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  1. Advice on valve/SS build
  2. Split DC adaptor for 12v and 5v
  3. Splitting ground wire from 3.5MM jack panel
  4. Installing IEC socket in AMP.
  5. Mounting fuse holders etc
  6. Fully Securing Air Core Inductors to Circuit Boards
  7. Buzz from DC-DC buck step down converter - how to isolate?
  8. Inductor Computation
  9. Wiring for mains extension block
  10. Simple enclosures for valve projects
  11. skillet?
  12. Passive to self-powered conversion
  13. How to achieve a smooth finish on a round enclosure?
  14. Led lit surround shelving
  15. Battery holders for charging
  16. Ground loops
  17. How do I replace spring loaded door magnet?
  18. What finish for LX521 flatpack?
  19. boombox circuit help for a beginner?
  20. Machining/Finishing thick alumium (5mm)
  21. Mounting of IR receiver diode
  22. "Tricking" an enclosure?
  23. D'Amore Engineering Vu-meter? HELPME PLEASE!
  24. Building a homemade speaker
  25. Suitcase boombox: 12v power supply
  26. Vintage 2 Prong - Are They Isolated Mains Supply?
  27. dynaudio 21 w 54 crossover
  28. Repair Failed Miter Joints in Speaker Cabinet
  29. Paint - What's Easy?
  30. If you could "start over"...
  31. Slightly Damp.......
  32. How to get a high gloss black finish (near piano black)
  33. Room construction thoughts
  34. Splitting balanced line level for passive bi-amping
  35. tang band w3-1876s & tweeter
  36. Multiple 2.1 Systems Through Single Input
  37. 1st order / 3 way variable passive crossover for line level
  38. Vibraphone Piezo System
  39. Damping: best adhesive for carpet pad
  40. Sealed enclosure- Any way to compensate for smaller box size?
  41. DIY Wire Selection/Buying Guide?
  42. Acoustic treatment help for plaster walls?
  43. Help with input selector & volume control.
  44. How to install a LCD on a frontplate ?
  45. computer Microphone array and some programming questions
  46. 6 Pin Potentiometer PCB
  47. Adding Treble, Bass to a circuit
  48. DIY patch cables, major signal loss - what gives??
  49. Dact volume control
  50. Crown macrotech face plate restoration
  51. Room treatment panel placement
  52. Tri amp to single amp crossover ?
  53. Sound absorbing, carpet or cork? or??
  54. Fun selector LED layout..
  55. Help in amplifier grounding
  56. Help me make a speaker system
  57. Custom drum pad construction
  58. Isolating turntable in a console
  59. PCB etch question
  60. ceiling color
  61. Saucepan as speaker enclosure?
  62. DIY Aluminum Case
  63. powered speaker in a 2x12 cabinet enclosure
  64. Circuit Name and explication
  65. Designing for Ultra-Low THD+N in Analog Circuits
  66. Festival Build - help!
  67. canny old valver tips
  68. Flux paste causing corrosion
  69. Construction tips for an LED backlit input selector?
  70. Wiring Two Separate Stereo Systems Into One
  71. Wireless Surround Sound System Build (help please)
  72. Bluetooth 5.1 Surround Sound ?
  73. Bare Speaker mounted in brick wall
  74. Protecting drivers from little fingers
  75. Conical Horn + Midrange Enclosure
  76. Boat making techniques in Speaker Cabinet making....
  77. I need some wiring help with a lithium battery
  78. Insulation effect on acoustics....
  79. Speaker connection - simple banana socket
  80. Linkwitz wm-61a mod preamp PCB, any comments?
  81. Alternative to Front Panel Express?
  82. Layout question: Bypass capacitor and fuse arrangement
  83. PCB Manufacture in Canada
  84. Photoresist etching
  85. Fixing transistor on heatsink
  86. Power supply help please
  87. What to use for spheres in scale solar system project
  88. Toner transfer idea--would this work?
  89. Enclosure for audio spectrum analyzer
  90. Here's an Acoustic Boombox
  91. Reconstruction Tips
  92. Woodworking question very quick.
  93. Audio Pcb Layout Techniques
  94. Is mild active rosin flux better for Pb free solder?
  95. Soldering rca's ends with wrong flux
  96. cutting glass fibre PCB?
  97. 4 pin capacitor help
  98. First audio project, Wall controller for room audio system, looking for guidance,
  99. First audio project, looking for guidance.
  100. First Speaker Build, Help!
  101. Have the Bug - Many Questions
  102. Mentor
  103. LED mounting
  104. Replacing RCA with BNC
  105. Five Channel Breadboard Amp
  106. Mosfet Testing -Wall wart ok?
  107. Feedback on my Cajón/stool/speaker project
  108. My first media room build....
  109. Soldering onto conductive paint
  110. Fusing and Mains inlet impedance / noise help
  111. 4 Channel Mixer Design Critique Please?
  112. Modu Pessante Dissipante Assembly
  113. Question for an Audiophile on system connection?
  114. X/O Wiring Question
  115. Finishing home subwoofer. Faux Leather + black ‘Perspex’ acrylic
  116. Etching Aluminium on thin Mylar
  117. Reverse Engineering my EICO HFS-2 Speakers
  118. diy pcb materials
  119. Subkick clone, a circuitry question
  120. MOSFET Selection/matching in Objective2 amp
  121. Turntable housing dilemma
  122. Two LED's in one fibre optic strand
  123. 15mm vs 18mm Birch ply?
  124. Audio click generated by Power Saver mode
  125. Design Critique for Basic Mixer (Beginner!!)
  126. Halogen torchiere to LED conversion
  127. active biasing power transistors
  128. iPod Touch 4G Line Out Dock
  129. What paint to use for repainting amps??
  130. Question about changing Cabinet design
  131. bamboo Blanda build-finish suggestions
  132. rounding inside 90's
  133. smoothest enclosure... ever.
  134. Mystery Capacitor Polarity?!
  135. Mechanical damping of output caps?
  136. Paper-PCBs anyone?
  137. Where to find thick Baltic Birch plywood in Ontario??
  138. IEC alternative
  139. Want to build a simple microphone mixer
  140. How to make DIY acoustic panels
  141. Crossover modification
  142. PCB making software
  143. Where to put a buffer circuit in this switching VU circuit I came up with?
  144. Interconnect DIY, XLR connectors
  145. Greenlee punch question
  146. Making my own cable for Sennheiser HD-25
  147. Wooden frame and veener wood with foam inside, would this work?
  148. New capsule for my ADK A51-ST
  149. My DIY Interconnects
  150. how to remove polyurethane foam
  151. need help
  152. Desktop pc mute button
  153. Amateur Looking for Advice
  154. Cardboard isolation box
  155. Tube amp assembly and testing as I go
  156. Attaching SMD to prototype board is driving me Crazy...
  157. Toroidal ferrites for prototyping (and more?)
  158. Looking for DIY Interconnect Links
  159. What adhesive to use for Sorbothane?
  160. Need help with ac transformer application
  161. Mounting woofers
  162. Gotham & Son Mercer Speakers
  163. Preamp using MC33172N instead of OPA2134
  164. Stuffing Materials Options
  165. Lighter Note Hum/Balance Problems
  166. Help Adding A 3.5mm Jack To Factory Stereo
  167. Advice needed for construction of portable sub
  168. Speaker Placement for 5.1 System Advice needed
  169. heat dissipation method
  170. I want to teach my son how to solder
  171. Good PolyFill Option?
  172. greatz principle how it is working
  173. What is the name of it?
  174. Soldering tips!?!? ..wetting problems
  175. Replacing 2032 Li batteries soldered in safely
  176. Cabinet grounding/bonding - or lack thereof
  177. Best Method for securing cable forms
  178. digital amp power switching questions
  179. Recover the preamplifier
  180. A Slackers Boombox Build
  181. Tinting Clear Finishes for a Dark Look
  182. Damping material for acrylic WG
  183. Finally a working full surround and spiderless midrange woofer
  184. DIY IC: What do do with shield?
  185. Removal (difficult) of PCB from heatsink??
  186. TEA2025B - Cannot resolve white noise.
  187. Electro magenetic damping
  188. 4" Coffee Can Lid Speaker Grills
  189. Tube amp safety cage repaint
  190. Adapter for Smaller Driver in Existing Hole
  191. Check out this dangerous as all hell design. (Don't do what they do here!)
  192. Front Panel Overlay Help
  193. simple_delay
  194. Modify Bx8a with new condensator/capasitor
  195. 115 V wiring for Hifimediy Sabre Coax/Optical DAC ES9023 +CS8416 192k/24
  196. Speaker unit from Scratch, anyone
  197. Adding pre-out / Main-in to Yamaha Receiver (RX-V467)
  198. Looking for good ways to learn more about audio.
  199. Any tips on how to make cutouts in aluminum?
  200. Tube Trap help
  201. Themed Stereo or 2.1 DIY Build: Seeking first timer tips
  202. Audio section in an amplifier
  203. Building a beast: Stereo EL84 auto bias PP tube amp
  204. Chassis Questions
  205. Don't do what they do in china!
  206. Best way for novice to learn to build amp
  207. Where do I get big heatsinks? :S
  208. Help with box design
  209. Joining 2 Heatsinks
  210. Fixing Microphone Jack Help
  211. How to restore oak burr veneer on my subs?
  212. Paper and Glue SMD circuit construction
  213. Beginner needing guidance
  214. RCA plug connection to shielded cable
  215. MDF Telegraphing lines under paint.
  216. Princeton 5F2A Scratch Build
  217. Naim 5 pin din to 2 x rca phono
  218. Restoring a bubble turntable
  219. Good soldering technique
  220. Bnc installation
  222. Need advice from people who know!
  223. Baffle CNC routering? (Southern Saskatchewan)
  224. how do i get water droplet like finish on a pro speaker
  225. Sealing MDF "furry" edges prior to gluing?
  226. So Easy PCB design
  227. SMD soldering.
  228. Thorens 320mk2 turntable
  229. Concrete speaker stands
  230. Scaling Down
  231. which heatsink is more efficient?
  232. How to solve the eagle software of size and width
  233. Humming Transformers
  234. Hand Tapping Tool?
  235. Help with a2 product design project
  236. "Third hand" soldering technique
  237. Transformer for Subwoofer
  238. Raised theater seating
  239. Silicon filler/glue
  240. Removing the fake wood vinyl
  241. Build ADC for Core Audio
  242. veneer noob question
  243. Koda KD-261 help!
  244. Noob questions. Heat sinks touching
  245. Sanyo Boombox Build*
  246. cabinet box internal space
  247. Galaxy Maggiorato GX248
  248. Building a portable speaker system...from scratch.
  249. Successful Cat5e Cables
  250. Building a Rackmount enclosure

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