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  1. Mod Sound Card to do Balanced Output?
  2. Red Pitaya - Might be of Interest
  3. Weiliang DAC7
  4. ZOTAC D2550-ITX WiFi Supreme Bluray question
  5. Fidelizer PC Optimiser For Audio Applications
  6. All Media Servers and Players - PC Software
  7. Seeking Audio Player and Server Recommendations - W PC Only
  8. Hardware mixer for Windows Volume Mixer?
  9. Anybody using a Xonar D2X and a receiver?
  10. Laptop as music server
  11. How to avoid DPC latency in a new build DAW PC
  12. RaspyFi/Volumio - Turn raspberry Pi into Audiophile audio Player
  13. Help required setting up HTPC
  14. E Ink Tablet Remote- Possible
  15. EAC non-compliant CUE sheets: which players work?
  16. Recording through pc: mic use and signal Q's
  17. Audigy 2 loud crackling sound
  18. Realtek ALC1150 audio codec, 115dB SNR
  19. PC noise through internal sound card
  20. Any JRiver experts?
  21. Pull content and Push to media renderer
  22. iFi iUSB/iLink for PC Audio
  23. Making sound card more quiet
  24. 24 bit input only 16 bit in Audacity
  25. dac & Subwoofer
  26. HT Sound card
  27. Headless audio box
  28. chromebook?
  29. Front-end stack for active 4ways: wifi/bt L, R, vol -> DRC+XO -> DACs
  30. how many DACS ? new setup
  31. Separating L & R Channels in the Digital Domain on MAC
  32. Tweaking a cheap Tenor TE7022 USB converter board
  33. Mac Mini Music Server - A first try
  34. Xonar STX and JRC Muses Opamps
  35. ADC --> USB
  36. Soundcard with S/PDIF out - Quality?
  37. BruteFIR stability problems
  38. sound prob!
  39. Free ripping and playing options for MacOS 10.4?
  40. Updating volume control...
  41. Squeezebox better than Foobar?
  42. Super Low $ & Feature rich setup
  43. USB powered, MOSFET H-Bridge audio amplifier?!?
  44. PC remotely triggering power amp
  45. Are there any alternatives to Vortex box (March 2013)?
  46. Fanless HD-PLEX Music Server
  47. [diy] Another USB to multichannel I2S with I2C ?
  48. Multi channel Linux audio player with integrated amplifier questions.
  49. Thin mini itx setup
  50. Linux audio is the way go, No its not
  51. Does the hiFace Evo have galvanic separation?
  52. Voltage regulator for DAW
  53. Use VST plugins on all windows 7 audio output
  54. Musiland 01 USD 2012 -MULINK pinout
  55. Music Server, my DIY case :)
  56. problem with creative t6100
  57. watercooling pc how much heat will it dissipate
  58. 4 channel surround from PC w/ active spkrs?
  59. Pianobar (Pandora radio) Remote Control
  60. Squeezebox touch configured to output via USB
  61. Adding optical/BNC to Creative Audigy
  62. Yet another PCM2707C USB DAC
  63. With regards to HI-END DACS, is there a sonic difference between ASIO and DX ?
  64. Spec-ing the ultra-cheap PC "server"
  65. An easy Soundlevel & Source Remote Control for iPad / iPhone
  66. Audio Card for AudioLense Xo and Jriver. Multiway Speaker????
  67. 4 way active capable sound card (TA, EQ, XO)
  68. Computer renovation for $300?
  69. 4 High spec servers
  70. squeezelite or mpdPup - which one?
  71. FIR Filtering experiences
  72. Help me choose a multichannel soundboard, sound quality on focus.
  73. Testing a PC case Front panel audio
  74. Media files growing exponentially, HDMI video and RCA stereo, two systems
  75. Just received DCX2496, Icon Cube 4Nano, Dayton EMM6... now what?
  76. newbie DRC/Xover question...
  77. New NAS-PC Setup - Thoughts, comments?
  78. Chaintech AV710 card, is it worth it?
  79. USB cable quality
  80. Pi-Amp Revision 6
  81. Motherboard for HTPC Server
  82. Help with BruteFIR configuration
  83. Video Card for HTPC with MANY INPUT ?
  84. Android Stick
  85. 17'' laptop to do an Audio PC
  86. rhel5 the serial port problem
  87. Using tablet as a signal processor
  88. Xonar essence ground loop
  89. Deqx digital feed 3 Nuforce DDA-100s
  90. 24 Motherboards with PCI slots for UE4
  91. Software that's compatible with Russound MDK-C5 keypads?
  92. Rightmark Audio Analyzer (RMAA) problem
  93. Software that can "restore" some dynamics from overly compressed recordings?
  94. Passive I5 heatsinkUSA 3Dprinting BikeSpoke PC
  95. Ubuntu Toram Mpd
  96. A sort of jukebox programme
  97. So, what am I looking for?
  98. Are sound card line outs usualy DC-Coupled?
  99. long cable length, analogue or USB?
  100. Audigy 2ZS VS Digidesign Digi 001
  101. Switch mode PSU for wireless router - restricting performance?
  102. xlr to pnono adaptor
  103. playing differnt sample rates in Reaper
  104. EASY FIR crossover PC based+DRC
  105. Computer based static/noise?
  106. Looking for people to review my ES9023P DAC pcb design
  107. Speaker to Line Level Converter
  108. Maximizing YouTube download audio quality
  109. Windows 8, installing no signature driver solution e.g. EDEL USB Driver
  110. Foobar - The easy way to make it much better.
  111. Brutefir or min dsp
  112. PlayBook as media server
  113. Any Diy PC Power Noise filters ?
  114. 3 way Active Filtering - Lynx AES16 + Multi-DAC
  115. Ipad as Music Server
  116. Need help with music server issue
  117. Need help quick PLEASE
  118. I'm looking for a powered USB hub with audio grade power supply
  119. USB Soundcard for measurement
  120. Please tell me free room eq sofware ?
  121. Remote control of music computer with a tablet
  122. Some Questions(Xonar DS/Microlab Solo 6c Related)
  123. Clueless Here needs help 101
  124. How should a music server behave?
  125. Was a ladder dac soundcard ever made?
  126. Asus Xonar St as bridge only...
  127. DIGITAL AND ANALOG Together
  128. Mesurements with Asus essence st
  129. Can Pandora benefit from Foobar2k plugins?
  130. Best Motherboard for Audio
  131. uncompressed flac
  132. Which ethernet cables are fiber optic?
  133. Best digital connection for Media Center PC?
  134. digital 8ch audio, pc-to-pc
  135. TE7022+ES9023 mini toy^_^
  136. How to connect PC to coax SPDIF DAC & questions about music servers
  137. need the best DAC
  138. Help needed in repairing Squeezebox Classic VFD
  139. iPad as test sound generator
  140. Wiring Car Speakers to Computer
  141. Safe Mode and disable onboard for sound card?
  142. Proximity of a PC (HD) to a loudspeaker (magnet)
  143. laptop for audiophile needs
  144. Sansui set
  145. Asus Xonar Essence ST overheating?
  146. Optical player for PC
  147. Need help designing a circuit for my carpc.
  148. Soundcard with internal analog access
  149. Help with Tact 2.0 RCS Pre
  150. solid state drive vs HD for audio
  151. Better converting usb or spdif?
  152. Better converting usb or spdif?
  153. windows problem
  154. Asus sound card cap mod help
  155. Need advise to pick a USB DAC
  156. Getting started
  157. Foo Dsp Xover tutorial
  158. PC as Music Transport for 25$
  159. Home-build mini stereo
  160. PC-based receiver
  161. The importance of crossover steepness
  162. Apple TV in my Speaker System??!?
  163. External PCI Box for LynxTwo
  164. Unbalanced pc to balanced qsc mx700
  165. Personal project - headphones. Please help!
  166. noise from laptop charger
  167. Need Help With Music Playback SW
  168. Is it just me, or does Sox deemph overdo the de-emphasis?
  169. Any external soundcards with PCM4202?
  170. Video and Audio stream separation to different computers
  171. Are There Any PCI-Express Sound Card with Envy 24HT for Mac Pro
  172. Side discussion on Lossless Formats
  173. usb?
  174. Want to buy 5.1 speakers, please help
  175. Dummyś guide for audio with SLACKO puppy linux os
  176. Windowa Media Player 12 (Win7) CD database is terrible
  177. What is Windows7 doing to my sound?
  178. Where to get VST Classic EQ plugin?
  179. Virtual Loopback Audio Driver for PC DSP
  180. A bare bones framework for audio DSP on a PC
  181. Trouble getting MPD db to update
  182. Problem with Jack Audio for Windows and Numark DJ/IO
  183. Buying new soundcard, need advice
  184. M-Audio 192 S/PDIF electrical interference help!
  185. Is there a cheap Sound Card i can use as DSP for testing ?
  186. Wireless! Laptop to DAC...how?
  187. Understanding PC sound cards
  188. New Mac Mini's Internal DAC
  189. High-level system design question
  190. ASIO4ALL, Foobar and Win7
  191. EAC (Exact Audio Copy) to FLAC:best sound quality settings?
  192. A query
  193. Opinions on pc/mobo "onboard spdif to Ian's FIFO kit" or "USB to WaveIO" to I2s?
  194. Novice needs help to start a podcast
  195. Xonor STX Line-In Mods
  196. Best Audio Enhancement software?
  197. Sound Card Input Circuit Protection
  198. USB asynchronous output to to DUEL AES
  199. PC based audio system questions
  200. Bang & Olfsen Beosound Encore 5 Tech Support
  201. HQ internet radio stations and playback
  202. DSP StudioX: active/digital crossover simulator with features... Under construction.
  203. Which DAC with PM-94
  204. Galvanic Isolators
  205. AirPlay + room correction on Linux
  206. Internet music streaming and sample clocks: how does it work?
  207. need advice to make new pc system
  208. motu 828mk2 on pure music problem
  209. A sub-$100 Dac for Airmotiv 4's
  210. subjective equalization method - bad idea?
  211. DIY friendly S/PDIF out
  212. HDMI to I2S & Intel DN2800MT
  213. A good Soudcard that can run under Linux?
  214. My Linear PSU
  215. Need a bargain sound card ?
  216. External HDD
  217. Ripping CD's in Safemode sounds much better...
  218. JPLAY problem playing from NAS
  219. Enco DAD software
  220. Asus Xonar Essence STX or M-Audio 192 Audiophile
  221. Symptoms of a SC ADC failure?
  222. Slightly odd problem
  223. How powerfull does a PC have to be
  224. Home Brewed
  225. Multichannel usb -> i2S
  226. Ram Divide in 2 slots
  227. Advice on first Audio Streamer
  228. Asus Essence STX Extension Oustide The Case?
  229. Best sound card for hackintosh
  230. M audio audiophile 2496 schematic wanted
  231. My Music Server
  232. Behringer U-CONTROL UCA 202 or UCA 222. What's the difference?
  233. 192 million
  234. Squeezebox Duet Clicks and Pops
  235. Small cheap USB DAC, any recommendation?
  236. linear psu for intel d945gsejt
  237. Diy PSU for M2Tech HiFace EVO
  238. Windows based crossover/convolver
  240. CAPS v2 and VFD
  241. Burson audio Opamps extender cable
  242. Wireless Headset for the Computer to Record?
  243. Not a audio player question
  244. USB -> I2S and Analogue
  245. Adding S/PDIF to Computer
  246. 96/24 out of a computer
  247. Free sound recorder....
  248. Idea for Volume Control Device (DIY)
  249. Xtrememusic X-Fi Modding Blackgate 2200uF 16V
  250. Pc to ?

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