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  1. Tubelab SE Output Transformer Grounding?
  2. valve coolers
  3. Simple SE Tone Controls
  4. Converting Simple SE to 230V operation
  5. Board Terminals
  6. Fuse size for the Tubelab SE
  7. Simple SE Driver or Preamp Tube
  8. Grounding, non-conductive chassis
  9. TubelabSE with DN2540?
  10. CC Grid stopper value for TubelabSE?
  11. Simple SE Simple Power Drive?
  12. SSE bias question
  13. Warm up noise from Tubelab SE?
  14. SimpleSE - Reborn...again
  15. Wiring the Tubelab SE without a volume pot
  16. powerdrive problems
  17. EL84's in Simple SE w Pin Adapter
  18. Blown SimpleSE
  19. TubelabSE Are my heatsinks big enough for 300B's?
  20. 2A3 TSE blown Fuse and MOSFET
  21. Tubelab SE Coupling Capacitors
  22. Simple PP vs. Tubelab SE
  23. 5u4g rectifier OK in simple SE?
  24. "favorite" outputs for Simple P/P?
  25. screen supply for Simple PP Pentode mode?
  26. FRED diode change for Tubelab se
  27. 809 Tubelab SE ?
  28. Simple SE volume pot value???
  29. Simple SE meets ten pounds of power transformer
  30. SSE / Thanks
  31. Question about a power supply
  32. 7591's in the Simple SE
  33. Simple SE - very low volume
  34. Ebay 10 pounders with tubelab pcb's
  35. On going saga with Tubelab SE
  36. Simple PP Power TX?
  37. Simple SE Tubelab.com
  38. heat sources in SSE
  39. Tubelab SE buzzing
  40. Need Help with Tubelab SE
  41. Hot power transformer in Simple SE?
  42. Power XFMR Choice
  43. Multiple RCA Inputs - need switch help
  44. 6146 in the Simple SE
  45. SP-P for Phono?
  46. Fuse is blowing instantly (SSE)
  47. Driver Boards
  48. SimpleSE R17/27
  49. Edcor (O)PT vs tubelab's color codes?
  50. Ixys 10m45s
  51. Simple SE, auxiliary cap?
  52. Axials for C1/C2 on SSE?
  53. Tube choices...........
  54. Simple P-P Board & Parts Kits
  55. Simple SE mods for 6DZ7s
  56. A preamp with the Simple SE?
  57. alternative for DSEI-12 FREDs
  58. 12AT7 tube life
  59. Tubelab SE blown C12
  60. OPT vs tubes
  61. Simple SE with kt120?
  62. A new simple se lives
  63. Dual Simple SE's in Push Pull w Differential Input
  64. SimpleSE CFB problem
  65. el84 tube types
  66. Beefing up a SimpleSE Power Supply
  67. Again with the HEX FREDs?
  68. SimpleSE transformers
  69. Tubelab se with blown FREDs
  70. TubelabSE Overheating?
  71. possible problem with sse
  72. Auricaps in SSE and SSE as a guitar amp.
  73. input impedance of the Tubelab SE?
  74. Power Drive Cookbook...Pages Missing?
  75. Alternative to HEXFRED in SSE?
  76. Summer is here - little tubes go in Simple SE
  77. Simple SE with toroid OPTs ?
  78. Simple SE - no sound on one channel
  79. Tubelab Simple SE In Parallel Mono Block?
  80. Ideas on weak left channel with static?
  81. Sourcing SimpleSE parts
  82. Getting the "red" out of my SP-P....
  83. Simple P-P for building and checkout for Dummies
  84. Simple SE - misbehaving
  85. Tubelab SP-P: The lights are on....
  86. EL86 / 6CW5 availability for Simple P-P?
  87. Possible causes for TubelabSE failure
  88. Going through check out Tubelab SE
  89. Assistance needed in finding B+ and correct Cathode Resistor, Simple SE
  90. Output impedance of Edcor's transformers?
  91. Simple SE grounding problems..
  92. SP-P final connections?
  93. Confusion about Rectified voltage...
  94. Is this a the correct FRED for a Simple SE?
  95. Simple Spud
  96. Differing R values Tubelab SE
  97. Paralled output monoblock PP
  98. Simple SE - Right side with low volume and crackly sound
  99. simple SE blowing fuse when 6.3v attached with no tubes in place.
  100. Any news on simple p-p kit?
  101. TubelabSE bridge?
  102. Substution for 5842 input tube?
  103. Tubelab SE board for PSE
  104. Questions for the parts for Simple SE
  105. TubelabSE 45: PT, choke and C4 questions
  106. Why FRED?
  107. TubelabSE heatsink question
  108. Check my SSE's Triode/UL and CFB Switch Connection
  109. Use 0,6W instead of 1/4W resistors?
  110. Tubelab SE Trimmer
  111. Tube Lab Simple SE "kit" parts
  112. Headphone output for tubelab simple SE amp
  113. Newb question concerning rectification on the SSE
  114. Limiting the grid current of PowerDrive
  115. Bought my parts but missed the 1500uf 6.3v cap's will these be an alternative?
  116. Howdy fellas, I've some simple SE questions...
  117. Too quiet on the Simple P-P front??
  118. Building the Oddwatt S2 “Poddwatt”
  119. Lowering B+ voltage
  120. Russian 6S3P=WE417?
  121. Fan for SE?
  122. r-core transformers
  123. TubeLabSE 300B transformer question
  124. supercharging a simple se?
  125. Simple P P build cost
  126. surround amp as a pre?
  127. Lost in Translatio(or transformation) with Tubelab SE for 45
  128. household sockets
  129. LED power on light?
  130. So, Russ...How does it sound....
  131. Motor run caps?
  132. tubelab se R3
  133. Wiring the transformer to the Tubelab SE
  134. Simple SE power transfomer question?
  135. Simple P-P "beta builders" thread
  136. players and speakers used for sse
  137. TubelabSE tube choice question
  138. What is the dimentions of the TubeLab SE board???
  139. New to the TL forum and need advice
  140. possible problem with my sse
  141. pics of my sse
  142. Regulated tubelab SE
  143. Gratuitous shots of my new SSE
  144. SSE left channel dead....
  145. Filament switching off in Tubelab SE
  146. SSE Board Arrives...
  147. Review Tubelab SE B+ - DRV jumpers, please?
  148. nice looking 5u4g from EML in SSE?
  149. Eyuda Motor Run Cap??
  150. Understanding the Tubelab SE
  151. SSE Board Dimensions
  152. Ok finally finished my Simple SE as well
  153. Tubelab SE for other tubes
  154. Am I clipping my Simple SE?
  155. SSE grounding question
  156. Tweaking the Tubelab SE
  157. Simple SE C11/C21 Question
  158. Did I blow the tubes ?
  159. Question for B+ in Simple SE
  160. LED instead of Cathode resistors
  161. Obsolete SE part replacement news
  162. Simple SE build costs
  163. 120k resistor question in SE
  164. Tubelab SE bias current keep on rising
  165. Thanks to George for PowerDrive
  166. Power Transformer for Tubelab SE
  167. Tubelab SE inverted assembly
  168. subwoofer volume for simple se
  169. Using Simple SE with a preamp
  170. Volume pot for Simple SE
  171. Simple SE and Rectifier Manipulation
  172. Simple SE checkout for dummies
  173. Some more beginners questions about SSE
  174. The simple PP
  175. Tubelab SE vs Simple SE
  176. Q about STB switch
  177. Adding some RCA outs to a Tubelab amp
  178. Checkout for Simple Se
  179. Driver Bias and Voltage?
  180. Ok, this is Tubelab central
  181. Which posts should be moved here from the Tubes forum
  182. Simple SE driver tubes
  183. "Hazen" Mod on Simple SE?
  184. When will Simple P-P be ready?
  185. A few questions for my Simple SE
  186. Pictures of your Tubelab amp
  187. Tubelab Simple SE OPT Query (Hammond 1628SE vs 1629SE)
  188. Need Some SimpleSE Help
  189. looking for simple se amplifier discussion
  190. input sensitivity for Tube Lab Simple SE
  191. simplese trouble shooting
  192. 7027A with tubelab simple se
  193. e bay op tranformers opinion please
  194. Hi(ish) end Simple SE
  195. tubelab simple SE Tube selection help
  196. Home Thread-Tubelab
  197. tubelab simple se 6.3v close to output
  198. Tubelab Simple P-P
  199. Tubelab SE - alternate power transformer
  200. 5881 in a Simple SE
  201. Simple SE - Ei KT90?
  202. Electrolyticless Tubelab Simple SE
  203. Tubelab SSE measurements
  204. Simple SE static
  205. simple se build
  206. *my* Tubelab SE build...
  207. Another simple se question
  208. simple se c1 capacitor blew
  209. Simple SE cathode feedback...
  210. James Transformers JS-6113HS vsEdcorCXSE25-8-5K for SimpleSE
  211. Simple SE PWR Tansformer
  212. Nubie first build Tubelab simple SE
  213. Starting a Simple SE build...
  214. Tubelab Simple SE with big honkin' Edcors?
  215. Edcor Universal Power Transformer for Tubelab SE
  216. (YATSE) Yet Another Tubelab SE (sorry...long)
  217. Cathode feedback on SimpleSE
  218. Simple SE with KT88's
  219. Tubelab Simple SE - fuse blowing
  220. Tubelab Simple SE: 6K7VG and XPWR033 Power Trans
  221. Tubelab SimpleSE: Edcor XSE15-8-5K or XSE25-16-7.6K?
  222. Simple SE and 6BG6GA's
  223. noticing way more distortion in my 300b
  224. simple SE- almost there but right channel prob
  225. Kaidee's Simple SE Build Thread
  226. YASSE - Yet Another Simple SE Build
  227. tubelab se
  228. KT88 Electro-Harmonix
  229. TubelabSE power supply trouble
  230. Putting the Simple SE back together - blown PT - Flashing Rectifier
  231. Rookie mistake?...Maybe...
  232. Simple SE and EL34
  233. James JS-9611 with the SimpleSE
  234. Rectifier tube 5AR4 vs. 5U4GB?
  235. Long time lurker - first build a tubelab Simple SE
  236. Triad C-14X choke (Simple SE)
  237. Another Simple SE builder
  238. Coupling caps for Simple SE?
  239. Simple Simple SE questions
  240. Photos - the death of a Simple SE and 6V6's
  241. It plays! Break in / bias point (SimpleSE)
  242. Tubelab SE monoblock?

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