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  1. Can you still get ceramic pick ups ?
  2. Cheap tape echo?
  3. Thorens TD 160 tonearm
  4. Thorens TD-150 speed switch sticking
  5. Anyone have Teac X1000R repair experience?
  6. Well Tempered Reference - required
  7. backing up vinyl records?
  8. Pickering V15 any good?
  9. Vinyl Flat Record Flattener
  10. starting a vinyl collection, have questions
  11. would smaller, slower, 80 minute records be possible?
  12. Anyone used/heard of these?
  13. Will the JVC BR-S378U record analogue audio?
  14. Which HI-FI cassette deck to buy?
  15. diy turntable project... advice needed
  16. teac v 770 belt installation
  18. Rewire and oil change of DQX-500
  19. Switch grounds on input selector?
  20. Heat resistant contact mic? (for engine diagnostics)
  21. Thorens TD 150 bearing
  22. Repair/Retiping Zenn Hibino MCZ-7/MC-Z7 and MC-Z2/MCZ-2
  23. Heathkit AJ-1510 Tuner help needed.
  24. proper adjustment of tonearm for project rpm 1.3
  25. Paradox Yuricha Kunashir
  26. BSR C141 wiring
  27. Entry Level Turntables: Any Suggestions?
  28. Reel To Reel
  29. Pioneer CTF9191
  30. Sharing shots from dirty (phono) needle
  31. Oscillioscope pre amp.
  32. JGs Nobrainer and Nobrainer Discrete
  33. search for cheap phono preamp
  34. Sota Cosmos power supply Info?
  35. Is it worth it?
  36. Akai MG614 tape speed fault.
  37. Can anyone Identify this tonearm??
  38. Modified Pro-Ject Genie3 turntable
  39. Syntec S-220 Tonearm cable
  40. Modifying Naim K boards for MM cart
  41. Thorens td-124 mk2 wavering pitch, help
  42. Air compressor for tangential tonearm
  43. Mitigating Acoustic Feedback in Widerange Systems
  44. ISO venders for cantilever, styli assemblies
  45. effect of cartridge impedance on phonocube or clone
  46. Electrostatic headphones
  47. Connections for electret capsules
  48. Dual CS-701 Bearing Adjustment
  49. Please help identify AN PCB
  50. Tribute-Audio MC-Transformer review
  51. help with my sony ps5550 please...
  52. Add USB to a TT?
  53. Technics SLT as a arm donor ?
  54. phonostage problem.
  55. MOD OR NOT?
  56. Need a good Phono pre:
  57. Pioneer RT-707 autoreverse question
  58. Mistracking LPs
  59. THORENS TD 126 MKIII speed problem
  60. Simplest one IC, transformer i/o mic preamp
  61. Pioneer U-24 Program Selector Schematic
  62. Technics 1200 speed warble at -0-, ideas?
  63. Experienced people opinion needed about tonearm wiring, which one to choose?
  64. Looking for "textbook" FM receiver schematic
  65. Dual CS504 help with cartridge/head
  66. Fisher 302
  67. SPU Cartridges and Transformers Thread
  68. advice on power and phono outs ,turntable
  69. Technics SL2000 and Denon DL103R
  70. Turntable cables and internal Tonearm rewiring.
  71. Annoying hummmmm
  72. Help re BD1 Connoisseur Circuit
  73. Technics sl b202 - anybody has this one?
  74. Technics sl-1200 mk1 suspension board and isolation upgrade
  75. Flutter!
  76. Taking a Linn Sondek LP12 out of storage
  77. How to wire up MC step up transformers
  78. Technics SL-BD35
  79. Marantz 6370Q Frankenstein...
  80. Technics SP-10 Mk.II PSU voltages
  81. the new face of vinyl
  82. Turntable AC motor - optimizing the circuit
  83. Meridian DAC 20 bit
  84. Chocolatey midrange
  85. Restoring dad's Presto turntable
  86. Repair or Get something else....
  87. Anyone have a schematic diagram of a FM/AM Radio with Digital Display
  88. Linn Axis
  89. US Power frequency to stability to be relaxed
  90. Cheap oscilloscope for setting up a Technics SP-10
  91. understanding the RIAA curve
  92. Testing with test-records of RIAA amp.
  93. Suggestion for plywood turntable finish
  94. First DIY project, RIAA problem.
  95. Advice on rethreading wire thru Rega tonearm?
  96. DJ Mixer vs. high-end phono pre?
  97. Sony Tuner - Mains Transformer Problem
  98. to get a high-end phono stage, is it the design or the components that matters?
  99. SP-10 mkII, the next project
  100. diy Turntable - AC Motor Control
  101. Noob lost in the replacement (upgrade) of the tonearm of the technics sl-1200
  102. Technics SL-1200 MK5 Service Manual
  103. Thorens TD104 runs fast
  104. Fm Radio module
  105. Vinyl pressing in digital world.
  106. Hum in right speaker becomes hum in both speakers when headshell detached
  107. I need to look for a vintage or a new turntables...
  108. Please help me save my pioneer tx7800 tuner.
  109. TEAC DX-8 Volume Jumping Problem. Help Needed.
  110. Denon Dl-103 Stylus Guard/Cover
  111. what is the gang in tuner spec??
  112. Aluminium & O-Rings - My Record Weight
  113. VERSA DYNAMICS TT OWNERS - Calling All!
  114. single push volume pot, volume up/down via a button.
  115. Cornet2 Tube Phono PreAmp -Completed
  116. AKAI MG-614 - mixer/recorder help needed!
  117. Technics 1210 - "Speed problem"
  118. Citronic SM450 Mk 1 Mixer
  119. newbie advice
  120. cartridge alignment
  121. power supply
  122. Thorens TD125 MkII Motor Spindle
  123. Cartridge loading
  124. help me choose a phono stage
  125. sl1210 speed problem
  126. Delta 1010 a>d converter modification question
  127. 1968 Zenith Microtouch 2G and some dreams
  128. TEAC 80-8 DIY control cable for connection to DX-8D DBX unit. Need pin config.
  129. phono preamp grounding/hum long story
  130. DIY power supply for Heed Questar MC phonostage
  131. TD124 mk1 RB301 new plinth and service
  132. isolation feet audio technica at-605
  133. Dual CS5000 cueing problem
  134. logic dm101 electronic problems
  135. DIY Personal Turntable
  136. Hi
  137. WTD:Michell ISO/HERA phono stage
  138. Technics M14 tape deck
  139. RIAA Equalization Standard...
  140. INA 103 and digital potentiometer
  141. Tracking force
  143. 2SK170 BL MC step up amp
  144. Modifying a DL-103 (a Nov 2009 story)
  145. Ortofon F15 MKII luck of highs
  146. Which DIY phono-stage gives great results?
  147. THorens TD125 MKI motor rotation problem
  148. Vogel's "Lowest Noise" pre-am
  149. power transformer as output transformer
  150. Sourcing a 15nF capacitor for RIAA in FVP5 style circuit.
  151. Akai tapedeck capstan rpm
  152. is a quality 'needle' on mediocre TT foolish for recording?
  153. Noise hunting trick on TD124
  154. Sub Sonic Filter
  155. Bass&Treble settings on pre-amp?
  156. Tuner doesn't remember saved stations
  157. Technics SL-5210 runs too fast. Search fro Service manual and help
  158. ESP P06.
  159. UTC O-2 (= P-2) as MC-stepup
  160. Comments on this DC motor
  161. Thorens TD165 questions...
  162. Heed Quasar Phono stage
  163. US Power for Rega Planar 3
  164. new counterweight design?
  165. Michell Gyrodec QC supply
  166. Cantiler cleaning
  167. How Can I connect A Balanced RIAA Phono Pre-Amp to a Phono Plug amp input
  168. Teac X3R reel to reel troubleshooting help
  169. ADC for USB streaming AM radio audio
  170. seeking help proof-reading reel to reel schematic modifications
  171. Noise suppressors in cable construction
  172. I search for Technics model # RS-B40 schematics
  173. Screaming deal on entry level TT..
  174. Please see this video and tell me what you think is the issue with this Revox G36
  176. Technics SL-1300 without ground
  177. How to align tape and set bias for Revox G36 in plain English, please!
  178. Any experience with along1986090's kits from eBay? (preamp + mp3)
  179. Partridge D3061/SB Any info?
  180. Partridge D3061/SB Any info?
  181. old record player/changer replacement
  182. which opamp for active crossover
  183. hi evey one
  184. Choosing a suitable motor housing / pod ?
  185. Trying to figure out how a crossfader is wired
  186. nakamichi RX-202 needs help
  187. RPM meter for my DIY TT
  188. Marantz JJ221 turntable
  189. need help on MOSFET design
  190. PS Audio GCPH modification
  191. Help with passive sub mixer thing please
  192. Arm / cartridge advice please!
  193. Lp recording quality
  194. Old record player cartridges
  195. ar turntable
  196. Leak Troughline - high frequency distortion
  197. Pioneer PL630
  198. Pre-pre Hiraga: 6 or 5.4V?
  199. Strange Nakamichi tuner issue
  200. tone arm (re)construction
  201. Otari MTR-10 Voltages
  202. MM Phone preamp DIY kit
  203. Insight to TT Motor, Acrylic Platters & Bearings
  204. EF40 mc preamp
  205. need help with problem Trio KT-3133 tuner
  206. Cueing-Dual 1229Q
  207. HELP me Pls ......
  208. Empire 598 pabst Motor Lubracating
  209. TANDBERG 3001 FM Tuner Memory Battery
  210. Help: Piano Keys
  211. AR Turnable for enjoyment and tweaking
  212. using an akai reel motor as turntable drive?
  213. DIY VPI Based turntable
  214. Three motor turntable
  215. Mayware Tone Arm
  216. AT-PEQ3 anyone?
  217. Fixing Roberts r700 radio
  218. Micro Seiki DQX 500 rubber feet...
  219. parallel shunt resistors on a attenuator
  220. Dust Cover Modification
  221. SUT cct
  222. NAD 6100 - belt replacement
  223. Tube MM Phono Stage
  224. PAS-3 phono board as stand alone preamp
  225. Many DIY turntables around ?
  226. FR 64s and EMY XSD15
  227. Balanced Contact Microphone
  228. My mostly home-made turntable
  229. help finding a new tonearm
  230. Cheap turntable parts
  231. Jfet/opamp "hybrid" phono stage
  232. Replacement motors for Voyd turntable
  233. Rega Motor Pulley
  234. Finally finished my DIY TT Pix
  235. turntable accessories for Opera Consonance LP5.0
  236. High end turntables and sound reproduction - few questions
  237. 1st MC cartridge
  238. JH (Mayware) Formula IV Arm Advice
  239. Tape Head record problems
  240. Loud buzz/hum on my Technics SL-1400 MK2 with Shure VT15 type IV running type III sty
  241. Critique the Kitchen Sink Preamp please
  242. Pabst ,Mitchell AC motor issues
  243. Aiwa ADF 990 Cssette deck
  244. Tape Recorder Head Output
  245. Balanced versus unbalanced outputs
  246. Tonearm Rewire
  247. HELP! Talk me off the ledge. Tonearm Troubles!
  248. Nakamichi BX-300 error
  249. Phono preamplifier from Lineup & Fotios
  250. Making my own line out

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