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  1. crackling youtube etc
  2. Linux audio being resistant...
  3. Interrupt Linux Music Server
  4. looping recording: diy cable
  5. Quick Audioquest Jitterbug review
  6. De-mastering smashed recordings with Stereotool (Loudness War)
  7. M-Audio Firewire 1814 MOD-Caps
  8. Media PC attributes
  9. Foobar tagging help
  10. How can I record a stream without compression
  11. Web based audio tools: Convolver
  12. A replacement for my Yamaha RP U100
  13. What wi-fi audio streaming approach?
  14. The Cirrus Logic Audio Card with Pi2 crossover
  15. in search for a system wide equalizer for XP
  16. Anyone using chinese xmos under linux
  17. Flac Tagger, Mac + CDDB?
  18. PC static and other noises on speakers/headphones
  19. help a noob please, my new speakers sound terrible!!
  20. piCorePlayer = piCore Linux + Raspberry Pi + Squeezelite
  21. preamp needed ?
  22. My Home and Remote Linux Based System
  23. cell phone preamp?
  24. mediatomb transcoding for flac to do replaygain decoding?
  25. Mac Mini replacement PSU only for USB or also for streaming?
  26. IDEA: fractional delay line using sample rate conversion techniques?
  27. Remotely Controlled Netbook.
  28. Music player to play from a network drive?
  29. LADSPA plugin programming for Linux audio crossovers
  30. Bug head Emperor
  31. Two Motherboards available for CMP2 build.
  32. OSX based active crossover with two wave I/o boards?
  33. loss of clarity when ripping lps -?
  34. Pure Music Crossover interface
  35. Another Raspberry Pi Radio
  36. First setup questions
  37. A USB audio receiver that can control audio and selection with the mouse
  38. Focusrite sapphire as preamp to Quad amp?
  39. Cheap USB sound card chip with simple PCB (PCM2704,CM108,CM197)
  40. PC to Stereo Via Network Connection
  41. Laptop Oscilloscope?
  42. Voltage on audio line.
  43. Behringer UCA222 help
  44. Step by Step Airplay help needed
  45. PCI-e Replacement for old AP192
  46. Stream-only box suggestions?
  47. Pipo X7 - Anyone has tried it ?
  48. Integrated sound card disappeared in Windows 7?
  49. M-Audio Audiophile 192 & Windows 8
  50. Schematic Capture
  51. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi
  52. PC based question
  53. LA2A PCB
  54. Cheap Wyse c90LEW makes excellent music server
  55. Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
  56. Raspberry Pi + CirrusLogic Audio Card = FAIL
  57. smart TV to Router & PC
  58. Diy Amplifier Build for PC
  59. Game/Work station Project plus a few questions on audio choices
  60. FIR filter help!
  61. VST ASIO and routing
  62. quiet server
  63. my fanless i7 htpc/audio playback system
  64. Anything in The works for a Chromebox audio player?
  65. Which nano computer for I2S proof to 384 Khz
  66. recomendations for DSP development platform
  67. Upsampling/oversampling VST plugin
  68. Am I wasting my space with flac.
  69. PC-based measurements
  70. AP-Linux ?
  71. Mixology - USB basedWindows Volume Mixer
  72. Ground loop pc powered speekers
  73. ASUS Xonar U7 USB SoundCard Review
  74. Intel Edison I2S DAC
  75. what cause audio card to malfunction?
  76. analog to 24 bit to dvd
  77. Motherboard activity noise problem
  78. Help getting music from comp drive to iPhone
  79. Computer+audio system get noisy
  80. Beginners question ref raspberry pi application
  81. maximum length of usb speaker wire
  82. MAXX Audio available at USB?
  83. Tell me what I need please :)
  84. Amplifier or Subwoofer for Aiwa speakers SX-R100
  85. PCI-E/USB Sound card
  86. best Itunes alternative without Itunes library
  87. BBB + I2S + DAC
  88. Windows Doesn't Recognize 192KHz
  89. streamlined server project .. part 2
  90. Best way to make a 'DAC' that connects directly to a USB HD
  91. Poor soundcard?
  92. Music server and bluetooth SUB
  93. MacMini-Toslink toDac.iTx
  94. Digital Crossover
  95. cambridge azur 640h
  96. nx7010 as media server
  97. Custom Speakers for Raspberry pi Laptop Questions
  98. Signal Routing - Windows 7
  99. Raspberry Pi Laptop Custom Speakers Question
  100. Alternatives to Dirac?
  101. Optical input no way can I play or record it.
  102. Windows 8 Music Server on the Cheap
  103. Terrible digital noise
  104. Custom PC companies in the UK?
  105. M-audio Fast Track Pro broken: No sound from left TRS output
  106. How to Guide: Turn Windows XP PC into a Music Server
  107. Software Crossover/Equalizer
  108. WiFi DAC - sort of?
  109. streamlined server project
  110. SPDIF Pin Location -- Noobie Pleads for Help
  111. Wendel - the start of audio sampling?
  112. Asus Essense ST Music Card - Studio or Music
  113. Legacy PCI card: How clean can I make its digital audio output signal?
  114. Am I recording digital or analogue
  115. Onboard Audio Chip Noise (cannot figure out)
  116. Can Equalizer APO function as a crossover?
  117. USB DAC on Android 4.0 phone/tablet!
  118. Asus Xonar DX sounds terrible!
  119. is there any any good Mp3-Player??
  120. Cheap CM2606 based DAC?
  121. mp3 files disappearing
  122. Sound card under $75.00 US
  123. TCMODS Edition of ACX/Orion WebUI
  124. Technics PCM Digital Ensemble PR305 Organ
  125. NAS as musicserver with IPad control
  126. ARTT DSDMate (Plugin) for Foobar, Another sacd_extract GUI Tool
  127. Would Like Help Understanding Input Circuit
  128. WASAPI loopback not working with Xonar D2X
  129. Isolating multiple inputs to one amp
  130. Sub not running from headphone jack
  131. Audio Player with Spectrum Analyzer
  132. Desktop music player for Win7 with good EQ?
  133. AudioMate, a Desktop Tool for SACD-ISO & DSD
  134. DAL Carddeluxe on W7 64-bit?
  135. Which phono to USB?
  136. Sending Signal to multiples DAC
  137. Foobar2000 being developed for mobile platforms!
  138. Please critique my active system
  139. Looking for Channel Swapping Software for Windows
  140. Archphile - An Archlinux Based Audiophile Distribution for Raspberry Pi and Udoo Quad
  141. How to disable Windows 7 sound volume compression with multiple sources
  142. An unknown distortion problem
  143. Can sansui 201 be worked with ipad2
  144. wireless audio
  145. Volumio (ex RaspyFi) Audiophile Music Player for embedded systems
  146. Playing audio using RCA to USB cable?
  147. Is a 2 PC Setup better ?
  148. Media center suggestions
  149. Non Powered USB Cable
  150. Boombox resto
  151. Need Some Advice - Fitness Center system
  152. integrating motherboard and diy dac for media server
  153. Volumio, Raspberry-pi and hardware volume control
  154. Any tablets with stereo analog inputs?
  155. Setting up a PC-based multichannel DSP system
  156. accourate/audiolense/etc for linkwitz pluto eq.
  157. XMOS 192kHz USB Stereo
  158. Wireless Speakers dilema, advice needed
  159. USB power supply
  160. Squarewave from my PC..
  161. How to use EQ with measurement app like Holmipulse/Arta
  162. earthed PCB and USB chips?
  163. Any Upgrade Sugestions?
  164. Dithering?
  165. Making an audio interface?
  166. DTS Audio CD to ISO?
  167. Interference from AM transmitter
  168. .CDA from HDD
  169. Wireless adapter for wired earbuds to computer
  170. Crazy frequency response in Lenovo E531 laptop
  171. is this sound card a good one?
  172. Trouble installing Asus Xonar Essence ST
  173. foobar + asio playback timeout
  174. internal PC crossover on multichannel card
  175. DSD (SACD) FIR based software crossover
  176. How To Rip a SACD to DSD file
  177. Essence STX II ,whats new?
  178. Raspberry Pi, TDA1541A, PMD100, discrete IV
  179. Inaudible audio
  180. How To Know if USB Plays FLAC
  181. Building a linear ATX PSU for an audio PC. Need help & advice
  182. midi organs pedals velocity sensitive
  183. Can anybody spot what setting I need to change?
  184. What the difference between dsp room correction eq and software correction
  185. Help With Internet TV?
  186. MOD M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192
  187. Active Speaker - EQ full band or individual drivers? (or both?)
  188. win7 streaming one output to another
  189. Over sampling of 44.1kHz Wav files.
  190. Which SMT stepped attenuator
  191. ALSA finally on Openelec
  192. Share my connection Xubuntu pc and raspberry pie
  193. Software processing of audio files
  194. building a NAS
  195. Decent quality EQ for all programmes
  196. Computer audio EQ and Gain Adjustment Program
  197. DIY Media Streamer (non pc)
  198. any tv output??
  199. PSU Comparison
  200. New system - need computer parts advice
  201. digital in to PC how?
  202. 5.2HT AES/EBU amplification system completed
  203. "Audiophile Optimizer"....fish oil...?
  204. Help with lo Graphics ram, Xubuntu and Youtube
  205. Tannoy Reveal 402 as computer speakers?
  206. SONOS ZP80, open and connect directly to I2S?
  207. transmit pc output to stereo
  208. foobarCon remote
  209. PSU for MacMini (2009)
  210. Simple Problem(i think) with Fast track pro!
  211. Batch process audio files?
  212. M-Audio Fast Track Pro repair
  213. USB VS Toslink test.
  214. Help with PC based loudspeaker system, ground up.
  215. Vendetta Research TPC-1
  216. How to ripping CDs using my CD transport
  217. 2.1 PC setup using SoundBlaster
  218. Ripping SACD using Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray player
  219. Ripping audio/video files to ext HDD
  220. Turn-on and turn-off "pop"
  221. Which faders were in the Tascam FW-1884?
  222. Dsp on iPad?
  223. Volumio and Rpi DAC
  224. Digital Noise, Ground Loop, Amazing Diagram included :D
  225. Discrete sound card or Realtek
  226. Tascam US1800 with laptop, NE1 here?
  227. recording streaming audio
  228. To Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone Black/CuBox/UDOO owners: RuneAudio is looking for testers
  229. Adding an external drive to the OPPO93
  230. Basic Question about cPlay
  231. Can I use an external USB DAC as a totally normal computer sound card?
  232. Behringer U-PHORIA series DACs
  233. PC in a hifi2000 rack case
  234. Questions about Pre's/Dac's and volume
  235. MathAudio Room EQ for Foobar2000
  236. Flac Compression levels
  237. input scenarios for amp bluetooth? wi/fi?
  238. Foobar2000
  239. College Student Having Dilemma
  240. diyAudio DSP thanks to XBMC activeAE
  241. ARTA & sweep sine : which protocol ?
  242. Any E-MU 0204 owners out there? Need a little help
  243. 96kHz/24bit AES/EBU audio system - Lynx ST, miniDSP and Bodzio Software.
  244. Multi Zone Audio Switch
  245. I2S with sound-card Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro
  246. Diy Storage and playback of ripped CDs?
  247. WTA : The best way to take analog signal directly from Laptop
  248. What's the cool low-budget soundcard/DAC these days?
  249. RTA measurements and soundcard
  250. Trying to make a music server out of a Dell PE1850

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