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  1. Repairing a Marantz CD-330 Tape Recorder
  2. Can I add an output to an All-in-One Turntable?
  3. Audio Technica "OC 9 ML II" refurbishing - where?
  4. Technics SP-25 rebuild
  5. old fashioned BJT RIAA
  6. turntable help
  7. Any dealings with turntable basics?
  8. Interference from telephone base
  9. turntable wow and flutter
  10. THAT1512 vs. THAt1510 for a MC Phono pre
  11. Onkyo CP-5000a Overhang.
  12. Weird Akai 1800l (valve) R2R issue
  13. Help needed with phono hum
  14. Phono cable with L4E6s
  15. My Luxman PD-444 documentation thread
  16. Premotec synchronus motor control question
  17. Melting rubber belt due to non use?
  18. Denon dp47f speed problem
  19. Can someone identify this turntable/arm
  20. Strobe disk for a digital signal?
  21. Lenco L85 Turntable Motor will not Start
  22. Schematic / service manual wanted for Audiomeca J1 turntable
  23. Luxman PD-444 schematic / service manual wanted
  24. diy turntable psu
  25. Phono Stage for Intigrated Amp
  26. Quad stereo
  27. Independent tonearm holder
  28. Offset angle of a Gray Research 108 tonearm?
  29. Electrical noise
  30. Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE II question
  31. Question re: Optimal Gain for RIAA preamp?
  32. Vintage Tuner Grundig ST-2000
  33. 2:1 Step Up circuit for cartridge
  34. Bang and Olufsen
  35. 3 Phase Class D amp for DIY BLDC motor Drive
  36. 6c45pi Best Operating Point
  37. Playing With Panasonic Strain Gauge Cartridges (And A Dedicated Phono Stage)
  38. Koetsu Black is it worth the price
  39. Bluetooth or wifi microphone for home audio
  40. Phono pre-amp
  41. Trafomatic RIAA network. Any good?
  42. Modding a Pro-Ject DC turntable
  43. Modding Dual Casstte Deck for tape-less "pass through"
  44. Isopropyl Alcohol for Cleaning LPs
  45. UK Rega Planar 2 (old model) conversion to 110V 60Hz. Question on the motor.
  46. Help with BHL deluxe phono
  47. Advantages and disadvantages of signal vs chassis for tonearm ground
  48. JVC-FX1010 poor sensitivity
  49. B&O Beocenter 2300
  50. Apheta2 cartridge with ll1943 transformer
  51. AKAI Parts and Service
  52. Need a good fm tuner with headphone socket
  53. Mikro Seiki MA100s
  54. Sony PS-B80 CPU problem
  55. Hum issue in a WEGA console
  56. Audio Cap Recommendation for New Phono Build
  57. Noise when Phono Input is Selected
  58. RIAA Help
  59. DIY replacement cartridge and stylus for a Beogram 1200
  60. Modifying Lid Hinges on a TEC PX-300 Turntable
  61. TRIO/KENWOOD KHA-50 - switch
  62. Marantz pm68/78 phono stage
  63. I need 2 conductor silver shielded wire for SUT
  64. How to Remove Spring Loaded Hinged from Technics SL-D2?
  65. A simplified universal differential or single ended phono preamp
  66. Fostex R-8 Bargraph Meters Work for 5-minutes Then Flash Randomly
  67. Thorens TD-206 Motor
  68. phono cartridge inspection service?
  69. Onkyo CP5000A TT problem
  70. Vpi tnt jr or Garrard 301
  71. Pros and Cons of ... no, not Hitchhiking ... SUTs vs. headamps!
  72. Valve phono stage kit recommendation
  73. Hagerman Piccolo MC Headamp problem
  74. Simulate LCR RIAA Networks with LTspice
  75. Howto calculate load for MC cartridge using transformer
  76. Pro-ject P1 problems
  77. Hum on DUAL 721 only when mute switch is active
  78. Frustrated Digitizing LPs
  79. Rek-O-Kut Micropoise S-320 - help me fix this tonearm!
  80. AKAI GX747 Erases Side B while Recording Side A
  81. Considering A Tascam 85-16, Is It Worth It?
  82. Best loading for Audio Technica OC-09 using 1:10 SUT
  83. Connection for Cinemag SUT, no makings!!
  84. Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 Sudden Noise on MC Input
  85. Technics SP mk2 oscillator
  86. Technics SP10 mk2 brake assy
  87. pre-amp or amplifier for LP digitization
  88. Service Manual for CA Azur 840E preamp
  89. Cartridge Clips
  90. earthing of turntable using isolation transformer
  91. The Wheel (Yet another new TT design)
  92. Turntable sub chassis
  93. Attempted reverse engineering.
  94. New Denon TT / Shure Cart / No Sound
  95. RP1 hum
  96. Audacity and converting LPs
  97. Is there a Tube Mc Riaa?
  98. moving coil transormer with low turns ratio
  99. Wright Sound pp200C with a Passive Pre?
  100. Budget tube phono stage
  101. Inverse RIAA Testing
  102. changing speed potentiometers,pioneer tt
  103. Stealth Flat-Tron Arm
  104. DIY Analog VU Not Working
  105. Universal Boozhound deluxe phono preamplifier + PS
  106. Rek-O-Kut K-33H stuff
  107. Bugle2 power supply questions
  108. Questions of LM386 when designing a radio receiver
  109. Phono Termination Calculations and Calculator
  110. mechanical resonance in MMs
  111. 16" Transcription TT help
  112. AM stage in NAD 7020E. Constant farting.
  113. Proper TV/FM splitter, which?
  114. FM Tuner Modules still available?
  115. 3.5 mm plug with 2 rings
  116. Yaqin 23B hum issue
  117. Turntable help. Phonos work independently but not together
  118. Tonearm/cartridge grounding.
  119. The Ultimate Analogue Test LP AAPT-1 vs HFN 001
  120. DIY 120v Strobe Light
  121. Luxman PD 282 strange hum/noise
  122. Denon DP-57M speed problem
  123. It's been a while....Tonearm Theory
  124. Mark Kelly Motor Control – Resurrected
  125. Phono LCR Pre - 6C45P - Transformer
  126. S.U.T and valve/tube riaa´s
  127. what is r3a for?
  128. Rewire tone arm - what is the best wire
  129. Denon DP-100
  130. SONY TC-K411 Belts Dimensions?
  131. ToneArm wire in bulk
  132. Marantz 6200 Clutch?
  133. Vibration isolation
  134. Japanese Denon DP-3000 Turntable power ?
  135. Scema for The pearl phonostage R1?
  136. Technics SL-1650 turntable arm tracking problem
  137. Simple simulation of a MM cartridge
  138. If you were to start again knowing all you do now...
  139. Ultrasonic cleaning services in the UK
  140. Phonostage op-amp replacement (Yamaha A-700)
  141. Repair a broken stylus?
  142. Add line in to old Grundig CC250
  143. Phoenix Engneering (Falcon/Eagle builder)
  144. Very interesting find
  145. Pioneer PL-550 replacement neon light
  146. crumbeling foam in Vinyl LP boxes
  147. Sansui LED frequency display 4 a TU-919?
  148. I need to add a phono o/p to fm tuner
  149. Ideal motor housing (Gyrodec ac Papst motor)
  150. Waiting to build a turntable, but need some help...
  151. Technics SL-1200G discussed in NYTimes
  152. Digital Tachometer for record player (LCD display)
  153. NOS audio technica at30 question
  154. DUAL 621 turntable strobe glim lamp blinks?
  155. Help about Revox B790
  156. Sony ps-lx300
  157. Trouble shoot a Revox B260 Tuner
  158. Any Turntable Bargains to look for DIY type? New to Vinyl
  159. Phono stage for Rega RP1
  161. DIY Turntable as a Present
  162. Technics SL-5 carts
  163. DIY vinyl washing machine with vacuum :)
  164. Looking scheme Toshiba-Boston SP-790P
  165. Isotope: Opamp based MM phono
  166. How to reduce turntable "needle chatter"?
  167. platter is rotating in reverse
  168. Hall effect DD turntable motor?
  169. Cheapo DIY power cable upgrade idea for Thorens TD160 turntable
  170. Accurate Inverse RIAA
  171. Mr.Grove phonostage?
  172. Who designed the Radford ZD22 preamp?
  173. Artston Audio RD11 power supply?
  174. Vinyl to CD - Quality loss?
  175. The Garrard Story Book
  176. Please help ID unknown Ortofon cartridge
  177. van den Hul CC-1.2 cartridge clips
  178. Teac X-7
  179. calibrating test records
  180. What would you want to see in a book on electronics for vinyl replay? Douglas Self.
  181. 60 WPC Amplifier for DIY Turntable Motor Drive
  182. Phono stage question - How much gain in total?
  183. I would like to use the below transformer as mc Step-up Transformer. I can not use it
  184. Mono Help Needed
  185. Help me choose a Phono preamp project
  186. Jasmin phono stage
  187. DIY 18Hz HPF Vinyl De-Rumbler filter
  188. VSPSX very simple phono stage + x
  189. Problem with signal sensor
  190. Phono preamplifier. Active filter or pasive
  191. Updating & improving a Thorens TD160
  192. QUAD 44 MC card
  193. Well tempered Simplex
  194. yamaha A-1 phono section MC and setup transfomer
  195. fairlyland microphone
  196. Rek O Kut Model V - What to do?
  197. How to choose a belt for DIY TT?
  198. Teac x1000R will not record in forward
  199. Novice turntable build - help!
  200. Making of new design and build off-set headshell
  201. Mag lev turntable ?
  202. Another DBX question
  203. Decreasing gain on Nad 245bee
  204. A digital noise suppressor, it is possible?
  205. Digitizing vinyl
  206. Impedence of Step Up Transformer
  207. RIAA filter not accurate
  208. Phono Preamp Bad S/N Ratio
  209. Need transistor replacements for R2R amp boards. 2SC631A, 633A, 634A.
  210. Well Tempered Simplex combo
  211. LP12 next step
  212. Sonic Frontiers SFP-1
  213. Modifying turntable speed
  214. Thorens TD145 motor hum
  215. Akai reel to reel channel bias problem?
  216. Marantz ST7001 am fm xm
  217. My Custom 1938 RCA 70D
  218. Little Bear T8 MM/MC Phono — gain modification
  219. Connecting turntable to two different amps
  220. Tourtable Aiwa AP2400 direct drive, year 1982 or Rega RP1 or Pro Ject Debut Carbon
  221. Refurbishing my old Diy Turntable
  222. mag-lev
  223. Quadraphonic to surround sound 5.2
  224. Numark Pro TT-2 Turntable
  225. Fluance RT81 Turntable built in preamp true bypass
  226. DIY 4 Phase Sinewave Generator for Turntable Motor Drive
  227. Help! LEAK Trough Line GATE decoder problem
  228. Just static electricity?
  229. Dual 504 hum problem (solved)
  230. JVC KD-65 dead channel
  231. Need equivalent cap for Gemco GH series in nichicon for Day sequerra tuner
  232. What is the best deadening material in TT base
  233. Tone Arm separate from TT- good or bad
  234. Sound & Comfort MC/MM Phono preamp
  235. RIAA: Look ma, no feedback
  236. Ortofon OM/Super OM
  237. marantz 10b problems
  238. My new quirky DIY turntable
  239. technics SP10 mk power supply repair zener diodes question
  240. Post your Analogue Source pics here
  241. use of a tape recorder's play-head as a mic.
  242. Arm lift problem with Sony PS-lx5
  243. Modify preamp for 78s
  244. Linn Lingo schematic
  245. Is Micromega Mygroov an LCR RIAA?
  246. Looking for guide to setting suspension on Thorens TD-160
  247. How does IF-stage in L1000T tuner work?
  248. Record Cleaning machine ?
  249. Subchassis for Linn LP12: Acrylic vs Stock Steel
  250. Rega T/T new platter & Motor

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