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  1. Ground loop (?) when source (headphone amp) is off
  2. Universum - mini sistem VTC 4630A
  3. Sota Sapphire rebuild and motor issues
  4. MM Cartridge
  5. worth taking home? 70's JVC tonearm
  6. reading schematic help
  7. Technics cueing damping fluid
  8. Audio Technica AT92E - mounting problem
  9. turntable project
  10. Improving the Antennacraft FM-6
  11. switch expert mod help needed
  12. Thorens TD 320 troubleshooting.
  13. Teres Audio going out of business?
  14. Vestax CDX-12 service manual
  15. Oracle Delphi MK II Mods
  16. reel-to-reel stand-alone head circuit help
  17. Using Tascam 424 mkII from USA in Europe
  18. Turntable power supply
  19. BPF / noise attenuator for TA7642 - improved design
  20. In praise of simple op amp circuit phono stages.
  21. Input transistor shoot out.
  22. Sumiko MMT counterweight
  23. What normally determines the voltage 'gain' in a simple op amp circuit?
  24. General op amp supply rail bypassing question.
  25. High Quality Phono stage kit, looking for ideas
  26. 2.5 ghz influence??
  27. Turntable too fast. Caps replaced. Next step?
  28. Where can I find belts for Hitachi D-E66 Tape Deck?
  29. Audio-Technica AT-PL120 hydraulic lever stuck
  30. The Zeta counterweight
  31. Turntable KENWOOD KD 44-R
  32. Ground loop breaker and RIAA
  33. Project: Cambridge Audio PM01 (phono stage for A1)
  34. AKAI 4000DS MkII irriating hiss when not even playing
  35. DIY turntable spindle issue
  36. RIAA 75uS on first stage
  37. Which mat is better for a turntable?
  38. DIY Bearing Question
  39. DIY plinth for Rega RP3
  40. Bugle2 or Boozhound JFET?
  41. Thoughts on the sound quality of one op amp full feedback phono stages.
  42. Service Manual and Schematic sought for HH Scott 350D Tube Tuner
  43. Just forget it, the future is the cure!
  44. Thorens 124MKII speed unstable
  45. ESP P06 problem
  46. bouncy tone arm on Marantz tt130
  47. Soundcraftsmen T6001
  48. First ever DIY tonearm
  49. Room antenna DIY for stereo tuner better quality reception signal
  50. Source switch
  51. Question about polish Unitra cartridge MF 104
  52. Which tone arm is better?
  53. Onkyo stylus cartridge
  54. Any audible benefit from grounding antenna?
  55. Hum from turntable ( Walker CJ55 )
  56. TD 124 buzzing
  57. Help with TC-K600es MPX selector Value and Type to buy
  58. My New Lenco and Arm
  59. My Dual 506
  60. Tannoy Autograph preamplifier
  61. High quality ADC
  62. Can`t find any solid DIY plinth drawings for TD 124.
  63. fix PL-518 or buy a new TT
  64. Phono GND/shield connected to amp GND?
  65. Siemens micromaster 420 and turntable help
  66. How "Hi-Fi" are FM transmitters ?
  67. Which stroboscopic strip is the one for 50Hz?
  68. pink triangle too export restoration
  69. 78RPM Heaven - a discrete multicurve phono preamp for your shellac!
  70. Safety Alert - UK Yaqin MS12/22/23 users
  71. Can this Fisher 36 phono section be salvaged?
  72. Matching diodes for ratio detector- how?
  73. Morgan Jones Tonearm article.
  74. Need Help w/Sony TC755 Reel To Reel
  75. Maxing out teflon coupling caps.
  76. My turntable DC PS and Strobo Mod
  77. DIY tonearm, the hum is immense!
  78. Help in building a new Pioneer PL-12R Plinth
  79. TC-K600ES MPX Switch what type?
  80. "Equal Opportunity" MM Pre
  81. Thorens Duo (Crystal) Cartridge Restoration
  82. Pass Labs Technics SP10 mk2 power supply
  83. Turntable isolation out of boredom.
  84. MTA Series 924
  85. 4-track cassette repair - sharp troubleshooters welcome!
  86. Dual Cartridge Carrier Part #269611
  87. benz-micro.com repair service
  88. How to use Telefunken FM relay receiver?
  89. Heeeelp! DIN panic!
  90. New principle linear tonearm and phono cartridge (DIY)
  91. Here are some pics of my DOHC switch.
  92. Technics M14 tape deck problem
  93. Bypassing a turntable's built-in preamp
  94. Discrete phono stage, single supply.
  95. SME 3009 main counterweight problem, help needed!
  96. Better than a Grado??
  97. How do I polish out fine scratches of record deck cover?
  98. Tascam 122 mkII Tape Deck, no sound :(
  99. Can you help identify this Shure cartridge?
  100. Omtec Antares CP1-i/CP-1i - Testreview in English and Schematic wanted
  101. Mini-Me second edition tube phono preamp
  102. Cassette Player 'no tape' error
  103. 'flynote', a Lexus price winning award
  104. repairing my echocord super 75 / akai gx260d
  105. TD 124 Reduced Size 60 Hz Pulley
  106. Thorens 124 motor variable freq. drive
  107. Help, I am looking for the thread of a turntable DIY project!
  108. The Muscovite Mini II 6N14P Phono Stage
  109. HELP: Quad FM4 Tuner Background Noise/High Pitch Hiss
  110. Help on an Onkyo CP-1046F turntable
  111. Technics 1200 1210 pitch calibration 3.3 not lining up
  112. Pioner RT-707 Calibration
  113. Software W&F meter.
  114. Budget Turntable
  115. Is this tube record player worth buying/fixing
  116. Switching 3 pin connectors on QC Gyropower
  117. VPI Record Cleaning Mashine HW17 ("HW-17") - reason for damaged Motorwindings
  118. Help Repairing Goldbug Medussa Cartridge
  119. mini Dual HS-37 - but platter does not turn
  120. My Longhorn mod
  121. Voltages on Technics SP-10 Mk.II strobe
  122. Vintage and currently available MC Step up Transformers like AT5000T- Overview wanted
  123. sony ps-t2 speed issues
  124. Michell Orbe motor
  125. Luxman T-404 service info/manual needed
  126. SY's syclotron mm preamp
  127. Akai 230D help....
  128. Help needed to identify this tonearm
  129. Dual 1219 Q
  130. garrard 401
  131. Drilling a perfectly perpendicular hole with a hand drill
  132. Digitizing old reel-to-reel tapes
  133. Hagrman Announces Cornet3 and Piccolo2
  134. Worlds 1st Commercial Videotape
  135. diy turntable - motor questions
  136. Quick temp tonearm rest
  137. Quick finger lift
  138. Pros and cons of various RIAA Network topologies
  139. Rega P1 - wobble seems worse with record
  140. DV 23 Karat internals?
  141. Phono pre share P/S with Main Pre?
  142. 6F12P-6Ф12П passive RIAA
  143. My Linear Tracker (a new variation perhaps?)
  144. New cart! Amazing!!!
  145. MC head amp stage(s) using tubes.
  146. Is this normal ? Technics SL-1700
  147. GLIDING FOR 90° - mechanical linear tonearms: no airpump, no servo
  148. Help with Infinity Black Widow lift mechanism
  149. Project Genie turntable
  150. Denon Cassette Deck DR-M11
  151. Calculate (revised) Riaa Network for boozehound labs
  152. RIAA stage based on LT1028...
  153. PAPST Motor
  154. Very Strange Problem with DIY Phono Stage (Possible Load Problem?)
  155. Cartridges for linear tracking tonearms
  156. Interested in feedback on my JFET phono stage (esp from Salas)
  157. TT Builders: What do you think of this?
  158. Moving Coil Step Up Maths and Optimal Matching
  159. tuner voltage 220 to 110 rewire issue
  160. Turntable system building -> Phono stage advice appreciated
  161. Would you tweak this phono amp?
  162. Infinity Black Widow Tonearm Lifter Issue
  163. New DC drive system for TT -RIM drive- starts here!!!
  164. new project: TD124 with the Papst motor
  165. Can there be silence when nothing is playing?
  166. Hey, if it works........
  167. Factoring cartridge response into RIAA
  168. DIY microphones
  169. Seismic Turntable Platform - Stops a Train
  170. Options for a Rega R200 tonearm.
  171. Hurst AC Motor Let's upgrade it
  172. Low Noise Discrete Power Supplies for Phono/Line Preamps
  173. Sansui TU-717 Grounding Issue
  174. My new effort on making the ultimate DP-80
  175. systemdek iix
  176. What is a good RIAA Square Wave Response?
  177. Transcriptors Skeleton Tonearm
  178. Mic lead length dependent distortion on classical lieder recordings
  179. Bamboo plinth
  180. Simple AM Radio Tuner?
  181. NIKKO ND-790 cassette deck
  182. Does anyone know of a direct drive turntable with suspension
  183. Proton 930 Service Manual
  184. Information on Rabco SL-8E from Boston Audio Society
  185. Fitting Heed Orbit 1 PSU to Rega Planar 2 - help!
  186. Help! What tonearm it is?
  187. Infinity Black Widow Tonearm
  188. RIAA amp using shunt feedback
  189. Thornes TD160 hum problem fixed
  190. DIY / Fine Art - Twelve Twelve Hundreds - A Turntable Exhibition - Technics 1210
  191. Bypass RIAA stage
  192. Stereo to Mono Adapter
  193. Technics SP-10 Mk.II braking system overhaul
  194. Does anybody know Mr Toshio Morimoto, ex-Technics tape designer?
  195. Rek-O-Kut motor noise
  196. The future of analogue sources
  197. Custom TT project complete
  198. 5 pin din connection point to point on RCA?
  199. volume control
  200. bogen T72510- possible mc step up?
  201. 33/45rpm power supply for LP12 50Hz AC motor
  202. Naim NA322 or 323 on a N91ED?
  203. Why Ribbon Mics Sound Dull
  204. Restoration of Rotel RP-850 turntable: Can anyone give advice?
  205. technics dd motors
  206. Dual 504 Turntable
  207. Thorens TP 14 tonearm repair
  208. Cleaning Vintage TT Power plugs
  209. Sowter 9580c pinout
  210. Got this working for my mother in law over the holidays.
  211. Luxman PD-441 and PD-444 - Speed instability
  212. Mic preamp
  213. Magnetic imprinting
  214. cute mini phono-amp (battery driven)
  215. New Project:Phono-Preamplifier
  216. Please help ! Onkyo CP-1046F
  217. Heybrook TT2 Help
  218. Boozhound JFET Phono Pre Build
  219. Problem with a dual turntable
  220. Classé Audio Step Up MC Pre-Preamp Model NIL - Schematic wanted
  221. Adding a standard line out to record player
  222. Nakamichi TX1000
  223. And advice, from a Quad FM3 tuner expert ?
  224. Tuner NAD4220
  225. Turntable speed question........
  226. Balanced Phono (split from Snake Oil)
  227. connecting a turntable to a fancy TV
  228. keep calm
  229. Earlier Home Video formats
  230. A Lovely VHS player
  231. Tweaks for an older turntable
  232. Ray Kilmanas Rabco SL-8E tonearm mod by diyrayk
  233. Gain/Phase margin
  234. Fehlauer Monophonic
  235. Dual 1019 and 1229 what do you think?
  236. Stereo VSPS set-up
  237. Multi-Motor TT
  238. When did the VTA standard of a sylus change to 20 degrees?
  239. AR ES1 TT with nervous motor
  240. The Muscovite Mini 6ж9п (6Z9P) Phono Stage
  241. Grace F9E Cartridge Body Modification question
  242. How connect stereo cartridge to mono riaa ?
  243. Putting the cart before the horse.........
  244. tone arm lateral weight. missing ..........
  245. Need a budget phono preamp.....
  246. MARANTZ 6300 turntable motor
  247. What is a good price for a Thorens TD-160?
  248. Thorens TD 124
  249. Tonearm mounting centres/info
  250. Why the difference in tonearm plugs?

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