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  1. Dc voltage regulator
  2. Tilting Midrange and Tweeter toward axis
  3. Simple easy finish for poplar?
  4. A Noobs Adventure..
  5. Current limiting "bulb" tester for battery powered preamp
  6. Dac inputs: tip needed how to place receptacles on panel.
  7. Acrylic cases for electronics - any experience ?
  8. sneak-peak: turquoise-inlayed mesquite speakers
  9. saw blade question
  10. solder to gold or copper ??
  11. Aluminium bending..
  12. Anyone making their own PC boards?
  13. Connecting an equipment to the mains
  14. idea for phase switching without very many parts?
  15. Gluing MDF together
  16. Dim bulb tester wiring for SP switch
  17. Internal Area of a Cylinder
  18. Getting started - I have a couple of questions.
  19. Canare Star Quad RCA construciton methods?
  20. New home audio system project - please advise
  21. Damping mats for sheet metal cabinet
  22. Super Noob looking for guidance with a 3116
  23. What to use instead of Sn62Pb36Ag2 ?
  24. T-amp + vu meter driver dont work
  25. Best way to connect XLR and RCA together?
  26. Help with DIY boombox (newbie)
  27. Application of equilizer on small monitor speakers?
  28. Can a XLR to RCA adapter ruin an equipment ?
  29. First PCB: 2.1 Active Filter OPAMP and Design Advice
  30. Source for article by James Moriyasu (Feb 2003 aXp)??
  31. PCB substrate question (Teflon Luxman & Accuphase oriented)
  32. Replacing Audio transformer on a circuit
  33. D.A.S
  34. Newbie help - Best solder for caps?
  35. Speaker Furniture Build-Need your collaboration
  36. Thickness of aluminum plate for tube amp
  37. PCB Stencils for Popular Devices?
  38. How can one mount surface mount type resistor and capacitor
  39. Permit required?
  40. Baltic birch plywood in Australia?
  41. Finishing plywood speaker cabs - black, matte, utilitarian finish?
  42. Making my own PC boards
  43. Burson opamp
  44. Dimensions and Position
  45. CCS: 4mA JFET Cascode
  46. Kundt's Tube-zilla (lol)
  47. A Wafer Sandwich of Washers and Rubber
  48. Block sanding trials and tribulations
  49. 4ohm midbass + 8ohm tweeter issue
  50. Soldering Key Contacts - How?
  51. Acrylic enclosure for car stereo, where to start?
  52. SLA battery venting?
  53. How to clean a lever switch ?
  54. Making Parts for the Price of Dirt
  55. small project board
  56. enclosure(s) triangle -or trapezium form
  57. Some soldering guidance needed.
  58. Converter: 48V Phantom Power - 4mA IEPE
  59. Table saw set up for cutting 45 degrees
  60. circuit board info
  61. Mounting a pair of VU meters from behind the panel
  62. How to solder ground?
  63. House design / dedicated music room ...
  64. Dynaudio Special Twenty Five redo
  65. Custom Wrangler Ported Box
  66. Simple design for a speaker switch that avoids shared ground
  67. rear projection lights?
  68. Two 15amp switches in parallel ok for 30amp load?
  69. Rack Mount DAC issue
  70. Speaker joint repair help
  71. Dual output pocket headphone amp
  72. Help in replacing the amp in Boom Box (Apple Hi Fi), Lepai T !
  73. A very important element for imaging - the speaker front baffle
  74. subwoofer box in a boat
  75. How would you go about construction an internal frame for a ribbon mic?
  76. Ribbon Mic Internal Blast Filter
  77. pcb etching
  78. Influence of dirty circuit boards
  79. DALO 33 etch resistant pen!!!
  80. How to "clean up" a tiny via for soldering?
  81. Help with Yamaha equalizer mod?!
  82. Machine Threads in Sheet Metal
  83. Replacing speakers to old home "Nutone" system
  84. Balanced To Unbalanced Help
  85. Pioneer RT-707 calibration
  86. Dip8 Dual mono to Single dip8 OP AMP
  87. Help with L-pad to turn down tweeters
  88. I thought contact cement would be stronger
  89. Beach music
  90. Mounting a leather clad baffle
  91. Small Speaker Build
  92. Advice on Shellac
  93. installing amp/volt panel question
  94. Multi-chamber enclosure & is this stupid?
  95. Attaching front baffle to MDF box
  96. MDF prep and finish technique and product selection help
  97. Front panel lettering solutions
  98. Enclosure building specific techniques for general cabinetmaker?
  99. Box build question
  100. New baffle renovation questions
  101. Custom RCA A/V switch build audio problems
  102. PA Speaker cabinet Coating
  103. question about power capacitors
  104. Braiding long cables
  105. DIY sub chassis Linn LP12 Sondek
  106. Install roller guides on Pioneer RT 707 tension arms
  107. How to remove lettering from chassis
  108. Need filler for letters punched in wood
  109. Passive Preamplifier builder req
  110. Silly Question about Tape.
  111. Novel PCB Construction
  112. Painting ATC SCM50 Clones
  113. Ground Loops
  114. In wall boxes..... Questions....
  115. Recommended glue for glueing plywood to MDF?
  116. Audio signal through a trace or a solid plane.
  117. Re-manufacturing Dolby & DTS 5.1 Surround Sound
  118. Question about line in, line out and center in an amp
  119. Is it just me.... ?
  120. Chassis Lettering - What works?
  121. Horn focal point question
  122. Best veneer to dye / stain black
  123. Wiring 4 speakers into 2 channel
  124. Headphoned Clock Radio
  125. questions about building a home audio system
  126. DIY Piano
  127. Need Help..
  128. can't drill a set of aligned holes to save my life!
  129. Home Brew PCBs
  130. which waveguid sub design?
  131. LED Reflow Question
  132. 4-pin Neutrik XLR for Ortho to Taps Build ?
  133. Discarded Veneer, Will Paint and "Varnish"
  134. 3D printing enclosures. material strength
  135. DJ/Production Desk Project
  136. Copper Pours
  137. help in building my portable boombox (here in philippines)
  138. first time veneer, CC, Iron, PSA?
  139. xlr connections
  140. cloning pcb
  141. Reality Check DIY Tannoy
  142. How to seal gaps is wood?
  143. I need tips for my first build
  144. Point to point Tube kit
  145. Recommended Wire and Gauge DIY Speakers
  146. XLR balanced cable using 3 core cable
  147. How do i hook up 5 pairs of speakers to one receiver?
  148. Please help - how to connect these components to create an active crossover?
  149. Making Perfect PCB's At Home.
  150. 3 speakers and a sub woofer set up
  151. hi fidelity diy interconnects
  152. Max torque for M4 bolt into 8mm Aluminium
  153. Repurposing some old Pioneer enclosures.
  154. Precautions for handling MOSFET
  155. Help me!!
  156. Can you suggest what component goes in the output circuitry?
  157. HELP! Need some small panels, or a vaccuum form machine
  158. Building my own Pro Microphone
  159. Proper Grounding of Potentiometers, Volume and tone control, electric guitar.
  160. Line Input for iPhone/Mobile Phones
  161. Use of Lead (Pb) as damping material in loudspeaker cabinet
  162. Building an amplifier case from carbon fiber
  163. T-nut question
  164. anyone know how to calculate this??
  165. Pot from CD changer to power amp ?
  166. Construction techniques
  167. Which came first...
  168. Preamp Kit Project
  169. Newbie - need help with a few questions
  170. Recomend a method to mount res, to heat sink
  171. Express PCB
  172. 1KHz tone frequency
  173. Exposed magnet
  174. DIY Focal speaker plans
  175. First Project
  176. Exotic transmission-line/back-loaded-horn Cabinets
  177. XLR-F to XLR-M how to? 2 or 3 lines + Shield???
  178. 24V transformer with 4 VU drivers and LEDs
  179. newbie xover
  180. Help on diyAudio Store Chassis
  181. Infinity Emit K tweeter
  182. Bar PA System - Install Remote Master Volume Control
  183. How to make HPGL or DXF file?
  184. Adding to my floor-standing system
  185. DIY Audio Recorder
  186. sum 4 signals without "mixing" them?
  187. Top side through hole soldering
  188. Flat ribbon cable
  189. BMS 4591 mounting bracket
  190. Tips for making a simple 32 (mic) in -> 4 (line) out summing mixer
  191. New loudspeaker cabinet design - combining aluminium and wood, a bad idea?
  192. Cutting Circles with Jig Saw
  193. Wiring a Switch, is there an app ?
  194. Soldering Tutorial
  195. Toner Photoresist Instructions
  196. Combining Audio without bleeding over
  197. How to make DIY isolation feet - quick and easy
  198. Speaker cabinet construction Q
  199. PAss B1 buffer pictures
  200. Mounting a Fostex FF 165 WK inside a cabinet
  201. driver mounting
  202. Temporary solder mask for tiny area?
  203. Adding Bluetooth and Controls to Loudspeaker.
  204. VU Meter LED orientation
  205. Is this a crazy idea? Will it work?
  206. Tinning/thickening PCB traces for less resistance
  207. Signal generator camera pan-switch
  208. 12vdc from 120ac?
  209. Home audio speaker cabinet help...
  210. Best ways to treat a plywood-cabinet?
  211. Wiring suggestions please for this project
  212. paint heatsinks
  213. Befuddled with routing
  214. Audio Line Switcher For Backing Tracks Live
  215. Speaker repair disaster
  216. UK : Anyone know of metal fabricators near Aylesbury or Oxford
  217. PCB fab - what worked for me
  218. portable wireless audio
  219. How to design a loudspeaker
  220. Modifying a round cutout without a center
  221. Speaker on/off switch: locate in Line-level or Speaker-level path?
  222. How to make a source unit for a musical car horn?
  223. Synth cabinet from an old flight case.
  224. Angled Ports?
  225. Heatsinks
  226. LED Power Light circuit
  227. Ceramic tactrix horns
  228. Listening room design - exhaust fan?
  229. Cleaning up heatsinks...
  230. Applying Labels To Painted Metal
  231. GONE in 60 SECONDS
  232. DAC peltier PSU
  233. Passive Monitor Switching Questions. (Noob in need of advice)
  234. Hard wire layout
  235. Missing BASS in my 2 way speaker
  236. PA monitor enclosure
  237. Speaker enclosure builder
  238. integrated and power amp connection
  239. Construction idea and Copyright?
  240. Question on modifying this speaker box design?
  241. how do i wire up and what amp do i use?
  242. DIY PCB problems
  243. Moving Pots from the PCB
  244. 105v trigger.
  245. Autotrax 1.61 for DOS.
  246. The debate goes on about PCB production
  247. Can anyone please explain this design?
  248. What is the best way to MEASURE speaker displacement?
  249. Please help - Capacitor wiring in battery powered amp
  250. Loctite 5145 or 5140 Any Good?

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