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  1. Audio over IP
  2. Orange Pi + DIgital crossover + 2x USB amps - Wrap up
  3. A bash-script-based streaming audio system client controller for gstreamer
  4. Bass management
  5. PC As Active Crossover
  6. Xonar DX high pitched noise
  7. Strange behavior with MPD service - have to stop and manually start it
  8. Streamed or local playback - which has better SQ ?
  9. MPD to ecasound - plays flac but not MP3
  10. ecasound in MPD - problem of Device or resource busy
  11. mobo for htpc
  12. Seek programming assistance (paid).
  13. Issue with alsa virtual multi channel device
  14. Linkwitz transorm & XO in win10?
  15. New Audio API for Windows (from VB-Audio)
  16. Shopping list for a pi based server for ma camper van?
  17. Usb audio interfaces _ one quick advice.
  18. Ultimate MPD (SACD ISO, Native DSD, and more)
  19. Laptop Headphone to Hifi AUX
  20. Do USB or PCI ports bypass motherboard sound chips to get audio from data?
  21. Win 10 sound quality
  22. Something cool for Raspberry Pi/ODROID: I2S/DSD isolator HAT with native DSD decoder
  23. Network drive mount problem in MoOde
  24. how to tell if USB DAC is async or adaptive?
  25. PeppyMeter
  26. Usb extenders on rj45 cable.
  27. Xonar Essence STX ii recording - no info above 22KHz
  28. New Freeware PC VST Audio Plugin: Ixahe Audio - MyLim
  29. Linear power supply for Pi3 and Hifiberry Digi+
  30. Cheap barebone
  31. Best way to get the best out of lossless files?
  32. Resample PCM up to DSD2048 service
  33. cambridge audio np30 hesitant playback
  34. Fans killed hard drive.
  35. IDEA: Linkwitz-Transform LADSPA plugin with lookahead boost control
  36. No more JACK-rack on my raspbian.
  37. IIR filter coefficient quantization and filter performance
  38. LMS and Squeezelite working on RPI3 and Raspian but get errors
  39. SBC with 2xI2S boards ? (potentially ODROID C1)
  40. Can you use digital volume control and skip a pre-amp?
  41. Active Crossover
  42. Haven't Ripped Yet
  43. Two R Pi synchronized with NTP OK ? Inspired by C. Laub speech at Burning Amp
  44. Multi channel audio and I2S ?
  45. RPI + 2x USB FDA amps - time synch OK or issue?
  46. Software VU Meter
  47. d2x soundcard vs stx 7.1
  48. Internal or external HDD and a couple questions
  49. Peppy player
  50. Tutorial: Raspberry Pi as Music Server, DSP, and Crossover
  51. WPUP Upsampler/Player
  52. Please identify pc audio noise in my rig!
  53. jumbo dell
  54. 48V phantom power XLR Mic into PC
  55. New, experimental RPi firmware improves analog out
  56. Brand New RaspBerry 3 : 64 bits
  57. wtfplay project - Linux based PC playback system
  58. What's a good sound card ?
  59. Help! Seeking a simple streaming solution.
  60. What is your favourite remote
  61. Trying to build from source
  62. Beaglebone Black with externbal i2s clock
  63. LADSPA help, please!
  64. Wolfson and Jack
  65. Linux-Based Low-Latency Multichannel Audio System
  66. CM6331 as digital interface between PC and Amp or a HDMI-SPDIF/COAX converter?
  67. FIR/IIR/LinearizedIIR software crossover is released
  68. RPI: Multichannel PCM over HDMI
  69. How to use Windows PC as a FIR Audio Processor
  70. Need the schematic of the power supply and line input circuit for the E-MU 0202 USB
  71. Is there a music player with an o.s.
  72. Poor mobo audio
  73. SATA to Gpio
  74. Want to build a music server
  75. Cheap & Sane Desktop or Laptop mods and tweaks, for use with USB DAC?
  76. Orange Pi for my audio system
  77. BruteFIR setup for windows?
  78. ConvolverVST is causing aliasing?
  79. Popping Sound on my Gigaworks T3
  80. i2s connection - Orange/Dac
  81. Using Asus Xonar H6 for mains
  82. [OPEN SOURCE] PlayPcmWin - WASAPI audio player for audiophiles
  83. USB to SPDIF converter for android?
  84. DSD 256/512 test tones
  85. Bug found in Skylake processors.
  86. FIDELIA 1.6 ?
  87. need help connecting MPD Client to MPD
  88. Software for generating the amplitude inverse of a minimum phase signal?
  89. Problem with XMOS USB audio, experiencing clicks and pops
  90. Sending output to OMXPlayer through pipe or Jack?
  91. Installing windows and formatting problems
  92. Any comparison/benchmark of Convolver options on RPi2?
  93. Single board computers with I2s: quite agressive sound
  94. the DIY Streaming Audio Thread
  95. Management STA309A, or PS9829B with arduino
  96. Upgrade advice
  97. Inexpensive software for doing XO design, driver linearization, time alignment, etc?
  98. help setting up CM6631A asynvc sound card / Windows 10
  99. 2 Active crossover & DRC for custom 2ch speakers
  100. Samsung's Adapt Sound question
  101. Windows 7 / EMU 0404 PCI HF rolloff ?
  102. Announce: Daphile 15.12 version released
  103. USB sound card for active crossover
  104. New PA, fast track pro
  105. Replacing a SqueezeBox
  106. Stereo Bluetooth Speakers ???
  107. Radio3 from Humax freesat gives ts file
  108. Pipo X8 ordered -- could resist no longer :)
  109. DCX2496, digital in, HTPC and surround sound
  110. Windows + modified winamp media center
  111. ATTN: moode, volumio and rune developers
  112. multiple soundcards as active processor for HT?
  113. CM6631A PCB - Adding a Coaxial Digital Output
  114. Pure Music & REW Measurment
  115. DSD recording software etc.
  116. PC noise coming through speakers
  117. HTPC Music PC
  118. Raspberry Pi Sound
  119. USB Audio Player Pro (UAPP) vs Moode, Volumio etc
  120. miniPC->DIY power-amps 5.1 analog signals?
  121. e-mu 1616m short circuit left and right channel by mistake issue
  122. Daphile settings
  123. group delay equalization
  124. moode vs volumio vs runeaudio
  125. Maximum "compression" ratio for FLAC?
  126. IanCanada FIFO ll -Raspberry Pi 2 I2S
  127. pc parts advice needed
  128. Loudspeaker measurement in active setups
  129. Raspberry Pi I2S question
  130. Chromecast audio
  131. ASUS Xonar U5 USB SoundCard Review
  132. audio player 4 mac
  133. How to store Musik on AP Linux 3.0 ???
  134. Let's upgrade Minix
  135. Sound quality of Raspberry PI 2+ I2S DAC
  136. Soundblaster x-fi elite pro, worth the money?
  137. Volumio 2 + FIR on a 64 bit PC ?
  138. Combining HDMI and onboard soundcard with FIR filtering and XO?
  139. crackling youtube etc
  140. Linux audio being resistant...
  141. Interrupt Linux Music Server
  142. looping recording: diy cable
  143. Quick Audioquest Jitterbug review
  144. De-mastering smashed recordings with Stereotool (Loudness War)
  145. M-Audio Firewire 1814 MOD-Caps
  146. Media PC attributes
  147. Foobar tagging help
  148. How can I record a stream without compression
  149. Web based audio tools: Convolver
  150. A replacement for my Yamaha RP U100
  151. What wi-fi audio streaming approach?
  152. The Cirrus Logic Audio Card with Pi2 crossover
  153. in search for a system wide equalizer for XP
  154. Anyone using chinese xmos under linux
  155. Flac Tagger, Mac + CDDB?
  156. PC static and other noises on speakers/headphones
  157. help a noob please, my new speakers sound terrible!!
  158. piCorePlayer = piCore Linux + Raspberry Pi + Squeezelite
  159. preamp needed ?
  160. My Home and Remote Linux Based System
  161. cell phone preamp?
  162. mediatomb transcoding for flac to do replaygain decoding?
  163. Mac Mini replacement PSU only for USB or also for streaming?
  164. IDEA: fractional delay line using sample rate conversion techniques?
  165. Remotely Controlled Netbook.
  166. Music player to play from a network drive?
  167. LADSPA plugin programming for Linux audio crossovers
  168. Bug head Emperor
  169. Two Motherboards available for CMP2 build.
  170. OSX based active crossover with two wave I/o boards?
  171. loss of clarity when ripping lps -?
  172. Pure Music Crossover interface
  173. Another Raspberry Pi Radio
  174. First setup questions
  175. A USB audio receiver that can control audio and selection with the mouse
  176. Focusrite sapphire as preamp to Quad amp?
  177. Cheap USB sound card chip with simple PCB (PCM2704,CM108,CM197)
  178. PC to Stereo Via Network Connection
  179. Laptop Oscilloscope?
  180. Voltage on audio line.
  181. Behringer UCA222 help
  182. Step by Step Airplay help needed
  183. PCI-e Replacement for old AP192
  184. Stream-only box suggestions?
  185. Pipo X7 - Anyone has tried it ?
  186. Integrated sound card disappeared in Windows 7?
  187. M-Audio Audiophile 192 & Windows 8
  188. Schematic Capture
  189. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi
  190. PC based question
  191. LA2A PCB
  192. Cheap Wyse c90LEW makes excellent music server
  193. Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
  194. Raspberry Pi + CirrusLogic Audio Card = FAIL
  195. smart TV to Router & PC
  196. Diy Amplifier Build for PC
  197. Game/Work station Project plus a few questions on audio choices
  198. FIR filter help!
  199. VST ASIO and routing
  200. quiet server
  201. my fanless i7 htpc/audio playback system
  202. Anything in The works for a Chromebox audio player?
  203. Which nano computer for I2S proof to 384 Khz
  204. recomendations for DSP development platform
  205. Upsampling/oversampling VST plugin
  206. Am I wasting my space with flac.
  207. PC-based measurements
  208. AP-Linux ?
  209. Mixology - USB basedWindows Volume Mixer
  210. Ground loop pc powered speekers
  211. ASUS Xonar U7 USB SoundCard Review
  212. Intel Edison I2S DAC
  213. what cause audio card to malfunction?
  214. analog to 24 bit to dvd
  215. Motherboard activity noise problem
  216. Help getting music from comp drive to iPhone
  217. Computer+audio system get noisy
  218. Beginners question ref raspberry pi application
  219. maximum length of usb speaker wire
  220. MAXX Audio available at USB?
  221. Tell me what I need please :)
  222. Amplifier or Subwoofer for Aiwa speakers SX-R100
  223. PCI-E/USB Sound card
  224. best Itunes alternative without Itunes library
  225. BBB + I2S + DAC
  226. Windows Doesn't Recognize 192KHz
  227. streamlined server project .. part 2
  228. Best way to make a 'DAC' that connects directly to a USB HD
  229. Poor soundcard?
  230. Music server and bluetooth SUB
  231. MacMini-Toslink toDac.iTx
  232. Digital Crossover
  233. cambridge azur 640h
  234. nx7010 as media server
  235. Custom Speakers for Raspberry pi Laptop Questions
  236. Signal Routing - Windows 7
  237. Raspberry Pi Laptop Custom Speakers Question
  238. Alternatives to Dirac?
  239. Optical input no way can I play or record it.
  240. Windows 8 Music Server on the Cheap
  241. Terrible digital noise
  242. Custom PC companies in the UK?
  243. M-audio Fast Track Pro broken: No sound from left TRS output
  244. How to Guide: Turn Windows XP PC into a Music Server
  245. Software Crossover/Equalizer
  246. WiFi DAC - sort of?
  247. streamlined server project
  248. SPDIF Pin Location -- Noobie Pleads for Help
  249. Wendel - the start of audio sampling?
  250. Asus Essense ST Music Card - Studio or Music

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