155. Switching dual supply rails with a single switch
  156. <mid>woofer "splash"
  157. Wood finish question
  158. wiring 4x12 speaker cabinet...
  159. Tripath boombox
  160. Quick Veneer Question
  161. New to DIY speaker building (new or used?)
  162. Where do I buy this rotary switch?
  163. slim center speaker
  164. Accepting ones limitations
  165. 65L ScanSpeak ZRT 2.5 way
  166. I would like to test 3 types of modular equalizers
  167. Box size?
  168. What is the bare minimum in equipment to build fine enclosures?
  169. Magnets for removable baffle
  170. remedy for an uneven glossy finish
  171. Make countersink deeper?
  172. Wanting to create a wall of sound with multiple speakers
  173. finish the plywood or veneer it - that is the question
  175. Mechanical problem on designing
  176. Amp power
  177. tube socket installation
  178. Help a beginner out please! :>
  179. battery voltage regulator
  180. LEDs and batteries
  181. Universal Mounting Specification
  182. soldering to steel
  183. Removing shrink tubing
  184. Warpage, Baltic Birch ply over particleboard?
  185. ridiculously cool repair trick!
  186. Still don't understand this
  187. Some thoughts on alternative cooling
  188. only drum and/or bass output
  189. Building k-horn clones
  190. Speaker cables on T-Amp
  191. 12V to 30-32V 1.5-1.75A ?
  192. Harness Lacing
  193. Baffle Shapes and Frequency Response
  194. soldering a TO-3 transistor technique ? (problem for me)
  195. Layout problem. 5.1 system PREAMP DAC etc
  196. Unable to buy, wish to build
  197. veneer over vinyl
  198. My first project, need some tips
  199. Dis-assembly of magnet? anyone know a LESS risky way?
  200. Help getting a nice smooth surface
  201. Need opinions
  202. I need to understand components quality importance.
  203. what is the best way to avoid box coloration ?
  204. text on top of pcb
  205. faraday ring shape ?(shorting ring)
  206. Refine my camping sound box!
  207. How the heck do I cut straight!?
  208. Slectable momentary or latching action
  209. seal wood on inside of speaker cabinet?
  210. Help wanted: Newcomer to DIYAudio and acoustics
  211. SWR-1243D Box.
  212. solder pad rivet?
  213. Custom Skateboard Speaker design.
  214. Help re: wiring a balanced iso transformer
  215. Don't want removable baffles, what are my options?
  216. crossover component for infinity alpha 40
  217. Sealer for MDF
  218. How to mount chassis feet?
  219. veneer on back of bb plywood
  220. Point-to-point wiring done right...
  221. Speaker Cabinet Design! First Ever so Please Help
  222. Multi-Channel Stepped Attenuators?
  223. Sealed Subwoofer Encloser Damping
  224. Fundamental Questions: ADCs, DACs, I2S
  225. The lowdown on wood glues
  226. integrated rollers
  227. Help with first sub box?
  228. Butt joints,wood glue strong enough?
  229. Polishing a case & what material is this case?
  230. 1st timer in amps... headphone amp for grado RS1... complete design?
  231. 3.5mm panel jack hookup
  232. proper testing methodology?
  233. Crossover 3-way, working out the kinks- 1st timer
  234. What would you call this part/technique?
  235. ScanSpeak ReDiscovery Tower build
  236. How to secure driver to enclosure
  237. 'proper' CAD drawing & inaccurate scanspeak datasheet?
  238. Thoughts on Ports...
  239. Building a API 550A replica
  240. Subwoofer enclosure
  241. From schematic to board layout - Help & hints needed
  242. ta2020 jack sensing
  243. Rounded edges with 3/4 MDF
  244. Tips for building D-class?
  245. Trade Wdwking expertise for elec. exp?
  246. How to install screws and t-nuts
  247. double DPDT switch?
  248. how not to brace a sub cabinet
  249. Joining two MDF for the baffles
  250. Looking for Epoxy to protect smd components

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