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  1. Wiring on Sansui 1000 tube receiver OP trans
  2. Simple SE - One channel distortion
  3. TSE 45 amp heat sink
  4. Simple SE Changing Feedback Switch While On
  5. Tubelab SSE Chassis
  6. Antek AS-1T new color on leads question for SPP...
  7. Sharp Voltage regulator and how to PSUD
  8. I need help with 5U4-G
  9. TSE L5 and R5 input neutral or ground
  10. Antec IT-200 question...
  11. TSE Chassis Guide?
  12. TubeLab SSE; Opinions/Advice Solicited
  13. All George's OPT testing leads to this unanswered question
  14. Buying metal
  15. TSE layout options
  16. KT88 SSE Running HOT
  17. Grid Stopper Value?
  18. Parts for build coming together
  19. "Premium" TSE Build?
  20. SE w 300B - 6.3V must be ct??
  21. Thermal paste
  22. Tubes Used in the SPP Amp
  23. Alternatives to the 2SK2700
  24. Christmas in PA today
  25. Low Volume with my SPP
  26. TubelabSE to PP, Success.
  27. Wiring for the SPP Amp
  28. SSE - the “Man Cave” version
  29. 6CD6 in the SSE
  30. tubelab se 300b plate current
  31. What's next to improve? SSE
  32. SSE problems during checkout measurements
  33. Tubelab SE makers, show me your heatsinks.
  34. SPP Transformer question
  35. I am back
  36. Dumber the mistake, harder to find!
  37. se with 45's. which opt?
  38. Tubelab SE 300b Build Thread
  39. TubeLab SSE build Journal(s)
  40. Substitute Components for TSE 300b
  41. simple se tube selection
  42. TSE 300b & Electra-Print Specs
  43. SSE and issue with 5Y3 and 5W4 rectifiers
  44. TSE point to point?
  45. TSE semiconductors and heat sinks
  46. Simple SE Adult Continuing Education
  47. SimpleSE with pics
  48. TSE & Magnequest
  49. TSE buzz and PSU
  50. Parts Kits?
  51. TubeLab SSE build.ideas
  52. Need help diagnosing no sound / blown fuse issue
  53. TSE: grounded the board at GRD-2, is that correct?
  54. Wanted to share this Vintage Transformer info I found
  55. SECad simulations and input voltage
  56. Ordered My SPP Board... A Few Newbie Questions
  57. Newly Built SSE, Couple of Questions
  58. Fuse value on SSE....and blown output transformer
  59. Will this Vintage iron work on the SPP?
  60. Cathode resistor switch circuit
  61. Buying a finished TSE?
  62. Problem with 10m45s
  63. 50k or 100k attenuator for SSE
  64. Bad Tube Socket - symptoms and cure
  65. CXSE25-8-5K still no bass
  66. SSE with 10K OPT
  67. Gold Lion KT77 or Winged SED EL34 In SSE?
  68. SPP BOM
  69. SSE with cathode feedback, UL - is it really worth it?
  70. Tracing source of intermittent fade-out SSE
  71. Switch suggestion for cathode resistor switch for SSE
  72. Tubelab SE ran great for 8 years, now I am blowing fuses...
  73. TSE Coarse/Fine Bias Adjustments
  74. Converting 300b SE to 45
  75. George, is this SSE board defective? Or me?
  76. A Reverse Alchemist Needs SSE Help
  77. So the final build begins
  78. TSE Questions
  79. Source of mechanical buzz in Hammond 374bx
  80. SSE 100Hz Hum headache
  81. Hot-Rodded SPP
  82. SSE optional parts help for a beginner.
  83. SSE and which speaker cables NOT to use
  84. SSE sounds bad in UL
  85. Intermittent volume drop SSE
  86. Voltage on rectifier pins 4 & 6
  87. Buzzing power transformer
  88. TSE : Volume pot wiring
  89. Tubelab SSE Fred replace ?
  90. SPP 12AT7 Plate Voltage
  91. Best transformers orientation ?
  92. Subwoofer on a TSE
  93. TSE / UBT-2 / 6 ohm speakers
  94. SE board and OPT 1627 SEA
  95. Damm not the response I expected!
  96. The Valvustein, yet another SSE :)
  97. Edcor or James JS-123
  98. Intermittent volume drop SSE
  99. Fuse value SSE
  100. Calculating SSE for KT88 and KT120
  101. Should it be this loud?
  102. ****EBAY**** bidding programs
  103. The best 5 watts I've ever heard.
  104. 10w Transcendar SSE (non-UL)
  105. KT120 in basic SSE
  106. Getting the UL/triode and CFB switches right
  107. Blown rectifer diodes - NOT hexfreds
  108. 6146 in the SSE Part III - ultralinear
  109. Power transformer laminations connected to ground?
  110. phono stage
  111. I want to build the 845SE
  112. Replacing steel with brass bolts on Edcor transformers
  113. SPP cap values
  114. Transformer Voltages
  115. Questions from another newbie
  116. Tubelab3
  117. So I messed up the chassis!
  118. I blew it up last night
  119. This stuff okay for using inside SE
  120. Simple SE with 12AU7 and 6V6 for headphone use
  121. Anybody use this type of 4-pin socket?
  122. Full B+ voltage @ 5842 plates / coupling caps
  123. Hummmmmmmmm
  124. thermal pads betther than mica
  125. Initial thoughts on SE build
  126. L E D
  127. Painting Edcor end bells
  128. Triode/UL switch for SimpleSE
  129. noob question
  130. DigiKey part numbers for SimpleSE switches
  131. Is this a suitable CL-140 thermistor for SSE
  132. How to order Tube Lab boards
  133. PSUD question
  134. Is this a sound idea
  135. C11 and C9 will 200 volt film caps work
  136. Mosfet - low CRSS
  137. Cabling Tube Sockets to the Board
  138. Sharp LDO voltage regulator
  139. SE is kicking my butt!
  140. 5u4 rectifier -- PSUD II
  141. SimpleSE chassis layout thoughts
  142. A speaker question related to the TSE 300b
  143. SimpleSE C1 value
  144. Help me get my SSE working
  145. Build questions SE vs SSE, mosfet
  146. SPP powered up without speakers. How much have I broken?
  147. Heatsinks
  148. SPP in triode mode = 5AR4 fireworks. Please help find the fault.
  149. lightning from rectifier
  150. 10 Hours - No issues...Safe to say its alive !
  151. TSE R5 running very hot
  152. It lives! TSE comes to life at last
  153. bottom population of the SE
  154. SSE PCB board detailed drawing/fpd
  155. Tubelab SE is beating me up
  156. R6= 5W?
  157. SSE - complete chassis templates
  158. Value of coupling cap in SimpleSE
  159. Simple SE Volume Problem
  160. Recs for a good high efficiency speaker kit for my SSE?
  161. Fundamental Question about Power Drive
  162. Simple SE - CXSE25-8-5K or GXSE15-8-5K
  163. Let the magic smoke out of R30
  164. SimpleSE choice of power transformer
  165. Choice of OPT for SimpleSE
  166. Voltage and current rating for SSE switches
  167. terminal input/output for SE Board
  168. Some advise please during the built of my SSE
  169. IXYS cvs in SimpleSE
  170. Supplemental parts list
  171. OPT for 300B SE build. Can they be found?
  172. Tubelab Se Bias current jumping
  173. Simple SE signal lost at driver tube
  174. Tubelab SSE - blu ray player + DAC
  175. SPP Chassis layout
  176. Ready to build the SSE...almost
  177. gratuitous sse shots
  178. Started tubelab SE checkout and R5 went into fusion
  179. New guy starting a SSE
  180. The sound of EL84 vs EL86....
  181. Tubelab SE / signal path resistors & choke
  182. SPP parts question
  183. Multiple input anyone?
  184. I Must Have Missed The SSE Class on Diode Jumpers
  185. 6146 in the SSE Part II - triode mode
  186. Bi - amping with the SSE
  187. cathode resistors
  188. Terminal Strips: Thumbs Up Or Down?
  189. SSE C3 .47uF 100V MKP Substitute
  190. Recommended source for 45s
  191. SPP output tube choice....
  192. Does the physical position of the parts matter?
  193. Tubelab SE damage by running filament regulator too hot?
  194. Tubelab SE Top Plate FrontPanel Express and DXF File
  195. Summer is here - little tubes go in Simple SE
  196. New Chassis, Check; Sound, ummm......
  197. TSE with 45s
  198. No volume
  199. ???Signal Ground For A Wood Chassis ???
  200. Load Line Simulator
  201. Please check these parts for SSE?
  202. SSE FRED diode Fairchild ISL9R8120P2 alternative?
  203. Ummm...errr....help?
  204. tubelab se output tube filament voltage varies
  205. 300B Tubelab SE
  206. Lundahl OPTs with TSE and 45s?
  207. Tubelab SE Part List Excel
  208. First timer. SE or SSE build
  209. Buying Logic
  210. Advantage of placing Tubes on the board
  211. Share the system you use with your SSE\TSE
  212. SSE Power Supply Choke Resistance
  213. Budget Tubelab SE
  214. Would it be wiser to use lower tolerance resistors?
  215. SSE Center Tap
  216. RCA and potentiometer wiring confusion
  217. JS-6112HS JAMES - Does the sound match the looks?
  218. Toroidal PT for SE
  219. Yet Another SSE Grounding Question
  220. kt120
  221. Help with first Tubelab Build :)
  222. zero filament voltage at output
  223. pre amp power
  224. Physical dimensions of a .45 tube
  225. 300B B+
  226. SSE very quiet
  227. CD recommendations
  228. PCB mount volume pot without a PCB
  229. Mounting top plate to chassis with magnets?
  230. Phono stage
  231. Steel chassis less than optimal?
  232. Edcor CXSE CFB wiring.
  233. SSE Questions - Tube Rectifier / Circuit Revisions
  234. TSE pre checkout check.
  235. Anyone tried Zener diodes on their SSE HV CT to lower B+ ?
  236. Which KT88-98 tubes?
  237. Congratulations George!
  238. Dr-Jordan-Design software
  239. SPP power transformer for 6cw5 outputs......
  240. SSE first build, caps and other questions.
  241. SSE with EH 6CA7 outputs bias issue?
  242. to pre or not to pre
  243. SSE - Would a 390Uf cap for C2 be overkill ?
  244. OPT connections with SSE
  245. SSE Problem
  246. Tubelab SE bias problem
  247. The smell of resistors in the evening
  248. SSE parts list mistake...
  249. SSE just quit, here's what I've checked...
  250. Edcor GXSE15-8-5K question...

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