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  1. Simple SE Cathode Resistor Values
  2. Internal wiring choices (gauge)
  3. shipping from tubelab
  4. The SSE as mono-block
  5. SimpleSE R17_R27 selection
  6. TSE Without Volume Pot?
  7. Tubelab SE CCS help needed
  8. SE board + interstage trans. + 211
  9. mosfet failure
  10. UL/Triode -- CFB/Disable NOOB
  11. SimpleSE PSUD II B+
  12. Russian 6H13C for TSE topology
  13. Will my TSE zap my children?
  14. TSE CCS fail
  15. Tubelab Simple SE low B+
  16. Simple P-P board availability?
  17. Getting started on SE build
  18. TSE interstage coupling cap
  19. TSE Bias and MOSFET
  20. EL84 SPP Edcor OPT choices
  21. TSE capacitor question
  22. Tubelab Simple SE motor run votages
  23. SimpleSE + Preamp
  24. Tubelab SE Using a separate power supply for the MOSFET drains
  25. Sparking Rectifier Tubes
  26. 7062 in Tubelab sse?
  27. TSE filament windings
  28. Noise floor of Tubelab SE
  29. feedback compensation capacitor on the Tubelab SPP
  30. regulator for TSE driver tube
  31. high voltage on heat sink
  32. Underside Pics Of TSE
  33. 45 TSE Checkout Fail
  34. 45 TSE desired tube current? Acceptable B+?
  35. SSE weird hum
  36. Allied Transformer Runs quite Hot
  37. TSE Bias Trimmers and Check Points
  38. testing my simple se
  39. KT88 Bias
  40. Build coming together nicely
  41. Tubelab SE Bias Issue
  42. Help With Switches For DC/ Simple SE
  43. Octal Driver Board
  44. Tubelab SE, What Volume Pot/s?
  45. Bad TSE Input Tube?
  46. Simple SE more OPT questions/ideas
  47. 3 years in the process of building Simple SE..
  48. Simple SE build help/ parts selection
  49. Help with Tubelab SE component selection
  50. Building the TSE board upside down
  51. Power tube filament issues - need help!
  52. Damping Factor
  53. SSE/KT-88/Transcendar OPT: UL? CFB? Why?
  54. Simple se ideas
  55. TSE Parts
  56. CSS Chip blown up???
  57. Tube change...what do you do?
  58. Board Availability
  59. EL34 pentode output in SSE
  60. Unplanned TSE mod, letting out the smoke
  61. Tubelab SE - XLS tubes
  62. Tubelab SE checkout shows -300V Bias voltage?
  63. high pass
  64. Psu tubelabse
  65. My Tubelab SE unanswered question
  66. SimpleSE heaven
  67. TubeLab SE - power supply
  68. Simple SE 1 dead speaker & front tube getting very hot very quickly
  69. Tubelab SE - Sockets off PCB?
  70. TubelabSE left 5842 drift
  71. NOS Svetlana 6550s work fine - wish I liked'm better
  72. Building a Tubelab SE 45 in the UK
  73. Anyone tried Rod Coleman's DHT in a TSE?
  74. OPTs: Baby Edcors (XSE) VS. Big Edcors (CXSE)
  75. Still have voltage problems with Simple SE
  76. Too HIgh B+ on Simple SE V21
  77. TSE redone..working well..but :)
  78. SSE: Will going from 60 to 100uF PSU caps make an audible difference?
  79. Why run the tubes so hot (over limits) ?
  80. Tubelab SE fire, help needed.
  81. Output filament suppy
  82. My TubelabSE is broken :(
  83. Should I use a B+ switch for SSE?
  84. 801A in Tubelab Single Ended?
  85. Simple SE using pwr trans without ct
  86. Tubelad SE new build
  87. tubelab sse checkout
  88. X2 cap for Simple Single Ended
  89. New Tubelab SE building in process.
  90. PCB solder joints blackening after two week's use - pic attached
  91. Current Limiter instead of fuse?
  92. SimpleSE Grounding Confusion
  93. Suitable output transformer for SSE?
  94. Is this motor run cap suitable for SSE?
  95. Simple SE with el34 and 10 pounder
  96. value on volum pot?
  97. SSE triode/UL wiring help please
  98. SSE checkout: so far so good, but have a B+ question
  99. Basic SSE input RCA jack wiring question
  100. grid stopper question - 300B TubelabSE
  101. Question on Tube Sockets
  102. Drive for Simple SE with EL34?
  103. 10m45s
  104. Second Time Around, Anyone?
  105. Alps 50K: How to wire
  106. Hum On SSingle Ended
  107. SSE Post-mortem help
  108. Running a TSE with 5u4g?
  109. TSE c4 question
  110. SSE Screen Voltage for 6550
  111. Why Not KT-66?
  112. SSE volume pot wiring is melting my brain (due ignorance!)
  113. Those using a Hammond 374-BX...
  114. Simple SE + Edcor XPWR059 power problem
  115. Simple SE Printable Board Layout
  116. EML 300b mesh in Tubelab SE?
  117. Simple SE troubleshoot
  118. R3 soldering pad ruined
  119. 6CK4 Model subckt Spice LTSpice
  120. help with tubelab SE checkout
  121. Can I drive the output tube harder?
  122. High bias - TubelabSE
  123. Confused about SSE "Tubes and Transformers"
  124. Variable cathode bias in SSE: 1k Ohm pot?
  125. Recommended thickness of wire for PCB connections on SSE
  126. I am having an odd bass issue with my Simple SE
  127. SimpleSE Checkout/CL-90 Fail
  128. PWR XFMR wiring
  129. 6CD6GA for the Simple SE?
  130. Adequate OPT's for >200Hz application
  131. Reducing filament hum in a Tubelab SE
  132. HV AC Selector Switch Rating
  133. Simple SE with EL34 and 600v B+
  134. ZAPH TMM and SimpleSe
  135. Simple SE with KT120s
  136. Help w/ SimpleSe Layout
  137. Simple SE + 8417s?
  138. No More Fairchild Diodes at Mouser
  139. 4/8 ohm speakers on single tap OPT
  140. KT90 Simple SE
  141. Simple SE, Antek Transformer
  142. Simple SE grounding
  143. Simple SE: Help sourcing power cap C1, 47uF 500V
  144. Bridge the SP-P?
  145. Simple SE choke
  146. Motor Run vs. Solen in TSE
  147. TubelabSE R31 and R32?
  148. Using 46 tube in Tubelab SE?
  149. Mosfets for Tubelab SE?
  150. Tube rolling input tubes Simple SE
  151. New Chassis for my Tubelab SE
  152. EL34 not glowing anymore on SimpleSE
  153. Have I fried an OPT?
  154. D1, d2, u10 and u20 on simple se
  155. Tubelab SE (300B + Softone RW-20 OPT) Wiring
  156. Tubelab SE Output Transformer Grounding?
  157. valve coolers
  158. Simple SE Tone Controls
  159. Converting Simple SE to 230V operation
  160. Board Terminals
  161. Fuse size for the Tubelab SE
  162. Simple SE Driver or Preamp Tube
  163. Grounding, non-conductive chassis
  164. TubelabSE with DN2540?
  165. CC Grid stopper value for TubelabSE?
  166. Simple SE Simple Power Drive?
  167. SSE bias question
  168. Warm up noise from Tubelab SE?
  169. SimpleSE - Reborn...again
  170. Wiring the Tubelab SE without a volume pot
  171. powerdrive problems
  172. EL84's in Simple SE w Pin Adapter
  173. Blown SimpleSE
  174. TubelabSE Are my heatsinks big enough for 300B's?
  175. 2A3 TSE blown Fuse and MOSFET
  176. Tubelab SE Coupling Capacitors
  177. Simple PP vs. Tubelab SE
  178. 5u4g rectifier OK in simple SE?
  179. "favorite" outputs for Simple P/P?
  180. screen supply for Simple PP Pentode mode?
  181. FRED diode change for Tubelab se
  182. 809 Tubelab SE ?
  183. Simple SE volume pot value???
  184. Simple SE meets ten pounds of power transformer
  185. SSE / Thanks
  186. Question about a power supply
  187. 7591's in the Simple SE
  188. Simple SE - very low volume
  189. Ebay 10 pounders with tubelab pcb's
  190. On going saga with Tubelab SE
  191. Simple PP Power TX?
  192. Simple SE Tubelab.com
  193. heat sources in SSE
  194. Tubelab SE buzzing
  195. Need Help with Tubelab SE
  196. Hot power transformer in Simple SE?
  197. Power XFMR Choice
  198. Multiple RCA Inputs - need switch help
  199. 6146 in the Simple SE
  200. SP-P for Phono?
  201. Fuse is blowing instantly (SSE)
  202. Driver Boards
  203. SimpleSE R17/27
  204. Edcor (O)PT vs tubelab's color codes?
  205. Ixys 10m45s
  206. Simple SE, auxiliary cap?
  207. Axials for C1/C2 on SSE?
  208. Tube choices...........
  209. Simple P-P Board & Parts Kits
  210. Simple SE mods for 6DZ7s
  211. A preamp with the Simple SE?
  212. alternative for DSEI-12 FREDs
  213. 12AT7 tube life
  214. Tubelab SE blown C12
  215. OPT vs tubes
  216. Simple SE with kt120?
  217. A new simple se lives
  218. Dual Simple SE's in Push Pull w Differential Input
  219. SimpleSE CFB problem
  220. el84 tube types
  221. Beefing up a SimpleSE Power Supply
  222. Again with the HEX FREDs?
  223. SimpleSE transformers
  224. Tubelab se with blown FREDs
  225. TubelabSE Overheating?
  226. possible problem with sse
  227. Auricaps in SSE and SSE as a guitar amp.
  228. input impedance of the Tubelab SE?
  229. Power Drive Cookbook...Pages Missing?
  230. Alternative to HEXFRED in SSE?
  231. Summer is here - little tubes go in Simple SE
  232. Simple SE with toroid OPTs ?
  233. Simple SE - no sound on one channel
  234. Tubelab Simple SE In Parallel Mono Block?
  235. Ideas on weak left channel with static?
  236. Sourcing SimpleSE parts
  237. Getting the "red" out of my SP-P....
  238. Simple P-P for building and checkout for Dummies
  239. Simple SE - misbehaving
  240. Tubelab SP-P: The lights are on....
  241. EL86 / 6CW5 availability for Simple P-P?
  242. Possible causes for TubelabSE failure
  243. Going through check out Tubelab SE
  244. Assistance needed in finding B+ and correct Cathode Resistor, Simple SE
  245. Output impedance of Edcor's transformers?
  246. Simple SE grounding problems..
  247. SP-P final connections?
  248. Confusion about Rectified voltage...
  249. Is this a the correct FRED for a Simple SE?
  250. Simple Spud

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