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  1. Help w/ wiring custom selector
  2. Raspi 3 : feeding data via USB or TCIP ?
  3. Pi based media/music station???
  4. Multi-channel DAC
  5. Prism Orpheus Interface with High Pitched noise and hum from SMPS PSU any help?
  6. Different streams to several wireless headphones from single computer
  7. Best Equalizer / Convolution solution for Moode
  8. Best Audio Enhancement software
  9. RPi3 LAN vs USB ethernet adapter
  10. Should I go big or just go home
  11. JRiver as active DSP crossover?
  12. NEW tool FilterGen-6 for creating audio room correction filters
  13. which dsp?
  14. How to DSP multichannel speaker in PC Windows ?
  15. X-over OB woofer need more output
  16. HDMI to RJ45 Cable DIY (for i2S)
  17. WiFi Headset
  18. Looking for guidance re: 3-way active
  19. looking for crossover for FDA
  20. Moode NAS Deletion and Set-up Advice
  21. Looking for a simple customizable raspberry audio player
  22. Intel Joule 570x Dev + I2S audio (GPIO pins)
  23. UB1202 to sound card of computer
  24. What do I need for this 8 channel Linux DSP?
  25. Web Audio Device
  26. iConnectAudio2+
  27. Looking for a solution for EQ, control and active crossover.
  28. Moode - difficulty mounting Network or USB storage
  29. SDI incompatibility issues
  30. Reducing Distortion of Dirty 1KHz Sinewave With Active Lowpass Fiter - Doable?
  31. Anyone familiar with the kx driver for Creative Audigy recommend similar software?
  32. Raspberry Pi noisey USB audio
  33. ASUS xonar U7 and W10 APO DSP measurements
  34. Moode Audio Newbie
  35. BruteFIR DSP PC Step by Step
  36. HEADS UP: FriendlyArm NanoPi A64 - R-Pi like, software DSP and audio processing SBC
  37. PC wireless network to Pi (help, please)
  38. Raspberry to AVR - RCA or optical? (IQAudio)
  39. Artless idea for a 2way x-o
  40. Design DSD/I2S DAC HATs for Raspberry Pi, start from ES9018K2M
  41. Asus Tinker
  42. Small Android smartphone as display for Digital Music cpu?
  43. Looking for synth(sort of) ideas
  44. Old school (ladder DAC) Linux-compatible sound card?
  45. Computer Audio for an Old-Schooler
  46. Introducing the Audio Injector
  47. Test bench: E-MU 0202 USB
  48. 5.1 speakers connection for pc - help
  49. ecasound crossover issue with Line in
  50. a request for help.
  51. Hum when connecting mixer to hdsp9632 input.
  52. raspberry pi&digi+ vs squeezebox duet
  53. Affordable silent line out sound card
  54. Mini motherboard vs full size
  55. Equalizer APO, REW and Rephase WOW!
  56. Foobar2000 - FFT-Size?
  57. Noise on Rasberry pi And TDA1541 dac problem
  58. Pi-based music player comprehensive list?
  59. DACS vs Raspberry Dacs
  60. Best audio OS/sw for Odroid C2?
  61. music server
  62. Different measurements LADSPA / stm32
  63. [Open source] TINA The total open source Audiophile Player based on Beaglebone Black
  64. Any recommended USB-DAC Module?
  65. A protocol to "pull" samples from a MPD server over ethernet?
  66. Remote based Raspberry Pi internet radio without HDMI display
  67. Bass Enhancement on RPi based on missing fundamental
  68. (Project Idea) 4x4 diy usb audio device powered by raspberry pi 3
  69. Help - Convolution
  70. Isolator board for RPI/ i2s/ i2c
  71. How to reverse-engineer custom DSP.
  72. RF noise from PC through amplifier
  73. Raspberry media center
  74. Current best 2ch USB->I2S DIY solution?
  75. Digi002 interface 1394 light problems
  76. mTap fractional delay lines
  77. Newbie needs assistance please
  78. help with delayed (15s) audio in ecasound crossover setup
  79. Automated roomresponse measurements under Linux ?
  80. DYI all in one Networkplayer with Amp, (SBC + DAC + D-Channel Amp + LCD)
  81. Help With PC Audio Needed
  82. PC Audio Survey
  83. [Help] What Audio Server for my needs ?
  84. Formula for dB attenuation
  85. Asus Xonar Essence ST sound card only puts out mono
  86. laptop sound output
  87. Raspberry 2, PiFi Digi+ & Moode (digital only): power supply quality?
  88. The best way to rip LP to WAV
  89. Alternative to Windows media player.
  90. Can't cast to DLNA streamer
  91. SYNOLOGY 's Audiostation Fs supported?
  92. What PC based xover for me? (simple quick q)
  93. M-Audio M-Track repair help needed
  94. very HQ stereo analog audio input for Raspberry Pi - any options?
  95. whats best SBC with 8ch I2S plus possibly 6ch DSD..
  96. sensorless DSP cone excursion limiter
  97. How to connect Moode to a DLNA server
  98. Directions on Network Audio Player
  99. Need Linux Audio Player that can play local input
  100. Is Juli@ that good, or I am hearing things?
  101. Behringer UCA202/222 schematic?
  102. pci express sound card used external
  103. Raspberry Pi DAC+AMP card
  104. External hard drive
  105. EM-U 0404 USB Issue
  106. ALSA .asoundrc and asound.conf - configurations that have worked.
  107. Looking for soundcard that will fill my needs
  108. Help with rt-plugins-x.x.x.tar.gz
  109. GRRRR had enough. Why can't my pc eq my sub?
  110. need 12 output channels recommendation
  111. Bluetooth or WiFi
  112. mac-mini music server : linear power supply Vs high frequency noise absorber
  113. no sound in output of DAC
  114. Before I embark on a Raspberry Pi journey...
  115. Any USB->I2S adaptive mode chips that can do 24/192?
  116. live recording with digi002?
  117. Wired and Wireless Connection on Vortexbox
  118. Raspberry Pi (RPi) with TDA1543: how to get this to work?
  119. Cheap recipes for digital playback.
  120. Making a Pi a USB Dac
  121. can anyone recommend a digital output for a raspberry pi?
  122. [Legacy] M-audio Jamlab - Codec?
  123. Which DAC for Raspberry Pi?
  124. Turn external amp on using mouse
  125. External LiPo cell for RPI 3
  126. Simple RCA switch query
  127. USB DAC for a portable Toshiba A100-158, good quality!
  128. Lack of trigger output?
  129. Dude: From Asus Xonar DSX to Esi Juli@ xte (a noticiable better sound?)
  130. RPi 3 ifi ipower
  131. Which Curve for DRC
  132. RPi 2 with PiFi DAC+ and TDA7297 board
  133. Audio over IP
  134. Orange Pi + DIgital crossover + 2x USB amps - Wrap up
  135. A bash-script-based streaming audio system client controller for gstreamer
  136. Bass management
  137. PC As Active Crossover
  138. Xonar DX high pitched noise
  139. Strange behavior with MPD service - have to stop and manually start it
  140. Streamed or local playback - which has better SQ ?
  141. MPD to ecasound - plays flac but not MP3
  142. ecasound in MPD - problem of Device or resource busy
  143. mobo for htpc
  144. Seek programming assistance (paid).
  145. Issue with alsa virtual multi channel device
  146. Linkwitz transorm & XO in win10?
  147. New Audio API for Windows (from VB-Audio)
  148. Shopping list for a pi based server for ma camper van?
  149. Usb audio interfaces _ one quick advice.
  150. Ultimate MPD (SACD ISO, Native DSD, and more)
  151. Laptop Headphone to Hifi AUX
  152. Do USB or PCI ports bypass motherboard sound chips to get audio from data?
  153. Win 10 sound quality
  154. Something cool for Raspberry Pi/ODROID: I2S/DSD isolator HAT with native DSD decoder
  155. Network drive mount problem in MoOde
  156. how to tell if USB DAC is async or adaptive?
  157. PeppyMeter
  158. Usb extenders on rj45 cable.
  159. Xonar Essence STX ii recording - no info above 22KHz
  160. New Freeware PC VST Audio Plugin: Ixahe Audio - MyLim
  161. Linear power supply for Pi3 and Hifiberry Digi+
  162. Cheap barebone
  163. Best way to get the best out of lossless files?
  164. Resample PCM up to DSD2048 service
  165. cambridge audio np30 hesitant playback
  166. Fans killed hard drive.
  167. IDEA: Linkwitz-Transform LADSPA plugin with lookahead boost control
  168. No more JACK-rack on my raspbian.
  169. IIR filter coefficient quantization and filter performance
  170. LMS and Squeezelite working on RPI3 and Raspian but get errors
  171. SBC with 2xI2S boards ? (potentially ODROID C1)
  172. Can you use digital volume control and skip a pre-amp?
  173. Active Crossover
  174. Haven't Ripped Yet
  175. Two R Pi synchronized with NTP OK ? Inspired by C. Laub speech at Burning Amp
  176. Multi channel audio and I2S ?
  177. RPI + 2x USB FDA amps - time synch OK or issue?
  178. Software VU Meter
  179. d2x soundcard vs stx 7.1
  180. Internal or external HDD and a couple questions
  181. Peppy player
  182. Tutorial: Raspberry Pi as Music Server, DSP, and Crossover
  183. WPUP Upsampler/Player
  184. Please identify pc audio noise in my rig!
  185. jumbo dell
  186. 48V phantom power XLR Mic into PC
  187. New, experimental RPi firmware improves analog out
  188. Brand New RaspBerry 3 : 64 bits
  189. wtfplay project - Linux based PC playback system
  190. What's a good sound card ?
  191. Help! Seeking a simple streaming solution.
  192. What is your favourite remote
  193. Trying to build from source
  194. Beaglebone Black with externbal i2s clock
  195. LADSPA help, please!
  196. Wolfson and Jack
  197. Linux-Based Low-Latency Multichannel Audio System
  198. CM6331 as digital interface between PC and Amp or a HDMI-SPDIF/COAX converter?
  199. RPI: Multichannel PCM over HDMI
  200. How to use Windows PC as a FIR Audio Processor
  201. Need the schematic of the power supply and line input circuit for the E-MU 0202 USB
  202. Is there a music player with an o.s.
  203. Poor mobo audio
  204. SATA to Gpio
  205. Want to build a music server
  206. Cheap & Sane Desktop or Laptop mods and tweaks, for use with USB DAC?
  207. Orange Pi for my audio system
  208. BruteFIR setup for windows?
  209. ConvolverVST is causing aliasing?
  210. Popping Sound on my Gigaworks T3
  211. i2s connection - Orange/Dac
  212. Using Asus Xonar H6 for mains
  213. [OPEN SOURCE] PlayPcmWin - WASAPI audio player for audiophiles
  214. USB to SPDIF converter for android?
  215. DSD 256/512 test tones
  216. Bug found in Skylake processors.
  217. FIDELIA 1.6 ?
  218. need help connecting MPD Client to MPD
  219. Software for generating the amplitude inverse of a minimum phase signal?
  220. Problem with XMOS USB audio, experiencing clicks and pops
  221. Sending output to OMXPlayer through pipe or Jack?
  222. Installing windows and formatting problems
  223. Any comparison/benchmark of Convolver options on RPi2?
  224. Single board computers with I2s: quite agressive sound
  225. the DIY Streaming Audio Thread
  226. Management STA309A, or PS9829B with arduino
  227. Upgrade advice
  228. Inexpensive software for doing XO design, driver linearization, time alignment, etc?
  229. help setting up CM6631A asynvc sound card / Windows 10
  230. 2 Active crossover & DRC for custom 2ch speakers
  231. Samsung's Adapt Sound question
  232. Windows 7 / EMU 0404 PCI HF rolloff ?
  233. Announce: Daphile 15.12 version released
  234. USB sound card for active crossover
  235. New PA, fast track pro
  236. Replacing a SqueezeBox
  237. Stereo Bluetooth Speakers ???
  238. Radio3 from Humax freesat gives ts file
  239. Pipo X8 ordered -- could resist no longer :)
  240. DCX2496, digital in, HTPC and surround sound
  241. Windows + modified winamp media center
  242. ATTN: moode, volumio and rune developers
  243. multiple soundcards as active processor for HT?
  244. CM6631A PCB - Adding a Coaxial Digital Output
  245. Pure Music & REW Measurment
  246. DSD recording software etc.
  247. PC noise coming through speakers
  248. HTPC Music PC
  249. Raspberry Pi Sound
  250. USB Audio Player Pro (UAPP) vs Moode, Volumio etc

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