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  1. ideas for heavy duty shipping cardboard tube
  2. Electrostatic Speakers- Mod Acoustat 1+1s
  3. modern "radiogram" design
  4. Small PCB preamp - how to adjust gain?
  5. Basic question re wiring switches
  6. Atmos speakers build ideas
  7. Where to put the crossover in cabinets ?
  8. Quick verification on first 230V fused and switched inlet
  9. First Rack.
  10. Using ARM board with OTG cable to build a USB DAC
  11. Aleph J or Jean Hiraga 20W or Ovation SX?
  12. Foam core..then Truck Bed Liner, That's All.
  13. Driving LEDs by digital outs
  14. Salvaging Shelf System
  15. First Audio Project. Is my amp and speaker choice good?
  16. First Build
  17. Cabinet inside finish
  18. need help with port!
  19. Transformer Matching
  20. Alternatives to IEC Power Jacks
  21. Introduction
  22. Twist B+ and B- wires ?
  23. epoxy for bonding sheet metal to plywood?
  24. Isolating indicator light from audio
  25. Could this project work? I bet you can help!
  26. ATH Build/Project, help me!
  27. DIY boombox. F3 of a DIY enclosure? Vent sizing? HPF to protect woofer?
  28. external dimensions of 3 cu ft vented box
  29. Chassis layout
  30. Help with ER Acorn ESL kit
  31. Question regarding Fender Rhodes style pickup setup
  32. bonding soft and hard woods together
  33. Crazy cool stomp box build questions
  34. Epoxy resin in cabinet making
  35. Charger IC
  36. Implementing ESS 9018 chip
  37. Material and thickness for top-plate
  38. DIY console modification help
  39. uFonken Rebate
  40. Switch Circuit Advice Needed
  41. Modify a Mixing console
  42. DRV134 power draw
  43. Whats the purpose of these diodes
  44. filtered db25 connectors and gnd fill
  45. opamp power traces routing
  46. Switch between two speaker sets
  47. Help with 5.1 diy setup
  48. Panasonic P50GT30B TV
  49. The ultimate DIY PCB guide
  50. Home-made Portable Stereo (I outdid myself)
  51. Chassis drilling techniques
  52. Which aluminum alloy
  53. how to mod sustain pedal for non-latch FX triggering (Rane TTM57SL)
  54. Metal box apertures sizing and RFI
  55. Some newb questions...
  56. Led wiring (newbie)
  57. Electronic Audio Fundamental PDF Collection N░ 1
  58. AT transformer wire gauge?
  59. Speaker enclosure size for 2x 6.5"?
  60. Positioning Cubietruck-raspberry
  61. 3.5mm to rca PTFE cable build
  62. Cutting neat holes in anodized aluminum
  63. re-painting speaker box
  64. New Amp case?
  65. ground loop isolator with analog optocoupler
  66. Attaching a battery pack to a chassis?
  67. Bitsbox and Tagboardeffects
  68. Microphone, PCB, Sound Guide and Enclosure placement
  69. Design and building a Turntable
  70. LCD Screen Plexiglass insert
  71. Building a HiFi 2000 5U Monster Housing
  72. Speaker ABX amp switch passive/analogue.
  73. Veneering help please!
  74. driver cutouts 12", jigsaw or router
  75. need help baffle cut out
  76. Advice required for Naim Amplifier face plate
  77. Best driver placement for box
  78. il HELP, Impedance missmatch Boston SUBs
  79. AUX Audio Imput into Switched Circuit
  80. Multing balanced line outputs RFI protection
  81. What amp do I need?
  82. Metal plinth for record player???
  83. "portable" speaker build, what's missing?
  84. Enclosure building materials
  85. Ronseal floor-paint or other robust finish?
  86. New to the forum wanted to say hello..
  87. Routing power inputs with multiple dual op-amps
  88. Using epoxy to add mechanical strength to solder joints
  89. Electric power in TriAmp amplifier
  90. ┐How to place stitching vias?
  91. Portable Boombox Build
  92. Grounding help??
  93. Copper pipe for bass reflex port?
  94. Optimal Test Bench Power and Earth Wiring
  95. Envelope Follower
  96. How to punch/drill a square hole on 0.2" aluminum panel?
  97. Advice on finishing raw aluminum.. keeping the aluminum look
  98. Portable Bluetooth Amp Gizmo
  99. How to tap 4-40 into a blind hole
  100. Resources for a beginner to soldering, electrical work, etc.
  101. 1960's Cerwin Vega Cabinet joints
  102. Can anyone advise on mounting 2sc5200, etc TO-264 transistors?
  103. help with box and speakers
  104. Floor sound *Transmission* Deadening??
  105. Laser Engraving & CNC Milling Hammond boxes
  106. microphone cable for diy rca Interconnects
  107. simple inductors
  108. What transformer amp rating for power supply?
  109. Finding specs for drivers
  110. Speaker panel deadening mix of particles + hardener ?
  111. Cuts and holes on ebay aluminium chassis
  112. UK Veneer supplies, and a few questions
  113. Cutting tools for Aluminum?
  114. My new thaughts on interconnects and connectors
  115. Help with choosing speakers for floorstanders
  116. 3.5mm to RJ9 basic connection
  117. PVC cables
  118. Best laser printer transparency for photo resist transfer?
  119. Boombox, your thoughts
  120. Creating Vu Meter in Eagle Cad
  121. Twisted power cables
  122. How to turn Sony Stereo System into Portable Boombox?
  123. what solder to use? tin with lead or no lead??
  124. Tapping 4-40 holes
  125. Vortexion Power Transformers
  126. Projecto! - Paso DMS3260B 7ch Integrated Digital Media Amp
  127. Convert 16V DC trigger out to 12V DC trigger in
  128. How to solder RCA connectors to RG59 cable?
  129. Painting wood veneer speakers
  130. Text on a front panel.
  131. removing amp boards
  132. Custom Experimental Box Design, Passive Radiator
  133. How to replicate odd shaped cutout in plastic
  134. Is this Locktite? What is it?
  135. My joruney too great sound!
  136. Bluetooth module help
  137. enclosure needed
  138. Completing enclosure
  139. 4mm Bitumen Pads
  140. A/B/C switch for a TRRS Headset?
  141. Solar garden light mystery
  142. Construction Guides
  143. Taking advanteage of both sides of the speaker
  144. Woodware
  145. Wiring the speakers
  146. Veneer: What is the easiest way to finish it???
  147. Restoring Carver Amazing Platinums
  148. Why having via holes in mounting holes
  149. Speaker encolure - I'm I correct?
  150. How to start?
  151. RF Isolation in Preamp
  152. Reverse speaker selection switch.
  153. Ordering Parts for Multiple Projects
  154. DIY Hexaphonic pickups with inverted polarities
  155. choosing wire gauges for LM3886 amp
  156. Multiple Headphones as output for one source
  157. Output and input Capacitors value
  158. Lepai Tripath TA2020 - Best Speaker Combination?
  159. How do I interpret a temperature coefficient?
  160. compressor/limiter input transformer air gap
  161. PDF layouts: copy/paste, multiple on a single page
  162. Speaker to 3.5mm?
  163. alternative to deoxit gold
  164. Transformer for Apex ba1200
  165. Advice needed: using server rackmount chassis for amp case
  166. Determining Acoustic Source Impedance of a Compression Driver for Proper Horn Loading
  167. help. mounting amp for boombox.
  168. Newbie 2.1 system questions.
  169. Speaker Stands
  170. PCB Routing Advice Needed: How to Handle Input/GND
  171. A DIY audio switch with volume control for PC
  172. Conencting power supplies, amplifiers and loudspeakers
  173. How to save prototype board
  174. What is the best PVC port to solid wood glue?
  175. Vibration Resistant Filler?
  176. Building a boombox, whats the best and most cost effective way to go about it.
  177. Help Regarding Transformer Design
  178. Grounding a chassis with anodized aluminum coating
  179. 3D printed casing for Dynavox DA-30
  180. Earth Bond
  181. Need help making a schematic of the TP4056 chip.
  182. Modern parts in old Zenith Console
  183. Custom Circle Jig for Dewalt Compact Router
  184. Build a solar radio
  185. homemade case for a homemade amplifier
  186. Speaker wiring...
  187. Stacked sheets enclosure technique
  188. Help With Wiring Question:
  189. Mounting drivers on 1/4'' plywood
  190. Building Subwoofer Enclosure Help
  191. Odd speaker project questions for you guys
  192. Will baffle size affect sealed enclosure size?
  193. Glass Screen Protector As PCB Substrate
  194. Where to put Speakon Connectors
  195. Fixed resistor
  196. soldering flush components on a 2 layer toner transfer board
  197. Installation of On/Off illuminated switches
  198. Powering speakers
  199. Turntable pop, headshell/cartridge grounding
  200. Presentation of project, Wiring help/advise needed
  201. Amp PS question
  202. Making easy DIY "Depot" sound Diffuser panels, step by step
  203. Small cylinder speaker enclosure
  204. subwoofer surround adhesive
  205. Vintage Style Turntable/Stereo Console Build
  206. Amp Enclosure Screws
  207. Boombox question.
  208. Tips on making cables
  209. Worth REUSING?
  210. Making CD player using EMU1212m
  211. Connecting MonoSocket to breadboard
  212. New Sansui 9090/8080/990 Real wood case
  213. Help with my protection circuit?
  214. Cleaning Circuit Boards
  215. frequency resonance box
  216. Thermal compound recommendations
  217. my first project
  218. Audio output fix?
  219. reduce current to speaker
  220. Building speaker switch for 5.1 system, wiring question
  221. Spare parts portable bluetooth speaker
  222. fan cooling
  223. Cat 5 speaker cable thoughts
  224. PVA glue and Evo-Stik Wood Adhesive - what is the difference?
  225. Speaker cabinet build
  226. First time subwoofer build
  227. Help Rewiring 70s Turntable & Converting XLR > RCA + Preamp
  228. Adding bluetooth to my console player
  229. Adding AUX input to the CD input of a Sony PMC - 202
  230. Speakers lying around - can I put them to use?
  231. how to get a mirror shine?
  232. Using headlight bulbs for loading
  233. fibreglass line array
  234. Golden Age Pre-73 PSU
  235. Newcastle Mini Keg - Party Rocker
  236. Deciding on an output power
  237. Component Footprint Question
  238. Piano like high gloss black finish how to video?
  239. Wood veneer advice please?
  240. Making PCBs
  241. OPAMP - Short Circuit Protection
  242. Preamplifier Construction Help
  243. Beginner building a PA speaker for the first time
  244. Audio amplifier to drive LED
  245. Output Inductor Construction
  246. Battery charging idea...
  247. Novice asks about joinery / routing / finishes
  248. Linn Kaber Jumper Cable
  249. Surround to Stereo
  250. Custom project help

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