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  1. Free sound recorder....
  2. Idea for Volume Control Device (DIY)
  3. Xtrememusic X-Fi Modding Blackgate 2200uF 16V
  4. Pc to ?
  5. Multi-Room/Multi-Zone Audio Setup
  6. Rasberry Pi and active crossover revolution
  7. New audio player software : JPlay
  8. How To Generate Pink Noise?
  9. PCM 2704
  10. Way to get a balanced signal out of a PC?
  11. VST for Windows 7 System Audio?
  12. 192kHz S/PDIF coaxial input on budget?
  13. ARM/DSP based open source Hi-Fi
  14. strange frequency response of m2tech evo
  15. Intel Vt-d vitual mac with usb audio 2.0 ?
  16. Aarrghh--Networking Windows Medial Player
  17. A question for the pc audio experts
  18. Audiolense or Acourate?
  19. using cd67se as a dac?
  20. XONAR STX e Vanguard TCXO: disappointment
  21. Help: Fast tracking knowledge of digital audio
  22. A-D convertor for ripping vinyl
  23. Hand Made SATA Cable for CAT
  24. Looping a song
  25. New speakers for klipsch 2.1
  26. low output from laptop
  27. The Bodzio Ultimate Equalizer
  28. Equalizer
  29. Music Main board for diyer
  30. Bit Perfect MP3s?
  31. wav file problem- compatibility?
  32. DAC or External Sound Card
  33. how to hook everything up?
  34. high end sound laptop to tube amp (no preamp)
  35. Explanation of superiority of Linux for audio?
  36. Is it possible to do a 4-way crossover with kx drivers?
  37. Peachtree or equivalent?
  38. xonar essence
  39. Behringer DCX2496 digital input
  40. OT! Blinking cursor needed...
  41. Work in progress... Asio4All Q
  42. Intrigued but confused
  43. How to set up an internal sound Card?
  44. Loudness wars software
  45. upgrade power supply for external hard drive ?
  46. LARS usb
  47. Yamaha RX-V1900
  48. Wireless Audio
  49. Beginner with Computer as Media Center
  50. Desktop headphone setup advice
  51. Impulse response, FFTs, deconvolution
  52. PC playback
  53. DIY AirPlay Board?
  54. external USB soundcard for active crossover
  55. Noisy PC output
  56. Using read-only attribute to safeguard music
  57. Need 'stereo expander' circuitry for boombox
  58. Decent affordable DAC for PC?
  59. Does a real time freeware spectrum analyser exist?
  60. Soldering a molex connector
  61. Is there any PC based software to crossover the L & R channels to the sub?
  62. AVX based FIR VST, crossover / EQ / DRC and delay
  63. Anyone ever tried this way to disable front audio headphone and microphone sensing?
  64. DSD streaming pc->dac
  65. Mic Input on Laptop, how good is it?
  66. Calculation of Horbach-Keele FIR filters
  67. Squeezebox with digital out?
  68. A 31 channel EQ file processor for FLAC?
  69. The fastest web browser for web streaming music
  70. emulated crossover
  71. External sound card
  72. Linear power supply
  73. Xonar STX Op-amp change
  74. M Audio 24/96 modding
  75. Win8 vs. USB Audio Class 2
  76. MP3 PLAYER from PC CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
  77. Xonar ST/STX mods...
  78. Crossover using Asus Xonar Essence ST Deluxe 7.1 ?
  79. vac and foobar input
  80. Hardware for ADC of cassette and LPs
  81. Net "radio" without a PC......?
  82. STL UDP hardware internet link
  83. Teralink X2-M
  84. Good DIY PC to Spdif coverter
  85. Turn off the mic input on your sound card
  86. Delta 1010 schematics, output signals
  87. DIY your ASIO !
  88. Swap center/subwoofer on Asus Xonar H6 and OPAMPs
  89. Sound Quality of Spotify in offline mode
  90. Jack For Windows Output Config
  91. Tried the M2Tech today..
  92. How to tell if my usb 3.0 disk is 3.0 or 2.0?
  93. MyONE: searching for the perfect PCaudio
  94. Oxmoor Deq I equalizer programming (rs-422)
  95. Audiophile hard drive
  96. When playing music audio increases and decreases
  97. “magnetic levitation” bearing PC case fans
  98. z-680 control pad for z-2300?
  99. So I want my PC hooked up to my system, newby questions.
  100. best signal transfer and upscaleing in pc audio
  101. convert flac to mp3
  102. Hooking up my Dynaudio BM5A's to laptop?
  103. My poor man music server
  104. ASIO output possible for web browsers?
  105. Linux and Acourate, a perfect pair!
  106. x-fi soundcard circuit troubles
  107. Galaxy vs ipad2 sound
  108. 9632 analogue out oscillation
  109. memory resisdent for FLAC
  110. Best USB->I2S Option?
  111. New Pandora Web Interface
  112. Windows 7 subwoofer problem
  113. 2 channel for my iMac
  114. Considering old hardware for an audio player/recorder
  115. Spotify in the USA
  116. Customise foobar equalizer frequency
  117. Computer based 4 way x-over ?
  118. PC-based server versus network-based player
  119. how can i make my pc into scope...??
  120. Shockproof stand for Squeezebox
  121. PC optical out with WASAPI vs. better sound card
  122. Modern PC DAC vs "Audiophile DAC"
  123. How do I rip a DTS encoded CD to multichannel flac?
  124. Hi-resolution source with DRC (Musica liquida) Look here
  125. What's wrong with this PCB
  126. J River Id
  127. USB to RCA STEREO AUDIO female!? For Recording?
  128. USB Audio controlling PCM2704 new design
  129. Badly Ripped Music
  130. Software With Multiple Notch Filters?
  131. Top Loading SATA DVD drive?
  132. Editing phone interviews for quality/size balance.
  133. media player software wich can running in DOS ?
  134. PC Server, IPod, Software, What would you do.
  135. Echo express card audio quality?
  136. Soundcard W/5.1 analog output DD/DTS
  137. What kinds of screws to use in PCI-slot cover?
  138. x-fi elite pro starting to distort .. failing capacitor?
  139. Convert DIN-9pin (6channel) to 3xTRS 3.5mm | Noob help!
  140. quality of media players
  141. Ground noise
  142. Plextor Premium and Windows 7
  143. PC-Windows based: MusicDVD-Tracks into *.wav-files
  144. PCI vs. PCI-Express Sound Card Supply Voltages
  145. Audiophile level output should I go internal or external?
  146. Weird idea: PC-based AM carrier circuit radio
  147. Izotope Ozone MP anyone using this plug in ?
  148. Impedance matching
  149. "Best Free Music Player and Organizer'
  150. Music server 201
  151. Plextor Premium on the Bay
  152. Mods for cheap PC microphone?
  153. Audio quality 44 v 48 v 92khz
  154. A Question about the sampling rate and range???
  155. New Intel Motherboards (Sandy bridge)
  156. Pro Logic soft encoding
  157. Beginner Ripper has ?
  158. Computer based I2S vs CD I2s
  159. Motherboard capacitors
  160. Need help with Computer with I2S output to DAC
  161. So i replaced my PSU and my PC sounds much better.
  162. Best encoding options on Itunes
  163. Using 2 soundcards
  164. the Replay Gain tag
  165. PC controlled full digital plate amp
  166. How to! TV sound through the computer?Å
  167. Coaxial S/PDIF on Gigabyte X58A-UD3R out of spec?
  168. Music Server
  169. Best laptop for cd ripping
  170. Seeking entry-level USB DAC (w/phono in?)
  171. CD-R - writing speeds - optimum !?
  172. Pure Player
  173. Sound Card help
  174. UPnP Network Player
  175. How to measure latency
  176. HDMI for 8-channel audio
  177. Where to begin here ?
  178. need some help
  179. PC to ? to DAC
  180. PC Sound Card as basis for DIY DAC
  181. List of software
  182. OSX 10.7 "Lion" seeded to developers
  183. Win7 DRC only on HDMI, not optical. How to enable?
  184. Anyone design DIY USB recording equipment?
  185. Best way to record streaming audio
  186. Audio quality of Spotify Premium and other streaming services?
  187. Dorm Room Setup (First Build?!)
  188. 5.1 Audio for an HTPC
  189. Multiple S/PDIF outputs
  190. USB multichannel audio, not surround sound
  191. Attenuation in bit-padded source with SOX
  192. Toughbook laptop as audio server
  193. Compaq Evo T20/T30 Thin Client conversions
  194. AppleTV G2 with coaxial output?
  195. PC Receiver - Kinda. Suggest parts please?
  196. Output volume of Auzentech X-Meridian -> Way to loud
  197. What is the sound card with the best input that you know of?
  198. Weak Surround Sound
  199. PC Integrated Amplifier
  200. Gigawork DAC vs Asus xonar essence stx
  201. Is anyone using DRC?
  202. Mac OS X and USB Subwoofer
  203. Installed Linux Mint-Assistance Required
  204. This latency is killing me!
  205. How to use DRC on windows??
  206. For purists wanting minimal PC config: Dos based MPXplay
  207. XBox360 only sees some of my files
  208. HTPC for my home built projector
  209. Why can't computers have BNC ouput?
  210. Using PC as server and storage-replacing NAS DNLA server
  211. PC newbie seeks most reasoned playback
  212. Async 192Khz USB - the SDR-Widget collaborative project
  213. Mac Mini Sound
  214. PC based audio and video
  215. Starting From Sctarch
  216. new pc
  217. "Pure Music" software discussion thread
  218. Unable to do measurement through reaper
  219. Tagging Flac and Ogg files
  220. Laptop Digital Line Out
  221. edifier s550
  222. Disc transport in HTPC equal to CD player?
  223. Mystical PCI soundcard
  224. 8 channel Linux audio with active crossovers
  225. stereo to mono
  226. J River - My first impressions and your help please....
  227. Help fix my soundcard! What values for crystal's load capacitors?
  228. PCM2706/7 based DAC design
  229. PC player
  230. EQ software
  231. Computer audio in a car .... Set me straight
  232. Ultimative PC-Based XO Version?
  233. Choosing a 7.1 Soundcard for Active Crossovers
  234. Upsampler/Interpolator Idea
  235. USB DAC recommendation
  236. Low frequency noise from sub while connected to Grounded (3pin)signal source
  237. 24 bit vs 16 bit for Jajuk
  238. Scope shots of Hiface modifications & RF attenuators
  239. Soundcard noise level
  240. Normalization for winamp?
  241. How to convert P.C. Soundcard into U.S.B. or other port
  242. MAC or PC headphone L/R output drive?
  243. Repairing Creative SBS 2.1
  244. Audigy4 with external clock possible?
  245. Help find a PCI Card to use with Audiolense
  246. NAS - SqueezeBox Duet OR PC
  247. Touchscreen Jukebox PC
  248. Logitech Revue
  249. New 24/96 usb converters
  250. Free PC based oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and function generator

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